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Victron/Simpbms/Tesla Setup Van build


Starting a new van build and have some questions regarding battery setup.

I have 1 Tesla model s module (might upgrade to 2 in the future), I'm using Victron Buck boost dc dc 100a for alternator charging and a Mltiplus 3000w inverter.

For BMS I want to use the SIMP BMS together with a Victron gx type, this is where I have some questions and in need of some tips.

Anyone in here that uses a similar setup? Experiences?

Do you use contactors, precharge contactors as fail-safe system or Victron battery protect?

Current sensor via simp bms or victron battery monitor?

Charge enable/disable for temperatur high low, any way to trigger a heating pad?

Anyone tried simp with the cerbo gx?

A lot of questions here. Not much info on the simp bms/victron setup.

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How can I extend the distance between the Cerbo GX and GX touch 50 screen?

Hello I want to use the Cerbo GX with GX touch 50 in a place without internet connexion, there is 50 meters between the screen and the Cerbo GX, is it possible to work with bluetooth or with cable connection. ? Thanks for your answer.

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Cerbo Distributor and Availability

Can anyone point em to a distributor with Cerbo availability? My US dealer says they wont be available in the US until sometime after June?? Ill need the Cerbo shipped to the US, so that's a requirement. I'm also interested in the 5" touch screen.


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Cerbo GX Release Date and Availability?

Wondering if there is a realistic arrival time for the new Cerbo GX and GX touch 50? It originally said on the Victron site that it was expected in February, and then it got changed to March, and now there is nothing listed on the site. Need to know because I have a project we are in the middle of and waiting on it to complete. Just trying to maintain customer expectations...

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Cerbo GX with Smart Battery Sense


the new Cerbo GX looks very promising as its now supporting Bluetooth. Am I right that now the Smart Battery Sense devices can be monitored with it?



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New Cerbo GX Performance - how many devices can I connect?

Planning to have system with

6 MPPT250/100 Ve.Can and 5 MPPT75/15

Would like to use Cerbo GX and Connect the MPPT75/15 with VE.direct to USB and USB Hub and Canbus for the 250's

In the GX product range the performance are listed as tbd. Aiming for 15.

Will this work?

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v-sense data from BMV-712 to two SmartSolar 100/30 and Multiplus using Cerbo GX

I used to have a smaller system with a BMV-712 and one SmartSolar 75/15 connected to a 55W panel. Both the BMV and the SmartSolar was connected to the same bluetooth network so the SmartSolar could use the v-sense data from the BMV. I also have the new Multiplus 12/1200/50 with a VE.BUS port.

This winter I am adding a lot more solar and feel that the Multiplus is lacking a proper v-sense on the battery. I am replacing the SmartSolar 75/15 with two SmartSolar 100/30, each connected to a 390W panel (total of 780W solar).

The new SmarSolar MPPT:s will be further away from the BMV-712 then the old SmartSolar and I am worried about the Bluetooth network connectivity.

If I add the Cerbo GX can I connect the BMV-712 (VE.Direct), the two SmartSolar 100/30 (VE.Direct) and the Multiplus (VE.CAN) and have both the SmartSolar and the Multiplus get v-sense data from the BMV-712?

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Functions of Cerbo GX vs VE.Bus BMS?

Do I need the VE.Bus BMS if I get the new Cerbo GX?

The new Cerbo GX will “closely follow managed (lithium) batteries ”. It seems like it could connect to my Victron lifepo’s via Bluetooth, and monitor the batteries.

What functions does the VE.Bus BMS provide that the Cerbo GX lacks?

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the NEW Cerbo GX - specs?

Has anyone seen specs for the Cerbo GX? And, when it will be available for purchase? I was about to buy an Octo GX, but now I see this device referenced in some Victron marketing materials, and I want to know more about the Cerbo.

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Cerbo GX Release Date

Hi there,

any news about Cerbo GX release date ?


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