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RELAY controlled easily over VRM

It would be useful to be able to change the state of a relay via VRM for example that could control a load remotely. IE - turn an airconditioner if it had been left on accidentially . At the moment a customer is using the relay in the MPPT to do this function but this is not ideal.

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VRM Portal: improved installation overview

Hello everyone!

Per a few minutes ago, the VRM Portal has been improved. The main goal behind this redesign is to better handle managing multiple installations. I'll briefly explain the changes:

The new main table

First of all, the amount of clutter has been reduced, and by having it organised in a table with very clear headings, its very quick to understand what part of the system(s) is doing what. The headings are made as common language as possible: no tech-talk. The are Battery, Grid, Load, Solar, Generator and Tanks.

Then the sorting was modified: installations with an active alarm are now shown at the top. And, hovering with your mouse over the alarm status on the right shows a tooltip with details of the raised alarm(s).

Installations that were last seen three months ago, and longer, are moved to the bottom of the table - making space for the more active items.

Also its sortable, by clicking the table headings, and sparklines (small graphs in the box) give a bit of extra information.


Hovering over the tank box shows all tank data in detail:


Color coding boxes with green vs red

For some cells in the table, portal determines if they need attention or not, and makes that clear by making them green versus red.

  • Grid: if there is an active no grid alarm, the cell will be red, otherwise green. (see Cerbo GX manual for what that alarm is and how to enable it)
  • Load: if the inverter is switched on, and its off, the cell will be red. otherwise green.
  • Generator: if the generator is supposed to be running, but its not (fuel empty, starting issue, otherwise) then the cell will be red; otherwise green. See Cerbo GX manual for how the alarm with regards to automatic generator start/stop works in detail.

Seeing all active alarms

By clicking on the top of the VRM Portal, you see an overview of all currently active alarms. Until now, this wasn't available at all. You'd have to go into an installation to see its active alarms, and go to the next to see them for that one. Here is a screenshot:


Detailed mode and column configuration

On the top right there is a button that will open a configuration pane. Here is what it looks like:


Enabling / disabling the detailed mode will show/hide the spark lines.

Thats all for now. If you have any ideas, see any issues, have a question, comments or just a compliment to the developers that have been working hard to get it to this level, welcome to drop it below.

All the best, Matthijs

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Grid Failure alarm - how to get from VRM

I have activated the Grid Failure facility on my Venus G device - now how do I set up the reporting of it on the VRM portal? There is no such alarm in the pull down menu for the Venus device

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VRM Dash Board View


I really like the dash board. I added a new shunt to the system to monitor my wind generator output. This has not turned up on the dash board, which has surprised me.

Does anyone know if there is any way top control which devices do appear on the dash board? If not could a feature be requested to allow the user to select which battery devices/shunts do get displayed.


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VRM monitoring shows wrong data

Hello, I am running an "island" (no grid) with a Quattro 48/5000/70-50/30, a stack of Pylontech batteries, AC coupled inverters on AC out and Colour Control GX.
I had wrong readings from start: even with no consuming element connected I get readings of "critical loads".
When solar inverters produce more power, there is more "critical load" even with totally near constant consumption.
And as a final statement, the sum of "critical loads" and "Charging" is greater than the PV Inverter production.
I assumed that was a problem of the EM24 AC sensor meassuring the PV inverter output. Recently I saw that the EM24 is not recommended anymore and finally decided to change to a ET112. Done a few days ago, problem is the same....
Current readings are 2071 W PV Inverter, 1455 W charging, 1105 W critical load. The realistic value of critical load is 400W maximum.
What is wrong here ?
Thank you

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No real time data of PV charger on VRM portal

Hi all!

Since yesterday I can't get realtime data on VRM portal of my PV production. It was working well since yesterday.

All data is showed in real time (grid consuption, grid charges, batery status), but not PV charger.

This only happens on the console page as show on this image:


In the main page, the real data is showing correctly:


And is showing also correctly on remote console:


What can I do to see real data on VRM portal again?

I reset the system, but has no effect on this.

Thanks in advance.

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EasySolar event logging

Dear community, good afternoon

I have a question regarding event logging in an Easysolar device.

Does the CCGX keeps track of reboot events for himself and the Multiplus II connected to the VE.Bus?

If so where can I access this data?

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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Display Grid meter data on VRM advanced


I don't see my grid meter in the widgets menu on the advanced VRM page.
I would like to plot the voltage and current of every phase, is this possible?
I don't have a 3 phase inverter setup, inverters are only on 1 phase.



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VenusOS Remote Configure

I am well aware of the ability to config via remote console, but it would be great if victron could write a program like veconfig/connect where all the settings can be changed and saved to a single file which could be uploaded at one time.

It's quite painful going through menu after menu on a remote site connected via 4G with low/intermittent signal or a high latency satellite connection.

Even if built in to vrm, a page full of check boxes/switches and drop downs, then send to device button.

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VRM Portal - The new graphics are very well done

Updated real timr graphics on the VRM are very well done! I like it - well done to the team

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PWS (Personal weather station) integration.

now that wunderground supports API, it should be a simple integration.

In fact the output of the pantech is pure JSON so that way could be easier.

It would be nice to directly integrate into the venus os, however I could settle for VRM.

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vrm advanced data display goes back to July 2020 on update

every time i set my advanced display to display the last 24 hours it runs for a little while:


Then when it updates it switches back to July 2020?? See below:


It does this in Edge and in Chrome. Any idea why it started doing this recently?

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VRM Battery percentage warning colour

Can we please have a setting in VRM to change the colour of the battery percentage.

Either fully configurable limits or a simple Lithium battery switch.

E.G The site below has lithium batteries so an orange warning at 59% is a little over cautious.

From lithium something like 30% would be better, with red at 10%.


alan asked

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What is the root cause for the effects on VRM dashboard and history?


3-phase MultiPlusII48/5k, FW: 478

Cerbo GX, FW 2.62

grid-tied inverter on ACout1, update not accessible, defined via ET112

EM24 as grid energy meter (not really necessary)

BYD LVS new installation with updated FWs

Please see the following examples:


L1 of loads cannot be correct.


Values for "to grid" and "production" can't be correct. Production is 1,5 kW (24/7) and there is priodically a feed-in

How can I improve the information?

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When does VRM API login token expire?

Good Day,

When does the login token expire when you use:

POST https://vrmapi.victronenergy.com/v2/auth/login

I cannot see anywhere in the documentations that says when the token expires, it just says "If the token expires, an error message will be returned".



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Fronius PV peak power Limited

We installed 2 Victron 24/3000 in parallel and a Fronius Primo 3.6 connected in the output of the multis.

First we configured with ESS and the fronius was working fine. It reached 3.6kW.


We had some problems with the grid and we had to quit using ESS. We had to configure the PV inverter support Assistant instead.

The AC side worked as we want, unfortunately, we realized that the PV production is limited to 2286kWp for some reason.




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Pylontech Battery Temperature Missing During PassThru

Previously I have seen my system go into Passthru once (in 6 months) It didn't cause any issues and hence I just left it... but last week I saw it go into passthru three times in a day, and it seems that every time it went into passthrough the battery temperature went missing...

Now leading to my questions:

1. Is this normal?

2. Is this a known issue and has anyone else experienced this? and finally,

3. Is there a way to correct this?



The battery is a Pylotech 2.4kWh and is connected to a Venus Gx via Can bus.



Zoomed in section



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IDEA: Display AC loads "OFF" when in Charger only on VRM and Console

My Setup : MPPT, Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30, Venus OS 2.6, RPI 3B+

(But in the case the RPi bit is irrelevant.)

Others have already noticed that they occasionally see phantom AC loads figures with no AC loads connected. In my case the MP Compact is currently in charger only mode so can't have any power going out to AC.

Would it be possible to display AC loads "OFF" on the VRM and Console to reflect the current setting on the Multiplus?

  • For the VRM this would be an [OFF] box over the feed to the AC loads. Similar to the [Storage] box in the view below.
  • For the console it could be that the 0W is changed to "OFF" when AC out is disabled.


1) On boats and RVs it would be far more easy to see the console than the state of the switch on the Multiplus (currently buried at the back of my electric cupboard).

2) You could easily check remotely - did I remember to switch of the AC output when I left the boat?

3) Easy for non technical people who use our boat to see why the fridge is not working!

4) No phantom AC load values


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VRM Now Displaying Temperature Probes on dashboard

I have just noticed that VRM is now displaying temperature probes. Looks Great.

However I have a temperature sensor reading 71.0oC, and what looks like a VRM/Device Instance 300.

I cant find what this in my system anywhere. Is it a bug? Is it a malfunctioning sensor somewhere within maybe my Cerbo.


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VRM Min/Max BMS Cell Voltage intermittent

I've noticed my CAN connected Battery Min/Max Cell voltages are intermittent on VRM. Checking locally with Modbus my readings return with every poll but it seems VRM either doesn't receive the values or it goes missing somewhere in processing. All other variables on my portal are 100%

Attached some data from VRM:



And from my local poller running for the last +-10 minutes:


This is a follow up on the post below and it's when I noticed my data not being displayed correctly.


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Victron VRM Historical Data

When I take a look on my historcal data there is a huge difference between consumption and production. I have a 15.4kWh BYD battery installed. Sum of production would be 44+2.2kWh=46,2kWh. Sum of consumption would be 13kWh+16kWh+about 12.5 to Battery=41,5kWh. So difference is about 5kWh. Is the whole difference caused by efficiency of the system and some rounding error of the data? Is this OK?


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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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Cerbo - Software enhancement with output relays

It would be great to be able to control the relay outputs based on time.


Switch output 1 on at 6pm (configurable) and turn off at 9pm (configurable)

Also to apply a custom name to the output relay.

Are you guys able to update the cerbo software to allow for this additional functionality? The Cerbo already has a real time clock

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Remote VE Configure setting not available?


Good day to all. I have just added a 3rd installation on my VRM . All work well except I cannot find the Remote VE Configure option. See 2 pictures attached .

On all my installations, I have the Remote VE configure option on the devices list page . Not on the last one .(neither the firmware update option !) . Did I miss something or did something wrong ? May be settings ? Any help would be appreciated . Thanks


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VRM setup on SmartSolar


I'm having problems setting up Remote management on a SmartSolar 75 10.

I can happily see the KPIs from the device locally, by either the USB cable or Bluetooth, but I can't add it through the VRM Portal. I've tried various combinations of the MAC address, and similar hex numbers printed on the label in search of my VRM Portal ID without success.

Any advice appreciated.

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Is it possible to visualize temperature sensors on the new VRM dashboard?

Very nice with the new VRM dashboard. Really love it, but temperature sensors are still missing. Any plans for adding that feature, and is there any way I can add temperature sensors myself to the dashboard? Just some simple indicators or scorecard showing name of sensor and temperature would suffice.

High hopes for this feature. It would complete the current dashboard.


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victron configure 3 error wont load my system settings not enough information...


My system is in a motorhome, quattro , connected using a ccgx and 2 lithium smart batteries , with theVictron VE bus BMS

I have updated my quattro to the lastest firmware using my mk3 usk and android phone and victron connect app.(so i can access setting on the move if required)

This re sets the inverters settings so i needed to re-do them. I did what i could using the connect app.

I can do all the settings via the app except assistants.

So my CCGX is showing No BMS ERROR

I need to run the BMS assistent for my VICTRON smart Lithium batteries. This is by default not loaded so i went onto my Victron VRM portal , downloaded the Quattro settings as normal but VE confgure will not open the file giving the following error

The file does not contain all required information. (file probably created with an older version of the Venus.OS)

Everything is up-to date.. Ve config 3 , the CCGX and the Quattro But i need to bms assistant to be running and if i can't open vic config 3 i cant add the assistant.

I tried uploading my old saved file but the CCGX / Quattro wouldnt accept it ,

Is there something i am missing should i be downloading the inverter settings via the vrm with the bms or batteries discconnected? or is the fact that i updated the inverter settings via the connect app mean i now have no access via ve config 3 ?

Your help would be appreciated.


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How to see time left on battery - VRM

Hi all! I've just added my smart shunt to my Venus OS and am looking at the VRM. On the bluetooth app I can see time left on the battery but am unable to find this display on the VRM portal. Does it exist, and if so, where can I find it? TIA!

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