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Inverter not showing AC loads on VRM


Having this set up, but I`m haveing an issue. AC loads is 0W...

The inverter is inverting DC to AC so it should be something here..

Whar settings do I need to change?



nasse85 asked
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Is it the App or my panels not working

Hi all, getting ready to go boondocking in 6 days and it seems new panels are not registering in the App. I have two 100W HQST panels and the 75/15 SmartSolar Controller. I have connected the panels in both parallel and series and still see a ZERO watts being received in the solar section at the top of the app for the controller. In series, I see 37.5V in the solar section down below and 0.0A. I see the voltage levels change in the solar voltage area a little as do the battery levels - but still a big zero in the top solar section.

Is this because the batteries (two 12V bank) are fully charged? Shouldn't the app at least tell me how many watts the panels are producing regardless?

tbarnes140 asked
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Feature Request: Option to scale VictronConnect for Windows

My friend has the screen size on her Win10 Laptop set to 150%. (For her old eyes.) As you can see in the screen shot, the standard VictronConnect window does not scale to fit. Nor can I scroll it.

It would be nice to have the option to choose a different size of the window, or, as a minimum, to have the window show scroll bars.


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Best Wifi USB for CCGX (As of August 2020)

I'm adding solar to a boat that I built and it's docked at my brother's house on the river. His wifi is good, but the boat will be about 120 feet away from the house, so I need a long range usb wifi dongle.

I'm confused on the best solution for the CCGX.

The current documentation (Section 1.6.2) found here:

says that there are 4 solutions, but only shows the 2 with victron part numbers. What are the other 2 options?

Also, when I google BPP900200300, the result is a 1 antenna device, and the ASUS model has 2 antennas.

Which is better?

Has anyone experienced this weird gap and confusion of information in the documentation?

Any insight would be very helpful!



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VictronConnect v5.45 upgrade - now no connection to my Multiplus 12/3000/120

Multiple previous connections using VictronConnect on Win 10 using MK3 to my Multiplus. Upon launch of VictronConnect application today it auto upgraded to v5.45, now I am unable to connect to my Multiplus. Verified proper wiring, connections, and MK3-USB is active on COM3 in Windows 10 device manager. NO other changes on the PC that I had previous connection success with. Force Connection also does not work.

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Phoenix Smart Inverter: issues with Dynamic cutoff

SUMMARY: when "Dynamic Cutoff" feature is turned on, the inverter starts throwing "Low battery" warnings and alarms, in disagreement with the configured load/voltage values.

So, I recently bought a Victron Phoenix Smart 12/2000 230VAC inverter and I'm having some issues with it (more details about my installation on my first post in this series).

When I turn on the "Dynamic cutoff" feature in the Victron app, set the battery type to LiFEPO4 and the battery capacity to 100Ah (which reflects the single Pylontech RV12100 LiFePO4 battery connected to it for these tests) and accept all default values (which are 13.00V for discharge current 1A, ditto 12.50V for 25A, 12.30V for 70A and 12.00V for 200A). When I save this configuration, I immediately start receiving "Low battery" notifications, first as warnings and then as alarms. After a dozen seconds or so, the inverter shuts down.

The problem is, the reported Voltage value in the main app screen while all this is happening is exactly and stably 13.10V, which is far greater than any of the above "Voltage for discharge current" configured voltages.

This happens with a light (~60W real, purely resistive) load (which the Victron incorrectly reports as only 36VA, see my other post referred above), and also with a heavier 800W (also purely resistive) load.

So, what's happening? Could this be somehow related to the large inaccuracy in the measured VA/current values I'm seeing on these inverters?

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: this happens with both my original inverter, and a mint one my Victron reseller pulled from their inventory so we could repeat the tests (again, see my first post which I point to above).

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Victron 712 Smart 4.07 update fails

Victron 712 Smart says the current version is 4.05 and settings, etc. are not available until updating to 4.07. Updating fails with D26 at 2% update. SOC and Consumed Ah now shows "--" occasionally, while next time I see the values. I cannot go into settings to reset charge level. Using two Android devices, both have the same problem.

lkvic asked
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Smart non isolated charger 12/12-30 amp app displaying incorrect voltage
  1. Hi guys new to all this but would appreciate some help. I have set up the charger which has been working fine, when engine on the voltage on the app as input rises 13+ volts and starts bulk charge. It has charged to float on long journeys. But now I have noticed the app stays at 12.2 volts and doesn’t alter at all obviously then it will not charge. I have a monitor and have put a multimeter on the starter battery which displays 13.7 volts but app stays at 12.2 volts? I’m confused as it’s been working fine. Do you think this could be anything to do with the hot weather we are having in the uk, as it’s only done this recently? Any help much appreciated

thanks Dan

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VictronConnect sees BMV712 but not SmartSolar MPPT

The system has worked flawlessly until this summer. Now the VictronConnect app on my iPhone 12 only sees my BMV712, not the SmartSolar. The SmartSolar appears to be functioning properly, just not visible via Bluetooth. I have powered the system down entirely, deleted and re-installed the app, restarted my phone, tried all sorts of stuff like that but no change. Please help. I need to monitor performance data.

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Help interpreting theSolar Connect app

I have a 2019 NuCamp Tab 320 camper with a factory installed solar panel and an Ultrapower R24 marine battery that has a sticker on it saying its reserve capacity is 125 minutes at 25 amps.

For 3 days this week we went dry camping, with good sun exposure. We have no battery monitor, so we started cautiously using the battery - no hot water, fridge on gas, limited use of lights and fan. The solar panel seemed to have no trouble keeping the battery fully charged with our conscious attention to consumption. On the 3rd night, I decided to push it a little. We ended the sun-day with a battery over 13 volts. That night we ran the MaxxFan all night at maybe 40%, used cabin reading lights maybe 3 hours, used the water pump for flushing and brushing teeth but little else. We also charged an iPad and an iPhone. In the morning I read the battery charge using the Victron Connect app on our solar controller - it was 11.97. I was surprised it was that low - we hit the 50% capacity limit from what I understand. On reflection maybe that’s what I should have expected. I know you don’t want to regularly run the battery this low if you don’t have to.

The purpose of my post is to get an interpretation of the history report I’m seeing on my Victron app…


What scares me is the “low” battery voltage readings near 10 volts on two of the days. If that’s right, wouldn’t I have ruined my battery? The column labeled “3 days ago” was the day that ended with a full battery and started my aggressive experiment with our overnight power use. The column labeled “2 days ago” was the morning I awoke having drawn our battery from +13 volts to 11.97 volts and towed the camper home. Back at home I had a full +13 volt charge, and all is apparently well. Every time I’ve checked the battery with a voltmeter at the battery terminals it has registered the same as the voltage indicated on the Victron app.

So, what accounts for the low voltage readings? Also,what accounts for the “consumption readings” of 10Wh in 3 of the columns? If our bulk and absorption periods totaled about 170Wh in “3 days ago” does that give me a rough indication of how much energy I drew from the battery during the prior day (assuming no other charging from A/C or the tow vehicle and low power use while charging with the solar panel)? Does the low bulk and adsorption total on the “2 days ago” indicate I was getting a significant charge from the tow vehicle (the sun was bright driving south that day)?

fiddlinmike asked
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Victron Orión isolated 24/24-12

I just connected a victron Orión 24v/24v-12 and once I turn off the engine after couple of minutes the hole off grid system shut down ( solar controller inverter and 24vto12v transformer ) is it possible that something goes wrong because I didn’t connect to earth the negative in the lithium batteries??

lgarmendia asked

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Smart/V. Connect selected measures on Trend tab disappear when switched to History tab

Have MPPT 75/10 Smart controller. If I change from the Trend screen to Status or History, the data and the 2 selected parameters I am tracking disappear. Nothing is displayed until I re-select the 2 parameters, BV, BAmp. This just happened after updating firmware.


ted-burke asked
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Firmware update failed at 52%..

Hi there,

I have a Bluesolar MPPT 150/35.

Today I have been noticed to update it to new versión v1.56. I have started it, but the phone has conected to a WiFi Network in the middle and the update has failed at 52%.

All seems to work ok. And the device shows versión v1.56. So it doesn't allow to update again... I have try using Ve Direct connect and with VRM connection. But no other result.

Any idea about it? Is it bad idea to leave it as is? Any choice to force a new update?

Thanks a lot in advance


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history on a 250/100

why would your history not be working right

kevin-b asked
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Smart Solar MPPT 100/15: No live data even if the bluetooth connection is fine

Pairs fine, A single page appears showing the link to change the PIN code and the link to update the firmware. No other tab to go any further.

plein-sud asked
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Multiplus 3000 Issues After Firmware Update

I have two MultiPlus 3000 (one for each leg on the Trailer) which I normally monitor through the VE.Bus Smart Dongle (Bluetooth). They updated firmware over VE Connect on Saturday. Since the update, when I look at the Multiplus through VE Connect over Bluetooth the status is "fault" or "Unknown" and the AC input and AC output does not show any status on one of the two legs. Occasionally it will match the remote screen showing the proper charging state, but changes to fault seconds after loading. I cannot replicate the conditions to make it show the correct status. One leg works good and the other does not. Everything was working great before the updates. The Multiplus 3000 appears to be working fine but I can not monitor it or make any changes to it through the bluetooth. I have disconnected it from my Android Galaxy S10 and reconnected it with no results. I contacted the company I purchased the equipment from and they said Victron was working on a fix for the latest update and should be out soon. Need to find a fix for this please??

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VictronConnect to Cerbo via bluetooth

I have discovered a bug in Cerbo's bluetooth PIN mechanism for use with VictronConnect.

A PIN that contains leading zeros is not handled properly. For example, 012345 does NOT work but 123456 does.

Entering a PIN of 000000 DOES work.

Changing the PIN from with VictronConnect appears to have the same issue with leading zeros.

Venus v2.72~4, VictronConnect v5.42, iOS 14.6

Also tested on a Raspberry PI 4 running the same version of Venus. Same results.

I've tried using dbus-spy to change the PIN but this has it's own set of problems. Alpha-numerics are accepted. Leading zeros are lost. E.g., entering 000000 results in 0; 0123345 results in 12345.

dubs-spy also prevents adding a 6-digit code again from the Cerbo menu IF I enter less than 6 characters or numbers that contain zeros at the beginning. E.g, 000000 results in 0, then the menu only allows a single number !!!!!

Kevin Windrem asked
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Multiplus Compact configurable in Victron Connect App?

Considering to buy either a VE.Bus Smart Dongle, or the MK3/USB Adapter, to configure a Multiplus Compact 24/1600

As I don't have permanent access to a windows machine, I'd rather use the Victron Connect App.

Someone told me there might be a special login or password to access many features similar to the Victron Configure Software.

If I can adjust settings with Victron Connect, please help me out step by step what I need.

If not, what could be done with the App regarding settings of Multiplus Compact at all?

Some distributors and Victron staff tell it's possible others say nope.

Alexander Ravencraft asked
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Recent VictronConnect update caused communication issues with MultiPlus

My Multiplus 12/2000/120 is having issues connecting to the VictronConnect app via the smart Dongle. I noticed it first yesterday, 6 days after the app updated. The system is in my camper and I only checked into it because the AC stayed running after I unplugged the shore power obviously running on inverter. Usually I leave it on charger only when plugged in to prevent over discharge should we lose power and I have the AC running. I opened the app to check the switch state and was prompted to upgrade. After upgrade it will connect but drops the connection within about 10 seconds. If I go out of the app it will connect again but then lose connection. It appears to be a connection issue between the Multiplus and the smart dongle as the app stays connected to the dongle and will read battery voltage and temp. The app is vs. 5.42 and the smart dongle is 1.10.

I also tried VictronConnect with my laptop using the mk3 connection and usb. Same result this will connect and disconnect constantly about every 10 seconds.

VE Config is working correctly which leads me to think this is upgrade related. I used it on a trip about 2 weeks ago prior to the upgrade with no issues. All other features seem to work.


rstarr asked
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The app does not reflect battery charge after day 1

Day 1 battery is at 100%. After using it down to 85% I did not charge the battery anymore. Next day app shows 100% again. Day 2 used it down to 85% again, did not charge it again, day 3 app shows 100% again. Why is this happening? I would assume/expect the app/system to show current stats the day after. Please help. Thank you.

claudio-souza asked
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VictronConnect: connect to new smartphone

Hi everybody,

I wanted to connect my new Android phone to some Bluetooth Victron devices (SmartBMS and SmartSolar), but the PIN code is not accepted. They were already paired to my old smartphone, could that be the reason, and if yo, how do I unpair them from the app? PIN has not been changed, it's still the standard 000000.

Thank you very much!


lemon asked
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Firmware 1.56 issue - load output stopped working


I have a smartsolar mppt 100/20. After I updated to 1.56 the load output stopped working. Tried always on, but no response.

Is there a way to downgrade the firmware?

Best regards Johannes

Johannes Hodne asked
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VictronConnect is a "battery-drain app"?

Since installing on a new phone, a few times per day my phone tells me:
"This battery-drain app keeps starting itself automatically, please restrict it from auto-starting, and this app will then stop running unless you launch it."

This is happening even though the app isn't running. I can't find a setting to prevent this. I'm running VictronConnect v5.41 on Android 10.

Any ideas?

balachai asked
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Could VictronConnect show a display like Venus OS

Since the bluetooth functionality of Victron devices also includes the ability to setup the bluetooth network to share information in the VictronConnect app - couldn't the app show a combined display similar to the Venus OS?

It would be nice to show the inverter/solar charger/BMV all at once in the app instead of having to switch between devices to get the information.

I suppose the bluetooth network may be limited in how quickly it can refresh the data (maybe 30-60 sec) but it would still be preferable to have an averaged display for general power flow. Seems like all the data is there - it just needs to be shared over the bluetooth network.

Hopefully this is something that can be explored! Thanks for making great products!!

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VictronConnect 5.42 not finding Multiplus device on Windows with MK3-USB LAN


I am familiar with VictronConnect on bluetooth and Android - no problems there.

Today I purchased MK3-USB interface, installed VictronConnect 5.42 on laptop and desktop PCs, tried 2 brand new LAN cables to connect to new Multiplus 12|500|200 (which is powered on). VictronConnect simply reports "No devices found"

Have tried different computers and cables, reinstalled VictronConnect, turned firewall off, run as administrator. But result always the same, after a few seconds of searching: No devices found

What else can I try?

Thank you

gerald-d asked
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Selected Trend parameters disappear when changing VictronConnect screens

Updated firmware last week on MPPT 75/10 smart controller.

  1. Now if I change from the Trend screen to Status or History, the 2 parameters I am tracking disappear. Nothing is tracked until I re-select the 2 parameters, BV,BAmp. Firmware problem?
  2. There are times I wish to turn off the solar panel and the power feeds to the controller. Does the order in which I turn the panel and power switches on or off matter? Don't want to damage the controller.
  3. My max power P max history over 2 summers is only 80-88W on sunny days, end of June. The new panel is mounted horizontally. I'm at 43 degrees latitude. The panel is rated 100W- shouldn't the P max be closer to 100W?


ted-burke asked

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Today the connect app won't go into landscape mode on my Android s5e. It was working yesterday.I've not changed any settings on my Tablet. Is there a setting that i can't find on the Victronconnect app?

I un installed and re installed the app. I've updated my tablet to the current version. Landscape works fine in other apps on my tablet.

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Victron Connect Windows playing havoc with other devices

The Victron Connect program is playing havoc with other COM port devices. For some reason, the program insists on opening every COM port at startup and then attempting to write to it. Not only that it will play with modem control signals. That causes radios I have that are connected on these ports to go into transmit. It causes other monitors to loose their data.

This is all verified using an Serial port monitor by Eltima. It shows me what programs open what ports, what commands are sent, what data is read and written.

How do I get this program to not open every com port and attempt to write to it? This is making my system unusable.

jdevince asked
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No power or efficiency information in VictronConnect app for VE.Direct Phoenix 12/500 Inverter

So I finally got the bluetooth dongle for my 12/500 VE.Direct Phoenix Inverter and got it setup. All I see in the VictronConnect app other than the "speedometer" of load was voltage in and voltage out. I remember reading in the inverter manual that with the app you could view more detailed information like the load in watts, or load percentage, DC current in, and even current efficiency. I cannot find that anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I've attached a screenshot. I did the firmware update first thing when setting it up.


Todd Wallace asked
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Victron connect app changing device names no problem but when i view them under windows pc app they are still the original device name??

Victron connect app changing device names no problem but when i view them under windows pc app they are still the original device name?? is this because it is a software name change under my phone app and not a hardware name change ,also under the pc app there is no where as far as i can see to change the device name where as under the phone app there is an edit option im also aware under the vrm portal you can change the device name but again this seems to be a software name change and not a hardware name change am i doing something wrong or is it a bug the reason i ask is i use my pc to monitor more than i use a phone and thats when i noticed the name off the device not changing,any advise Thanks

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