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Victronconnect Multiplus display watts amps incorrectly

AC In 1: 122V, 1.38A, 35W

AC Out 1: 122V, 0.06A, -12W Battery: 13.52V, 3A

For both AC displays W does not equal VxI.

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Multiplus 12/1600/50 - VictronConnect - How to configure/change settings

Hello all

System on my boat: Multiplus 12/1600/50, Venus GX, BMV-712 smart, digital Multi Control, Orion DC-DC, 4 x Victron 90 amp LifePo4 batteries.

I would like to be able to control settings (not on/of/charger only) in the Multiplus, via VictronConnect, either via Smartphone or Ipad. Having to connect a PC or Mac via mk3-usb interface is cumbersome!

Would VE.BUS smart dongle be of help?

I have all the latest firmware as per today.

Thanks in advance.


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VictronConnect Improvement Requests - Offline mode, history metrics, dashboard, background mode

Hello VictronEnergy,

I'm a big fan of your products, I use the SmartSolar, the SmartShunt, the Phoenix Inverter and the LoRaWan Module happily.

As many before, I do also have feature suggestions to improve the usability of the VictronConnect App. I strongly believe you should invest more UI development resources into the App, as todays mantra is "mobile first" when it comes to building UIs. Don't get me wrong, I like the Apps structure and easiness of use, but I believe some crucial things are still missing for a happy user experience.

Many other such posts where made before this, so I'm sorry if there are a few duplicate requests.

Some of these other posts reported a flawed bluetooth connection and thus the app constantly needs to re-connect. I must say the App is most stable and very smoothly useable with Iphones. I tried several Android Phones and even with Victrons suggested Samsung Phones, the app runs far slower and not as smooth as with an Iphone.

Anyways the troubles of us VicrtonConnect users are still always the same, no matter which phone, the pain is only amplified on Android. So here is my which list:

* general offline mode

* more history metrics

* remove trends - replace with daily metrics

* Dashboard

* background mode

Let me elaborate in detail:

general offline mode


I think that's pretty obvious: I want to access my harvest history and all the relevant historic statistics, even when I'm not connected via bluetooth. I'd also like to see how "old" the history data is, so to speak, when was the last update.

Currently the "Status" tab is the Entry tab when connecting to the device. I would change this to the history tab and grey out the Status tab. When clicking on the status tab, the app could try to reconnect via bluetooth while still showing the history data.

I would consider this to be very important, with only little difficulty.

more history metrics


Some other posts mentioned some missing metrics, here is my wish list:

I'd like to see the current temperature (in Status) and also the historic values (Minimum, Maximum, Average).

I'd like to see daily average values for the solar power and the battery voltage.

I'd like to see the minimum, average and maximum power on the load port (on MPPT with Load connectors).

I consider this medium important, with only little difficulty. Not sure if the MPPT firmware would need updates to calculate the averages and send the temperature information.

remove trends - replace with daily metrics


I'd really like to see a solar, battery, and power output curve for the last and current day. more or less similar to the ones from the VRM but with a slightly higher resolution (e.g. every 15 minutes).

The trends functionality is rather useless, as many suggested before, as it requires the app to run constantly in foreground. I would completely remove this function.

I consider this to be medium important and medium difficult. This would surely require firmware upgrades and changes to the app.



When using multiple Smart Victron Products It would be fantastic to have a status dashboard which includes the most important stats into a single page. I'd like to see the current Solar Yield, DC Load Power, AC Load Power, Batter Fill level for my setup. I can imagine other metrics could be interesting in such a dashboard too.

I consider this to be less important and rather difficult as it might require multiple parallel bluetooth connections, which might be different on each platform.

background mode


This has been requested often, and I would request it once more. I'd like to have a background mode which leaves the bluetooth connection open even when the app is in background, so that the app doesn't need to reconnect and load all values again when switching to it.

I consider this to be medium important and difficult as it might be different on different platforms.


I understand it is a lot work to improve the app, build the firmware test everything and finally release it for multiple platforms. Some of these features might be very difficult or even impossible to add. But keep the mantra "mobile first" in mind.

I always recommend your products to friends and colleagues. It would be much easier if I could show them my real offline data with my mobile. I know there's the demo function, but still I'd like to share my stats with them, so they can learn how much energy they can harvest with a similar setup like mine.

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No remote Console in Victron Connect

With a Cerbo GX firmware 2.54 and new Iphone SE OS 13.4.1 and on a macbook pro with OS Seirra, the Rremote Console is NOT available. The Cerbo gets seen, connected via bluetooth, but there is no option to get to the remote console, the only way to control the Cerbo, is via VRM and that is painstakingly slow. Has anybody seen this ? the fact that it seems to happen on several devices makes me believe this could be a bug. All devices are also on the same wifi network and trying the venus.local/app/ wont work (ip address subsitute also will not resolve anything)

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how to restore batt min value on app

My RV system is working fine but 5 days ago my 100/30 MPPT showed a batt min value after a reset to default, since then this value has disappeared on the app.- see upload below. Pls can anyone explain how to restore this reading. Thanks Peter

Days ago Date Yield(Wh) Consumption(Wh) Max. PV power(W) Max. PV voltage(V) Min. battery voltage(V) Max. battery voltage(V) Time in bulk(m) Time in absorption(m) Time in float(m)
0 28/02/2021 30 10 27 65.36 0 14.41 33 4 279
1 27/02/2021 60 0 90 67.89 0 14.41 1 45 491
2 26/02/2021 40 30 34 66.67 0 14.6 60 1 564
3 25/02/2021 60 40 83 65.69 0 14.27 121 2 628
4 24/02/2021 80 10 20 63.51 0 14.16 124 12 628
5 23/02/2021 50 0 60 67.24 12.94 14.33 27 1 537

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Problems connecting to multiplus with mk-3

Although I have in the past been able to connect just fine, after a remote panel firmware upgrade I am now unable to get past the loading data in victron connect or any other app. Seems the mk-3 is connected but cannot find the multiplus. I have tried Uninstaling the apps and drivers, and have used a second pc and dongle.

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Multiplus 2000 Buzz and Current Draw and fans.

I have a new, out of the box Multiplus 2000, 12V on a test bench setup. Feeding it is 280AH of Lithium @ 13.5V. I start the inverter and it's quiet. I put a load on it via a heat gun and it immediately starts a loud low frequency buzz. The heat gun pulls 70Amps of from the pack measured on the BMS and a DC clamp meter, but Victron Connect shows -43 Amps. All connections are tight and double checked. Wire Gage is correct.

There is also a fan and temperature fault issue. When both fans come on during inverting or charging, they struggle to blow at full speed and emit noise (not wind noise, a fast clicking is the best way to describe it) and the Multiplus eventually goes to temperature fault then shuts down some time after the fault. Before the shutdown, I unplug one fan (top of board, Right Side Fan) and the remaining fan jumps to full speed, as normal, with no clicking sound. I plug the right fan back in and both immdiately go to clicking, slow down and appear to struggle. The fan voltage on the top connector with no load is 8V DC.

Anyone have any ideas?

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BMV-712 USB Cable Limits?

We have a BMV-712 that seems to have intermittent problems with 30' USB Runs to 2 MPPT Controllers. We've tried 2 different powered USB hubs (on the MPPT side) and 2 different USB cables (with booster chips) to no avail. I've unplugged the USB WIFI dongle because it too seemed to be dropping out intermittently. Everything is patched to the latest firmware. Here's what I'm wondering:

1) Is there is a known problem with longer USB runs?

2) Is there possible a problem with my BMV's USB interfaces?

3) Would a powered USB hub on the BMV side be better placement to amplify the signal to-from the MPPTs?

Many thanks!


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Pheonix Inverter 24/3000

Hello, Im having problems with my Pheonix 24/3000 inverter. After buying it second hand, I have never got it to work. First it simply did nothing when i flicked the switch, now the green light ontop is flashing but there is still no output power.

Both occasions I checked the voltage at the inverter terminals and beyond the fuse. It showed 25.5v when the power switch was off and when it was on. So I dont think there is a bad connection. It is however quite cold here in Sweden and it has been in a room the has been below 0 degrees celcius on both attemps. The first attempt was maybe at -4c when the inverter showed no light and -10c on the attempt when the light started flashing.

Could it just be the cold?

The batteries are gel batteries that stay topped up so I think they can handle the cold.


I had a hope that doing a software update might make it work again but VictronConnect cannot find the device when plugged in. It is connected to the laptop with an RJ45 cable through a USB adapter.

Could it be the adapter that doesnt allow the connection?

There are 2 RJ45 ports in the inverter. Ive tried both of them.


Thanks folks! Any advice is much appreciated.


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Please help- state unknown and not connected - Mppt and sometime the Smartshunt on the VRM, VictronConnect and remote console.
  • Hi. Just now my blue solar mppt and smartshunt disappeared from the VRM, victron connect and remote console.

Is there any know recent issues?

Many thanks



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Trying to enter PUK code - keypad does not allow letters to be entered

Starter battery in my VW camper died. Replaced battery and now my BMV712 gives me an error code telling me to enter my PUK code. My PUK code is alphanumeric - it contains numbers and letters. The keypad in the app doesn't allow me to enter letters - only numbers. How do I enter my PUK code if I can't enter letters? (iPhone XS, iOS 14.4)

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Victronconnect version 5.38 upgrade integrity failure on mac os x

I am trying to upgrade to VictronConnect version 5.38 on MAC OS X Catalina 10.15.7 and get the following error in install.log

NSLocalizedDescription = "The update was canceled because the application integrity could not be verified.";

NSURL = "file:///var/folders/cd/1_xk8ltj19s9w2ntv0x4m5fc0000gn/C/";

PKInstallPackageIdentifier = "com.victronenergy.victronconnect.mac";

Anyone else seeing this ?

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Victron Connect v5.38 and BMV-712 not updating time since last full charge

Hello, since the latest Victron Connect update to v5.38, the Time Since Last Full Charge on the History page for my BMV-712 Smart no longer updates, but reports 0 seconds continuously, even after the batteries have synched to 100 per cent. Everything else seems to be working as normal. Just wondered if this is a bug in the latest software and if anyone else has noticed it?

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VictronConnect Dutch Translation


In the BMV settings there is a glitch in the Dutch translation..



Peter Buijs - NL asked
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Can you put the PPP in storage mode with the victronconnect app?

We store our PPP in our house during the wintertime (normally it's in our RV). I'd like to charge it full now and wan't to put it in storage mode afterwards. Is that possible with the app or do I have to buy a second "button" to do it the way i can do it in the RV?

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Bluetooth connection impossible

I own a SmartSolar 75/15 without any issues so far, with the device or with the Victron Connect App.

Lately, I can't connect my phone (or another phone, both Android) to the App. The device appears on the list, but when I click on the device, the progress bar goes to 20%, then back to 1%, and so on until the message "unable to connect blabla" appears.

I've also tried to reset the PIN with the PUK code, and still an errors shows saying unable to reset the PIN number.

On top of that, the device seems to work correctly as the bulk blue led is steady while the panels are at sun.

I've of course installed/uninstalled/cleared cache of the app several times, and the latest version was used.

Thanks for your time,


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Can VictronConnect run in background and keep screen active?

I use the graph data displayed in VictronConnect (connected to the BMV-712) on my phone/tablet to monitor trending data for various states of charge and draw. However, this can't be done over any reasonable period of time without the device screen timing out (or having to adjust the screen timeout on the phone/tablet) AND/OR while toggling between other apps.

1) Is there a way to allow VictronConnect to run in the background and collect data so the user doesn't have to re-connect to the BMV-712 when toggling between apps on a phone/tablet? If the VictronConnect app is backgrounded, the app must reconnect to the BMV-712 which resets the graphs.

2) Is there an option to keep the device screen on/active while the VictronConnect app is foregrounded (for example like google maps/streaming apps, etc do). If the screen times out, the app must reconnect to the BMV-712 which resets the graphs.

If the answer is "not possible" to both those, I'd like to file a feature request.


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How to get PUK code?

I need to change my PIN codes from the defaults but the Connect app wants me to enter the PUK codes which are on the actual devices. The devices are installed in a motorhome and so the labels are not accessible. How else can I get the PUK codes?

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Hi Community

Have anyone tried to manage Victron devices using VictronConnect installed in a GARMIN Overlander (which is an Android Device).

I managed to download and install the VicConnect App, the app recognize the presence of a Victron device but then I am unable to actually perform a full connection and management of the devices.

Any Idea why?


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Victron connect android app add classic Bluetooth scan feature

Hi everyone!,

This is my first post and my first question, I recently bought Victron Bluesolar MPPT 75/15, and I made a custom usb cable using Usb to UART module and I could connect my controller to the victron connect software on windows and the victron connect app on Android, but I wanted to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, so I have used HC - 05 Bluetooth module and connected it directly to the victron bluesolar Mppt to the communication port.

By doing this, I was able to access and change the configuration of the Mppt controller via Bluetooth from victron connect software in windows, but I also want to access my controller via Android app instead of turning on the computer every time.

So I request to please add the classic Bluetooth scan functionality in the victron connect android app, as currently the android app only searches for Bluetooth low energy devices. But the HC-05 Bluetooth module is not Bluetooth low energy, and it's Bluetooth version is 2.0.


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Can I change the Quattro AC OUT 2 Time delay?

Is it possible to change the delay which it takes for AC out 2 to go live?

I have contactors which are being driven by AC OUT 2, but when the grid or generator input is live (after a mains failure or return) it takes around 2 and a half minutes for AC2 to go live, and hence close the contactors... Is there any way to change this to 30 seconds for instance?

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Is not possible to view the remote console on the iOS somehow without using a browser ?


My Cerbo GX is on the network same goes for my iOS device, can i not see the Remote Console thru LAN ? I hate to go to the browser.


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VictronConnect App doesn't show 3 Phase Multiplus II?


I do have a Fronius Symo 8.2 with my PV grid tied. Also grid parallel there is a 3 Phase Multiplus II setup with 900Ah 48V Lithium and a Cerbo plus Smart Meter.

I did the system setup with MKII Interface. Remote Control shows everything properly and everything runs fine.

When I use the Victron Connect App I see the Cerbo but when I click on device list, no multiplus is shown. Therefore I cannot adapt any parameter oder do a firmware update.

Is this due to the fact that I run it in 3 Phase ESS mode....?

Any ideas?



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Multiplus Configuration

I'm planning on getting a Multiplus (24/2000). Apparently these devices are configured using a special interface with a software called Victron Connect.

One option appears to be the MK3-USB (assuming I get a password from my vendor).

Can the Multiplus also be configured with the Cerbo GX? That would be very attractive, as it appears to have many additional features and talks to additional devices.

However, from information I found online I am not sure it can be done.

Does anyone have such a system and can confirm it's possible (or not)?

Many thanks!

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Victron connect displaying duplicate solar

Duplicate solar appearing when connecting to mppt via the App.


solar & solar 1.......possible bug? @jperez (Victron Energy Staff)

Mark asked
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1 Answer

VictronConnect On / off control

I am researching the ip22 charger and wonder if it can be turned on and off using the victronConnect App. I could not find a way to do this in the app demo. Thanks - Tim

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Please explain this AC input puzzler in Victron connect

In both photos below I am connected to shore power. The first photo looks as it should, with ac 1 connected to ac 2. The second photo shows an ac input and output, but the two aren’t connected via the white line. Where’d the white line go? Is this normal? Thanks!



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Victron Connect for SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 - how do I save the Settings

A Newbie to the Victron product

I have done a keyword search but haven't found the answer

Using Victron Connect on Android to monitor and control a new installation

As there seems to be a lot of settings to configure, I selected the Expert Mode option but I cannot find any option to save this change - if I exit Settings there is no prompt to save the change and when I re-enter Settings Expert Mode is deselected.

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Octo GX & EM24 Energy meter connection, separate USB RS485 required?

Hi !

Does the Octo GX require an USB-RS485 converter to read the EM24 energy meter or can i connect the EM24 directly to the Octo GX A,B terminals?

Thanks for your feedback!



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Very loose (physical) connection between BlueSolar MPPT and VE.Direct cable


I have a BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15 in my camper van. I bought an additional VE.Direct to USB cable:


Connecting the cable works and I can read the data from the solar charger on my raspberry. However, the connection between the cable and the solar charger is very loose. Even with the slightest touch, the cable falls out of the plug on the solar charger side. Is this normal? Does anybody else experience this problem? Is there anything I can do?

Thanks a lot!

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