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Limit SOC for longer LiFePO lifetime

Is it possible in some way to limit the maximum SOC of my Pylontech US2000 Batteries wit the Cerbo GX?
The reason for my idea is to longer the lifetime and healt of my batteries by not charging them to 100% in the summer, because I have a very large battery storage, more than 20kWh, and thatswhy it would be enough to charge them to 80% at least.

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Combined use of Sunny Boy and Current Sensor with Cerbo GX

Hi All

I have managed to get my SMA Sunny Boy to be "seen" by the Cerbo GX. The data is all visible on both the Cerbo Remote Console and also on the Victron Web Portal. The problem however is that the energy flow readings on the Cerbo is now totally messed up. The repeated reading of current from the PV Inverter and from the AC Current Sensor causes the Cerbo to mess up the diagrams as well as the Device energy readings.

My first question is - since the Cerbo can now see what the SMA is delivering directly from the SMA, does the Multi still need to be connected to the AC Current Sensor via a Current Sensor Assistant?

My 2nd question is - is it possible to keep the currrent sensor as is but only disable/remove it as a device on the Cerbo? This is to give the AC Current reading only once to the Cerbo and not twice but still be able to see the SMA stats on the Cerbo

3rd - Do I miss the point completely and is there a setting or something that should be entered somewhere?

(I have since this original post realised that the Cerbo sums the two readings and then just "dump" the surplus energy it senses in any way possible in the diagrams - therefore the funny flows. I have for now unplugged the network cable from the SMA till I get answers on the above questions).


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Which GX device would you recommend? And LTE 4G, or router?


I've tried reading up on the different GX devices, but I don't have the full overview. I'd like some input in regards to what others would choose.

My needs, in prioritized order, is to remotely:

- Open a relay to start the generator. This is an old yanmar diesel with a starter engine, so the relay needs to be open for a few seconds to connect the starter battery with the starter engine, and then the relay needs to close again.

- Turn on and off the inverter part of the Multiplus

- Turn on and off the charger part of the Multiplus

- Any BMS functionality is an added bonus, but not strictly needed

Which GX would you choose?

I don't have wifi with the system yet, so the next question is:

would you choose a victron LTE 4G to remotely operate this, or a standard 12v router?

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ESS / Victron ignoring BMS Parameters Overcurrent / Not feeding in all


as Iam new but did all the Trainingslessions, iam not 100% sure if i did everything correctly.

Iam currently just using one Battery (yes more to come, for 1:1 Rule and Offgrid situations).

The Battery is connected via CAN-BMS and the Parameters are shown correctly in the Console:


As you can see, CCL and DCL are around 90A.

But, if I start a big Load, ESS tries to discharge with over 190A, sending my Battery in Overcurrent Alarm (Battery BMS is shutting down).


The other way around, if there is a decent load (2000Watt), the Battery is only discharged with around 1000W (20A) - letting me pay for 1000W from the Grid...

Also the Battery is max Charge with 20A, even there is more PV Power (feeding into the Grid 4000W)

I dont know whats wrong, could someone check my setting please:




Console-Pictures are taken in the Moment the SOC Limit was reached. But the Bug/missconfiguration that iam encountering is with Full Battery, 75% SOC and so on.

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Fronius Primo Inverters / Smart Meter integration with Cerbo


I have a 2 phase installation (80A per Phase) with the following

Main Switchboard with installed fronius smart meter

Sub Board (located 130m from mian Board) with 26.25kw of solar (4 x Fronius Primo Inverters)

Solar is limited to 5kw per phase export with the fronius smart meter.

I would like to connect a cebo to monitor grid import / export, solar production and consumption. The reason I would like to do this is that I already have 5 other smaller off grid victron systems, I would like to keep all of the info in the one system.

1) Connection of the Fronius Primo inverters to the cerbo seem straight foward, can the cerbo pull the fronius smart meter data?

2) If the cerbo cant get that data from the fronius smart meter, what would be the best setup to get all of the site data?

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Monitoring individual consumers with Cerbo GX

Hi community :)

Today I came across the SCQ25 QUADRO DIGITAL SHUNT MODULE from SIMARINE (https://simarine.net/product/scq25-quadro-digital-shunt-module/) This module can monitor up to 4 different consumers like AC, fridge, etc. to monitor their individual loads on the system. So, I was wondering - is there is any solution from or that works with the Victron Cerbo GX?

Could find any topic in the forum so decided to ask right away :)

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Consumption data partly not shown on VRM Dashboard (Cerbo)
During the voyage, the alternators charge my service batteries. This is also displayed fine on 'Advanced'. AC consumption is also seen on the 'Dashbord' but it does not appear in 'Historical data' (bar graph). Do I miss something? Thanks!

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FEATURE REQUEST: Clearer formatting of MAC Addresses on Stickers

Tiny thing, but something I am sure will be appreciated by all installers:

On the sticker on the Cerbo, can we change the formatting to add a space or : after each set of four characters to make it much easier to read and check?

Eg. Instead of "d412430b4fa1" it is printed "d412 430b 4fa1"

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Question about relocating the WiFi antennas in the Cerbo


I need to relocate the WiFi antennas in my new Cerbo. I am concerned about removing the pcb closest to the antennas as the connectors all fit or nest in the case without too much margin. I fear damaging or cracking the case. Has anyone who has made that antenna change have any suggestions or comments?

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Cerbo Newbie Questions


I just received a Cerbo and GX-50 Screen. I have set it up on a test bench set up to learn and understand all the features and set ups. I think I have the basics set up but want to be able to use more of the great features the unit provides as options. My test set up is comprised of a small 20 aH LiFePo4 4S battery, a REC BMS, two Victron Smart 100/30 MPPT controllers, a BMV-712 to cycle a charge relay, a bench power supply to provide shore power charging. I can see the energy icons operating and current flow as expected during load and charge operations on the GX-50 Screen.

I am having a few initial problems and have some questions,

1) My WiFi is not connecting reliably. My research indicates that the solution is moving the internal Cerbo antennas. Please confirm?

2) I can link my Bluetooth and get a solid blue indicator led on the case but do not see how to use it?

3) I would like to get the remote console operation working but cant seem to see the battery condition on my mobile device. I assume that can only happen if I get the WiFi connected?

4) Is there any "Cerbo for Dummies" type post to better understand all the features, definitions, and operation to read?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Cerbo wont powerup

Powered up a new Cerbo. WiFi light flashed for about ten seconds then nothing. Checked fuse and polarity any other suggestions?

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beneteau VDO 5 sensor probe on Cerbo

MIght be a very dumb question but as i understand, the Cerbo only takes resistive tank sensors as inputs. On my boat and many others there is a VDO sensor which comes statard. It consists of five small screws in the tank which then connects to some type of conversion box which then goes to the VDO display panel. The wires to this panel are a positive, Negative and some type of measuring signal wire.

Can this type of measuring device be used in anyway on the Cerbo? I'm clueless with this but maybe someone in the community has a thought or experience.

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Cerbo - Software enhancement with output relays

It would be great to be able to control the relay outputs based on time.


Switch output 1 on at 6pm (configurable) and turn off at 9pm (configurable)

Also to apply a custom name to the output relay.

Are you guys able to update the cerbo software to allow for this additional functionality? The Cerbo already has a real time clock

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Temperature Sensor with Cerbo GX and touch 50

Hi, I'm using a temperature sensor (ASS000001000) connected to the Victron Cerbo GX to measure the ambient temperature in one of the cargo bays in my vehicle. Two questions:

1) How do I configure the Victron Cerbo GX to show Fahrenheit instead of Celsius on the Touch 50?

2) The sensor is showing about 5 degrees higher than measured with other temperature devices. Probably because of its placement. Is there a way to adjust the display so it will display the actual ambient temperature? I would like to keep the sensor it its current place.

Thank you!


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Genset idetified as GPS in VRM

I have a Honda genset connected to a Cerbo on digital input 1 to detect run status.

In the VRM portal, under Device List it seems to be detected as a NMEA GPS. It also is reported as being running, allthough it is off. Any clues to where the mismatch occurs and solutions?


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Use solar and not 240v charger when sunny

I'm in the process of installing a MultiPlus, Cerbo GX, SmartShunt & SmartSolar.

During the summer, a friend of mine, mainly uses solar to charge his batteries, and then using the relay on a BMV to switch on the charger if the battery volts drop below a defined limit. Last year 99% of his elec was provided by solar.

I will not be having a BMV, is it possible to get my system to switch on/off the charger in a similar way?

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VRM not displaying BMS Cell Data

Hi All

I have 3 Victron Lithium batteries, BMS, Cerbo, BMV712 - all connected and working perfectly.

Set up VRM and every, again, working perfectly, I am getting all the data coming through.

However, there are 2 widgets, showing no data - they relate the BMS.

See attached picture - any thoughts what the BMS is not sharing this with VRM ?




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Cerbo - How to remove manual Time Zone setting after GPS Addition?

Hello, I just added a GPS to my Cerbo and see in VRM it will use the GPS to update the time zone automatically if its not set manually. How do i remove the manual setting that was configured prior to the GPS?


Thank you,

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Unable to get updated data on VRM Portal after Cerbo GX firmware auto upgrade from v2.51 to v2.60


I have the Cerbo GX wired directly to the network. Initially, we were able to add the installation on the VRM portal using the VRM ID from the label of the Cerbo GX (same as ETH MAC).

We saw data coming for few minutes only, then it stopped.

On the Cerbo GX all looks good, logging enabled, no connection error.

We noticed the firmware version changed from v2.51 to v.60. Also, the VRM Portal ID changed (and now it match the WiFi MAC). But if I try to add the new VRM ID on the portal is says: "The installation with the specified VRM Portal ID or IMEI could not be found."

So, the old VRM ID is not getting updated data on the Portal, and the new one can not be added as a new installation. I see I'm stuck. please help!

Thank you,





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Orion 48/12-20 & Has DC System (Cerbo GX)

This is the equipment I have:

Lynx Power In, Lynx Shunt, Lynx Distributor

48v 230Ah LA Battery Bank

Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50

Smart Solar 250/100

Orion 48/12-20

Cerbo GX

8000VA Generator

(including the full list as I dont know what is relevant)


batteries -> powerin -> shunt -> distributor -> orion


When load increases on the orion, the DC Power value on the Cerbo goes negative and and the dots show power going INTO the batteries instead of out of the batteries.

I have 'Has DC System' enabled in the cerbo.

Is my setup correct, or should the orion be connected before the shunt (this would seem counter intuitive as the shunt would no longer be able to monitor SOC.

I am trying to get the DC Power box to indicate the load drawn by the Orion.

PS where do you get the pictures of the Victron gear for the wiring diagrams i see posted up in other questions?




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Victron Remote Console on Head Unit (Cerbo GX and Android Car Audio interface)

Hi guys. Anyone managed to get VRC to work on your car audio interface? I came across this YT video on the Venus GX and was wondering if Cerbo GX interface could be accessed via an Android car audio interface?


Any tips on how to do this would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

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Victron Battery Balancer for 24V battery system
In the boat I have 4 x 180Ah batteries that are connected in series 2 x 2 to 24 volts. Has mounted Victron Smartshunt on the battery bank so I can follow the charging status. There are indications that one, some or all of the batteries are defective. Have not disconnected yet and measured one and one battery yet. The batteries are not more than 3 years old.  

After searching online, I have come across several discussions about damage that can occur to batteries that are connected in series, including different charging and difference in voltage between the batteries.  

The following happens when shore power is disconnected and battery charging is terminated:  
18:00 Charging ends, battery voltage before charging is stopped is 26.94V and 100% charged 
19:00 Battery voltage 23.7V and 99% charged 
20:00 Battery voltage 22.96V and 98% charged 
21:00 Battery voltage 22.85V and 96% charged 
22:00 Battery voltage 21.23V and 95% charged 
23:00 Battery voltage 20.68V and 94% charged 
06:00 (After 12 hours) Battery voltage 16.67V and 82% charged  

It's something I can not live with, it does not take long before equipment turns off. Based on this data, what is the most likely thing that has happened to my batteries?  

When I need to replace the batteries, I need a 24 volt solution. Victron has a product called "Battery Balancer for 24V battery system". Could this be the salvation for a configuration with 2 x 2 12 volt batteries for a 24 volt solution?

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Cerbo GX interfacing to Bellmarine motor controller via NMEA2000

I'm doing some future planning for a possible electric/serial hybrid narrowboat, plan is to use a Quattro 48/10000 with Cerbo GX/Touch50 to connect/control a 10kVa 230Vac generator, 2 BYD LVL 15.4 LiFePO4 batteries (30kWh), 2kW solar/MPPT, and drive a 20kW Bellmarine Drivemaster controller/PMAC motor.

It seems that the BYD batteries are no problem but the motor is, the controller uses NMEA2000 not VEbus or CANbus. The Cerbo can act as an NMEA2000 gateway (slave) to relay data from the VEbus equipment onto the NMEA2000 bus, but it doesn't seem that it can act as an NMEA2000 master to control and monitor the motor and controller -- is this correct?

If so I'll have to fit another (very expensive!) NMEA2000 controller/display (e.g. Garmin or Raymarine? or the dedicated Bellmarine display for motor only) to do just for the motor pretty much what the Cerbo does for everything else -- which seems crazy since the Cerbo obviously has the hardware to do this.

Is this correct -- the Cerbo can't control/monitor NMEA2000 hardware? If so it seems like a huge oversight, especially for a product which says:

“The new NMEA 2000-out support has the GX easily integrated into any boats network.”

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Monitoring suggestion: Cerbo GX vs (MK3-UB plus VE.BUS Smart Dongle plus Smart Battery Sense)?


I am narrowing down to an overall system design for my RV that will consist mainly of the following components:

+ MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80

+ SmartSolar (or BlueSolar) MPPT 100/20 (12/24V-20A)

+ NoName - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 200Ah with active BMS

The end result should be monitorable and configurable from an iPhone or Mac. As far as possible I would like avoiding the installation of control panels for this time being.

Also, the system should take in care of both leisure and starting battery charging and status.

I had in mind 2 solutions:

A) Point to point - Accessed/Managed only with VictronConnect

+ MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80

- Accessory: MK3-USB interface (for cable configuration/monitoring on Mac i.e grid current limit)

- Accessory: VE.Bus Smart Dongle (for Bluetooth monitoring of the Inverter/Charger/Battery on iOS and Mac)

+ SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 (12/24V-20A)

- Accessory: Smart Battery Sense (for propert charging and Bluetooth monitoring of the MPPT/Battery on iOS and Mac)

- NoName - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 200Ah with active BMS

- Accessory: ?

B) Centrally coordinated - Accessed/Managed with VictronConnect/VRM

+ Addition: Cerbo GX

+ MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80

- Accessory: VE.Bus Cable Connection to Cerbo GX

+ BlueSolar MPPT 100/20 (12/24V-20A)

- Accessory: Ve.Direct Cable Connection to Cerbo GX

+ NoName - Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 12V 200Ah with active BMS

- Accessory: ? Some kind of connection to Cerbo GX

There is an evident extra expense for the Cerbo GX, at the same time it looks like I am saving using a BlueSolar instead of SmartSolar and also not needing a VE.Bus Smart Dongle and Smart Battery Sense

There is a gain i ncentral management and expansion possibility using the Cerbo GX also being able to connect it to tank levels monitoring and so on.

I am in doubt of the following:

is the MK3-USB interface is still needed to program the MultiPlus ?

How should the leisure 200 Ah be managed from the Cerbo GX?

How should the starter battery be managed from the Cerbvo GX

Are there missing components in the picture?

Any expert eager to comment on the two a) b) setup and maybe pointing out missing pieces? (like shunts, bms, lynx distributor..) .I am also concerned in how much the managing system (Cerbo GX) would consume.


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Cerbo GX dead after update to 2.60


I am reading here already for a long time but now my first question.

I have a new Cerbo GX since yesterday,everything was ok but after the update to 2.60 nothing works.

I have no access any more,the wifi led is orange,sometimes blinking or off or steady ?

The bluetooth led never lights any more.

I tried the reset button,and try to connect by cable to my router nothing helps.

Any ideas ?

Regards Eric

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