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Temperatursensor am Cebro GX über Modbus-TCP


in einem Schaltschrank wird eine Victron-Batterieüberwachung für die USV-Anlage verwendet. Diese soll verschiedene Daten über Modbus-TCP an die Steuerung im Schrank übergeben.

(Smart Shunt, Cebro GX, Touch GX und 4* Temperature Sensor Quattro, MultiPlus and GX Device)

Frage: Ist es möglich, die 4 Temperatureingänge vom Cebro GX über die Modbus-TCP Anbindung weiterzugeben?

In der Modbus-TCP Register List, finde ich nur die Auswertung für com.victronenergy.temperature, welche wohl nur einen Sensor liest?!

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What is required for configuring and monitoring an Easyplus?

I have a RPI with Venus software running and a MPPT and a Smartshunt connected by VE.Direct over USB. Can I configure and monitor the Easyplus with a Victron Interface MK3-USB, or is it better to migrate the RPI Venus to a CerboGX. And can I configure the Easyplus via the CerboGX or do I need both?

The MK3-USB is much cheaper than to migrate to the CerboGX but the advantage is that I can hook up my tankmeters direct.

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Start/Stop Generator Control for Hyundai HY3500RVi


I have a Hyundai HY3500RVi generator which I would like to auto start/stop from a Cerbo GX, the manual for the generator doesn't give any clues and Hyundai UK tech support are not able to help.

Does anyone else use this generator and can control the start/stop via Victron system relays? Any ideas would be very welcome.


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Connecting Cerbo GX with MPPT Control solar monitor

This seems pretty basic. I have the following:

-MPPT 150|50 SmartSolar Charge Controller

-MPPT Control (Solar Monitor)

-BMV712 Smart Battery Monitor connected to shunt with RJ-12 cable

-Cerbo GX

By themselves, the 2 monitors work perfectly.

Introduce the Cerbo GX.

Using 3 VE.Direct cables, I have plugged the MPPT 150|50 into the Cerbo GX. And then the BMV712 and MPPT Control (monitor) into the other 2 Cerbo GX VE.Direct ports.

But nothing works with the Cerbo. Can't see the MPPT SmartSolar, or the BMV712 on the Cerbo GX Wifi interface. And the MPPT Control (Solar Monitor) doesn't even power on.

The Cerbo GX is working fine on Wifi, connects well, but absolutely no data from anything is coming through.

I can't imagine a simpler setup, so not sure why nothing works.

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Cerbo GX temperature probe - how to change from celsius to Fahrenheit?

I have added the proper Victron temp probe to my Cerbo GX. It shows fine in the remote console, but it only shows as Celsius and I'm not able to find where to change that to Farenheit. Any suggestions?

I also can't figure out how to enable the temp probe on the "advanced" page to actually show a chart of the data, it's only showing in the device list now.

Thanks for the assistance!

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cerbo gx internal audible alarm not working

cerbo gx internal audible alarm not working, there are alarms in the log file but the internal alarm has never gone off, is is set to on in general settings. The cerbo is v2.6, I can't use the relay on an external alarm as it's in use as a level controller. Any idea why the internal alarm does not work ?

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Cerbo CAN NMEA2000

A Cerbo connected with CAN to NMEA2000 can send battery status data to NMEA2000.

Is it also possible for the Cerbo to receive the GPS location data from NMEA2000?

A Raymarine NMEA2000(STNg) network with a MFD, Radar and AIS has already multiple GPS sources in the network. It seems a bit overdone to add an additional USB GPS connected to the Cerbo to see the location in VRM.

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FEATURE REQUEST: Clearer formatting of MAC Addresses on Stickers

Tiny thing, but something I am sure will be appreciated by all installers:

On the sticker on the Cerbo, can we change the formatting to add a space or : after each set of four characters to make it much easier to read and check?

Eg. Instead of "d412430b4fa1" it is printed "d412 430b 4fa1"

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Confused about local LAN and Cerbo GX

I’m trying to connect to the Cerbo GX remote console and aware that you must use either a LAN connection or VRM.

my confusion lies with the definition of LAN. The Cerbo has a built in WiFi access point that I can connect to via my phone using the QR code. Should I be able to connect to the remote console after connecting to the Cerbos access point? Or does my Cerbo need to join a network (ie: my home network) in order for me to connect to the remote console?

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Unable to connect to Cerbo GX from Raymarine Axiom using the Victron App

When I try to connect to the Cerbo GX using the Victron app on the Raymarine Axiom MFD I get a connection error "no hardware found" and the application does not start.

The Cerbo GX is connected to the NMEA2000 network using a Victron VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable and the Raymarine Axiom MFD is connected to the same NMEA2000 network. The NMEA2000 network works fine and is properly terminated. Since the Axiom is connected to an Quantum 2 rader with cable the Axiom must connect to the Cerbo GX through the NMEA2000 network.

The NMEA network diagnostic screen on the Axion shows not only the Cerbo GX. But also all the devices connected to the Cerbo GX with VE.CAN, VE.Bus or VE.Direct. Attached is the NMEA2000 network diagnostics from the Axiom listing all the NMEA2000 devices as well as the Victron devices that the Axiom can find on the NMEA2000 network.

- The Raymarine Axiom is running the latest lighthouse operating system (v3.13.103 Edgartown)

- The NMEA2000 network is powered separately and the fuse in the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is removed

- The Raymarine Axiom can see the Cerbo GX on the NMEA2000 network (and all devices connected to the Cerbo GX, including tanks)

- The Cerbo GX and all connected Victron devices are all running the latest firmware

- All data from the Cerbo GX are visible on the NMEA2000 netowork and can be displayed in other ways such as webguages with yachtdevices wifi gateway

- On the Cerbo GX: one VE.Can port has a VE.Can terminator and the other VE.Can port is connected to the NMEA2000 network using the VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable

- The NMEA2000 network is a Raymarine SeaTalkNG network

- The VE.Can to NMEA2000 cable is connected to a SeaTalkNG<->NMEA2000 cable that is connected to a "white" device port on a Raymarine 5-way

Cerbo VE.Can port settings:
- CAN-bus profile: VE.Can & Lynx Ion BMS 250 kbit/s,
- NMEA2000-out: Enabled

NMEA2000 network diagnostic from Raymarine Axiom


NMEA2000 network diagram


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How to access Cerbo Gx connected to a router?

I have been trying to access the cerbo gx's remote console connected a router but was unsuccessful. Is this function disabled int the Cerbo gx? I have tried port forwarding in the router and all the possibilties to connect to the remote console. I have access to all the other devices connected to the router. Thanks

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Cerbo Newbie Questions


I just received a Cerbo and GX-50 Screen. I have set it up on a test bench set up to learn and understand all the features and set ups. I think I have the basics set up but want to be able to use more of the great features the unit provides as options. My test set up is comprised of a small 20 aH LiFePo4 4S battery, a REC BMS, two Victron Smart 100/30 MPPT controllers, a BMV-712 to cycle a charge relay, a bench power supply to provide shore power charging. I can see the energy icons operating and current flow as expected during load and charge operations on the GX-50 Screen.

I am having a few initial problems and have some questions,

1) My WiFi is not connecting reliably. My research indicates that the solution is moving the internal Cerbo antennas. Please confirm?

2) I can link my Bluetooth and get a solid blue indicator led on the case but do not see how to use it?

3) I would like to get the remote console operation working but cant seem to see the battery condition on my mobile device. I assume that can only happen if I get the WiFi connected?

4) Is there any "Cerbo for Dummies" type post to better understand all the features, definitions, and operation to read?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Cerbo GX WiFi stop working when GX Touch 50 is connected


My Cerbo GX is connecting fine on WiFi without the GX touch 50 connected, but as soon I connect the GX touch 50 on it, the WiFi State goes from Disconnected to Connecting many times then Failure state

The WiFi signal strength is 76%

Cerbo firmware v2.60

Thank you for your help

steve777 asked
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7 Answers

How can I display AC loads on Cerbo while solar is coming in?

I have a Quattro 10000 and Fronius Primo PV Inverter connected to my Cerbo GX.

When the Quattro is supplying AC from the batteries AC loads are shown but when there is solar power supplying the loads and charging the batteries no AC loads are displayed. I have to calculate the difference between the PV power and battery charging power.

Is there a device I can add to the Cerbo which will measure AC loads all the time?


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Advice for my off-grid setup!

Hello everyone. I have made a final setup that im going to install shortly. I would love to hear some advices about the setup, i am no expert so anything will help :)

-12x450Wp Trina solar

-Multiplus II 48/5000

-Smartsolar MPPT 250/100-Tr Ve.Can

-4x US2000B Pylontech

-Cerbo GX

-GX Touch 50

-And maybe the Lynx Power In to be able to install MEGA Fuses.

What do you think of this system? Thank you in advance!

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Can I access all device settings through a Cerbo-GX

Hi all, I'm quite new to all Victron products, but planning on purchasing a Cerbo-GX (with Touch 50) with a Multiplus, MPPT, Shunt, BMV and BP. I was wondering if I need to buy the smart-versions of these products (with Bluetooth connection) for easy installation or if I can just as simply access these device settings through the Cerbo-GX. If that is possible I can also buy the 'normal' versions instead of the 'smart' (Bluetooth) versions of these devices.

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Cerbo GX temp sensors

What type of temperature sensor is used on the Cerbo GX

Nickel 1000?



frehak asked
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Cerbo not booting - flashing orange light after failed firmware update

Good Morning,

This morning I started to install the Cerbo in my system. Booting the device with minimal connections went great, and we began to connect the Quattro, Solar via USB, and BMV via VE direct.

A firmware update was detected, and we chose to update to 2.60 - at some point after telling it to perform this update, the Cerbo will no longer boot. (I assume its not booting). We were using the wifi, and check for updates, under the system menu. When it found the 2.60 update, we told it to download and install. It didn't automatically install, but showed in the list of "alternative backup firmwares" to boot from. We chose to boot 2.60 instead of 2.57 and on the next restart, the Touch 50 GX remains blank, and the red / orange Wifi light will begin flashing after a few seconds, but nothing else appears to happen.

1.) Is there a hardware or backdoor way to force the Cerbo to reboot back to the 2.57 firmware?

2.) Is there a way to connect to the Cerbo via a computer and manually push a new firmware to it?

Unfortunately going back to the dealer is a VERY lengthy issue at this point. We're in the Caribbean, and floating in French Martinique at the moment. Anything we do would require weeks and weeks of shipping each way, so hopefully there's a technical way to solve this, as I believe it's just a bad firmware boot, and going back to the old one would be fine?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Multiplus Configuration

I'm planning on getting a Multiplus (24/2000). Apparently these devices are configured using a special interface with a software called Victron Connect.

One option appears to be the MK3-USB (assuming I get a password from my vendor).

Can the Multiplus also be configured with the Cerbo GX? That would be very attractive, as it appears to have many additional features and talks to additional devices.

However, from information I found online I am not sure it can be done.

Does anyone have such a system and can confirm it's possible (or not)?

Many thanks!

ttmetro asked
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Autostart misbehaving, Cerbo GX starting generator early

Cerbo GX with BMV712. Several times in the last week the cerbo has activated the gen start relay before the battery SOC gets down to the set point. I have SOC start enabled to go at 40% and stop at 95%. There are no other conditions set for autostart. Occasionally the system will close the relay at somewhere around 85% and run to 95%. In the menu under gen start, the readout states "running from SOC" I do not have "quiet hours" set to on. The SOC on the BMV readout agrees with the Cerbo readout. I cannot understand why it comes on before getting to 40%. Any ideas? Cerbo set to auto update, firmware is 2.58.

ur12vman asked
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How can I control the MultiPlus from my phone using CerboGX?

Sorry for the frustration in this but I just spent $4000 on Victron products so I'm a bit annoyed. I am trying to adjust the input current limit and change modes from my phone using Cerbo GX (this is one of the main reasons I purchased the Cerbo GX) and I can't figure out how. The best I have been able to find is an absolutely atrocious an entirely unusable and unresponsive system that mirrors the touch screen. This is utter garbage this can't possible be how it's designed...?!?!? I was expecting to see an interface like this but no such thing seems to exist. The only button I see on the Cerbo GX in VictronConnect is to open VRM but there is no way to adjust the input current limit in VRM. What kind of garbage half baked product is this? I know I can connect the Bluetooth dongle to the MultiPlus but according to the manual I will then be unable to adjust the current limit from the GX Touch which then makes the touch screen pointless. Is this a joke??? Over $400 for a product that can't even perform the most basic functions... someone please tell me I'm wrong.


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Orion 48/12-20 & Has DC System (Cerbo GX)

This is the equipment I have:

Lynx Power In, Lynx Shunt, Lynx Distributor

48v 230Ah LA Battery Bank

Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50

Smart Solar 250/100

Orion 48/12-20

Cerbo GX

8000VA Generator

(including the full list as I dont know what is relevant)


batteries -> powerin -> shunt -> distributor -> orion


When load increases on the orion, the DC Power value on the Cerbo goes negative and and the dots show power going INTO the batteries instead of out of the batteries.

I have 'Has DC System' enabled in the cerbo.

Is my setup correct, or should the orion be connected before the shunt (this would seem counter intuitive as the shunt would no longer be able to monitor SOC.

I am trying to get the DC Power box to indicate the load drawn by the Orion.

PS where do you get the pictures of the Victron gear for the wiring diagrams i see posted up in other questions?




mrhouse asked

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Cerbo constantly dropping mobile hotspot

So my Cerbo has been running off of a spare phones mobile hotspot since I installed it about a month and a half ago. When I first set it up, the connection dropped a few times, but then for whatever reason it stayed connected for a solid month with no interruptions. Even while driving down the road, through areas with no reception, it still stayed connected once I was somewhere with reception again with no extra work on my end. Then I updated the phone (iPhone 11 on an AT&T network) and since then it will not stay connected. The phone has nearly full bars so spotty reception is not the issue, nor is data caps. I have reset the network settings on the phone several times, as well as rebooted the Cerbo several times. There was one point that it stayed connected for 2.5 days, but then suddenly quit again. When trying to reconnect it, it isn’t simple either. Usually in the WiFi settings on the Cerbo it seems to get stuck in a “connecting” phase. Even then, by “forgetting the network” and cycling the phones hotspot on/off it doesn’t just connect right back up...

So, I’m not sure what’s going on. I would say it just doesn’t play well with a mobile hotspot, but that wasn’t the case for a full month. I would also say it was the update, but since then it even had a connection for 2.5 days. But mostly it stays connected for a couple of hours and then drops back out again.

Also, I am about to change out all of the WiFi equipment in my home and will make sure to include a connection point that reaches the Cerbo so I won’t have to fool with the mobile hotspot at home, but when on the road I will still need to rely on the mobile hotspot so I would like to figure it out. So any help would be much appreciated.


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Does Cerbo GX output VE.Can data?

I am planning a system around the Cerbo GX that includes:

  • Victron Lithium batteries
  • VE.Bus BMS
  • Victron SmartShunt

I would like to interface with the Wakespeed WS500 alternator regulator that accepts VE.Can data to adjust charge rates/voltages.

Does the CerboGX VE.Can port output battery parameters (charge voltage, current limitation, battery current, etc)? Or does the CerboGX only listen on the VE.Can ports?

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Cerbo GX - VRM portal with low Internet speed

Hello. The remote Autonomous station has a very weak channel of 1200 bps, turned on a couple of times a day

what is the average volume of a data packet that cerbo Cerbo GX sends to the VRM portal in one turn, and does Cerbo support periodic packet transmission at all? was this channel sufficient for 1200 bps?

elmir-nasrutdinov asked

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VRM widget: can I create my own?

Good morning,

I am looking to have/create a widget that combines more than 2 / other already available data.
Is this possible? Can this be requested?

I know that I can export to an excel spreadsheet, but that is not really ‘live’ data.

JF Seatern asked

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Cerbo access via ethernet or wifi?

Does the Cerbo have a web interface like the Venus GX does?

If so, Is it accessible via an IP address on the Ethernet or WiFi?

Is that port on the Cerbo an HDMI or Display Port?

Can I attach a monitor to the HDMI port on the Cerbo? Can it be a touchscreen?

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Can I use the temperature information that is shown by my Smart Lithium Batteries in a VE-Network (Cerbo)?

Hi all!

I installed two brand-new 200ah 12V Lithium Smart Batteries from Victron in my van. Those new one come with Bluetooth connection. Via the Victron smartphone app, I can check the temperature of each battery. Now I was wondering if it is possible to provide this information to my Cerbo GX or Smart MPPT. I know that the Cerbo has several temperature sensor inputs for cable sensors. But hopefully, there is a way to use the information that is already there :)

Any suggestions? :)

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