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MultiPlus always on BulK?

Hello All, I recently changed my inverter charger from a Magnum to the Multi 12/3000. It's connected to 500Ah of lithium. I'm able to monitor the system remotely using the Cerbo GX and I've noticed the inverter is sitting in Bulk charge mode 100% of the time. I've set my charge settings to 14.4 for Absorb and 13.6 for float based on info gathered online. Absorb time is set to 2hrs. Is thre a setting I'm missing that's causing this ?

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Alternator and solar panel to PPP 40 (not or)?


I would like to connect both, alternator and solar panel to my PPP 40 (not or). Can I do this with Schottky diodes (max. 30A, see specs attached)? Or do I need to selected the charge input (alternator or solar) via a switch, which of course is less comfortable. Thank you for your feedback. Damian


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Different voltages in Blue smart 30/3 outputs

Hi, I have a blue smart 30 3 outputs. if I measure the voltage of the 2 connected outputs one says 14.6 Volts and the other says 14.1. I take the measure in the charger's output, so there's no voltage drop yet. If I use Victron connect it says it's absorption, 14,4 volts, 4 amps charging. The issue is that the 14.1 volts output is the service battery, so I think it's not fully charging.

I think 0.5 volts is a too big difference between 2 outputs in the same battery charger, could this unit be deffective? I also have another one for the genset battery and two starting batteries. The genset output in the charger is 0.4 volts higher than in starting batteries (14.6 vs 14.2). The charger is also not giving full charge when this happens, just a few amps, so I suspect the mosfet in the output could be wrong in both units. The higer voltage is always in the same connector in both chargers.

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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-18A suitable for any alternator?

Hi :)

I'm thinking of getting this for a 2004 Ford Transit conversion, charging LifePo battery. Will this work on any alternator, also the dumb ones? In the description it says "Suitable for use in vehicles with intelligent alternator (Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines) ". But since its an older van, I have no idea if it has a "intelligent alternator".


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Multi in float, battery SOC 39%

Hi all,

I've got an off grid client with a Multi, PV inverter (SMA Sunny Boy) and DC coupled charge controller combined with battery monitor (Midnite Classic). for which I've written a script to integrate it with Venus. The PV inverter's wireless link fails at times when it rains hence it doesn't show in Venus (you only see the DC coupled charge controller) but it of course still does the job. Multi is running firmware v2624474 with PV assistant and has been updated not so long ago.

As you can see the Multi is in Float:


while the batteries are just being recharged after a couple of dark days. The charging parameters for the LFP batteries are:


Any ideas?


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controll of ac generator input

The batteries I'm using aren't what I hope end up with but i don't want the charging source to cause them to go above 55 volts for any length of time. I tried the Generator for the first time and the battery Volts rose to 57.?? input the generator screen said 1.5 KW OK for generator but high for batteries. Can i limit input or battery voltage some how?

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Sulfation or stratification (flooded start battery?
I used classic cheap flooded starter batteries in solar light cyclic application (95 ah maintenance free but not vrla). 
I noticed this phenomenon: every month or 2 months of light daily cyclic use (DOD 15% and subsequent full recharge), the real capacity tends to decrease quite, Let's say 10% after 1 month and 20-30% after few months, even if it gives a false Open circuit voltage of 13.1 v. 
However, an equalization charge at 15.0 v for 1-2 hours, and consequent bubbling of the electrolyte, restores the correct full capacity for the next 1-2 months. The strange thing is that the equalization only works if I previously discharge the battery with at least 30-40% dod. While it is less effective with dods below 20%. 
What is the cause of this periodic behavior? 
I thought of slight sulfation or stratification of the electrolyte. But none of these things should happen, as the batteries are charged every day and they move and shaking with the motorhome. The problem happened at the same way with 3 batteries from 3 different brands and it seems to happen only to me. The charging and discharging parameters have always been the same: average dod 15% and complete daily recharge with absorption of 14.4v 1-2 hours and temperature compensation -18mV / C and floating 13.8v. I am afraid that the periodic equalizations will dry the electrolyte that cannot be refilled because they are free from maintenance, even if they are classic flooded. 
Using agm deep cycle batteries this phenomenon has never happened to me and the capacity remains constant over time for the years of use.

What is the cause?
Why does equalization work so much better with previous heavy discharge?

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Multiplus not bulk charging

Hi. I have a new install MP2 3kVA with victron gel batteries (4 x 220AH in series).

I did an initial discharge test down to what the system believed was 70% or 48.9V.

When I cut back power, the charger went straight into float, not bulk.

It has slowly charged back to 85% and is now in storage mode.

Any ideas why it would not have bulk charged?

Should I just run another (longer) discharge cycle and see if it corrects itself?

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MPPT & Multiplus Dual Charging & avoiding overcharge


Could only find a single post on this topic. So I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120 and a MPPT 100/50 newly installed in my travel trailer.

What is the best way to go about configuring the chargers that avoids overcharging the batteries when both solar is available and shore power on the Multiplus? I am fearful of overcharging the batteries when both units have available power for charging.

Only thread I found mentioned disabling one of the chargers. I find this to be a poor solution as I do NOT want to have to manually monitor the chargers and remember when to turn them on or off. I would expect Victrons products to be intelligent enough to not overcharge when both sources are available but that's more hope than reality at this point. Please help! Thanks!!

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Low charging rate with mppt on lithium-ion batterie


Hère is my setup :

Smart Solar mppt 100 20

300w pannel

128 ah 12v li ion batterie

I did plug everything in ordre but the Charging keep staying low, like 4w in full Sun. Thé yellow absord led IS on.

Andy thoughts ?


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why is Multiplus 24/3000 beep during charging?

inverter beeping sound during charging. see video attached IMG_5408.MOV

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Solar Charger - MPPT 450/100 bulk, float equalisation parameters

Hello, have a

Solar Charger - MPPT 450/100

connected to a 12S4P battery bank made of Nissan Leaf batteries.

The nominal voltage of each cell is 3.65V and would like to charge at a maximum of 4.05V per cell and discharge up to 3.40V per cell.

What should be the ideal float, bulk, equalization values?

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Multiplus 24/3000 beeping while in absorption charging

The device gives a beeping sound while charging in the absorption stage Deep cycle seal lead-acid batteries. The sound stops during the float stage.

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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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Cerbo GX or Color Control GX and Monitoring Bow-Thruster Batteries

Hello everyone.

My yacht's Victron install will have two Cerbo GX communication-centres and screens, for monitoring all batteries, tanks, pumps, inverter/charger, AC, alternator temperature, etc. The bow-thruster, anchor-winch and capstan winch will be powered by a pair of 12V lead-calcium batteries, in series for 24V. I am looking at the Skylla-TG 24/50, or perhaps the Phoenix 24/25 for charging these batteries from shore power.

It appears these chargers do not have data connectors. The Skylla-i models have VE.Can connectors, which would make integration with the Cerbo easy.

So if I stick with the small, simple and lower price Skylla-TG (or even lower Phoenix), how will I get bow-thruster battery SOC data to the Cerbo? Perhaps with a BMV-702? I won't need the 712's Bluetooth given the Cerbo. I could use the second monitor of the 702 for the engine-start battery.

If I use a BMV-702, what will be displayed on the Cerbo GX screen? I imagine I'll be able to set it up so I can see the bow-thruster battery-bank SOC, but will I see the current flow in and out, from the charger to the batteries, from the batteries to the consumers?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Battery supplier (type super capacitor) accreditation

I would like to confirm if Victron chargers (Quatro for example) is accredited to work with the Sirius Super Capacitor Energy Storage System from KiloWattLabs. Charging Voltage 44VDC to 54VDC (48VDC nom.) This is a new (supercapacitor) battery technology which has less restrictive charging requirements than the existing batteries such as Li-Ion and Lead-based batteries.

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How to add a lithium battery to a Boat setup

Hello, I am having some challenges trying to incorporate a LiFePO4 house battery into my boat. I would like to know will I kill my alternator/rectifier or cause other problems ie for MPPT solar controller or LiFePO4 with the setup in the attached diagram?
please not that I do not want to change out anything in that diagram now only add items where necessary

Many thanks for your expertise and suggestions


thanks Dan

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Maximum Charge Voltage (DVCC - Limit Managed Charge Voltage)

Good morning Victron Community,

I've noticed the addition in DVCC the ability to limit the managed battery charge voltage to a value of your liking. The way I understand it is the ability to override the BMS CAN CVL (charge voltage limit) value from the battery and to charge at the selected voltage specified in DVCC.


For this particular site we are using 2x Revov R100 batteries which are set up with CAN comms between the battery pack and Multiplus-II 5kVA. The battery's parameters are set up to charge at a CVL value of 55.5V as seen below


however as a test I've lowered it to 54V in DVCC (and KEEP BATTERIES CHARGED) BUT I see that although it is trying to be close to 54V charging it still goes above that at 54.51V and triggers a High Voltage alarm on VRM (see below):



VEConfig file is also set up to charge at 54V for both absorption and float for this test (just noting as extra information).

Question for this post: Any ideas why this 54V limit is not holding?

Although the end result doesn't affect the batteries (safe voltages) the alarms in VRM are the problems.


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Victon Lithium - first charge - results at end of absorption

Hi All

Just charged a bank of 3 lithium 200Ah batteries (in parallel - total 600Ah) - for first time.

Set the charger to be in absorption for 2 hours - as per manual.

See pictures showing BMV and the 3 batteries - these screen shots were taken 2 minutes before end of absorption (2 hours). I was expecting to see all batteries at 14.20 - but they are all below this.

Does this look OK ?







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Smart solar mppt and Blue smart with smart shunt

I have this fitted with both smart solar and blue smart, the boat is on shore power a lot of the time, if I want to prioritise the solar charging is it a case of just setting the blue smart settings slightly lower -0.1v etc to achieve this or will they fight each other

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At what voltage does a Muliti-plus move from float to absorption charge?

Hi - we have a pair of 2019 Multi plus 24V/3000VA/70A-16/230V charging an AGM battery bank of 765AH capacity. The devices work fine but seem very reluctant to switch into absorption mode when charging, I've seen this post explaining that bulk mode kicks in 2.6v below the float level that is set for 24v AGMs: Does anyone know what logic is used to switch from charging in float to absorption? Is it a voltage below float again? I'm finding that they will start charging at around 120 amps but they stay in float mode and will not go into absorption at all, even when we have used around 25% of the bank capacity and the bank voltage has dropped by nearly 2v. Thanks, Richard

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IP65 charger: Can't change absorption time to under 1h?!

I have a Canbat 100ah lithium battery and purchased a Victron IP65 charger to charge it. I set up a user defined preset so I could follow the manufacturer's charging specifications. When I try to set the Maximum Absorption Time is the 0-6mins that the manufacturer suggests, the app won't allow me to set anything under an hour? You are able to select any time under an hour but the charger then changes it back to 1hr. The firmware is updated to 3.25. I am doing something wrong or is there a way to set this to under an hour?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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Charging lithium battery with an IP65 from vehicle DC and inverter.

I have a 100ah lithium battery and a IP65 15A charger. I also have a Dakota Lithium 300W inverter. I was wondering if I could charge my battery with the IP65 charger running off of the inverter while I am driving in my vehicle. I have a 4Runner with a 400W DC output in the rear of the vehicle that the inverter would be plugged into. Would the 300W inverter be able to run the charger or does the charger draw too much power? Or is this even safe for any of the items.


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Effect of low voltage under load on charging

Hi there,

i got a off-grid system i build but got to the point i need a bit of info.

Got a equivalent to 560watt of solar panels and might expand on that soon, on a 100/20 mmpt charging a 100A/24v lithium batteries pack.

Phoenix 1200/24v inverter in use for inhouse , tv , pc or other.

This setup been going good for a year but because of not wanting to risk of damaging the batteries i always only had it to deliver power in evenings and nights.

The reason is because i struggle with this:

When under load the voltage drops a good part, like from 28V to 26.5v for example.

Now i worry that if the panels during peak give more power then what im pulling from the batteries , the batteries would still be full but because of the lower volt the regulator would try charge them anyway and overcharge the batteries right? asked
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Blue Smart Ip22 30a not bulk charging

Hej! I have a 240ah lithium battery bank(three 80ah). Even when the battery's are at 50% soc the charger only stays in bulk mode for 2-3 seconds. Then goes into absorbation and eventually stop charging before they are full. If I turn on the engine the the generator charges at around 60amps so something is not right. Any ideas?

Sorry if the language is off, English is not my native language.

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Will Victron Orion Smart 18A 12V DC to DC charger do the job?

Hi, I'm looking to install a B2B charger into my campervan, which has a Euro 6 engine (so regenerative breaking). I only want to charge a small leisure battery (75aH) as my electricity requirements are minimal.

I'm strongly considering the Victron Orion Smart 18A 12V DC to DC charger. I'd be swapping out a old Voltage Sensitive relay for this, will be be a fairly straight forward swap?

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Spike in charge voltage and float voltage to high?


Hi all,

Connected to a multiplus 12-2000 are 2 x victron agm 230 super cycle in parallel.

Since yesterday i suddenly had a spike in charge voltage up to 15,61 Volts. After that the multiplus went into float stage and for 24 hours now wont be under 13,99 Volts (around 0,5 amps) , wich seems to high for me. Also, storage mode want kick in. Storage voltage is set at 13,35

What happend here?is this something due to adaptive charginf? Batteries are new so i am careful with it.

Best regards and thanks in advance.

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12v AGM leisure battery charging from van alternator

Hello, i have a Ford Tansit van converted into a camper and i would like to charge my leisure battery from the alternator. I was thinking of using the Orion-Tr dc to dc charger. Would this be enough, or is this even a good ideea? Or is there another way of doing it.

Thanks alot :)

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Charging 12V AGM from 48V lithium

I am commissioning a new boat which will have 3 x 160Ah AGM batteries for the 12V house bank. I have a 310W solar panel and propose using a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 for this. I also have a "spare" 1200Wh 48V lithium battery and I'm wondering if I could use this as an alternative source for topping up the 12V system through the same solar regulator (having a switch to ensure only one source at a time). I would only plan to use this when sailing at night when my solar contributes nothing and I'm using a fair bit of power with fridge, instruments, lights and autopilot.

For the sake of this scenario I am not worried about getting the 48V battery recharged - that is another issue.

Any drawbacks in this arrangement?

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