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Data storage while Venus Gx is disconected from WIFI

If there is no WIFI connection, will the datas be temporarily stored on a USB stick ?

Unfortunatley i could not find out this and i see a gap in the data recording.

Thanks in advace for your feedback!


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Time to go not changing

I just installed a BVM 712. I set the battery capacity and everything appears to be working but the time to go does not change. i ran every light and the fridge for over 12 hours last night and this morning the time to go is at 240 H which is the same as it was last night prior to running these things. The battery charge percentage came down from 100% to 93% so it seems to me that the time to go should have changed as well. What am I missing?

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Venus GX displaying incorrect power usage (Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet)

The VenusGX added the Energy Meter EM24 Ethernet just fine and started using it showing the 3 phase grid input.
However it is confused as I have my multiplus 2 on phase 3. What it does is count the measured AC output of the multiplus 2 on top of the phase 1 measured grid power. This causes it to display double the power used but I figure it will also cause a major issue with determining the appropriate feedback power.

How can this be solved?
Can you only install this on phase one?

yes I am planning to upgrade this to a set of 3 multiplus 2's one on each phase but these machines don't come cheap so I started with the phase that has the most power consumed.

EDIT: switching phase 1 and 3 on the Energy Meter solved the issue but this seems like a silly way to solve something that is ultimately a software setting. and of course now pahase 3 is reported as one and 1 as 3 which could of couse cuose more confusion in the future.

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Venus GX loses Remote Console via VRM

Over the last couple of weeks. My Remote Console via VRM loses connectivity. The Venus is online and reporting and I can use local Lan to connect but it takes a reboot to solve which I can’t do remote. Seemed to start after firmware 2.72.


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2.72 MPPT issue

I have noticed that 2.72 on a Venus GX seems to have a problem coordinating MPPT use.

My two 150/45 MPPTs were active but one went to "sleep" with an idle load when there was a small enough load for one to cope with.

When the load increased, the MP2 went to grid and the second MPPT never kicked in and produced nothing more than 7W.

A restart of the GX resolved the issue.

MPPTs on current code and MP2 on 4.81.

The second USB-vedirect MPPT is a rev2.

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Alarm Relay Function - Set Alarm Relay On via dbus

I am trying to programmatically set the state of Relay 1 on & off on a VenusOS on an RPi via sending the following command but the change is not applied. Relay 1 function is configured as an Alarm Relay.

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState SetValue %1

While dbus command returns a successful result the "Alarm relay on" toggle switch in the UI under settings->relay does not reflect the issued command.

I can programmatically change the Function & Relay Polarity and the change is reflected in the UI immediately.

I looked at the var/log/localsettings/current file and confirmed that the UI and CLI command is affecting the same setting.

@400000006106581304f7c444 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 1, New: 0 //UI "Alarm relay on" Setting Change
@4000000061065c1c04621bc4 INFO:root:Setting /Settings/Relay/0/InitialState changed. Old: 0, New: 1 //CLU dbus Setting Change

Has anyone else had the same issue before?

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Venus GX VE Direct Ports Failed

I have a Venus GX with a BMV 702 & an MPPT 75/15 connected to the VE Direct ports. I noticed the MPPT on port 1 was off line. I swapped it to port 2 and it was back online but none of the devices would show on port 1. I concluded port was faulty. Later after swapping and changing round the devices a few times port 2 seems to have also failed. I'm wondering if one of the devices has a fault that has damaged the ports. Is there any way to test further or reset the ports? If the ports are damaged can they be repaired or does this mean replace the Venus?

Thanks in advance

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Can a CCGX be used with a Venus GX

We live on a boat. We are 12v and mainly on shore power. Currently use VRM or bluetooth to get information from our Venus GX.

However, to keep my wife happy she has seen the CCGX which is the same as what we have except ours is either through our tablet or PC. She would like me to fix a screen like the GX Touch or CCGX, so she can just press a button and have the information to hand. Yes I know we already have that information via VRM/web/bluetooth, but she has seen the CCGX on someone else's boat and wants the screen fitted to ours, or a similar Victron product that has a screen.

Can I fit a Victron product like the GX touch 50 or CCGX and plug it directly into the Venus GX which already has everything plugged in and receive the same colour screen infor.

System - Quattro/MPPT/BMV702 etc.


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Systeme coupure de decharge batterie suivant un créneau horaire (FR/ESS/EDF-HP-HC)


voila mon architecture et la suivante

- j ai un Multiplus 5Kva raccorder à une batterie plomb carbone en 48V de 440ah

- un régulateur MPPT 150/85 avec 2640w de pv

le but serai de désactiver la décharge de la batterie sur le créneau horaire des heures creuse en France de 23h à 7h.

actuellement pour se faire je suis obliger de le faire de façon manuel en allant tous les jours dans le menu ESS de mon venus Gx et modifier le SOC minium (sauf défaillance réseau) pour qu'il arrête de décharger la batterie et repasser sur le réseaux.



here is my architecture and the next

- I have a Multiplus 5Kva to connect to a lead carbon battery in 48V of 440ah

- an MPPT 150/85 regulator with 2640w of pv

the aim will be to deactivate the battery discharge during the off-peak time slot in France from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

currently to do so I have to do it manually by going to the ESS menu of my venus Gx every day and modifying the SOC minium (except network failure) so that it stops discharging the battery and going back to the networks

thank you

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Multiple GX units Temp inputs

Does anyone know if the Temp inputs from a second unit (venus, cerbo etc...) will show on the CCGX and vrm? Like the multiple tank inputs do.

A) For in chapter 1.4 - Multiple GX Devices for increasing number of tank inputs

(or to be put in a separate chapter)


The number of tank inputs of a GX Device, such as the Cerbo GX and the Venus GX can be expanded by connecting multiple GX devices together in a VE.Can network.

Make sure to designate one GX device to be the “main” one; and the other(s) to be the “secondary” one(s). There is no practical limit on how many can be used - most likely the number of source addresses on a VE.Can network is the limit, which is 252 addresses. A Cerbo GX, with 4 tank inputs, will use up 5 addresses: one for itself, and one for each tank input.

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venus 2.72 update : my solaredge inverters disappeared

Hi everybody,

my installation has a venus GX attached to 2 multiplus II 48/3000, pylontech batteries and 2 solaredge Se3000 edge (1 master, 1 slaive via RS485).

Everything was working well until the automatic update to v2.72 : the slave solaredge is indicating " remotely turned off " and so not producing any more, I can’t see anymore the solaredge PV inverters on the color control panel eventhough the master solaredge inverter IP address is correctly recognized, but isn’t in the device list.

On the same time, I got a warning from solaredge portal because one of the 2 inverter didn’t report anymore and didn’t produce either.

I tried to backup to v2.71, doesn’t change anything.

any idea ???

thanks for your help

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Smartshunt with no cable?


I have one doubt about smartshunt...

I would like to use it in DC only sites, with just an MPPT and maybe a monitoring device (Venus or raspberry). In this situation, if I add a smarshunt to have SOC reading, can I create a bluetooth network and read it trough the MPPT (smart model) or do I need to also connect it via Ve.Direct/ USB to Venus/ raspberry?

Will it appear as a valid Battery Monitor in VenusOS if connected trough bluetooth to the Smart MPPT ?

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Venus GX alarm rules

I have a Venus GX device and want to set an alarm if 'someone' moves it. I know I can connect a GPS to the GSM GX cellular modem but can I set an alarm without using a GPS device (perhaps using Lat / Long or Speed alarm rules?). If so how will the unit 'know' it has moved - does it 'know' its location if I have set it manually on the VRM portal or is that simply a 'point' that I have designated it to be on a map and it does not really know its own location.

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Cerbo restarts when main dc supply is connected to Multiplus.


I have tested my setup at home for a while and never saw this issue. Now the setup is installed in my boat, I’m getting the following.

The Cerbo will immediately shut down ( as if the power removed ) when the isolator supplying DC power to my MultiPlus 3k is switched to ‘ON’. This issue will only happen when the Multi has been without DC power for a few hours.

I have noticed there’s a substantial inrush current, where the Multi’s capacitors charge, could this have some connection to the issue?

The system setup is identical to when installed at home for testing; however the VEbus RJ45 cable between the Cerbo and the Multi is now 4x longer.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Venus GX compatibility with Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70

Hi, Is Venus GX compatible with the Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70?

I would like to remotely monitor the Compact unit, the batteries and (both manually and auto) start and stop the generator.

Is there a different product if the Venus GX is not compatible?

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Tank level sensor update interval is too slow on Venux GX

I have a resistive tank level sensor (similar in design to this one) installed in a header tank, and connected to a Venus GX. It works fine so long as the tank level is relatively static - however, if the tank level is rapidly rising or lowering, the Venus can't seem to keep up.

So for example, if I turn on the pump to fill the header tank, it is overflowing by the time the Venus is even reading 80%. Once I turn the pump off, the Venus reading continues to tick upwards gradually until finally reaching 100%, but this seems to take a few minutes to catch up.

Because I want to use this reading to control the pump, it is obviously an issue. I'm fairly sure it's not the sensor, since connecting a multimeter and actuating the slide manually seems to produce instantaneous change in the resistance reading. Is there a way to get the Venus to update the reading more rapidly?

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Cerbo gx digital input connections

I must be missing something. I have a Cerbo GX that i am trying to install digital sensors for the bilge alarm, and a possible door or two. But the input on the device shows only the data input, and the ground connectors. All the sensors i am finding show a power connector as well, making them 3 connections, red, yellow and black. Am I looking for the right kind of sensors? Is there a specific type of input device I should be looking for?

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VE.Can resistive tank sender adapter - Naming tanks

Hello. I installed two tank sender adapters to Cerbo GX. These are addition to the four tank inputs on Cerbo GX, so in total 6 tanks. The firmware of the Cerbo GX is v 2.66. I could name the four tanks installed on the Cerbo GX directly. But, I could not name the two tank sender adapters. Is there a way to do it ? There is a menu to change the name, but even after making the change, the name is not saving.

Another question is the devices in the device list. Is there a way to put them in order according to our wish ?

Thank you in advance.

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Suggestion: Generic Digital in on gx devices


Im using a cerbo gx in my van with the large image for node red. Id be really convinient if one could define custom names on the digital inputs of the gx. E.g: im running a rainwater collection system and id like to monitor when its turned on and react to it with node red. The settings allow me to do that, but currently i have do define the input as bilge pump.

What id like to do is: give it the type "custom" with the name "Rainwater" and log into vrm when its turned on (same view as with relays).

Could this be a future feature or is this possible by modifying setting files on the device diretly?

Thanks a lot!


edit: I dont know if this belongs in Questions or Modifications, please move the topic if it doenst belong here.

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MultiPlus II GX disconnecting devices

Hi All,

I have a Victron ESS that consists of the following:
MultiPlus II GX 48/5000
1 x Victron BlueSolar 150/35 (Connected via VE.Direct) - 2kWp Solar Array
1 x Victron SmartSolar 150/35 (Connected via VE.Direct) - 2kWp Solar Array
2 x Pylontech US3000B Lithium Batteries
1 x ASS030720018 - VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type B Cable 1.8m
1 x Carlo Gavazzi ET112 Grid Meter

The GX device is frequently losing connection to all of the peripherals - The 2 solar charge controllers, the grid meter and sometimes the canbus battery.

The worst is when it disconnects from the Pylontech battery, because then the battery is not receiving the "Keep-alive" signal and the system will consequently trip/shut-down after some time.

To resolve this, I need to reboot the GX device each time using the Remote Console.

The inverter has been updated to firmware level 482 and the GX device is on firmware level 2.66.

Does anybody have insight into this problem?

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Is there a way to calibrate the temperature senor on the Venus GX

Connecting my new OEM Victron Temperature sensor to the Venus GX and the temperature is out by 3 deg > Is there a way to calibrate this out ? Voltage on terminals is 2.900V Venus reports it as 15 degC should be 17degC according to the voltage , + 1 deg due to inaccuracy of sensor itself as the actual temperature was 18 deg

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How to Remotely update/configure Multiplus and Quattro's via VRM remotely - UPDATED

This post has been Updated with Latest Changes. 30th May 2021

NOTE to other users, who feel they can improve on this post please feel FREE to edit it and add changes that can help others.

This post has been wikified, any user with enough reputation can edit it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi just some info for everyone in-case you did not know about these options/features,

If you enable two way comm's on the Venus or the CCGX or Cerbo GX units. (Fw2.60 or higher.) The GX device must be connected to the Internet and you do need a VRM site login, ( the GX device must also be registered on the VRM)

you can then remotely configure all the Multiplus/Quattro settings and now also firmware upgrade the units via the VRM as well

Of note I have also been able to reconfigure remote systems and add and remove inverters from the setups, thus saving trips to site.

Basic procedures,

Log onto the Victron VRM system and select your site, then from the Device list (Fig 1) the select Remote VE configure (Fig-1) then select download, (this will download the remote systems configuration files, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE the file do not open then edit the file.) the file usually ends up in your downloads folder, then using Victron's Ve Configure program you can then change all the settings including assistants etc. when finished then save the file. Then back to the VRM and select UPLOAD, select the changed file and this will then be uploaded to the remote system.

Multi Phase and Paralleled systems, can be updated and inverters added or removed to and from the system setup, AS WELL


if you wish the upgrade the firmware of the devices inc the Multiplus and Quattro units. then select Firmware update. (Fig-3)

Nice Feature, please use the below link for further details








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Venus GX bluetooth conectivity

Is it or when will it be possible to use Bluetooth connectivity with the Venus GX range?

For example to connection to the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

Currently the Venus GX range has Wi-Fi support for connection to VRM but is not Bluetooth.

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Venus GX will not detect ET112 energy meter.

What am I doing wrong here?

I have been trying to get the system to recognise the ET112 energy meter but no can do.

I have a Venus GX device (Firmware v2.33) connected to a Victron USB RS485 cable which is connected to 10m of Cat6 FTP solid core cable which is connected to the ET112 energy meter in my consumer unit.

Venus GX --> USB to RS485 cable --> 10m Cat6 cable --> ET112 energy meter.

Please see pictures below for actual wiring connections.

Upon connecting to Venus device I see multiple flashes of the red led only on the Victron USB to RS485 cable.

I know its trying to tell me something about the connection but I have no documentation explaining the meaning of the flashing sequence. All I can guess is that its telling me the connection is at fault somewhere.

I then found Carlo Gavazzi UCS (Universal configuration software) which runs on Windows 10 and is designed to talk to the ET112 energy meter and configure it and just check that it is working.

I then unplugged the USB to RS485 cable from the Venus GX and into my laptop running this software.

You guessed it, It came alive.

The UCS software immediately connected to the ET112 via the same wiring and I could see that it was working!

It would seem that the wiring from my consumer unit to the USB RS485 cable is correct for the Laptop but for some reason is not acceptable to the Victron Venus device.

So if anyone out there can look at my setup and hopefully spot what I am doing wrong I would be most grateful.

I have some further pictures showing the UCS software settings.



Cat6 cable on the left to Consumer Unit and USB to RS485 cable on the right. I have double up the GND connection.


Software and version.


Software has connected to meter and is showing data.

The next few pictures show the settings for the meter.





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How to get Venus GX to show two LG resu 6.5 batteries at the same time

Hi All, we have an off-gird system using two LG resu 6.5 batteries in parallel with each other which is monitored with a Venus GX. The LGs also get tied to a large AGM setup at certain times of the day to share the charging. Overall the system is monitored and controlled by many Sonoff switches and a few Orange Pi's running a common bash script which works pretty well for us.

One very minor outstanding issue is the Venus GX only shows one LG battery at a time. If we unplug a canbus cable from one of the batteries, the VGX will show the other and vice versa, but the VGX will never show both at the same time. The VGX shows them both as Product: LG resu battery and Product ID: B004. Is it because they have the same product details? Do they need to be daisy chained rather than each connected directly to a canbus port on the VGX?

Its surprising the VGX can't tell it has two batteries connected to it..

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Feature request: Cerbo GX DVCC to also share SOC from BMV to Multiplus

Many of us have systems with a BMV battery monitor, a VS device such as a Cerbo, a Multiplus and other charging sources which the Multiplus ignores in its SOC calculation. Often in these systems, such as a boat, the Multiplus is often not used for charging when away from shoreline so it's DOC deviated badly. The Multiplus firmware has the ability to shut the inverter down at low SOC which is a good feature, but in the above scenario quite useless. In the system above, the Multiplus would benefit from being able to use the BMV SOC is shared SOC was programmed as part of DVCC.

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Feature Request Cerbo GX/Venus GX: Combo Load Shunts for Power Monitoring

I've seen other monitoring systems that have 4-in-1 shunts to measure loads or voltage sources. Does Victron have plans for that? I'm very much sold on the Victron ecosystem, but this seems to be a feature "hole." It would be great if we could see how much power our A/C, refrigerator, lighting, etc. are consuming, or how solar strings compare to each other in generation, etc.

Thanks for making awesome products!

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IP Address of the Venus does match with the address set via the wifi portal on my phone

Firmware 2.70-15

I am setting the ip address via my phone after it is popping up in my wifi list on my phone, to

But this is not the address it gets.

When searching on my local net, it may pop up with different addresses like xx.xx.xx.200, but next time I connect my computer with TCPIP Modbus, it may change, to 201 or 203.

It seems that it keeps finding new addresses despite the STATIC setting in the DHCP selection.

I am now trying to change the setting of the "IP configuration" to MANUAL as it was set to Automatic.

I have not been able to find the real difference of this settings in any description.

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Venus GX Temperature sensors output to NMEA2000?

Maybe I am missing something, but I can't seem to be able to output the temperature sensors connected to my Venus GX to NMEA2000.

I can see every other detail from my Victron System on NMEA2000 but not the GX Temperature sensors.

What am I doing wrong?

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