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Battery balancer 24v install


Hello I have looked around but cannot quite find the answer. I have a battery balancer to install on my bank its 8 12v 220ah agm in 24v config

My question is how to connect it up to the system. I have looked at the documents and am still some what lost

I assume it connects to plus on one side and negative on the other and then there is a mid point

From what I can see the mid point is a daisy chain along the plus on the 4 batterys

The plus and negative are as that connected to plus and negative no chain down the bank? If some one could help out I may still be sane by new year

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Old Multiplus 12/3000/120 with smart BMS CL 100/12 will it work ?

Having had enough of running my generator for hours and hours in the winter to get my AGM's to 100% charge ( summer no problem with my solar ) I have decided that as soon as I can afford it I am switching to 2 x lovely new 200Ah Victron Smart Lithium's .

I plan to use Smart BMS CL 100/12 as my BMS in order to integrate by alternator and also my Midnite solar controller .

The Midnite can be configured to accept the Charge disconnect output of the BMS but I have an old 2007/08 Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120 and not sure if I can shut down the charger and loads on this with the BMS , It does not have Aux inputs of the later models .

I don't really want to spend on a new one especially since my outlay on new batteries is large and the ole Victron is in really good condition and working fine so why bin it ? there must be a way of shutting it down ? can the Cyrix Li-Charge / Load be used for example and if so how ?

Many thanks in advance


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ESS assistant with two-signal BMS support


I have a problem with the two-signal BMS support in the ESS assistant.
The two-signal BMS support is described very simple and clear in this document:

One signal input is used to allow charging/disable charging and the other input is used to allow discharging/disable discharging.

I selected "Disable charger" on the high-cell/battery full condition. When the BMS activates the input of the Multi, the CCGX shows "ESS #3", which means "BMS disabled charging". But the problem is, that the charger AND the inverter stop working in this case. This doesn't make sense in my opinion, because the battery is full and cannot be discharged, because the inverter is also disabled. So the system locks itself and remains in this state and cannot leave this state.
Then I switched the "Battery full"-input manually and could reproduce this behaviour as long as I wanted: The Multi is in inverter mode and discharging the battery. Then I activate the input and the inverter stops immediately. Then I deactivate the input again and the inverter starts again with discharging the battery.

When I select "Force to float" on the high-cell/battery full condition, the inverter is not affected and not disabled in this case. So this seems to work fine.

The "Battery empty"-input also works fine and only switches off the inverter, whereas the charger is not affected and still works.

I found an entry with the same problem form last year here:
In the first answer from May 27 '19 dunno describes the same problem, which I also observe with the option "Disable charger" on the high-cell/battery full condition, but there is now answer to his question.

Can someone help of the Victron team?

Best regards

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Smart Battery Protect says OUTPUT DISABLED BY REMOTE

Smart Battery Protect says OUTPUT DISABLED BY REMOTE and because of that I can't use any of the 12V devices.

Can someone advise as to why there is no power going out to my 12V distribution board from the SBP100?

And the same why no power going to the Battery from the SBP200 ?

Both are saying that they have been "Output Disabled by Remote"

Many thanks

1. SBP100 for load disconnect


2. SBP for Load disconnect


3. SBP100


4. SBP200


5. BMV readings.


6. As you can see the negative voltage is coming to the negative feed of the 12V distribution. And 12 V positive feed going to SBP "IN" field, but nothing goes out to the loads.



8. SBP flashing lights


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Does Victron Have BMS with Bluetooth?

I'm a Victron Fan and am building PV System for basic lightings.

Presently I have Victron Charge Controller 100/30 for 12.8V LiFePo4@200Ah storage Batteries configured in , as the series The batteries have Chinese BMS (Not DALY) that has no name, but Bluetooth system. I was very satisfied with the function, as the device indicated Charge/Discharge, each cell level and it balanced the cells constantly. My satisfaction was short-lived as the BMS became defective in 40 days. My PV system came to a halt, due to this reason.

This is the story.

Now, my need.

Does Victron energy have stand-alone BMS bluetooth built in? I know Victron Batteries have BT builtin.

Please point me towards the above enquiry.

Thanks a ton and best wishes.

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Connecting Lithium in parallel


I have an issue with a victron 150ah LiFePO4 (600ah bank of 4 at 12v) not balancing after several attempts. It balances after about 6 hours on hook-up via the multiplus 3000/12/120 but as soon as we boat off it won't balance the next time I charge via engine or geni/multiplus, and BMS shuts down due to one cell (always the same one) going OV at 3.76v

The guy (pro) who fitted the system (now unwell) thinks its a duff battery and has asked that I swap 1 and 4 over to see what happens (cell 4 in battery 1 is the issue)

Now having a look my black BMS cables aren't wired like anything I've seen.

All diagrams I can see the left black cable of Battery1 goes to the left BMS port; the right black cable or B1 goes to B2 left cable; B2 right to B3 left, B3 right goes to battery 4 left and lastly battery 4 right to BMS right port (a 4 battery version of this link

Mine goes B4L-B2R; B4R-B3L; B3R-B1L; B2L-BMSL; B1R-BMSR

I can't find anything wired vaguely similar ANYWHERE. The only possible reason I can see why it was done this way is that my left hand black cable is too short to go to the BMS left port and needs the 2m victron ( extension cable

Q1) is my wiring enough to mess with the cell balancing?
Q2) should I buy the extension cable and wire it as per the diagrams I can find regardless of whether I have a duff battery on not?

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Smart BMS CL 12/100 load and charge disconnect

Can I control several devices with the Smart BMS CL 12/100 with the "Charge Disconnect" and "Load Disconnect" plugs? In the manual there are several examples but only with one device. But I need:

"Charge Disconnect" = 2x SmartSolar MPPTs, 1x Multiplus 800VA

"Loade Disconnect" = 1x Smart Battery Protect, 1x Multiplus 800VA

Here are the instructions:

Thank you very much for a short feedback

Many thanks Gabriel

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Wiring diagram for a van install with multiplus II


After reading a lot those last weeks, especially here, (what a great help this community is !), I've come with a wiring schematics for my new van installation.

Years ago, I've already made a van installation with Victron lifepo4, BMS 12/200, BMV 712, battery protects and all went very well.

Now there is a lot of new products, protocols etc and I think that this wiring is the best I can think about.

I want it to be the simplest possible, with the less components.

I do not want to install solar at the beginning, I think I can only rely on the buck boost (I've a 250A alternator). I will maybe add them later if needed.

I used as a basis, the Victron van install diagram:, removed un-necessary thing, added the Multiplus II 24/3000 and removed:

- Battery protect (charging)

- External temp sensor

- Isolation transformer

- AC detect (included in Multiplus II)

Do you think that this way the low temp security of the BMS will disable the charging from the Buck Boost, MPPT and Multiplus ?

Did I forgot something?

Do you see a better way to do it ?

Thanks a lot

(Tip: click the image link under the image or right click/open in a new tab for a better, full size image)

edit: 1) "typo" of the purple cable from BMS to MPPT 2) replaced the to usb cable by a cable to the GX


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Solar charge a empty lithium battery?

Hi, in my caravan I have installed a 275w solar panel, a Victron 100/30 solar charger and a 0Ah Lithium battery. Two times now has the battery been so low that the BMS has turned the battery off.. But next morning when sun was back a volt monitor (shunt) displayed 29V but battery was still off. I had to connect a old charger to start it, then the victron charged the battery to full.
Can i change some settings in my Victron mppt charger so it can start the BMS so the battery can be charged again without me have to connect another charger?

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Integrating 123/smart bms with victron smart BP and Phoenix smart inverter

Hi, I'm planning to use remote switches to control the on/off function of the smart BP and the smart Phoenix inverter, I'd also like to use the relay on my bms to shut down these components in the event of a fault (high/low voltage and temperature etc) and I'm struggling to find a definitive answer. Can I simply interrupt a 12v signal from the battery to the h terminals with the n/o bms relay to control the shutdown and then connect my remote switches after the relay to control the on/off functions of the BP and inverter?

Thanks in advance


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Victron BMS red led

We have a sailboat with 4 * 200 ah 12v - packs of 2 batteries for 24 V.

Everything is Victron - Quattro 8000 BMS VE and monitor etc.

The batteries made the BMS kick in and the Quattro showed (low battery) - and wound not charge.

We called in for help which resulted in loosing the setup and that we had to have the communications card on the Quattro changed and now the blue panel also.. We can no longer access the menus in the panel and we don't have access to the Quattro.

As soon as we use the hydraulics an alarm goes off and we can't see how much power is left on the 2 working batteries ? So we are running the Panda generator all the time.

BUT the Quattro will now only run on 1 pack of 2 batteries. When we connect the other pack the red light comes on on the BMS. With a Victron smart 25 amp 12v charger we measure 14.4 v separately on the 1 pack of batteries that results in a red led and aprox. 13.7 v on the other pair.

What could be wrong? The batteries are from 2016 LiFePO4 . Can a battery be reset so the BMS does not create a red led?

Thank you Tor

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BMS with multiple charge sources

I’m planning a 12v van system with

dc-dc charger from the a smart alternator and starter battery, 3x100w solar panels controller by a smart solar MPPT 100/30

Loads include an 800w inverter and then lights etc

I’m trying to add a suitable bms. I’m looking at the bms 12/200 to avoid the need for adding smart battery protect everywhere.

On my plan, this would go where the negative bus bar currently is, with the Orion dc-dc connected to AB and fuse box and inverter connected to LB

I have read that the solar controller connects to LB, whereas in my head, it should connect on AB with the other charge source.

Q1 Is it correct that the solar charger connects to LB and can charge the battery from there?

Q2 Does the system then negate the need for any “smart battery protect”?

Thank you for help in advance!

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BMV-712 Contactor Compatibility

I would like to use my 712 to operate two existing contactors as low and high voltage cutoffs but I cannot find any info about what contactor would be compatible with the BMS. The contactors I have are 12V I believe 3A max operating current, 200A load current. I have heard there are also currents that get induced when these are activated that can harm the electronics of the sensor (the 712 in this case). My manual doesn't provide any info that I can find about compatible contactors.

Can I hook mine up directly to the BMS 712?

Do I need 48V instead of 12V contactors?

Do I need a separate 12V power supply for the contactors?

If I had 48V contactors, could I hook them up directly tot he BMS? etc.. etc.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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Can I connect more than one BMS to the Venus GX?

I'm trying to connect 2 batteries from 2 different suppliers

  1. A pylontech battery with a builtin BMS that connects directly to the Venus GX
  2. An additional battery with a separate BMS that can also connect to the Venus GX

Can I connect these 2 batteries (through their individual BMSes) at the same time to the Venus GX?

How does the Venus GX manage 2 BMS inputs?

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Smart shunt sizing

Hey Folks. I am looking for details on sizing a smartshunt. For example, for the 1000A model, can it handle higher inrush from cranking or is 1000As the the absolute limit? What happens when current rating is exceeded?

I have Detroit 6-71s and i read that they typically have a 10HP starter, which i think works out roughly to ~700As @ 12VDC (??).

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