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DC Loads Increase - with high Multiplus charge rate

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can explain a strange issue I am seeing on my system...

Set up - 3x Lithium (3x 200A), VE.Bus BMS, Venus GX, BMV712 and Multiplus (EasyPlus 12/1600/70 - set to 70A charge current max).

Example of situation / what I am seeing -

  • I leave the boat for a few days
  • with a constant load of about 1.5A on batteries
  • I arrive back at boat - and BMV says state of charge is 90%
  • all good so far

I plug shore power in - and switch Multi on - and do NOT switch on anything else -

  • it goes straight to Bulk - good.
  • If I look in Venus at the Multiplus - it says it is generating 70A - good.
  • I look at the BMV - and it says it has about 60A going in to batteries - strange
  • I expect the current going in to batteries to be about 68.5A (charge current - loads)
  • where are the other 10A going / being lost ?
  • I look on VRM and see DC Power showing my DC loads are pulling about 10A
  • but this is not true - the loads / devices are only about 1.5A
  • I have not switched any other loads on

This false high DC loads figure (about 10A) stays while charging Amp are high (in bulk). When multi goes to absorption - the false high DC loads (10A) reduces in line with the drop of charging Amps. I watch the 10A loads reading slowly drop to 1.5A as the multi reduces its charge current from 70A to almost nothing. Then - in float - the DC loads read accurately - 1.5A.

Any thoughts on what the issue is ?



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Charge characteristic adjustment in the Impulse charger


I need help. I have an Impulse 12 / 24V 8A charger. I can set the charging characteristics by changing the DIP switch. I just don't have a table that should be set by the DIP switch. Can I use the settings for Impulse S12 because I only have them. Thanks.


tom3430 asked

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Does it matter what battery I start my van with that I'll be connecting to a DC to DC charger to lithium battleborn batteries?

That's pretty much it.

Also would any chassis ground count as being "common" so long as the Van's battery and the house lithium batteries all have negative continuity to it?

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Repeat Absorption Interval

Multiplus and Skylla Chargers: Is the repeat absorption interval re-set when power to the charger is disconnected or does charger continue to time the current interval even if power is cycled?

Lithium batteries on a sailboat. Want to control when bats are pushed into bulk/absorption voltage to reduce un-necessary wear. Plan to enable "Watch function" on Skylla (start-up in storage if battery voltage >=13 V.). And set repeat absorption interval to 15 days (to allow cells to re-balance). Want to avoided charger from entering bulk/absorb voltages when charger is plugged back in if batteries are at or above float/storage voltage. Concern is the repeat absorption interval will re-set every time the boat is unplugged from the dock and not go into repeat absorption mode if power is regularly cycled inside of 15 days. Charger will always start in storage mode if voltage above 13v. Therefore Bulk/absorption voltage never reached for cell balancing.

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Phoenix IP43 Charger Startup spike tripping circuit breaker


Sometimes when I power on the IP43 Charger (3/50A), it blows the fuse in the shore power pole. When the fuse is reset by someone of the marina, all works properly again. The unit a powering multiple lead/acid batteries.

I have read that someone else noticed a high startup consumption, but not sure he means this.

Do I have a faulty unit? Any suggestions?



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How to Factory Reset 100/20 smart solar?

Sadly, no solution to my Load voltage disconnect problem, I want to perform a factory reset, but the reset i did was just a soft reset, is there a HARD RESET option? I want to to start again before deciding to just return it.

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New multiplus vs multipluc compact vs multiplus

Hello all,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma, and do not know which route to go with an inverter/charger.

I'm now confused in what to get.

Multiplus - classic, has all the nice features

Multiplus compact - going to be discontinued, what does it lack next to the multiplus?

New multiplus - this I'm not sure what features it has, I see it has different ac in/out with connectors, not hard wired inside, does it come in the box with cable? I cannot find any information or video footage of the new multiplus, looks like nobody has installed or reviewed this product...

All the help would be appreciated!

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Inverter/charger 12/2000/80 not charging
  1. I have a Multiplus 12-2000-80 inverter charger.
    When generator is on, i can use the inverter but can’t turn on the charger.
    - i used to turn on Generator , Turn on inverter to help start AC , then switch back to “charger only”. Now as soon as i switch to charger only, power does not come in anymore from generator. , if i go back to switching to inverter , power comes back on from Generator.
    It worked for about 6 months .

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Keep charger on or of when batteries under small load?

Dear all,

I am wondering:

Regarding what i read and hear the best to do with (in this case) AGM- deep cycle and super cycle batteries is following, in short:

- Always after use charge battery to full and after that, disconnect charger.

- If not used a fully charged battery for a period: After 1 or 2 months charge batteries again for maintenance purposes and to make sure a complete charge cycle is made.

- Do not interrupt charge when charging a fully charged battery, so do not charge batteries if not necessary and when it is not possible to finsih a complete charge cycle.

In my case:

I have a color control connected to a multiplus 12 volt, connected to 2 x 230 Ah in parallel.

The system can be monitored by the gsm module, so i have a constant network connection. Power drain in standby is around 0,2 amps due to data connection etc. When i use remote console, power drain is around 0,3-0,4 amps. So in other words: i am superslowly draining the batteries.


Do i keep the charger on or off when in standby? For my understanding, it is not very healthy to keep a charger always on whe u store batteries, even not when it has storage mode (see above for my understanding)

But in this case i am slowly draining the batteries, so is it better to leave the charger on when i am not on the boat for like 2 weeks?

For what i do now when i leave the boat:

I charge the batteries to 100 percent. I keep the color control online. After 2 weeks, the day before i go to the boat, i turn on the charger remotely.

Is this the best thing to do?

Best regards, Piet

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Blue Smart Charger stuck on Bulk Charge for hours

I'm charging my Battleborn LifePO4 using the Lithium-ion preset and it's been stuck on Bulk Charge @ 13.7V for hours now. Is this normal?

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 won't turn on

When I turn on the Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 (on a sailboat) to invert or charge, I get one very brief flash of the yellow light and then nothing else. Connecting with VE.Bus smart dongle does not show that it's connected to the multiplus. I can connect with the MK3 and VictronConnect and it shows that the multiplus is attached but off, but when I go into Product Info, it just hangs reading configuration.

I tried cutting power to the inverter for 4+ seconds, and replacing the MEGA fuse, but neither seems to affect anything. It has a digital multi control attached, so I tried toggling the dip switches to disable it and just power on with the switch on the unit, but I see the same behavior. I've tested voltage at the inverter and it matches what I'm reading off the distribution point.

Relevant history:

This started yesterday. While running the generator to charge the batteries I decided to turn on the air con, something we've done occasionally in the past. The multiplus immediately faulted and reset. When it turned back on, the digital multi control panel said that was in bulk charging, but the batteries were not receiving any current. After toggling it off it would not turn back on.

We've been using this multiplus for over a year. A couple months ago we upgraded to Lithium batteries. We leave the inverter on 24/7 now, so we're definitely taxing it more. We usually charge from solar, so we've only a once or twice used it to charge from generator since upgrading to lithium (mostly to test that we had it configured right, and we ran the air con then too).

A week or so ago we were pushing the inverter so hard that we burned up the internal MEGA fuse. I presume the 2000w inverter uses a 175A fuse, but I only have 100A spares at the moment, so that's what I replaced it with for now. I tried swapping it out with a fresh one after our incident yesterday, but still no luck.

Any advice? Did I kill my Multiplus?

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Trickle charge multiplus 12/3000 wont charge?


I have a brand new multiplus 12/3000

The trickle charge output is connected to a 12 volt 140 ah battery. The voltage is 12,87

When i turn on the multiplus the trickle charge wont charge (i have a smart shunmt connected to the starter battery) and when the multiplus goes into float status also nothing will happen.

When i disconnect the trickle charge cable i measure 4 volts on the trickle charge outpul.

Is this supposed to be? Will trickle charge only charge when reached a certain battery voltage level?

Best regards and thanks in advance!


piet-hein-van-asselen asked

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Suitable charger


I'm looking for a suitable charger for 4 110AH batteries (Victron BAT412101084) which are in a 24V group (220AH).
I also have a SmartSolar MPPT 75|15 connected to batteries.
The batteries are located in a boat as service batteries.
From time to time the batteries are also charged by a diesel engine via a battery isolator.

Can anyone recommend a suitable Victron charger?

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3 Answers

Generator Warm Up, Charger walk in

Is there a way to gradually increase or limit charge current on a Multiplus / Cerbo GX to allow Generator to warm up ?

Only presenting FULL charging load when it is warm.

Ideally it would be based on a Cerbo GX temperature input.

Any Help would be much appreciated.

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1 Answer

Do I need a Isolation transformer with a Blue Power Ip22 charger


The sail drive on my boat suffers from electrolytic corrosion. I just have a Blue power IP 22 charger connected. Do I need a isolation transformer?

I was told the charger itself is a transformer and thus isolated as well so I don't need one. However the corrosion is there?

Many thanks for your opinion.


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ESS Ladeleistung begrenzen

Ich möchte meine vier US2000 Pylontech schonend aufladen (30A reichen) und die Ladeleistung begrenzen.

Aktuell wird je nach SoC mit bis zu 90 Ampere geladen und der Akku ist schon Mittag wieder voll.

Die Einstellung DVCC "Maximum charge current" wird ingnoriert.

Wenn ich die Leistung vom MPPT 250/100 in dem Menü vom Laderegler begrenze funtioniert das allerdings wird dort die komplette Leistung reduziert. Also auch die Überschusseinspeisung entsprechend begrenzt.

Was verwende ich? 3x5 335 Wp Trina, MPPT 250/100, Multiplus II 3000/35 und der Cerbo GX

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Smart charger not powering On after firmware update

Hi All,

Could anyone help with this issue please?

I've got 2 smart chargers 1p67 24/12 models. I downloaded the Victron Connect app to connect to them to check the settings but the app would not allow me to connect until I did the firmware updates. The chargers had already been powering on and charging batteries and were working ok, I just wanted to check the settings.

So I followed the prompts and updated the firmware for both chargers through bluetooth.

After this now neither charger will power ON. Both are unresponsive, No led's lighting up or anything. The AC supply is checked and OK, I've isolated them form the batteries and the mains power and reconnected but still no good. Looks like the firmware has killed them??



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Charge Controller showing low Voltage



My 100/50 has been working fine for over six months. Recently I noticed through the connect app that the batteries had failed to charge for a few days. Looking at the controller it was not charging even though it was sunny day. The PV voltage was showing at 12.6. I disconnect the solar inputs and measured 19.8 volts coming from the panels. reconnected the input to controller and back working. This has happened twice now and this time controller is saying 6v and I can't get it to charge. Any thoughts?

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1 Answer

12v 18a DC to DC circuit breaker size

Just need to know what size circuit breaker to install at both ends..... battery being charged and the battery doing the charging via the DC to DC victron 12v 18a charger ? tks

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Danger Reverse Current when using Battery Protect for charging

Hi together,

I have a question concerning using a BatteryProtect (BP) to disconnect the charge source in a Lithium Battery System with VE.bus bms.

In the BP manual Figure 5 illustrates how to connect the BP for charging situation and it states that "uncontrolled reverse current will flow through a Battery Protect if Vout > Vin."

Now I wonder what happens, when the Voltage of the charger (Vin) drops, i.e. Solar charger when there is no sun or any other charging source that is swithched of. Wouldn't then the Voltage of the Battery (Vout) be higher and thus reverse current flow causing danger?

THanks a lot for your comments, I am abit affraid of burning down my RV...

cheers, Daniel

danielk asked
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6 Answers

Multi 12 1600 70 Only Charger Mode - Red light

I have set my Multi 12 1600 70 to Charge Only (I have another Victron Inverter doing the inverting).

And when I start the generator in order for the charging to begin the Red alarm light is on and stable (part of the three Green/Yellow/Red lights).

Once in a few minutes, there's a certain kind of "tic" noise, then the green light comes on but nothing happens and the Red alarm light keeps on.

Any ideas or checks I can do?

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connecting Phoenix charger 12/30 to VE.Configure


I have a phoenix charger but i can't find it on my VE.configure i read that i need the first version of the software to find it. however i can't find any product even with VE.configure 3 and my charger is on.

have you an idea of the problem.


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1 Answer

Victron Phoenix 12/50 Resistance values

Hello together,

is it possible to get the values of the Resistors?

my Charger get up to 16,X Volts and like seen on the Picture, there are 3 burned resistors.

i dont know if the resistors are the reason or the impact for the problem so in first step i want to change the burned ones.

Kind regards



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1 Answer

Phoenix Smart Charger does not restart after low temperature shutdown

My PSC IP43 charger is setup to stop charging the LiFePO4 battery when temperature drops below 5°C. It uses data from BMV712 via smart network to get battery temp.

The charger did shut down at 4°C as expected. But it does not restart even after heating the battery compartment up to 8°C.

Is this a bug in the charger firmware or did I miss something?


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1 Answer

Correct charger and settings for CA/CA battery


I have a 80 AH Yuasa lead acid CA/CA start/stop battery. In Technical Data Sheet recommended Charge Rate is 4A. Can you help me to choose the correct Blue smart charger and correct settings? I'm between Blue smart 12/7 and 12/10. but I dont know witch one is better for me.

And ,can I use default settings of Blue charger or I shoud change charge rate to 4A according producer recomandation?

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1 Answer

Phoenix multiplus 12/3000/120 remote ON/OFF

I have a Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120. This specific model

is there any way to separately control the charger and inverter for a two signal BMS like on the new models?

thanks for any help.

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Which DC-DC charger 18A or 30A

Dear All,

I am new to all this and busy trying to design a simple electric diagram for my camper-van conversion.

I will only be using a 100Ah leisure battery and I was wondering if the DC-DC smart charger 12 / 12 18A would be enough.

I am assuming charging with the 18A would take twice as much time than with the 30A. Correct?
What would be a rough estimation of how much I could charge with say an hour of driving?

Many thanks for your support.

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120V Smart IP43 Charger?

I would really like to know if the smart IP43 charger is planned to come out in a 120V version.

I have a smartsolar, BMV, and Raspberry Pi on my RV, and I now need to replace the old shore charger. It looks like my only options are the Skylla-IP44, standard Phoenix, Centaur, or the Multiplus. These are all more charger than I need, not to mention I'm not entirely sure they would work on the Pi.


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BlueSmartCharger IP67 not compensating voltage drop

My IP67 12/25 charger cannot keep a Lithium battery at constant flow/storage voltage. So the battery is permanently discharging and charging again. The problem is varying voltage drop in the chargers wires due to varying DC loads on the boat.

The problem would be solved if the IP67 charger could compensate for voltage drop. Unfortunately sensing battery voltage via bluetooth network seems to be currently out of reach, which is disappointing.

My idea to overcome the problem is adding a feature to raise the chargers output voltage as a function of current. On my installation a voltage compensation of 15mV/A would be necessary. It would be great if Victron could add a user configurable setting for compensating voltage drop in mV per A of output current.

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Bat temp OK, charge still limmited...?

Hi folks,

I cant get my battery to charge at more than about 2kW and I cant see why... Obviously missing something?

Small genny, circa 5kW on AC1. AC current limit set to hold that at 19A, circa 4kW, and working. Gen is a recent upgrade, previous unit was smaller.

Putting a 2kW load on results in circa 1.5kW charge whilst running the load, genny a tad over 4kW.

Dynamic limit is off, Weak AC is on - hence the losses I assume.

Bat will not charge above 2kW and typically hovers at 2kW+/- 80W, which looks suspissiously like a limit of some sort.

Easy solar so Multypluss 48/5000/70.

BYD 13,8kW (Temp mainined at 15C min)

Clearly I am missing something and would apriciate somone pointing out what Iam doing wrong or failing to apriciate.




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