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System Overcharging

I have a site with a battery going into overvoltage alarm. I have updated all firmware and checked the charging parameters.

It apears that the VENUS GX connected is the one 'dictating" the incorrect charge settings.

System config:

Venux GX FW 2.60 DVCC enabled
Quattro 15kVA FW 476 (was 430 with same issue) with ESS
150/70 Smart MPPT
250/70 Smart MPPT
2 x BlueNova 52V 8kWh (to make 16kWh battery)

Charge absorb settings are set to 56.2V, Float at 55.5V.

When Venus GX is disconnected Charging on all devices stops at 56.2V

The moment VE.Bus is connect to the GX the charging (on Generator) goes up over 60V (battery cuts off at this point). This also happens with the battery comms disconnected.

Any pointers on how to fix this?

kenyon asked
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Can I see a report for alternator energy?

Can I run a report on alternator energy? Is there something via the Victron portal?

There are reports on grid (shore power) and/or generator usage, but I want more information about the alternator. The BMV-712 has wire leds specifically for the alternator.

Here's my equipment: two Victron 12,8 LFP batteries w/Bluetooth (each 300 Ah), Victron MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger, Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712, Victron Color Monitor w/Bluetooth dongle and Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150/85-Tr.


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Excel MPPT sizing vs Online MPPT - Need help - Can this work?

Hi All.

Need help determining if this can work or not. Excel says no, Online says yes. May well be operator error, not sure.

I have a EasySolar 3000 (Specs - for off grid work.
I'm have the panels from my house (which I have since upgraded) 10 x Sharp NUSOE3E panels 30v x 180A - approx 8-10yo.(Specs -

The EasySolar has a 150/70 MC4 inside, so was going to do 2 strings of 5 panels.

Challenge is excel says no, can only do 2 x 4 panels, online says yes I can.

I don't really want to overload and kill the thing, and it's remote so don't really want to start a bushfire either.....

Can anyone shine some light? I'd like to use all 10 panels for the best capacity if possible, but wondering if the panel specs versus MPPT specs may mean that's not possible.


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Equipment needed to charge batteries from multiple sources

I'm wanting to build a charging system that can be charged from just about anything. I'd like to be able to use solar,shore power,a generator, and to be able to plug into my truck when moving. Any idea what equipment I would need?

shanel2482 asked
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150/35 MPPT 10 khz noise

Hello guys,

I have installed a 150/35 MPPT Smart Solar charger in my van and it is driving me crazy with the noise it produces. Once I disconnect the solar panels, the noise is gone.


Is this normal, something I have to live with or is there anything that can be done?

Thank you

sandmac asked
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Feature request: Dynamic Grid-Setpoint in ESS, based on top SOC.

Currently the Grid-Setpoint in ESS is a static number (in watts) that controls how much system power is allowed from grid, with the remaining load being served by incoming solar and/or battery capacity, down to a tolerable SOC. While that works great in the assumption of keeping batteries @100%, every day, it’s not so good for long-term health and maintenance of lithium batteries, in a (stable) grid-tied system.

I would like to suggest an upper limit to the SOC (other than default 100%), at which point the ESS would dynamically shift the load more/less (by changing Grid Setpoint) to charge the batteries when they’re below the high mark, and otherwise running the load off of solar or battery capacity, down to the existing minimum SOC (as normal)... or similar type of functionality.

Currently, I’m constantly changing the Grid Setpoint down, to serve the system loads from the incoming solar preferentially, as much as possible. Then resetting it up again at night, to keep the batteries above a reasonable SOC. While workable, it is way more manual than it needs to be.
I believe adding a simple top SOC to the algorithm that controls when to shift to using solar would greatly simplify and automate this process.

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Victron centaur 12/30 not showing output

I just had a centaur 12/30 installed on my boat, the led green light is on, the switch is set correctly to LA battery, don’t see the amp meter showing any output

ajimenez25 asked

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Easysolar-II GX 3000, scheduled charging not working

Unable to get grid charging to work. Solar charging is o.k. Using 3 xPylontech 2.4kw batteries, dc and ac coupled PV, FW V2.60.,current sensor on grid. No warnings or alarms.

1. In keep batteries charged mode.


2. Battery discharges to load but no charging..

With optimised battery life and when manually switched to charger.


Only DC PV charging.




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Charging 3 batteries (start, bow, service bank)

12v Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 90Ah

3x Paralell for Service Bank

1x Start

1x Bow

For charging we now use an ArgoFet 100-3

Generator 60 Amp.

Any suggestions to optimize the charging?

With correct temperatures, voltages and charge stages?

Peter Buijs - NL asked

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Absorption time should be settable to less than 1 hour with lithium

Currently my Quattro (and multi) only allows a minimum of one hour of absorption time on initial charge (even though it allows .25 hours on repeated absorption).

My (and arguably most) lithium batteries require very little absorption time. So forcing them into a 1 hour absorption is both unnecessary and potentially causes extra wear on lithium batteries.

I would like to see the base absorption time settable to, at the very least, the same levels as with repeated absorption, or to even smaller window sizes.

Ideally I'd put my batteries in 10 minutes of absorption.

geomz asked
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Setup of IP44 charger with BMS

Hi everyone,

I have a new install with Victron 12v 150ah smart lithium batteries along with an IP44 charger.

I am using the victron mini bms to control the charge disconnect remote port on the IP44.

Question is " in the Skylla IP44 setting there is a spot where you select BMS present- Y or N."

Do I select yes or no. Or is this only for CAN connected devices



mrplick asked
s-v-simbora answered ·

1 Answer

Multiplus 12/3000 120- shutting off

My 3000 will charge my lithium batteries fine thru all the steps, bulk, absorption, and then float. Once it reaches float it will actually go to Off when I view the app It then will start back up on it's on. Sometimes in absorption mode, sometimes in bulk mode. Anybody know what can cause this and will this lead to bigger problems. How do I fix?

tmsustar asked
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Quattro 24/5000/120 with 240V split-phase input

I currently have a Multiplus 24/3000, but am thinking of replacing it with a Quattro 24/5000, both for more output capacity and maybe to handle 100A of charging input from a 240V split-phase (“50A”) outlet. As far as I understand, a single Multiplus can use one of the 50A legs but two configured in split-phase mode would be required to handle both legs.

The PDF manual online claims the 120V Quattro can handle both legs of input but that 240V output is not possible off the inverter. That’s fine with me - I only care about 120V. But can it use both legs for battery charging, or is it just something passed through?

My goal is to charge my batteries using both 50A legs if possible. I only have 120V appliances and would prefer to run single appliances up to 3kW - beyond what a single Multiplus can do. If a Quattro won’t help me, then maybe I need to consider a second Multiplus instead. But with split-phase, I don’t think I’d be able to run anything beyond 2.4kW for long, if I understand correctly. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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Quick charge option for ESS?

Is there some option (that I might be missing) in remote console (or VRM or wherever) to activate an immediate charge from grid state? I know of the schedule options, but sometimes we (in South Africa) will hear about an impending grid failure (load shedding) a few hours in the future, and the battery SOC might not be as desired ahead of that. It would be nice to have an option to just tell the system to charge from grid right now, perhaps until some kind of settable SOC and/or time limit or so. Let's say my battery is at 50%, and I hear there will be 2.5hrs of loadshedding in an hour from now, I'd like to be able to select a quick charge option, set it to (say) 80% SOC and 55min time limit, and have it start immediately. Right now (unless I'm missing something) I need to add a new schedule to start in a few minutes and it's a lot more keystrokes in a sense to get to what I really want: charge now.

(apologies if this has been asked and answered, I did try to search for something similar, but could not find anything)


multiplus II 5000, 4x 3.5kWh pylontech, 150/100 MPPT, venus GX

gyrovague asked
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DC DC charger settings Deep Cycle Lead Acid

I have just installed an Orion-Tr Smart 12|12 - 30 Isolated DC/DC charger to my Mercedes Sprinter van to charge a West Marine Lead Acid 105 Deep Cycle 'House' battery when underway. I was surprised there was no charge profile available for this device/battery match in Victron Connect.

The Merc has a 270Amp Alternator and my house battery spec is:

105 Amp

20 Ah Cap

MCA @ 32°F = 800

185 RC

Can anyone advise me on a charge profile?

Ted Thornton asked
Alexandra answered ·

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Battery protect connection to multiplus

I'm having some difficulty understanding how I can connect the BatteryProtect (12v/65a) with the MultiPlus 12/800/35. The MultiPlus when charging should go to the IN but when it's inverting it should use OUT, you obviously can connect both on the BP. It's says clearly in the manual that you shouldn't use chargers on the OUT terminal but how about consumers(aka the inverter mode) on the IN?

The schematic on the Victron site is way too elaborate to translate to my setup. Can I just connect the MultiPlus to the IN of the BP?

e11enn asked
Paul B answered ·

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Skylla-i 3 outputs with Charging Alternators

I saw my client using a Skylla-i 24/80 3 outputs charger to charge 2 nos. of separate engine stater battery banks. Both engine also has a charging alternator connected to their respective starter directly. Both engine may or may not run at the same time. Is this type of configuration compatible at all?

Tan Tiong Teck asked
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Multiplus Compact not charging, inverting & no 120V.

Our 12/2000/80 Multiplus had been working fine until ~5 days ago. Now only the alarm LED light is on, we have no 120V AC at the outlets but still have 220V on shore power. The BMV 800 is reading 12.6V and our SOC is down to 59%. The last full charge state was 5 days ago, the day we disconnected from shore power in preparation for hurricane Isaias landfall. Returned next day to reconnect shorepower and no charger/inverter.

kaikane asked

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Charging voltage MultiPlus incorrect?

So I just setup my MultiPlus 12/800/35 with my VE.Bus Smart Dongle. I set de dipswitches to

1=off, 2=on, 3=off, 4=off, 5=off, 6=off

This should give me a charging voltage of 14.7 for my AGM battery, but when I check the app it says it has a voltage of 14.10 (sometimes drops to 14.07)

I did save the settings with switching 6 on and off.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, is there a way to change settings in the app or can you only see data?



e11enn asked
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Orion Smart 12/12-30 to charge AGM bank from Lithium battery?

I'm adding a Relion RB300 battery to my electrical system (got it very cheap), and want to use it as a solar "header tank" of sorts. The plan is to charge the lithium battery from solar only, and connect the lithium to the AGM bank with an Orion 12/12-30 isolated charger. All boat loads are connected to the AGM house bank. The solar panels charge the lithium whenever there's enough sun, and the lithium in turn tops off the AGM, probably keeping at or near float all the time.

Question is, is the Orion 12/12-30 isolated the right tool for the job?



davidhoy asked
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1 Answer

Victron OEM Wallbox - Status & features

Dear Victron,

in May i have seen your blog entry presenting an future Victron Wallbox, i was super happy as i would assume that it would make my life way easier in regard to dynamic/smart EV charging as part of an offgrid 3 phase island system.

As the car is now available i have to decide whether i wait for the finished Victron product (which hopefully offers dynamic/smart charging) or go with an DIY solution including extensive programming (what I wane avoid).

Maybe I am lucky and you are already in a state to spread some more infos to the community!?



Janek Plathe asked
huhu answered ·

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VE. Bus BMS with Skylla ip44 via Venus GX

If I connect a VE. Bus BMS (connected to Victron Smart LiFePO4) and a Skylla IP44 to a Venus GX, will the BMS be able to control (disconnect/connect) the charger without additional devices (remote disconnect)? Or, must I use the BMS charge disconnect output?

Paul asked
s-v-simbora answered ·

3 Answers

Seit dem Update v 1.5 meines Ladereglers (MPPT 100/50) vor zwei Tagen, produziert dieser nicht mehr...

Ich bitte um Hilfe! Wenn sie wollen kann ich bilder anhängen... Viele Grüße und danke für ihre Hilfe! Vanessa

vanessa-k asked
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5 Answers

How to charge a 48V system from a 12V vehicle alternator

Hey everyone, First post on here!

We're just in the middle of setting up our Victron system and want to use a 48v system (due to cable sizing and efficiency) in our overlander which has a 12v alternator.

My question is, can the Victron batteries be charged in parallel (i.e each batter individually charged) but drawn from in series?

If so are there Victron products or suggestions on the best way to achieve this setup, there will at some point also be some solar power introduced too, so if that could be kept in mind it would be great!

Any advice/suggestions gratefully appreciated!


james-yardley asked
bigboy529 answered ·

4 Answers

Can i use a Phoenix multi 12/1600/70 for charching a lifepo4 ?

Phoenix multi 12/1600/70 for charching a lifepo4

rob-b asked
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Split Charging from MPPT through Battery Protect

I have an Autotrail Motorhome with a Sargent Electrical unit that used to provide split charging for my Leisure and Starter batteries.

Last year I had installed the following system:

200amh LifePo4 Victron battery

Multiplus 3kva inverter charger

Victron BMS

Victron BMV712

Victron 200watt Solar Panel AND a SmartSolar 75/15 MPPT Charge Controller

Victron SmartSolar 75/10 MPPT for the original 100watt solar panel (removed the PWM charge controller and bypassed the Sargent Unit)

Battery Protect on the "output" side of the battery / system

Battery Protect between a Sterling Power DC-DC battery charger and Lithium battery

(Sterling charger runs of the starter battery / Alternator while the engine is running)


Can I introduce a "Split Charger" between the once of my MPPT Charge Controllers and my starter battery using the cables already in place (or new cables)?

Which Victron unit would I need? (Cyrix...?)

Thanks in advance


stevecounsell asked
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Atlas combi 12/1500/50 stop charging

I have have an Atlas combi 12/1500/50 that have worked perfectly until last week when it does not charge anymore with landline connected. No lights on the charger lit up, no cirrent and no on liggt. When I remove landline ”equlize” lits up. When measuring voltage it conform that it does not engage charging. F2 fuse is ok. I suspect that the resent thunderstorm Destroyed it. Are there any more fault isolTion to do? Could it be that the lNdline has too low voltage or bad frequiecy that shut it down? Are there spare parts or do I need to replace the whole unit? The converer works fine. Any leads in direction are appreciated. Thx!

rapid asked

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Mppt 7515 green and amber lights are flashing and no Wattage from solar????

Can anyone help me, the amber and green lights are flashing - I deliberately drained the battery to make the solar power charge the battery. The app tells me there is now W coming from the solar panels...really annoying as I cant tell what is going on :-(

qw12as asked
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Charge controller advice


What charge controller do you recommend for 2 solar panels 300W / 24V.

Thank you!

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Prefer PV MPPT over Alternator DC Charging for mobile aplication.

My situation is this. I have a large PV array 2600 watts running into two 100|50 MPPT charge controllers, I have 2x 3000|24 Multiplus inverters, BMV702 and a raspberry pie connecting it all together running Venus OS. I also have a 260 amp 24v DC alternator onboard that will charge the battery bank and help power loads.

My question is, how can I force the PV / MMPT chargers to always output if there is a draw on the system. I have set my alternator to charge to 27.8v while my MPPT chargers charge to 28.4 (temp compensated) . Often times I'll run two air conditioners, using close to 3000 watts. If my battery bank is not full and the MPPT chargers are still in bulk mode, it will work pretty well with the chargers continuing to contribute to the loads and the battery bank will fill. However once the bank is near full the MPPTs throttle down and the alternator takes more of the AC load, which puts my strain on my diesel engine costing me fuel and power.

With the tools at my disposal here, how can I have the MPPT chargers contribute even if the battery bank is full. I thought a few years ago the DVCC used to work this way and it would trigger the chargers to assist.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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