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Why do Battery Temps vary widely between SmartShunt & MPPT, Multiplus and SmartLithium

Below are several iOS VictonConnect screens show seemingly significant Battery Temperature differences.

My SmartShunt has battery temp sensor and shares to MPPT over VE Smart Network and they read 88, which is also the ambient temp.

The Multiplus shows 96 and the Smart Lithium displays 94.






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Pylontech Battery Temperature Missing During PassThru

Previously I have seen my system go into Passthru once (in 6 months) It didn't cause any issues and hence I just left it... but last week I saw it go into passthru three times in a day, and it seems that every time it went into passthrough the battery temperature went missing...

Now leading to my questions:

1. Is this normal?

2. Is this a known issue and has anyone else experienced this? and finally,

3. Is there a way to correct this?



The battery is a Pylotech 2.4kWh and is connected to a Venus Gx via Can bus.



Zoomed in section



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Victron Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100 - Best battery technology

Hi, i am a recent purchaser of the Quattro 48/15000 and are looking for a suitable battery bank, ideally 1200ah. As i see it, the options are;

NiFe (needs 40 cells for 48v, large physical foorprint, low powered, unbreakable, huge DOD and recovery, flushed out every 7~8 years, 30+ years lifespan, )

Sealed Lead Acid (limited lifespan, old school tech, all the negatives of SLA batteries)

Sealed Lead Carbon (12 ~ 15 years lifespan, slightly better DOD)

LiFePo (5 ~7 years lifespan, can react badly, on incorrect charging, expensive for the return)

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What are the disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries?

In addition to the price, what are the disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries?

If the price of lifepo4 comes down, will no one buy the lead-acid battery?

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Is it possible to mix Pylontech US2000 and US3000?

Hi, does it work if i start with an US3000, that i later add an US2000 to the system....or an US2000 requires an US2000 and they cannot be mixed up?

Kind Regards


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Quick charge option for ESS?

Is there some option (that I might be missing) in remote console (or VRM or wherever) to activate an immediate charge from grid state? I know of the schedule options, but sometimes we (in South Africa) will hear about an impending grid failure (load shedding) a few hours in the future, and the battery SOC might not be as desired ahead of that. It would be nice to have an option to just tell the system to charge from grid right now, perhaps until some kind of settable SOC and/or time limit or so. Let's say my battery is at 50%, and I hear there will be 2.5hrs of loadshedding in an hour from now, I'd like to be able to select a quick charge option, set it to (say) 80% SOC and 55min time limit, and have it start immediately. Right now (unless I'm missing something) I need to add a new schedule to start in a few minutes and it's a lot more keystrokes in a sense to get to what I really want: charge now.

(apologies if this has been asked and answered, I did try to search for something similar, but could not find anything)


multiplus II 5000, 4x 3.5kWh pylontech, 150/100 MPPT, venus GX

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24v battery setup with 12v output

Q1: I would like to add a second battery to my current 12v system. It currently has a 210ah agm and I was wondering if it would be best to wire the second one in as a 24v setup or keep it simply as a 12v?

Q2: If I did do a 24v battery setup will my 75/20 automatically output 12v or will it only do a 24v output without another device to covert it?


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Super Cap batteries

has anyone used them with victron my one client wants them and i prefer lithium. it might be a deal breaker.

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Separate battery banks and "networks" using VictronConnect?

Perhaps it's obvious once I have the equipment in front of me, but if I want to use smart mppt and orion for one battery bank and another smart mppt and smart battery sense for another battery bank, can I have two separate networks in VictronConnect on my phone? E.g. to prevent the smart battery sense of bank 2 to influence bank 1.



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How would i know if my battery charge.

I have a Multiplus II. How would i find out if my battery charge. What is the difference between float & absorbtion.

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charge settings Beaut AGM100-12

We have installed an Easysolar 24-1600-40 in our off-grid cabin on a small island.

Most of the time it will be charged by our solarpanels (2x2 260WP).

I am struggeling to adjust the charge settings for our batteries: two Beaut AGM100-12 batteries in series (=24V 100Ah)

Could somebody advice me on that? specific for these batteries? I have attached the specs sheet of the batteries.

I would like to know the best values for: (between ( ) my guess)

absorption voltage (??V)

float voltage (27.40V)

equalization voltage (29.40V)

temperature compensation (12cells * -4mV/degree Celsius =-48mV/degree Celsius)

Thank you in advance!


Beaut accu wms_agm100-12.pdf

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Bv712 percentage not increasing


I have a mppt 70/150 smart regulator.I have 5 Giant 140amp hour AGM batteries and a BV 712 batt monitor. There are 3 315watt panels also

The sun has been on them all day and i have motored also but the percent is still going down. This has only started happening after i tried to fine tune the settings on the mppt and the bv712 after some of the information i read here in the victron community. It seemed to be working before that. The voltage is going up but the absorption time is very small. It goes from bulk to float with a short stop on absorbtion. I have attached the settings. Anyone see a problem in the settings??




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Disconnect solar when no battery

If I need to remove a battery from a system, when solar is connected, the circuit remains live so long as solar energy is available. Does the Victron charge controller (BlueSolar 75/15) have a feature whereby it switches off (effectively isolating the solar) if it senses that there is no battery?

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Smart battery sense display

Will it show the temperature/Voltage in the VRM portal?

..if i link the smart battery sense to BMV-712 to Ve.Smart Networking

..if i used wire temperature sensor to the Stater Battery

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ESS large battery draw on Scheduled Charge

System details :

  • MultiPlus-II 48/3000
  • Pylontech US2000B Plus 4.8kWh Li-Ion Battery
  • Venus GX
  • ESS

I'm running an ESS system and noticed that the startup of large AC loads are being powered from the battery / inverter when on scheduled charge. The scenario is as follows:

  • Scheduled charge period
  • Target charge has been reached
  • Grid is available
  • Zero PV

Under these conditions, my understanding is that the system should be relying on the grid to power the loads (with minor background losses). What I'm seeing is that the batteries are used to support the startup of large loads while the grid contribution is slowly ramped up over a few seconds. In the screenshot below, we were using a clothes iron that switched on and off frequently. This resulted in large loads being pulled from the battery each time the element switched on and corresponding charges pushed to the battery when the load switched off. Any way to change the behaviour and get the system to rely on the grid in this scenrio?




Here is less extreme example where a kettle is switched on and pulls 14A from the battery during a scheduled charge period:


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Low Battery Alarm at 48V in a ESS system

In my EasySolar 5000 system running ESS I get every morning a Low Battery at around 48 V and I can't figure out from where this Alarm (setpoint) is triggered.


The Low Battery parameter in the Multi are set as follows:

Inverter DC shut-down voltage
Inverter DC restart voltage
Low DC alarm level 42

The Dynamic cut-off settings in the ESS assistance is unchanged starting at 48V.
DVCC is not enabled. It is pretty hard to see where some effects/settings coming from with ESS, because a lot happens in the dark background (aka blackbox).

In addition, I run Gel batteries without BMS. Float voltage is at 55.2 V, Absorb. at 56.4 V.

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Customize equalisation settings for batteries
Regarding equalisation of flooded lead acid batteries, taken from Victron manual:

This setting is intended for flooded tubular plate traction or OPzS batteries. During absorption the voltage limit increases to 2,83V/cell (34V for a 24V battery) once the charge current has tapered down to less than 10% of the set maximum current. Not adjustable with DIP switches. See ’tubular plate traction battery charge curve’ in VEConfigure.

I'm wondering if there will be an issue here. To equalise our batteries (to get in the 31 - 33v range as specified by manufacturer) equalisation charging current is usually around 50 - 55A, due to the size of our battery bank (1380AH). So I'm wondering if this will allow correct EQ charging. If it tries to equalise 10% of charger capacity (70A) being 7A it won't work. Or does it refer to 10% of battery max charge current, which is much higher than the 70 amps this inverter can do. Are EQ settings customisable or am I misinterpreting it?

Note that under all other circumstances 70a for charging is more than enough, its much more than they get from the sun the other 9 months of the year.

Specs from the battery manufacturer are as follows:

Equalisation current: 3.5% of C100 AH capacity (1380AH) gives us 48.3A. That sounds about right.

Should give voltage of 2.6 - 2.75 volts per cell (31.2 - 33v), thats about right, maybe at the lower end of the spectrum.

Interval: 20 days.

Duration: 2 hours.

They really do seem to need it at least once a month during winter, even with conservative DOD. I've attached documentation should you wish to view. Also note normal recharge maximum voltage should be 2.45v per cell, I believe that means absorption should be set to 29.4 volts. That was definitely the case with the PWM charge controller we inherited with the system.

So how to get multi to equilise correctly!


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Need help connecting negative battery cables to BMV-712 shunt with two 12v RV batteries in parallel.

I'm installing a BMV-712 in my RV. I have two 12v batteries connected in parallel. I was going to connect both battery negative wires to the "Battery" post on the Victron shunt. But, the quick start guide shows the negative wires from each battery going to opposite sides of the shunt. The quick start guide referred to the second battery as a starter or auxiliary battery. In my case, it's neither of these. My question is do I connect both negative battery cables to the "battery" side of the shunt or one on each side of the shunt?

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Lithiumbatterie 12,8V Smart 90 Ah + Lithiumbatterie 12,8V without Smart 90 Ah : Update Balancer

Hello Community,

I have got two Victron Lithiumbatteries 12,8V 90 Ah. One with the smart function. One without Smart. I use them for 12 V in a parallel installation.

I received an Update for the Smart Batterie which says all Batteries should be update. But I cannot update the Batterie without "Smart".

Any ideas what I can do?

Best regards,


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New Victron Product - Lithium SuperPack Battery

Hello Victron Community,

I am trying out something new, and if it works, it could be a regular thing.

Victron is launching a new product, and in the spirit of the community I would like to give you all an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have.

This gives you a chance to learn about something first, and also helps us to improve the initial documentation with some of the things that people might like to know that we haven’t thought about yet.

The product is called the Lithium SuperPack battery.

The big difference between this range and our other ranges is an integrated BMS and safety switch. No additional components are needed as the internal switch will disconnect the battery in case of over discharge, over charge or high temperature. Simple and safe.

The SuperPack range comes in 5 sizes – 20, 60, 100 and 200Ah at 12.8V, plus a 25.6V 50Ah.

They can be connected in parallel without limit. But not connected in series.

They are rated for 2,500 cycles to 80% depth of discharge at 25°C

Charge voltages, current capacities and full specifications are listed in the datasheet:,8V-&-25,6-Lithium-SuperPack-EN.pdf


So, are there any questions?

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Battery state of charge

What would be an average/rule of thumb voltage for an AGM 12V battery when it gets to 50% state of charge?

Or, what would be a STOP point voltage value?

(without BMV, since it is a really basic system)

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Battery Capacity for Multiplus 5000

Hello, I had a question: can I use the Multiplus 5000 24 v with a 300 Ah battery? The manual indicates the recommended capacity of 400-1400 ah, what does it threaten and did anyone come across this situation? Battery connected via lunx ion BMS and DVCC enabled.

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Why are the 12.8V 300ah so heavy ?,8-&-25,6-Volt-lithium-iron-phosphate-batteries-Smart-EN.pdf

51kg for 12.8V 300ah while the 100ah is 15kg so 3 100ah is 6kg lighter. I am planing on a large system (8 300ah battery) and this 6kg adds up to 48kg total in my case and that's somewhat troublesome for me. Are the specification accurate and if so maybe a little insight on why ...

Saddly i can not use 24 100ah battery because of 5 parallel limit.

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Is it possible as a customer to get a installation manual, that I can't find online about easysolar 24/3000/70?


In fact I would like to be able to progrès in my installation, without bothering my dealer especially on a Sunday, and I find that it lacks some info for an individual for the connection and config of an easysolar 24V, 3000VA, 70A.

Normally in manuals, we should find features and installation instructions, and the first diagnoses of Troubleshooting

This is the case for the mppt controller and the inverter charger that makes up this easysolar!

But I can't find the right one, for the whole easysolar.

I was on the victron site, the support section...

Which evokes:

1) Manuals

2) Suppliers

3) here ;)

In manual, I find a sub menu that inclues 'easysolar'

I selected it, And nothing about my easysolar 's manuel , but more interesting and technical notions of the rule of 1 to 1 regarding AC coupling, or info on VE, direct and many other things but not the manual I'm looking for (if possible in French)

I also go to see the 'old documentation' section

Nothing found either.

Basically what is specific to the regulator, the charger/ inverter, CCGX that I have the manuals of these sub-elements.

For a regular installer, It's simple!

I hesitated to disassemble the bottom hood where are the circuit breakers ..., on the face of it, it was good to do and for a concrete example:

the connection of the battery (classic lead) :

Or can you find the manual of this circuit board and its elements where you have to connect at half height of this easysolar the cables of the battery

Admittedly to say the least battery is written on the PCB, But for the most two screws could have been possible with a black element between the two (fuse?) for the positive connection.

In new approach to this philosophy victron (which I still like hihi) I remain a little in hesitation, battery connected, the CCGX screen of the easysolar lights up without having to intervene on any button the central button between the lights remaining on off

We don't know for sure if we should continue with settings? I saw that on my Android app a new 'friend' (smart mppt...) was present, so I allowed him the connection and the update proposal, I launched it, then updated it surprised me but maybe it must be incremental, and that went well ...

Logically I was going to continue to cable the entrance photovoltaic panels ... If this screen hadn't lit up on its own.

Finally, the process for installation, and therefore the first commissioning seems incomplete to me with the documents handed over.

Just before I started with the installation of a BMV712, and for this element I followed the installation procedure from A to Z, no doubt, but in terms of the interconnections between the basic elements of the easysolar,

My next Doubt concern the 'ground' markings, on the PCB.

I just have to connect the mass of the case below at the bottom right on the ground socket of the installation or I must also add the points notes ground on the circuit board ?

Well understood that there is a secure management of this next ground connection whether the AC input is connected or not... And I think that must be the right option for France by default.

Finally I think I lack a general manual on the whole of this easysolar.

The wiring documents provided for the multiplus do not mention the peculiarities of this easysolar and the interconnection already wired for most of them.

Thank you for any help on these multiple uncertainties. And especially on the magic link download of the installation manual of this easysolar.

Kind regards

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Mixing Lithium Battery Brands, Same Capacities

Does anyone have any experience mixing different lithium batteries in their setup? I currently have a single (1) Battleborn 100ah 12v in my motorhome. I want to add an additional 100ah but there are so many options now that are cheaper than BB. I plan on mixing something like a Renogy 100ah 12v battery with the BB in parallel to increase AH capacity of the bank.

Does anyone have any thoughts on things I should be aware of or look out for?

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Brand new LiFePO4 with low temp alarm out of the box

I bought 4 Victron 200A Smart LiFePO4 batteries and one of them has a low temperature alarm on the Bluetooth app right out of the box. It is obviously a false alarm since it's alarming for -162 degrees Fahrenheit! Of course that alarm will trigger self-protection and not allow charging. I've also inquired through my dealer, but is this something that has been seen before? Is it fixable? Like by Victron support remotely zapping it with a firmware update or something (maybe wishful thinking)? Or will I need a replacement? The other three show "Ready for Use". Any insight is greatly appreciated. I'm on a time crunch in getting this installation completed, so the thought of one of the batteries being faulty and needing replacement is less than ideal.


Same screen with alert acknowledged to show cell status:


One of the other 3 "good" batteries:


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Smart Charger + MPPT Charging

I have a 150/60 MPPT with 600W solar connected to my house bank, there are also 2x Phoenix Smart Chargers (50A 3+1) each have an output to the house bank and the engine battery, one has an output to the 12-24v charger for the bowthruster.

All are connected with VE.Direct and where possible Smart Networking.

I'd taken my batteries off shore power and isolated the MPPT to run the batteries down a bit to check their voltages. When I switched everything back on I noticed that the MPPT was in bulk and the 2x chargers were in absorption, the voltages were the same however the MPPT was putting a lot more Amps in. I'd have expected the house bank output on the chargers to be the same as the MPPT.

Should I change the set up so that one charger does the house bank and the other does the engine and bow thruster?

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Batteries in Parllel

Dear community,

I have a question concerning connecting batteries in parallel. Specifically I have 2 Victron Energy 165Ah Gel batteries and want to connect them in parallel to have an overall capacity of 330 Ah. I have several questions

a) Is this possible without any precautions, can I just connect the batteries in parallel, + to + and - to -? Since the inner resistance of the batteries is basically 0, won't there be an enormous current when I connect them or does this just work? Or do i need some sort of current limitation or so?

b) What kind of cables would you recommend? I assume they should have the same thickness as the cables provided with my Multiplus Compact 800VA?

c) Where should the temperature sensor be connected?

d) If I had a second Multiplus Compact 800 VA, can one be connect to one battery, the other one to the other battery and then the batteries connected (assuming e.g. differen sources of power, i.e., wind power on one inverter and solar at the other inverter)? Or does this make no sense?

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Why did my battery die

Why did my battery die.

I'm asking this question to find out what went wrong and how to correctly maintain solar charging of AGM VRLA type batteries in a mobile scenario.

Setup purchased Dec 2018 (14 months old)

1 x Victron 75/15 mppt
1 x Victron battery temp sence
1 x 100 watt solar panel.

Batteries are in parallel, charge cable from mppt is connected to + on one battery and - on the other.
The mppt settings from new have been, absorption 14.3v float 13.7v. Having some concerns over this near default setting about 3 months ago I changed these and made a new user defined standby setting which allowed the battery to achieve a float without major charge. info here

The van has been used very little, 3 camping trips, a week each time and 10 other times overnight all with minimal discharge from a 45 watt fridge and a few other small gadgets.
January last was the third week trip to forster, it's then I noticed my discharge was more than normal down to 12.7v and charging back to float was hard to achieve, a bit concerned I started to wonder what was happening.
today with settings on default the voltage wouldn't rise above 14.1v and bulk charged up to 6 amps through the day, after chasing symptoms on line I physically checked the batteries and found the one without the victron temp sencer was hot hot hot, cooked. The other with temp sence was warmer than normal at 35 degc, I suspect it's been warming by leaking power to the dying one, I disconnected the batteries and checked voltage cold battery 13.19v the hot one was12.9v and checked an hour later 12.6v.

I must say I have spent hours of research trying to do everything for this not to happen and here I am, so I ask the question why did my batteries die.

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