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System Overcharging

I have a site with a battery going into overvoltage alarm. I have updated all firmware and checked the charging parameters.

It apears that the VENUS GX connected is the one 'dictating" the incorrect charge settings.

System config:

Venux GX FW 2.60 DVCC enabled
Quattro 15kVA FW 476 (was 430 with same issue) with ESS
150/70 Smart MPPT
250/70 Smart MPPT
2 x BlueNova 52V 8kWh (to make 16kWh battery)

Charge absorb settings are set to 56.2V, Float at 55.5V.

When Venus GX is disconnected Charging on all devices stops at 56.2V

The moment VE.Bus is connect to the GX the charging (on Generator) goes up over 60V (battery cuts off at this point). This also happens with the battery comms disconnected.

Any pointers on how to fix this?

kenyon asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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Venus misbehavior

I have a growing number of unexplainable system shutdowns. Both (parrallel) inverters switch off and become extremely dead, no leds, no way to revive them (which is extra inconvenient if I am 115 km from the spot). Not with the remote panel, nor with the switches on the inverters.

Eventually I found out that ressurrection can be achieved by breaking the VE-bus connection between the two, firing the master up, (which then shows error leds) and finally by restoring the connection everything works again.

I suspect some incompatabilities between the present firmware in the inverters and the perpetually updating software in the venus GX?

josmeijer asked
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Can Phoenix Smart chargers be remotely operated via Venus GX?

I have 2 ea Phoenix Smart chargers in which I am going to connect to my Venus GX in my boat. Can those two chargers then be rwmotely controlled via the VRM online portal? More specific, set parameters and toggle chargers on/off?

Will the two Smart chargers appear like devices on the app as the BMV-712 and the MPPT below?


mmosberg asked
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Connecting Venus to Ve-Can MPPT [old Model ] and Pylontech

Good day. My client has 2x150/85 ve-can[ old model] and pylontech batteries.I need to connect with venus. Under the service settings, I use with Can-Bus 1, Can-Bus[ 500kbits/s and it does pick-up the pylontech. Now here is the problem, Can-Bus 2, VE-Can, and Can-Bus 250 Kbits is supposed to work.NO SUCCESS. Please advice.

arthur-zonneveld asked
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Venus GX does not accept static IP gateway


My Venus GX seemingly cannot accept a gateway when using a static (manual) IP address. I can enter the gateway, but it reverts to when I click Return.

No problem entering Gateway...


...but it's not saved correctly.


I can the Venux GX at the Static IP via LAN directly and indirectly (through a switch). I can also access other remote nodes via a VPN service, but not the Venux GX. Thus while it could be a VPN problem, my first suspicion is the Venux GX gateway.


I'm relatively new with IP networking, so please let me know if I'm missing another possible solution.



brmurray asked
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Reset administrator on Venus Gx

Purchased a boat with a Victron system and want to be able to access VRM remotely. Boat builder has not been very helpful. I´ve tried to register our VRM-ID but I get a message that admin will receive an email with your request.
Can anyone help please.

merlin asked
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N/####/system/0/Connected Not accurate / changing & N/####/system/0/Ac/Alarms/GridLost

Hi all

With a Grid dropping this is not changing... seem to always get a 1 back


N/###/system/0/Ac/Alarms/GridLost seem to have disappeared ?

VRM FW: 2.6

Build: 20200906142058


georgelza asked
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US Certification (UL/CSA) for GX Devices (Venus, Cerbo....)


I would like to know if there is any plan from Victron to certify the GX range or any specific product of the GX family to be certified in North America, such us UL or CSA certification as this is something that our clients are demanding more and more.

Jesus Mazo asked
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why doesn't venus have a wifi signal

My system has been working fine. Returned to out alpine hut to find controller on float, batteries very low. Last report on the portal was error 67, no bms. Venus is getting current, but there is no wifi signal. Anybody know what to do outside of replacing it. We are basically snowed in, using a honda generator.

magwa asked
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Venus Gx with BMV-712smart - Which is the data source?

Greetings All. I'm just diving into this world and I'm having difficulting understanding the relationship between the BMV and the VenusGx. Specifically, If I'm using the Lynx Shunt to provide input to the VenusGX, does the BMV receive the battery data from the Venus via the VE.Direct link, without the need for a second shunt (the one that comes with the BMV)?

Or, is the BMV a transmit device only, which would make the Lynx Shunt input to the VenusGX redundant and unnecessary?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

roger-pierson asked
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Tank level sensor update interval is too slow on Venux GX

I have a resistive tank level sensor (similar in design to this one) installed in a header tank, and connected to a Venus GX. It works fine so long as the tank level is relatively static - however, if the tank level is rapidly rising or lowering, the Venus can't seem to keep up.

So for example, if I turn on the pump to fill the header tank, it is overflowing by the time the Venus is even reading 80%. Once I turn the pump off, the Venus reading continues to tick upwards gradually until finally reaching 100%, but this seems to take a few minutes to catch up.

Because I want to use this reading to control the pump, it is obviously an issue. I'm fairly sure it's not the sensor, since connecting a multimeter and actuating the slide manually seems to produce instantaneous change in the resistance reading. Is there a way to get the Venus to update the reading more rapidly?

aeneby asked
danhig answered ·

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Multiplus II GX headaches

Hello All,

I am having issues with the Multi II GX devices suddenly?

Last week I installed a unit and the GX device could not be picked up on WIFI nor would the little LCD come on. Sent it back to dealer and it was replaced. (time and money lost)

Then I did another job and it ran beautifully for 3 weeks now suddenly I cant see the GX device anymore on VRM. Went to site today and same as above, cannot see the GX device in any way I know of (Wifi, Bluetooth, nothing works) System still running fine. This means another swopout, more of my time...

Last week also did another Multi II GX, and here the trouble is different. I can via wifi and local IP address ( see the remote consol, but not for love or money can I see it via VRM.

This is just painfull.

Any help or advice please?


leonb asked
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Smart BMS CL 12V 100A - Charge and Load Disconnect

Hi All

I am planning using the BMS CL to sit between Lithium house batteries and Alternator. I plan connecting the BMS CL to my EasyPlus with the 'Cable for Smart BMS CL 12-100 to MultiPlus' (PN: ASS070200100). This mean the load / charge disconnect plugs on the BMS CL are now being used by the EasyPlus.

My problem is - I have other loads / charging sources (independent of the EasyPlus) that I also want to disconnect when the BMS commands it.

Can I simply tap addition wires in to the load / charge disconnect terminals on the BMS CL - to control multiple battery protection devices ?



miya asked

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AC-Input: Not availible


This morning I have a strange issue on my Venus GX, I have no reading on my AC Input. I can confirm there is power on AC input, The mains light indictor is lit on the Victron Multi . I did a complete reboot of the system but the issue persists .




denzel asked
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Venus GX temperature inputs

There are two temperature inputs on the Venus GX, but there is not much information about them in the manual. Are these only for the Victron battery temperature probes or can I connect another temperature sensor to them, like for monitoring for example room temperature, and if so, what kind of sensors will work (types like PT100, PT 1000 etc.)?

sintesis asked
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NMEA 2000 Winddaten im VRM Portal anzeigen


Wie viele habe auch ich ein NMEA2000 Netzwerk an Bord. Angeschlossen ist ein Windsensor mit Richtung und Geschwindigkeit.

Das NMEA 2000 Netwerk ist via VE.Can an Venus GX angeschlossen.

Die NMEA2000 Tanksensoren sehe ich im VRM Portal. Aber nicht die Daten vom Windsensor.

Ist das irgendwie machbar?

bernhard-ve asked
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1 Answer

MK2 Interface and Venus sharing VE Bus on MultiPlus Compact Inverter


I have an existing application which 'talks' to a Multiplus Compact inverter through an MK2 interface. I now wish to connect up Pylontech batteries UP2500. This requires connection of a Venus GX to the same VE Bus that hte MK2 currently uses.

I noticed from the documentation that the VE Bus is an RS485 bus capable of daisy chaining. Also, the devices on the VE Bus are addressable. Is it possible to connect both the MK2 and the Venus GX to the VE Bus of the Multiplus Compact at the same time?

Thanks in advance

powerlust asked
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Venus GX, temperature sensor issues

I have made myself two temperature probes out of LM355 sensors. When I connect to Venus GX the message "Reversed polarity" is displayed and there is no temperature reading. If I change the polarity on the terminal on the Venus GX the message "Not connected" is displayed. Any experience or help on this issue?

I have one sensor attached to the generator in my boat and the other one on the hot water boiler. Just for monitoring in my boat.

mmosberg asked
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Cerbo - How to remove manual Time Zone setting after GPS Addition?

Hello, I just added a GPS to my Cerbo and see in VRM it will use the GPS to update the time zone automatically if its not set manually. How do i remove the manual setting that was configured prior to the GPS?


Thank you,

danhig asked
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Want to know the use of usb in venus gx

Can I able to communicate to full system of Venus GX through the usb port provided in it? Or I have to do that with Ethernet port?

Regards: Advaith

advaith-g-n asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

1 Answer

[SOLVED] VenusGX suddenly lost contact to Quattro

All of a sudden, Battery SoC is not shown anymore and Inverter is shown as "Off", Although it is running.


Rebooted Venus GX (which had Firmware 2.54) - no change. Updated to 2.60 - no change

Also, it stopped seeing the Quattro 5kVA/48V but shows instead a generic "Multi" without values:


petajoule asked
tony-towers answered ·

2 Answers

Connecting a second smart MPPT to a GX/multiplus

I would like to add a second MPPT to my Venus GX/Multi setup.

The GX has a limited number of VE ports, with the existing MPPT using the last port.

Can I use smart networking to sync the MPPTs over bluetooth?

or do I need to use a USB dongle to cable the new MPPT to the GX/multi?

nickdb asked
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Analog engine data to NMEA2000 using the Cerbo GX?

I am planning to get a lot more data to my NMEA2000 network. I have just ordered a Cerbo GX and planning to get water tank, fuel tank and septic tank data to the NMEA2000 network using the resistive tank level inputs on the Cerbo GX and the VE.Can to NMEA 2000-adapter.

My engine is a VolvoPenta MD2040 and a bit older engine without support for J1939. I am also considering several options such as EMU-1 from Actisense. But want to see if I could find a simpler solution instead.

I want to get the following data from the engine to the NMEA2000 network, hopefully using the Cerbo GX.

  • Tachometer/RPM data from alternator
  • Oil pressure
  • Engine temperature

Is there any option to get engine data to the NMEA2000 network using the different tank, temperature and digital inputs on the Cerbo GX?

djingis asked
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2 Answers

Venus GX turn AC charging off (old 19xxxxx multi)

Hi there, got an old multi (small CPU.. no Assistants available just Virtual Switch) and no Aux input.. Just a NC NO COM relay. I want to turn charging off with low temp as I've got Lifepo4 batteries. I know this is possible with newer multis but I don't think it will work with this.

Will a Venus GX enable me to customise the older multiplus to work with a temperature sensor / temperature relay etc?



damjeff asked

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Alternator Visual Input GX device. DVCC compensation for alternator charge.

Hi, I am looking for a very visual input for the alternator power source,

I am considering buying an Orion smart charger for the alternator, to have everything compensated and properly measured, but to my surprise DVCC can't include the alternator charge, neither with the "smart" charger that I thought was meant for this use.

Also, In my case, I share the boat with my father (67 y/o) and my brother, and they don't have that big technical knowledge, would be great to be able to see the alternator charge as another "device" in the bubbles graphs, to be easier to see at a glance the alternator charge.

Same applies for VRM Portal.

Victorn has gone very far to make this great products that we love, and can't leave it there, It's just a very little step in the natural direction to integrate this and make the perfect combo.





alnavasa asked
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proposed ways to control 'ignore AC Input'


building a larger and more complex system (including 3Phase, Solar, CHP machine etc.) i would like to, by software, force the 3 MPII (one on each phase) to enter the 'ignore AC Input' state in order to make sure no power is feed back. The main parameter is the SOC which should drive that state change. I would like to avoid physical relays and cables and use the existing communication between the GX device (Cerbo in my case) and the MP systems. What is the best/easiest/safest way to accomplish this ?

best regards,


martghh asked
Paul B answered ·

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REC BMS / Venus GX / BMV 712 Shunt?

I am planning an install with LiFePO4, Victron and the REC BMS. The REC BMS will already hooked up with a shunt on the neg side and will be monitoring the battery. I then plan on having the REC hooked up to the Venus GX. I want to be able to monitor things remotely using the BMV-712. Will the BMV-712 be able to get all of it's info from the REC BMS, via the Venus GX or will I need a secondary shunt on it's neg side of the BMV-712 as well? Additionally, I want to be sure that I will be able to read all the data that the REC BMS is collecting about the bank (including temp) and each individual cell that the BMS is monitoring. Will all of this data be available on the BMV-712 or would I need to forget about the Venus GX and the BMV-712 and use the CCGX instead? Based on certain installation requirements, I'd much prefer the Venus GX/BMV-712 combo, unless my monitoring requirements could not be met.

Thank you.

poppycock asked
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CCGX and Venus GX in the same CAN bus

HI Sirs,

Is it possible to use CCGX and Venus GX in same CAN bus ?

I have CCGX in my system, but my 3rd charge controller is connected via VE direct to USB and there is black outs every now and then. Also I would like to add temperature sensors to my setup.

So, Idea is to add Venus GX and connect 3rd charge controller to Venus via VE Direct. ( = 2 separate GX units)

For this, I guess I need battery info from Pylontech via CAN bus also for Venus GX, right ?

For monitoring I have to monitor these GX devices independently, OR use Grafana for monitor these units at the same time.

Thanks :)

kimmo-paukku asked
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Multiplus II force charge / inverter mode via Venus GX

I'm looking for a way to remotely switch my Multiplus II between inverter / charger mode.

This is essentially due to the variable tariff I'm on, I've got a script on a Raspberry Pi which looks at the day ahead and plans when to charge and when not to.

I gather there is something with node-red, maybe MQTT, but ideally I'd love to control a relay on an Arduino to input to the Multiplus or Venus GX to tell it the mode - is this an option?

If not, MQTT is my second preferred option of those I gather exist - can I request this via this method?

homestorage-77 asked
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