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Solarertrag über Shunt messen und Anzeige im VRM

Hallo Community,

ich möchte den Gesamt-Solarertrag (von meinen 8 MPPTs eines Fremdherstellers) über einen Victron-Shunt messen und ins VRM einbinden. Wie bekomme ich die Kachel rechts unten angezeigt, die normalerweise "PV-Charger" oder "PV-Power" zeigt?

Geht das? Wenn ja, wie?

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

robert-menzel asked

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VRM is not showing energy sent to the grid


I moved my PV inverter from AC input to AC output of my 3F MP-II system.

I could see the energy being fed into the grid, but on the VRM there is a 0.0kWh in the "To Grid" box.

Why is that?






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"Input Current Limit" on VRM Dashboard

I noticed something odd on the VRM Dashboard and wonder if it is bit of a temporary display glitch or is a setting somewhere?

Dashboard when I have my AC Source defined as Grid. (Generator shows the same.


If I change the source designation to "Shore" I see the same screen in the main - but I get a new section (I highlighted in a red box) called "Input Current Limit"


Not sure why that appears only when AC In is "Shore"? or why it is 3.2A. The Watts in is actually around the 3.2A mark (230V input) but that is more coincidence I think.

The only setting I can think of that limits the AC current is within the Multiplus (an EasyPlus 12/1600 in my case) and that is set as 12.0A (see below - set at 12A as using a domestic plug).


Any pointers to this odd 3.2A window? Would be a pain if that was actually 3.2A and stop me using anything of reasonably high power!

EDIT: Just turned on the Water Boiler (850W) and checked screen again ...


It looks like the "Input Current Limit" actually shows the approximate AC current being pulled into the system, not an actual limit? and is fluctating as the battery charge current is dropping as approaching full.

So it is good that it is not limiting the current, but what is it meant to mean?

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Cerbo GX connection issue

I have a Cerbo GX with Touch 50 that is/was configured for a customer. This consists of SD card, adding it to my VRM account, and all of the settings that allows me to update firmware on Multiples inverter and connected VE direct devices.

Fast Forward 2 months and the Cerbo is infornt of me, saying it is online with IP address for days with good wifi and the VRM has not been updated.

I try to delete system from my VRM account "There is already an active transaction"

Any ideas?

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Is it safe to turn off a MultiPlus under load via VRM?

I have a MultiPlus 24/2000/50 connected to a VenusOS device which allows me to connect to it via VRM.

About the only thing I will be using with the inverter is a small air conditioner that uses 420W while the compressor is on.

Is it safe to connect to VRM and tell it to turn off my inverter while the A/C is running? This is just incase I end up being away from the trailer unexpectedly for a few hours and realize I left the A/C on.

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Can multiple MPPT solar chargers be displayed on VRM dashboard?

Can the VRM dashboard display the breakdown of 2 (or more) MPPT solar chargers?

Further system details:

Venus GX

Quattro Inverter



2 x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 controllers (1 connected via VE.Direct and 1 via VE.CAN)

The dashboard is a little confusing at the moment as the "PV Charger" displays the total watts from both chargers but the volt and amps values are from one of the chargers.

Also what is the best/recommended way to connect the MPPT chargers to the Venus GX (the solar arrays are pointed in different directions and are of a different size etc.)?

zack-golenia asked
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Venus not showing on VRM and Victron Connect

Hope someone can help,

This particular site doesn't show the Venus correctly in the device list Gateway section, installation also isn't visible on Victron Connect.

Site is accessible via Remote Console, Venus firmware is V2.72 and the Multi is on the latest FW.

Any ideas?



chrisawp asked
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Absorption time and Lifepo4 what is the best

Hi Victron friends

Have a 180Ah Lifepo4 from CS batteries and it has a built in "active" cell balancer.

On the camper roof 1 x 140Wp on MPPT 75/10 Smart and.. 2 x 110Wp + 1 x 175Wp on MPPT100/30 Smart

Both MPPT's are set to Lifepo4 but, I read at the bottom of the battery menu that the absorption time is 2h00 and "fixed".

If I look every day in the "history" I read "absorption time = 2h00...

If I understand correctly, the Lifepo4 is kept at 14.2v for 2h00...?

So I'm looking for an answer because a Lifepo4 doesn't need "absorption time" or am I wrong?

In the meantime, I have already set that absorption time to 0, once at 10 minutes 20 and also at 30 minutes

We have a lot of consumers, Nespresso, kettle, even induction via a 2Kw inverter, so the SoC goes from 100% every evening to 70 or sometimes to 65%

I bought this Lifepo4 for the "comfort" but I also want to treat them "correctly" and then it is about the lifespan

Since 2 days I have both MPPTs set to "adaptive" absorption

"loading" the Lifepo4 cells (unnecessarily) to 14.2v for a long time by continuing to use a "fixed" absorption time does not seem to me to be conducive to the lifespan, does it?

I can also set the absorption time to 0 because I also have a Victron IP22/30 and .... I can also use it every month when I am connected to shore power

The theme of "absorption" at Lifepo4 has been mentioned so many times

And we often read differing opinions...

But, what is actually the "best" way, taking into account that we use the Lifepo4 well every day (discharged)

Thank you very much for the responses

With best regards

Frank , Antwerp Belgium

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Alarm logs clean up in the VRM portal


How to clean up Alarm logs in the VRM protal?



fenix asked
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Phoenix Smart Inverter: very little data being reported in the app

SUMMARY: very little data available on the VictronConnect app, more is needed, how to obtain?

NB: this is part of a series of posts, see the first one describing my setup and reporting the first issue I'm having here, and also my second post (regarding another issue) here.

So, I'm kinda disappointed by the data I'm able to gleam from my Victron Smart Inverter when connected to it via Bluetooth and using the VictronConnect app: it only reports its current output power (in VA), its configured voltage (230V), state ("Inverting", "Off" or "Seaching"), battery voltage, and relay state ("Open" or "Closed").

This is way too little to adequately monitor its operation: I was expecting to have, at the very least, a running total (in VA- or Watt-hours) and its temperature. The temperature specially is really weird not being reported, as the equipment itself must know it (for turning on/off its internal fan, for degrading its maximum output power in high temperatures, for generating "high temperature" warnings/alarms, etc). It's specially glaring when compared with what's available in competing (equally capable electrically-wise, and much cheaper) equipment from EPEver/EPSolar for example, with which I have some experience.

So, is there any way to obtain more data (eg, with some other software either by Victron or custom, via the VE.Direct interface instead of bluetooth, with some other firmware version and/or configuration, etc)?

I searched everywhere and could not find any more data. This is my first equipment from Victron, so this issue (and the two others I've reported) could all be due to my ignorance... if so, please enlighten me! :-)

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Venus GX loses Remote Console via VRM

Over the last couple of weeks. My Remote Console via VRM loses connectivity. The Venus is online and reporting and I can use local Lan to connect but it takes a reboot to solve which I can’t do remote. Seemed to start after firmware 2.72.


Scott Gardner asked
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Solar Capacity Clarification


I currently oversee an off grid PV/Diesel hybrid system that consists of x15 10KVA/48 Victron Quattros, 150kW PV array, 700kWh FLA battery bank and a 200KVA Diesel generator. I have had solar companies tell me that the system is at solar capacity and no more PV power can be added.

In my mind additional solar can be added with the only caveat being that if generated PV power exceeded the sum of 150KVA charging capacity AND the loads then the inverters would be throttled down and the system would be "wasting" PV power.

Currently looking to expand the system and move away from running the generator every night. Daily consumption is around 1100kWh with peak load being 70kW.

Any insights/advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

ccarver asked
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Incorrect energy display in VRM portal - MultiPlus II with EM24

I currently have the following phenomenon:

In the VRM Portal the displayed sum value of the energy meter jumps between a few watts, the current power of a phase and the correct total power (see image 1).

Via the remote console, the correct value is always displayed (in the system schema as well as on the overview page).

System setup:

1 MultiPlus II GX FW: 2.72

Connection mains parallel to AC1

Energy meter EM24 Ethernet FW1.6.48 - use phase balancing 3P.n

- AC coupled PV system with power feed-in

- ESS with external meter


1) example Remote Display & VRM Dashboard with different energy sum


2) example VRM Dashboard correct sum energy


3) example VRM energy meter log

chris-zell asked

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Most Cost-effective Way to Add VRM Functionality

A have the system described below on my motorhome and wanted to add VRM functionality. What is the most cost effective way to that and would that part supplement or replace any part below? I already have a data modem that services the coach that is almost always on. Thanks.

- BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor

- 6 x 200-watt solar panels

- 5 x 200 AH Victron Lithium Batteries

- Multiplus Inverter/Charger 12V / 3000VA / 120amp

- VE.bus BMS

- VE.Bus BMS Mains Dectector

- SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/100

- Tr VE.Can

- Skylla-i Control GX

gregarious asked
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When did Android VRM Widgets become non-movable?

Did I miss the "memo", after the VRM update that added Teams & Groups, I can no longer resize or move widgets on my Android devices? I can only display one (1) widget at a time and can not have two or more horizontally, even in landscape mode. This is true for either the VRM app or through a browser on the Android devices. I can resize, move, and display multiple widgets on a PC. Not a big issue but it is kind of weird that I went from it being way too touchy on an Android causing widgets to move all over the place to not being able to move or resize them at all.

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SOLVED - VRM Dashboard - Calculation bug Historical data System overview > 48h

I think I found a bug in the VRM dashboard.

The error can be reproduced.

The error shows up in the sum of the "From Grid" data field in the dashboard when a period greater than 48 hours is selected. If the selection is smaller than 48 hours, the chart is displayed based on hours. If you select more than 48 hours, the diagram is displayed on a daily basis.

I use a MultiPlus-II and EM24 Energymeter.


< 48 hours - From Grid: 5.1kWh (5.1 is correct)


The same range < 48 h - also From Grid, but 2 hours later: 5.1kWh (5.1 is correct)


now - the selected period 49 h - From Grid now 7.4 kWh - this is wrong (5.1 is correct)


Where does the difference of 2.3 kWh come from? The error can be reproduced with all days.

P.S.: I am totally excited about Victron Energy's products. :-)

dr-schliwago asked
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VRM Portal - delete installation does not work


I try to delete my installation on the VRM Portal. But when I press the delete Button (under Settings -General) a Error shows up. (There is already an active transaction) Any ideas what I can do?


markde asked
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Separate VRM email addresses for different alarm types?

Is it possible to have different users receiving alarm notification emails for different alarm types? For example, I want one user to receive the "no communication" emails, but a different set of users to receive the "fault" emails.



Allan Yates asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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What is required for configuring and monitoring an Easyplus?

I have a RPI with Venus software running and a MPPT and a Smartshunt connected by VE.Direct over USB. Can I configure and monitor the Easyplus with a Victron Interface MK3-USB, or is it better to migrate the RPI Venus to a CerboGX. And can I configure the Easyplus via the CerboGX or do I need both?

The MK3-USB is much cheaper than to migrate to the CerboGX but the advantage is that I can hook up my tankmeters direct.

johnwi asked
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VRM Portal account update was a day ago, how do i resolve it?

VRM Portal account update was a day ago, how do i resolve it?


reuben asked
Paul B answered ·

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ET 340 displaying wrong readings on Grid icon

Hello All,

Just did 2 x awesome installs of 3 phase systems with the ET340 meter. Both are displaying strange behaviour on the consol. grid setpoint is maintained but the + and - numbers on grid side worries me.....


for instance, It shows a total load of 1910W on the meter, but on grid side it kinda splits it in 2, seemingly feeding back to grid on 1 phase?? And this only happens when I have available solar.

Is this normal behaviour? or have I done something wrong??

Wiring of unit, is as per instruction except for neutral that is not going to other side of meter? Not sure if that is an issue? I will check that early next week.

On my ET114 installs on sigle phase I dont see any negative numbers on grid side.

Any help will be appreciated.


Leon Besaans

leonb asked

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Fronius Inverter does not appear on VRM portal, why ?


The Fronius inverter is shown on the Venus but not on the VRM portal or it does in advanded but now in the overview


Above shows the Fronius and VRM portal below doesnt show it :


but in theVRM portal i see following in Advanced :


and here it's not shown :


What could be the reason ?

peternielsen asked
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Rename devices in VRM Portal so emails tell the Name and not port

I get emails that say "PROBLEM - Boat: Digital input alarm on Digital input"

I have no idea what is alarming, is there a way to rename the email alerts to say "Bilge"

richpeirce asked
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Using a Smartshunt to monitor DC current to non-Victron Inverter

Good Morning!

I have a simple off-grid system, with a SmartSolar 100/50 CC feeding LiFePO4 batteries, which are monitored by a SmartShunt.

The VRM monitoring is superb, and now even better via a Rasperry Pi, connected to the SmartSolar and SmartShunt via the USB adapter cables.

Simple question: is it possible to add an additional smartshunt to monitor the energy flow to the (non-Victron) inverter? And have this show on the VRM as energy flowing to “AC Loads”?

I assume this is possible, but would hate to buy the additional shunt and only have the data available via the Bluetooth connection. Would love to see it all integrated on the VRM/remote console.

By the way - I love how easy this system was to put together. Unbelievable - it just works!!!

Thank you in advance!

eerskie asked
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Multiplus flashing leds not in toolkit

Hi everyone, I have some weird LED flashing on my multi + 3000 while trying to program with MK3 USB adapter. after that series of light stop splashing it goes to these solid LEDs. Any idea what's going on? Dealer isn't sure either? We walked through each step one by one. I also can't connect to Veconfig or veconnect. Leaving for vacation on the 9th.


l33der asked
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Use wifi to see my equipment

I have a victron smartshunt and will soon be installing a victron battery protect

The victron agent in Gambia is saying that I need a colour control which costs €550. I cannot see this being true

Can you please tell me. What do I need to buy to enable me to see both of them online using my android phone ?

paul-in-gambia asked
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Falsche Einstellung vom Dashboard

Hallo liebes Victron Energy Forum.

Ich habe mir einen Victron Cerbo GX mit Stromzähler ET340 gekauft.
Dies habe ich zu meinem bestehenden SolarEdge Wechselrichter installiert.
Die Daten von Wechselrichter wurden gefunden und werden angezeigt.
Wie auf den Bildern zu erkennen wird in der Übersicht der Netzbezug mit minus gekennzeichnet wenn ich den Strom ins öffentliche Netz einspeise, was ja auch richtig ist.
Leider wird im Dashboard was ganz anderes angezeigt.

Dort taucht nur der Wechselstrom Eingang auf. Und wird mit N/A beschrieben

Ab und zu erscheint dort aber auch ein Symbol mit einem Generator.
Habe ich etwas falsch eingestellt?
Es wäre schön wenn ihr mir helfen könnten.



christianborucki asked
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2x Phoenix 12/500 with one GX Device

Is it possible to use 2x Victron Phoenix 12/500 in one system? (same battery but just two inverters) From what i can find the phoenix 12/500 doesn't support parallel operation but I just want to power 2 devices from two inverters (1 device per inverter)

xpatrik asked
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Issue on VRM (2021/06/24) ?

Hi, since a few minutes (10:30AM GMT+1) an error is poping up on my VRM connection.


michelg asked
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VRM Now Displaying Temperature Probes on dashboard

I have just noticed that VRM is now displaying temperature probes. Looks Great.

However I have a temperature sensor reading 71.0oC, and what looks like a VRM/Device Instance 300.

I cant find what this in my system anywhere. Is it a bug? Is it a malfunctioning sensor somewhere within maybe my Cerbo.


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