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battery system voltage

CCGX high battery voltage alarm


I just installed a 3 phase offgrid system with 3 multiplusses, a bmv 712, a mppt 150/75 and a CCGX. The battery voltage is configured at 48V. The real battery voltage is ca 52V. The Mppt gives a high battery voltage alarm on the CCGX. Wenn however the load (solarpanels) is disconnected, the voltage remains the same but there is no high battery voltage alarm coming anymore. Can anybody explain what is causing this problem?

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MultiPlus. input voltage 66V DC

Hi. I have a 48/3000 multiplus. In the technical book it is written that the maximum input voltage = 66V DC. But when it reaches 64.7V it stops. How can I adjust it to work up to 66V. Thank you

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New Batteries: Low voltage despite low usage


I just installed 2 new Duracell AGMs (100ah) in my camper. I reset the history on my BMV700. Watched a few hours of TV last night, ran the water pump a few times. Wake up in the morning to my batteries at 12.24V.

BMV shows SOC at 94% and only used 19AH. Why is my voltage so low? Did I get bad batteries?

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MPPT 75/15 not stopping charge, high voltage alarm

I have rather simple system, I think, for my van. Trying to charge a house battery from solar and vehicle battery. For now I am just trying to get the Solar to work independently ( leave the DC/DC charge out of equation for now). I have looked at the Victron Van concept, which is much more over complicated in comparison to my setup. So I am having troubles understanding the schematic I need.

The MPPT keeps charging the battery well past 13.2V. (I recently changed this down from 13.9V, but it didnt help) It will continue on up towards and past 14V, then battery will read "Busy" , fully charged and stop taking charge. Then it sends a Over Voltage Alarm, referring to "Allow-to-charge contact"

What stops the MPPT or DC/DC from charging when the battery gets fully charged? Do I need an additional Battery Protect? I am not sure if I am missing equipment or have the wrong settings.

All Victron equipment:

12.8V 100Ah LiFePo4

Smart Solar MPPT 75/15

Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30

Smart Battery Protect 12/24-100 (1)

BMV 712 Smart


Lynx Distributor 1000 ( which I dont think I even need)

Solar Panels

2 - 100W Renogy







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Mobile studio rig, 120v to 230v

I own a Mercedes Sprinter with a Volta Power Systems 13.5kWh rig. It's being used for mobile sound recording. Wanna put a small 6000btu Mitsubishi MUZ-FH06NA in it, powered off the 120v supplied by the Volta batteries. Can I use the Victron autotransformer 120/240 32a? If not, what would be the best way to accomplish this?

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Not reaching SOC limit

My system uses the ESS assistant and would normally discharge to the "minimum" or "active" SOC limit. Currently, this is at 30% for both. However, in the last month or so, the system is only reaching 38%, even if I switch off-grid. It seems to be switching at the sustain voltage (50v). The battery seems to be healthy and it's BMS is not giving any error. Also, the battery is charged to 100% every day. I even kept the batteries charged for 3 days but when trying it this morning it switches again at 38%.

Is this a setting issue (which has not been changed) or a battery issue? Or should I be checking something else?

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Lead Crystal Battery Settings with BMV-712

Guys need help with a Lead Crystal Battery that I have (spec supplied) do I set the same as a AGM battery with my BMV -712 Smart?

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SmartSolar battery voltage spike

I have a SmartSolar 250/100 mc-4 with 3 280W panels connected to it. All goes to a 200 ah 12v lithium battery. Today I experienced voltage spikes from 13.9 to 26v and back multiple times. It burned my inverter and the house almost caught fire. What is the cause? Anyone?

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Battery 712 monitor showing slightly high voltage?


Have just installed a 712 battery monitor to 12v battery bank. Voltage seems to be showing a little high?

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Sonnenschein A602/1130 Solar NGS6021130HS0FC battery setup

Soon I'll have new batteries: Sonnenschein A602/1130 Solar NGS6021130HS0FC (2V x 24).

My system:

2 x MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100

48 x 150W Solar panels

2 x BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr/MC4

Color Control GX

Dear Victron team,

can you help me specify parameters, which I should input into each Multiplus to operate these batteries correctly:

1. State of charge when Bulk finished.

2. Battery capacity.

3. Charge efficiency.

4. DC input low shut-down.

5. DC input low restart.

6. DC input low pre-alarm.

7. Absorption voltage.

8. Float voltage.

9. Charge current.

10. Temperature compensation, mV/deg.

11. Sustain voltage during the first 24 hours of sustain.

12. Sustain voltage after 24 hours of sustain.

13. ESS setup - Cut-off voltage for a discharge current:

0.005C = ? V

0.25C = ? V

0.7C = ? V

2C = ? V

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BMV 712 Smart Monitor dosnt work


Hey ,

I have Problems with my BMV 712 . Im Sure that i haf install everything correct, but the Monitor dosnt work.

Energy flows.

The battery Pol of the Shunt is connected with the minus Pol and the load Site of the Shunt is connected to the System ground.

+B1 -> Battery1 +, +B2 -> Battery2 +

I send the Monitor back, but the seller says it Works. He Send another Shunt, Same Problem ...

I Switch the phone cable, still nothing.

I tyried ist with other cables for the +B1/B2, also nothing.

now i Test the „Energy Flow“.

Shunt - to Shunt +B1/B2 has no Connection, i was mit able to get the 12.8V.

Anybody and idea ? What did i wrong?

Sorry for my english, thanks for help !



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Help!!! Battery alarm.

Installed solar panel Saturday. With mppt 100/50 and bmv712 plus 1200w inverter. Everything was working fine yesterday. Now I can’t connect to controller Bluetooth, and the battery alarm has gone off saying charge?? There is nothing turned on ??? I’m worried I will damage something please help!

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How to correct or repair a BlueSolar MPPT 150|35 that is reading battery voltage wrong

I have a working installation of a BlueSolar 150|35, v1.16, connected to 2 parallel series of 3 250W/24V panels. The battery bank consists of 5 pairs of 2 batteries, each battery a 110VA 12V stationary battery. The system has been working for almost 2 years without any problem. Four days ago, this changed:

- the system did not have power anymore to run a water pump

- because the battery voltage was too low, about 22.5 Volts

- the MPPT was stuck in 'float' mode really early in the day and because of this, never charged to batteries

Yesterday I managed to (re)connect the MPPT to a Linux machine using the VeDirect RS232 connector. Connecting using minicom, baudrate 19200 and 8bits, I got data frames from the MPPT, below a copy of one of them:

PID 0xA04B
FW 116
V 27320
I 300
VPV 101460
CS 5
H19 159940
H20 36
H21 723
H22 23
H23 400
HSDS 314

This tells me, that the MPPT thinks that the battery voltage is 27320 volts. One minute after seeing this, I measured the battery voltage using a multimeter. Battery voltage is 23,3 volts on the multimeter. The MPPT software seems to stay in float, because of the high voltage it measures.

What are my options ?

- is there a way to re-calibrate the voltage measurement of the batteries ?

- is it safe to re-configure the treshold voltage, set it to a higher value, like 30 or 32V, in the hope that it will go to float when the battery actually has 27 or 28 Volts ?

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Victron MPPT 100/50 - Batteriespannung falsch angezeigt


Wir haben einen kleine Inselanlage mit 2x 100A 12V Batterien

Dabei mussten wir nun folgendes feststellen: es wird beim Regler eine viel niedrigere Batteriespannung angezeigt als tatsächlich auf der Batterie gemessen.

Dies hat meiner Meinung zur Folge, dass die Batterie obwohl voll immer weiter geladen wird. Bin ich richtig der annahme? Ausserdem hat die Batterie bereits stark Schwefelig gerochen, weshalb ich nun alles deaktiviert und abgesteckt habe.

Kann mir vielleicht jemand erklären, weshalb dieser wert falsch im Laderegler angezeigt wird? Die Batterien sind mit nem halben Meter Kabel verbunden

Ich sag schonmal danke



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10KVA Quattro Inverter -

Question. 1
My 10KVA inverter periodically changes over into inverting mode even though the mains
power supplying the inverter is not switched off? my supplier (installer) says this is because the
incoming AC supply from the municipality is 'Dirty'. AC waveform seems ok to me.
+- 220v to 240v continuous.

Has anyone had or seen this behavior before?


Question. 2
My batteries have also been giving me issues lately and the supplier replaced 2 of them last week
since they failed their load testing cycles
These are 8x 12v Victron AGM batteries. 2 x (4 x 12v) in Parallel with each other.

I noticed on one of the charging cycles after we had a municipal power failure the Batteries discharged to around 50v then the power came back on but the inverter tried charging the batteries at 52v this charge voltage should have surely been between 55v to 57v ?

Has anyone had this behavior before ?


Thanks in advance

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Low battery voltage when not under load and low solar yield

Inverter Multiplus48/5000/70-100

4 batteries Victron AGM 12-230 Super cycle

12V210ah @10h rayte

12v230ah @20h rate

MPPT solar charge 250 I 100 - tr

20 solar panels @300w each.

The system worked great from May2019 till current where low voltage battery was becoming a problem even when not on load. Even a 300w load now when low solar yield cuts the battery to 46volts and shuts down. This never happened before. Only occurs when usage is greater than pv yield

Are the batteries the problem?

We have been having load shedding on a regular basis.

dhoodhat asked
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Battery voltage high & drops low under load!!

Hi all,

I’ve just installed a 300w solar panel and 100/20 MPPT smart to my van with a 12v 95ah class A AGM battery. I have, I guess two problems, one being the voltage seems very high (13.77) when not in use? See photos.

Second, when I first installed the system the battery seemed to sit at 12.8 but after loading the system for 30mins it dropped to 12.6 then by one hour 12.40 to which I turned the load off! X3 2w led lights and a fan vent. It said the current was 1.9amps be pulled. I turned them off as I heard dropping before 12.30 could damage the battery.

Not sure what I have done wrong or if I need to set the app up correctly?

I plan to add a second battery in parallel but don’t want to do so until this issue is sorted.

Kind regards





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Multiplus II BMZ ESS Low Battery Shut down

Load shedding (South Africa) at times causes the battery SOC to drop to 10% and the system shuts down. When grid restores the system does not restart. A cold restart (power all down and restart) is then necessary to reset the system?

Any suggestions to overcome this? Maybe limit SOC not below 15%?

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Battery voltage drops to 18,7V and up again on LiFePO4 24V system


I have 2 LiFePO4 12,8 V / 200 Ah Smart (series cabling) on Multiplus (via BMS and Ac detector).

When in the evening, I launch a dishwasher, suddenly the voltage which is arround 25,0 or 26,0 V, drop to 18,7V (2,33 per cells) and immediatly go up to 20,0 V, 21,0V... to reach 25,0 V again.

On multi-plus we can read : CA Input (2600W), CA Output (2600W), and state : "Main power assistance" or "Direct Capacity".

I just want to know if it's normal in this case (relay ot the battery, by the main current), and without consequences for the battery lifetime, or if we have to change parameters, knowing that multi-plus parameters and mppt parameters are fixed with the template for LiFePO4, proposed by the software interface.

Best Regards.

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Smartsolar MPPT OPzS charge algorithm

I’ve looked but can’t find this answered anywhere.

I have a Smartsolar MPPT 250/100, hooked up to a 48v array of BAE Secura 6 OPzS cells.

I want to ensure I’m setting the charge voltages appropriately.

Looking at this - - it appears float is 2.23VPC, equalise is 2.4VPC, and absorption I’ve taken as 2.33VPC.

These voltages are more or less identical to those that victron list for their own OPzS cells -

So... why do all of the OPzS charge algorithms in the firmware seem to be a mile off these values?

The most conservative setting recommended for OPzS (Position 1) gives 2.3VPC for float, 2.68 for equalise, 2.38 for absorption. +0.07, +0.28, +0.05, respectively. It also limits equalise to 8% of charge current, although at 900Ah I should be able to do the full 100A until 2.4VPC at which point it drops to 45A (5A per 100Ah), so surely a setting of 45% would be safe?

Can anyone shed any light on why, and what I should do? I’m using the values from the data sheet currently, and doing the commissioning equalise at 2.4VPC - but the MPPT is limiting the charge current to 5A, when it could be delivering much more - there’s a 4kW array in direct sunlight right now.


Maxwell asked
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Is there any workaround to run a Victron system with dead batteries?

Hello, I think after two years batteries are gone. It was set up and configured by company for my father, but was not monitored or serviced either. After he noticed often low voltage alarm he asked me for help, as the company is not reachable anymore.

There are 10x panels (AS-6P30-260W),
BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 firmware 1.46
MultiPlus 48/3000/35-50 firmware 4.30

4x 12V victron 110Ah Gel batteries (in series)

I've studied something, purchased cables updated firmware, installed venusOS on raspberry, changed to ESS (before there was some Hub system - preventing feeding to grid - no allowed in my country) but still voltage drops very quickly and almost 90% usage is from AC grid even on sunny day, though usual load is between 200-600Watts, so I suspect inverter shuts down due low voltage very often.

I've read in this forum system is not able to run without batteries (he do no want to invest in new batteries anymore) question is, is it possible to set it up that way it will use as much solar power as possible even with such "dead" batteries, if yes what is the best configuration.

Or is Multi 48/3000 capable running with smaller voltage e.g. 12V or 24 ? I could try to isolate broken battery and try to set it up with remaining good ones, or maybe use spare 12V car battery if it's necessary for system to run

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Victron 100/20 Load Output Settings

I work as a consultant providing RFID detection equipment for fish and wildlife services. Lately I have needed the what Victron 100/20 MPPT solar controller is marketed to provides - a cost effective, user friendly smart solar controller that will work in either 12 or 24 volt configurations. I mainly run 24v. Regarding the load output settings, which would be the best for a continuous load (antenna always running) but to still be able to disconnect the load when the batteries drop below say 22.5 and reconnect at 24? I have tried the user defined algorithm with the previous parameters but have heard heard feedback that the load will not reconnect and the yield in the history will show 0 from that point forward. I have tried to duplicate this scenario in my shop but was unable to do so. The reason I am asking now is I have heard from a second customer in an opposite solar region whom experienced this same issue. I have assumed the disconnect at 22.5 and reconnect at 24 will prevent the batteries from going totally dead.

billyblak asked
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Why is my off grid system shutting down overnight?
I have an off grid system consisting of 6 270W panels, 1 Victron Phoenix of 500VA / 48V, a Blue Solar 150/35 48V regulator and an 8x100Ah battery bank in two series of 48V each. The loads are luminaires of a corridor (210W installed) that must be turned on when the darkness of the afternoon starts and off at dawn, however they go out between 1 and 3 in the morning. 
I checked the sizing and it is fine, what I don't know, is if there is any voltage parameter that is incorrectly configured in the inverter or regulator, and that causes the system to shut down, due to low voltage maybe. As a background, the maximum battery voltage during the day reaches 57.5V and the minimum voltage, when the charges are switched off is 37.44V. 
I would appreciate comments to someone with more experience in this type of configuration, to see if I can solve it. 
Thanks in advance,

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PV power to the battery/consumption from the battery

Hello guys!

I have a three-phase ve bus system with two PV chargers.

I think I have some problems with in/out power calculation on the VRM portal.

If I take one-day data from VRM its looks like the PV to battery power more than the battery to consumption power. So how it's happening? If I take from battery-less then I use where the excess power is going?

Alperin asked
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Smartsolar 150/100-tr Battery Type Selection / Custom Values


Hello All, thank you to the community for the great help you seem to be giving with answers to all.

i have a new Smart Solar 150/100-TR hooked up as shown in illustration attached, i need to know what values to feed in custom battery parameters (since i cant seem to find its type in presets).

since if i do straightforward calculations, the controller seems to keep on charging the batteries even though the floating voltage seems to have been attained and the load on the inverter is not as much as the current being supplied to the batteries.

please if you could also kindly recommend a safe and efficient charging current for the battery bank please.

I am using the victron bluetooth latest app to configure.

I live in Daressalaam, Tanzania - Tropical Climate with temperatures around 34 Degrees Celsius ( if it helps in temp compensation)

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards

Romeet Barmeda

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Quattro reading batteries as full, when they are not.

I have a Quattro 48/10000/140 hooked up to two BYD 24v 200ah batteries connected in series, with two blusolar 70 amp mppts and a 5kw array, all connected with a Venus. We are totally offgrid, so fully dependent on our setup. It has been working fine for the past two months since setting it up, but now that we have added some larger draw appliances it has been acting strangely.

The main issue is the Quattro reading the batteries as fully charged, when they are not even close. As a result, it is only float or absorption charging when it should be bulk. Every time I have run my generator (5Kva), no matter what level the batteries are at, it immediately give a false 95% full reading. Even during the day, the mppts will charge the batteries up to about 53v, then they start reading the batteries as full and reading 55.5 float. In both instances, when I use the multimeter to check the actual state of the batteries, they read 53v, not the 55v the charger and quattros are reading.

For example: Yesterday the mppts said the batteries were full at 10 am and started float charging at 55.5v. when I checked the actual voltage of the batter it was about 53.2v. over the course of the day the actual reading slowly climbed to about 53.7v. During the time of day when I know the panels are able to produce over 5kw, they are only producing enough to run the house and float. When the sun goes down, I check the batteries and they are at 52v after just a short time with a medium load. As a result, the batteries don't make it through the night with even a small load of fans, etc. (its 45-50C during day, and 30-35C at night here, so sleeping without a fan is difficult). So the batteries died at 04:30, The Venus read 47.3V (but was claiming to be 43% full), and actual battery reading was 48.1v (Venus was with 800w load, battery was with no load after power to house had cut off). So I started the generator to run the house and charge the batteries. But as soon as I connected it the venus went to 95% and started float charging at 55.5v at about 50w. The actual battery reading was at 48.4v. So I ran it until there was just enough sun to at least run a fan (about 1.5 hours) and when I shut it off the batteries were reading 48.8v.

The first few times I ran the generator, it would run the house and air conditioners on full blast (about 2,200w) and charge at about 1500w. but now it seems it won't charge the batteries because they immediately think they are full. Its really frustrating to have to continually worry about the power running out at night, getting up and starting/stoping the generator. Especially if I have to run it just to power a fan. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Why is Victron battery monitor stuck at 100%

Hello, I cannot figure out why my Victron battery monitor is stuck at 100%. I have disconnected the load lead from the shunt and did a zero calibration with no luck either. I don't have any solar just a battery and DC output right now. Any ideas what is wrong? The charge has dropped all the way down to 11V with no change from 100%. Thanks


Battle Born 100AH Lithium battery

BMV-712 battery monitor connected to GX monitor

Charger/Inverter - Multiplus 2000watt


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Parallel connection to 4 solar controllers

Hi, I would like if someone with more experience than I can help me to solve this. Actually we have an Off-Grid site with 4 PV strings, every string have 16 50w solar pannels connected in serial-parallel to get 24V to the power bank (14 batteries 12V 100Ah each battery). Each string have a Morningstar PS-30M, but they are connected in parallel on the load port and works well, but we have to replace them, because they have more than 20 years in use. I have seen that a Smartsolar MPPT 150/35 is a good option, but we can't connect the battery banks in parallel to charge the batteries because they are in 2 different places with a distance between them of 4 meters (around 8 meters of cable difference between the longest cable and the short one, so they could have a difference of the charge voltage. How can we connect the battery banks to the load with the Smartsolar and maintain the 4 battery banks?

Thanks a lot for your help.

JohnC answered ·

1 Answer

Can anyone advise on acquiring a replacement GMDSS battery monitor panel?

We have one fitted, that is showing broken up information on the lcd panel. I am told they are obsolete, fair enough, but will anything else be out there to replace it?

Has anyone got one?

Tek Kopec asked
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