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Can't find the error in my system. BMV perhaps?


I have a Victron BMV-712, the shunt is correctly wired as per its instructions. It worked fine when it was monitoring the drain on the house batteries from the loads, and the charge to the batteries from the Victron mppt 150/45.

My problems started when I added a Victron Orion tr 12/12-30. I set up it's charging profile using the data from the battery manufacturer (Photonic Universe).

Bulk/abs 14.20 Cond. 13.85 Float 13.50

The Orion would never stay in Bulk for more than a couple of minutes, regardless of how little battery percentage I had left. I was at 65% and still it went straight to float, or sometimes absorption for a few minutes then float.

Now I'm parked in one spot I've been plugged in to the mains most of the time. The other day the BMV showed 64% - sounds reasonable, I had been unplugged for several hours, it had been cloudy on and off, and I had used my laptop for gaming which does use a lot of power. I couldn't plug in the next day, so I ran down to 56% - but my heater still turned on. My heater doesn't work unless the battery is at 75% or higher!

So I'm wondering if the Orion is working correctly, but perhaps we often have more battery power than the BMV is showing?

Please note that the "starter battery" on the BMV is not the starter. It's simply connected to my battery bank.

Here are screenshots of everything on my app today as I drove. I had been unplugged for only 10 minutes or so.

I also include a drawing of my system. The positive and negative feeds from the mppt and the Orion originally went to the positive and negative bus bars respectively, but when trying to get the Orion to do something other than float, I took advice to move them to their current positions on the house batteries.

Thanks for any help or guidance you can give me, I'm completely lost now and way out of my sphere of knowledge!









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Absorption end amps for Victron 110Ah AGM deep Cycle Batteries

Hi I Have 5 x 110Ah Victron AGMs in parallel for 550Ah bank , Can anyone advise the end amps in absorption for these ? have heard everything from 1-4 % from watching them a little when on generator through Phoenix charger and inverter it switches to float around 10-11 amps so about 2% does this seem right , alot of people say AGM's should be set higher than this at 3-4 %

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Do you often use a jump starter to charge your phone?

I would like to buy a jump starter for my vehicle. I am pretty sure that I need a 1000A jump starter, but what else do I need to know?

And for the function of "power bank", is it a necessary function for a jump starter? How often would I use it to charge my phone?

(From my current perspective, it seems quite big and inconvenient)

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75/10 Bluetooth MPPT showing voltages but not charging

I have the 75/10 MPPT hooked up to a 12V VRLA gel battery and a Renogy 100W PV panel. Basically the same setup as I have in my van, which works great.

For some reason, this setup doesn't want to charge the battery. It's showing what looks like correct PV and battery voltage, but no current or PV production.

Occasionally, the LED on the charge controller will show a solid blue light and the PV voltage will fluctuate, but there is still no current. The battery status will show "bulk" on the app. I confirmed there no current with a multimeter. See below:


But most often, the battery says "off" on the app, and the PV voltage matches the battery voltage. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting, disconnecting and leaving off for hours before reconnecting, and nothing seems to make it want to charge... see below:


Any advice?

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Remote switches connected in series?

Hi, can someone tell me if I'm able to connect the remote switches on a solar charger and dc/dc charger in series? I'm running a 123 smart bms which has a programmable relay and I'd like to use this as as high voltage disconnect should one of the cells on my lifepo4 battery come into trouble.

Thanks in advance


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Can diffrent "can-products" clash?

We have an client with an existing Victron 5kVa Quattro inverter. The client wants to replace the old batteries with lithium batteries. We intend on using BlueNova. BlueNova uses the can-port for communication. The only "possible" problem I can predict will be the existing charge controller; which is one of the older ve-can charge controllers victron has.

We will add a GX device for proper control and monitoring, but i want to be sure that the two ve-can products will not clash when communicating with the GX

Will this be a problem or can i assume that it will work? Or is it just safe to suggest a new charge controller?

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How to set up two multipluses for twice the charging but only inverting from one

My marine system has enough ac output from one multiplus but i want more charge capacity so i would like to add a second multiplus as a charger only and have the charge bee coordinated between the two systems. Setting them both to the same charge curve is insufficient. There needs to be a master. What setting would i use in the ve bus configuration tool? It’s not a Parallel ac system but should i just set it to parallel, pick a master and a slave, and use the front panel button of the multiplus to set the slave to charge only mode? The general,reason i want to do this is since i don’t need the capacity of a second inverter i would rather not have the parasitic load of the inverter idling and the ac and dc wiring of a parallel ac system is much more precise and restrictive on the multiplus location.

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Voltage Spikes, System Failure, MultiPlus Absorption Transition During Charging LiFePO4

System Design:

I have 3 Lion Energy UT1300 LiFePO4 105Ah batteries. They each have an internal BMS and are the 'drop in' replacements for deep cycle Lead Acid batteries. They are rated for maximum 100A charge / 150A discharge each and are connected in parallel using 4/0 AWG cables. On the negative terminal I have 12" 4 AWG cable to a BMV 500A shunt and then 24" 4 AWG cable to a Lynx Shunt. On the positive side I have 24" 4 AWG between the battery bank and a BlueSea m6000 disconnect switch, then 12" 4 AWG from the switch to the Lynx Shunt. The Lynx Shunt is connected to a Lynx Distributor. Then I have a MultiPlus 12/3000/120 connected to the Lynx Distributor via (2) 36" 4 AWG cables and a 400A Mega Fuse. The Lynx Shunt has a 800A CNN fuse. The MultiPlus has the voltage sense connected using a fused 20 AWG wire to the battery terminals. I know the 4 AWG wiring is not ideal, I will replace with larger wire in my final installation, I don't know if it is the source of my issue. Here is a crude wiring diagram



I can discharge the batteries fine, the problem occurs during charging. When the MultiPlus transitions from Bulk to Absorption problems occur. They range from interrupted charging (Absorption voltage set to 13.9 - 14.1) to complete shutdown of the MultiPlus (Absorption voltage set to 14.4 - 14.6).

Here is a picture of the PV during charging showing the transition between bulk and absorption. The absorption voltage is set to 13.9, the unit seems to stop charging after the transition to absorption.


Here is the picture of PV when the MultiPlus absorption voltage is set to 14.4 Volts. The drops during the absorption mode represent when the MultiPlus shuts down and then resets itself. During the shutdown all lights are off and AC1 is off. NOTE: The voltage spikes seem to follow the current peaks. The MultiPlus will continue this interrupt cycle indefinitely until I intervene.



1. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

2. Could this be caused by the BMS shutting down during charging?

3. Could this be caused by using 4 AWG cable?

4. Could the MultiPlus design be causing the voltage spike?

5. What would a normal PV chart look like during absorption mode? I have read absorption mode is a constant voltage with reducing current until charging is complete.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Charging and equalising Victron AGM deep cycle batteries


I recently installed 2x110Ah victron AGM deep cycle batteries. Since my last battery bank (AGM but not victron) lasted no more than 2 years I want to be sure I make everything right with this one's

Charging parameters (285w solar panels) right now are

Absorption: 14,1v - 1hour

Float: 13,5v

I will like to know if this are ok and also if I would need to equalize them or not. I see very different information depending on battery manufacturer.

My solar chsrger let me program equalization schedule (every 30 days default), voltage and time

Thank you very much in advance


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Charge Disconnect Events with Smart BMS CL 12-100

Hello everyone.

May I please have your help with understanding charge disconnect events when using Victron’s 12.8V 300Ah Smart Lithium Batteries and a Smart BMS CL 12-100.

Along with these, two Smart Battery Protects will be used in charge disconnect roles; one for solar/MPPTs and one for a second alternator.

So, is it correct that a charge disconnect event will occur with each of the following:

1. a battery cell’s voltage reaches maximum
2. the temperature of a battery exceeds maximum
3. the temperature of a battery falls below the set minimum
4. the charging rate for a battery exceeds maximum ??


You might reply with something like:

1. Yes
2. Yes. Think about installing a cooling fan.
3. Yes. Watch your back for polar bears.
4. Yes. Dial down that nuclear charger!

Thank you. :-)

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Lifepo4 Charging Profiles

Good morning Victron Gurus!

Im looking at the 100/30 Mppt, Orion 12 12 30 and Smart Charger IP22 30.

I can see that they all having lifepo4 charging profiles which is fantastic however, the ip22 cant be modified and the default settings are 13.5v and 14.2v.

My question is, i was hoping to change the charge profiles to be more in the range of 13.6v and 14.5v. Having the IP22 at a slightly different profile, will this adversely effect charging when charge is applird through the battery charger as opposed to the different settings from the mppt and b2b?

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Quattro Stops Charging at 75%

I have a 5kW Quattro on my sailboat, along with a MPPT 150/100, for my 1200Ah 12V lithium battery bank. For a while now, the charging, regardless of source (generator, shore power, solar) will stop at 75% when the battery voltage is 13.5V. Previously it would charge fully. The battery bank capacity and charged voltage (14.2V) are set correctly in the VictronConnect app. Any ideas what I can try? Please let me know what other information I can provide about my system and settings to help answer this question. Thanks!

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75/15 Showing voltage but no watts or amps

Two 75/15. One showing no charge and the other 1W with panels in full sunlight. Working yesterday. House bank at 12.9V. Fuses check OK. Controller says it’s in Bulk. ??



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Multiplus Temperature Light

This forum has been helpful so time to give back...

There is an undocumented (as far as I know!) error code involving the TEMPERATURE light on the Multiplus.

Normally, if the TEMPERATURE light is flashing, that means the internal MUTIPLUS circuitboard temperature is approaching its upper limit. This is documented in the manual. The light has an additional function that I have not seen documented anywhere.

When in CHARGE mode, if the battery temperature exceeds a preset limit (50C, I believe), the TEMPERATURE light flashes, and the charging current turns off when bulk phase completes and absorption phase of the charge cycle starts. (The part about the current shut down IS documented, but the flashing temperature light is not.)

If the TEMPERATURE light flashes while MAINS is on, and the inverter is off, try turning the MAINS power off. This shuts down the charger, and turns on the inverter. If the TEMPERATURE light immediately stops flashing, the problem is the battery temperature is too high. If the problem is truly the MULTIPLUS internal temperature, the temperature light will keep flashing.

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Phoenix charger only fault?
  • Hi. I'm a liveaboard narrowboater and am currently using shore power. My inverter works fine with the rocker switch in the on position, but appears dead when in charger only mode. No warning lights nothing appears to have tripped off. I also have solar panels and the batteries are receiving charge OK from them and also when I run the engine. Just not from the shore power. Any suggestions?

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MultiPlus-II auf Netz, Akku und myPV Verteilung


ich will eine PV-Anlage mit maximalen Eigenverbrauch aufbauen. Möglichst KEINE Einspeisung ins Netz. Momentan sind folgende Komponenten geplant:

  1. MultiPlus-II
  2. BlueSolar <- PV-Panels
  3. 48V-Akku
  4. ColorControl GX
  5. Smartmeter EM24
  6. myPV-Thor-Heizstab

Nun zu meiner Frage, kann ich die Stromverteilung in dieser Konstellation so einstellen, dass

  • Prio1 - der Gesamtstrom (aller drei Phasen) vom PV-Strom bedient wird. Eine Bilanzierung soll ja im Stromzähler stattfinden, so dass ich auf nur einer Phase einspeisen kann.
  • Prio2 - der ggf. verbleibende Strom zur Ladung des Akkus verwendet wird
  • Prio3 - der ggf. restliche Strom mit dem myPV im Pufferspeicher verheizt wird

Ist so eine Priorisierung möglich oder findet das Laden der Akkus und bedienen des Netzes immer gleichermaßen statt.

VG Mazon

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150/35 MPPT 10 khz noise

Hello guys,

I have installed a 150/35 MPPT Smart Solar charger in my van and it is driving me crazy with the noise it produces. Once I disconnect the solar panels, the noise is gone.


Is this normal, something I have to live with or is there anything that can be done?

Thank you

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Generator unable to connect (Easysolar 24/3000 -70)

Hallo !

I have an Easysolar 24/3000 system with 10 kW lithium and 1800 wats of panels that work fine. However I need a backup source of energy to charge my battery in October/November since the sun is low/absent in Norway then....

I have a 2,2 kW generator that works fine for tools, lights etc. if I use it directly -but I can not use it to charge my battery through the multiplus in mye Easysolar (from 2018).

I can see it connect and it shows 100-150 wats of charging for a brief moment before it disconnects.
I have tried to lower input current and I have also hooked off for "Weah AC" in VE.Configure.

The generator is a fairly cheap, but good and very common generator -see picture. I have considered buying a Honda 2.0 i generator -could this generator work better?

(I might only need the generator 2-3 times a year so I want to get away with a small and cheap generator)


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Compact 12/1600/70 not charging

Hi, my inverter is a few years old and worked perfectly up until a week ago. I find that the charger is not charging my batteries. When I turn the unit on at first the green inverter light comes on, but after a few seconds this goes out and the amber charge light comes along with a constant alarm light. I have fully charged the batteries using a separate charger and the batteries are good when I've tested them. Could someone point me in the right direction to solve this issue?

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Multiplus II goes into storage mode after inverting

I have a Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 - it is used as a UPS for my house and has no solar etc. connected. The only way for it to charge the batteries is using the grid. I have storage mode enabled as the batteries does nothing for long times until there is a power failure.

The battery state of charge was at 100 % today, and the inverter was in storage mode.

We then had a 2.5 hour power failure, and the battery state of charge went down to 91 % .

The grid came online, and the Multiplus II just went back into storage mode. The problem with this is that the batteries are charging very slowly now, and they will never charge back up to 100 % - the only way for that to happen is to restart the inverter.

Also, we are having another power cut in 4 hours, and by then the batteries won't be fully charged...

What am I doing wrong?

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VE. Bus BMS with Skylla ip44 via Venus GX

If I connect a VE. Bus BMS (connected to Victron Smart LiFePO4) and a Skylla IP44 to a Venus GX, will the BMS be able to control (disconnect/connect) the charger without additional devices (remote disconnect)? Or, must I use the BMS charge disconnect output?

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Purchase Queston for a 24v system

Hello, I recently setup a 24v solar system with a Victron 250/60amp, Progressive Dynamics Charger and Pure Sine Wave Inverter. We have since upgraded from a travel trailer to a motorhome with a generator and want to upgrade in place of the Xantrex Freedom SW3012 12v 3000w inverter/charger. Can someone please chime in if the products I am selecting are compatible. Do they all use Bluetooth and the app to connect or will I need to use the Venus GX (I think uses a web technology and network?). Victron has so many products that I get confused on compatibility. I want to monitor the complete system with one screen AND connect via a single app. Thanks in advance!

1. Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger 24 VDC - 5000W - 200AMP

2. Victron CanVu GX Monitor - 4.3" Color Touch Screen [BPP900700100]

3. Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 - Tr Solar Charge Controller 250V 100A with Bluetooth

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Quattro 48/8000 stays in absorption with Pylontech US3000

Good day,

I just want to make sure if this is normal or not...

I have set up everything to the dot from the steps here:

But what I see is after 48 hours with constant AC-in, the Quattro still stays absorption:


I never saw that it went to float, only see it in absorption...

  • Quattro is newest firmware
  • Venus GX is newest firmware

Is this normal?


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Lifepo4 house bank and AGM starter with 12/3000 multiplus

I have created 2-12.8v 300 ah LiFePo4 batteries to be wired in parallel to the Multiplus on my sailboat. I have an AGM starter battery. If I setup the charging for my LiFePo4, the float is higher than I want for the starter battery. (14.3 absorption and 13.6 float). I would like to charge the starter battery with the Multiplus. What voltages does the Multiplus use on the trickle charge output? Is it even possible to properly maintain an AGM starter battery, when the charging profile is setup for LiFePo4?

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Charge Ultracapacitor Array?

I have a 6 ultracapacitor array with dynamic balancing, which I use to run LED lighting and as a UPS for computers.

Ultracaps unlike batteries can recharge 100,000 - 1,000,000 times, and they avoid the harsh chemicals and metals batteries use.

However, these guys make a lot of current, and they often charge differently from batteries -- for example they typically charge to the open circuit voltage due to the near zero resistance.

The Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Solar Charge Controller 100V 20A with Bluetooth seems designed for managing and maintaining batteries.

Can it also charge this array safely, from a Canadian Solar 300W panel, 44V open voltage?


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Using MPPT 75/15 with Charger 12V/15


I have the MPPT 75/15 unit installed in my 4x4 and connected the the Auxiliary battery for solar charging (using a 100W solar panel) as well as to manage the load output. Since solar may not always be sufficient in high demand situations (and/or not able to charge via alternator when stationary), I plan on connecting a BluePower 12V/15A charger to the mix where camp sites may have 220V power.

If both devices are directly connected to the battery (with the MPPT providing solar power to battery), will there be any risk when the Charger is plugged in and also providing charge to battery? Will the MPPT detect this higher charge on the battery and then go to float mode (or switch off)? Any settings I need to make on Connect App?



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Low temperature protection.

Hello and thanks in advance for your time.

I'm running a smart solar 150/70, bmv 700 and I'll be charging a 360ah self build lifepo4 battery, I'll be using a smart battery sense to protect from cold charging but I also need to protect the battery from cold charging when the b2b charger is running, any thoughts would be much appreciated.



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How to charge a 48V system from a 12V vehicle alternator

Hey everyone, First post on here!

We're just in the middle of setting up our Victron system and want to use a 48v system (due to cable sizing and efficiency) in our overlander which has a 12v alternator.

My question is, can the Victron batteries be charged in parallel (i.e each batter individually charged) but drawn from in series?

If so are there Victron products or suggestions on the best way to achieve this setup, there will at some point also be some solar power introduced too, so if that could be kept in mind it would be great!

Any advice/suggestions gratefully appreciated!


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Can I see a report for alternator energy?

Can I run a report on alternator energy? Is there something via the Victron portal?

There are reports on grid (shore power) and/or generator usage, but I want more information about the alternator. The BMV-712 has wire leds specifically for the alternator.

Here's my equipment: two Victron 12,8 LFP batteries w/Bluetooth (each 300 Ah), Victron MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger, Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712, Victron Color Monitor w/Bluetooth dongle and Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150/85-Tr.


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How to determine the time it will take to charge a battery with an MPPT or PWM charge controller


I am developing a solar battery system to power actuators in remote areas.

I have investigated both MPPT (SmartSolar) and PWM (BlueSolar) charge controllers for this application. I have a few questions concerning exactly how these work and what settings are possible. My objective is to determine how long it will take to charge my chosen batteries with my chosen solar panels.

It is my understanding that the most common effective method for recharging lead acid batteries is to use 3 phases – bulk, absorption and float. In the bulk phase, the maximum amount of current available from the panels is supplied to the batteries. In the absorption phase, a constant voltage is maintained whilst the current is progressively stepped down. Finally, in the float phase, a small current is supplied at a constant voltage to overcome self-discharge. An MPPT charge controller uses a DC-DC converter to match the batteries voltage during the bulk phase, increasing the current to ensure all the power available from the panels is supplied to the batteries. It then uses pulse width modulation to step down the current progressively during the absorption phase. A PWM charge controller supplies the maximum current from the panels during the bulk phase and, like the MPPT charge controller, uses pulse width modulation during the absorption phase. The charge controller switches from the bulk phase to the absorption phase at ~80% fully charged and sets a timer for the absorption phase based on the initial voltage of the battery before charging began. Is this explanation correct?

For lithium ion batteries, it is my understanding that the absorption phase is not required and that they can be charged entirely within the bulk phase with charging ceasing at a set voltage limit. Is this correct?

Finally, in direct reference to the SmartSolar and BlueSolar products, can an output current limit be set? This may be useful in a situation where the recommended charging current of a battery is less than the output current from the solar panel.

Thank you in advance for your advice

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