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Use VE.Smart and VE.Direct at the same time

I'm looking at trying to build out a system that includes BT only and some that support VE.Direct cables. Is it possible to have a device(Venus or etc) to bridge both VE.Smart and VE.Direct to VRM?

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2 MPPT controllers with venus on Pi

I have 2 MPPT controllers 1 connected to a Pi using the Victron usb cable. Do I need another USB cable connected to the second MPPT to report the state of charge for that unit or will the VE smart Network synchronise the charge across the 2 units and report the overall state of the system?

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What causes 1 of 2 MPPTs to read zero watts when part of my VE Smart Network?

My small setup consists of 4 AGM batteries wired in Parallel. I have 2 MPPTs charging same 12v battery bank wired in parallel. One controller for fixed roof mounted solar array, 2 100w panels wired in parallel. Second MPPT for bumper mounted plug for portable panels, two 120w wired in series. I have a smart sense battery monitor and all devices are networked, ve smart connect. Maybe not an issue but I regularly observe where one MPPT will show 0 watts, battery state “off” with the other MPPT showing watts and state could be bulk, absorption, etc. If networked I would think both MPPTs would be charging. What am I missing here?

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VE.Smart Connection vs VE.Direct

I currently have the following equipment;

BMV-712, MPPT 150/60 and Venus GX. These are all connected via VE.Direct to the VenusGX.

I will be installing 2x IP43 Smart Chargers that will be right next to the VenusGX and the MPPT, will I need to connect these via VE.Direct to have them sync? Or will the VE.Smart network achieve the same goal?

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Why SmartSolar MPPT continuing to charge beyond 'Charged Voltage'?

Hi, We recently got a SmartSolarMPPT 85/150 and a BMV-712 in our motorhome. We have 5 x 160w panels on our roof, and run 4 AGM batteries in a 12v system with a total of 440AH.

I have noticed that sometimes the SmartSolar continues to be putting in power to the batteries even after they have exceeded the 'charged voltage'. Why is this? The setting for 'charged voltage' in the BMV-712 is set at 13.4 (per LifeLine AGM manual). The settings in the SmartSolar MPPT are custom set to Absorption 14.4v, Float 13.4, Equalization 15.5v. I have the SmartSolar and BMV linked via Bluetooth.

I'm attaching screenshots from the App on a day when it was really sunny and the battery voltage was up to 14.17/14.19v. Do I have a setting wrong? Thanks so much!





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How to synchronise or to do a proper charge with a Blue Smart charger and Smart Solar MPPT without a GX system

Hello everybody,

This is a classic topic for tiny ESS Systems (for a small campervan).

Here is the configuration

1 x BMV 712 Smart
1 x Smart Battery Sense
1 x SmartSolar MPPT
1 x Battery 100Ah 12V (Max charge current 25A)
1 x Solar Panel 115W 12V
1 x Battery Protect 12/24V (not Smart)
1 x BlueSmart Charger 12V
(Optionally 1 x Phoenix Charger (not Smart))

I'd like to know if there is a built-in function to synchronise the charge between those two chargers (BlueSmart Charger + SmartSolar MPPT). If not, i hope that this will be implemented in the next years.

Note : I don't want to buy a GX system such as Venus GX or ColorControl GX for available space reason and also the price.

I found many subjects on the strategy to "associate" the charge of those two components :

  1. How intelligent are the SMART systems and can they communicate with each other?
  2. Simple Campervan with solar & Bluesmart mains charger
  3. Help please, questions about conflicts between mppt, ac dc charger and alternator engine...
  4. Can I combine a Blue Smart Charger and a MPPT BlueSolar charge controller
  5. MPPT 75/10 75/15 and BatteryLife and external chargers
  6. How to setup multiple chargers connecting simultaneously.

There are pieces of answers on those subjects but it remains not clear to me.

Should i understand that at the moment this is technicaly possible to connect two different chargers but this is not optimised ?

I also see that VE is working on making the Blue Smart Charger compatible with VE.Smart Networking (Here).

In the end my question is this : How to synchronise or to do a proper charge with a Blue Smart charger and Smart Solar MPPT without a GX system and is there strong VE ressources on this subject ?

Looking forward to reading you.


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Is the Blue Smart IP22 Charger compatible with the Smart Battery Sense?

I just bought a Victron Smart Battery Sense for integration into my Victron Smart network.
Currently I have some doubt if the sensor (working properly) will be considered also from my Victron Blue Smart IP22 charger?

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how to connect multiplus compact to ve smart network

I have a multiplus compact with Ve bus smart dongle and a BMV 712 smart I will like to connect them with Ve smart network. hove can that be made.

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Venus GX, what happened to bluetooth?

Hi Guys,

What ever happened to the inbuilt Bluetooth that the Venus GX has?

The last mention of BT was about 2 years ago in the DQ area. BT has totally dropped of the Venus feature list.

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v-sense data from BMV-712 to two SmartSolar 100/30 and Multiplus using Cerbo GX

I used to have a smaller system with a BMV-712 and one SmartSolar 75/15 connected to a 55W panel. Both the BMV and the SmartSolar was connected to the same bluetooth network so the SmartSolar could use the v-sense data from the BMV. I also have the new Multiplus 12/1200/50 with a VE.BUS port.

This winter I am adding a lot more solar and feel that the Multiplus is lacking a proper v-sense on the battery. I am replacing the SmartSolar 75/15 with two SmartSolar 100/30, each connected to a 390W panel (total of 780W solar).

The new SmarSolar MPPT:s will be further away from the BMV-712 then the old SmartSolar and I am worried about the Bluetooth network connectivity.

If I add the Cerbo GX can I connect the BMV-712 (VE.Direct), the two SmartSolar 100/30 (VE.Direct) and the Multiplus (VE.CAN) and have both the SmartSolar and the Multiplus get v-sense data from the BMV-712?

Djingis asked
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No Networking Option Available with BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 V1.30

I have a BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 V1.30 with the dongle and it works fine I just bought the Smart Battery Sense and got it networked. Now when I try to add the MPPT to the same network, I don't see the option to add it to the network under settings. I played the video on the Smart Battery Sense and I don't see all of the options it shows. Is there a firmware update I need? Is it the V1.47 I read about in your docs?

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MPPT and Pylontech - do I need a BMV?

Hi all

I am currently running a non-Victron integrated MPPT/inverter together with 2x 3.5kWh Pylontechs and 9 panels. I have a Raspberry Pi solution in place that connects both to the inverter and the Pylon BMS and controls the inverter modes according to the BMS SOC (rather than voltage reading).

As the built-in MPPT is of older generation, I am now contemplating adding a Victron MPPT 250/85 to the system and moving my panels (and using my current unit purely as inverter).

What I do not fully understand yet is if I need to establish some form of communication between the Pylon BMS and the Victron MPPT? I've read about VE.Smart Networking but do not understand what the benefit of adding a BMV (or SmartSense) would be.

Can anyone here please help me understand?

Thanks in advance

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DVCC vs Smart Network in order to sync two mppts.

Hi all,

After reading manuals still I am little bit confused about which one to use.

My installation as follows on our sailboat.

A non victron inverter/charger combi

4x160 agm non victron service batteries

280watts solar array charging service batteries via victron mppt smart 100/20

340watts solar array charging same battery bank via victron mppt smart 100/30

A bmv 712 monitor

a venus gx have connection to 100/20, 100/30 and 712 with cables.

my problem is two mppts are

ok and works fine in bulk phase,

then they are ok passing to and work in parallel in absorb phase

afterwards they are ok passing to float phase. however in some shady days 100/30 stays in float which is normal, 100/20 turns back to bulk mode which is not normal.

manuals says do not use smart battery sense or smart networking between mppts if there is a gx product in the system. Do I have to use dvcc in order to get two mppts synced. Or can I use smart networking while dvcc is off.

thanks in advance

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Smartsolar MPPT 250/100 in VictronConnect shows load as ESS and 7 seconds later fault appears and back to ESS. Continuously.

Hi all

My system was working perfectly fine for the last 3months. Last week I noticed that the smartsolar power goes to about 5000w and then suddenly drops to 0 every 7 seconds. I have a Quattro 10000va and CCGX. If I disconnect the Quattro and let the smartsolar 250/100 charge the batteries it works fine. Agm batteries 360ah 48v.

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Smartsolar 100/20 showing incorrect low battery voltage over VE smart network

Hi there,

This is a problem observed consistently since the major mppt upgrade from 1.39 to 1.4x.

Mppt smartsolar 100/20 networked with BMV700 (dongle located almost next to the mppt, with a 1.5m extension cable). When significant current is being supplied by the mppt, Victron Connect mostly displays its battery voltage about 0.2 V lower than the BMV, despite it receiving the data from the BMV via the VE smart network . The actual voltage at battery terminals, measured with multimeter, is exactly that reported by the BMV (both on the device itself and via the Victron connect app). The measured voltage at the mppt output terminals is higher, of course, due to voltage drop across the connecting cables (about 1.5m of 13mm2 cable). If I remove the mppt from the network it correctly displays this higher voltage. Rejoining the network returns it to the anomalous readings above.

This is not just a reporting glitch of the app. The mppt apparently “believes” these anomalous readings. As a result, the mppt switches to absorb at a true battery voltage about 0.2 volts ABOVE the setpoint. If only looking at the mppt values using Victron Connect you would never realise this - the apparent battery voltage, as shown in the app, stays rock-steady at the set absorb voltage. Meanwhile, as the current reduces during the absorb stage, the true battery voltage gradually comes back down towards the correct set value by the time it switches to float. (This is almost the opposite of the behaviour before the update, when the mppt would switch to absorb about 0.2 V too low and gradually come up to the set voltage...I'm not sure which is worse.....)

The photo below shows a period of about 7 minutes during bulk charging. The mppt is producing about 18 amps, except for a brief drop at about 4 minutes as a wisp of cloud passed. Initially the caravan fridge is drawing about 3 amps, then cycles off for the next 5 minutes. The BMV showing the correct voltage values is on left, and the inaccurate mppt values are shown on right, displayed simultaneously on two mobile devices. The spike in reported voltage on mppt about a minute after the start of recording, corresponds to the fridge cycling off. That may have briefly disturbed the bluetooth connection, causing the mppt to suddenly “see" its real output terminal voltage (higher of course than the battery voltage) but then over the next few minutes it slowly returned to “seeing” a voltage well below the true battery voltage.


Possibly a glitch in the updated software? A bit annoying as could lead to overcharging of lithium battery.

Cheers, Leslie


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VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger

Hi. Will you add VE.Smart Network support on the IP22 Blue Smart Charger?

I own a BMV-712 with temperature probe and a MPPT solar charger which works really fine with VE.Smart Networking, so i think it would be really helpful to deliver the right battery voltage and temperature via Smart-Network also to the charger for temperature compensation and so on...

Thank you very much!

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Creating a network on blue solar MPPT using smart dongle

i wont to connect smart battery sense to a blue solar 100/50 mppt via a ve direct bluetooth smart dongle. not just for monitoring but to temperature compensate the charge controller, will this work? do i need to set up ve smart network? will this be possible using these items? thanks

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BMV Synchronizing with Smart Solar MPTT using VE.Smart Networking

Why can't the MPPT publish it's charge mode on the VE.Smart network?

This would make it easy for the BMV to synchronize instead of trying to configure the BMV to detect the transition from absorption to float.

I have not had much luck on getting a configuration that always works.

jrhubott asked
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What is the update frequency of voltage through VE.Smart Network of BMV to MPPT?

I have my BMV-712 setup with my Smart MPPT 100/30 to share voltage, but when monitoring the MPPT via VictronConnect, the update period of the voltage seems slow. Under the VE.Smart Networking conigurationm there is a green checkmark that blinks occasionally. Does that represent actual realtime updates received from the BMV to the MPPT? I notice the MPPT is slow to respond to sudden changes in load and/or sunlight coming in on intermittently cloudy days. What is the normal update frequency via VE.Smart Network and how can I verify it is getting that info quickly enough? Thanks.

Todd Wallace asked

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I have a Smart Solar MPPT that is not compatible with networking. Can I use the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart Dongle with a Smart Battery Sense to allow the MPPT to obtain accurate battery Voltage?

I need a way to provide accurate battery voltage to my Smart Solar MPPT (it is off by as much as 0.3-0.5 volts). Based on the victronconnect live manual, and my MPPT part number (SCC010085210), VE.Smart Networking is not supported. However, the same manual states that the new VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle (part number ASS030536011) is compatible with VE.Smart Networking.

A couple other details. I need to be able to still control the MPPT via victronconnect. This leads to two additional questions:

1. Will I still be able to configure/enable/disable the MPPT via my phone if it is connected to the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle? I ask because of this note here that says I will lose bluetooth from the MPPT if VE.Direct is in use.

2. Can the dongle communicate with the "Smart" network (the smart battery sense specifically) AND also communicate with my phone via bluetooth? I ask that because the documentation says "Only one phone or tablet can be connected to a dongle at the same time. Make sure no other devices are connected to the dongle, and try again." This is stated both in the dongle live manual and in the victron live manual.

Nate Costello asked
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Will Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 work with VE.Smart networking products?

It is not listed in the VE.Smart networking web page 3.1 as a compatible product.

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Smart Battery Sense Data on VE Smart Network

I installed a Smart Battery Sense unit and created a VE Smart Network with a unique ID

Added two Smart Solar Chargers to the VE Smart Network.

All 3 units show the VE Smart Network Icon when the units are selected on the Device List.

The Smart Battery Sense unit indicates it is sending battery voltage/temp data to the network

Both Smart Solar Chargers indicate they are "waiting for data" as in no data is coming from the Battery Sense Unit

Created a new Smart Network but the results are the same.

Charger Firmware v1.37 Bluetooth v2.12 Bootloader v1.06

Sense Firmware v1.02 Bootloader v1.01

VictronConnect App on Android & Ipod give the same charger information "waiting for data"

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SmartSolar 100/30 not seeing networked voltage or temp


Have three mppt SmartSolar 100/30 units. Two are seeingvthe voltage and temp and one has stopped seeing voltage and temp. I have deleted and reconnected the relevant VE network but no joy. This has happened at some stage in the last few weeks and has worked previously. Also checked for firmware updates and all three in the same set of firmware. At a complete loss as to what has happened and how it happened! Help please and thanks!!!

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Can i use smart network connection rather than non-inveting cable to MPPT when charging lithium?

Can i simplify my installation by getting the Smart Network to cut out the MPPT charger when the battery senses over-voltage?

Steve asked
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Smart Lithuim Battery temperature ve. Smart network

Hi there,,

  1. I have a Victron smart lithium iron battery 200ah
  2. Bms
  3. smart solar 150/35 charge controller
  4. Bmv 712
  5. Battery protect
  6. Multiplus compact 2000kva
  7. Raspberry pi gx

Currently my smart network only transmits the battery voltage, I’d like to transmit the battery temperature through the smart network so that’s when the battery temperature is low it stops charging.

I feel as though the smart battery should be able to do this as it has a temperature sensor built in which I can access via Bluetooth through the battery device. However I can’t seem to be able to get that existing data on the smart network.

Can anyone help advise me on how to get the temperature on the network, or use the charge disconnect output of the BMS to halt charging of the MPPT?


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VE.Smart Networking and the BMV 700


I use a BMV-700 and an MPPT 100/50 with a Multiplus inverter.

I am trying to use VE.Smart Networking to connect the BMV-700 to the MPPT. Whereas the MPPT shows "VE.Smart Networking" as an option under settings and allows connection, the BMV-700 show no such setting available.

Otherwise the system is operating normally.

According to the document at

the BMV-700 is compatible with Smart networking. The meter shows it is running Ver 1.37 of its firmware. In the past the firmware for this device has updated automatically. Under "Product Info" the "Update" Link does not seem to function. (Which may mean it is running the latest firmware?)

How can I confirm what firmware version is the latest available for this device? Or force a firmware check? Is there another reason the VE Smart networking is not available?

VictronConnect was updated automatically recently.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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VE. smart network expansion ?

Hi can anyone let me know if the VE smart network will be expanded to include ip65 charger, mppt's ,battery sense etc to show information in the victron connect app as a small setup all together to show what each unit is doing.

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