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Phoenix not displaying correct info on console to Venus GX

Good day

I have a Venux GX connected to a Phoenix 24V 250VA inverter (and also a BlueSolar 150/35).

On the remote console and also in VRM portal, the inverter is indicating as "off" and not showing any AC load consumption. But in the device list it is indicating as "on" and "inverting" although even there it indicates load as "0W" (whereas in fact the load is around 35W).

Guidance will be appreciated.

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DC current or energy measurement with Venus GX

In an upcoming project there will be a need to measure DC current up to about 90 A also from sources that are not controlled with Victron equipment and/or to loads. Does anyone know how to use a DC current sensor or DC energy meter with Venus GX/VRM? I would like the system owner to be able to monitor at least the DC current (A), but power (W) and/or energy (kWh) would be even better.

I have seen that some AC energy meters are supported by Victron (, but I can presently not find any DC energy meter listed there.

Example of DC energy meter, which seems to be available e.g. with Modbus TCP communication:

Example of USB current sensor:

Example of current transducer that I have good experience of from other applications:

Or could anyone consider to add such functionality to Venus OS, e.g. an an open source project (

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MultiPlus-II shows in VGX 2 AC input and 1 AC output

I am wondering that in my installation VGX shows for my MultiPlus-II 2 AC-input and only 1 AC-output. Effectivly it is just via versa with 1-AC input and 2-AC outputs.
Has anyone an idea, how I can change that setting in VGX?.



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Venus gx relay outputs


Is it possible to use the the two relay outputs of the Venus gx independently ,for example relay1 is used for a generator and relay 2 used for a pump or Temperature

I currently use relay 1 for generator but would be useful to use relay 2 aswell

If the relays can be used independently could you please advise how this can be achieved


@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff

@Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff)

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Tank level sensor for deep water tanks - Venus GX


I'm using a Venus GX and would like to incorporate tank level sensors for our domestic water tanks. The tanks are around 2.5m deep and I would like to be able to use the tank level sensor input of the Venus GX to determine the volume inside the tanks. I've not come across any sensors that can cope with this depth. Does anyone have any options?

Thanks everyone.

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Autostart generator wiring (Venus)

Hi, could someone help me figure out how to wire my Hyundai DHY6000SELR to autostart from the Venus controller. I'm not sure if I need additional parts. My generator has an ATS socket (3 pin).

This is the manual for the generator, the wiring diagram is on page 23 and 24.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Why Pylontech Batteries only reach 97% SOC

After the upgrade of Venus GX to v2.20 software, everything worked fine. The daily usage pattern is largely the same when I noticed Pylontech batteries (4xUS2000B) only reach 97% SOC (originally 100%) with plenty PV capacity available. Matthijs kindly advised that the end/of/charge voltage was lowered to fix an occasional over voltage shutdown from the Pylons and they are discussing various things with Pylon R&D though perhaps with some changes on both sides. Are there any planned changes envisaged or recommendations readily available? Charger is a SmartSolar MPPT 250/100.

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[SOLVED] VenusGX suddenly lost contact to Quattro

All of a sudden, Battery SoC is not shown anymore and Inverter is shown as "Off", Although it is running.


Rebooted Venus GX (which had Firmware 2.54) - no change. Updated to 2.60 - no change

Also, it stopped seeing the Quattro 5kVA/48V but shows instead a generic "Multi" without values:


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Generator start/stop -> Settings -> Conditions On loss of communication

On loss of communication

is this loss of communication to the VRM website ....or communication with something else ?

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Import Venus GX configuration

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to import a pre-made configuration on a Venus GX device ? To save time at production level.

A question was asked a year ago, and it was, according to @mvader (Victron Energy) on the list (Link), but I can't find anything on my GX that would do the job.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,

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1 Answer

I recently installed a Venus gx but i can not see the consumption data in the vrm platform

I used the 24V Pheonix 1200VA inverter and connected it to the Venus GX via VE direct cable but i can not get any consumption data in the vrm platform

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Remote Console on VRM enabled but not online - firmware 2.42


I have a Venus GX connected to a Teltronika LTE modem. The Venus posts successfully to VRM, but Remote Console is not able to connect.

(Everything works fine with my computer on the same LAN).

I have tried the troubleshooting tips outline here:

But no difference.


Does anyone else have this working with Firmware Version 2.42?

Kind regards


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USB GPS detected but not working on Venus


I'm running Venus firmware V2.6 and today I plugged in a USB GNSS Receiver (Navilock NL-602U u-blox 6).

The OS has recognized the GPS but still after 2 hours still no GPS fix.


So does anyone has suggestion on how to fix.

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Running VeConfig Live via Venus

Is there a way to see the live data ( Voltage , ripple voltage etc ) on VeConfig ( as you do when connected via a MK2 or Mk 3 to a Multiplus) when connected via the Venus ? Looking for a way to view the DC ripple voltage

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Someone please answer. Pylontech US2000 2.4KWh + Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart + Venus GX

This is my second attempt at getting an answer. No one answered the first time...

With a single 2.4KWh Pylontech US2000 Module and Venus GX will the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart work?

I have read the manuals of the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart which seems to suggest two modules would be required by the minimum recommended battery size (Section 4.2). Phoenix 1600 (75Ah-200Ah). Phoenix 2000 (100Ah - 250Ah).

However at the following link:

The Battery peak discharge watt rating in section 2 (Minimum Battery Sizing Recommendations) seems to suggest that one module would do it.

Of course I am speaking about 48V versions of all related equipment.

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SeeLevel I (not II) to CerboGX

Our Motorhome has a SeeLevel I, not the newer SeeLevel II, tank monitoring system.

It's hard to find good info, but it would seem the sensor sends a value between 0 and 5V, with linear progression, to show the level. 0V is empty, 5V is full, 2.15V is 43%

I got this info from this manual:

Garnet SeeLevel I Tank Monitor Accessory

That document also mentions the sensors have 1,000 Ohm internal resistance.

I believe we have the Model 707 SeeLevel I (Documentation HERE)

It would seem this system uses the 12V it gets from the RV to power the display, and read the 0-5V values from each of the tanks. Is there a way to read out those values via a CerboGX or similar?

It is my understanding that the newer SeeLevel II system, that DOES have an N2K variant, can work with GX, but I think that would also require new tank sensors to be installed (which I want to avoid).

With lots of older high-end motorhomes being bought by younger couples, I hope someone can find a way to convert SeeLevel I to interact with a CerboGX or VenusGX.

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LG Chem Resu PLUS connected to Victron Multiplus and Venus GX isn't recognized

I have a LG Chem RESU10 connected to Victron Multiplus 48/3000/35-16 and Victron Color Control GX. The Battery is recognized and shown on the GX. But when I put two LG Chem RESU10 onto a RESU Plus and the RESU Plus to the GX, the RESU Plus and the batteries aren't recognized and shown on the GX.

Cabling is checked.
Has anyone worked with this constellation?

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Single Module Pylontech + Venus GX + Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart, will it work?

With a single 2.4KWh Pylontech US2000 Module and Venus GX will the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart work?

I have read the manuals of the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart which seems to suggest two modules would be required by the minimum recommended battery size (Section 4.2). Phoenix 1600 (75Ah-200Ah). Phoenix 2000 (100Ah - 250Ah).

However at the following link:

The Battery peak discharge watt rating in section 2 (Minimum Battery Sizing Recommendations) seems to suggest that one module would do it.

Of course I am speaking about 48V versions of all related equipment.

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GX thermometer calibration offset.


I have two thermometers ducted to two batteries.

First question, can I hop one to the positive and the other one to the negative? this are isolated right? (Would do that due to space arrangement)

Second question, one battery is always 3ºC higher than the other one, that couldn't be aleatory, my guess is that one of the sensor reads higher. Is there any way to calibrate this on the Cerbo GX

Thermostats are located at the side of the batteries, marked with a cross, would like to put them on the most outer posts of the batteries (circle)

Also would like to calibrate them properly.

Temp sensors are: ASS000001000

PS: thinking on fitting one thermostat on a fridge, are this water proof



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1 Answer

Can Two Venus GXs have their Ethernet / MODBUS TCPs connected on a switch?

I have two VE Inverters, each connected to a separate Venus GX. I would like to connect the Ethernet outputs to an Ethernet switch so that I can get content into VRM. Is this allowed? I cannot find a reference in the manual that clearly states that.

sean-1 asked
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1 Answer

Manually Rebooting Venus GX Controller

How do I manually reboot my Venus GX Controller. It has been offline for the past 18 hours so I am unable to see the current battery and solar status. I cannot find a restart button on the device.

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2 Answers

"Create Access Point" option missing on Venus OS on Raspberry Pi


I have VenusGX for my offgrid system which works perfectly. I have since started reworking my Caravan to incorporate a Victron setup. I have setup a Raspberry Pi (Tried version 2 and version 3) as a VenusGX substitute. I however do not have the option to "Settings → Wi-Fi → Create access point".

I have seen one other thread on here that had no replies regarding this:

Does anyone know why this option isn't available? Or if there is a config setting on the Pi I need to do. The Raspberry Pi 2 has a wifi dongle that does pick up other networks. Pi 3 I used the built in Wifi to connect to other networks.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Davin Hansen

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Question about the CAN IDs of the Venus GX (VGX) messages

Hello, I am using a Venus GX to communicate with an MPPT. I have connected a PCAN transceiver to the CAN 2 port of the VGX (not the VE.Can port) and I receive frames with the following CAN IDs:









I would like to know which information is within each CAN frame so a PLC can use it for analysis. Can anybody please help me to find any document which explains the information sent by this port? In the Victron's documentation I've found only the PGNs but this is not useful as I want to use the information sent by the raw CAN bus.

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Trying to decipher this GX webscreen shot

I am trying to understand everything this screen shot below is telling me. I think I know what it is

134w should be what my panels are putting out.

157w is what I am currently using thru the shunt that the BMV sees.

-22w are being pulled from the batteries to make up the difference between what the panels are producing and the 157w consumed by the coach?

62% is the SOC.

13.2v is the battery voltage.

-1.7A is the 22w @ 13.2v.

Yes, I cannot wait till I can replace my Magnum with a Multiplus to fill in the rest of the fields.


bigbillsd asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

1 Answer

Can one control charge current in Multiplus depending on weather your grid connected inverter is export power to grid

Can one control charging current in a multiplus to maximise self consumption with a Genius device , Grid connected PV inverter and Energy meter? In principle this is possible - monitor power flow with energy meter and adjust the charging current in the Multiplus using Venus. I do not want to implement ESS for several reasons. I have no need to limit grid tie inverter

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Venus GX - using as an AGS (auto generator start) controller

I have an immediate requirement to install/configure an AGS deice in my coach, and configure it such that when the interior coach ambient temp in the coach reaches a setpoint, and there is ZERO shore power, I'd like the generator to start.

Since I'm working towards a total off-grid solar solution, I'd prefer to purchase solutions that are still useful in the future.

If I purchase and install the Venus GX, what other components are MANDATORY to meet my primary objective?

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Connecting SP5/40 water tank sensor to the Cerbo GX

I am currently designing an electrical system for my campervan and I plan to install a Cerbo GX to monitor batteries, tanks etc. I have recently purchased Fresh & waste water tanks with SP5/40 and stud sensors respectively. Now the stud sensors are connected with 2 wires (white and brown) which I imagine will plug in to the Cerbo's tank slot as normal. The problem with the SP5/40 is that there are 4 wires which is for each probe. Not only do I not know which wire correlates to which probe/level but I don't know how this would be connected in to the Cerbo. Would you have to connect in to 2 tank slots in the Cerbo?

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Victron Venus GX Remote Console Menu Not Accessible

Hi all

I hope that everyone is well.

I was checking a few settings of our system last night and I am not sure what has happened but I cannot access the Venus GX remote console menu any more, although I can see the Remote Console via VRM or via IP. Has anyone experienced this before? Would rebooting/restarting the Venus help at all? If so how do I reboot/restart the Venus? I did have an issue connecting to Remote Console via VRM a few days ago which sorted itself out overnight.


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CANBus interface on GX
I have mainly a Victron system installed in a 5th Wheel RV; 1020W of Solar panels thru a 105V/100A MPPT solar controller, and a 12V/3000W/120A Inverter/Charger for shore side charging with a Bluetooth VE buss smart dongle. I installed it myself and used a MK2-USB to set up the Mulitiplus for the 500 Amps of AGM batteries I have. I also have a BMV-712 to monitor the system. I'm interested in upgrading to Lithium batteries and also adding one of the GX devices to be able to remotely monitor my system (I currently only use bluetooth locally).

I'm looking at Lithionics batteries, their internal BMS models have an output cable that supports RVIA RV-C and CANbus information, specifically it provides battery Voltage and Current data, battery Temperature and SOC data, remaining Ah capacity, desired charger state and charge specs, HVC and LVC status, total Ah capacity and current Power, accepts ON/OFF/Charge-ON commands and a few others. The link for the information specifications and protocols is here.

I've tried asking and looking around, but can't find anyone with answers. I would like to know if any of the Victron Venus GX or Color Control GX or Cerbo GX interfaces can accept this data from the Lithionics GTX12V315A batteries internal BMS using the CANBus data interface. And if all I would need is the Lithionics cable (75-H1FCR-CS2 Ampseal 8 Harness Kit), to plug into one of the GX's.

Also, is specific programming required for the GX?

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