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Multiplus disable charger also affect MPPT through cerbo GX?

Could anyone confirm this?

I have a few programable relays that I use to set the Multiplus in "disable charger" under certain conditions. But it appears to disable the MPPT's at the same time. The MPPT's remained at Float with 0 amps input down to 89% SOC. I still have to confirm that all re-bulk settings are at 0.1v. The differential was .3v when this was happening.

I was under the impression the the VE.Bus did not communicate with the devices. ESS is not enabled. Does the Cerbo GX enable a communication bridge? This could be in the settings of the MPPT's, trying to help someone remotely making this a bit more difficult.

Thanks for the help!!

malolo asked
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'Tank overview' page with Cerbo GX tank level inputs only

In the manual for the GX Tank 140 there is a beautiful 'Tank overview' page that can be enabled. The Cerbo GX have four tank level inputs that I want to use and I don’t want to add a separate GX Tank 140.

Can the 'Tank overview' page be enabled when I just use the Cerbo GX tank level inputs and don’t use the GX Tank 140?

Or must the the GX Tank 140 be connected to the Cerbo GX to be able to activate the Tank overview' page?


djingis asked
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Schedule between "keep batteries charged" and "self-consumption" in the ESS program

Good morning. Can someone please suggest me to schedule the change the state between "keep batteries charged" and "self-consumption" in the ESS program? Let me explain better, living in a country on the equator with 12 hours of sunshine and 12 hours of darkness a day all year round, I would like to use self-consumption during the day but switch to "keep the batteries charged at night.

My installation:

Victron Quattro 10KW 48V

Frunius 8.2

10Kw solar pannel

Small battery bank 200Ah (which will later be increased ).

Currently everything works well in "Keep the battery charge", and I'm happy, but during the day I waste a lot of energy coming from the panels, and at the same time I wish the batteries were 100% charged at night.

Kind regards

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4 Answers

Click here to see questions for the Node-Red topic


Node-Red is awesome, super flexible and allows amazing customisation and control of your Victron system, but it can also be complicated and many possibilities are completely untested.

It is considered a modification and only to be used at your own risk.

Victron does not provide any official support for Node-Red, so please keep questions in the modifications space on the community (and not to your dealers or sales managers).

If you are experiencing system issues and need help, please turn off Node-red and return your GX to the supported factory state before seeking support beyond the Victron modifications community.

Click here to see all the community content that uses the Node-Red topic.

Thanks :)

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked

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Status Bulk Charging w/Voltage, but Current at 0 Amps

Hello, I have a 100/15 MPPT connected to a small vehicle solar array. It currently shows a state of Bulk Charging, but it shows 0 amps under current PV and Batt.

I've checked all fuses and made sure it's set properly for my AMG battery. When I initially hooked up the MPPT it showed Amps for the current, but after about 1hour it went to 0 Amps and has never changed from there (multiple days).

Firmware has also been updated.


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Venus OS v2.60 & Pylontech batteries generating high voltage errors


After updating my ColorGX to 2.60, the Pylontech batteries (installed and configured since more than 1 month according to Victron document), the charging voltage is getting now up to 52.5V and generating high voltage errors. Before this, the maximum voltage was 52 - 52.1V. No other changes were done on the system after batteries were installed, and yes it took 3-4 days for them to balance each other.

So, anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known error?


cristimv asked
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Monitor AC Current on second phase

Good afternoon all,

I have tried searching the forum, and think I found a solution but wanted to get some advice.

I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120 in my RV with a 50 amp shore port inlet. I am good with using the 3k inverter to run everything, it is an upgrade from my 2k Renogy. It is mostly for quick overnights on back-to-back travel days or if power goes out at a campground. I have a changeover switch wired in that will break the second hot leg from the shore power inlet and bridge it to AC1 Out on the Multi so I don't have to worry about which side of the panel the outlets are fed from. The multi always gets the first leg from the shoreline.

I also have a Cerbo GX and display and want to be able to show accurate power usage. The Multi only sees one leg of my shore power, and the other leg goes straight through to the breaker panel.

Can I add an Energy Meter ET112 on the second leg and have it get combined into the total power usage shows on the Cerbo display? If not, would it show up as a second tile on the screen? I can't seem to find another solution to get a CT wired into the system for a full energy usage picture.

I am still working on getting all the elements installed and have the Cerbo sitting on my desk waiting to go! Next task will be finding tank sensors that can integrate.....

Any input or advice would be appreciated.



jamesjcooper asked

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Phoenix Inverter 12/375 - Venus OS - show AC Loads

Hello, I am new in the forum and german. so excuse my english. I have a Phoenix Inverter 12/375 with the lastest firmware 1.21 connected via to a venus os 2.65-3 on a raspberry connect to the vrm portal. Both, the portal an the venus shows the loads as a factor of 23 Watt like 23, 46, 69 and so on. Why the loads are not the right value? is that a problem by the firmware or general? Will that be fix in the future?

Thank for an answer and I wish a happy weekend.

Greats from Berlin, Germany Norman

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Phoenix Inverter 12/375 - Venus OS - show AC Loads

Hello, I am new in the forum and german. so excuse my english. I have a Phoenix Inverter 12/375 with the lastest firmware 1.21 connected via to a venus os 2.65-3 on a raspberry connect to the vrm portal. Both, the portal an the venus shows the loads as a factor of 23 Watt like 23, 46, 69 and so on. Why the loads are not the right value? is that a problem by the firmware or general? Will that be fix in the future?

Thank for an answer and I wish a happy weekend.

Greats from Berlin, Germany Norman

kawanager asked
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New VE.Can MPPT charger doesn't use BMV current value for tail current

Hello Community,

in december 2019 a great feature was added to the firmware 1.47 of the MPPT chargers:

tail current mechanism improved: it can now use the real battery current. The current can be received via VE.Smart Networking (Bluetooth) as well as from a GX Device

This is a useful feature I'm using in most installations since it has been released. A week ago I tried to do the same with a VE.Can SmartSolar and unfortunately it doesn't seem to work at all.

The system consists of a CCGX, BMV700, Multiplus 5000 and VE.Can 250/100 SmartSolar. Other devices have been removed to keep things more simple.

There is no ESS/HUB assistant installed and therefore no active external control of the charger. Also no bluetooth smart network has been created and the firmware is up to date on all products. In the system the BMV is set as the default battery monitor to use and SOC syncs well with the multiplus. DVCC and SCS are enabled and SCS status is active. In the carger the absorption time is set to a fixed time with a tail current of 10A. If the current value falls below that value for more than one minute the charger should end absorption stage earlier and pass over to float. But it doesn't. Nevertheless DVCC is working with voltage, temperature and even current (tried a limit on the system). It seems the charger just has no use for the value "battery current" sent from the BMV and uses it's own current value instead to end absorption.

I have asked dealers, distributors and victron support, but all of them told me the charger would be able to do this without testing it. So I'd really appreciate if someone with a new CAN system (the old chargers can't) could test this. Of course a load must be switched on to have different current values between charger and BMV. I just want to know if this feature is working or has not been implemented yet and victron doesn't know about itself. If it works probably someone finds a mistake in my settings? I would prefer I made a mistake.

Thank you very much!


canarias asked
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SmartShunt accuracy at low currents

I installed a SmartShunt to monitor the starter battery on a Ford Transit conversion I’m planning to take off grid for extended periods of time. There are a number of transient drains but the one I want to focus on here is a drain of 40 mA (as identified with a multimeter in series) when the vehicle is “asleep.” This is in good agreement with the vehicle spec of drain of no more than 50 mA. I performed a zero current calibration, to the best of my knowledge.[*] After doing this and reducing the current threshold to 0.01 A, I got a reading of 0.02 A for my 0.04 A drain – a 0.02 A underestimate. After 10 days this amounts to a 4.8 Ah error. If this error is used to calculate SOC, then it introduces an error of 14% into the useful capacity of my 70 Ah starter battery. Two questions:

(1) Is the 0.02 A error I’m observing reflective of the achievable accuracy of the device, or might I expect better by some tweaking of which I’m unaware or by swapping out devices?

(2) Is SOC calculated from the data displayed and will it therefore lead to the significant error I’ve described above (underestimate of 0.02 A leads to 0.02 Ah x 24 hrs/day x 10 days = 4.8 Ah/10 days)?

[*] Actually when clicking that button on the app, I got a warning to the effect that physically disconnecting the shunt was required; there were “cancel” and “ok” options associated with that warning box. When exiting the warning box by either route, I could perform no operation other than hitting the “calibrate” button again which again brought forth the same warning box. So I assume that choosing “ok” in the warning box implemented calibration. It would be nice to have this confirmed and even better to have a user interface that was not ambiguous in this regard (how about a “calibration complete” message – just a thought).

mwdavis0103 asked

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Multiplus 12/3000 cannot be switched via VEbus / Mk3 / VenusOS

OK I'm trying this again a year on.. life got busy and now after an AGM dying i'm going lithium so Inverter is intended to be installed on my boat now. OK Issue..

I am intending to use a Rpi with Venus OS installed. The issue I have is when connected via the MK3 usb, the inverter will not switch on / off / charge as I understand it is meant to (via the Venus Web GUI)

The Multiplus is the older large EEprom (190xxxxxx) but I still believe it should work

If I try and control ac input limit or on / off / charge it comes up with the error shown in the images.

I'm running the latest firmware available for the version and it makes NO difference if I use the 1xx or 2xx firmware same error. If i check or uncheck override remote it makes no difference either. NO assistants are running

I'd like to know one way or the other if this will work, i intend to have a touch screen and operate it that way, if I cant do it that way i guess im back to an external 3 way switch. Im not convinced a digital multipanel would work.

Out of interest - if a digital multi was once connected - removing it flashing firmware a hundred times etc should remove any traces shouldnt it? are there any hard reset procedures I could use?







5teve asked

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Can I have a 2nd VenusOS device in my setup show information from the 1st?

In my RV I am installing VenusOS on a Raspberry Pi 4 and that will go with my equipment. I have another RPI4 that will have a touch screen that I am thinking will also have VenusOS on it to view control the main devices as well as take input from my tanks. Is it possible to see the devices from the 1st RPI on the 2nd RPI GUI? If there are better options on the 2nd device that don't include installing VenusOS and not monitoring the tanks, I am open to that too.

I will have the following devices installed:

- SmartSolar MPPT 150/100

- MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V

- Lynx Distributor

- 2 DIY 12V 310Ah LifePO4 Batteries with JBD BMS.

nillerk asked
Peter Buijs - NL answered ·

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Venus GX stored data

Does the Venus GX have the option to store data and send it to VRM portal when a internet connection becomes available?

I thought I saw this in the options, but when internet becomes available mine only sends current data?

I am on latest firmware.

bigal asked
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Looking for input - 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V senders

Hello Community!

We’re considering to add a USB accessory to our GX product range, to add 0 to 10V, as well 4 to 20mA inputs.

But since all of us have very limited experience with 4 to 20mA tank senders, we're looking for some input:

  1. Is it always 4mA = tank empty, and 20mA is tank is full? Or do the empty and full levels need to be configurable in a software setting on the GX Device?
  2. And how important is it that the transducer can be powered by our device?
  3. Anything else we should keep in mind when designing a 4 to 20mA input? Good features you have seen else where?

Also, if you are using 4 to 20 mA senders, please post a link to a datasheet or specs below. And if you have an opinion on the sender, what you like/don't like, welcome to add that.

Lastly, most questions above are for 4 to 20mA, not for 0 to 10V - but if you have special comments about 0 to 10V, welcome as well - obviously. The product we have in mind will have inputs that can be used for both types.

Note, that this is quite early in the product development, I can’t say anything for now with regards to availability dates.

All the best and thank you! Matthijs

ps. just to prevent any question about this: we'll soon launch a new Venus OS version that can work with irregular tank shapes, as well as naming tanks and some more features: all those features will also available for the 0 to 10V and 4 to 20mA inputs. Details here.

mvader (Victron Energy) asked
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ESS with grid parallel PV Inverter

Dear community, good morning

I have a Multiplus II GX Inverter charger configured with ESS asistant under Optimized mode.

Battery bank 48V 4 x 12V LipoFe Smart Batteries from Victron with VE.BUS-BMS.

The installation has an ET112 grid meter monitoring both Multi and load power.

Grid Set Point is set to 50W to avoid feed in the grid.

Currently I have set Schedule Charging to:

Schedule 1: Everyday Starts at 0:00 / Duration 7:00hs

Schedule 2: Everyday Starts at 7:00 / Duration 11:00hs Stop on SoC 50%

This will charge the batteries during off peak tariff from 0:00 to 7:00 am, Prevent any discharge from 11:00hs to 18:00hs and use all accumulated power during the night.

I am adding a Fronius Primo grid tie inverter with (Fronius Zero feed will be enabled).

I will change my Schedule 1 and add Stop on SoC 70% so I can take advantage of the grid tie inverter to charge the batteries.

My question is how will the system behave since from 11:00hs to 18:00hs Schedule 2 two will be running?. Will it override charge from the grid from Shcedule 2 and charge from the excess in PV Inverter?. I want to take advantage of the solar excess but prevent from charging from the grid during that time.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

Javier Moran asked
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No data alarm. relays

I just got another "No Data Alarm"
This means my 4G router has to be reset....which for me means flying across the ocean or bugging somebody to drive 30 -50 minutes to my boat


is it possible to program one of the relays to reset when there has been a 'no data alarm"

I do think the Venus reboots after it can not get a connection? Can that be used with one of the relays to reset the router?.

jan-kees asked
Mark answered ·

3 Answers

Possible to make Venus GX Remote Console display custom like add dark mode?

I sail on a sailboat around the world and I have a Venus GX connected to an old iPhone velcro'ed on my Electric panel and always on. During night sails that white background on the Remote Console disturbs my night vision.

Is there a way for Victron to introduce a simple "Night mode" with a black background? Or, since this is an Open Source software, is there a kind programmer that could make this feature available in the next release?


Francesco Pugliano asked
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VRM reporting Low Battery when Battery is reported as 26.7v

I have just noticed that VRM is giving me a Low Battery in my VE.Bus Warnings and Alarms as per the attached.


The MultiPlus is configured as per this


The system is constructed from 4 x 12.8v / 200Ah in a 2P2S configuration. At no time did the value get below 25V.

I cant find what triggered this, any suggestion on where to look or do I have a bug?

bathnm asked

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VenusOS Remote Configure

I am well aware of the ability to config via remote console, but it would be great if victron could write a program like veconfig/connect where all the settings can be changed and saved to a single file which could be uploaded at one time.

It's quite painful going through menu after menu on a remote site connected via 4G with low/intermittent signal or a high latency satellite connection.

Even if built in to vrm, a page full of check boxes/switches and drop downs, then send to device button.

alan asked

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PWS (Personal weather station) integration.

now that wunderground supports API, it should be a simple integration.

In fact the output of the pantech is pure JSON so that way could be easier.

It would be nice to directly integrate into the venus os, however I could settle for VRM.

alan asked
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New fronius Gen24 product support

Does anyone know if victron are supporting the new Symo/Primo Gen24 models?

Anybody know if they are detected and read by the VenusOS?

alan asked
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1 Answer

Venus GX 2.42 CAN Bus Connection - What can we see?

Hi, today I connected my Venus GX V2.42 to my NMEA2000 network by terminating an n2k cable to the CAN2 screw terminals and into the network backbone. I now have three devices vsible on the network from N2K Analyzer and also my Simrad MFD's.

Device 1 is Quattro - Shorepower data displaying AC Voltage, Freq, Current and Power etc
Device 2 is Quattro - Inverter data displaying AC Voltage, Freq, Current, Power & Battery V and I
Device 3 is the Venus GX - Displaying product data but not much else

I was hoping that I would also be able to access the following;

BVM7XX Battery Voltage, Current, SOC, Temp, Aux Voltage for each BVM on the system (I will have 2 or more)

Tank data / Digital Inputs

MPPT Controller Data (I have 2 on my system)

Lastly, my Quattro unit is Version 1.0 - does this need an update? I have experienced problems lately where the inverter output drops off for a period of time before coming back on. When disconnected from the Venus the unit seems to be stable.

Thanks for any assistance / advice you can provide.


Greg Ireland asked
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MultiPlus 48/3000/35 output current cleanliness?

I'm unable to find any detailed information on the output power of the MultiPlus with regards to its cleanliness and sine wave stability. What kind of sine wave does it output, and is this unit suitable for electrical equipment such as speakers for instance. Any info would be appreciated.

rsnt asked
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Help a budding solar enthusiast please ! MPPT/Charger Related



Thank you for your time in advance, Setup is for an Electric van with a fridge unit, with PV power to top up batteries.

- 2 x 115W PV panels in series (40A inline fuse) after MPPT before DC BUS

- 1 x MPPT 100/30

(both those elements wired to bus bar) 150A

Connected to Bus bar is

1 x Fridge unit, which draws 50/70amps when under load, with built in 100A / 12V charger system, to charge batteries. Fused at 125A as shown.

1 x Smart Shunt (all negative loads pass through)

2 x212AH 12V Lithium batteries in parallel


- When the 12V charger (rated to 100A) charges the batteries, the charging current is flowing through the whole circuit. What stops the 40A fuse on the + line of the MPPT not blowing, or will it blow ? as current passes through the MPPT as it will happily give voltage of the battery etc.

What can I do, is there a risk of 'back current' or similar, as I am worried, that when I will blow the fuse before the MPPT when I turn the charger on.

I have done a similar setup before where I have not fused the MPPT, but I understand its best practise to do so.

Thank you

next-day-solar asked
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24h MPPT data not syncing with VRM - why?

I have a small solar remote off grid setup with a Victron 75/15 MPPT. While sun is limited in winter I have a DC timer hooked up for disabling the load during most of the day. To track battery voltage and solar yield, I have Venus OS on a RPi installed. While the RPi also consumes load, it is not connected permanently (so it is placed after the timer). This is no option. It would drain the battery. Same for 4G router, and some small DC equipement. I noticed that when the setup is ‘on’ I can see stats on VRM but that seems to only show data from within the on-time frame. Via VictronConnect I can also connect to Venus OS and the MPPT and within the MPPT environment I can see all 24h data. Do you know why this is not synchronized with VRM?

Or is there an option to do so? Hope someone can help!

12 volt 20ah Lifepo4 battery - 60w panel - DC timer - VRM - RPi - Venus OS - 4G router

Tim asked
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Multiplus C 12/1600/70 (Old Hardware 1806133.VFF) communication with other components

Is this legacy Multiplus able to connect to VenusGX/VenusOS through an MK2 Adapter with the VE9bit RS485 protocol possible?

if not, is there any old legacy adapter available or is there any communication possible at all?

i would need to change the battery configuration for a new LifePo4.

Thanks in advance

ehspill asked
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Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery? Select on loss of communication source for genset

Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery

Has this item been rolled into dvcc? After some digging here it seems its been removed yet its still in the manual. The last mention of it in the changelog is in the v2.02 – 30 January 2017 Venus Os

Are you guys working on an update to the manual to remove redundant settings to avoid confusion?

loss of communication source for genset

I have a few systems I setup and support with auto start gensets, after a couple of weeks of bad weather one went into LVD during a sustained load at a low SOC. Voltage start timing settings were a bit too long to catch the voltage crash. LA batteries.

I had set start on loss of communication as a third fail safe to start the genset, and had the BMV as the source for genset SOC. However the genset didn't start as the BMV was still active yet the multi had shutdown. I had assumed that it would start on loss of comms to anything on the VE.bus. After rereading the manual, it's loss of communication to the SOC source.

Normally I disable the battery monitor in the multi to avoid the user accidentally changing the source.

I have now reenabled the monitor in the multi, which seems to be tracking the BMV and set the genset SOC source to the multi.

However Synchronize VE.Bus SOC with battery is completely missing so the only indication the SOC is being read by the BMV to the system is that its the same as the BMV.

Seems a rather complicated method, could we simply have this changed so we could select the loss of communication source?

This now raised another question, when performing remote configs through the portal the multi/quattro drops communications to the venus device for a moment. Will this cause a genset start?

alan asked
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Venus GX lose communication with Inverters (repetitive issue on different system for the last 4 months)


This problem has been happening to us relatively often in our sites for the last 3-4 months. At least 5 or 6 times, each time of different systems. Suddenly the Venus GX lose communication with the inverters despite the inverters are running and powering the load, there is no data on the remote console on the inverter side


How to solve the issue is quite simple, we reboot the Venus GX and straight away there is data on the console. So, seems like the problem is on the Venus device and not on the Inverters


Obviously, this is not something we can do manually every time that there is a problem and if there is no signal on site, there is no way we can solve the issue so I hope this issue is addressed on upcoming firmware updates.

All these GX devices are running v2.60 and the inverters on which this have happened were running different firmwares 475 and 430.

Is there any kind of watchdog feature that could reboot the Venus if it is not seeing data from the inverter? if there is not, I think that would be an interesting feature to add on. I am seeing this feature on the GX manual but I dont think this is what I am looking for:


Could this be a hardware issue? If we upgrade to the new Cerbo GX that has a more powerful CPU and more RAM, would it be less likely to get this crash? or might it be a pure software issue?

Jesus Mazo asked
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VE.Bus BMS, SmartSolar MPPT Ve.Can and Can verses VE.Direct connection

I have a 2 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/70 rev2, Smart lithium, MultiPlus, BMS, Cervo, etc, all Victron.

I have not found any clear documentation about the functionality one gets when connecting the SmartSolar MPPT via VE.Can or VE.Direct.

I connected them originally via VE.Can and no screens on the VenusOS would show if the MPPT's where working as a single pair, networked and in sync, or would get BMS Charge Disable signals from the Cerbo.

I have them connected via VE.Direct at the moment, and in the Cerbo there is now a "Networked operation" screen, under each charge controller. However BMS control is still No.

Is there any documentation or guidance that exists about the best protocol to use to connect the controllers and the benefits and features of each.

I really want to know if the BMS Charge Disconnect signal is passed through from VE.Direct to the MPPT's, can they work as a synchronised pair, can they get charge current (non ESS setup) from the Cerbo, etc.

Many Thanks

bathnm asked

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