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Is there a possibility to share data beetween two GX devices ?

I would like to use second GX device in system, but I need to use some data from first one. Is it possible to get for example battery current form first GX device and set it on second one as com.victronenergy.system Battery Current (841). I have noticed that there is new setting "ModBUS TCP Devices", but when I setup connection the result is






Or maybe other sugesstion for data synchronization ?

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How to set SOC charging target other than 100%?

My system has 2 Smart Li 200Ah batteries, Multiplus 3000/120, 2 MPPTs 100/30, connected via BatteryProtect, Alternator connected to AGM, and via Cyrix Li to Li batteries. Setup includes BMV-712 Smart and Venus GX.

I want to be able to charge the batteries to say 60% or 80% only while on shore power, knowing that I will have plenty of sun for the rest of the day.

How can I set an SOC target for the Multiplus, or better via Venus GX? I don't want to change the absorption/float voltages.

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Venus Gx and temperature sensors

Hi, All

We are doing a project using Venus GX and 2 * quattro 10 kVa , 4 * 250/100 Tr MPPT. Client requires us to monitor each quattro /mppt heatsink temperature , battery, cabinet temperature. So total 8 sensors. Just wonder whether Venus Gx has the ability to connect 8 temperature sensors. Client requires us to read system information and the 8 temperatures in one portal? Thanks

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Vensus Gx read genset inteliGen 500 fuel level

Hi, All

We are doing a project using victron venus gx and Comap inteli gen 500 controller. Client requires us to read genset fuel level on portal. I am not sure whether Venus able to read this information on its screen. Thanks

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Geofence to a local alarm

Is there any way to have the Venus geofence alarm trigger a digital output that could be wired to an audible sounder? I’m looking to use the geofence as an anchor drag alarm on my boat so need an alarm that can wake me up rather than sending an email.

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Cerbo CAN devices on Axiom


On the Axiom (latest Lighthouse 3.13.103)

I get 2x a CAN device

- Unknown n2k device SmartShunt 500A

- Unknown n2k device SmartShunt 500A/50mV 0000501

These supply the Service and Start battery values which works well on the Axiom, I can make a special page to display the values so no problems there.

Just that you are aware that these SmartShunt devices do not show properly on the Axiom Network view.

Product : Unknown ...etc.

Name : The custom name given in Cerbo does not show

Version : No version is shown





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Can GX generator start/stop feature control AC in of Quattro?

Hello all,

For a setup on a yacht, I want to control the AC in 2 of the Quattro so that during the sunny hours of the day, the shore power does not charge the Quattro. The result is that during the day only my solar panels charge the batteries.

I enabled in the Venus GX the feature generator start/stop, in such a way that the generator starts at 18.00 and stops at 08.00 hrs. I then set AC in 2 in the GX to generator. I am assuming this then controls relay 1 of the GX and switches it on and off based upon the indicated hours.

I then wired relay 1 of the GX to the auxilary relay of the Quattro.

With VE-configure, I added the following assistant to the Quattro:


Will this work? Will the AC in 2 be ignored from 08.00 till 18.00 hrs?

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Feature Request Cerbo GX/Venus GX: Combo Load Shunts for Power Monitoring

I've seen other monitoring systems that have 4-in-1 shunts to measure loads or voltage sources. Does Victron have plans for that? I'm very much sold on the Victron ecosystem, but this seems to be a feature "hole." It would be great if we could see how much power our A/C, refrigerator, lighting, etc. are consuming, or how solar strings compare to each other in generation, etc.

Thanks for making awesome products!

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Question about the CAN IDs of the Venus GX (VGX) messages

Hello, I am using a Venus GX to communicate with an MPPT. I have connected a PCAN transceiver to the CAN 2 port of the VGX (not the VE.Can port) and I receive frames with the following CAN IDs:









I would like to know which information is within each CAN frame so a PLC can use it for analysis. Can anybody please help me to find any document which explains the information sent by this port? In the Victron's documentation I've found only the PGNs but this is not useful as I want to use the information sent by the raw CAN bus.

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Can cerbo GX connect to auxiliary digital inputs

I'd like to use the Cerbo GX for monitoring, amongst others, the bilge alarms. But as we have 6 bilge alarm switches already the 4 inputs of the Cerbo is not enough. Is there a way to connect a standard (like modbus or NMEA/CAN) external module with more inputs that the Cerbo can use?

Or is there an extension like the GX tan 140 but for inputs (planned)

marijn-achterkamp asked

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humidity sensor

Hi, All

We are planning to install a humidity sensor inside of battery cabinet, does anyone know whether the humidity value can be displayed at venus Gx. I donot think so ,but still want to

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Venus misbehavior - inverters turn off when GX is connected with VE.Bus cable

I have a growing number of unexplainable system shutdowns. Both (parrallel) inverters switch off and become extremely dead, no leds, no way to revive them (which is extra inconvenient if I am 115 km from the spot). Not with the remote panel, nor with the switches on the inverters.

Eventually I found out that ressurrection can be achieved by breaking the VE-bus connection between the two, firing the master up, (which then shows error leds) and finally by restoring the connection everything works again.

I suspect some incompatabilities between the present firmware in the inverters and the perpetually updating software in the venus GX?

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How to configure Blue Solar MPPT when connected to Venus?

Our 5 Blue Solar MPPTs are connected to a Venus GX by VE Direct cables. To configure them I need to physically disconnect VE Direct cables from the Venus (not at all easy on a boat) and temporarily connect to a PC/Android running VE Configure app.

Am I missing something? There must be an easier way!??

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Why is my Venus GX beeping?

Hi there,

We have a radio site that has 3 x Pylontech 3000 batteries connected to a Multiplus 48/1200/13 Inverter Charger and a Venus GX. Under commissioning of the site no AC was present and the batteries have now gone flat. So the Inverter charger has a solid LED alarm which will be as a result of the pre alarm for battery low being activated. The site is now has an AC connection and Inverter charger is starting to recharge the batteries but the Venus GX is making a loud beeping noise every 1 second or so. What is causing this and how do I stop it? Is it as a result of the low voltage alarm being activated on the Inverter charger. We can't remotely connect to the Venus GX device as the radio equipment is off due to the batteries being too low. Thanks Alistair.

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venus gx extrem langsam oder abgestuerzt


ich habe mit meinem venus gx noch ein paar probleme:

das geraet ist mehrmal abgestuerzt und war im netz nicht mehr zu erreichen, so dass ich es vom strom trennen musste.

es ist auch schon mehrmals vorgekommen, dass ich 30s oder laenger warten musste, bis das geraet auf meine auswahl reagiert hat. beim letzten mal habe ich dann auch einen power-reset durchgefuehrt. danach ging es wieder.

leider fehlt fuer solche aktionen ein reset-taster.

was kann ich tun, damit sowas nicht mehr vorkommt ?


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FEATURE REQUEST: Clearer formatting of MAC Addresses on Stickers

Tiny thing, but something I am sure will be appreciated by all installers:

On the sticker on the Cerbo, can we change the formatting to add a space or : after each set of four characters to make it much easier to read and check?

Eg. Instead of "d412430b4fa1" it is printed "d412 430b 4fa1"

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Suggestion: Generic Digital in on gx devices


Im using a cerbo gx in my van with the large image for node red. Id be really convinient if one could define custom names on the digital inputs of the gx. E.g: im running a rainwater collection system and id like to monitor when its turned on and react to it with node red. The settings allow me to do that, but currently i have do define the input as bilge pump.

What id like to do is: give it the type "custom" with the name "Rainwater" and log into vrm when its turned on (same view as with relays).

Could this be a future feature or is this possible by modifying setting files on the device diretly?

Thanks a lot!


edit: I dont know if this belongs in Questions or Modifications, please move the topic if it doenst belong here.

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Multiple Venus GX in one Network


I am planing a setup to monitor several consumers and generators with Smart Shunts. Since I would prefer not to use the VE.Direct to USB cable I am thinking about multiple Venus GX devices in the Network Connected with the VE.Can. I want to send the data of the Smart Shunts with the NMEA2000 out function of the GX to a microcontroller for further processing.

Is it possible to have multiple GX in one network on one VE.Can line without them communicating with each other just for data transfer to a end-user?

Caspar Ebner asked

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Venus GX does not accept static IP gateway


My Venus GX seemingly cannot accept a gateway when using a static (manual) IP address. I can enter the gateway, but it reverts to when I click Return.

No problem entering Gateway...


...but it's not saved correctly.


I can the Venux GX at the Static IP via LAN directly and indirectly (through a switch). I can also access other remote nodes via a VPN service, but not the Venux GX. Thus while it could be a VPN problem, my first suspicion is the Venux GX gateway.


I'm relatively new with IP networking, so please let me know if I'm missing another possible solution.



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Cerbo gx and disply flickering - GX Touch

The screen on GX Touch keeps flikering if i move the usb it makes it worst. What option do i have?

bore asked

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Connect ve.bus BMS to Venus GX

I have a Lithium system with ve.bus BMS and want to know the cell voltages. I don't have the Smart variety batteries. I also want the other benefits of having the BMS talk with the Venus.

According to the CCGX manual, one can connect the BMS directly to the CCGX and I would assume by extension, to the Venus. I quote from the manual with regards to the be.bus BMS:

"Connect the CCGX to the socket labelled ‘MultiPlus/Quattro’, or to one of the Multis/Quattros in the system. Do not connect it to the Remote panel socket on the VE.Bus BMS."

I have not been able to get the BMS to show up as a device on the Venus, but all my other devices do. I have contacted my dealer who assured me I should be plugging the Venus into the "remote panel" socket on the BMS even when I quoted him the manual. This did not do anything, either.

Someone else on here asked a similar question and was told they could not be connected. Given that the bus is merely passing on data, I don't see why it should not work, but with all the contradicting information I don't know what to do.

Any advice would be appreciated.


christie asked
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Alternator Visual Input GX device. DVCC compensation for alternator charge.

Hi, I am looking for a very visual input for the alternator power source,

I am considering buying an Orion smart charger for the alternator, to have everything compensated and properly measured, but to my surprise DVCC can't include the alternator charge, neither with the "smart" charger that I thought was meant for this use.

Also, In my case, I share the boat with my father (67 y/o) and my brother, and they don't have that big technical knowledge, would be great to be able to see the alternator charge as another "device" in the bubbles graphs, to be easier to see at a glance the alternator charge.

Same applies for VRM Portal.

Victorn has gone very far to make this great products that we love, and can't leave it there, It's just a very little step in the natural direction to integrate this and make the perfect combo.





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Tank level averaging period

Hey all!

Im running a cerbo gx in my van. I added a small water tank (37l) with a tank sensor, which is connected to the tank probe input of the gx. I noticed that the smoothing period in the gx for the tank values is very long, im guessing at least 10min. Due to the fact that the tank is small, i could empty it twice in that timeframe.

I did my research in the forum but couldnt find an answer: Is there a way to adjust the low pass filter? I sshd onto the device, but couldnt find a matching configuration.

Thank you!



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SeeLevel I (not II) to CerboGX

Our Motorhome has a SeeLevel I, not the newer SeeLevel II, tank monitoring system.

It's hard to find good info, but it would seem the sensor sends a value between 0 and 5V, with linear progression, to show the level. 0V is empty, 5V is full, 2.15V is 43%

I got this info from this manual:

Garnet SeeLevel I Tank Monitor Accessory

That document also mentions the sensors have 1,000 Ohm internal resistance.

I believe we have the Model 707 SeeLevel I (Documentation HERE)

It would seem this system uses the 12V it gets from the RV to power the display, and read the 0-5V values from each of the tanks. Is there a way to read out those values via a CerboGX or similar?

It is my understanding that the newer SeeLevel II system, that DOES have an N2K variant, can work with GX, but I think that would also require new tank sensors to be installed (which I want to avoid).

With lots of older high-end motorhomes being bought by younger couples, I hope someone can find a way to convert SeeLevel I to interact with a CerboGX or VenusGX.

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Venus to MultiPlus, where to set load off if battery voltage X

Dear All,

Objective: View and or change the "cut load off" if battery voltage = X volts using Venus GX connected to Multiplus.

With PC, VictronConnect software and data cable this can be set.

Devices are remote, not possible to go with PC.

Where in menu for Venus GX connected to say MultiPlus can I view and or change this setting to cut the load if battery voltage = X volts?

Thank you.

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Venus GX digital inputs

Hi all.

Just wanted to double check before I go wiring things.

Basically I just want to connect a door sensor (simple reed switch) and smoke detector (relay COM and NO) to the digital inputs on the GX, to activate the input you just need to bridge between the ground in the RJ12 plug and one of the input pins in the connector, is this correct?

Just as long as there is no voltage fed into the sensor pins?


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Battery Monitor [512]: Alarm: Internal error alarm - Quattro and Pylontech US2000 Battery


This alarm appears very often: once in two or one day. System components: Venus GX firmware 2.33 (downgraded because with new firmware there occurs fimware insufficient alarm), Quattro 48/5000/70 firmware 430, BlueSolar MPPT 150/60 firmware v1.47 and Pylontech US2000x3 battery.

When this alarm appears, battery shows red ALM and starts to make continuous beep noises.

Share link:

What can be done to solve the problem? Picture of battery with alarm is attached to this post.

What is the reason of this alarm? How could the setup/settings be changed to avoid or reduce the alarm event? System setting I took from pylontech manual (

Best regards,



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venus os mppt on night

I have venus os on raspbery and mppt smartsolar. everything worked normally until yesterday. only once in the evening mppt disappeared from the list, but rvm works. in rvm I see it works, but it is not listed in connect. it also turned off the dc output. so be it only overnight. I didn't change anything in the settings...

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Venus GX stored data

Does the Venus GX have the option to store data and send it to VRM portal when a internet connection becomes available?

I thought I saw this in the options, but when internet becomes available mine only sends current data?

I am on latest firmware.

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Different voltage between VRM and battery

I have connected the power of a Venus GX on a service battery and also a multiplus. Now I see on the VRM Website (monitor) a voltage of 9.6 Volt but my service battery has 12.5 Volt. Why is there a difference between the VRM monitor and the real voltage of the service battery?

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