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wire sizing for connecting flow meter to Venus GX


I have purchased a flow meter which can be connected to the Venus GX. Unfortunately this flow meter is around 50m away from the Venus GX. I am aware that the wiring will need to be of a greater diameter due to voltage drop.

Does anyone have an idea what the diameter of the cable should be? From a number of calculators it seems that 1.5m2 cabling is sufficient.


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Pylontech battery cable spec


Can someone please clarify the following:

The Pylontech 2m external power cables (both + and -) is labelled 4AWG. The Pylontech US3000 manual (page 12) rates this as a 120A cable. AWG 4 translates to a 21.2mm2 cable with a current carrying capability of 70A at 60 deg C. (

A Pylontech US3000 battery (page 4 of manual) has recommended charge/discharge capacity of 37 A. This cable should work fine with a single module. However 2 modules in parallel will double the current capacity while voltage remain at 48V. Are we really using a 70A cable on a 74 A supply source? Obviously the max current per single US3000 is much higher.

The Pylontech cables does not appear to be a copper cable. The wire strands are silver.

Thank you


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Suitable Circuit breakers


Im just after some advice on a suitable circuit breaker between the panels and the mppt

I will be installing 3 (potentially a 4th in the future) Victron poly 175w panels in series and a Smartsolar 100/50 MPPT but am unsure of which circuit breaker to install between the 2 in order to isolate the panels if need be and also for safety.

Given voltage will be up around the 72 mark what would you suggest? With 4 panels it will be around 94v

Between the MPPT and batteries would it be advisible to install a 60 or 70amp medium duty thermal circuit breaker?

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Phoenix inverter (12v 3000w 230v) cable size.

Hi, could someone be kind enough to confirm the battery to inverter cable size on a 12v 3000w Phoenix inverter? The manual states it it should be 90mm2, this seems awfully large considering the carrying capacity of this cable is 500a, the inverter will never be used continuously at full power and the cable run is around two meters, I currently hold plenty of 70mm2 cable and thought this would be sufficient given a carrying capacity of 485a. I look forward to hearing some feedback.

Thanks in advance.


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Solar cables size to MPPT . Combiner ?

9 x 270 w solar panels in 3S 3p

Max 42v - 9a

MPPT 150/100

I generally use 10awg (2,5mm) solar panel cables . This system has 9 panels in 3 series of 3.

If i wire and use Y MC4 (without a combiner box), I could have only 1 pair of solar panels cables from the roof to the MPPT which is 90 feet away.

This pair will roughly support 120 v and 27a at max. I am a bit worried with the size of the cables .

Would you think 10awg is large enough for this ? Or would you consider preferably:

1/ a combiner box close to the roof and then a larger cable to the MPPT ? May be 6 mm.

2/ or leave 3 pairs so each will be 120v/9a which is more acceptable for this size of cable ?

Thanks for your input.

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Pylontech Cable size


I would be grateful if someone could tell me what is the thickness of the Pylontech extra long cables are.

Many Thanks


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Cable or busbar for correct midpoint voltage?

In this section of the Wiring Unlimited book, the midpoint connections are illustrated as cables. Should the midpoints be connected to a busbar like the positive and negative cables in order to get the same midpoint voltage across each series?


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Victron Energy RJ45 UTP Cable: Standard-Network Cable?


does anybody know if the Victron Energy RJ45 UTP ASS030064980

which i need to connect the Venus GX to a Multiplus 2 is a special configurated cable or is it a standard network-cable?

Thanks for all answers


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Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor - positive supply cable woes

Unfortunately I’ve lost my positive supply cable that came with my BMV-712 battery monitor before I could get it installed.

Could anyone tell me:

1. What gauge wire the original cable is made out of?

2. What size fuse is used in the inline fuse holder?


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TR-Charge cable

I am looking into the Victron MultiPlus Inverter Charger 12V/3000VA/120A and want to know what the TR-Charge cable is for?

Thank you in advance

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RJ45 wiring, old to new

Good morning.

I have just replaced an old (1994) Victron Atlas 24V 2500W for a Victron Phoenix 24V 3000W. Can somebody tell me if it is possible to put an RJ45 plug onto the existing cable to the remote Inverter Control panel? I have plugs, just need the wire sequence. Thanks. Tim



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USB to RS485 interface extension cable

Since the usb to rs485 intereface comes in either 1.8m or 5m what is the recommended way of extending this to another 20m? Would a cat 6 cable be suitable for instance?

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Plugable display extender

Is it possible to remove the plugable display fitted to our MPPT control and use a RS232 Male/Female lead to extend the display so it can be mounted in a more convenient place?

Is there any restriction on length of cable?

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What size AWG from my 30 amp shore power inlet?

What is the proper size cable from my shore power inlet to my Multiplus 12/3000/120? Is 6/3 overkill?

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 Cable Size

The manual states 2 x 50mm for >5m.

Would 1 x 70mm be adequate for a 1m length?

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Is the MK3-USB cable needed to install my new system

I shortly be installing a 8000kva Quattro, 250/100 charge controller, Pylontech batteries and a Venus GX. Do I need the MK3-USB cable to adjust the settings?

Thanks Tony

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Guidance on Multiplus II 3000 fuse and wire for Pylontech batteries


Little confused about battery wire requirements and fuses for using the Multiplus II with Pylontech batteries. It would seem that you have to use Pylontech branded cables as the batteries have a proprietary connector on one end to go into the battery. I can see in the manual it recommends 35mm2 cable and a 125A fuse. My dealer gave me a 200A fuse, I read on here, someone else had their distributor give them an 80A fuse. Confusion number one!

Confusion number two, I can't see what the cables provided by Pylontech are in terms of thickness, there doesn't seem to be a rating on them. But like I say, they have a special connector on them so it would seem you have to use them? Confusion number two!

Then finally, I have seen two installers here in the UK, who don't have a breaker, isolator or fuse on their installs between inverter and battery. Mind you, one of them also puts the batteries below the inverter, which the manual pretty clearly says not to do! Confusion number three! See pics.

Any help advice, particularly from someone who has Pylontech batteries would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,




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When should I use the right angled VE. Direct Cable?


The VE. Direct Cable comes with either a right angled or straight connector on one end. Is there a particular Victron device [see below for my main items] that actual needs the right angled end. They will be wall mounted.

About to place order and need to make sure I get the right ones.

Venus GX




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Lynx Power In cable size


What's the max. size cable that will fit into Lynx Power In.

Thanks Tony

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Bluesolar MPPT 75/15: Recommended cables size and fuses

Hi there,

- What size of cable (mm²) do you recommend to link the charger to the battery ? (3-5 M)

- Do you recommend fuses between the charger and the battery ? Size ?

- What does protect the 20A fuse inserted in the charger ? The imput, the output cables or the charger itself ?

- Do you recommend a bipolar interruptor between the solar panel and the charger, on the input PV cables ?

My battery is currently connected to the charge (fuses panel) with a 10 mm² cable: Should i want to use the full functionnalitiés of the MPPT charger, i have to use the same size of cable to lik the "load" output, so:

- Does the charger connexions accept a 10mm² cable at both the "battery" and "load" connectors?

My equipment to install on a motorhome:

12V/110A gel VICTRON battery (Deep cycle)

Bluesolar MPPT 75/15 VICTRON charger.

160W, max 73V/13.5A solar panel

Many thanks


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Victron stainless steel inlet sockets: compatible with non-Victron shorepower cords?

Are Victron stainless steel inlet sockets (can't find a specific product page on the Victron website - see here for another source: compatible with non-Victron shorepower cords?

I.e. could I use something like this

I have been given conflicting answers so would appreciate some clarification.

Many thanks!

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Victron shorepower cords: IP56 or IP67?

What waterproof rating are Victron shorepower cords I have seen them listed as IP56 and IP67 in different places.

Many thanks!

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balanced battery bank cable sizing

I am re-configuring my 4x220ah 24v battery bank powered by a Victron Multiplus 3000w inverter, solar panels and alternator to conform to the Victron recommended balanced set up using appropriate busbars..

Given this configuration, I would like some recommendations on power cable sizing.

Parallel cables 12v to 24v 80 cm length

Series from 220ah to 440ah .90 cm length

Busbar to battery Positive and negative cables 125 cm length

It appears that I am in the neighborhood of a 35mm2 or 50mm2 size. Is it wise to err to the 50mm size of is 35mm good.

Also, is it best to have a consistent length for the busbar to battery cables?



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Can I use a long cable run

I have an easy solar 48/5000 working well with a few panels. I have the option of connecting another 17 panels to it that are on enphase M215 inverters on the back of each of them, the issue is they are 200 meters away and there is no space to move them closer and refit them. If the panels are running flat out i would get about 14 volts drop, would the two devices work together ok like this? The amount of power i would get if the were running flat out is far more than i need, just like to have the extra for the bad solar days. Anyone got any experience they can share?

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UTP cable pin setting for BMV 702


I'm installing a BMV 702 and I cut the UTP cable in order to insert it into a IP box.

I crimped the cable again, but the display doesn't work now. The problem can be due to the order of the connections made (I will reconnect all in the right order) or the wrong pin connections in the UTP cable,

Someone knows the exact connections of the pin in the UTP cable? Is it pin-to-pin? Is it crossed?

At the moment I copied the integer side in the reconstructed side, but it doesn't work.

Thank you!

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What size cables for IP22 battery charger?

Hi I have just purchased an Blue Smart IP22 Charger 30A (3) to use in my camper van. I was wondering what size cables should I install to charge the batteries? One battery is <1m away and 12V 75Ah, the second battery is about 4m away and 12V 100Ah. Also I guess it should be Ok to just ground the negative to the chassis?

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Easysolar settings

Good day. I am a bit confused with "how to" set / Program the easysolar 1600/24.

I have installed:

- Easysolar 24/1600

- BMV700

- Color control

i have purchased VE Direct to USB interface cable , Interface MK3 - USB (VEBus to USB) ,VE Direct cable.bluetooth dongle...

Where I need help :

1- I have connected the BMV 700 to the shunt and have all readings on the BMV 700.

2- I am having difficulties connecting the color control. I am a bit confused as to which ports must be connected.

- On the EasySolar, I clearly see the VE Direct port of the charge controler, but I do not see any port on the inverter part ; So I wonder how to connect ( to program) the inverter part of the easysolar to the color control.

Could someone help me by telling me which cables do I need to do this configuration, and where to connect them ? i have been looking for videos and tutos but can't find any .

Greatly appreciate your help.


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How to wire 3 360Wp Panels to ca SmartSolar MPPT 100/50


I have the following setup for my expedition vehicle:


The 3 panels in parallel will produce a max. current of 30A to my understanding. With a cable length of roughly 10m (5m one way), I would have to use a 16mm2. This is also the maximum the clamps on the device can handle.

My first question is how to connect the MC4 ports of the panels to the controller. Using those 3to1 MC4 bundlers and going on with a MC4 cable will not work, as I can only find solar cables up to 6mm2. Should I use 3 cable pairs in paralell right to the MPPT or bundle near the panels? Which type of string box etc. would you use? Would it be correct to use a 10A fuses on the single connections / 30A fuses on the bundled connection?

My second question is: Is it ok to als use two 1m 16mm2 with a 60A fuse to connect the MPPT to the + and - distributions?


For reference, last row:


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Off grid 30 kW AC coupled inside a metal box: 3 meters x 2.5m x 2.5m__shielded networking cables advised?

Hello, Community Folks from the USA~

Abraham Solar is contracted to build an off grid energy system inside a metal shipping container--which has us all smiles (so far). The inverting & controls will be built for British style 3 phase, 50 hz: 230 volts from each phase to the neutral & 415 volts phase to phase. The solar arrays will be AC coupled with Fronius Euro style PV inverters & three Quattro 10k's from Victron.

Instead of using these: for the VE.bus connections & for ethernet connections to the LAN local area network, my networking guru suggests that we use shielded twisted pair assemblies, category 6a. The LAN will have ten or more cabled connections from various components.

Can I get input from Victron staff members or experienced installers on this matter? I see on other threads where non-Victron brand cables have caused big headaches for Victron support staff so I don't want to stir up trouble but the interior of this metal box should be electrically noisy with 30kW of Fronius plus 30kW of Victron so...I also don't want to stir up data trouble with too much EMF interference.

We do have a quality cable fabricator lined up to make our shielded cables. We'll also have occasional wi-fi inside the box in case a technician needs to access the network on a computer which doesn't have an ethernet port.

"Tryna do it right on our first try." Thanks & Jolliness~

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Can I use a shorter cable to connect the BMV screen to the shunt?

I am installing the BMV-712 very near the shunt (using bluetooth rather than panel for most functions).

The supplied UTP cable is much too long for my install. I would like to make my own cable.

The original cable appears to be CAT 5E ethernet cable with RJ12 connector.

Is it necessary to use CAT 5E cable or will lower grade 6 conductor cable be acceptable. Planning to use 1 to 2 feet.

Does the cable need to support high speed data transmission?

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