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Cable Size Difference for 12V/3KVA

I was looking at the recommended cable size in the manuals for the MultiPlus 12/3000, the Phoenix Inverter 12/3000 and the Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/3000 (230VAC versions). All of them have 3KVA inverters but the recommended cable sizes are different.

Multiplus manual recommends 2 x 50mm2

Phoenix Inverter recommends 1 x 90mm2

Phoenix Inverter Smart recommends 2 x 95mm2 (with a note saying one cable must be able to carry full fuse rated current without overheating)

All 3 recommend a 400A fuse

Is the recommendation for the Phoenix Smart a bit over kill or is there a good reason for the much larger cable requirement? The 95mm2 cable doesn't fit into the cut outs in the Phoenix Inverter Smart body, the small plastic cut out liners need to be removed in order to fit 95mm2 cable into the inverter. The 95mm2 cable not fitting the cut outs and being double the recommendation for the other two devices seems strange. Can anyone let me know why the Phoenix Inverter Smart requires the extra cable size?

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Copper bar, tin or not

I bought a copper bar to make some short connections. Should I tin these bars to prevent oxidation?

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Gauge of cable 3 x 100ah lithium and Multiplus 12/3000/120

Hi there,

I have three victron 100ah lithium batteries and a multiplus 12/3000/120. I want to know what gauge battery cable should I use to link the batteries to eachother? I've read that 50mm sq for connecting to inverter but unsure what gauge is suitable for linking batteries?


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multiples Cable size

I have pos/neg 4/0 cables running from my multiples 3000 12/120 to my positive/Negative busbars. The run for the positive is 20 feet due to the way the conduit runs, Does anyone think I should run 2X70mm (2/0) cable instead of the one 4/0? the new batteries are 2 X Victron Smart 12.8v 200 amp.

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Cable siz for BMS CL100

I have 2 X 200 amp VE lithium smarts connected to my BMS CL100 and a deep cycle AGM start battery that is 88 amps 900 CCA on the start battery side of the BMS. It is a 12 volt system. Batteries are located within 2 feet of BMS. What size cables are recommended. Should I follow the wire size for amps and distance or are these connections on the BMS just signal wires?

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Pylontech battery cable spec


Can someone please clarify the following:

The Pylontech 2m external power cables (both + and -) is labelled 4AWG. The Pylontech US3000 manual (page 12) rates this as a 120A cable. AWG 4 translates to a 21.2mm2 cable with a current carrying capability of 70A at 60 deg C. (

A Pylontech US3000 battery (page 4 of manual) has recommended charge/discharge capacity of 37 A. This cable should work fine with a single module. However 2 modules in parallel will double the current capacity while voltage remain at 48V. Are we really using a 70A cable on a 74 A supply source? Obviously the max current per single US3000 is much higher.

The Pylontech cables does not appear to be a copper cable. The wire strands are silver.

Thank you


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Thickness cable IP65 12/15

I ordered the IP65 12/15. I wonder what the thickness of the cable (1.5 m) is... Because, 15A x 1.5m. x 0.2 = 4.5 mm2 diameter....That should be the thickness, correct? The connector cable with indicator leds (BPC900110114 or BPC900120114) is 3.3 mm2 in diameter and also 1.5 meter (see pdf) I was thinking to buy also the connection cable with indicator leds. If the cable of the IP65 12/15 is also 3.3 mm2, then, it's already too small, I think (should be 4.5 mm2). And certainly if I use the connection wire too... Then, 15A current is running over 3 m, needing a wire of (15 x 3 x 0.2 = 9) 9 mm2

So, what is the diameter of the original IP65 12/10 cable? And, can I extend that with the "battery inicator eyelet/panel"? What should I expect? Will it get very hot? Too hot?


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UTP cable pin setting for BMV 702


I'm installing a BMV 702 and I cut the UTP cable in order to insert it into a IP box.

I crimped the cable again, but the display doesn't work now. The problem can be due to the order of the connections made (I will reconnect all in the right order) or the wrong pin connections in the UTP cable,

Someone knows the exact connections of the pin in the UTP cable? Is it pin-to-pin? Is it crossed?

At the moment I copied the integer side in the reconstructed side, but it doesn't work.

Thank you!

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Orion TR Smart 12/24 20A input wire thickness

Dear all

I'm uplifting the Starter Battery from 12 to 24v with an Orion Tr Smart non-Isolated 12/24 20A but can't find information on the wire thickness for the input. As an output 6mm2 (AWG 9) will work fine, but no idea for the input (cable from Starter Battery to the Orion)

also, some wiring diagrams would help :)

many thanks

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Converting RJ45 UDP cable to RJ12 UDP cable

I have an extra RJ45 UDP cable already installed behind a wall and would like to repurpose it for a the BMV-712 shunt to monitor RJ12 cable. Is it as simple as replacing the connectors with RJ12 6 pin connectors running six wires pin to pin?

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Fixing Damaged VE.Direct to USB Cable

I have a VE.Direct to USB adapter that unfortunately got caught in a cupboard door. The PCB inside looks ok and looks like you could solder back on the 4 USB connections. What I am wondering if anyone knows which one is which? I'll give it a try. What I think is (from left to right) is:





Thanks for any help!



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Orion-TR smart - to use ferrules for 16mm wire or not?


I'm wondering if it is better to use ferrules for the wire or not (16mm/6awg, silicon cable, Cu/tinned)?

By all logic, it seems like it would be better, but is there any recommendations about it?

Will it fit? Can't try it, didn't buy ferrules yet.

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Orion Smart TR Isolated 12/12 30

Hello community,

I am currently building a van and planning on installing the Orion dc to dc charger to charge my lithium battery bank. I have a question about cable run length.

I believe the largest cable the unit can accept is 6 AWG. I have a long run at about 25 ft minimum. Will this size of cable manage well over that long of a cable run?

Thank you in advance!

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Good morning, what is the BTV Cable? This is used for the Lithium batteries.

Good morning, what is the BTV Cable? This is used for the Lithium batteries.

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RJ45 Wires used by VE.Bus? pin out?

are all 8 wires of the RJ45 used for VE.Bus?
If not what is the pin out?

A costumer asked me that today because he thinks he have a damaged wire in his installation.
The wire is under ground and can't be changed, so he asked me if he can try figure out what wires are still good and use this wires for the VE.Bus.

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MPPT 75/15 wire terminal too small for 6mm²


I have a MPPT 75/15 and the specs say the terminal fits a 6mm² cable. I tried that cable size and it does not fit. Without a wire end ferrule it may go in but just and it is a hassle, some strands being bend and staying out (not good), with a crimped ferrule of the correct size (it tried two types) there is no way this fits.

I have some pre-crimped cable from the solar panel (this is a kit) and the ferrule there look like a size too small and it is a 10 gauge wire which is slightly smaller than 6mm² as well. And even that barely fits.

So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to switch to 4mm² cable? It is only the 1.2m length from MPPT to battery, but 6mm² cable is what I have....

Thanks, regards,


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Cable size into Multiplus? Oops?

I'm wondering if I bought undersized cables to link my batteries to the Multiplus (12 | 3000 | 120 - 50 | 120V.)

Before I ordered cables, I looked at an AWG to mm2 table online and assumed it was accurate. But no. It says AWG 1 == 50 mm2.

Per tables I looked at after ordering cables, (e.g. this one) AWG 1 is actually 42.4 mm2. The Multiplus manual recommends 50 mm2 (x2) and I've got 42.4 mm2 (x2).

Each cable is 24" from Lynx distributor to the Multi.

The cable vendor's web page describes the cable I bought as such:

  • 105C temperature rating
  • Outside Diameter of stranding: 0.3540 inches (nominal)
  • Rated to handle 245 amps continuous outside of engine space
  • 836 strands of copper (30 AWG ea strand, rope lay Class K)

I'm starting with 2 Battle Born 100AH batteries (plan to add a 3rd if needed) and I've got a 200A mega fuse on each AWG 1 cable to the inverter. Am I okay? If okay with 2 batteries, still okay with 3 batteries?

This is a 30A RV and I won't be trying to run the air conditioner off grid. (Unless I attach my small Honda generator to shore power inlet, and then maybe I'll try air con if it's really hot.) The Honda spec says: 120V 2200W max. (18.3A), 1800W rated (15A).

@Kevin Windrem

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Matching Cable Lengths?

I'm looking for input regarding cable length when hooking up my Multiplus and SmartSolar.

I frequently see the recommendation to keep cables the same length. What cables does this apply to? For sure, match cables linking batteries. But what about others?

Must the POS and NEG cables from the respective buses to the MultiPlus be the same length? If yes, is there an acceptable tolerance for slightly different lengths?

I expect my longest single cable to be less than 30" long and the total path from the battery (+) to the inverter to be about 60" long. I'm wondering if short runs like this reduce the need for perfectly matched cables.

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Battery Bank Connections - What's Best?

I have seen diagrams that show lithium battery banks connected in all three ways shown below. For my install, Option 1 would be easiest.

Are there any meaningful differences between these three methods that make 2 or 3 the preferred choice?


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Multiplus 12|3000|120 AC-Out-1 wire size

Multiplus 12|3000|120 AC-Out-1: 75A possible. AWG 6 recommended.

AC-In says to use three-wire cable, AWG 6 gauge. Rated for 50A.

I've seen 6/3 cable say 55A per conductor, so is 6/3 cable sufficient for AC-Out-1? Or use three AWG 6 wires, or a lower gauge like 4/3?


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VE.Bus BMS System on/off switch & fuse

Hi there,
In the VE.Bus BMS manual, the installation diagram for a Multiplus shows a
"System on/off switch" connected to the Battery + on the BMS
And it shows a fuse connected between the switch and the battery positive terminal
I have circled them both in green below:


I am wondering, for a 24 system:
* What would be appropriate gauge wire for these connections
* What would be an appropriate switch for this connection
* What would be appropriate fuse for this connection

Thank you in advance :)

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120 Battery Cable & Fuse Size

I am planning to install MultiPlus 12/3000/120. The unit does not come with battery cables or battery protection fuse. What cross sectional area of battery cable is required to connect batteries. The distance will not be more that 2 meters. What rating fuse is required. (Batteries 2 x 220Ah)

The manual states 2x50mm positive cables and 2x50mm negative cables doubled up and a protection fuse of 400A. (Victron supplier wants to supply 35mm cable)

Not sure is manual is correct because when you purchase a MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 230V there is 1.5m of battery cables supplied but only 35mm and manual states it should be 70mm. Just a bit confusing.

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Convert IP65 extension cable to SAE?

I have an SAE quick connect mounted to the outside of my battery box for when I want to plug in the solar panels without accessing the battery itself. It has a fuse between the quick connection and battery.

What I was wondering is if I could convert the Victron 2M extension cable into an SAE connector so I could use that same SAE quick connection when at home and plugging in with the IP65 charger, again so I don't have to access the battery but still being able to use a connection I already have set up to the battery

Would converting a Victron 2M extension cable to SAE connector create any problems for charging normally with the IP65 charger?

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wire sizing for connecting flow meter to Venus GX


I have purchased a flow meter which can be connected to the Venus GX. Unfortunately this flow meter is around 50m away from the Venus GX. I am aware that the wiring will need to be of a greater diameter due to voltage drop.

Does anyone have an idea what the diameter of the cable should be? From a number of calculators it seems that 1.5m2 cabling is sufficient.


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Lynx Distributor Usages Clarifications

Hi All, my first time with Victron products and Solar Energy. Questions about Lynx Distributor. Considering that has 4 slots fused.

1) May I connect the whole system in One Lynx Distributor Unit?.
Slot 1: Multiplus-II 48/3000 (Fused)
Slot 2: SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 (Fused)
Slot 3: Lithium 48V Pylontech US3000 (Fused) (3 parallel modules connected with cable kit 120A/2000mm lenght)
Slot 4: Venus GX (Unfused as brings its own in-line Fuse)

2) Fuses sizing should be MEGA 125A for all 3 Slots? (i.e. Littlefuse MEGA 125A/58V for 48V)

3) Is there a minimum lenght for Cables of Slot 1 and Slot 2, I have available AWG2 35mm2 nominal cable (33,6mm2 actual section). For Slot 3 cable kit size came Pre-Fabricated.

Please if you see any safety issue advice, this is an Off-Grid system. 3000W Panels Array (4series x 2 strings). (SmarSolar is oversized for future expansion duplicating whole system)

Thank you,


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Guidance on Multiplus II 3000 fuse and wire for Pylontech batteries


Little confused about battery wire requirements and fuses for using the Multiplus II with Pylontech batteries. It would seem that you have to use Pylontech branded cables as the batteries have a proprietary connector on one end to go into the battery. I can see in the manual it recommends 35mm2 cable and a 125A fuse. My dealer gave me a 200A fuse, I read on here, someone else had their distributor give them an 80A fuse. Confusion number one!

Confusion number two, I can't see what the cables provided by Pylontech are in terms of thickness, there doesn't seem to be a rating on them. But like I say, they have a special connector on them so it would seem you have to use them? Confusion number two!

Then finally, I have seen two installers here in the UK, who don't have a breaker, isolator or fuse on their installs between inverter and battery. Mind you, one of them also puts the batteries below the inverter, which the manual pretty clearly says not to do! Confusion number three! See pics.

Any help advice, particularly from someone who has Pylontech batteries would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,




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BMV600 USB cable?


I am trying to connect a BMV 600S to a Pi for data monitoring. I bought a to USB cable, part number ASS030530010, and found that the pitch of the connector on the end is smaller than the connector on the BMV 600S. Can you please tell me the correct cable part number for this purpose?

Many thanks,


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Suitable Circuit breakers


Im just after some advice on a suitable circuit breaker between the panels and the mppt

I will be installing 3 (potentially a 4th in the future) Victron poly 175w panels in series and a Smartsolar 100/50 MPPT but am unsure of which circuit breaker to install between the 2 in order to isolate the panels if need be and also for safety.

Given voltage will be up around the 72 mark what would you suggest? With 4 panels it will be around 94v

Between the MPPT and batteries would it be advisible to install a 60 or 70amp medium duty thermal circuit breaker?

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Phoenix inverter (12v 3000w 230v) cable size.

Hi, could someone be kind enough to confirm the battery to inverter cable size on a 12v 3000w Phoenix inverter? The manual states it it should be 90mm2, this seems awfully large considering the carrying capacity of this cable is 500a, the inverter will never be used continuously at full power and the cable run is around two meters, I currently hold plenty of 70mm2 cable and thought this would be sufficient given a carrying capacity of 485a. I look forward to hearing some feedback.

Thanks in advance.


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