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Difference between centaur and Phoenix charger?

Stuck in Panama without a charger, I installed a 12/50 Phoenix charger. My 1050 ah AGM bank can take so much more than 50a. I also want to run my watermaker off my Phoenix 3000w inverter which draws ~90ah. If I’m running the genset while making water I’m putting in 50 ah by way of the charger but drawing 90ah and therefore still pulling a significant amount from the battery( base case scenario 40ah but usually more). If I installed the centaur 12/100 I would be putting in 100ah into battery with genset on. Then I’d meet my power needs of 90 ah to run my watermaker plus a little extra to put in the battery bank (all hypothetical based on efficiency and other items drawing but you get the idea). Question. Does my logic make sense? What is the difference between the Centaur 12/100 and the Phoenix 12/50 besides charging amps?

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Orion 12/12-30 Isolated with BMV712


I've had a bit of trouble finding example diagrams for using the Orion 12/12-30 DC-DC charger with the BMV712 battery monitor. Could someone take a look at this diagram and tell me if I'm on the right track...?



michael-trotter asked

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Question on BMV and Battery Capacity Setting

Hello everybody, I wish you all well!

I have a question I hope you can help me get answered.

Suppose I have a 100Ah battery and a BMV Battery Monitor.

Suppose I want to keep this 100Ah battery at a minimum charge of 80% (for reasons of well being of the battery).

To make this clear to me, Suppose (again, sorry) I want the BMV's SoC to tell me 0% when it has in fact only reached 80% ...

2 questions:

Would I accomplish this by setting the battery capacity (of my 100Ah battery) to 20Ah?

Would this ("faulty" setting) create havoc in any way (I mean would this stop my batteries from properly charging, cause it to self destruct or cause any other devastating activity?

Thanks for your thoughts, I'm trying to understand how to set up this thing to my personnel liking.

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SOC not working on Multiplus 2 48/5000/70

I have just setup my new Multiplus. The SOC just reads NA. Looking at the battery monitor in the remote console it says automatic. I have tried changing that to Multiplus as well as it still says N/A.

As its brand new (only been running a few hours does it take time to come up with a reading? I dont have a BMV or anything just the Multiplus 2.

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ArgoFET unused output ok?

I have twin Cummins 6CTA 8.3 motors with 150A alternators. I purchased 2 ArgoFET battery isolators to recharge the house bank from the alternators. I purchased the 1 input, 3 output battery isolators (starboard engine starting bank, port engine starting bank, house bank) however I think I only needed the 1 input, 2 output battery isolator.

It seems simpler to have the starboard alternator recharge the starboard starting battery and the house battery, and the port alternator recharge the port starting battery and house.

Can I leave an output on the battery isolator unused with a rubber cap on it? Or are they designed to require being wired to a battery?

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Victron LiFePO4 cell voltage not balancing


I have 6 batteries in a bank comprised of Victron 300amp LiFePO4 batteries. Two of the batteries have voltage balance issues. The problem shows up 2 ways:

1 - When charging reaches Absorption one cell is behind the others. The battery is at 14.2v but the cells are at 3.62, 3.62, 3.61, and 3.35. I have this same condition on another better. One is Cell 1 the other is Cell 4.

2 - When charging reaches 98% (per the CCGX display) the troubled cell is running very fast to 3.74v while the other cells are at 3.40, 3.37, and 3.37. The BMS does its job and stops charging. The voltage drops down to 3.6 then the charger kicks back on and the cell quickly rises to 3.74 and charging cuts out again. This repeats until the battery reaches 14.2 and goes into absorption.

I have the following components and firmware:

* Lynx Shunt 1000A VE.Can - v1.08

* SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 rev2 - v1.53

* Quattro 12/5000/220-2x75 - v474 Product ID 2633

* CCGX - v2.53

* VE.Bus BMS

Per the advice of the Victron certified installer I have deeply discharged the battery bank to 30% SOC per the CCGX display dropping voltage to 12.8v while under some load and charged it back to 14.2v and absorption. The cells do not appear to be coming up in line with the rest of the cells in the battery.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


Jon S asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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DC to DC charger parallel installation

Is anyone using more than two units in parallel for more charge current? I will be installing two Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12/30 units in my van but may want more than 60A charge capability for my 500Ah lithium setup. Thanks in advance for any experience you can offer.

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Replacing a CBE CB 516 with a IP22

I am replacing a defunct CBE CB516 charger in my motorhome with a new IP22 12/15(1) charger. The old charger has a small single core wire on a separate terminal as a NET feed. It is labelled +12v . It takes a signal to the motorhome control panel to show that the charger is 240v powered on. As the IP22 only has one +12v terminal ,would it be ok for me to put the small 'net' cable into the same + terminal? Worried about damaging the new charger? Also if the 240v is off would this way of connecting always show it as powered on?

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Voltage at input isolator argofet alternator is off

When every load is off on the boat, the input at the battery isolator argofet reads 4.4 volts. If I disconnect the house output, the voltage drops at the input to 2.2 volts. But, not, the output 2 terminal will also read 2.2. volts.

It seems that my outputs are actually pushing voltage through the isolator to the rest of the terminals.

Is this normal?

@Alexandra - Any thoughts? You were so good with the monitor :)

Alan Piggot asked
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Limit SOC for longer LiFePO lifetime

Is it possible in some way to limit the maximum SOC of my Pylontech US2000 Batteries wit the Cerbo GX?
The reason for my idea is to longer the lifetime and healt of my batteries by not charging them to 100% in the summer, because I have a very large battery storage, more than 20kWh, and thatswhy it would be enough to charge them to 80% at least.

robtor asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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I have a new BMV-712 Voltage shows .03V

This is always on the display. I have changed the power cable on B1. Same issue.

I do see Current in and consumed.

I have 3 lead acid (for the moment), and have isolated 1 to test this voltage setup.

packerhiker asked
packerhiker answered ·

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Do I need a DC/DC charge when using a BMS12/200 to charge from an alternator

This is my first build and it is going into a commercial camper.

I am planning on using a 200Amp/h Smart Battery, which states it needs a BMS to work.

The BMS 12/200 states that it is a dedicated product for this application, where connected to an alternator of a boat/ vehicle.
Do I connect the BMS directly to the start battery? or will it require a DC/DC charger to moderate the flow?

As a supplementary question, do I also route the MPPT from solar and the mains charger through the BMS.


michael-gerrard asked
dgnevans answered ·

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How many amps on float mode for agm battery?


How many amps should Orion TR 12/12 30 be pushing into Victron AGM battery on float charge?

When float charge starts I am getting 5-6 amps in for the first 30 minutes and then slowly down to 2.5 amps but that would take an hour or so,

Would that mean the battery is still getting charge for the first 30 minutes?


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Color Control GX stopped working, no SOC on my EasySolar 24/3000

Hi all,Recently my Color Control GX unit has stopped working giving any readings about the SOC and energy leves used on my system.

I can still use the mobile app on my phone and there everything seems to be fine.

All system is updated with the current latest software and firmware patches.
Tried flashing the CCGX unit by inserting a MicroSD card on the slot on the bottom to no avail.

I suspect the data connection of the CCGX unit and or the battery monitor cable have a defect.
Since on the mobile app I can get readings via bluetooth.

Any ideas where to look for? Do I need to open up the Easy solar and check for bad connections? Which ones? Any specific dipswitch settings I might have overlooked?

5x300W Canadian Solar panels
EasySolar 24/3000
4x Victron 220Ah Gel Batteries in 2x24v banks


noia asked
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When will Victron start to supply a AC to DC regulator for windturbines?

you can use the DC to DC charger with a windturbine. I connected my 400W AC wind turbine to a rectifier. The output I connected to a spare 200Ah battery. From there I took the input to the DC to DC charger and connected the charger’s output to my 1000Ah AGM battery bank. I switched of engine detection set the aborption to 14,1V and the float to 13,5V. Input switch off at 10,5V restart at 11,0V It works perfect. My question. When will Victron start to supply a AC to DC regulator for windturbines?

lars-finland asked
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Centaur temperature sensor

Hi to all from a newbie on the community board.

I wonder if anyone has any knowledge regarding the temperature sensor on a Centaur 12/40 charger which is fitted to a Dutch barge I have purchased? As soon as I connect 230V to the charger the fans (both) start to run and then run continuously. The charger is connected to 2 battery banks both 12v (one battery @230Ah and a bank of 3 @230Ah total 960Ah). I appreciate that the charger is well below that recommended for a bank of this size but budgetary constraints mean that, for the moment at least, I have what I have.

I assume that the problem is with the temperature sensor, but this is just an assumption. Trawling the internet has offered no solution so far.

I have checked throughout the charger for hotspots but none are apparent with the largest temperature differential being about 2C above ambient level. The batteries all appear to be charging fine and are all less than 10 months olds.

I have tried emailing Victron directly but have received no response.

Any thoughts on how to proceed would be gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.

Chas Roberts

MV Liza

chasroberts asked

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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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Orion Tr isolated charger- remote cable function

I'm trying to understand On/Off options for the charger before purchasing. I couldn't find much information about the choices that you have on the victron app. However, I do understand there is a choice between "converter" and "charger" mode.

*I will be using it on my boat between the house bank(charged by alternator and an AC/DC charger) and a seperate Bow-thruster bank.

Question 1: are "converter" and "charger" the only options for triggering on the unit?

Question 2: does this choice effect anything else besides the activation and deactivation of the unit? For example, I would like to choose the "converter" option and leave the remote terminals permanently bridged. This way the unit will only kick in while the alternator is working. However, I will be using the unit to charge a battery bank. Is the "converter" option ideal for accurately charging batteries?

Thanks to all in advance!

gal-ecker asked
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Cyrix-ct VSR- over current protection?

I read that this product has over current protection

Does this mean it will disconnect the battery banks when it senses more then 120 amps? Or 180 amps? Or will it just limit the current that flows through?



gal-ecker asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

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Which of the RJ12 wires supply power to the BMV 702?

My BMV 702 has stopped working (blank screen). I have confirmed there is power at the shunt and now want to check if there is power at the monitor end of the RJ12 cable. Can anyone tell me which of the wires/pins in the RJ12 cable supply the power?

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Victron Phoenix Charger 24v /16amp and 12v Battery Bank

Hello, I own a Victron Phoenix 24v /16amp battery charger that I use to charge my 24v battery bank.

I want to use the 24v charger to charge my new 12v battery bank. Is there a Victron product that will help me do this?

Would a Victron ORI241225020 Orion 24/12-25A DC-DC converter IP20 Non isolated, work?

Or is there another product I can purchase without having to buy a separate battery charger for my 12v system

Thank you for your help

kernowsolar asked
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Orion-Tr with "Battery Boost" switch

Hi, My motorhome has this battery boost switch which closes a solenoid between the house and chassis battery to assist in starting the coach if the chassis battery is low. I am installing a Orion-Tr which basically goes in parallel with this boost solenoid. My question is: will the use of this boost solenoid damage the Orion-Tr? It will basically short the output to the input.

mtnbrit asked
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Battery balancer alarm out to Cerbo

Quick question,

is there a way how to wire Battery balancer alarm output to Cerbo Gx and configure Cerbo to remotely monitor if alarm raises?

Petar Maksimovic asked

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CCGX no longer recognizing SD card

I have an SD card in my CCGX and it was working a month ago. Now, on the 'VRM online portal' screen I see the line

microSD/USB No storage found

When I am off shore and have no internet connection my data does not get stored so that when I get back and connect to VRM, there is a gap in the data.

How can I fix this?



patr asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Victron Blue Smart 12V 30A - easy exchange possible with present recharger?

Hello everybody,

in our new motorhome, I found a simply CBE CB516 battery recharger (16A). I'd like to mount two gel batteries instead of the ordinary one that was delivered with the car - and so I need to replace the battery recharger with a better one. I'd like to integrate a Victron Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A recharger. The old CBE device is responsible for a) recharging the battery and b) supporting 12V DC power to the car when AC230V is plugged in. But it's a really simple box with only one DC outlet... can I easily replace it with that Victron device?

Thanks for hints & help!


philoucamper asked

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge, VenusOS and Lithium

I have been searching the internet to understand how the IP43 Smart Charge integrates into a VenusOS and Lithium based system. There seems to be a lack of information, or I'm looking in the wrong place ;)

Does anyone know if the VenusOS will via the VE.Direct port turn the charge on and off based on the BMS state information, as it does for the MPPT Smart Solar?

I don't believe that it is included in part of the DVCC Maximum Charge current yet.

Dose anyone know if the VenusOS can supply voltage sense information, through DVCC.

I don't really want to just buy a unit to test and find these things do not yet work. Anyone have any ideas on how well the VenusOS and Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge work over VE.Direct?

bathnm asked

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App says Orion Smart charging is disabled, current meter says otherwise.

My Orion Smart 12v/12v-18a charger is set up for LiFePo4 batteries. The iPhone app says charging is disabled, but my clamp-on current meter shows 10-15 amps. If I flip the remote switch, the app reports that immediately so it's not a Bluetooth connection issue. I've verified that the current meter is working, and I've power-cycled everything (including the phone).

If I turn off charging via the remote switch, I see the current go down to zero. So that's working at least.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Using 200AH LFP bank to charge my “dead” FLA starter battery

This is a hypothetical situation but it’s winter here and the boat’s in storage, so... Here I am, sitting on the boat, at anchor. No shore power, but the 370W PV is keeping the LFP bank happy via the Victron 100/30 MPPT. I control both the starter/engine bank (FLA) and the house bank (2 100AH Battle Borns in parallel) with a 1-2-All-Off switch. BUT, I forgot to switch the circuit to “2” (house bank/LFPs) when I anchored, and the loads drained my FLA engine battery. The Orion 12/12-30 is off because the engine is off. Can I switch to “ALL” to allow the LFPs to push amps into the FLA battery to give it enough juice to start the engine? Yes, I’d measure the voltage at the FLA battery to be sure I had enough power to start the engine without compromising the LFP bank. Advice and suggestions, please?

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger: No characteristic absorption curve


I need your help. I have a problem with my Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/15.

The charger should charge a lithium battery (4 x Winston cells). I have set the absorption voltage to 14.2 Volt. The highest cell is at 3,568V. So there is no OVP situation.

In the absorption phase the current should drops at constant voltage: But after about five minutes, the current and voltage jump wildly up and down in the absorption phase.


What is the reason for this behavior and why doesn't the current simply drop further towards 0?

Thank you very much.

Best regards


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Victron MultiPlus C12/2000/80-30 stops loading

Hello Victron Community

I'm operating a Victron MultiPlus C12/2000/80-30 in my campervan.

It's a new device which was installed 6 weeks ago.

My use case is, that I usually park the van in a garage on Sunday evenings, plug the van into the normal grid, the charger starts working in bulk mode and charges the battery. All as it should be.

Now comes Saturday morning, I return to the van after a working week has passed, and the battery capacity (240Ah Li) is on 75% and the charger does not charge the battery any more.

Only when I swich the charger off and on again on the remote control panel, the MultiPlus will start charging again.

I repeated this several weeks now and the pattern is stable. It's always the same percentage battery load left an the charger does not charge any longer.

I suspect that the charger loads the battery just fine up to 100% (which I have seen at an intermediate control visit) and then switches itself off after some time but always at the same time after the battery was fully charged - hence the stable 75% value of battery load when I come back to the van.

Also, I think that it must be the MultiPlus itself that consumes the 25% battery load in the meantime as there are no other devices running except from the display of the Battery monitor and the display of the heating system.

Why does the MultiPlus stop charging the battery after some time and why does it consume energy?

I'd be extremely grateful for any hints!

Many thanks, Markus

markus-power asked
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