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Multiplus goes above CAN-bus Charge Voltage Limit (CVL)

I have an installation with Blue Solar MPPT, MultiPlus and Cerbo GX, plus a BMS that sends CAN messages to Cebo GX. All works well except that the MultiPlus charges above CVL.


In "System Setup", "Battery Monitor" is set to "CAN-bus BMS", and DVCC is enabled:


High voltage and both current limits are properly displayed by Cerbo GX on "CAN-bus BMS -> Parameters" screen.

Q1: Is it normal that the low voltage limit (DVL) does not show here?


For the MPPT, under "Networked operation" it shows "Charge voltage = 13.8V", but I do not find the same information for the MultiPlus.
Q2: where can I see the "Charge Voltage Limit" for the MultiPlus?

When charging with the MultiPlus, the voltage goes above CVL (13.83V on screenshot):


Q3: Did I miss a setting?

note: CCL is working fine (not yet tested DCL).

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CCGX with two can.bus inputs

I have a CCGX with a Smartsolar and Pylontech batteries, both of which require a CAN.bus connection on the CCGX. As far as I understand the CCGX can only accept one such connection and this is what I am experiencing when trying to commission; Either the batteries as viewable with the 500kbs BUS setting, or the MPPT is viewable (250kbs setting).

My dealer insists that BOTH can be connected if setup correctly, can anyone confirm this and how it's done? I've read the Pylontech, Smartsolar, and CCGX manuals and the only info says that they cannot be connected; I'll require a Cerbo or similar.

Any help and clarification would be welcome.

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2x CAN interfaces on CerboGX

I've currently got a CCGX and have the CAN connection going to a Batrium BMS which uses the CAN-bus BMS(500 kbits/s) CAN-bus profile.

I'm considering installing a Fischer-Panda generator that I understand can be controlled with GX device although this will require NEMA2000 CAN-Bus profile, now I know that my CCGX only has 1 CAN port but I notice that the CerboGX has both VE. CAN and BMS CAN ports.

If I upgrade to the CerboGX can the Battrium BMS be put on the BMS CAN ports and the Fischer Panda on the VE. CAN port and they use different CAN-BUS profiles?

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Victron Wiring Example - Catamaran Lithium Setup with 2 extra alternators

This drawing is for 24 Volt with a Quattro 5KW 230VAC 24VDC, 600Ah Li batteries, a Lynx Smart BMS & multiple distributors, two smart battery protects, a Cerbo with GX touch, a generator, two MPPT’s and two Extra Alternator with Wakespeed WS500 regulators.
The two regulators work in tandem mode and are CAN Bus connected. This will prevent the so-called hunting effect about who is leading the charging process.


Here is a link to the full-sized pdf.

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