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VRM Remote firmware update freezes at status 'Querying VE.Direct devices...'

VRM firmware update freezes at status 'Querying VE.Direct devices...' after succesful update of the first SmartSolar Charger VE.Can 150/70 from v1.06 to v3.02.

There is no error message generated except the warning 'Installation too busy, realtime date link disabled'.

The SmartSolar Chargers VE.Can 150/70 are connected with VE.Direct to Venus GX v2.60

Any suggestions to fix this to update the leftover chargers without using local Bluetooth and without the need of travelling to the site in Corona times?

Norbert asked
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#10 Alarm system time sync error , #1 device switched off random reboots

For last couple of months my system ( 3 x 5 KVA Quattors in 3 phase with BYD 10 KWH) randomly resets ( all the quartos go offline and come back on)

#10 Alarm system time sync error, #1 device switched off commonly seen.

Initially, I Suspected network cabling so replaced with CAT 7 high-quality cables and cleaned the network sockets with contact cleaning fluid

Also, checked if all DC connections are tight ( they are )

There seems to be no pattern to these switch offs ( observed at 2 am in the night and also during afternoon or evenings ) -

The system works fine for a couple of weeks and in one day I could face one or more restarts with associated error logs

All firmwares are the latest except Quatro which are on V430 ( latest is 464 i believe)


1- Is there a detailed log somewhere indicating which unit is causing the shutdown

2. Should I upgrade quattro firmsware to rule out any other issues

3. Is this the issue of any external EMF affecting the network cabling ( they run parallel to the power cables - not in my opinion as CAT 7 are each pair individually shielded )

Class F channel and Category 7 cable are backward compatible with Class D/Category 5e and Class E/Category 6. Class F features even stricter specifications for crosstalk and system noise than Class E. To achieve this, shielding was added for individual wire pairs and the cable as a whole. Unshielded cables rely on the quality of the twists to protect from EMI. This involves a tight twist and carefully controlled design. Cables with individual shielding per pair such as category 7 rely mostly on the shield and therefore have pairs with longer twists.



Anil Ghatikar asked
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Why are VE Direct to USB cables so expensive?

I'm helping a friend setup a Victron system and paying $30 for a USB cable is painful and a hard sell since we have to buy them for every device to connect it to VenusOS.

Are there any generics of these cables?

hummingbear asked
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VE.Direct Cable connecting Phönix 12/800 and Smart- or BlueSolar MPPT

Hallo PV Friends,

is ist possible to configure two devices via one Bluetooth Connection ?

My idea:

Can i connect my Phönix with my BlueSolar MPPT using the normal simple VE.Direct cable with the effect:

to configure both thru the established Bluetooth Connection from the BlueSolar MPPT ?

Or is it only possible to use a separate USB VE.Direct Cable or Bluetooth Dongle on my Phönix?

betriebsdruck asked
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VE.Bus BMS, SmartSolar MPPT Ve.Can and Can verses VE.Direct connection

I have a 2 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/70 rev2, Smart lithium, MultiPlus, BMS, Cervo, etc, all Victron.

I have not found any clear documentation about the functionality one gets when connecting the SmartSolar MPPT via VE.Can or VE.Direct.

I connected them originally via VE.Can and no screens on the VenusOS would show if the MPPT's where working as a single pair, networked and in sync, or would get BMS Charge Disable signals from the Cerbo.

I have them connected via VE.Direct at the moment, and in the Cerbo there is now a "Networked operation" screen, under each charge controller. However BMS control is still No.

Is there any documentation or guidance that exists about the best protocol to use to connect the controllers and the benefits and features of each.

I really want to know if the BMS Charge Disconnect signal is passed through from VE.Direct to the MPPT's, can they work as a synchronised pair, can they get charge current (non ESS setup) from the Cerbo, etc.

Many Thanks

bathnm asked

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Cerbo GX with 4 ve direct connections?


I have a job existing with 3 MPPTs connected with a Cerbo GX and need to add in a shunt.

Reading the online manual for the Cerbo GX it only supports 3 devices due to cpu power limitaions, but my supplier said a 4th one running off the usb to ve direct will work.

The lynx shunt is too exspensive and not practical here. Should I get the depricated vbc shunt or go for the 4th to usb connection?

"The listed maximum on the `Performance` section in above table is the total connected VE.Direct devices such as MPPT Solar Charge controllers. Total means all directly connected devices plus the devices connected over USB. The limit is mostly bound by CPU processing power. Note that there is also a limit to the other type of devices of which often multiple are connected: PV Inverters. Up to three or four three phase inverters can typically be monitored on a CCGX. Higher power CPU devices can monitor more. "

Or am I interpreting this note incorrectly?

Isaac Shannos asked
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Connect bluetooth dongle and a usb at the same time?


I have a BMV 700 with a Bluetooth dongle. anyone got a methodology to get the data out to a usb as well without pulling plugs every time to swap?

For want of a more elegant solution, I'm thinking a 3 pole changeover switch might do it if I cut the cables? - I'm hazarding a guess the ground could be common.

I use the Bluetooth to check the battery status from the shore. (Boats on a mooring) but I would like the data to go the the onboard signal k server when underway, which I then log in graphana. (I'm not aware you can use the bluetooth to accomplish that but maybe you can)

Thought I would ask, as I don't want to go cutting perfectly good cables up to experiment.


jwfrary asked

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Very loose (physical) connection between BlueSolar MPPT and VE.Direct cable


I have a BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15 in my camper van. I bought an additional VE.Direct to USB cable:


Connecting the cable works and I can read the data from the solar charger on my raspberry. However, the connection between the cable and the solar charger is very loose. Even with the slightest touch, the cable falls out of the plug on the solar charger side. Is this normal? Does anybody else experience this problem? Is there anything I can do?

Thanks a lot!

scm23 asked
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VE Direct issue?

I have 2 ve direct 48 volt inverters, 375 and 1200 watt. When they are idle the fans never run. When the temperature is above 55F the area near the on/off switch gets hot. I've solved this issue by placing a 60mm fan blowing into the intake vent...right by the switch. Anybody else put their hand on these, above the switch after they've been on a while...and at idle? Not in power save mode.


boonys asked

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Fixing Damaged VE.Direct to USB Cable

I have a VE.Direct to USB adapter that unfortunately got caught in a cupboard door. The PCB inside looks ok and looks like you could solder back on the 4 USB connections. What I am wondering if anyone knows which one is which? I'll give it a try. What I think is (from left to right) is:





Thanks for any help!



yuwire asked
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Where is the port on the MultiPlus 3000?

I can't seem to find it.

Can you send me a picture that clearly shows the location?

jonmarinello asked
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Octo GX - Only 6 ports working?

New Octo GX, updated to firmware 2.60, with 7 new smart shunts connected with cables.

The "lower" 6 ports work fine, the upper 4 do not. We've got 7 smart shunts - swapping cables around between different shunts and different ports has confirmed no shunts work on the "upper" 4 ports, but they do work on the lower. Suspecting it's a hardware problem but wanted to see if it's a known thing since it seems coincidental the working ports are all on the same side. Restarting with different ports in use hasn't made a difference.


emly asked
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75/15 Solar Controller jumper and connecting Cerbo GX

I want to connect my 75/15 Solar Controller to my new Cerbo GX. There is a jumper in the communication port. I plan to remove the jumper so I can connect the Cerbo GX with a cable. Will doing this cause any problems? What will change with the 'batterylife" behavior if anything?

jonmarinello asked
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My Phoenix inverter 12V 250VA 230V sometimes shows negative output current in VRM

"inverter output voltage and current" readings on the Advanced page of VRM go negative output current (-0.2 for example), sometimes, while it is actively powering a load (tv, phone, computer).

Remote Console shows 0VA but theres 17watts being used as shown by my Smart Plug.

Surely it's impossible for the inverter to do that (negative current).

Grant Willson asked
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I recently installed a Venus gx but i can not see the consumption data in the vrm platform

I used the 24V Pheonix 1200VA inverter and connected it to the Venus GX via VE direct cable but i can not get any consumption data in the vrm platform

sammy-senyonga asked
Grant Willson answered ·

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How to wire my Cerbo GX to the rest of my Victron components

Hello all,

I'm a bit confused with how to wire my Cerbo GX to the rest of my components in the most optimal way. I'd like to be able to view the status of my system on a mobile device via bluetooth and also view the Cerbo GX web application from that same mobile device.

I have the following components:

- Victron SmartShunt

- Victron 12/3000 MultiPlus

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller

- Victron Orion Tr Smart DC/DC charger

- 1 VE.Direct Cable

The obvious connections to me are:

* MultiPlus -> RJ45 -> Cerbo GX

* SmartShunt -> VE.Direct Cable -> Cerbo GX

* SmartSolar Charge Controller -> VE.Direct Cable -> CerboGX

Here are a few questions:

1. Do I still need a VE.Direct Cable for the SmartShunt and SmartSolar Charge controller since they're bluetooth? Or is the bluetooth only so I can see them within the VictronConnect app via bluetooth?

2. Is it possible to monitor the Orion Tr DC/DC in the Cerbo GX?

3. What are the main differences between what you can view from the Cerbo GX versus what you can view within the Victron Connect app?

manny-martinez asked
Ulrich answered ·

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Updating the SmartSolar MPPT via VE.Direct Protocol

I'm looking for a way to be able to update the firmware on these devices remotely via VE.Direct Protocol or on Linux in general. Since this device will be connected to a micro-controller running Linux, and communication with the device will occur off-site. Windows/macOS/Mobile are not options.

mgurvich asked
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Smart devices connected to a GX Color Control with cables or smart networking?

Hi, i have a 24/3000 Easysolar that has a CCGX (wich comes equiped with a 150/70 charge controller), and i also have a smart 100/20 solar charge controller, and a smart shunt.

My question is, how do i connect all this devices together so that i have all the information on the GX Color Control?

The 150/70 CC is already connected to the CCGX with a cable, and that leaves me only one input into the CCGX, but i want to connect both the 100/20 SCC and the smart shunt to the CCGX.

Is it possible to connect all this devices to the CCGX using only VE. smart networking?

Thanks alot for your answers.

buryck asked
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Phoenix not displaying correct info on console to Venus GX

Good day

I have a Venux GX connected to a Phoenix 24V 250VA inverter (and also a BlueSolar 150/35).

On the remote console and also in VRM portal, the inverter is indicating as "off" and not showing any AC load consumption. But in the device list it is indicating as "on" and "inverting" although even there it indicates load as "0W" (whereas in fact the load is around 35W).

Guidance will be appreciated.

jgrimm77 asked
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1 Answer

Wrong idle AC current via from Phoenix Inverter 12/800

I operate my Phoenix Inverter 12/800 together with a Blue Smart 100/20 and 2 parallel 100 Ah batteries via with the open source solution "solaranzeige" on the Raspberry PI 3b+

I have the problem that the idle AC current is read with 400mA. After connecting a load e.g. pump or refrigerator the values of the AC current will go back to real values.

Since correct values are read out when the load is connected, I do not think it 's a problem of the "solaranzeige" solution.

Also I tried to read #VE_REG_AC_OUT_APPARENT_POWER but I got always a static vaule of Hex: 705220225

I hope I can get help from the community here.

Many thanks in advance.

And best regards from Germany


vmmarwitz asked
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ColorControl GX and BlueSolar 150/70 connection problems with

Hello everybody,

my system worked perfecelty over last 1,5 years. A few day ago, suddenly, the MPPT wasnt shown anymore on the CCGX. When I reboot the CCGX, MPPT will be shown for a few minutes and then it shwos "not connected".

I tried to eliminate a hardware problem.

- I tried another cable and the same problem arises.

- I tried the other VE. direct port on the CCGX and the same problem arises.

- I tired a bluetooth dongle on the BlueSolar. It connects without any problems and doesnt loose the conncetion, so the port on the BlueSolar is working.

Putting it together: neither the port on the CCGX, nor the port on the BlueSolar, nor the cable is the problem.

I really do not understand and please need help.

Thanks in advance,



danielk asked
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How do I enable Synchronized charging for BlueSolar MPPT?


My question is if there are known problems with synchronized charging between Bluesolar and Smart Solar devices (in my case both mppt100/50)?

I expanded my system with additional panels and a new smart solar mppt 100/50 charger. I already had a Bluesolar charger, also an mppt100/50 with a BT dongle. They are connected together over the VE Smart networking (Bluetooth) for the purpose of synchronized charging. There is also a Smart Voltage/Temperature sensor attached.

As far as I can see the synchronized charging does not work at all. The switch together into absorption mode, but apart from that they behave totally different. Despite having the same settings, the absorption/float times differ sometimes quite drastically.

I have compiled a very detailed description of the setup and the problem. It can be viewed here under this link.

danmannale asked
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3 Answers

My first off-grid system design. Would appreciate feedback & critique

Hello all,

After many months of learning, I have decided to take a stab at designing the electrical power system for our off-grid van. I have a diagram of the system attached to this post below (Also hosted on imgur for high-res).

I have labeled everything except for fuse and wire sizes as I'd like to get some feedback on the general connections before I get into wire/fuse sizing.

A few extra questions/concerns I have:

- I have seen similar systems with 2 POS and 2 NEG cables feeding into the MultiPlus after the Class-T fuse following the positive bus bar. I have also seen systems with just 1 set of cables. For this system, which one would suffice?

- I have seen similar systems with 150A fuses coming directly out of each battery before they join at the positive bus bar. Would I benefit from this or is a 500A fuse sufficient coming out of a parallel battery arrangement.

- What type of solar panel arrangement would you recommend for this system (S/P/S-P)? I mislabeled the diagram (I named it Parallel but it's wired in Series)

This has been an amazing experience immersing myself into an area I knew nothing about just a year ago! This community has been awesome, can't wait to hear back!




manny-martinez asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

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VictronConnect cannot connect to SmartSolar MPPT150/85 when VE.Direct cable attached

Whenever I attach a VE.Direct cable to my SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 (VSS-MPPT150/85-TR) it is no longer possible to see the controller’s data over Bluetooth. I noticed this when I installed a Venus GX in the summer. The “fault” has the following characteristics:

With the MPPT as “stand-alone” the app rapidly goes through the routine of “Connecting, Default PIN (at bottom), 0% up to 95%, Fetching Data” before the display values are given.

With the MPPT connected by VE.Direct (even when the other end is not plugged in to the Venus GX) the app goes through the same routine of Connecting, Default PIN (at bottom), going rapidly from 1% to 95%, “Fetching data” appears and it cycles on this for about 10 secs before returning to “Connecting” in an endless loop. Whilst this is happening the display screen has a smeared, Vaseline appearance.

I have played with connecting and disconnecting the VE.Direct:

  • Using a VE.Direct cable:
    • Pulling the VE.Direct plug from the MPPT causes the MPPT LEDs to flash and the app immediately shows the display screen
    • Pulling the VE.Direct plug from the Venus GX causes the MPPT LEDs to flash and the app immediately shows the display screen
  • Using a USB/VE.Direct cable:
    • Pulling the VE.Direct plug from the MPPT causes the MPPT LEDs to flash and the app immediately shows the display screen
    • Pulling the USB plug from the Venus GX causes nothing to happen.

All of the above are true whether the Venus GX has power or when there are/aren’t other devices connected to the Venus GX. The firmware of the MPPT is v1.50 and the GX is v2.18. VictronConnect is V5.33.

I also have an MPPT100/20 & MPPT100/30 connected to the Venus GX. I do not have this problem with them.

shellness asked
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4 Answers

VE.Direct to synchronise 2 or more Smart Solar MPPT Controllers?

Is it possible to link together 2 or more Smart Solar MPPT controllers using VE.Direct cables, without needing a GX or BMV device? Can they just be daisy chained with identical charge settings to work as one? I have a customer whose system requires 2 MPPT units but he can’t afford a GX or other extra equipment. Or will they possibly work together on their own Bluetooth network?

ecoworld asked
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1 Answer

Good USB Hub for CCGX with low power draw or Relay shutoff for inverter?

I use a CCGX, BMV-702, 3 MPPT's, and 1 USB wifi dongle.

Since there are only 2 VE direct and 2 usb ports, I need a usb hub to get my 5th connection point.

Currently, I have a crappy AC powered usb hub on the old phoenix inverter (That doesn't have ve direct port, Insert angry face) and the inverter is in ECO mode.

The USB hub is the only AC load on my boat, and I only really need it to send the wifi to check the system.

Is it possible to use the relay on CCGX or BMV to turn off phoenix inverter using it's remote port at night, when I don't need to check the wifi?

Or should I just find a low powered USB hub that runs on DC? (Does anyone have any recommendations?)

Every night, my BMV says 100% but the AC inverter is powering the USB hub through the night, and it uses about 2% of the bank and 96 watts. Is this slowly killing my batteries? Should I not be worried about this daily 2% discharge?



unckdecamp asked
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Updating firmware MPPT 150/100 VE.Can using VE.Direct + PC software


MPPT 150/100-Tr VE.Can connected to PC using VE.Direct port & Victron serial adapter cable.


When connecting to Equipment via the VE.Direct port with Victron serial cable + PC with VictronConnect software, we are prompted to update the firmware on the device, which then fails (see attached error message: "Update failed! Result: X88 - Communication Error. Vreg Ack timeout. Please check the connection and try again". See photo for error screen.



Any idea how to fix this so we can update firmware via PC and configure settings?


  • We are able to connect with the Android App and perform the update via Bluetooth. Subsequently the connection using the VE.Direct port + PC works fine.
  • We're using the latest version of both the PC VictronConnect software as well as the Android app

If you have any ideas on how to fix this it would be appreciated, as we're expecting to be programming many of these devices and doing so via bluetooth is very time consuming.

Thanks kindly,


allen-upward asked
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MPPTb 75/50 and dongle not connecting to VE network

I am trying to connect a Blue Solar Charger MPPT 75/50 with firmware 1.5 using a VE direct dongle v5.27 to a VE network. The connect to network is not appearing in any menus.

terrys asked
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Connecting BMV-712 and BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 via VE.Direct?

We have a BMV-712 and want to buy a MPPT charger. Would it be possible to but a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 (SCC010015050R) and connect it with a cable (VE.Direct) to the BMV-712 and get data from both of them in the app, or do we have to buy a Bluetooth dongle or a SmartSolar for that to work?

eriove asked
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VE.Direct Serial Hub

I've got an SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 and SmartShunt. They are both connected on the same smart network. I was hoping that I would be able to source all the data from both out of the same VE.Direct connection. It doesn't look like this is the case.

Does anybody have a way to combine VE.Direct text streams? It needs to be RS232, my controller won't support TTL.

Otherwise, is there anyway of hooking into a VE.Smart network to get all the data from connected devices?


ash asked
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