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What charge controller for 2 panels and a 48V battery bank?

Looking to size a Victron Smartsolar Mppt controller to two LG 375 Watt panels in series, feeding a 48V lifepo4 battery bank bank.

RIght now my calculations tell me I need a 20 amp charge controller, however Victron does not make a 20 amp controller that supports a 48V battery bank.

Looks like Victron makes the MPPT 150/45-Tr amp but it does not look very common or available. the next up is the SmartSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr.

What would be the best smart controller to run this set up?

Thanks P

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MK3-USB interface not recognized by Victron Connect v5.8 on mac.

I'm trying to connect my older Macbook Pro to my Multiplus 24V3000/120v. I'm using a new out of the box MK3-USB interface. I've followed all the procedures: my Mulitplus is powered by DC. All other components are disconnected. I am using a Victron RJ45 Cat 5 cable to connect to my Macbook pro running Victron Connect v5.8. I tried running the older version of Victron Connect v3.2 and the newest on my wife's new Macbook, without success. The sticker inside the Multiplus reads: 2012120.HEX. What am I doing wrong?

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VictronConnect says other device connected, Victron Mppt

Hi all,

the victron app tells me always that the MPPT is already conencted to anoterh device. I was connected before with my phone und my phone made a restart.

I read already that i could cut the power and the PV from the MPPT. But this is no option for me because my dealer installed the MPPT in a way that i have to uninstall some furniture in my motorhome. Does anyone has another idea?

Flightmode, uninstalled and reinstalled, all is done, helps not.

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VictronConnect says MPPT is connected to another device?


I have a VictronConnect MPPT 100/30 charger which has been great. I’ve been using the app without problems until a week ago when I started to experience an error saying that I could not connect to the charger because the charger was connected to another device. There are no other Bluetooth devices on the boat (I’ve searched high and low) so the result is that the charger is “grayed out” and I can’t monitor performance or go in to try and reset the PIN code or anything. Any ideas on how to connect to the charger with the app or to reset the Bluetooth on the charger itself?

Thanks for any help!

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Bluesolar not connecting to Victron Connect


I have 2 Bluesolar 75/15 units, and a Smartsolar 100/20.

The Smartsolar 100/20 and one of the Bluesolar 75/15's connect to Victron connect just fine, and can be updated/controlled as expected.

The second Bluesolar unit is not detected by Victron connect, either by my computer or phone.

If I sniff the serial port, I can see it outputting data (currently on fw 1.39, and no error code), and it does appear to charge the batteries, I just cannot update or configure it for any different use.

Is there anything I can try to get the unit to respond, or additional fault finding I can do to work out what is up with it?

Many Thanks

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ve.connect vs victron connect - are they the same thing?

Sorry for this simple question but the names of things are important. On the Victron webpages and in various documentation I keep seeing references to VE.Connect and Victron Connect. Are they effectively the same thing?

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VictronConnect Compatiblity with OSX 10.11

It appears that the only version of VictronConnect (VC) downloadable from the AppStore is 5.13 which is compatible only with OSX 10.12+. Is a version of VC available from somewhere that *is* compatible with OSX 10.11? My mac is so old I can't upgrade it any more (or at least nothing is offered why I ask for an update).

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VictronConnect doesn't find my BlueSolar MPPT 75/15

I have a MPPT 75/15 charger with a VE Direct USB cable connected to my ThinkPad laptop. But the VictronConnect program doesn't find the MPPT. The VictronConnect is v.5.27, and I also have installed the v2.12.16 VE Direct USB driver. Anyone know why?

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Use 2 phones with same MPPT?

I have a Samsung S5 phone with the VictronConnect app that works well with my MPPT 75-15 via Bluetooth. Installed VC on an iPhone7, but the MPPT doesn't show when I start VC. The Samsung was turned off when I tried the iPhone.

Is it possible to use 2 different phones at different times to connect to the same MPPT? If so, what am I doing wrong?



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Virtual Switch on/off toggle on mobile app?

I have set up a virtual switch on my Multi 12/3000 (it’s the “Ignore AC Input” switch so that I can prioritize solar over the grid). Is there a way I can add a switch on the mobile app (like in the attached photo) to be able to simply switch it on/off? I don’t even know if that switch is for a Virtual Switch... but it would be nice if it were and I could switch it on and off like that.

The reason I would like this switch is because I have downloaded Parallel and Windows 10 trials on my MacBook and the trial period is almost up and I’m not really interested in buying these programs. However I don’t know if I want to leave this virtual switch on without any way of turning it off once the trial period ends... I saw the pictires of the switch and wondered whatit was and if it would work as I am hoping.


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How do I get VRM login working on my 12' iPad within the VictronConnect app?

Works fine on my iPhone and iPad mini. But not on my 12" and 9.5" iPads. How can I get this to work? When I click the SIGN IN TO VRM button in the VRM tab in the app, nothing happens.

I'm on the lasted app version. I can log in via the VRM web portal without any problems. So my account is fine.

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VictronConnect can't "SIGN IN TO VRM"

When I upgraded to an iPhone 12, I found the VictronConnect app was no longer connected. I was able to connect to my local devices using Bluetooth. However, when to try to connect to VRM, nothing happens when I press SIGN IN TO VRM."

Nothing. I've restarted the phone, deleted the app and redownloaded. But when I press SIGN ON TO VRM or SIGN-IN in the Settings, no dialog appears. I'm not asked to enter my userid and password.

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Temperature compensation and output of remote monitoring.

Having trouble interpreting the output of VictronConnect


  • Smart SCC 150/100
  • Smart Battery Sense networked with SCC
  • Quattro 5K/48
  • Color Control GX
  • 48V Trojan battery bank, 58.8V absorption

Remote monitoring via VRM, VictronConnect on PC.

Trojan says -5mV/°C/cell

24 cells

24*5 = -120mV/°C

I can directly see the Smart Sense when local and able to access it on bluetooth. I do not see that I have a way to access it directly via VRM.

I entered -120mV/°C in temperature while it was at the uncompensated absorption level. Voltage immediately increased about 1V as expected based on 34°C, and it didn't seem to be adjusting current to lower it. Shocked me a bit, so I flipped the sign and immediately saw a lower voltage. Head melted, and I just turned it off.


  1. Does temperature compensation adjust the measured voltage and make it read higher for °C above 25°C?
  2. If #1 yes, had I been patient and given the SCC more time, would I have seen the current reduce and the voltage settle to the absorption voltage?
  3. When I connect to the SCC, is the temperature reported in the app/PC VictronConnect (PC version shown below) from the networked smart sense or the SCC internal temp?
  4. If not the smart sense, is there a way I can see the smart sense via VRM?



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VictronConnect Mac vs. Windows (Multiplus MK3) - Asking for password to update

I have a little problem.
When I'm connected with VictronConnect on Windows via USB MK3 to my MultiPlus (2609) I can see the MultiPlus, connect to it.

When I do it on my Mac, I get information that it has found a MultiPlus MK3, and I to update.
When I click update, it asks for a password. Can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Victron DC bus Current Rating

Hi, All

I understand that max system we can get from Victron Quattro is 180 kVa . However, I donot know how the DC bus can be configured. For example , I am designing a 3 phase system using 9 of quattro 15 kVa for a total 135 kVa with 48 battery modules, 150 kWh battery. The DC bus current is around 135000/48= 2800A. Can I still use DC power in and distributor? They are rated as 1000A.


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Unable to change MultiPlus settings in VictronConnect because firmware is too old?

Hey folks,

I cant access the settings of my Multiplus via Victron Connect. The software tells me that the firmware version of the Multiplus is out of date and therefore cant connect to the software. Then it gets stuck when retrieving the settings (see pictures).

I am using:

  • Victron Connect 5.31
  • macOS 10.15.6
  • MK3-USB


Any help?



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MPPT 75/15 Showing a phantom 0.1A load output

What is causing this 0.1A load current when all the lights are switched off and no other load is connected? The load current disappears when the solar charging is switched off and then on


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Can VictronConnect run in background and keep screen active?

I use the graph data displayed in VictronConnect (connected to the BMV-712) on my phone/tablet to monitor trending data for various states of charge and draw. However, this can't be done over any reasonable period of time without the device screen timing out (or having to adjust the screen timeout on the phone/tablet) AND/OR while toggling between other apps.

1) Is there a way to allow VictronConnect to run in the background and collect data so the user doesn't have to re-connect to the BMV-712 when toggling between apps on a phone/tablet? If the VictronConnect app is backgrounded, the app must reconnect to the BMV-712 which resets the graphs.

2) Is there an option to keep the device screen on/active while the VictronConnect app is foregrounded (for example like google maps/streaming apps, etc do). If the screen times out, the app must reconnect to the BMV-712 which resets the graphs.

If the answer is "not possible" to both those, I'd like to file a feature request.


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Difference between VE.Bus Smart dongle and BVM-712 battery monitor

Do I need a VE.Bus Smart dongle if I have a BVM 712 battery monitor?

Do I need to attach the BVM 712 battery monitor display to control the battery monitor via bluetooth?

Do I need an MK3 USB if I have a BVM 712 battery monitor?

What additional accessories do I need to fully control my MultiPlus Inverter / Charger via bluetooth?

Is there one bluetooth device that does it all?


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Comment renommer un appareil sur VictronConnect v5.33

J'utilise VictronConnect v5.33 sur un PC win10. J'ai 3 régulateur solaire suivi en USB. Il serait agréable de pouvoir les nommer selon leur particularité. Je ne vois pas la fonction"edit" qui est proposée dans le manuel VictronEnergy. Ma version est elle insuffisante? Y a t'il une impossibilité?

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Which preset profile should I use for a 12V 22AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery


I am using a BAT212200084 reference which is a 12V 22AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery.

My charge controller is a MPPT 75/10.

I would use a preset profile in VictronConnect but I am not sure which one I could use.

I saw "AGM Spiral Cell" profile with : Absorption voltage at 14,7V, Float Voltage at 13,8V and Equalize voltage at 16,5V.

Would it be ok with this profile ?


Best Regards

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Can I use Inverter and battery charger at the same time?

Greetings, Can I use the Victron 3000 as inverter and battery charge at the same time?

The Victron 3000, it's going to be dedicated for the air condition unit 24/7.

If I connected the boat to shore power, can I use it to charge the batteries?, and supply the 120 VAC to the air condition unit?

Thank you

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Why can't I reach my MultiPlus 12V/3000A/120A through VictronConnect App?

I am using a Mac, a Victron RJ45 UTP cable and VE-Bus to MK3 dongle.

Running Window through Parallels (trial expires tomorrow) I am, sometimes, able to detect and change the inverter settings through VEConfig. However, neither Mac nor Windows versions of VictronConnect are able to detect the inverter.

Does anybody have a clue on what could be the issue here (besides myself)?

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Why is the App Defaulting to Product Info Screen?

Just today, when trying to connect to one of my MPPTs, it defaults to the products info page not the power details. Furthermore, there is not option to connect to the power details. Disconnected and repaired device. Same behavior. Any ideas??

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VictronConnect cannot connect to SmartSolar MPPT150/85 when VE.Direct cable attached

Whenever I attach a VE.Direct cable to my SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 (VSS-MPPT150/85-TR) it is no longer possible to see the controller’s data over Bluetooth. I noticed this when I installed a Venus GX in the summer. The “fault” has the following characteristics:

With the MPPT as “stand-alone” the app rapidly goes through the routine of “Connecting, Default PIN (at bottom), 0% up to 95%, Fetching Data” before the display values are given.

With the MPPT connected by VE.Direct (even when the other end is not plugged in to the Venus GX) the app goes through the same routine of Connecting, Default PIN (at bottom), going rapidly from 1% to 95%, “Fetching data” appears and it cycles on this for about 10 secs before returning to “Connecting” in an endless loop. Whilst this is happening the display screen has a smeared, Vaseline appearance.

I have played with connecting and disconnecting the VE.Direct:

  • Using a VE.Direct cable:
    • Pulling the VE.Direct plug from the MPPT causes the MPPT LEDs to flash and the app immediately shows the display screen
    • Pulling the VE.Direct plug from the Venus GX causes the MPPT LEDs to flash and the app immediately shows the display screen
  • Using a USB/VE.Direct cable:
    • Pulling the VE.Direct plug from the MPPT causes the MPPT LEDs to flash and the app immediately shows the display screen
    • Pulling the USB plug from the Venus GX causes nothing to happen.

All of the above are true whether the Venus GX has power or when there are/aren’t other devices connected to the Venus GX. The firmware of the MPPT is v1.50 and the GX is v2.18. VictronConnect is V5.33.

I also have an MPPT100/20 & MPPT100/30 connected to the Venus GX. I do not have this problem with them.

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Bluesolar MPPT 100/30 Smartshunt 500A  Victron-Connect

Peut on relier par un cable le Bluesolar MPPT 100/30 avec un Smartshunt 500A et recevoir les données des 2 appareils sur l'application Victron-Connect ?

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How to get PUK code?

I need to change my PIN codes from the defaults but the Connect app wants me to enter the PUK codes which are on the actual devices. The devices are installed in a motorhome and so the labels are not accessible. How else can I get the PUK codes?

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Victronconnect can't save settings from smartsolar 75/10 and 100/20

After update to 1.42 on smartsolar, victronconnect can't save the settings from smartsolar to file.

I'm running victronconnect on android version 9.

Is there other than me Who has this problem?

Is there a solution?

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Victron Connect Android 10 app screen size

I am trying to use Victron Connect app on Android 10 and my screen size in landscape is 1024x600 and the app does not fit properly.

Is there a way in settings to resize the app to better fit my screan or can i side load the app with a smaller screen size to better fit?

My device is a Chinese brand Dasaita auto radio head unit with a 10.2 screen 1024x600 resolution.

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Network Total Power field is way off. Worked correctly the other day.

Right now my three controllers power is adding up to about 700 watts if you view them individually. But the new network power field is very wrong today. I verified all three are networked with green checks. You can see in this screen shot that one panel is putting out 242 watts, but the network field is showing 64 watts total. One of my controllers was showing 64 watts, but the third was over 300w at the time. Total should have been close to 600 watts.


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