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VictronConnect says MPPT is connected to another device?


I have a VictronConnect MPPT 100/30 charger which has been great. I’ve been using the app without problems until a week ago when I started to experience an error saying that I could not connect to the charger because the charger was connected to another device. There are no other Bluetooth devices on the boat (I’ve searched high and low) so the result is that the charger is “grayed out” and I can’t monitor performance or go in to try and reset the PIN code or anything. Any ideas on how to connect to the charger with the app or to reset the Bluetooth on the charger itself?

Thanks for any help!

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Best Wifi USB for CCGX (As of August 2020)

I'm adding solar to a boat that I built and it's docked at my brother's house on the river. His wifi is good, but the boat will be about 120 feet away from the house, so I need a long range usb wifi dongle.

I'm confused on the best solution for the CCGX.

The current documentation (Section 1.6.2) found here:

says that there are 4 solutions, but only shows the 2 with victron part numbers. What are the other 2 options?

Also, when I google BPP900200300, the result is a 1 antenna device, and the ASUS model has 2 antennas.

Which is better?

Has anyone experienced this weird gap and confusion of information in the documentation?

Any insight would be very helpful!



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Active (powered) or passive USB hub with CCGX?

planing to connect several CGX devices (3 X BMVxxxs and 3 X MPPTs and GX LTE 4G) to a CCGX. Will have to use 4 VE.Direct to USB with a USB hub. Would like to know how much current does the CCGX supply on the USB ports and what the consumption of the VE.Direct to USB devices is?

I know an active (powered) hub is probably the "safer" solution, on the other hand, I do not expect the VE.Direct to USB interface to require much power, so I was hoping to get away with a passive hub. Does anybody know the figures? Thanks


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Solar Wattage so low.

I have a 305w solar panel connected to victron 100/20 to two 12v 100ah batteries.

On day 1 and 2 of all powered up I was getting 100-180wat showing on the victron connect app and can see batteries charging. Today on a very hot sunny day the app is only showing solar panels at 22-35w which cannot be right. All wiring and breakers are ok, and it appears im still charging the batteries as I can see 13.8v showing.

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Open settings file in Victron Connect


I've been saving Victron Connect settings files (.vcsf) files as a record of charge controller serial number and configuration, as well as to speed up configuring other units (which are the reasons for being able to save them). I recently got a nasty surprise trying to open a configuration getting the error message "Error loading file #4 File created with an older Victron Connect version. For more information, as well as a possible solution to open this file, [Link] see this section in the manual.". That is section 7.3.

The manual says that opening the settings file to view it only works when the: "settings file is created with the exact same VictronConnect version that was used to store the file". Given that Victron Connect auto updates and it doesn't seem possible (and would be crazy) to install multiple old versions this isn't very helpful.

The manual also says that "To open a file made with an older VictronConnect version, use the second method: connect the same product, and then load the settings.". Does that mean the exact unit, or one of the same type? In either case it seems a major limitation and hassle to have to connect to another unit, just to check the configuration of another that has been deployed.

Surely it should at least be possible to view the old files, even if not all settings correspond to the updated Victron Connect software? Or better, maybe settings that are new or have changed functionality could be highlighted? If the files were plain text I could at least extract the information from them.

Best Wishes,


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Network Total Power field is way off. Worked correctly the other day.

Right now my three controllers power is adding up to about 700 watts if you view them individually. But the new network power field is very wrong today. I verified all three are networked with green checks. You can see in this screen shot that one panel is putting out 242 watts, but the network field is showing 64 watts total. One of my controllers was showing 64 watts, but the third was over 300w at the time. Total should have been close to 600 watts.


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Am I correct that I cant use the Victron Connect Windows app with my Victron Bluetooth enabled devices?

Am I correct that I cant use the Victron Connect Windows app with my Victron Bluetooth enabled devices? Why is that? My laptop can pair with my BMS and charge controllers but they dont show up in the Windows app.

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Can't find any of my Victron bluetooth devices on Windows 10

VictronConnect doesn't list any of my devices when running on Windows 10. I verified that Bluetooth is running and enabled. How can I get this working?

The Victron website states that VictronConnect is Windows 10 compatible: asked answered ·

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VictronConnect crashing under Windows 7

Just started using VictronConnect on Windows 7 and in one day it crashed 6 times.

Did anyone have the same experience?

Any solutions?

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Programming Multiplus Assistant Through VictronConnect

I'm familiar with programming the Multiplus using VEConfigure and loading assistants through that program. Now that I'm using VictronConnect to program the Multiplus, how do I load the VE.Bus BMS Support Assistant?

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In Victron Connect, Smart Shunt Net Amperage missing an amp or two?

I just installed a Victron SmartSolar 100/30 and a SmartShunt. I've created a network and the Smartshunt voltage and amps are being sent to the SmartSolar.

Everything is wired correctly, meaning all loads on negative bus bar, nothing on battery negative except the SmartShunt. When I look at the VictronConnect app, and look at the SmartShunt, it is always missing an amp or two. (Looking at the Net Amps)


Battery Amps Charging (from SmartSolar data) 10amps

Fridge/Freezer Load from Battery (6 amps)


Net should be 4 amps

But when looking at the Smartshunt screen, in VictronConnect, it'll show the net amps to be 2.5 -3 amps.

I've tried zeroing the Amps, in settings, when all is turned off (charger and loads) and it did not help.

Oddly enough the net amps are correct if there is no load. Also it will correctly show negative net amps if there is no charging.

I don't think screenshots are needed but can grab some tomorrow if necessary.

Thanks for any advice.

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Driver for MK3-USB for windows XP

Is the MK3-USB interface compatible with Windows XP?

VEConfigure 3 installed ok, but driver for MK3-USB did not load and MK3 interface does not work.

When I used VEConfigure 3 to get the drivers, the only drivers loaded were MK2USB and USB to serial. There is no MK3USB driver.

Trying to load drivers in Windows XP result in error 39 (driver missing) and driver is not loading.

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Mac user configuration of Multiplus using MK3 USB

I've downloaded the Mac VictronConnect app on the Victron website, but it doesn't see my Multiplus, even while I'm connected using the MK3 USB. All other discussion here discusses using Wine or Parallels, yet there is a Mac app on the site for this purpose. Anyone have any luck using the app and seeing their device?


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Victron Connect Android 10 app screen size

I am trying to use Victron Connect app on Android 10 and my screen size in landscape is 1024x600 and the app does not fit properly.

Is there a way in settings to resize the app to better fit my screan or can i side load the app with a smaller screen size to better fit?

My device is a Chinese brand Dasaita auto radio head unit with a 10.2 screen 1024x600 resolution.

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Victron 75/15 mit neuem Gerät koppeln

Guten Tag, meine Solartasche hatte leider einen Defekt. ich habe nun eine neue und möchte diese nun mit meinem alten Victron 75/15 verbinden, welches zuvor mit der alten Solartasche gekoppelt war. Ich habe die App deinstalliert und wieder neu installiert. Ebenfalls habe ich auf meinem Handy bei den Bluetooth Einstelllungen entkoppelt.

Wenn ich dann alles neu starte kann ich mich nicht verbinden. Bekomme die Meldung, dass das Gerät bereits gekoppelt ist und sich nur mit einem Gerät verbinden kann.

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Does my proposed use of Victron 3-200 Argofet Isolator make sense?

I am planning to install the Victron Argofet 3-200 Isolator in my forbie to provide charge for my Starter and two Auxiliary batteries. Each of the batteries is of a different type, the starter is your typical wet cell albeit an ultra performance Century, the Aux1 battery also under the hood is an AGM and the battery in the rear is going to be a LiFePO4.

I of course want to make sure the Starter battery takes priority and isn't drained by all the devices powerd by the other two Aux batteries and I believe this is exactly what an isolator does.

Next, I want the Aux 2 battery in the cargo to get the best charge (highest voltage and current) which i assume the CTEK Dual 250S and Smartpass will hopefully take care of ie make up for any voltage drop resulting from length of cable from the front under bonnet to the rear cargo as well as getting up to 120Amps into the Aux 2 battery (dependant on input which is unlikely to be anywhere near that dependant on charge of other batteries and alternator output so probably overkill but i wanted to make sure these weren't the limiting factor).

The Aux 1 battery under the bonnext just provides additional power for the UHF radio etc and has a momentary switch plumbed in to join it with the starter in case the starter does actually die.

I also plan to attach the Victron phoenix 12/1200 inverter to the LiFePO4 battery for 240v,

Anyway my question is... Is the use of the Victron Argofet Isolator in this configuration sensible? I thought it looked ok but I have read that it may not be ideal due to there being three different battery types and capacities which may result in the starter not getting a full charge or even eventually going flat when using the Victron isolator in this way.

For clarity in demonstrating my setup I have excluded from the diagram, all fuses and circuit breakers which have been used extensively at both ends.

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Usb low voltage problem - Bluesolar Pwm

Hello I have solar panel connected to car battery through Pwm, everything works fine, but after I started engine with a bit low battery, on Pwm started blinking U 0.2v, which means voltage on usb output is only 0.2 volts. Normally it shows around 5 volts. It happened me once before and after a while it went back to normal, but now it always stays the same.

Pwm is working normally, only usb is not working.

I haven't found any relevant info on this, do you have any idea what can be causing this and how can it be restored?

P.S: I tried disconnecting the module, but didn't help.

Thank you


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MPPT Device ID changing after 2.58 upgrade

We have two sites that we have seen so far that have had one of the MPPTs on a Cerbo (we suspect the USB MPPT) change their device ID after upgrade to 2.58.

In one case, the customer is hacked off that the historical data is no separated from the current data.

Any one else experience this?

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Victron connect functions for devices connected to GX?

A simple, but fairly long, connectivity question I could not find a clear answer to.

Short version:

If devices are connected to a Victron GX can I still use the Victron connect app to monitor real time data for each device?

When I get back to my boat after lockdown I will be changing from this setup:

BMV 700 with to bluetooth

Multiplus Compact inverter charger 12/2000/80-30 230v no interface cable

To this setup:

BMV700 to USB cable

Multiplus compact with MK3 - USB cable
MPPT 100/50 - USB Cable

Venus GX on Raspberry pi Connected to each by USB


I run Victron connect on my iPhone or iPad connected by wi-fi to the Venus GX. I am on a boat with wi-fi but can not guarantee a connection to the VRM.

I am familiar with all the product demos in Victron connect and know my way round Venus GX fairly well. But I have not yet connected my real devices to the Venus GX.

So the question is, if I want the overview available from Venus GX AND the detailed graphs from Victron connect, is this possible?

Will Victron connect connect through the Venus GX To the connected devices for the real time data and graphs?


Will I have to make sure I can connect via Bluetooth as well to the BVM, MPPT, and Multiplus.

In the latter case I will have to get an MPPT with Bluetooth, and have to change my BMV to one with Bluetooth.

Or should it be possible for Both Venus GX and My iPhone be connected via Bluetooth to to the devices at the same time? (I don’t like this last solution as it is too complex)


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victron 75/15 drosselt die Leistung, obwohl die Batterie nicht voll ist

Guten Tag! Seit einigen Tagen habe uch ein Problem mit meiner Solaranlage.
Wenn ich mein mobiles Panel aufstelle, liefert es zunächst wie gewohnt. Nach einigen Minuten fällt die Leistung auf 12 Watt, obwohl die Batterie noch nicht voll ist ( 12,4 V ). Hat jemand schon mal ein ähnliches Problem gehabt?

Ps: software update wurde gemacht
Beste Grüße,

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Separate battery banks and "networks" using VictronConnect?

Perhaps it's obvious once I have the equipment in front of me, but if I want to use smart mppt and orion for one battery bank and another smart mppt and smart battery sense for another battery bank, can I have two separate networks in VictronConnect on my phone? E.g. to prevent the smart battery sense of bank 2 to influence bank 1.



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What apps to use?

I know they have apps, but wanted to make sure i am using the best ones,,,

Here is what i have that i think they have apps for please let me know what works best

Victron Quattro 48/5000

Victron “GX” monitor

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Victron Connect MPPT 75/10; term definitions

1..On History tab, Panel Yield equals what? The WH/D from the panel and not into the battery bank? So to estimate the WH/D going into the batteries, multiply it by .85 to reflect charging inefficiencies?

2. on History tab: how to convert WH/Day to AH/day which I relate to more easily? Divide WH/D by typical average charging voltage ~13.7V?

Thank you

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VictronConnect doesn't find my BlueSolar MPPT 75/15

I have a MPPT 75/15 charger with a VE Direct USB cable connected to my ThinkPad laptop. But the VictronConnect program doesn't find the MPPT. The VictronConnect is v.5.27, and I also have installed the v2.12.16 VE Direct USB driver. Anyone know why?

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Streetlight Function MPPT 75/10

Hello, I have a setup of a MPPT 75/10, an 12V AGM battery 38Ah, a monocrystalline solar panel 30W/12V and a 12V DC Lamp.

I'm trying to simulate a streetlight system using the MPPT (lights on at night/ lights off at day). I'm using a VE.Direct USB cable to connect to my PC and to change the settings with the VictronConnect app. What I am trying to do now is to understand how the Streetlight function within the VictronConnect app works. I've understood that Load Output function serves as a "Protective Function" for the battery, in case it gets overdischarged or when the voltage goes below a specific value (conv. and user def. algorithms). Also I've read that the "Load Output" function has priority upon the "Street Light" one, which means that if the battery gets overdischarged at night, the lights will still go off and the "Streetlight function" won't work until the next cycle.

I've read the manual: , but there are still things unclear for me.

1) How the MPPT gets the time of the sunset/sunrise if I choose the "Switch on till sunrise" and "Switch off" at sunrise options and what is actually happening behind the Applications Interface? Is the app accessing some API to get the sunrise and sunset time according to my geographical location? What happens if I change the time and geographical position of my PC?

2)How the "Night detection voltage level" and the "Day detection voltage level works"? It sais that it can be used to adjust the detection to match the panel configuration. As I understood it tracks the Solar Panel voltage and it turns on and off the light when the voltage is below or above the inserted values by the user. What I tried was inserting some values in these sections: (11.4V for night detection, 11.9V for day detection). During the day the panel gives apx. 12V so that means that at night the value will decrease below the 11.4V, the MPPT will understand that is night and the lights will turn on. I haven't tried it outside in real conditions, but in the room, if I flip over the solar panel and the voltage gets to 2-3V still nothing happens.

3) How these 2 options stated above work together?

Do they have the same priority in the code or the sunset/sunrise option has priority upon the voltage level detection. Because even if I flip over my panel in the room (trying to simulate night) nothing will happen. I've also tried plugging out the solar panel from MPPT to simulate pitch-black but still nothing happened. Does it mean that I won't be able to simulate the night since the night/day detection isn't working separately from the sunset/sunrise option?

For example I chose these settings:

At sunset: Switch on till sunrise

At sunrise: Switch off

Night detection voltage level: 11.4V (according to the min. detectable value from the manual)

Night detection delay: 0m

Day detection voltage level: 11.9V

Day detection delay: 0m

Gradual dimming speed: 0s/%

Mid-point shift: 0m

Should I expect that with these options, somehow at sunset time the DC lamp wil turn on and at sunset will turn off? What are the night/ day detection voltage level option used for if they can't work separately from the sunset/sunrise function.

Do you have any idea of how can I make it work?

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Victron Connect on MAC OS 10.9.5

In my Victron setup I got to the point when I need VEConnect software.

After watching the webinar about the assistants, I learned that the assistants are included in the VEConnect software.

In the download section on the Victron site there are 3 versions od VEConfigure.

The v5.30 that require MAC OS 10.12 and newer, the v5.8 for Yosemite/Sierra, and the v3.2 for Maveriks.

My MAC can only run the v3.2.

Will I get the latest assistants when running v3.2?

I also have the iPad 2 but the latest iOS i can run is v9.3.5, but VEConnect for iPad needs it to run iOS11.

Do I have to buy a new MAC to be able to program my Victron setup?


I got the VEConnect confused with VEconfig.

There are no assistants in VEConnect.

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Help: Does this set up look ok?

Hi Guys.

I'm brand new to this community. Just wondering if anyone can help me out?

I'm getting rid of my AGM batteries for Lifepo4. Whole new world for me. Below is a rough sketch of what i will be doing but i haven't added the active equalisation board in the drawing. I assume i can change settings and safety settings in my easy solar for over charging and low temp. I have battery sensor and bmv712 battery monitor.

Dont laugh at my 1000amp hour system on 12v. Too late now to change.

Any advise or help would be great? This is just a weekender property.



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L1 and L2 Current Showing on L1 in Victron App

On my Victron Multiplus, I noticed that when I am pulling no current from the L1 output but the L2 output is pulling current, the Victron App applies all of the current pulled from L2 to the L1 output measurement in the app.

Is this expected?

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App stuck on 'Fetching Data'

I have a smart solar MPPT charger 100/15 which was working fine for some time. now when I try to connect to it from the app I can see the charger but the iOS app stuck at 'Fetching Data' screen.



Tried restarting the phone, reinstalling the app, disconnecting the charger - still no luck.

Any advice?


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