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Venus GX looses frequently connection to BlueSolar MPPT via VE.Direct

I run a ESS with an EasySolar 5k. The ColorControl GX looses frequently connection to the BlueSolar MPPT controller. When I plug out and in again the VE.Direct cable on the MPPT the connection reestablish. I wonder two things, first why this connection loss does not generate an Alarm? And second is this a Harware/Cabling problem or could it get triggered by software or a general bus problems?

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Can I control multiple networked MPPTs using a single on-off cable

I have a bank of 8 networked smart solar 75/15 that I need to remotely disable from my third party BMS via a non-inverting on/off cable (ASS030550310).

My question is: am I going to need 8 cables or will 1 be enough given the MPPTs are networked?

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Why is ASS030520410 VE.Direct to VE.Can interface so expensive?!

My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

I was looking for solutions to connecting more than one MPPT to a MultiPlus II GX and thought, "Could I use a VE.Can port with a VE.Direct to VE.Can adapter?".

Sure enough, there is such a thing "VE.Direct to VE.Can interface" (ASS030520410) but it is about the same price as the MPPT I want to connect about 300EUR.

Now, I have since learned that you cannot use VE.Can on the MultiPlus II GX for MPPTs but I am still interested in why the VE.Direct to VE.Can interface is so expensive?

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VE.Direct to synchronise 2 or more Smart Solar MPPT Controllers?

Is it possible to link together 2 or more Smart Solar MPPT controllers using VE.Direct cables, without needing a GX or BMV device? Can they just be daisy chained with identical charge settings to work as one? I have a customer whose system requires 2 MPPT units but he can’t afford a GX or other extra equipment. Or will they possibly work together on their own Bluetooth network?

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ve.can vs

Hi, using 2 or 3 of the same solar smart kontroller...which way is the best to connect it to the cerbo gx? Via cabel or via the ve.can bus? What is the difference? Thanks

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Bluetooth dongle VS


I have a Bluesolar MPPT 100/50 and a bluetooth dongle.

I would like to spare the port to use it for a BMV712 and Raspberry Pi project.

Is there a way to split/duplicate the port to both use the bluetooth dongle and free up a port for further connectivity?

Or there is no way around other than upgrading the mppt to a smart one?

Many thanks

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Connect Multiple SmartSolarCharger

I have to connect 4 100/30 MPPT SmartSolarChargers to a CCGX Color control

The distance is 12m.

I have read in the Colorcontrol manual to use to USB, but normal USB works only up to 5m.

I want to test active USB cable for longer distance.

Looking for advice how to proceed or someone with a succesfull installation like this.

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Use VE.Smart and VE.Direct at the same time

I'm looking at trying to build out a system that includes BT only and some that support VE.Direct cables. Is it possible to have a device(Venus or etc) to bridge both VE.Smart and VE.Direct to VRM?

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Hello, I have a Victron MPPT 150/60. I want to use the VE.Direct on MPPT like "digital output" (1 pulse every 0,01 kWh produced), because I read that it's possible with a state solid relay (Omron G3NA-D210B-UTU DC5-24). In the VictronConnect with Bluetooth I setup Vedirect-TX like "digital output 0,01 kWh". To link the MPPT and the SSR I used the cable call "VE.Direct TX digital output cable ASS030550500". This system not operatin. Which activities/modified i must to do for start-up it? Thanks a lot. Have a nice day. Fabio and Luca.

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VE Direct to USB data to VRM Portal Advanced Tab

I have 3 VE Direct cables to my Cerbo (from 3 MPPT controllers) and 1 VE Direct to USB cable (from a MPPT 100/20) all to my Cerbo GX. I receive detailed data on the VRM Portal for the 3 MPPTs connected by the VE Direct cables, but I do not receive any of the detailed information on the Advanced Tab on the VRM Portal for the MPPT that is connected to the Cerbo GX by the VE Direct to USB cable. How can I add that detailed info to the VRM Portal from the VE Direct to USB cable and MPPT? Thank you.

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VE.Direct LoRaWAN LED does not blink / Connection impossible


I bought the LoRaWAN module to be connected with my BMV-700. I put 24VDC voltage (ofcourse the polarity is right) on and connected it with the BMV. The LED still does not blink. Is the module damaged or did I overlook something?

Thank you!

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How to disable mppt charge with cerboGX?

Hello, there is a system of three batteries connected to lynx ion bms, two mpp 100/20 and mppt 150/35 and one quattro inverter, all of them are connected to CerboGX. There was a problem when turning off the BMS when the main contactor opened, the solar controllers continue to supply voltage to the system from which part of the circuit is energized, an error is displayed on the monitor about the loss of communication with the BMS. Is it possible to somehow solve this problem, so that charging stops when BMS is turned off, mppt controllers are connected to the cerbo cable

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Smart Charger + MPPT Charging

I have a 150/60 MPPT with 600W solar connected to my house bank, there are also 2x Phoenix Smart Chargers (50A 3+1) each have an output to the house bank and the engine battery, one has an output to the 12-24v charger for the bowthruster.

All are connected with VE.Direct and where possible Smart Networking.

I'd taken my batteries off shore power and isolated the MPPT to run the batteries down a bit to check their voltages. When I switched everything back on I noticed that the MPPT was in bulk and the 2x chargers were in absorption, the voltages were the same however the MPPT was putting a lot more Amps in. I'd have expected the house bank output on the chargers to be the same as the MPPT.

Should I change the set up so that one charger does the house bank and the other does the engine and bow thruster?

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VE.Smart Connection vs VE.Direct

I currently have the following equipment;

BMV-712, MPPT 150/60 and Venus GX. These are all connected via VE.Direct to the VenusGX.

I will be installing 2x IP43 Smart Chargers that will be right next to the VenusGX and the MPPT, will I need to connect these via VE.Direct to have them sync? Or will the VE.Smart network achieve the same goal?

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Can I connect a BMV-712 and MPPT with a VE-direct cable?

Hi, I bought the 712 without BT feature :0(

Now I am wondering if I can connect it by VE-direct cable to the 712, and then be able to connect to both by BT app or BT connect software on Laptop?

I prefer the wired VE connection, and it should be the same bus like on BT.



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MacOS ERROR "VE Direct cable: family specific matching fails"

VE.Direct cable stopped working all of a sudden on a Mac. VictronConnect no longer "sees" the device. When I plug in the cable into the mac, there is no longer /dev/tty.usbserial-VE28INOF device. The dmegs shows "VE Direct cable: family specific matching fails" multiple times.

I've tried rebooting, didn't help. Any ideas?

I must say, the device is functional, because:

1) it works when connected to my linux box

2) and

ioreg -p IOUSB

returns the following:

+-o VE Direct cable@14100000  <class AppleUSBDevice, id 0x100000cd7, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (8 ms), retain 15>

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Using the ColorControl GX in a DC-only system and UI display

I have no experience with the CCGX and would appreciate comments on this configuration.

Looking at documents on the www, it seems that the CCGX UI main display has one predetermined way of displaying the system (maybe depending on what VE.BUS device is connected) The upper part shows the AC input / output and the lower part shows the DC input / output , battery and charging/discharging plus PV inputs.
I have a non-Victron battery charger and a nonVictron inverter, which I can not connect to the CCGX. Still I want to use the CCGX to collect infos on the generated 24V (300W water turbine) and the 24V power consumed by the nonVictron 230V inverter, using 2 BMV700 with their corresponding shunts. A BMV703 will be used to monitor the battery (SOC). Also three Solar MPPTs will be connected to the CCGX. The idea is to have a central information display for the relevant parts of the system (24V) and to use the CCGX with a GSM module to connect to the Victron portal (VRM). I will use the three sockets on the CCGX for the three BMVs. For the Solar MPPTs I will use to USB converter cables and connect all three, through a (powered) switch to the USB socket on the CCGX. I am somewhat confused on what exactly will I be able to display on the CCGX screens. The most important question that I have, is whether I will be able to see the relevant data for all attached devices individually, in any available menus on the CCGX (and VRM)? Is the data for the 3 Solar MPPTs shown individualy, or consolidated to a single value?Thanks.

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How to connect BlueSolar MPPT + BMV + MPPT Control

Hello there!

Spend some time searching this community but couldn't find the answer, so hopefully there is someone out there who can help me with my setup.

I currently own a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15, which just charges a battery. I want to expand my setup with a BMV + temp. sensor so I can monitor my battery status. I also want to add a MPPT Control to monitor my solar charging status to see what they are actually generating. The question; how to connect/share the temp. sensor to the BMV and MPPT ?

If possible it would be great to have the ability to see historical data as well, perhaps I can connect my smartphone as well to see historical data?

Some ideas that came up; Lot's of VE.Direct to USB cables on a hub. Lot's of VE.Direct to Bluetooth dongles to create a smart bluetooth network. I prefer wired over wireless but could it be possible?

And for the bonus, I also have a Phoenix 12/500 with VE.Direct, can I bring this in the 'smart system' as well?

Many thanks in advance!

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Connecting Multiple Victron SmartSolar MPPT to one Battery Bank

We have a customer who currently has 2 x Victron Smart Solar MPPT Regulators... Both feeding a single battery bank - he also wants to now add a 3rd to the system feeding the same battery bank.

This is only a small system (e.g. MPPT100/15's) - and I know he could just get one large MPPT - however this is not the desired outcome due to different aspects / shading etc.


I have been searching and found that there are a few conversations similar to this however no rock solid answers so I have the questions:

1. Is the functionality available yet (July 2019) for the two (or 3) MPPT Regulators to work efficiently in parallel synchronising their charging algorithms rather than one switching off prematurely?

2. What information do the MPPT Regulators "share" with each other if connected via VE Direct Smart Network?

3. Will VE Direct Smart Network communicate exactly the same as using the Cable? Or are there limitations?

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VE.Direct-MPPT in system with VE.Bus BMS, MultiPlus and CCGX

Designing a LiFe/grid/solar powered system with

1.BMS, Multi and CCGX connected via VE.BUS

2.MPPT via VE.Direct connected to CCGX

I have to be able to protect the LiFe battery by BMS switching off charging by MPPT. In documentation we have VE.Direct Remote on-off cable for that.

If I use that port I am unable to connect CCGX to MPPT.

Is it possible for CCGX to switch off MPPT by command from BMS but via VE.Bus connection between CCGX/Multi/BMS?

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Automatically switch on Phoenix 12/500 VE.Direct on recharged battery


is there a way to turn on the Phoenix 12/500 inverter at a defined battery level (or voltage)?

I have a small island system with 240 Wp charging a 55 Ah/12V LiFePo via SmartSolar MPPT 75/12. This is running fine so far, but I often have a fully charged battery with no way to discharge it on the 12 V system (which I use to charge smart devices and notebook computers). So a lot of sun energy is wasted (charger in float mode).

So I installed a Phoenix 12/500 inverter that now runs a fridge most of the time. I also installed an automatic transfer switch, so the fridge gets landline power in case the battery is too low for the inverter. This also works fine.

But now the inverter discharges the battery completely and then it does not turn on again, when the battery is full again. But I would like to switch off at 20% battery level (so I have enough spare for my more efficient 12V system) and automatically turn on at 80% battery level (so the inverter just kicks in, when I risk to run into a 100% full battery)

Is this all possible with the two Victron devices or will I need to read the battery level with an Arduino via from either MPPT or inverter and then switch the inverter manually on and off via the remote control port of the Phoenix?

Thank you very much


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Using Eco Mode in phoenix inverter with complex startup profile smallish loads

I understand that Eco mode pulses the inverter output for a short period and looks for an increase in load in response to determine whether or not to fully power one. It also appears that Eco mode can cause problems with high inrush loads such as compressors. My question pertains to its use will relatively low power loads such as TVs or other electronic devices with sleep (low power) modes and longer duration power up cycles.

A TV, for example, will power up into sleep mode and await a subsequent power on command from the control panel or a remote control; the power sensed by the inverter may not reach the minimum detection threshold. It seems like Eco mode is not well suited for loads with any sort of internal power consumption intelligence - you need something like a light bulb hooked in to the same circuit to provide a power draw that is sufficiently high and of the right type to be reliably detected.

My specific case is for a TV of about 20-60W with a 3-5W sleep mode on a Phoenix 12/250 or similar inverter. My hunch is that this would not work with Eco mode.

Does anyone have any experience with this use case?

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How can I see an MPPT via VRM that is connected via a USB dongle?

I have an Venus GX with a Multiplus, two MPPT solar-chargers and a BMV-712 battery monitor. There are only two VE.Direct-Plugins on the Venus GX, so I bought an USB-Dongle to connect the 2nd MPPT. It worked and I could also make it part of the existing network. But I only can see it on site but not via the VRM-Portal: There I only se the BMV and the first MPPT.

So can I only connect two devices (VE.Direct) with the Venus GX for monitoring via VRM?

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Venus GX -> NMEA2000 / Signal K

I have an EasySolar 24/1600 that I'm looking to tie into my vessels sensor / monitoring network.

From reading this article it looks like the recommended approach has been to bridge both the VE.Bus connection from the internal MultiPlus and VE.Direct from the MPPT direct to N2K. In the comments section though there was talk of a CCGX -> NMEA integration. Is this still something on the horizon?

I'm assuming it will apply to the Venus GX too? If so, that would be a much neater integration (VE.Bus and VE.Direct -> Venus GX -> NMEA) as well as providing a couple of additional sensor inputs.

On a slightly related note, has there been any consideration for providing a direct Signal K interface from the Venus / CCGX?

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Connecting a smaller charge controller instead of a VE.CAN controller

I have a common, main DC bus bar.

I am sending 48VDC to it from various energy sources: solar, wind, hydro, a DC generator, and AC energy converted to 48VDC.

To avoid overcharging the batteries after the 48VDC bus bar, I am using VE.CAN chargers that are connected between them as a master with slaves.

One of the problems I have is that each solar panel is connected to a single VE.CAN MPPT charger. The solar panel is too small in relation to the smallest MPPT charger.

Due to shading issues I cannot connect more than one solar panel per MPPT charger.

Is there a way to connect the solar panel to a smaller MPPT charge controller without interfering with the current arrangement of not overcharging the battery or having chargers in standby?

Could a GX display or some other device help me to achieve this? Could up to six solar panels be connected through a GX display, for instance, and could this group (solar panels and device) become a slave of the master MPPT charge controller?

I thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Smart Solar Mppt Control Display - RS232 adapter to

Hi - I am looking for a solution that allows me to utilize 2 connections from my MPPT charging controller. Currently I am utilizing the existing Ve direct connection of my MPPT controller to feed the Victron Energy MPPT Control unit. In addition to that I would like to feed the GX Venus unit. Previous postings indicated that there is only ONE connection per MPPT unit. I have a MPPT 150/70 with an unused display interface. I believe (???) that this interface is a RS 232 port. Can this port together with an RS232 to Ve direct adapter be seen as a SECOND serial port and solve my problem? Any experience from the community?

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HEX Protocol Whitepaper v.10 - Remote control section not clear

I bought Victron MPPT 100/50, BMV 702, Lithium SuperPack 768Wh, and even Victron solar panels. All of it because of the great community support and the ability to read status & control those devices without using manufacturer software.

Unfortunately, VE.Direct HEX Protocol MPPT whitepaper rev. 10 (latest) is promising a feature that does not work: the Remote control registers section (p. 18 and p. 20) states that it is possible to upload battery voltage and temperature to a MPPT (from a BMV). Well, this morning in Darmstadt, Germany my MPPT was happily full-blown bulk-charging the Lithium while the battery temperature was 4deg C. According to Victron SuperPack specs this is below the authorized level. All this in spite of a Python script constantly uploading BMV battery voltage and temperature to the MPPT.

Question (supplication...): can the Remote control registers section in HEX MPPT whitepaper be further clarified regarding the Battery voltage & temperature sense commands, their expected response (currently I'm getting "1"), and whether it is necessary to modify the MPPT Network mode to make them work?

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Smartsolar VE Direct vs VE CAN

Hi. Just wondering whether or not there is any difference in terms of functionality and remote control between Smartsolar VE Direct and VE Can products. Is there anyone that have some experience with both that can explain?

Thanks in advance for your help

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VE.Direct Cable Length

Hi there.

Situation: Battery, MPPT Smart Solar and Multi are in the barn, CCGX ist in the living room.

VE.Direct max. Cable length is 10 meters. Distance I have to build is 20-25 meters.

Any ideas? Maybe convert VE.Direct Protocol to CAN? Or just use some BUS Amplifiers such as 7406? (I am an eduacated electronic technician with no fear of soldering irons :-)

Or convert VE.Direct to any other Protocol such as TCP/IP? Wireless/ BT is no good idea because of some thick walls.

Thank you very much for helping!



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Phoenix 12/375 VE.Direct not showing watt values on the CCGX

I Have a phoenix 12/375 and a CCGX . When I connect the Phoenix via Ve.Direct to my CCGX I only will see it on the display, but no Values (Watt). Where can I see more details or adjust something ?

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