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Venus GX and Multiplus 2 "system OFF"

I have a new install. The MP2 is reporting to VRM but the remote console on the Venus GX shows system "off" and no stats. Yet the data is available on VRM.

What do I need to do so the remote console displays current usage?

nickdb asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Using MPPT Smart Solar 250/100 and MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 with BYD Batteries without the ESS assistant


I have an installation with:

- MPPT Smart Solar 250/100 - 1pcs

-MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 - 1pcs

-Venus GX.

-BYD B-Box 2.5 - 2pcs

Now it works with ESS assistant, but I want to delete this assistant, would it system work without it?

How solar charge controller will be limit output charge power?

Thanks for yor answers!

Viktor asked
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Venus GX not showing up as WiFi option on my laptop or smartphone

I can't connect to venus GX via wifi. It doesn't show up as an option to connect to. Venus is 30cm away from laptop & phone.

I have tried to put the wifi on and off as per manual:

3.2 Small button located to the right of the green 14-Terminal Connector Block

Short press: WiFi Access point on/off

Long press: reset all network settings to factory defaults

I have also tried Ethernet route and VRM doesn't pickup the venus.

What are my options here? Do I maybe have an defective product?

jond asked
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Venus GX with EasyPlus 1600 and BMV 702

Hi All

Help please...

I have a Venus GX - with BMV and EasyPlus 1600. All connected together by VE.Bus and VE.Direct. All working great - no issues.

My question is about temperature sensing. All 3 devices have a temperature sensor cable - which device, in this set up, should have the temp sensor attached ?



Miya asked
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Pylontec UP2500 Venus GX not recognise with Victron Can Bus Cable Type B


As from May 25, Victron has a new firmware 2.54 GX Venus where the new update is for Pylontec UP2500 24V

I have the following installed in May 26, 2020

Venus GX firmware 2.54

MultiPlus 24/5000/120-100 with firmware 473 (connected with VE.Bus)

BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 (VE.Direct) with firmware 1.50

I have 2 X UP2500 24V pylontec batteries and i use the Can Bus cable Type B from Victron (yes the cable is correct inside even i tried reverse)

After installing everything it does not show up in my device list, my can bus is set at 500kb and my DVCC is on.

All steps were exactly done how it was told in the Victron website, but I cannot see the batteries in the device list.

Any help and comments are welcome. asked

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Venus GX Modbus TCP forwarding Solaredge PV production?

Hi !

I'm using openWB to charge my EV. Unfortunately the Solaredge PV inverter allows only one concurrent TCP connection.

That means if the GX device is talking to the Solaredge the communication to the openWB is blocked.

But I've seen in the Modbus TCP menu of the (Venus-)GX that there is an entry for the SE PV inverter. I checked so far the documentation of the GX but without success.

Can anybody explain me what this means? May be I can use it to retrieve the production of the SE via the GX device.


Thanks !


deichel asked
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Battery Monitor [512]: Alarm: Internal error alarm - Quattro and Pylontech US2000 Battery


This alarm appears very often: once in two or one day. System components: Venus GX firmware 2.33 (downgraded because with new firmware there occurs fimware insufficient alarm), Quattro 48/5000/70 firmware 430, BlueSolar MPPT 150/60 firmware v1.47 and Pylontech US2000x3 battery.

When this alarm appears, battery shows red ALM and starts to make continuous beep noises.

Share link:

What can be done to solve the problem? Picture of battery with alarm is attached to this post.

What is the reason of this alarm? How could the setup/settings be changed to avoid or reduce the alarm event? System setting I took from pylontech manual (

Best regards,



Timofei Pasechnikov asked
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Connect Phoenix Compact 12/2000 to Venus GX

Can I monitor the consumption through the Phoenix Compact 12/2000 inverter with my Venus GX?

Bora asked
Manda answered ·

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Internal Error Alarm from Venus GX with Pylontech

I’ve had an error come up on one of our GX devices saying “Internal Error Alarm”. This seems to be related to the BMS in our Pylontech batteries.

All I can find in Victrons docs is under – the last line in 2.1.2. Although this is no help; it only shows me that it’s an alarm that is being monitored.

Can you please tell me what this alarm means?

Alistair Jeffcoat asked
Ned Yu (Pylontech) answered ·

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Venus GX, temperature sensor issues

I have made myself two temperature probes out of LM355 sensors. When I connect to Venus GX the message "Reversed polarity" is displayed and there is no temperature reading. If I change the polarity on the terminal on the Venus GX the message "Not connected" is displayed. Any experience or help on this issue?

I have one sensor attached to the generator in my boat and the other one on the hot water boiler. Just for monitoring in my boat.

mmosberg asked
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Generator start/stop Venus GX "normally closed"

Hi, a have a Onan/Cummins.

In my head it wil be wrong with "normally closed".

Have a carlig switch with puls: Start-Com and Stop Com. There is also "Preheat".


Here i diagram for Onan:


Connected like this:


Is it possible to make "normally closed" to "normally open".

Can someone help me?

knott asked
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Venus GX Remote Console White Screen

A strange thing has happened to my Venus GX Remote Console today. I connected using my laptop browser through VRM early in the day and all was fine, then later the screen just shows a white panel. Nothing I do seems to change the Remote Console display.


The Dashboard and other pages in VRM work fine and data is being measured by the Venus GX from my system, it is just the Remote Console that is blank. I have tried the following things:

1. Connect via VRM on my mobile phone: the screen is also white

2. Connect directly to the Venus GX using its WLAN connection from an iPad: also white screen

3. Power cycled the Venus GX: no change

4. Disconnected everything from Venus GX, power cycled then connected with WLAN on iPad: still no difference.

I am setup to receive beta Firmware drops automatically and the WLAN connection from VictronConnect shows Firmware: v2.60~21

Any ideas anyone? I love my Remote Console and really need it working again!



Reflections asked
Espen - answered ·

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Venus GX convert digital input to relay output

Hello, I'm setting up a Venus GX for a customer, I need to convert a digital 3.3V input to a relay output. i.e. when there is 3.3V on the Venus digital input I need the relay to close. I don't care which digital input or which output we use as none are assigned to other tasks. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks very much.

PaulC asked
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Is there a way to calibrate the temperature senor on the Venus GX

Connecting my new OEM Victron Temperature sensor to the Venus GX and the temperature is out by 3 deg > Is there a way to calibrate this out ? Voltage on terminals is 2.900V Venus reports it as 15 degC should be 17degC according to the voltage , + 1 deg due to inaccuracy of sensor itself as the actual temperature was 18 deg asked
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Quattro firmware upgrade leave me with no ESS

A Split Phase system with two Quattros 48/10000/140-2x100 120v with Product ID 2754 was working with Venus v2.42 and we performed an upgrade of firmware on the Quattros to version 469.

After the upgrade of both Quattros we reconfigured via VE Config all the setting by uploading a saved version of the configuration. The setting where saved with no issues.

Once we brought the System online the Venus shows "No ESS Assistant found". We proceeded to go back and remove the assistant using VE config and adding it again, but the Venus still does not see the ESS Assistant.

Is Quattros firmware 469 for Product 2754 compatible with Venus OS 2.42? If not what would be the recommended software versions? If they are compatible what can I do to get the Venus to recognize the ESS Assistant from the Quattros?


Carlo Marazzi

Carlo asked
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MPPT 250/100 VEcan with a Venus GX not sharing voltage & temp

We have a MPPT 250/100 VEcan connected with VEcan to a Venus GX that has Temperature sensor connected i have noticed the solar controller is not reading any temp. i have temp & volt share turned on in the venus DVCC.

So i was going to put in a smart battery sense, but the sensor manual said not to with a venus connected as it confuses the system. is this still true?

I would like to get this sorted because we are add 2 more MPPT 250/100 VEcan to the system and want the controllers to sync

Nathan Anderson asked

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Venus GX GPS Sampling rate

I'm using the Venus GX device in my Expedition mobile. A GPS antenna is connected via USB to the device. Everything is working fine. Is it possible to change the sampling rate from 60sec to a higher rate like 1sec? For tracking use this would be much better and accurate. As well the export function to KML is just an export including Lat, Lon, Alt, but no speed. The general *csv export shows all other channels but the csv has to get modified to convert it to a proper track file. As well the speed is set to km/h, but the exportis m/s.

Does anybody know what to do, or wether it is possible?

MiW asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

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show PV charge with 3rd party MPPT controllers

is there any possibility to have PV charge current from a 3rd party MPPT charge controller shown on the Venus GX display?

It now shows as calculated negative DC power from my BMV but i like to have a nice yellow PV box on my screen as well.

Might this work by adding a smartshunt in between my MPPT controllers and 24V busbar and reconfigure it?

My system concists of 3 x Multigrid in 3 phase setup, a BMV712, 3 x 40A mppt and a Venus GX.

To be honest, i have exchanged one MPPT controller for a Smartsolar 100/30 but in every different efficiency test i do it seems to perform worse than my thrid party units so i'm not sure i want to change them all to Victron (even though i'm very convinced about the quality of victron products).

Jweij asked
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Venus GX, custom names on tank and temperature sensors?

Is it possible to set custom names on the temperature sensor inputs on the Venus GX? Where now it just says: Generic temperature sensor (1) and (2).


mmosberg asked
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Connect Venus GX to IFTTT

Is it possible to connect a Venus GX / bmv-700 battery monitor to IFTTT?I would like to use WeMo smart switches to control AC loads depending on battery voltage as reported by the Venus GX. Or perhaps there is another way?

CedarHaven asked
KarlMR answered ·

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Cannot see remote console on Vrm

I have 3 sites on VRM, The remote console option on

2 of them show up on the VRM platform when you click onto the site but

one of the sites the Remote console option does not show up, I remember I once switched off the create access point and lost the link to the internet, since then the remote console is not showing again and thus I cannot link up the wifi again, Tried many things but just cannot get it right again, can anybody help ?

Marc asked
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Can RV resistance tank sensor be used by the VEnus GX? (recreational Vehicle)

My RV has tank level sensors. 4 pins installed on tank. Each has a resistor connected to it. (except for common)

the bottom 2 pins are at same level. The current system uses 12vdc and it will read 8 vdc when they are both wet. The next pin up is 2/3 level and drop to 6vdc, and 4th pin drops to 4vdc.

So if I remove power and just use the resistances. I should be able to get some reading either NA standard or EU?

the bottom 2 pins have a 0 ohm value when jumped. @ 1/3 level

the next has a 68 ohm valve when jumped to common.

top sensor pin is 188ohm when jumped to common.

I believe this should give 256 ohm when full. and 0 when 1/3 or just slightly off 0 ohm.

I've seen many ppl ask about camper style tank sensors and I think this is what most are referring to. There is no way I can get to my tanks to install float style sensors. And if its any more than building a resistor pack to change the values. I would just stay with the original KIB Tank Monitor system.

It sure would be nice to have it all in the same display.

(Currently have venus/multiplus/bmv-712/mppt 100/50- venus is temporary until cerbo arrives in Canada in August from what I'm told)

Cleaver asked
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PV-Inverter SMA with first generation webbox problem

Hello Everyone,

I have a 10 KVA solar plant that is grid-tied with 2x SMA inverters that are 11 years old. I have communication with sunnyportal and using a Webbox to get data from the inverters to the portal.

I want to have those values in my Venus but that one is not detecting my inverters or webbox. I followed the manual but that is for more recent SunnyBoy inverters. However modbus I can read out with a tool on my computer so port 502 on the IP from my webbox is active and working.

I used this

Anyone that can help me to get this to work? I prefer not to use a separate meter just to get the same data dat I already have from the webbox.

Tokio69 asked
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Venus GX bluetooth conectivity

Is it or when will it be possible to use Bluetooth connectivity with the Venus GX range?

For example to connection to the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

Currently the Venus GX range has Wi-Fi support for connection to VRM but is not Bluetooth.

handy asked
Cory Wikel answered ·

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Venus GX can it monitore Multi MPPT and a MultiPlus?

I have 24/70/3000 MultiPlus from 2015 with remote control, BMV 702, three MPPT and two BMV MPPT monitors, A lot of Monitors

Can I use the Venus GX to monitor instead of all the other monitors?

Can I program my MultiPlus charging profile from the GX? I plan to install DIY LiFePO4

Is there any problem to hook up att his 4 items to the Vens GX?

Can i hook up third party chargers such as a Swi-Tec hydro-charger and or a wind generator to be monitored by the GX?

Kerpa asked
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How can I see an MPPT via VRM that is connected via a USB dongle?

I have an Venus GX with a Multiplus, two MPPT solar-chargers and a BMV-712 battery monitor. There are only two VE.Direct-Plugins on the Venus GX, so I bought an USB-Dongle to connect the 2nd MPPT. It worked and I could also make it part of the existing network. But I only can see it on site but not via the VRM-Portal: There I only se the BMV and the first MPPT.

So can I only connect two devices (VE.Direct) with the Venus GX for monitoring via VRM?

roemerdesign asked
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AC-Input: Not availible


This morning I have a strange issue on my Venus GX, I have no reading on my AC Input. I can confirm there is power on AC input, The mains light indictor is lit on the Victron Multi . I did a complete reboot of the system but the issue persists .




Denzel asked
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Not seeing Pylontech US2000 in devices?

in my vrm.victronenery portal, under devices I don't see my battery/s (have 2 x Pylontech US2000 plus's) I am using the non Pylontech supplied cable. the Victron is getting comms/data from the batteries.

georgelza asked
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Getting Tank Output in remote console System View

Hi, I've just installed a tank sender for the diesel tank into my Venus GX and a little disappointed to find that the only page that seems to give the output is the Boat/Motorhome overview page. There is plenty of space on the system page, so think that this info not being output there is a real shame. Let me know if I'm missing something, but I've been through all the settings and doesn't seem possible.

stocksy asked
Kevin Windrem answered ·

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Venus GX, MPPT150/35 Pylontech US2000: How to change max charge voltage?


i have connected my Venux GX, Multiplus 2 48/3000, MPPT150/35 and 2x Pylontech US2000 today. Everything works fine but how can i change the max charge voltage vom 53,2V to 52V?

When i go to the Pylontech settings which i can see in Venux GX, i can read the settings but i don't know how to change them.

Thanks for your help


Karli asked
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