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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 - PV power jumping up and down to zero in bulk
  • BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 Charge Controller 12/24V 15A
  • 2 * Solarmodul 100 Wp 52 x 115 x 3,5 cm monokristallin
  • 2 * Varta Professional Dual Purpose AGM 840 095 085 (LA 95)
  • Pössl Camper

Dear Victron fans,

After the last update of the firmware to 1.50 and with factory values, I noticed a strange bulk behavior: The curves are rising and falling (jumping) in seconds, sometimes down to zero (see screenshots). As a result, it took a long time to charge the battery. Oddly enough, the charging process seems to be normal when the engine is running and the battery is being charged (at the same time).

  • does anyone know the phenomenon?
  • maybe it has something to do with the upate?
  • maybe this is normal?



  • the engine is off


  • the engine is running


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Smart Blue Power IP22 Charger: Connecting batteries and charging

Dear All,

I have a Smart Blue Power IP22 Charger 24v/16amp for my boat engine. I need to charge a 24v system consisting of two AMG 12 batteries (vestus marine batteries). The batteries were delivered with a voltage of each 14.2 volt and the system showed me (using a multi-meter) 28.x volt. It is my second pair of batteries having just lost the first once (chronically discharged).

Now, as I have used the new battery a bit, it shows me 24.6 volt, meassured with the multi-meter. When I connect the Smart Blue Power IP22 charger and look into the App, it says 28.x volt, but 0.0 amp., So, I'm afraid I have connected the chrarger wrongly or that it is broken (?).

Unfortunatly, the guideance in the manual is not sufficient for me as it only shows the side of the charger, not the batteries. As I was unsure whether I have connected the system in the right way, I changed the connectons, but the system still showed the same values. I would have expected that it would show me an error if I connect them in the wrong way (?).

Through this questions may not be difficult for most of you, I'd be glad to understand whether we should already see amps flowing, or should this only happen when the batteries has reached a discharge below 24v? Can I find better information on how to connect the system and is the above written (connection in different order does not change anything) an indication that the system is defect?

Thank you very much!


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Charging characteristic Multiplus 12|1200|50 and LiFePO4

Charging switches on and off constantly.

Good news is, that the charging of my 3 x 150 Ah LiFePO4 batteries via 230 V works. They are fully charged. However, even on low consumption (i.e. 7 A) the Multiplus would switch the charging function on and off literally every 2-3 minutes when 230 V input is connected. Thats annoying.

I have set the DIP switches to LiFePO4 Battery (ds2=off, ds3=on and ds6 for saving of settings).

Is there any option I can activate in order for the Multiplus to accept a certain discharge before bulk charge switches on again?

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Centaur vs multiplus

Hi guys

Victron centaur vs multiplus?

Guys please advice, a little urgent, the amazon delivery of my 12v100a centaur is on its way, i could refuse the package.

Im thinking to change to a multiplus charger inverter 3000

I want to be able to adjust the charging current coming out of the unit, i havnt decided yet on a lifepo4 battery bank but it seems they need lower charging currents, 40-60a.

With the multiplus i will be able to lower it down in settings? For example if its rated 12v 120a, could i set it to 50a to each of the 2 outputs through the settings menu?

The centaur is a simple machine with no settings?

Doron Azulay asked
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EasySolar 48/5000-70

Good Day, I have as above an EasySolar 48/5000/70 unit. Connected to 6 x 48v 215Ah Battery Banks. I changed the Charging Settings on VE.Config to 70 Amps and Clicked on the Weak AC box. I still only get 50Amp charging to batteries. Why would this be? My batteries are at 82% SOC and when I start the Generator Set, Unit that provides 24KW it remains at 50 Amp charge....

Please Help.....

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How do I enable Synchronized charging for BlueSolar MPPT?


My question is if there are known problems with synchronized charging between Bluesolar and Smart Solar devices (in my case both mppt100/50)?

I expanded my system with additional panels and a new smart solar mppt 100/50 charger. I already had a Bluesolar charger, also an mppt100/50 with a BT dongle. They are connected together over the VE Smart networking (Bluetooth) for the purpose of synchronized charging. There is also a Smart Voltage/Temperature sensor attached.

As far as I can see the synchronized charging does not work at all. The switch together into absorption mode, but apart from that they behave totally different. Despite having the same settings, the absorption/float times differ sometimes quite drastically.

I have compiled a very detailed description of the setup and the problem. It can be viewed here under this link.

danmannale asked
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Off Grid Installation AC Coupled Fronius Disconnects with Back Up Generator Is Switched On


I have installed Quattro 8kva with 8kW Fronius AC coupled with a CCGX 800Ah of batteries. It is an off grid installation with PV inverter assistant on. When I switch on my generator and the Quattro synchronises with it the Fronius inverter disconnects and says error code 107 which meant no grid.

My generator is 4.5kVa but the wave form is poor so I have limited the current to 13amps and I have used the Weak Ac function

From what I have read about the off grid systems in victron literatureI thought that the Quattro would control wave form so the Fronius and Generator could both power the loads and charge the generator.

But from reading other posts it seems the Quattro is just passing the generator AC frequency through and it’s too messy for the fronius to sync.

Is there a way to allow my generator and fronius to work?

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Can I charge a 12V directly from 24V with an Orion?

I want to charge a 140 Wh gel battery with an Orion 24-12/25A from a 24V system. Would direct be OK or should I use a MPPT charger in between to regulate? What voltage is best to set the Orion to? Anything else I should consider? Thanks

marcel asked
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Should a/c coupled charge a battery in ESS mode?

Easysolar II GX not charging from a/c coupled PV. How can stop it exporting to the grid and make it go to the charger. Setup is ESS optimised with battery life using Pylontech US2000 and a current transformer on the incoming grid.


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Initial charging of smart litium with agm charger

can initial charging of smart litium be done with standard agm charger.

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Basic 100ah Campervan setup help - Is this correct?

Hello everyone,

I've spent a good while trying to learn what will be required for my setup and would really appreciate someone answering a few questions and taking a look over my proposed setup.

I will be using the 100ah Lifepo4 smart battery, this will be charged using the Orion-TR Smart DC-DC Charger via the Alternator. The Battery will power both DC and AC loads through the Sargent EC155 and the Victrons Phoenix Inverter; where im stuck is working out whats actually required in such a small system?

I have a decent understanding of 12v campervan electrics, however it seems it isn't quite so simple when using Lithium Lifepo3 batteries - I've attached a basic diagram of what the system will include on the Victron side (please ignore the direction of arrows).

The build will include basic 12v appliances such as a 12v fridge, water pump, LED lighting and a small inverter - most small appliances will be ran via the Sargent EC155. Heres where i'm struggling:

1- The van will include a 240v hookup which will run through the Sargent ec155 powering plug sockets and charging the leisure battery - Will this charger be sufficient for Lifepo4 batteries?

2- Do I need a Smart Battery Shunt if I'm using Victrons Smart Lifepo4 batteries?

3- What size fuse will I require for a 100ah Lifepo4 battery?

4- Am I right that the Mini BMS controls (on/off to protect over/under voltage) the charging side of the system and does the same on the load side via the Battery protect? I'm a little puzzled as to how this should be wired up to operate the inverter via the remote function; I've seen people using relays etc.

5- Can I run both the Waeco fridge and all other 12v appliances through one battery protect?

Thanks in advance,



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SONNENSCHEIN A602 SOLAR 8 OPZV 1130 battery capacity

I installed SONNENSCHEIN A602 SOLAR 8 OPZV 1130 with QUATTRO 48/15000/200-100/100.

According to its manual, battery capacity C10 = 908Ah and C100 = 1096Ah. Accoring to label on the battery, its C120 capacity is 1131Ah.

What number is supposed to be input to VE configure program? C10, 20, 100 or 120?



Alexander Ushakov asked
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LG Resu 3.3 charging to 100% instead of 98% and switching off

Hi, One of my customers (BE) experiences since several months some security switching off battery that is charging up to 100% what is not normal as I know...and it was no problem last year at the same season and nothing was changed except GXCC OS version (auto upgrade ON). Material = Multigrid 3000 (BE) + MPPT 150/70 + 4200kWp + LG Resu 3.3.

Site name : 4,3kWc+3,3kWh Belgique Anhée

MPPT150/70 set with 57.00V on Absorbtion and float voltage. Same for Multigrid set with VEConfige + MK3. DVCC is on. Current limiter = 18A SVS & STS = ON Shared SCS = ON.... but can you give me info about good settings for LG I did not find in your battery compatibility file web page.

If you have idea for the problem , Thank You


rodolphe-yonnesolaire asked

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Multiplus II GX control charging current with analog input


I want to control the charging current of a multi2 GX 48V 3000 with a analog input .

I have allready a ESS system and want to add this feature Ladestromsteuerung.

I have a external current sensor - it deliver 0..2,33 V acording the power of a PV inverter.

I want to reduce the charging current of the Multi - if not enough power comes from this PV.

For 2,33 I want maximum , for 0V I want minimum DC charge current


I have measured the voltage is comes to the Multi but if I activate the Assistant for charge current - the battery is not charged anymore.

If somebody has a idea how to make it work - would be great.


volkerkuehne asked

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Battery to battery charging

Without getting bogged down in the “Why?”, is it feasible to use a smaller battery, say 50Ah to top up a larger 125Ah battery with an Orion, without the smaller being connected to a charging source? I understand there will be inefficiency, but would there be any other problems?

And which Orions would be suitable?

markcx asked
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What conditions makes my multiplus go from float to storage

I have a multiplus 12/3000/230 connected to a 390Ah AGM bank with a maximum of 0,2C charging current. Some times when the depth of disharge is not to deep, the charger goes to rapid from float to storage. The charging current can be as high as 7A/13,8V float when charger goes over to storage mode. I have read that it should take 24 hours before the charger goes to storage mode. On my charger this happens after a few hours if DOD when the charging started was less than 20%. The result is 95% SOC when the charger goes in storage mode. What conditions should be met to go from float to storage? The multiplus is used as inverter/charger in a sailboat.

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Settings for Fusion Batteries?

I've got a 24V set of Fusion Traction for a my offgrid house in WA

7PzB525H Lead Acid 2v

I understand its a 27V float

What about Absorption, max Time, Equalization

My understanding is these batteries require no top up even though the cap comes off??

Am trying to get a hold of Fusion directly, but there is no answer and the email doesn't work

Are they still operating

Many thanks

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Does this graph indicate my solar array is not keeping up with usage?

Hi, I've attached a screenshot of my VRM dashboard for the past 30 days for my remote cabin off grid system. I've had to reset 100% SOC a few times once my LionEnergy battery bank (2 - 12V in series 105ah) batteries are showing 28V (for some reason the BMV never seems to show them as 100% charged...i have to rest them when they get to 100% 28V). Those resets are indicated by the peaks in battery SOC at 100% in image. I only leave on a refrigerator in the cabin when I'm not there and have it on a timer to turn off between 10PM-1AM and 2AM to 5AM. Does this graph indicate that the 3.16kW energy harvested per day isn't enough to keep up with the draw/load? I have a 1.46kW array (using victron MPPT and inverter/charger).


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BlueSmart IP67 on a VW T4 California


I intend to replace my burned original charger in my VW T4 California (Westfalia 1994) with a Victron IP67.
On the Westfalia charger, there is a secondary ouput line (around 12v) that feed the electronic unit of the vehicle to display the plug symbol.
I wonder if I can use the optionnal Si output of the Victron to feed the unit... I think it's ok for the voltage, but what about the current intensity ? I would like to avoid burning the central unit...

If someone knows, thank you in advance !

reno asked

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Troubleshoot Quattro: Not starting charging - going into fault

Setup is a Mercedes Atego Camper. Batteries are two Varta Professional 180Ah Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle Batteries in series. Charging takes place while driving through the Alternator, during storage through the Victron.

Main Unit is a Quattro 24/3000, Firmware 475, together with CCGX, BMV702S and a Victron Balancer.

Some weeks ago i run into the problem, that the Quattro is going directly into fault mode when trying to start the charging.

The behaviour is shown here:

Checking the manuals, the unit is obviously trying to sync with the mains on AC-IN2, but denying to start charging, Batteries are measured with 24.4/24.3V.
I found some strong recommendations to check the wiring first and i found some more or less corroded connections between the batteries. I renewed/checked all the connections and its good as far as i can see.

I found the interesting fact, that the unit starts charging, when i charge the batteries externally first - the the quattro jumps on the freshly loaded batteries and stays on charging (for weeks/month as logged in the VRM-portal.

But - when the AC-In is disconnected, the Quattro shows the faulty behaviour again - what is shurely not accepteable during storage.

so, my questions are: What might be cuase for this? I think it cannot be, that the quattro is denying to charge a battery with 24V but accepts a battery with 26V? Might it be that i have setup the quattro during the Firmware-Update to the wrong battery-type? Ive set it to (out of my mind), type two whats in the manual. As it is a "normal" lead-acid battery - what would be the correct battery-type to set? Might this be the cause for the quattro for going into fault-mode when trying to start charging?

Additionally - it might be heard in the video - there is some "hissing"-noise coming from the unit when run into normal/inverter-mode.

Ah, and by the way - as i do not remeber the correct behaviour: When switched into normal mode with AC-IN2 connected - is it correct that the "inverter"-LED comes on? Should'nt it come on _without_ AC-IN connected? Ive measured 225.2V AC on AC-IN2 - should'nt this be routed to the AC-OUT without inverter coming on/Inverter-LED on?

Thanks for any any hint or help!

best regards

cguenther asked

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BMV and internal Multi battery monitor

Hello everyone. I have a system composed of the following elements:

1 Venus GX (Firmware 2.33)

1 Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 (Firmware 456)

1 BMV-712 Smart (Firmware 4.03)

1 Smart Solar Charger MPPT 100/20 48V (Firmware 1.46)

4 Battery 105Ah in series, 48V

The battery is being monitored by the BMV:

Settings → System setup → Battery monitor → BMV-712.

I have two operation problems:

1) During discharge without grid (off-grid), with a C4 rate, it did not respect the configuration of the cut-off value of the state of charge that was SOC = 50% in the BMV. In repeated tests the cut-off voltage value was around 47.40V.


2) During recharge, the process does not respect the values set in the VEconfig3,



As shown in the image below:


The bulk stage was started with SOC = 95% instead of 80% and the load current was 5A instead of 10A.

In the following link: say

“Note that the Battery Monitor setting in VEConfigure3 is irrelevant. For systems like this, changing this setting will have no effect on the charge - or any other parameters - in this type of system.”

In this case, when using the BMV, how can I configure the parameters for the loading stages?

valentin-silvera asked
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Batteries make bubbeling noise
Hi, my agm batteries (10x 12v 230ah) have a 14,6V - 14,8V bulk and 13.6V - 13.8V absorbtion voltage. I already reduced the voltage to 14,5v for bulk and 13,5v for absobtion. But they all make a very low bubbleing noise. Is this dangerous for the batterie and do I have to reduce further? Thanks 

skykay asked
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2 Answers

Can I combine a Blue Smart Charger and a MPPT BlueSolar charge controller

I have a 12V Optima Yellowtop AGM battery in my 4x4 as a secondary battery which is connected to a 75W solar panel via a MPPT 75/15 BlueSolar charge controller. When my car is parked inside I want to connect the battery to my IP65 Blue Smart Charger. Do I have to disconnect the solar panels or can I leave them connected?

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12v charging batteries in parallel

Hi Everyone.

I’ve got 2 x 12v 90ah batteries wired in parallel (so in theory 180ah) which I will be connecting to a 12/375 victron inverter.

I want to get a charger to charge the batteries would it be best to get a single output charger and charge them in parallel or one with 3 outputs and charge them individually?

Also what would be best to charge them 15/20 or 30amp, not worried how long it takes.

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Inverter shuts down with "low battery" at 12.6 VDC

So I just installed my inverter a month or so ago. I have the 12v 3000 Multi with 2 Renogy 200 AH's each (400ah). They are a bit old and are not at full capacity for sure. They rest at 12.8 VDC so the capacity is not perfect.

I decided to run a test to see how long they would last. I got them fully charged up and unplugged everything so the inverter was on "invert". I turned all loads off except for my fridge and set a stop watch to see how long it would run. The fridge was pulling 31 amps continuously and after about 30 min the inverter flashed a "Low Battery" warning and shut it's self down. So I checked the BMV and it said the voltage on the batteries was sitting about 12.6 V. So I repeated the steps and did it again and the same results happened. This time it shut down around 12.5 V.

I'm really new to this inverter and I'm just starting to learn how it works. I just purchased the USB bus so that I can get in and change settings but I'm not sure what I'm doing.

What low voltage should my inverter shut off? I know I need to get new batteries and my goal is at least 2 Battle Born 100AH batteries, but It's not in the budget right now.

can I lower the batter shut off to more out of my batteries until I can afford to replace them?

What settings should I change if so?



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Multiplus 3000 stop charging

We have a Multiplus 24| 3000 | 70 and we use it early this morning and then we turn it off. When we start it again after a couple of hours it will not charge the battery.

We have 2 different input source, a generator and solar cells and same problem so it must be a problem with the multiplus.

Anyone who has any idea how to find the problem?

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System questions

I am getting to the installation of my system. I have 6- 200W panels in parallel of 3. My MPPT is a victron 100/50. I calculate my voltage will be around 60V and 20a. I was going to put a fuse between the controller and panels. I was going 25A setup. Also, I was going to run a 50 amp between the mppt and batteries? Sound about right? Any recommendations on a source for the fuse or breakers?

I also have two 12V 220Ah batteries I am going to run in series to run 24V. They are the gel batteries. Do I need to vent these? Also, will I need a battery balancer you think?


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Charging batteries,service,start,thruster


Hi everybody , above is sketch of charging circuit on my boat (without breakers , fuses etc..)

I would kindly ask for some advice.Service battery is AGM and start and thruster normal lead acid high current batteries.

1) is it OK to use alternator(via argofet) and solar charger together(especially on AGM battery) ?

I am planning to add one more 220Ah battery in parallel for service and install more solar panels(about 500 - 600W in total)

2) is it OK to use same 3 years old battery with new one , or should i install both new batteries?

3)Would it be better to use GEL batt instead of AGM for service use?

4)I have to install higher power solar charger, should i charge only service batteries , is it mistake to charge start and service from solar?

5)Is it OK to charge GEL batt with alternator(via argofet) , or with alternator and solar together?

Thanks a lot for any help

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VictronMultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 Generator to Charge the Battery

I have a Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 5kva system , I want to put a silent inverter generator as backup. What type of Generator do I need to get to charge the battery Lithium Ion 3.5KWh Pylon US3000 in extended period of power outage. What is approved to use on this system

Toli Kanaris asked
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Requirement for delayed battery charging from mains after grid return

I have a requirement for the system to not charge the battery from grid for a set period of time, say 30 minutes, after grid has returned following a power outage/loss of mains.

Ignoring AC in for same set period after grid return would also be a solution but secondary to having only battery charging delayed as loads on inverter output would also be affected. Would be ideal if this can be achieved using some combination of Assistants and programmable relays.

albert-vd-westhuizen asked

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