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HELP - Leaking starter batteries / rotten egg smell - Travelling across Africa - Stuck

Hello Community,

Hope someone can guide me :-)

We are in a professionally built expedition truck with Victron systems. Over the last two days we have been smelling rotten eggs. I started with the toilet but ended up at the starter batteries :-(

Both starter batteries are leaking (2 x 12v series).

Q1 Is it usual for both starter batteries to fail together or is this symptomatic of an external issue ( overcharging issue or something else)?

We are parked up (Corona 19) with a shore supply feeding a Pheonix Multiplus that charges our leisure batteries and starter via a Cyrix-i 12/24-120 bidirectional voltage sensitive relay. A Victron MPPT solar charger is a second charging source (added a month ago to replace a PWM unit).

About two days ago the inverter displayed a Bulk Protection alarm. And I reset it. I didn't know what this was, but the community has told me that it means the max bulk charging time of 10 hours was exceeded. I suppose this is associated with my problem.

I noticed yesterday that my MPPT was generating 17A, but the BMV indicated only a few amps charging the onboard leisure batteries and I wondered where the rest was going as I had not much load switched on. I guess it was going into the started batteries.

Q2 Can anyone through some light on what is going on? Have the batteries failed as a result of a system issue or of their own accord and just need replacing?

Many thanks in advance to responders.


DavidQ asked

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Managing multiple charging sources for max charge current

I have a set of FLA batteries on my boat that can accept 200 amps of charge current at 12V in bulk mode.

For charging underway I have a 150 amp alternator and am also expecting to add solar in the near future.

If I use a inverter/charger (for example 2 miltiplus units or a single Quattro) will the Cerbo controller back off the charge current to that of a programmed acceptance rate for the batteries?

I want the capability to charge even if not underway at my full 200A but do not want to exceed my batteries charge current acceptance rate.


blskevin asked
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Power Difference between values shown by Smartsolar and Smartshunt (Battery Monitor)

There are huge differences between the Values I get from the MPPT and the battery. Everything is luke warm to ambient temperature. Cables are not an issue - they are total overkill.
The Smartshunt values are independently verified by a very good BMS.

Anyone can shed some light on the situation for me?

Power Solarpanels: 34.07V * 13.4A = 456W

Power Battery: 27.27V * 16.30A = 445W

MPPT efficiency loss: 2.4% That's ok


Meanwhile, the Smartshunt shows verified 407W!!

Where are the missing 38Watts??


I am using LiFePo4 at low C rates - so round trip efficiency is virtually negligible in light of the losses I am trying to figure out.

Update: I've measured everything, thank god that I've the equipment for that since values vary in the milliseconds.

The only thing that does not match at all is the purported Solarpanel amperage output. Voltage seems pretty accurate. As such 1.4A were reported, when there were really 1.1A. A 21% difference!

That makes me really fed up and unless that is my specific unit I am gonna make sure that other people will become aware of the kind of product they are really buying.

But that doesn't explain everything. The only thing certain is that there are no real physical losses present.

lorenzo asked
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Is it possible to charge two 12V batteries wired in parallel

Hello guys,

I got a question for you: I have an installation in a camper van with two 100ah 12V batteries (which gives me 200ah 12V as they are wired in parallel), and using a Victron IP22 to charge them. So far I charge them individually, but I would like to know if it is possible to charge them at the same time.

On this product page ( it says that "This unit is able to charge either a single 12V battery, or several 12V batteries connected in parallel (batteries must be the same type, capacity and age)." Which is exactly what I need :) The question is how to wire the charger properly.

Thank you !


Nicolas Mazzoleni asked
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1st phase too long, 1 day all time

hy I've a solar off grid system 24 volt 4 panels, 2 strings... 1 lifepo4 battery 100ah 24v by solarfarm which his bms. Victron mppt 150/35 ... attach my graph of this time. 6 days ago I look a day with only First phase charge.... battery is new and always full, max 15-25% consuming of all load

Someone could help me about it? Its right?! Correct? Or maybe there are some problem?

This screenshot from today





Daniele Debernardi asked

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Trouble switching battery protect from ve.bus bms charge disconnect

I'm trying to use a Battery Protect to switch the ignition input on an external voltage regulator, to disable alternator charging. According to the Victron manuals, if I connect the ve.bus BMS load disconnect to the battery protect remote H/+ terminal, then the Battery Protect should disconnect when the charge disconnect line floats.

I've programmed the Battery Protect to mode 0-C — the lithium mode.

I'm trying to test to make sure this is working, but when I disconnect the BMS charge disconnect from the Battery Protect H/+ terminal, the relay continues to remain closed, and I have full voltage on both the input and output for the battery protect.

Can someone provide some suggestions?

pmolettiere asked
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Dashboard doesn't include grid energy used to charge batteries

During the winter months,


I use scheduled charging to top my batteries up overnight when I'm on cheaper energy, but the dashboard data does not include the grid power, though if I export the data with the advanced tab the amount of energy I've drawn at night is tabulated. Surely this power from the grid should be shown in the dashboard? The grid energy shown here is just the stuff I use directly from the grid and does not include the >100kwh in January for example I took from the grid at night.

Gingernuts asked
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Multiple charge profiles in single smart device?

I was looking at the ip22 3 output charger as a potential solution for my need to charge both a standard lead acid starter battery and a lithium auxiliary battery but have read in other posts that it follows the same charge profile on all outputs. Is there a Victron Smart device that can deal with two battery types in a single unit or should I just get 2 independent chargers?

Rich21044 asked
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Practicality of using two parallel connected Orion TR Smart 12/12 -30 to speed up charging.

Practicality of using two parallel connected Orion TR Smart 12/12 -30 to speed up charging of two parallel connected 100 Ah LiFePO4 batteries. Alternator of our van is not smart, 105 amp. Concerns: 1) Will this amount of load on the alternator overwork it too much? 2) Will the alternator only be able to deliver such a small additional amperage with a second Orion that the addition of a second unit is not worth it? 3) Is there a way to know how much charging amperage is available from an alternator without over-stressing it? 4) Would it be smarter to install a larger capacity alternator?

yeknom asked
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AGM Super Cycle Four Bank Significant Reduced Capacity

I installed 4 x 145ah Super Cycle AGM's 18 months ago (Still under Warranty). They were marvelous giving us days service before needing charge. Usual discharge to 12 volts.

This week suddenly we have extremely low capacity and using our normal charge methods (Sterling shorepower 40A charger set to AGM) or the boat engine alternator. Absorption charging at 14.6V and 14.4V respectively. The shorepower drops to 13.6V for float.

I only seem to be able to get 50ah storage into batteries (using NASA Marine Clipper BM2 battery monitor) and then the charge current is down to 1 or 2 Amps within 4 hours or so.

Why would this have happened to four new batteries and so suddenly?

Help very much appreciated.

Tom Slattery asked
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Is it safe to charge a Victron Lithium battery with a non-Lithium rated charger?

I have a travel trailer with a WFCO WF-8700 series power center, which includes a non-upgradeable charger that is not considered Lithium-compatible. According to their support team it is 'not an actual lithium converter but will charge to approx.. 90%'. Would it be damaging to a Victron Ltihium battery to be installed with this setup without also upgrading the charger, or would it be safe to replace my current lead acid battery with one, and update the charger at a later time?

Also, as far as upgrading the charger would go, since the WFCO provides 120V AC from the shore power connection, I assume I could just install a charger powered from that? It's unclear to me which Victron products would be appropriate for this application, as it seems like most of them are looking for higher, non-US mains voltage input.

josh0 asked
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Orion Smart 12/12 30 Not Charging

Maybe I’m missing something here and I’m hoping somebody can help. I have the Orion smart charger 12/12 30 connected to charge my 170 ah lithium battery. I have noticed that the charger seemed to be tuning down the output to approximately 15 amps after running for 15-20 minutes and I assumed this was because of the over temperature protection (the unit was quite hot). Now when monitoring the output via my BMV712 I’m not seeing any current coming through at all. I’ve checked my fuses/breakers they’re fine. When I open the app it tells me the charger is in the bulk stage and charging yet I see no current coming to my lithium battery anymore. Am I missing something here. Could I have a defective unit? It was working since I installed it until now.

Leighsjor asked
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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A playing nice with shore power charger

Hello All,

I am considering adding a Victron DC to DC charger to charge the lithium battery bank on my boat while underway. I understand the settings that trigger the unit on/off based on the detected voltage on my starter battery, however, the potential issue I see is when I'm plugged into shore power and my AC charger starts charging the starter batteries. Will that not also trigger the DC charger to turn on as well? Is there a way to avoid this or is this an issue?

cpurchas asked
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Quattro 24/5000/120 with 240V split-phase input

I currently have a Multiplus 24/3000, but am thinking of replacing it with a Quattro 24/5000, both for more output capacity and maybe to handle 100A of charging input from a 240V split-phase (“50A”) outlet. As far as I understand, a single Multiplus can use one of the 50A legs but two configured in split-phase mode would be required to handle both legs.

The PDF manual online claims the 120V Quattro can handle both legs of input but that 240V output is not possible off the inverter. That’s fine with me - I only care about 120V. But can it use both legs for battery charging, or is it just something passed through?

My goal is to charge my batteries using both 50A legs if possible. I only have 120V appliances and would prefer to run single appliances up to 3kW - beyond what a single Multiplus can do. If a Quattro won’t help me, then maybe I need to consider a second Multiplus instead. But with split-phase, I don’t think I’d be able to run anything beyond 2.4kW for long, if I understand correctly. Any advice greatly appreciated!

casey asked
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Is it possible to recover a pylontech battery from less than 44.5V (approx 40)

I have a new install of Multiplus II 3000 with 2 x Pylontech US2000 batteries. One battery is fine but the other is on continuous alarm. I have tried to charge this separately using 52V and 53.2V absorption/float over the past 2 days but it won't move from 40V - Any suggestions?

PS the voltage reading is taken from multiplus II with charging turned off. I also have 100/30 MPPT connected with solar control and this confirms low battery voltage as well.

Thanks in advance

howard42 asked
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Correct Charge Profile Orion TR smart 12/12-18

Im not sure which charge profile to select on my Orion DC-DC 12/12-18 smart charge for use with a Victron 12v 100ah supercycle agm.

Would it be the spiral agm setting?

thank you!

AeroD1 asked
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Engine charging causing hysteresis

Hello, I have a Victron Cyrix-CT charging my Battle Born Lithium batteries while the engine is running. I get a High Limit (hysteresis) warning when I'm at full charge and driving since it hits 14.8 volts. The BMS will prevent a charge if it exceeds 14. 7 volts. So I would assume that this is just noise that I don't need to worry about. If that is the case does anyone know how to stop getting alerts on it? Thanks for the feedback

Voltage: 14.81
Low limit (hysteresis): 11.8 (12.2)
High limit (hysteresis): 14.8 (14.7)
Wait time: 60 seconds

Kaplan78 asked
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Victron Blue Power charger 12V/15A - combination with 2 batteries, is it enough


I've got a Victron Blue Power Charger 12/15, the older model without bluetooth.

I have a 150Ah Victron battery as house battery for all equipment. I also got a 60Ah starter battery attached to my outboard. Between the two I installed a Victron Cyrix-ct 12/24V-120A.

Now when I am at the marina, can I use my charger to charge the batteries? Is it powerful enough for this set-up? Can I leave this charging all the time? I have got a remote power-switch installed so I could also just charge the day before when I want to take my boat out a day..

Hope to hear you soon,

Kindest regards, Marcel

Marcel_NL asked
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Can I run a MPPT solar controller and DC-DC charger side by side?

Hi! I have bought a second hand caravan that is fitted with 2 delco 110ah batteries, 4 x 150w panels and a Victron 50A MPPT solar controller. The previous owner had another delco battery in his vehicle and a projector DC-DC 20A charger in his vehicle to charge the van batteries while under tow.

I have bought a Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12 | 12 - 30 isolated DC-DC charger and planned to install it in the van.

Question, can a Victron solar controller and Victron DC-DC charger be installed side by side? Will they play nicely together? I have bought the DC-DC charger based on what the previous owner recommended and I went with Victron due to quality and the fact I can run the same app on my phone to talk to both the DC-DC charger and solar controller.

Many Thanks!!

jd2020 asked
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Battery supplier (type super capacitor) accreditation

I would like to confirm if Victron chargers (Quatro for example) is accredited to work with the Sirius Super Capacitor Energy Storage System from KiloWattLabs. Charging Voltage 44VDC to 54VDC (48VDC nom.) This is a new (supercapacitor) battery technology which has less restrictive charging requirements than the existing batteries such as Li-Ion and Lead-based batteries.

EddieC asked
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This screen is telling me my batterys are at 3.10V , and voltage error ??

I'm got a multiplus connected up to a battery bank on my boat and I've got a over voltage error and the screen tells me my batteries are at 3.10V???, I find this hard to believe given everything is working in a normal manner. I can start the engines and run the microwave just find. I've been trying to figure this out for months. Turning things on and off, checking all connections but getting nowhere. Any ideas on a debug process.



jabrockert asked
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RV Inverter Upgrade: 12v vs 24 Inverter

RV Upgrade; The coach has on onboard 4kw generator that will be used to charge the batteries in addition to the 950w solar panel array.

I am going to be running 4x 12.8v 200ah lithium batteries and deciding whether to run as 24v paired with a 24/5000 Quattro or run as 12v paired with 12/3000 Multiplus.

If I go the 24/5000 route I am having the panel upgraded from 30amp to 50amp. The quatrro has a much beefier charger in it and will almost cut charging time in half compared to the Multi-plus so I am leaning that direction.

Other than faster charging and additional power headroom, what else am I not considering as potential downsides or upsides to the 24/5000 setup vs the 12/3000 setup?

duffer41 asked
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Buzzing IP43

I have an IP43 charger and when the charging output is between 40-50 amps it is very buzzing sound. When it goes below 30 amps, it starts to disappear. Is this normal condition when charging at almost full power?

Freja asked
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Phoenix Smart Charger 12/30 - 110V?

I’m trying to design an RV power system and I’d really prefer to stick to one system for the whole thing. I was planning to use the Phoenix Smart Charger 12/30 for shore power, but it’s not available in a 110V version. Is a 110V under development? Alternatively, what would you recommend that also supports VE.Direct connectivity for the Cerbo?

Tim Mead asked

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RV Upgrade: 24/5000 vs 12/3000 Inverter

RV Upgrade; The coach has on onboard 4kw generator that will be used to charge the batteries in addition to the 950w solar panel array.

I am going to be running 4x 12.8v 200ah lithium batteries and deciding whether to run as 24v paired with a 24/5000 Quattro or run as 12v paired with 12/3000 Multiplus.

If I go the 24/5000 route I am having the panel upgraded from 30amp to 50amp. The quatrro has a much beefier charger in it and will almost cut charging time in half compared to the Multi-plus so I am leaning that direction.

Other than faster charging and additional power headroom, what else am I not considering as potential downsides or upsides to the 24/5000 setup vs the 12/3000 setup?

duffer41 asked
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wiring in a starter battery

I am new to this chatroom. I have a Phoenix Multi 12/2500/120 in my narrowboat. two questions:-

How is the multi different to the multiplus?

I want to add a separate cable for charging the engine starter battery. What cable should I use? The manual suggests 70mm for the main bank but does not say for this smaller circuit.

SimonWernick asked
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I have two Victron AGM 110ah batteries supplying power an off grid cabin. I have been advised to set the inverter to shut off at 11v because it seems that batteries were not holding the charge. Within 5 days of being 100% charged the BMV was showing 50% with a draw of 10w for surveillance equipment plus the inverter. Are these settings correct or are the batteries past their best after 12 months (mostly kept in storage during the build) or is the wiring faulty? How do I sort this out? Appreciate advice. Thanks

Mi Breds asked
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Battery charge

Hello all.

I have a victron multipluss 12 V charging at 80 amp. And a victron bluecharge 30 amp.

My battery bank is 8 *120 amp.

I have a aggregat that is 5 kW. IT only use 1.2 kW noe when charging. To charge faster can i connect mye Blue charger to the aggregatet to charge my battery faster or Will i destroy my battery.

If this is possible what is Max recomended amp to the battery. Can i use Moore chargers like 80+30+30 3 different chargers.

Odd asked
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Dual IP22 30A (3) charging 72 (6x12) V pack


I bought an old electrical vehicle (FAAM Jolly 600, looks like a luggage truck on a airport)

Right now there is 6 12 V car batteries in series powering it. The original charger is old and stupid and feeds the (bad) batteries to high of a current.

I would like to see if I can charge the batteries in a more gentle way with 2 IP22 30A (3) connected.

The chargers will be permanently connected and built in to the vehicle, so the series connection between the 6 12 Vs will remain.

From what I read the terminals is galvanic isolated so that would not be a problem?

This way I would get individual statistics of each battery from the app and be able to replace one battery if it’s worse than any of the other.

yes yes I know I should buy traction batteries but they are very costly and then I will not be able to play around with these fun chargers.

Thanks, please write if I should elaborate on something.

/Markus , Sweden

Markus Dahlberg asked
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Why isn’t my solar panel and MPPT charging my battery?

hello we bought victron mppt 75/15 - bluesolar one month ago. our system is 2 x 110 watt 12 v sun power solarpanel which connect with each other in paralel format. other group 2 x 110 watt 12 v sunpower solarpanel connect with each other in paralel formal. ı mean we have two groups in our systm.. this 2 system connect with 6 battaries- 105 amper, ıf we try to work both of them, this battaries do not work. ıf we try to work one of them they are working.. what should we do for work all of them ?? ? ıf you ask something we can reply..

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