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Can I run an Espar D2 in my Sprinter while the IP65 is charging directly connected to the chassis battery?

I attached the Blue Smart IP65 12/15 charger directly to my 2016 Mercedes Sprinter chassis battery via the M8 battery eyelets and the 2m long extension cable.

I have an Espar D2 that is directly connected to the battery, and the Victron eyelets are connected in the exact same place to the battery.

If I set the IP65 to 4A normal charge, and start the heater, would the heater be able to run at the same time as the battery is charging, or will I have some issues with power or surges or anything like that, leading to possible damage of the Espar D2 heater's ECU?

Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.

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BMV-712 Relay to switch off DC to DC Charger and MPPT remote ON/OFF Pins
Hello, could anyone give me some information regarding the best way to set up Relay on the BMV-712 for use in my Campervan

I would like to use the BMV-712 relay to switch off my Victron DC to DC charger & my Victron 150 | 60 MPPT via there Remote ON/Off ( L & H ) pins in case of Low battery temperature ( or another trigger I wish to use ) . I have temperature sensor for the BMV and want to use the low temperature trigger to trigger the Relay.

Wiring wise what would you recommend? What output on the BMW and which pins in the Dc to DC & MPPT should I use?

Just so I'm getting this Correct the "L" pin Supplies a 3.3v Live, When the "H" pin Receives a voltage of 3v or higher it turns the device on, and less the 3V it turns the device off? If this is the case could I Ignore the "L" pin on the devices and Wire a 12V live from the Battery into the COM port of the Relay and then just Parallel the "H" pins from the NC relay port. when the Relay in the BMW is normally closed the charger & MPPT would be ON, when the low temperature triggers ( or any other trigger ) , it will open the relay which would turn off the Charger and MPPT ( and prevent my lithium battery is charging when cold and my Batteries internal BMS doesn't have low temperature charge cut off ) 

OR would I use DC/DC Charger & MPPT L pins in Parallel wired to the COM relay port on BMV, then NC relay port wire in Parallel to the H pins on the charger & MPPT.

Since I want to control both the DC/DC charger and the MPPT remote On/OFF at the same time from the BMV relay. Running the output ( NC ) In parallel to multiple things shouldn't be an issue should it?


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Is the VE.Bus BMS compatible with a Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75

I'm looking at upgrading our boats electrical system to a LiFePO4-based system. As far as the components go, I'm pretty sure I have the configuration figured out. The only thing I cannot determine, is whether our current Victron Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75 Inverter/Charger is compatible with the VE.Bus BMS. The setup I am thinking about is very similar to the example given in the VE.Bus BMS manual, shown below. Can we use our Phoenix Combi in this setup?


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Connect Mastervolt charger to Cerbo GX ?

Is it possible to connect a Mastervolt Chargemaster Plus 24/60 (czone) to a Cerbo GX to read values from the charger within the victron system?

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Multiplus noise level


I currently have a Mastervolt Chargemaster 12/50-3 which is mounted in a cabinet in the salon of my sailboat. I find it to be extremely noisy and the fan hardly ever shuts off even when floating.

As part of a larger upgrade I would like to switch to a charger/inverter which would eventually interface with new Victron LiFePo4 batteries and a VE. bus BMS. A major concern then is the noise level of the charger/inverter. My first choice would be the Multiplus Compact 12/1600, is anyone able to relate their experience with the noise level of this unit? My main concern is with the fan noise of the charger part, the inverter would be used only intermittently so I can tolerate some noise from that.

Another option could be the new Phoenix Smart charger which I assume is silent with no fans, combined with a Phoenix Compact inverter, but this unit is the same size as the Multiplus Compact so it would only be an option if it's much quieter than the Multiplus.

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Charging on Quattro in dependence of SoC

I want to stop charging if Soc is 80% and restart charging im Soc is less than 40%.

I have a Quattro, CCGX und an Ve.Bus BMS (REC-A)

Where can I set this parameter ?

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Centaur 12/40 Battery charger fan hums.
The centaur 12/40 charger fan hums all the time when plugged into the mains. Is it a 
feature or a fault?

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IP43 charger manual says it's compatible with the Smart Battery Sense, but the Smart Battery Sense manual says it's not

I recently bought the IP43 Phoenix Charger (because my old Phoenix charger died suddenly). The charger is located near the batteries, but in a different room, so temperature can vary. According to the IP43 manual (p 5, section 4.1) temperature and voltage compensation is optionally available with the Smart Battery Sense. It's also listed as a related product on the website. So I bought the Battery Sense, installed it, created a network. But... no possibility to add my Phoenix Charger. When I did some further reading, I discovered a page about the VE.Smart Networking claiming the IP43 is NOT compatible with this technology ( ).

What is this about? How can I make my IP43 compensate for temp. differences using the Smart Battery sense? Several similar questions were already posted but no answers... Can anyone please help? Thanks!!



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Charger Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger no Smart Battery Sense function.

Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger no Smart Battery Sense function.

When will the Smart Battery Sense function be added? in the Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger

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chassis grounding clarification


Yesterday, I received a SmartSolar 100/50 charge controller ordered thru Amazon. It's to be installed in my RV. Going over the manual (version 02, Sept. 21st 2017), section 3.2 states 'The charger must not be connected with grounded PV arrays (one ground connection only)'. Does this mean I should not be grounding my solar panel frames to the RV chassis? My plan was to ground the solar panel frames to the RV frame in one location and ground the charge controller housing to the RV frame at another location. According to the statement in the manual, this should not be done. Please clarify the statement for me so I have a better understanding. Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Michael Bonnar

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger display or remote control?


My father have bought a Phoenix Smart IP43 charger (24v/25a/3) and mounted it in the engine room. As the shore-power sometimes are a bit unstable, and the charger wont always turn on again after a power outage, he would like to have some sort of indicator that shows if the charger is working. Either just a light, or a remote control with lights, like he used to have on his old Skylla-TG charger. He has the app on his phone, but doesn´t like to use it for some reason... The lokal distributer says this does not exist, but I thought I would ask you guys anyway.
Thank you in advance for any help.

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Firefly Oasis 12V Profiles


I'll shortly be installing 5x Firefly Oasis G31 as my house bank, are there any plans to create a firefly specific profile for the following equipment?

- BMV-712

- Phoenix Smart Charger 3+1 50A

- MPPT 150/60

Or can someone share the settings that they currenty use?

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Combi 24/1800 stops charging

I have a 1999 model 24/1800 installed charging 4 house batteries. It charges fully, say to +48 amp hours, then shuts off. The batteries then start to discharge. If I unplug and replug from shore power or turn the unit off then on, the charging resumes at least for some period of time. Is this normal behavior? Since we are running often I have not been able to wait long enough to see what happens if the battery discharges enough to determine if the charger will restart. Any thoughts? thanks

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Skylla-IP44 12/60 Charger cycling to zero amps output with relay clicking

I have a Skylla-IP44 12/60 charger which spent the night cycling to zero amps and back to 55A, with a reported associated clicking sound. Shortly before the charger switched from bulk to absorption, the operation appeared to stabilise. No faults were being logged by the charger, at least not as seen via the CCGX. Charger firmware is v1.07.

Any ideas on the trigger/root cause?






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charge settings Beaut AGM100-12

We have installed an Easysolar 24-1600-40 in our off-grid cabin on a small island.

Most of the time it will be charged by our solarpanels (2x2 260WP).

I am struggeling to adjust the charge settings for our batteries: two Beaut AGM100-12 batteries in series (=24V 100Ah)

Could somebody advice me on that? specific for these batteries? I have attached the specs sheet of the batteries.

I would like to know the best values for: (between ( ) my guess)

absorption voltage (??V)

float voltage (27.40V)

equalization voltage (29.40V)

temperature compensation (12cells * -4mV/degree Celsius =-48mV/degree Celsius)

Thank you in advance!


Beaut accu wms_agm100-12.pdf

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Connecting to battery banks to a Phoenix charger

I have a Phoenix 12/50 charger with 3 boord-net batteries of total 240Ah connected. I also have a starter battery with a bow thruster battery in parallel which totals 2x70=140Ah. As the trickle output is limited to 4Amps I would like to connect the starter/bow thruster battery to output no. 2.

I understand that the Phoenix devices the charge current over de 2 outputs. Is the unit capable of doing this even with 2 output that are not equal (240 versus 140Ah)?

Then there is the configuration. As I have to reprogram the charger current, what current should I use, just the total of the 240+140Ah, or use the minimum current, boord-net bat or starter bat.

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IP65 Blue Smart Charger pin not working

Reconnected the charger to my iphone and it won't accept the default pin? never changed it. Now what? How to reset? Thanks in advance

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Automated Multi-mode charging

Does anyone have any information on connecting Quattro Inverter/Charger, 30A 12v dc-dc Charger and MPPT charger in parallel to charge the same battery bank, from multiple sources without manual switching

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How to combine a Victron Atlas Combi and Victron Blue Solar MPPT

Hi, for my campervan, I am installing a Victron Atlas Combi (charger/inverter 12-> 230v) and a Victron BlueSolar MPPT.

I have some questions on this:
- Should the AGM battery be connected directly to the Atlas Combi or via the 'load' of the MPPT?
- Should 12V accessories be connected on the 'load' of the MPPT or directly on the Atlas Combi?
- Is there somewhere a schema of a similar setup (PV, MPPT, charger/inverter, utility battery, start battery, 12V system, 230V system)

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Danger Reverse Current when using Battery Protect for charging

Hi together,

I have a question concerning using a BatteryProtect (BP) to disconnect the charge source in a Lithium Battery System with VE.bus bms.

In the BP manual Figure 5 illustrates how to connect the BP for charging situation and it states that "uncontrolled reverse current will flow through a Battery Protect if Vout > Vin."

Now I wonder what happens, when the Voltage of the charger (Vin) drops, i.e. Solar charger when there is no sun or any other charging source that is swithched of. Wouldn't then the Voltage of the Battery (Vout) be higher and thus reverse current flow causing danger?

THanks a lot for your comments, I am abit affraid of burning down my RV...

cheers, Daniel

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Air conditioner with DC 36V input


For an air conditioner application with a 36V DC input (more precisely 30V<input<40V) I want to use batteries to power it.

Which Victron E product could either:

-charge a 36V battery bank, or

-convert 12V/24V dc to 36V dc



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Connect Smart charger direct to battery or through the BMS?

Hi Guys,

Finally got the BMV-712 installed and updated, waiting on a temp sensor to arrive in the mail.

Now I have a question, as my van lives in a shed with no sunlight falling on the panels I need to use my Victron Smart battery charger to keep the batteries up to snuff now and then.

Considering I now have the BMV-712 my question is this:

Should I continue to connect the charger directly to the main battery positive and negative terminals? OR should I connect the negative to the third charging lead on the BMS (solar), that leg input is good for 50 amps by the way.

B.T.W. I was told by Victron that I could leave the charger permanently attached (storage mode) if required.



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Since updating the Victron Charging app it's reporting wrong current

I know my generator.
I know my batteries.
I knew my Victron charger.

Since updating the charging app the app reports float amps when the generator is still running on a high revs- high load - and instead of charging the batteries then idling which it always used to do it now runs very high every 5 minutes.

Ever since I updated the app!!!
Can I roll it back to the previous version or is there something else I can do?
Also when I switch tp HIGH it used to rev up and charge but now does nothing...

Any ideas?

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Is it acceptable to connect 2 solar chargers each with its own battery pack to 1 PV system?

I have a battery bank of 12V, 800Ah (gel) and a battery pack of 200Ah 48V.

I have a smart solar charger MPPT 250V, 100A and smart solar charger MPPT 150/70-MC4

My main PV system is 4 panels of 330WP, connected 2S2P (about 100V peak).

I would like to connect both solar cahrgers to the same PV and use the 1st solar charger for the 12V battery pack and the 2nd solar charger for the 48V pack.

Advantage of this sytem is that if one battery is full the full PV power will go to the other battery pack.

Question is:

1. Is this kingd of sett-up allowed?

2. What would be the disadvantages?

3. When both battery packs are charging, how would the available power be distributed over the 2 solar chargers? Will the behaviour be stable and optimal?

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards

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Blue Smart IP65 and IP22 can be connected in parallel with another charger?

Let's say a 12 V AGM battery bank is charged by a big, powerful but terribly inefficient "BULK" charger that runs for a limited time up to 14.4 V Absorption, but this charger wastes 50W when IDLE / Float, even when the battery current is less than 100 mA. The Bulk charger can be set to turn off at end of Absorption.

Could I use a Blue Smart IP65 (or IP22) set to Power Supply Mode at 13.5 V in parallel with the Bulk Charger, just to provide a more efficient Float stage?

Would the 14.4 V Absorption of the Bulk charger cause damage to the IP65 or IP22 set to 13.5V?


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Multiplus 2 mains input and generator

I have a customer with an older 3kw Grid connect solar system. We want to connect a Multiplus 2 with a lithium battery as a piggyback on the mains AC buss with an energy meter (multiplus intput on mains buss). The output of the multiplus we want to connect to essential house services. Any excess solar that would normally be exported will be used to charge the battery and run essential services, the grid will not be used to charge the battery. When the grid is down for extended periods the customer wants to be able to connect a generator to the multiplus input to run essentials and charge the battery. My question is, with minimal user intervention, how can I tell the multigrid it is ok to charge from the generator? it doesn't know if it's connected to the grid or a generator, it's not allowed to charge from the grid, but is from a generator? All I can find is the charge current control assistant, but I think this will interfere with the excess solar charge.

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Multiplus II 92,5% et stop la charge ?


Bonjour ,je n'arrive pas a charger à 100% mes batteries alors qu'il y a réinjection réseau ?

Il y a un multiplus II ,4 gel Victron sans BMS ,venus GX ,bmv 702.

Qui aurait la réponse ?

Merci excellente journée.

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Are my MultiPlus II VE Config charger settings correct for 4 x Omnipower 200Ah batteries?

Just want confirmation on my settings. Help will be appreciated. The ones in bold I'm most worried about.

Stop after excessive bulk checked

Lithium batteries unchecked

Storage mode checked

Use equalization (tubular plate traction battery curve) unchecked

Charge curve Adaptive + BatterySafe

Absorption voltage 57.60 V

Float voltage 54.60 V

Charge current 35 A

Repeated absorption time 1.00 Hr

Repeated absorption interval 7.00 Days

Maximum absorption time 8 Hr

Temperature compensation -72.0 mV/deg

Battery Specsheet: Omnipower-240.pdf

The system is a MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32 with 4 x OmniPower 240AH batteries as a backup system. I'm using the BMV700 as a battery monitor. Venus GX.

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Synchronised charging smart solar and multiple blue smart charges

Hi i have 900amp hours of batterys on a boat and i currently using 900watts of panels with a smart solar 150/35 controller with BMV-702 and a Color Control GX.

I have a old dumb charge so to speak (dolphin) also connected to the same bank.

When i run the generator on a sunny day the 240volt charge is not adding any current.

I am hoping to add a 240volt charger that talks to the system and synchronises charge output so i can quickly add amps while running the generator during the day.

I see the bluesmart now does sync,. My question is can i run 2 of the charges as I would like around 30-40amp of 240 volt charge capability.

The system is 24volt DC.

I have a 6.5kva generator.

Thanks in Advance asked
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Solar charger state doesnt show the equalization status


my solar charger doesnt report the equalization state properly. I have lead-acid battery and I have set up the MPPT to perform regular equalization. So far it is working fine. When I check the MPPT physically it states the equalization phase on the LCD but when I check the MQTT output on the Venus GX (or VRM portal), it always show the state with value 4, i.e. Absorption. Any idea why is this happening?

I have 2 MPPTs (BlueSolar 150/70, firmware 2.05) in paralel (working) connected with VE.Can to Venus GX (firmware 2.53). There is also the Quattro and BMV-700 connected to Venus. For the solar charger state I use the "/State" dbus-obj-path. When equalizing by the Qauttro, the Quttro's state is correct.

Thank you,


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