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Best setup for lithium batteries (580Amp), charging while driving, and shoreline. No Solar.

Hi everyone,

My first posting and wonderful to have such community and help! I am new to van life, and I am working on getting a Sprinter van battery house (Chinese lithium batteries: 8 cells @ 3.6V 280Amp) which will give me 560Amp 12V house bank. I would like to be able to charge my house batteries while driving (using the Sprinter alternator battery), and also while parked in my garage or campgrounds using AC plug. I don't plan on using solar. I like what i have read so far about Victron products, and I would like to know what will be the best package to order and install (there seem to be many products and options doing the same thing: i.e. the Multiplus vs EasyPlus, etc. I plan to have a small induction stove (1200W), small portable 120V air conditioner (6 Amp), and the Bosch electrical water heater (120V, so these would be my three 120V AC load. Any advise is greatly apprecaited.

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Will it be safe to use a 330W 19.5V 16.9A laptop charger for my 100/20 controller?

I have seen online people rewiring laptop chargers for their MPPT controllers, and I'm assuming that I can use a charger which has 16.9A. It would be very useful for me as this setup is in my van, and being able to swiftly disconnect my PV and connect a charger to the same input would be great.

It seems it would work but there is always a space for the unknown so thought I would post here. Besides I also saw something online that suggest that the controller could try to pull in more power of the laptop charger and would go into overcurrent. Anyone to validate this?

Thanks in advance!

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Nach Update auf V1.50; Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 Laderegler nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Hallo, wir haben einen Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 an einem 110 Watt Solar Panel und einer 225 Amp/h Batterie installiert.

Vor dem Software Update auf V.1.50 hat das System toll funktioniert.

Bulk und Float alles ok. Siehe bitte Foto.

Nach dem Update auf V1.50 kennt das System nur noch Bulk - Ladung.

In den Tagen vor und nach dem Software Update waren keine Stromverbraucher aktiv. Auch sonst wurde nichts am System verändert.

Wir haben nun seit 3 Tagen Verbraucher hinzugeschaltet. Das System lädt weiterhin nur in Erhaltungsladung - Bulk weiter. Die Sonneneinstrahlung ist in den Tagen vergleichbar.

Warum lädt der MPPT 75/15 nur noch in Erhaltungsspannung (Bulk) ?

Gibt es ein neues Softwareupdate? Oder kann man auf die alte Software Version zurück wechseln?

Vielen Dank schon einmal im voraus für die Informationen.


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Blue Smart IP67 AC ground

Is the AC ground connected to the DC negative on the BlueSmart IP67 25A charger?

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Suitable charger


I'm looking for a suitable charger for 4 110AH batteries (Victron BAT412101084) which are in a 24V group (220AH).
I also have a SmartSolar MPPT 75|15 connected to batteries.
The batteries are located in a boat as service batteries.
From time to time the batteries are also charged by a diesel engine via a battery isolator.

Can anyone recommend a suitable Victron charger?

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Mixing lead acid and lithium

My Lead Acid OPzS battery bank is "becoming smaller" as I continue to load the system more an more. Initially I sized the system for 20% DoD, but now in next winter I am afraid it may reach 40 to 50% or even more.

I have now the chance to get a good priced set of Winston LiFePO4 90Ah cells and I was thinking to build a smaller independent system to offload some of the work of the main system.

I allways thought it would be not advisable to put lithium in parallel with lead acid, but the more I think of it, the less crazy it seems. My LA system is 24V based, the 8 cell Winston would be 25.6V nominal. I would source a 3rd party BMS to manage the lithium. Maybe the BMS can take care of the issues - disconnect in low and high side of the daily swings.

I actually have found a product to make hybrid battery banks (BOS - LE300) so maybe this isn't so crazy after all.

To install in parallel and monitor the 2 strings I was thinking if it would be possible to use a separate BMV on each string (Lithium and OPZS). Is this possible, using 2 BMVs on same Venus device?

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Can I use auxiliary battery charger output (4 amp) on MultiPlus compact to charge a AGM start battery?

I have a new MultiPlus Compact inverter/charger. I see a 4 amp output for auxiliary charging. Can I use this on AGM start battery for charging.

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How does Cyrix-Li-ct work?

I just replaced my original battery combiner with the Victron Cyrix-Li-ct. I tied the small read lead to both my dashboard wire (AUX START) and to AM Solar's AMS Lithium Control Module v4.2 to the ALT + and - connectors.

Can someone explain to me how this relay is supposed to work? I have 3 typical scenerios: (1) vehicle running (class A motorcoach) with no solar, (2) shore power and (3) dry camping with plenty of solar.

Is this a "one-way" solenoid? Are both lithium batteris and chassis batteries affected in the above scenerios?

I've included the data sheet from Victron for your refereance.


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Blue Smart IP65 12/15 - Bluetooth Voltage higher than battery voltage

When connecting the charger to various batteries I tend to get a higher voltage displayed on the Victron App than measured across the battery terminals (using Smart BMV 712 + normal voltmeter). Example. Charger set on HIGH, App voltage says 14,7v but battery voltage says 14,6v. Could Temperature compensation cause unit to drop voltage but still display the expected voltage on the app?

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Are there any problems with leaving this charger connected to the battery at all times, or should I unplug it between each charge?

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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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Two batteries MPPT connected to 12-24 DC DC Charger

Hi, I have a single solar panel connected to a two batteries MPPT solar charger.

Battery 1 is 12V and is directly connected to the port 1 of the solar charger.

Battery 2 is 24V and I would like to know if I can connect port 2 of the solar charger to the input of the Victron isolated DC DC 12|24 Charger so I can solar charge the 24V battery as well.

Each negative has its own connection.


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Color Control GX

Can I change the battery charger amps on my multiplus 5kva 24v

When I plug in my generator the multi is trying to pull to many amps out of it to charge the Batterys

Some one said if I buy a color control I can change this setting also have a 712 smart

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BlueSolar MPPT - Batterylife algorithm thresholds


We're using BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 for solar street light application. The LED source is connected directly to the load output of the charger.

I know, that the Batterylife algorithm is changing the load disconnect/connect voltage thresholds, according to how the battery was charged. But what are the actual thresholds for the 12V system, what is the absolute low/high disconnect/connect voltage and what is the daily increment, if the battery was not charged again?

Knowing this would help a lot configuring the light, taking into account the voltage drop in the cables, and also solving some issues with cases where light doesn't switch ON at all.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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75/15 MPPT direct to Victron Lithium 2X200 amp @12.8v

Can I shutdown my house and starter disconnects while my boat sits on a mooring and have my solar wired directly to my lithium batteries to keep them charged while I am not on the boat? I am told my BMS CL 100 will continue to draw off the start battery

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which product does it all

Tired of not finding a clear answer in de product descriptions. I'm looking for a charger inverter ups-function which will also delivers power to the grid when the batteries are full or not connected. Do all inverters de this? Or none of them? Or did I miss one.

Thanks, Mich

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MultiPlus Settings for LiFePO4 2x 200ah Ampere Time Battery Bank


I have just purchased all the parts for a Victron branded solar setup on my motorhome.

Im using two Ampere Time 200ah LiFePO4 batteries in paralell for my bank. What should I set the absorption, float and bulk to when I set up my MultiPlus 3000VA 12v inverter?

I've read a few similar posts and they all sound very forign to me. This is my first solar setup.

If you dont mind... please explain to me like im 5.

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B2B charging - 48V to 24V for boat house bank

Hi All

In final stages of cabling our boat and looking for best solution to drop main battery voltage 48V to 24V for house use. Average daily house use around 2.5 kW with potential peaks of 2.6kW possible at times.

Could use three or four Orion-TR 48:24V 380W converters in paralell direct to load but imagine would over stress converters. I think better solution is to install a separate 24v lithium battery bank (around 2.8kw) as a buffer between DC converters and load - and use converters to keep this bank charged. It appears that Victron do not offer 48:24V B2B chargers.

Would three or four Orion DC converters 48V:24V 380W wired in parallel be suitable to manage house loads via the 24V batteries with a suitable BMS to stop and start converters?

It seems that this solution would provide sufficient amps into the 24V batteries but lack any charge stage cycling - maybe not best solution for long term life of batteries.

We are looking at various Victron Smart batteries or Super pack as house bank.

Appreciate your comments or alternative suggestions.

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Charging a 12V Lifepo4 battery. Who has the key to this mystical knowledge?

I have bought a lifepo4 12.8V 40Ah battery from an unknown but experienced manufacturer for a small project, that was not too expensive to wake the kraken and dragon of my spouse.

It came at 13,33V and looked very tame.

I charged it with a blue smart ip65 12/15 charger on lithium configuration and low current (4A) instead of 15A to wake it up softly.

The manufacturer prescribes a CCCV load profile with cut off voltages of 14,6v high to 10V low. But Victron thinks that 10V is too low. They told me to cut off at 12,5V. And load with 14,2V.

I think Victron uses a more conservative load profile. Maybe to protect the battery from unballanced cells in these high limits? Is that right? Or does that have another reason? Lifepo4 is lifepo4 right?

The first charging got to 14,2V for a little while, but then very quickly started ballancing at 13.5V. Is that normal?

So now the battery is 13,5V... Which is good I guess for storing the battery? When I look at a voltage chart of 12V Lifepo4, that is about 90%SOC? I have enough capacity to do what I want, so that's ok.

But I need to calibrate an Aili battery monitor (I know it might be rubbish but I want a little experiment). So when the battery is 100%, I have to tell the monitor by pushing a button that it's 100%SOC. But how do I know whether the battery is completely charged at 100%? On the voltage charts of lifepo4 I see that 13,5V is not 100%, but the smart charger brings the voltage automatically to 13.5V, and I don't want to start messing with the configurated values...

I also have a smart battery sense, a smart battery protect on load side, a battery protect on charge side, and an mppt 75/15 for a solar module when I install everything. Some are new, some were of a previous AGM project (that's why the chargers are 15A, instead of 10A which would be preferable for a 40Ah battery). But without a shunt, these victron appliances can't determine the SOC, so they can't help me either, although they all blink very willingly.

Any suggestions to educate me on this and protect my precious investment from my erratic ignorance, and help me to set this battery monitor please?

Would it calibrate itself when the battery reaches full capacity again? Even when the voltage drops again to 13,5 V?

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MPPT 100/30 not completing charge

I have the MPPT 100/30 feeding my 2 6V flooded wet lead acid batteries with a Magnum 1012 inverter. The system worked fine for 18 months and now this winter I'm not getting complete charge in days that it was charging to 100%. The system is in a cabin with infrequent use and temperatures are around 0-4C.

Day one: drew the batteries from 85%-69% and the next day they only recovered to 74% in full sun with 11.64V min. 13.59V max. 69% min.- 78% max. charge .....(Yield 770Wh, 244W, 43.51V)

Day two: drew the batteries from 78%-59% and the next day they only recovered to 74% in full sun with 11.55V. min. to 13.64Vmax. 59% min. to 70% max. charge..... (Yield 1.00kWh, 263W, 42.05V )

Day three: drew the batteries from 70%-54% we left that day with the batteries at 54%

With this trend the system will fail if we are there for a week and it does not closer to 100% recovery in a full sun day.

What do I check?

Why the change?



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Help needed regarding a little water turbine


I have a water turbine that is used to power a small kids shack ventilating fan next to a river, the input from the turbine is 2A (fluctuates), 12v. Will any of the charging control module for solar work for such an application? The load is 1.5A and I am planning to use a 12 V lead battery.

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HowTo PV Charger priority over Quattro Charger

A non-ESS hybrid connected to the grid with Quattro mode "on" will throttle down the PV charger and charge the battery from grid...


when, by putting the Quattros into "inverter only" mode, the PV charger could actually deliver the charge. Or at least any charge so it would not be needed from grid:


Obviously, the question is how to achieve PV charger priority over Quattro charger priority, so one could leave the grid on, but not at the expense of PV chargers being turned down, which IMHO should have been the default in the limbic (non-assistant) system of Victron devices anyway.

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Are my LiFePO4 batteries dead?

I bought 4 Weize 12.8V 100ah batteries in batches of 2. I hooked up the first 2 and they worked until they lost their charge, but the MultiPass 3000 I had would not charge them. When the other 2 batteries arrived I hooked them up in place of the first 2 and everything worked great (I haven't hooked all 4 in parallel yet). They have kept their charge for 24 hours and when unplugging shore power everything stayed on. Doing this test with the first 2 shut everything off as in there was no power coming from the batteries. With shore power connected, the MultiPass and BMV-712 say the batteries are receiving 14.2 volts which I'm assuming is to charge them. When I unplug shore power, I get low battery warnings and a reading of 8.2 volts. After disconnecting the batteries and testing them individually with a multi-meter, I get 1.4 and 1.5 volts. Doing the same test with the newer batteries gives me 13.3 volts which is the absorption setting. I just plugged one of the bad batteries in by itself and took some screen shots. I can use the VictronConnect app to turn off the charger and the 12 volt lights dim, but stay on and I get low battery warnings. Doing this procedure with the good batteries shows no noticeable change to light intensity, but I can see in the 712 that a load is being taken from the batteries. When I was test wiring the first 2 batteries I accidently shorted one battery by placing a wire across the negative terminal of the same battery when I was trying to reach the second battery. The voltage on that battery then read 1.4, but the other battery still read 13.2. I figured I just discharged the one battery so if I hooked them both up in parallel to the MultiPass that it would charge the first battery, but not the second one because it was already full. I'm new to this all so I'm not sure I should have put a fresh battery with a depleted battery in parallel to be charged, but that's what I did. After a few hours, I disconnected the shore power and everything went off. In other words, the batteries couldn't supply any energy for either the 12 volt system or the 110. I disconnected the batteries again and this time both read 0, not even 1.4. But after a while, they read 1.4 and 1.5. The second battery was fine, but it appears that connecting it in parallel to the depleted battery somehow damaged it. Again, putting either of the first 2 batteries by themselves connected to the MultiPass would attempt to charge them, but as soon as I disconnected them they would read a low 1.4 or 1.5 volts.

So, do I send the first two batteries back? Is there anything I can try to revive them?

Thanks for any help.

Good batteries connected.



Now I connected a single bad battery.


BMV-712 with bad battery - no values for Current and Power.


BMV-712 with good battery - notice the Current and Power actual have values.


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Charging a secondary battery from inverter

Is it acceptable to charge a secondary FLA battery from an inverter running off a primary LiFePO4 bank as per the attached drawing. Thanks - Tim LiFePO4 Start Battery Charging.pdf

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3 x Parallel Connected Batteries can take 10 amps each, can I charge them at 30 amps

I have a battery bank with 3 X Yuasa EFB 100Amh batteries which are rated to take up to 10 amps each. Can I charge the bank at 30 amps with a MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller?

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Trickle Charging my Boat Battery

Dear All,

We sometimes leave our boat out of the water for 1-3 months at a time (in the dry store), rather than heaving the heavy batteries out of the boat to store in small apartment, we would like to trickle charge them with solar.

Now the question is, can I leave a BlueSolar PWM-Light 10A connected permanently with a 20 Watt solar panel, to trickle charge the battery? (similar to the "maintenance/wintering" chargers that can be found for cars - these are 230 V / 12V)

As far as I know the PWM Light has a fixed charge regime, of Bulk, Absorption, Float. Would it be suitable for the 12V Deep Cycle (maintenance free / sealed and have 140 Ah) Lead Acid batteries on board the boat? It is two sets of batteries (which are not physically connected), so likely would need two chargers and two panels?

The charge cycle completes and then restarts and after two hours of Absorption, it switches to float.

In short, can this be done, or if not could somebody suggest a simple / affordable system that can be used for this purpose.

Many thanks and best regards,


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Is there a problem to charge a Smart LifeP04 without the BMS

Had to take the Battery out of the car, load very low hopefully not damaged yet. Cannot load the battery in the car but do not have a BMS then. Is it a problem to charge it without?

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How to wire MPPT and DCDC charger in same system

I am getting a 120amp LifePo4 and wanting to charge from both Victron solar and dcdc from starter battery

Will these two interfere with each other whilst driving? I have heard that they can cancel each other out.
Should I include a manual switch so I can choose to use one or the other? Or is there another way to insure that my batteries will be getting charges whilst driving.

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Where do I put the master switch for a battery to battery charger two battery system on a boat?

Hi everyone,

A simple question for those that know I suspect.

I'm trying to wire up a basic boat system, with a lithium house and a lead acid engine start battery. I have a Victron Orion TR Smart battery to battery charger and just want to know where the main battery isolator fits into this system. I realise both batteries must always be connected when the engine is running so that the charge has somewhere to go when the lithium battery reaches full charge. Can I continue using the traditionals 1/2/both swithch shown as per the schematic at the link below or do I need to have completely separate isolators. Can someone explain or even better draw on the schematic to complete the wiring diagram?

Many thanks for any assistance


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I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 Interrupted over and over again

I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 my battery bank is 4 300ah lifpo4 battery's,

I have set the charge voltage to 14.6v with the custom setting as recommended by the battery manufacturer.

removed the charge time limit as its a large bank.

The charger charged to 1kah and has moved to absorption charge at 14.6v but keeps being interrupted over and over again after charging around 0.5AH.

what is wrong have I set something wrong or could there be a fault with the charger.

Regards Rob

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