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13,3 V but says charge

Hi! Just installed a bmv-712 in my boat. Use to my 12V 100ah liPo4 Battery. I use it to my trollingmotor but don’t need to charge the battery after every session so I disconect it and Like-well disconect the +pol from the battery . When l conect it again to synchronize the battery to my bmv 712 it says 13,3 v but indicate to charge the battery so i can’t synchronize the bmv to the battery and set the right precent remaining.

Someone who have a clue?

Lillen asked

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Device id changes on venus gx

Hello all,

I have a venus gx and a battery monitor, a smart 100/30 Mppt connected to ve.direct ports. I also have a gps and smart 100/20 mppt connected to usb port via usb hub. All devices working and communicating properly with venus gx. However, 100/20 gets device id sometimes 288 and sometimes 289. Therefore, I have mixed data on vrm. Do you have any suggestions to correct it or prevent it to happen?

thanks in advance,

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How to reduce data consumption on VRM

Hello everyone ! I would like to reduce the monthly consumption of data on VRM, I'm using a VENUS GX and a GSM GX. The parameters configured are: auto updates disabled, interval between logs 4h: for this parameter, I have the impression that VRM is updated every 10min despite having set to 4h. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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VENUS GX WI-FI connection problem


My Venus does not built up the WIFI.

I had the connection 1 time successfully but since then I was not able to find the WIFI again.

I have tried to enable the WIFI (reset for 1sec) and reset to standard settings (reset for 4sec) but the green and red LEDs still shine continuously. (no blinking...)

Does anyone know a way to built up WIFI again?

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Has DC System - Incorrect Consumption in VRM when Phoenix Inverter is run on DC

Hey everyone,

I am running an off-grid system with a GX Device and an MPPT, BMV and Phoenix Inverter 12/800. I also have DC loads connected to the system. As long as the inverter is not running, the consumption values in VRM are perfectly valid, but as the inverter runs, the values measured are off, as the inverter power is just added ON TOP of the DC Load Power which already includes all the current drawn by the inverter.

Is there a way to configure the GX Device to ignore the AC Power measurements, as they are already included in the DC Load? If not: it'd be great to have an option in the menu that states that the inverter is run on the DC system. Otherwise I am unable to reliably log the system consumption...



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Venus GX not sending data to VRM

My Venus GX has been unable to communicate with the VRM portal for

about a month now, as in no data is uploaded, device list says "Last

seen a month ago", etc. On the GX remote console, "Last contact" always

shows "---" and "No error".

My installation ID is 9884e3b3e091.

- Network is fine, the GX has an IP address, DNS servers, etc. I have run through the steps at https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ccgx:start#trouble_shooting_data_logging.

- I am able to curl ccgxlogging.victronenergy.com from the commandline

on the GX (gives 403 Forbidden but shows that I can reach the server)

- If I disable VRM logging on the GX, tail /var/log/vrmlogger/current,

then re-enable VRM logging, I get the following output:

@400000005edad70d1684946c MainThread-vrmlogger: Starting to log, logmode == LogToVRM, url == http://ccgxlogging.victronenergy.com/log/log.php
@400000005edad70d1c6aa2a4 MainThread-http_endpoint: Internal backlog buffer initialised. Count = 9
@400000005edad70d1d89e5b4 MainThread-http_endpoint: Found '/run/media/sda1' as remembered external path
@400000005edad70d1db03a34 MainThread-http_endpoint: Checking '/run/media/sda1' for suitability for external storage
@400000005edad70d1e93899c MainThread-http_endpoint: Found /run/media/sda1 as external storage dir
@400000005edad70d20618724 MainThread-http_endpoint: Extra SQLite DB made at /run/media/sda1/vrmlogger-backlog.sqlite3
@400000005edad70d20730f6c MainThread-http_endpoint: Made /run/media/sda1/vrmlogger-backlog.sqlite3 the active buffer
@400000005edad70d20eb641c MainThread-http_endpoint: Starting sender thread
@400000005edad70d21eb019c MainThread-http_endpoint: Reading from {0} resulted in an error. Doing nothing.
@400000005edad70d22064de4 MainThread-http_endpoint: Started sender thread
@400000005edad70d2219a704 MainThread-http_endpoint: HttpEndpoint initialised, http worker thread running
@400000005edad71022645c04 HTTPThread-vrmhttp: Using existing VRM auth code

It doesn't seem to progress beyond this point. Am running v2.54. Could there be some problem at the VRM end?

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VRM connection of two power systems (12 & 24 Volt)

Hi all, could not find any info on this specifically. We have three (3) battery systems on our sailing catamaran. Engine start (actually 2 sets on a catamaran) 12 Volt crank AGM. 24 V LiPo Victron smart & legacy 12V AGM for some lighting and 12V only consumers (VHF radio, Fusion Amp, mast lighting, computer DC charging ports etc.). The 24V system is fully 'featured' and is connected to VRM by a VenusGX (using hotspots on mobile phone). This works extremely well and am happy. From the legacy side there is a BMV712 and 12/3000 Multi (SW ver 2609413) which I can monitor locally via Victron Connect to 712 but cannot see the Multi in any fashion. (We are a MAC house and no connection via serial port.

As I understand the doco if I try to send two system info via a single GX I will get erroneous info.

Can anyone advise how I can get the older 12/3000 Multi connecting to VRM? In the future if this dies then I will replace with a simpler 24/12 VDC converter for charging the 12V system but not for the moment. It was not thrown out when we upgraded to the 24/5000 Multi.

Michael Riley asked

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VRM portal MultiPlus 12/3000/120 16 AC/OUT

My installation is on a boat:

2x 110AMP batteries as "house bank" (bank 1)
2x 110AMP batteries as "Starter battery and bow thruster" (bank 2)
The batteries are: Lucas LX31 110ah Leisure Battery
The two banks are connected via a Cyrix-ct 12/24V-120A (CYR010120011).

Connected to bank 1 are the following:
One BMV-702 (BAM010702000R) with 3x 160Watt solar panels
One SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 (SCC110050210)
One MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16 (PMP123020001)
One Venus GX (BPP900400100) (https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/36369/share/820f64ab)

Connected to the Venus GX are the following:
BMV-702 (BAM010702000R)
SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 (SCC110050210)
MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16 (PMP123020001)

My question:
On the VRM portal and Venux GX I only can see the "AC Loads".
But the MulitiPlus has two AC OUT. And I have both AC OUT in use.
Is it somehow possible to see the use on AC OUT 1 and AC OUT 2 instead of only "AC Loads"?

Sebastian W. asked
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No data alarm - lost connection to VRM after update to 2.30

hello team, trust all is well. I have been having an intermittent "no data' alarm since 27th May 2019 after a fw upgrade of the Venus GX from v2.23 to v2.30.

As of the last 26 hrs, the alarm is persistent and can't check data from vrm portal. Any one else experience this issue?

The Venus GX is connected to the internet.

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Lorawan not Showing a true representation on site!

One of my sites is comprised of a Ve direct Lorawan module & 100/50 SmartSolar mppt,to monitor the solar output and battery state of the remote location.ive installed my own gateway to communicate with the remote site which is all online,and RSSI of -79db according to the VRM.however when I compare the on-site data locally on the App of the mppt to the VRM, they paint two very different pictures of the solar production being recorded for the same 4 day period!..anyone else had this issue?......



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Have the VRM share link start on the Advanced page?

Any way to have the share link generated for my VRM site point to the advanced page (and widgets) on opening?

eg https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/50316/share/7b96911b

mblowes asked

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Is it possible to control the relay on a BMV-712 over VRM?

Is it possible to manually control the relay port on BMV-712 with VRM, running on a Raspberry PI.? Just a simple on/off button starting the remote console in VRM ?

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Start Stop generator using APP

Hi, I am assuming, after extensive searching, that you cannot start or stop the generator using the VRM app? Can some one confirm this or am I overlooking something. Also, if it is not possible, is there future development of this capability?? Thanks all

Cfish asked
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Strange VRM Graph @3am this morning

This morning at 3am I see something happened. None of my geysers are running that time as they are on timers. The strangest thing was the current showed +11A but the power didn't show any increase. Anyone with an explanation how that can happen?

I changed my logging interval from 15min to 1min to keep a closer eye on this but I must confess that it's the first time I see this.


Ingo asked

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Is it possible to group installations on VRM together other than on the MAP function?

I would like to group a number of installation together for ease of managing, for example, grouping branches of a fast food chain together and having a group for each different chain.

jvdm@elekenergy.co.za asked
Teun Lassche (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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VRM Portal - Can't always update firmware remotely

Hi there,

I noticed a feature in VRM portal that I hadn't seen before that allows me to upgrade firmware of sites that I manage. I prefer to be the guinea pig myself before trying it out on my clients. The equipment on site here upgraded just fine via VRM. I did notice though that VictronConnect (running on an iPad) thought that the firmware of the SmartSolar 250/60 was already up to date (from memory it was running 1.46), however VRM had a different opinion and installed 1.50.

I also notice that the ability to upgrade firmware via VRM exists for the equipment on my own site, but is not shown for the equipment of one of my clients. That client is running the latest stable VenusOS v2.54. Any ideas why it doesn't show there?

Great work on all this, by the way. Thanks!


jbakuwel asked
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Remote VEConfigure file downloading as a txt file

Recently I went to us Remote VEConfigure, which has always worked in the past, and the config file downloaded as a file with a .txt extension. This happened in two different browsers. I was able to rename the file with the correct .rvsc extension and complete the process.

is anyone else having this?

Tim Chapman asked
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What to do when I can't add a site to Victron Portal - stuck in email loop


I see a question about my issue but no answer on how to fix it.

It was fixed manually by the moderator.

I have my device connected to the portal and uploading data fine but when I went to add it to my list it says I have to respond to an email sent to me but I never receive the email even after many try's the same as the other post so I am stuck in a loop.

I have checked my email address in my profile and it looks ok, my user is vk3zqv@hotmail.com.

Can you please advise how to fix this issue.



vk3zqv asked
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VRM: Solar kWh Calculation is different from MPPT daily yield, Bug ?

Hello Sirs,

It seems, that on dashboard "Solar kWh" reading is not correct.

If I compare this value to "Advanced" page MPPT solar yield readings, there is a big difference.



Am I wrong... or is this a little bug ? :)

Br, Kimmo

Kimmo Paukku asked
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Bug Report: VRM Portal Economic Report will only report "Today"

Early last month I had gotten my site finally working with VRM Portal (once I finally got 24/7 internet there) and I had discovered the economic report functionality. While it doesn't give as much detail as I would like (I would hope for breakdown of used energy vs. max production if grid tied and selling, since production drops when batteries are full), I was eagerly awaiting digging into the reports at the start of this month once I had more data.

I had tried to check it a week or two ago and noticed that I still could not enter or select a date range, only "today". I was guessing that maybe there was an issue with database logs or something that would be temporary, but not today I still cannot select a start date beyond "today" or the automatically filled in date of yesterday. Both clicking the left arrow and trying to click any date except yesterday does not work.

Image of the screen: https://imgur.com/a/LXAuKB8

Browsers tested: Vivaldi 2.5.1525.40 (Stable channel) (32-bit), Firefox 67.0.3 (64-bit)

Section9Bateau asked
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VRM Remote Update listing does not use custom names for MPPTs

I have two banks of panels, one on the east of my roof and one on the west. Each bank is on a separate 150/35.

So, there is a East and a West MPPT:


But when I go to Remote Update in VRM, the custom names are not displayed:


warwick asked
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Feature request: VRM consumption total based on selected date range

As we all know VRM is a very handy interface for getting details about power consumption and production.

While already a powerful tool, I’d like to see a small modification to the VRM consumption screen. Currently the summary graphs default to last 24h, 7d, 30d, and 365.

It would be be extremely handy if that graph (or another screen) also included a summary of consumption, solar, and genset numbers based on the date range you provided in the same screen. Currently to sum up power usage for a date range, one must manually add up each graph datapoint.

Geomz asked
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Venus GX not showing up as WiFi option on my laptop or smartphone

I can't connect to venus GX via wifi. It doesn't show up as an option to connect to. Venus is 30cm away from laptop & phone.

I have tried to put the wifi on and off as per manual:

3.2 Small button located to the right of the green 14-Terminal Connector Block

Short press: WiFi Access point on/off

Long press: reset all network settings to factory defaults

I have also tried Ethernet route and VRM doesn't pickup the venus.

What are my options here? Do I maybe have an defective product?

jond asked
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Victron VRM for non GX product line

are there future or options to monitor non GX products such as BCS IP65 or BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller like chargers? Would be great to have on a boat, or backyard solar shed.

skippsterr asked

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VRM: More battery info (Cycle Count, avg. SoC)

Is there a chance the VRM could compute and show the "effective cycle count" of a battery in a shown timeframe - and/or total? Seeing this raw SoC is nice and informative, but in order to estimate % Lifetime left, there are some crucial infos missing.


A moving average SoC for the past 30/90/... days would also be helpful.

So showing something like:
300 Full Cycles eff.
85% SoC avg

would be helpful to observe aging of batteries at the monitored site.

PetaJoule asked
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Apple watch app and new VRM app?

Probably not a huge priority for you guys, but could you please make an apple watch app for the VRM app?

I also remember reading about a new vrm app, is this still in the works?

Alan asked
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Updated Advanced page on the VRM Portal

Hi all,

Earlier this week, we've released a new version of the Advanced page of the VRM portal. Its now much more suitable to analyse the data of an installation.

Hereby some screenshots to show the new features.

  1. The first shot shows the main page. Note the little triangle on the lower right, it allows to drag and resize a chart. You can choose between 1, 2 or three columns wide.

  2. The second shot shows the dragging: you can now drag the charts. Together with the resizing, this makes it possible to very easily organise what you want to see on one page. Super handy when analysing and looking for a specific issue.

  3. Another way better working feature is the date picker. See the third screen shot.

  4. Also, you can now easily go from one page to the other, clicking the arrows left and right. See fourth screenshot.

  5. Lastly, the Selector is much more organised. See fifth screenshot.

So; not a question; this post is just to make sure all of you are aware of these improvements.

Best regards, Matthijs

First screenshot, resizing:


Second screenshot, dragging:


Third screenshot, better date picker:


Fourth screenshot, easily go to next and previous period:


Fifth screenshot, better selector:


mvader (Victron Energy) asked
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Private hosted VRM

Any chance Victron would make it available to download VRM so it could be hosted locally? I love the interface, but may not always have internet

treadlite asked
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Smartsolar MPPT data on VRM

I have several Smartsolar MPPT 75/15's I'd like to monitor via VRM.

On the MPPT History tab it provides 4 data fields - Solar Yield in Wh, Consumption in Wh and Battery v max and min.This is all the data I need.

I've connected one, To Test, to a Rasberry Pi via VE Direct Cable then wifi to Internet

When I look on VRM all I get is solar yield, and load output current on graph

How can i get the only 4 fields of data I need?

Brad-Australia asked

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VRM+BMV712 - No Batt Temp

I have recently hooked up my BMV712/MPPT Solar to VRM portal via VenusOS - its really great and loving it so far.

I have battery temp being fed into the network by Smart Battery temp sensors. And this works as I can see Batt Temp on the solar? (or was it the BMV?)

Anyway - I was wondering if I am doing something wrong as despite the battery temp being on the network, it is not passed through to VRM.



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