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Smart dongle disconnect


Every now and again I have one of my blue tooth smart dongles not transmitting! I have to disconnect and reconnect to make it work, It’s always the same one. It’s connected to the older type of Victron MPPT that takes it’s power from the panels so at night it switches off. Any one know of a fix for this?

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bluetooth app multiplus wont turn on

I have a 12V/3000W/120A Multiplus connected to a VE.Bus Smart dongle. I also have a BMV-712 and a 150/100 MPPT charge controller. I can interact with all of them via the Bluetooth app and have used them for several months without any problems. Recently, I returned to the location and when I went to turn on the Multiplus using the bluetooth app, it would crash when I selected any function (On/Inverter only/Charger only). Sometimes when I held the app 'button' it wouldn't crash as fast. It did this repeatedly. I was able to disconnect the Ethernet cable to the dongle, then use the manual switch on the front of the Multi, to turn it on, then plug the cable back in. When I switched off the Multi using bluetooth, the same problem repeated.

I was able to turn on and off the Multi using bluetooth previously without issues. Is there a setting I should be checking in the Multi's setup? I have a MK3-USB.

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Unable to make a bluetooth smart network with older dongle?

Hi all .

Someone can confirm I can't make a BT network between a "Smart Battery Sense" with old version of " Bluetooth smart dongle" PN:ASS030536010 ,

but need new version ASS030536011 ?

My MPPT is Blue Solar 100/30 .

thanks ..

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Bluetooth dongle VS


I have a Bluesolar MPPT 100/50 and a bluetooth dongle.

I would like to spare the port to use it for a BMV712 and Raspberry Pi project.

Is there a way to split/duplicate the port to both use the bluetooth dongle and free up a port for further connectivity?

Or there is no way around other than upgrading the mppt to a smart one?

Many thanks

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VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle dead after software update

Hi, my

VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle went dead after a software update, connected to a MPPT 75/15.

No sign of life, plugged and unplugged removed and reset power, no lights. Anyone got any ideas?



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Venus GX bluetooth conectivity

Is it or when will it be possible to use Bluetooth connectivity with the Venus GX range?

For example to connection to the Victron Connect Bluetooth app.

Currently the Venus GX range has Wi-Fi support for connection to VRM but is not Bluetooth.

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How to use the VE.Direct Smart Dongle

Hi so connected my dingle via Bluetooth. To 75/15 charge Controller how do I access it

Steve asked
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Naming VE.Direct Blue Tooth Dongle in VictronConnect, the name stays with the dongle not the device it is attached to?

Hi Folks,

Noticed that the device name feature on V.E. Direct devices BMV702 & MPPT 75/50 is not being applied to the device , instead it appears to be staying with the dongle and transferring to the next device used by the masking any label that is associated with the device.

Looks like a firmware bug. I have confirmed that I am saving the changes. I have reconnected the BTD several times and tested it on other V.E. Direct devices , same issue.

Any idea folks & Victron team?

Enya asked
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VE.Direct Bluetooth dongle issue

Hi all,

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 that I use along with a PV panel on the roof of my vehicle to maintain a deep cycle battery for when I go away camping and the link.

I monitor it via the Android app, connecting via the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle, this has worked flawlessly, until now.

With the updated app recently being released and apparently updated firmware for both the BT dongle and the 75/15, I went out to my vehicle to perform the upgrade.

Sadly the app could not find the BT dongle. I went through the usual procedure of disabling and re-enabling BT on my phone, still nothing, this was within a couple of metres of the dongle, yet it discovered my BlueSmart charger located 20 or so metres away on the other side of the house!

Looking at the dongle, there were no LED's lit. Disconnecting and reconnecting the dongle proved to do nothing.

I removed power from the SmartSolar charger (PV and battery), let it sit disconnected for several minutes (Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? :) ) And reconnected battery and PV in the correct sequence. Alas, still no LEDs and no dongle to be discovered by the app.

Having a background in electronics I decided to go to the next step, check that it was getting power, opening the case of the dongle and armed with my trusty multimeter I probed the Vin and Gnd connections on the circuit board, it is getting 5 volts.

Unfortunately this is as far as I can go. Without a microscope (SMD is so tiny!) and an insight to the circuit I am at a loss.

From what I can see the BT module in the dongle (BL600-SA-05) is a 3.6volt device, so I am guessing there is a voltage regulator on the board, but once again, without a microscope I am unable to determine if this is the case, and if so which SMD it is.

Has anyone else had this experience? Can anyone provide me any guidance as to how I may be able to resolve the issue without having to purchase another dongle? That is something I want to avoid at this time as I have limited income due to upper and lower spinal injuries.

Kind regards,

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Failure to connect BMV-700 to Bluetooth Smart Dongle

I have a BMV-700 and a Bluetooth VE direct smart dongle. I plugged the dongle into the BMV, and held the reset button; the dongle began alternately flashing the red/blue lights. I connected to the dongle with my iPhone using Victron Connect, and followed the prompts for updating the dongle firmware. I also connected my computer to the BMV with a USB/VE direct cable and updated the BMV's firmware. With the dongle plugged into the BMV, I saw both red and blue lights on solid. Using my iPhone's VC app I see the dongle appear, and I can connect to it, at which point the red light goes out. In the VC app I can see options about the dongle - change pin code, rename et cetera, but I cannot see any information about the BMV that the dongle is plugged into.

I reset the PIN on the dongle, made sure that all firmware was updated (including the VC app) and tried holding the dongle's button while unplugged, plugging it into the BMV, and repeating the setup process. I was never able to access anything more than the dongle's settings in VC.

I appreciate any suggestions or advice. The dongle was purchased used - perhaps it is faulty? The BMV was purchased new, and has never been used with a smart dongle before. I checked the BMV manual looking for any settings I needed to change to allow interfacing with the dongle, but I found none.

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Phoenix Inverter 3000VA mandatory accessories?

I am planning to go with bigger inverter for my solar offgrid system. I am aiming for Phoenix 3000VA 48V. My current inverter is Phoenix 1200. I do already have and Bluetooth that I can use with current inverter.

I am not sure if some additional equipment is needed for the inverter to configure it and put into production. Product specification mentions VE.bus. Do I need to buy VE.bus dongle just to configure the single inverter and make it work? Does it perhaps come with port also if manufactured since some date?

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VE Direct Smart Dongle current draw from a 12 volt supply?

How much current does a VE Direct Smart Dongle draw from a 12 volt supply?

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BMV-602S & VE.Direct Bluetooth (or NMEA2000) Dongle


I recently purchased a sailboat with a BMV-602S Battery Monitor. I was wondering if anyone has had luck with the VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle or NMEA2000 drop cable working with a -600 series unit.

The compatibility list for the bluetooth dongle only lists -700 series BMV Battery monitors, but the interface/plug on the back of the -600 & -700 series monitors looks the same. Before I buy one, I'd ilke to know if it'll work for my BMV-602S monitor.


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No power or efficiency information in VictronConnect app for VE.Direct Phoenix 12/500 Inverter

So I finally got the bluetooth dongle for my 12/500 VE.Direct Phoenix Inverter and got it setup. All I see in the VictronConnect app other than the "speedometer" of load was voltage in and voltage out. I remember reading in the inverter manual that with the app you could view more detailed information like the load in watts, or load percentage, DC current in, and even current efficiency. I cannot find that anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I've attached a screenshot. I did the firmware update first thing when setting it up.


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I have a Smart Solar MPPT that is not compatible with networking. Can I use the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart Dongle with a Smart Battery Sense to allow the MPPT to obtain accurate battery Voltage?

I need a way to provide accurate battery voltage to my Smart Solar MPPT (it is off by as much as 0.3-0.5 volts). Based on the victronconnect live manual, and my MPPT part number (SCC010085210), VE.Smart Networking is not supported. However, the same manual states that the new VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle (part number ASS030536011) is compatible with VE.Smart Networking.

A couple other details. I need to be able to still control the MPPT via victronconnect. This leads to two additional questions:

1. Will I still be able to configure/enable/disable the MPPT via my phone if it is connected to the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle? I ask because of this note here that says I will lose bluetooth from the MPPT if VE.Direct is in use.

2. Can the dongle communicate with the "Smart" network (the smart battery sense specifically) AND also communicate with my phone via bluetooth? I ask that because the documentation says "Only one phone or tablet can be connected to a dongle at the same time. Make sure no other devices are connected to the dongle, and try again." This is stated both in the dongle live manual and in the victron live manual.

Nate Costello asked
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Cannot connect to my Bluesolar MPPT 150/60 tr (bluetooth VE direct smart dongle + Mac OSX High Sierra)


Looks like I cannot pair by bluetooth with my MPPT Bluesolar charge controller 150/60 TR.

Configuration : Macbook Pro 15' mid-2012 with Mac OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra) + Bluetooth 6.0
VE-direct bluetooth smart dongle.
I'm in an isolate site (no internet).

Troubleshooting : I checked the troubleshooting section for the last 3 days. I read a lot of threads and questions concerning differents issues the community encountered. But I got no real solution. I unpaired and deleted the VE-direct device on my bluetooth system configuration window before every attempt to connect with VictronConnect, I also cleared the pin code. I ONLY connect bluetooth with VictronConnect which release is up-to-date. No other bluetooth device can cause the issue. I always attempt to connect bluetooth within 30 seconds after pluging the dongle to the MPPT. I also reseted the bluetooth parameters on my computer. Nothing changes.

Issue : The firmware passes correctly. The dongle leds blink like they should. The MPPT led bulk is blinking correctly.
But when I try to pair the VictronConnect app with the dongle, it asks me the usual pin code at 20%, then gets stuck to 80%, then goes back to 20%. And, after what it looks like 4 or 5 attempts, I have an error message (see the pics).
Can you tell me what I did wrong ?

Thank you !


Then :


And then :


("Impossible connection, delete the device from the paired devices list, and connect again...")

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Bad connection with

Hi !

I have recently bought a Bluetooth Dongle to adjust parameters on the MPPT (Bluesolar 150/70) in mye Easysolar 24/3000.

I have big trouble being able to sustain a connection (with a non-flashing blue light on the dongle), and the app on my mobile keep reloading. I have been able to do what I want and have a connection over a few minutes a few times but now I cant anymore, and only once of maybe 20 attempt yesterday did I see the Bluesolar MPPT picture come up on the screen after searching for devices.

The conection to the CCGX works, but it is very easy to pull out. I can also mention that it was not connected when I received the Easysolar one year ago.

I am afraid that if I try to anjust prameters on the MPPT it might cut the process half way and I will be left with and MPPT that I dont know the charging settings for, and that I can not access or change settings on.

What can I do?

I am considering changing the MPPT to a Smartsolar, but this would be a waste of money since the MPPT works fine (althought it has a peak absorption value that is alittle to high -this is what I would like to alter).

How complicated is it to change the MPPT in my Easysolar? And can I upgrade it to a stronger MPPT if I want -if so what which MPPT would be the strongest MPPT I could put into the Easysolar?

Great to be able to ask questions here ! :-D


Eric Heiberg

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Understanding the Phoenix VE.Direct On/Off/Eco/Remote/Bluetooth modes

I have a Phonix VE.Direct 12/800 just installed in my 12V RV system, and I'm trying to understand the interactions between all the modes.

The inverter has a physical switch with 3 positions: Off, On, Eco

There is also an (optional) Remote switch with 2 positions: On, Off

The VE Direct bluetooth smart dongle offers 3 modes: Off, On, Eco

3 x 2 x 3 = 18 possible combinations.

How do they interact?

From testing, if the inverter is ON, I can use bluetooth to set it to Off or Eco. This is an interesting state, however, as "off" is not really "off": the bluetooth dongle still has power, and I can turn it back to "On" using bluetooth.

My question: In this state (when the physical power switch is "On" but I've used bluetooth to switch the inverter "Off") what is the idle power draw?

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BlueSolar Charger 75|15 and VE.Direct connection issue


I have a BlueSolar Charger 75|15 and I need some help to get it going. I hope you will be able to help me.

In the past I connected the charger device between my battery and solar panel. The LEDs were blinking and on, so I assumed it worked. I did have some doubts though while my battery went empty on a sunny day. Therefore I purchased last week both a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle and a VE.Direct USB dongle. After connecting these devices (one at the time) to the BlueSolar charger, I am not able to connect. What do I do wrong?

The device: BlueSolar charger MPPT 75 | 15, PN SCC010015050R, V1.08

What I did:

On my Windows 10 notebook, I connected the VE.Direct USB dongle and stated Victron Connect. It reports “No Devices Found”. I verified the installation of the USB drivers, which went well. I tried installing and connection it to my mac book air, same results.

I replaced the USB dongle with the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle and installed the VictronDirect software on my iPhone 6. The Bluetooth dongle was recognized instantly, and a firmware download started. This went well and according the instructions. After the firmware update, the VictronDirect list shows my BlueSolar charger. I can tab it and the iPhone starts connecting. A progress bar appears and moves from 0 to 100%. After completion, this process apparently starts over, but now the progress bar remains stuck at 0%. It remains in this state. When tapping ‘back’, the program gets back to the devices menu, where is now shows “VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle”. Instead of the BlueSolar charger. By restarting the app, this process can be repeated.

On the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle the red error LED flashes at a rate of about 0.5Hz while performing the connecting activities.

What is wrong? What do I need to do to get it working?

Thanks, Bert

Bertus asked
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VE smart networking "waiting for data" BMV 712 / MPPT 100/30

After apparently successful firmware updates performed yesterday, voltage data from BMV 712 is not received by MPPT anymore. BMV 712 says transmitting, MPPT says waiting for data. tried creating new network, did not help.

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Phone information

When I tap my Victron icon on my Iphone to see information from my MPPT 100/50 Dongle I used to be able to swipe the screen up & see what amps where going into my batteries. But now when I swipe the screen up to show the details below it doesn't work. How can I fix this please. Regards, Mick

Mick asked
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Peak Power Pack, remote control cable with push button
Hello. Since last summer I own a PPP40 as power supply for my Moover. The remote control push button is permanently installed in the caravan, the battery is now in my basement for the winter. With the "VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle" and the associated app, I have put the battery pack in the storage mode. Now I've noticed that the storage mode also disables the communication of the dongle. Since my remote control push button is installed in the caravan and this is now far away in a barn for winter, I can not "wake up" the battery. So I need another remote control connection - according to the data sheet is called the part:  "Druckknopf mit Kabel (2m) und zweifarbiger LED". Unfortunately, I can not find this part as a spare part in the documentation. Is there any other way to get the battery out of storage mode? Maybe with the "VE.Direct to USB interface" cable? I would be very happy to receive a feedback. Greetings from Munich, Hans79

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Automating VictronConnect

I have a remote solar location with a MPPT 75/15 with BT dongle. This location has about 1 bar of cell service. My plan was to setup an old cell phone powered by the array and I would create a script via tasker or automate to use the VictronConnect apps built-in feature that emails a .csv file with performance data. I configured the phone script using Tasker and Autoinput. I first learned how to script by testing a few tasks (send sms, email, etc) with no problems. I spend hours trying to get Autoinput to work with VictronConnect. After many hours Googling what the problem was, I finally discovered that the app does not have any Andriod Accessibility. Kind of blown away that it was built without this in today's world. I contacted who is listed as the contact on the play store. They didn't think Accessibility was desired and offered little help.

Any suggestings on how I can get this data off the app? I searched the andriod file system without much luck. Ideas?



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Renaming devices when using Multiple Bluetooth Dongles?

I have a pair of 100/30 controllers, each connected to a pair of 120W panels in series. Each controller is wired in parallel to a single 600AH 12V battery bank. Currently a Bluetooth Smart Dongle is connected to one of the controllers. If I add a second Bluetooth Smart Dongle to monitor the "other" controller, can the second Bluetooth connection be labeled something other than "VE.Direct" so that my smartphone connection will know which controller is which?

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when i connect my bluetooth smart dongle inverter powers off

I have a multiplus 48/5000 running an old firmware version 1959137 and when i connect my new bluetooth smart dongle the multiplus powers off. the dongle its self works fine on its own when connected to the b+ and B- but as soon as i plug the rj45 cable in the multiplus powers down. any ideas

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VE.Direct Extension Cable?

My Victron 100/50 controller is mounted at the rear of my RV in an enclosed metal compartment. Hence the BT Signal won't make it much further than right above the compartment in the back of the RV. I want to get the signal at the front of the RV. Currently the only way that appears to be possible is to add a BT Dongle. But I need a longer cable than what they come with standard. (5feet, 1.5m) I need about a 5 meter or longer cable. My question is, does anyone make a VE.Direct extension cable? I am thinking it needs to have a female connector on the other side to allow the BT Dongle to plug in to it. I have seen male to male VE.Direct cables, and my assumption is they may be cross over cabling to swap the send and receive channels. If no one makes an extension, does anyone know what that connector is called so I can try to solder one up? Thanks, Bill

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Does the smart battery sense work with integrated bluetooth on the newer smart & blue solar models?

The FAQ states the separate dongle is required, maybe it needs updating to include the newer models that have bluetooth integrated dont require the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle (ASS030536011)

Just confirming before I replace my controller with either the latest BlueSolar 75/15 or latest SmartSolar 100/20, as it seems counter-intuitive to then purchase a separate smart dongle

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How to distinguish which version VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle I have?

Firstly, there is no sticker on the back of mine as the adhesive used to position it has removed it and its been renewed. I need to know if I have ASS030536010 or ASS03053601?

I have taken a picture of the pcb revision, and I note there is no way on victron connect to discover the serial number or model of the ve direct?

Reason I need this info, is because I can't pair my Smart Battery Sense to my Bluesolar 75/15.



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