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Charge limit not working

Hi, I have 2 SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/85 rev2-BMV-712 Smart-MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 and a Cerbo GX with 30kw/h batteries. I want to limit the charge current to the batteries. So I went to settings DVCC-maximum charge current. I selected 50A but the Multiplus is still charging with maximum power. What can I do? Thanks

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Charge Current Control via K2 Relay and AUX1 Input

Will the following work?


The requirement is to limit charge current using the K2 relay connected to the AUX1 input. The above is to limit charge current for the first 20 minutes once AC grid power on AC Input 2 returns.

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Welches Ladegerät?


Ich möchte einen LiFePo4 24 Volt mithilfe von DVCC laden, das BMS des Akku gibt den Ladestrom und die Spannung vor.

vorhanden sind ein Cerbo GX, ein Blue Smart IP 22 Charger 24/16, das aber leider nicht zu regeln ist.

Der Akku ist die Spannungsversorgung für einen E-Aussenbordmotor und wird mit Landstrom aufgeladen.

Welches Ladergerät unterstüzt diese Funktion,


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Multi Plus Firmware Update for the old microprocessor possible to work with Cerbo Gx DVCC?

Hello everybody, just registered for my first question.

im super new to Victron Components but i i have read a lot the last couple of month.

I would like to know if it is possible to update my Multi Plus with SN 19xx125, to a higher Version which work with the Cerbo Gx an allows me to limit the charge current via Victron Connect iOS or Mac.

The Cerbo Manuel tells me its possible with Firmware 422 to have access ti DVCC, but maybe wit Firmware 2xx it might be possible to show the Multi at least in the Connect App or VRM Network?

So far with my Firmware 125 of Multi, i have no access at all.

Before i try updating, i just wanna make sure, not to do stupid and unnecessary things.

Thanks for your help.

Device list:

Multiplus 12/1600/70 (old microprocessor, sn starts with 19)

Cerbo Gx with Toch Display

Lynx Power In (Modified with Fuses like Lynx Distributor)

Smart MPPT 100/20

Smart Battery Protect

Smart Shunt

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Smart solar throttling bulk charge


i have Smart Solar 75/15, which appears to be throttling or reducing the charge during the bulk phase.

I have 2 solar panels, a 130w panel (open circuit voltage 18.2v, and short circuit current of 7.2A) and a 100W panel (open circuit voltage 18.6V, and short circuit current of 4.9A). These panels are connected in parallel. The solar controller is connected to two brand new AGM batteries 92Ah and 120Ah connected in parallel. There are no loads on the batteries.

The highest output shown on my 75/15 is just 112W. The screen shot below shows just 66W with the battery at 14.43 v. This was in the middle of a sunny clear day in Australia, and just before I tested the panels with the multimeter. The Adsorption voltage is set to 14.8v. My understanding is the 75/15 should put in as much current as possible during the bulk phase. With my panels, I should see a Max of about 220W.

With no real load on them at the moment my batteries start at 12.7v in the morning. With the throttling behaviour of the solar controller, they seem to take ages to get up to the bulk/adsorption trigger voltage of 14.8 (which temp compensates to 14.61v). In the snip below it took 3 hours 42minutes to reach this voltage, this was in full sun from 10am!

Could someone please explain what is happening. I’m disappointed in this solar controller, as it seems to not be using the full potential of the panels, and so take ages to raise the battery voltage.






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relay assistant based on battery charge current?

i would like to limit the battery charge current by turning on a load when 50A is exceeded, i know that the victron charge controller will do this but i have 3 charge controllers connected to the batteries and only one of them is a victron cc, so i thought that there might be an assistant that can read the battery charge current and open/close one of the relays accordingly?

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Limiting current for campsite hookup

Hi all,

I would like to buy a Blue Smart IP22 Charger for my VW T5. It has 2 leisure batteries in it (under the front seats). My question is regarding plugging in the van when at UK campsites.

The campsites will limit the amount of current that can be drawn though a hookup (sometimes 10A, sometimes 16A). If I go for the 15A Blue Smart charger, could it trip out the campsite supply when I plug it in? And if it does, will LOW mode help to prevent it?

Thanks in advance.

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Adjust current on Blue Smart IP65 12/15

Hello, I've bought a Blue Smart IP65 hoping I would find adjustable settings like maximum current and voltage for different phases of charging.

In advanced settings voltage can be adjusted, that's true.

However, there is no current adjustment option! I can only select 4A or 15A maximum current.

My battery (Ca/Ca) vendor recommends charging at 0.1C of the battery. Now I have 2 batteries: 60 & 80 A*h.

How can I select maximum current 6 & 8 A*h?

4A*h is obviously too little while 15A*h is too much.

It would be great if in following upgrades it would be possible to adjust current as well for different phases of charging.

A second improvement would be to add an option to do intelligent switching to FLOAT phase on adjustable current value. For example when after ABS phase current drops to 0.01C - switch to float.

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Charge Controller Max output current?

I am getting conflicting information. I have a smart solar 100/50 charge controller with four 170 watt panels connected in parallel. My dealer says I am pretty much maxed out in regards to input current. When i asked the panel manufacturer they said that each panel can put out up to 9.4 amps (i assume that would be at 18 vdc). So they said that by adding the fifth panel that would be only 48 amps.

I am thinking If you consider the output current (assuming no loss) when connected to a bank of lithium batteries the output voltage in bulk mode would be 14.4 vdc. With five panels connected the output current would be 59 amps. Am I correct here? Would this be exeeding the capacity of the controller? Does current limiting come into play?

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MPPT 75/15 not regulating charge

Hi all

I have a rather simple question I believe and I think I know the answer to it as well. But I would like to hear some more experienced opinions. :-)

I have 2 MPPT 75/15 on my boat. One is managing a solar panel on the Davids and also has a fridge connected to the load output. All settings for the battery is properly programmed. (Absorb 14.82, float 13.5, Equalization 16.2 / Trojan 1275 Batteries) One of the two controllers is keeping the max voltage of 14,82V and the other one doesn't. I am 100% sure the settings are correct. Apart from that one controller being toast, what could be the reason for not regulating charge correctly?

Thanks a lot for your opinions.

Cheers Fou

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What is the max Amps I can charge my 300Ah LifePo4 bank and can I use 2+ chargers?

I have a bank of 3 x 100Ah Victron Lifepo4's all connected with a shunt, a BMS, bmv 712 and a battery protect 12/65 for charge protect. Atm I have the victron 10A and 30A chargers connected via the BP12\65 in parallel to (hopefully) get 40A of charge.

I am looking at swapping the 2 chargers for the new Phoenix 50A charger but was wondering what the max Amps was that I can charge my back with and if there was any risk in leaving the 10A charger connected to give 60A?

Does 2 chargers mess with the Bulk, Abs, Float cycle? I presume not as most of us have solar with MPPT too which is similar?

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Bat temp OK, charge still limmited...?

Hi folks,

I cant get my battery to charge at more than about 2kW and I cant see why... Obviously missing something?

Small genny, circa 5kW on AC1. AC current limit set to hold that at 19A, circa 4kW, and working. Gen is a recent upgrade, previous unit was smaller.

Putting a 2kW load on results in circa 1.5kW charge whilst running the load, genny a tad over 4kW.

Dynamic limit is off, Weak AC is on - hence the losses I assume.

Bat will not charge above 2kW and typically hovers at 2kW+/- 80W, which looks suspissiously like a limit of some sort.

Easy solar so Multypluss 48/5000/70.

BYD 13,8kW (Temp mainined at 15C min)

Clearly I am missing something and would apriciate somone pointing out what Iam doing wrong or failing to apriciate.




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Charging my LifePo4 with an alternator


I am designing my setup but the only thing that is not clear to me is how to safely have my batteries charge through my alternator.

The battery will be a LiFePo4 battery, 12V 600Ah.
Inverter/charger Victron Phoenix 12/2500/120
700W of Solar through SmartSolar 100/50

I am still deciding on the BMS. My van is a 2006 Renault Master, so I'm pretty sure it's not one of the newer "smart alternators".

From what I can find online it looks like there might be a way to use either a BMS or a VE.Bus BMS to do this? I would like the alternator to be connected to my starter battery at all times, and connect a system to that that
A) Doesn't destroy my alternator
B) Doesn't drain my starter
C) Shuts off charging when battery is full

Has anyone already made a setup like this?

Thank you!!!

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Control maximal Charge Current from SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 with BMV 712

Dear Victron,

I have installed an oversize PV System in relation to the battery in my car (Old VW T2), which I use to demonstrate PV opportunities in Indonesian rural areas. ( All installation is private financed by us and we try to promote renewable energy to rural places in Indonesia without any payback. But step by step the local media ask us for interviews and talks in the television and we start our blog in Indonesian on YouTube :D

1. The Panels can produce 1,16 kWp under STC. Size was chosen based on the maximal allowed space on the roof.

2. SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 charge my battery with an additional SmartBatterySense and BatteryProtect BP-100.

3. Just one Luminious SMF 12V 200h is installed due to weight and lack of space (I know this is not ideal, but it is an old car and 69 kg for each battery is just really heavy)

4. SUOER FPC D1000A Pure Sinus Wave Inverter (1000W continuous power/2000W peak power)

To increase the maximal life-cycle of the battery under tropical high temperature I reduce the maximal charge current to C10, which means 20A. When I demonstrate it to the people I put some big load to my Pure Sinus Wave Inverter. Since my PV System can easily produce more than 80 A on the 12V site at daylight, I need a device which can change the maximal charge current depends from the load.

The BMV 712 can easily read the current and direction of the current which going in and out of the battery and it can be easily connected via Bluetooth to the other devices.

Is there a possibility to drive the MPPT from the SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 with the measured current from BMV 712 so that the net current to the battery is limited to 20 A?

Or is there another device which can do this which is available in Indonesia, because Victron parts I bring directly from Germany? I didn't buy the BMV on those time due to lack of money, but now because of the response and the interest I need a solution.

It is so great to see the people step by step understanding renewable energy and with my background as a physicist i can explain them a lot :D

I am really happy for any advices or helps.

Thank very much.

Best regards,


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Sheduled battery charging based current grid usage


I was wondering if there already is some posebility to charge my battery without going over 2,5Kwh on grid usage.

This limit will be on our head soon even on night usage so i would try to stay bellow the 2,5Kwh limit even when charging the battery combined with the current grid usage.

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Effects of changing battery charge current limit on charger NV storage

I am thinking about sending hex protocol commands to my 100/50 blue charger to limit the charger current under certain circumstances but want to do as little as possible. If I change register 0xEDF0 does this trigger a write to the charger's non-volatile storage and if so is this going to cause problems with write aging of what ever that nv storage actually is? There could be multiple changes to the charge current limit each day.

The other option would be to put the charger into a network mode, possibly BMS mode, but I am not sure if that means the voltage targets in the charger's internal profile apply any more. Preferably I'd like to not take command of anything but the charge current limit. I'm not sure if writing to register 0x2015 would trigger a write to the charger's NV storage either.

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Charge d'une batterie GEL par un alternateur.


J’étudie l’évolution de l’installation électrique de mon bateau qui ne disposera à sa livraison que d’une seule batterie commune pour le démarrage et les accessoires.

J’envisage pour cela l’installation d’une seconde batterie type GEL victron et d’un chargeur victron alimenté par la prise de quai, ainsi d'un coupleur Cyrix pour recharger les deux batteries.

J’ai cru comprendre que les batteries GEL étaient limités en courant de charge, et si il n’y aura aucun problème pour la recharger avec le chargeur victron à quai, je me pose la question de la charge lors de la navigation via l’alternateur du moteur.
En effet avec le coupleur cyrix lorsque le moteur sera en marche la batterie GEL sera chargée par l’alternateur, donc à courant plus élevé.

Est ce qu'une batterie GEL est bien adaptée à mon utilisation ?


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Feature Request - Set MPPT max current value in 0.5A steps or decimal value

I can set the max current value of my 75/10 MPPT in VictronConnect for Windows to a whole number only, but I would like to set it to a decimal value e.g. 2.5A. Can I do this somehow or could it be implemented in a future release?

Especially batteries with lower charging rates need at least .5A steps for efficient loading with bigger(ish) panels while not charging with overrated current.

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How to limit charge current in the system with old MPPTs (VE.Can), ESS?


Does someone have an idea how to limit a battery charging current in a system with old version MPPTs VE.Can (with a built in screen)? The system is running in ESS mode. DVCC (limiting charge current) doesn’t work with this type of MPPTs.

Thanks in advance,


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Charge Current Control Assistant not Functioning

I have a Quattro 48/8000 which runs with an MPPT BlueSolar Charger and CCGX.

In VE.Config settings, I configured the ESS assistant and, as per genset loading and grid power limitation requirements, also set 2 charge current control assistants (after the ESS). Both have fixed DC charge current limit on batteries when either AC input 1 or 2 is active. I have set the limit to 60A. But I have noticed lately that this limit is never respected, neither on grid power (ACin1) nor generator power (ACin2). DC charge currents are reaching up to 80A.

What could be the reasons for this and how to solve it?

- Does ESS have the priority over other assistants, it being the first on the list?
- Are they conflicting with each other, so none is operational?
- Firmware issues?
- "Overruled by remote" feature conflict in General>Shore limit settings?

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) your input is much appreciated.

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Can one control charge current in Multiplus depending on weather your grid connected inverter is export power to grid

Can one control charging current in a multiplus to maximise self consumption with a Genius device , Grid connected PV inverter and Energy meter? In principle this is possible - monitor power flow with energy meter and adjust the charging current in the Multiplus using Venus. I do not want to implement ESS for several reasons. I have no need to limit grid tie inverter

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CCGX/DMC not updating with new MultiPlus current limit setting

System Components:

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V (FW 418) with VE.BUS BMS

CCGX (v2.58)

DMC 200 GX

BMV-712 Smart (v4.03)

I just added a DMC to a system that has been running 2+ years without one. The goal is to have the DMC allow a 1-30A adjusting range with the Multi defaulting to the lowest level

I lowered the input current limit in the MultiPlus (using VEConfig) from 9A down to 1A using VEConfig. I have verified that the MultiPlus is set to 1A after power off/on.

Regardless of what I do, the CCGX and DMC still thinks the current limit is 9A. I programmed the DMC for the upper 30A limit. The DMC works just fine adjusting the current limit >= 9A up to 30A. It just will not allow it to go lower than the old 9A setting.

I did try redetect system the Multi on the CCGX with no luck.

What's the magic to get the CCGX/DMC to see the new lower 1A setting in the Multiplus?

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Why am I not getting the expected kWhs from Pylontech?

Hi I have a job with 6 pylonTech U2000 connected to a MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Firmware 459 and Venus GX Firmware v2.60~35. There is a grid meter, 5kW of fronius solar on the output and 5kW of solar on the input to inverter. I have a number of battery issues that could be related and was wondering if anyone had some Ideas.

1. The GX is telling me the charge current limit is 100Amp But if change Current is 25Amps per battery this should be 150Amps. I have tried multiple times and ways to detect batteries but no luck getting the 150Amp limit. is there another way to see what has been detected by the GX?


2. The batteries will not charge at more than 40Amps. Excess power is been exported insted of going into battery so battery is not fully charged some days. What could be limiting charge current?


3. In the ESS I have minimum SOC Set to 0% but the VRM is showing they only discharge to 20%. What could be stopping discharge to 0%? (have tried setting at 10% and 5% but same result)


4. From a indicated 98% to %20 SOC VRM is telling me I am getting best case around 9.5kWh form the battery a day. if the usable capacity of the pylonTech U2000 is 2.2kW I should technically getting 10.5kWh to 20% SOC from 6 batteries so I'm 1kWh short, Is this normal? But alternatively if I only have 4 batteries as indicated buy the charge current limit I should only be getting 7kWh a day. so it looks like I'm doing better than 4 batteries. Is there another way to tell if all the batteries are working OK?


Thanks in advance for any tips on these points

Cheers Jon.

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RV Upgrade: 24/5000 vs 12/3000 Inverter

RV Upgrade; The coach has on onboard 4kw generator that will be used to charge the batteries in addition to the 950w solar panel array.

I am going to be running 4x 12.8v 200ah lithium batteries and deciding whether to run as 24v paired with a 24/5000 Quattro or run as 12v paired with 12/3000 Multiplus.

If I go the 24/5000 route I am having the panel upgraded from 30amp to 50amp. The quatrro has a much beefier charger in it and will almost cut charging time in half compared to the Multi-plus so I am leaning that direction.

Other than faster charging and additional power headroom, what else am I not considering as potential downsides or upsides to the 24/5000 setup vs the 12/3000 setup?

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Max Charging Current for AGM batteries w/ Victron MPPT 100|50

I am currently running 5 100W solar panels in parallel through my Victron 100|50 MPPT controller, connect to 3 12v, 125Ah AGM batteries connected in parallel.

My batteries are rated for 30A max charging current.

I am about to upgrade the solar to produce more power to recharge faster (not quite generating enough to keep up with usage). I will add two 250W panels, connected in series, to a separate controller.

My question: I don't want to overcharge the batteries. They are rated for 30A max charge current, which is currently around what my Victron controller is sending them with the current setup. If I switch my 5 100W panels to a series connection (dropping the Amps, but increasing the voltage), would that change how much current the Victron is sending to my batteries so I have room to add another controller? Or is the Victron converting the power regardless of how I have the panels configured?

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Issue connecting to Easysolar WiFi / change Battery settings

Have installed the WiFi Nano to my new 24v 3000 Easysolar and nothing is happening.

I'm offgrid.

On this link it states I can do this with Bluetooth. Is this correct?

Is the inverter supposed to send out a signal for me to connect via my android phone? My phone isn't able to find the inverter. Have tried numerous Youtubes but am unable to find one that can help me. This forum had a few answers but was unable to figure it out.

Sadly all I want to do is change the battery charge settings and am unable to do this basic task unless I'm online.

What do other users do who aren't online? ie many poorer countries and very rural areas.

Having had a Selectronic inverter for many years, where this was very easy, didn't require me having to go online to make adjustments. The Easysolar is a good looking unit and runs quietly, but am seriously annoyed that now am not able to do anything bar look at a few numbers.

If Victron wants us all to be online, why not make it easy?

I have an older set of lead acid batteries that don't like being the 28.9v for the long periods.

Is there any other way to change the battery charge settings on the machine itself?

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Sustain current too high?

Hello Victron fellows,

I have set some Li ion with Victron inverters, always for self consumption with PV inverters, but this one is cracking me up. This system consists in three 48V Multiplus II 3000/35 as a three phasic system, and an ESS assistant is set. The sustain voltage is 43V and cuttoff around 42V. The modules have a low SOH, but the system should work anyway. It charges and discharges correctly, up to the point where my BMS disables allow to discharge at around 48V, because there are low cells (it should discharge to less than 42V if it was good).

Then, Sustain mode is active and the current goes UP TO 90A. Of course when this happens the voltage raises quickly, the allow to discharge comes on again and it goes to Discharging mode. Repeating the process endlessly - Even without PV POWER, that means it consumes a lot of power.

My question is, why does it go up to 90A, since sustain mode should be 5A per unit and how can I solve this?

Thank you very much!

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Increased current when simultaneous charging and discharging

Can I increase charging current when the li-ion battery is being used (allows charging simultaneously) or does that harm the battery

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How to Limit DC-DC Charger Current on Orion-Tr Smart?

Hey Victron community!

First time posting here, so forgive me if I'm missing any formalities.

I recently bought a Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated 12/12-30. We are planning to use the charger in a travel trailer with a custom 300ah battery bank. The problem is that we want to wait to upgrade the OEM positive wire from the tow vehicle's battery (it is currently a 10awg wire) to a much larger wire until after we start using the trailer. Per my research, we will need closer to a 2awg wire, which is much bigger and a pain to re-route from the tow vehicle, so hoping to kick the can down the road a little.

With that said, is there a way to limit either max current or max power output on these units? Or is the only way to limit it via limiting the voltage? Are there any tricks to artificially limit the current?

Thanks in advance!

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Orion dc dc charger

I have just installed the Orion-tr dc dc charger 360W , I thought the alternator could handle the load but apparently it can't, the charger killed my starter battery in 5-10 min whist the engine was running, it cycled on and off as the voltage quickly went up and down. The starter battery is just a box standard lead acid battery and the battery bank im trying to charge is a lithium bank, changing the alternator is no small job to replace as it's pretty well integrated into the engine, so my question is ... is there custom firmware available to allow you to choose the charge rate ? I thought this option would have been there as standard but maybe it can be added in a future firmware release ?

Update * the alternator is rated at 60A

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