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VE.Bus BMS Alternative?

So I built a system with all Victron components - LFP Smart Batteries, Multiplus, Cerbo, BMV-712. It's working great, but... Only now am I finding out that the VE.Bus BMS doesn't allow me to control the inverter on/off state through anything but the Digital Control Panel which is really annoying.

Is there any alternative BMS out there I could use that would be similar to the VE.Bus BMS? I don't have room or the option to use the new Lynx Smart BMS, so that is off the table.

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VE Lithium Battery Bank, Which BMS to Use?

Hi All,

I appreciate that this question may come down to preference, but I would greatly appreciate anyone's input on this if possible. My dad and I are currently installing the VE setup I've purchased for my liveaboard, which includes:

3 x 100ah Lifepo4 batteries

1 x Multiplus 12/3000/120

1 x BMS 12/200

1 x BMV 712 shunt

2 x Power In Bus bars

1 x Cerbo GX & Monitor

1 x Standard 105ah lead acid starter battery

70amp alternator

The Victron setup above was recommended to us by the agent who I purchased it from. Since then we have done a good bit of research on the Victron setup, and we are now questioning whether the BMS 12/200 is the best option for our setup... Would anyone recommend the Smart BMS CL 12/100 and or the VE.Bus BMS along with the Cyrix Li Ct?

The Smart BMS does not appear to limit the current draw of the house batteries which the BMS 12/200 does appear to do. The Smart BMS also appears to offer better protection to the starter battery..

Can anyone weigh in on their experience or opinion of these BMS options?

Cheers, David

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VE.Bus System [276] - Low battery: Alarm

Hi im getting a VE.Bus System [276] - Low battery: Alarm and i down't know why its comming up every time. It starts beeping and sends e-mails.


The min discarge is 75%


Thanks for any help.

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Intermittent VE Bus state OFF, no warnings. Lost power 30seconds

Any gurus out there have any ideas on this problem?

8kW Quattro, 7 x Pylontech Force 1, 2 x Blue Solar chargers commissioned this week. System ticks away quite nicely then randomly the inverter appears to switch off very briefly. Owner complains of losing power for around 30 seconds. Happened twice yesterday and twice the day before. Can see the event in advanced logging (VE Bus state briefly off) but no warnings generated. Rest of system unaffected. Doesn’t seem to correspond to anything unusual… no large loads at the time, etc. We’ve had storms the last day or two, not sure if this would be a factor. Anyone have any ideas??

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Cerbo + VE.BMS control of Multiplus?

Smalle Boat Electronics-12V DC System.pdf

I have installed a system on my boat with Victron Smart LFP batteries, a 120v / 3000w Multiplus, a Cerbo GX, and VE.Bus BMS. I pretty much just followed the schematics on the Victron site, and it is working great. I uploaded my schematic as reference.

Overall, I'm very happy with the system, but I would really like to be able to use my phone to change the Multiplus between Charge/Invert. I can set the current limit, but it won't let me set the mode. That is really annoying and I don't want to have to install the little control panel just to use the switch.

Another thing that seems to be missing is a way to disable the inverter at a certain SOC. I have just enough batteries to run my aircon for a few hours in the evening which is all I need to cool the boat down for a nice sleep. I know I can do that with the MK3 USB interface cable, but its so clunky. Sometimes I would like to be able to turn the inverter off at a different SOC and it would be really nice to not have to use the computer and cable for that.

So, anyone have any ideas on how I could achieve either of these two things?

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how to split Multiplus 12 800 35 VE.bus port to use VE.Bus Smart dongle

Question : how to split Multiplus 12 800 35 VE.bus port to use VE.Bus Smart dongle

Product : Multiplus 12 800 35 connected to an External VE.Bus BMS through VE.Bus BMS Main Detector

Hello everybody.

Guys I have a Multiplus 12 800 35 Inverter/charger and I would like to connect a VE.Bus Smart dongle in order to have the possibility to use the App " Victron connect " to monitor most of the Inverter /charger parameters via Bluetooth

The problem is that - at present - the only VE.Bus port of the Multiplus is used by the VE.Bus MBS Mains detector , connected to the AC-IN port and to an External VE.Bus BMS that controls a 100 A Lithium battery .

How can we split the unique VE.Bus port of the Multiplus to have the possibility to connect also the VE.Bus Smart dongle ? I did not find this possibility on Victron’s schematics. Do you have it ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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Multiplus Compact configurable in Victron Connect App?

Considering to buy either a VE.Bus Smart Dongle, or the MK3/USB Adapter, to configure a Multiplus Compact 24/1600

As I don't have permanent access to a windows machine, I'd rather use the Victron Connect App.

Someone told me there might be a special login or password to access many features similar to the Victron Configure Software.

If I can adjust settings with Victron Connect, please help me out step by step what I need.

If not, what could be done with the App regarding settings of Multiplus Compact at all?

Some distributors and Victron staff tell it's possible others say nope.

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Functional purpose of voltage sense wires?

Can someone shed some light on the intended functional purpose of the Voltage Sense wires on a Multi/Quattro?

Are you using it? If so, how/why?

The manual says loosely that it's "to make up for voltage losses across the wires".

With the volt sense wires connected or not connected, under minimal load or loads in excess of 100A, I've never seen any change in the reported voltage by the system.

This was true even before my installation of a BMV (with the lithium batts) and still so now, since SOC and voltage readings (I assume) are now coming exclusively from the BMV.

The voltage reported (by the BMV) is within .01 V of the voltage reported by the BMS on the batteries with minimal load, and within the expected 2-3% difference under heavy loads.

I'm using 2/0 (70ish mm cross section) wires and runs are around 10-13 ft to the batteries. The BMV is 5-7 ft to the shunt. 24V lithium system.

The lead-acid system prior was considerably sloppier, although still using 2/0 cable, and I still recall no differences.

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Multi remote control disabled when VE.Bus BMS configured


When the VE.Bus BMS is configured in my MultiPlus II (48/3000/35), the remote on/off/charger-only options are disabled on the gx devices (Cerbo GX). What is the technical reason for this? Is there any workaround available to put the Multi into charger only mode from the Cerbo?

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Why would my System go off when plugging in the VE.Can or VE.Bus?

Hello, I am using a Victron set up with BYD batteries. I have a ccgx with Quattro 48V|8000va|110amp. I have 2 BYD Boxes with a total of 20kW. The system had been working great since early 2020 and recently it started shutting off randomly with now errors recorded. So I read on the forums that some had issues when the VE.Bus going to the inverter would shut the system down when plugged in. So, when I could not get the inverter to turn on at all even with a reset I unplugged the VE.Bus network cable and it turned right on. I live in Zambia so I did trouble shooting with my supplier from South Africa over WhatsApp. We went through many different scenarios. We unplugged everything from the back of the ccgx and left the power cable connected and shut off the supply of power from the solar arrays. With the VE.Bus plugged in and connected to the inverter the system now came on. When I plugged in the VE.Can going to the BMS for the BYD the system again shut down. I connected everything back and whenever the VE.Bus and VE.can were both plugged it would go off. But if one or the other were unplugged it would run. I tested the network cable from the VE.Can to the BMS and it seemed to be okay. I swapped BMS's as both BYD boxes come with one and so I had a spare and it did the same, shut off. I tried with just 4 of the eight batteries and set the fuse addresses to the correct setting and it still shut off. I tried with just one battery and it still shut off. At the end of the day before the sun went down I connected everything back together and surprisingly it worked perfectly fine with VE.Can and VE.Bus plugged in to the BMS and Inverter. Now it has been 2 days and it is working fine. I just want to see if anyone may know what was causing my problem in case it starts happening again.

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Quattro 3Phase Ve.Bus error 1


I have a 3 Phase 24/5000 quattro system on a remote site. After starting or stopping the generator 6 out of 10 times the ve.bus error 1 pops up, even if there is no load and the system is in charger only mode. If i look at the ve.bus error page, there shows no error at all 3 phases.
I'm not able to look on site for at least 2 weeks. Anything i can do remotely?

Btw, the system has been running fine in this configuration for 2 years. Only been shut down for a few months, and now this error comes up.

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VE Bus cable length extension / max VE devices on CC GX?


I'd like to extend the VE bus to some 20m, I am considering to use an USB extender with RJ45 cable. Is this a good solution, any other recommendations?

Also, my final installation will have eight VE bus devices. Will the CC GX be able to monitor eight devices or do I need to upgrade to a Cerbox GX unit?

Thanks ...

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VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 18: AC Overvoltage on the output of a slave has occurred while already switched off

We have set up two Multis 48/3000/16/35 in paralel w BYD premium battery W BYD BMS 15,4kWh/48V AC coupled w Fronius Primo 8,2, w limited AC power output to 4800W PV field is 9000W but w limited AC output on Fronius Primo.. All firmware is up to date, cabels same lenght, Fronius is set as MG50, and we have Maste and slave unit. Also we have 3 pv panels 300W as back up on Smart MPPT charger connected to Cerbo.

It is off grid system set up at island in Adriatic, we have system up and running but we have every day alarms from 1 to 10 ( VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 18: AC Overvoltage on the output of a slave has occurred while already switched off) . The system is up on VRM, but we cannot find the answer what to do.

Load is at the moment up to a 100W. We have Cerbo GX w touch screen and it is operational at VRM.

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VE.Bus BMS and batteries MG energy MGHE240300

Hello, can you tell me if the manufacturer's battery data MG master will work in tandem with VE.Bus BMS will full battery protection be ensured?

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VE.Bus Error 10: System time synchronisation problem occurred

Using 2 Quattro 120V/48/3000W in Split mode connected to a CCGX. System also includes MG Energy Lynx BMS, 3xMPPT.

Quattro had no Assistant installed.

System was not conneted to any Grid source. used as Off grid mode only. using a generator to recharge batteries only twice in the last 6 months.

Wanted to upgrade system

Now Quattro connected on

- AC1 to Split phase power from Bahamas power.

- AC2 now connected to a generator input.

- Upgraded Quattro from 463 to 482

- Upgraded CCGX from 2.63 to 2.66

- added VS Ignore Ac Input to both units.

As long as i do not connect the quattro to the CCGX, the Quattro operates. Within 30sec of plugging the CCGX, get Error #10 : System time synchronization problem occurred

Error also happens if the Quattro are set to Charge only.

Lights on the master go away, lights on the Slave show loss of syncronization. Seems like the Master quattro is reseting. 30 seconds or so later error goes away only to reoccur 30 second later.

Try 3 different set of cable. They all work if only connecting the 2 Quattro. Error only occur when you plug the CCGX.

Try 2 different CCGX same

Try to move ports around same

Used contact cleaner on VE. Bus ports

Checked Ground voltage from CCGX 0 volt source (BMS voltage regulated output) to Quattro ground. All good.

Checked for Battery fuse: Good

Checked tight Connection: Good.

Any suggestion would be welcome.

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Dual Victron Multiplus, same battery bank, separate AC out.


I need some assistance. I´m installing a setup composed of a battery bank (lithium), 2 smartsolar MPPT, 1 Cerbo GX, two Multiplus II - 48/5000. (240VAC)

The system is installed and it is working fine, but I can´t find a way to only have one inverter/charge working. I understant that when configuring the inverters in split/parallel/three phase, if one shuts down, the other one also turns off.

But one this case, I don´t need to combine the power of both inverters. I have the AC-out´s connected to a swich on the AC switchboard in which we use either one inverter, or the other. So we would like to use the inverters as indepent as possible.

Right now, I have them connected to the Cerbo GX, each with their own VE.BUS cable. I´ve tried chain one VE.BUS cable from one inverter to the other and then to the Cerbo GX, but it is the same, I cannot use one inverter without the other.

Is there any workaround to this? We just want to have more redundancy with the setup, we don´t need to have the combined power of the inverters.

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VE bus low voltage alarm multiplus while voltage seems ok?


Yesterday i changed my low-voltage settings in VE configure. I set the low voltage pre-alarm and restart at 11.8 volts. I am running 2 x 230 ah agm super cycles.

Today i suddenly got overloaded with, for me, unnecessary VE bus low volotage L1 alarms.

From all the alarms i can only understand one of the last alarms; voltage dropped to 11,87 so that one seams logic for me. The rest of the alarms is when voltage is around 12,37 or higher. Why are these alarms?

Is the setting in VE configure the one that is connected to these alarms, or is the VE bus low voltage alarm connected to another setting? I disabled the alarm rulesin VRM so that is not the issue.

Battery SOC was around 97 percent and i am running within maximum discharge current of 92 amps

See pics below




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Where does the V.E. Bus low voltage alarm originate?

I monitor the voltage at my batteries in addition to the VE Bus voltage. All other voltages are fine but I am occasionally getting the Low Voltage alarm on the VE Bus. I'm trying to understand where this voltage is monitored so that I can isolate the issue.

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Best 48v BMS

Hi everyone,

I am expecting a shipment of 16x280Ah prismatic LiFePO4 cells. It is my first experience with non-lead acid batteries. I understand that I need a BMS, but there is incredible selection and profound difference in cost between models. I currently have a Cerbo GX which I understand has two data busses, a CAN bus and a proprietary VE.bus. This paragraph is the entire sum of my BMS knowledge, +/-.

I want to find a BMS that integrates maximally with the Cerbo. I'm happy to pay for quality. I don't necessarily need it to be a "supported" solution by Victron, as long as it integrates well. In another group on DIY Powerwalls, Batrium seems to be the most popular name in BMS. Is anyone running a similar system to what I've described, with a Batrium BMS?

What other options do I have? I'm also impressed with REC-BMS, but it's very pricey. A couple other ones I've glanced at are 123Smart BMS, Tiny BMS, Chargery BMS and DIY BMS. Also Daly?

The two most important things to me are 1) safety and 2) integration with my Victron products. This will be a 16s, 48v (although it's not a strict design requirement) LiFePO4 battery with low-moderate current requirements (probably something like a 3000 watt inverter). Thanks for any input!

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3 Phase Skylla VE BUS Control

Hi Victron enthusiasts, after consulting the manual for the Skylla TG 3 phase I can't seem to find any clear information relating to its ability to connect to the VE BUS and respond to a CAN battery (BYD LVS)'s charge current requirements. As far as I can see they only have an allow to charge yes or no control? We are wanting to use the 3 phase Skylla for charging as we have a 3 phase genset for backup but only require to run single phase loads off of the Multiplus.

Has anyone done this before? Is there a better way to do it?


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Is DMC GX still required for systems with Ve.Bus BMS for changing input current limiter?

Is the DMC GX still required for systems with a Ve.Bus BMS for changing the input current limiter?

The CCGX manual suggests that the DMC GX is still required if you have a Ve.Bus BMS:


Are the current limit settings, which are now present in the CCGX, sufficient for for controlling input currents in systems with Ve.Bus BMS batteries without the need of a DMC GX?


Thank you,

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VE.Bus Mains Detector Installation For Multiplus 800


We have a Victron Multiplus 12 800 35. And the BMS came with a little dongle called the VE.Bus Mains Detector. I understand what this device is means to do. But the manual is only for the larger Multiplus models. I'm assuming that I attach the UTC cables together, that's easy. But the positive and negative cables (1 set-the other we will cut) will just go into the AC in 'plug' along with the AC in wires? (so that they are clamped with a screw together--see image)

Did I get this right?

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Erratic VE.Bus DC Voltage and Current

Hello All

A client's system has this strange behaviour when battery voltage is low.


Battery BMS voltage and current are stable but VE.Bus voltage and current are up and down like a yoyo. These two graphs should be exactly the same if I'm not mistaken. In this period of about half an hour, I received about 200 VE.Bus Low Voltage problem and recovery emails from VRM Notifier. I watched the system in realtime yesterday and saw VE.Bus DC voltage spiking as high as 60V and as low as 41V in a space of a few minutes but BMS voltage was stable.

The system is single phase consisting of a Quattro 10kVA with 24kWh Blue Nova battery and a 10kWp PV array. Conditions have been cloudy for a few days so SOC is around 50%. The system runs on ESS.

Any help will be appreciated.

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CCGX Lost Ve.Direct port ?


Has anyone else encountered an issue with CCGX losing one of the VE-Direct ports ? Seems like it happened overnight 2 days ago, and the night was pretty uneventful at a very calm mooring.

I tried swapping the cables on port 0 and 1 and the #1 connector seems fine. Tried a firmware update to a beta image "just in case" but no improvement either.

Any other smart idea to fix the issue ? Or shall I reach out me reseller 600km away for warranty ?

If anyone from Victron sees this, VRM id is fc6947c33374 and remote support is enabled.

Best regards,

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Please help me identify this error/ok code (split phase Multiplus 3k-120V)

Recently my BMS disabled charging due to low temperature (at approximately 2021-03-17 0710 hrs) and as a result the batteries fully discharged. When I realized this, I raised the temperature to the point at which they could charge, but the Multipluses would not charge the batteries. The VE.bus BMS was not preventing them from charging the batteries and yet the inverter-chargers showed "off" on my Cerbo GX.

I tried completely shutting everything down and disconnecting the batteries from all loads and then powering it all back up multiple times, to no effect.

What I thought might be happening is that there was some kind of internal "minimum charger restart voltage" that was not being met since the batteries were down to about 11V. So I hooked my truck up to the trailer and used the 7-pin auxiliary power circuit (which is wired to an Orion 12/12-18 charger) to charge up the batteries. Several hours later (at approximately 2021-03-18 2023 hrs), when the batteries hit about 12.9V, the Multipluses started back up and began charging the batteries. Now everything appears normal.

Can anyone explain this behavior? Specifically, why didn't my Multipluses start charging the batteries once the VE.bus BMS allowed them to as a result of the batteries exceeding their "minimum allow-to-charge temperature"?

Here is a link to the error codes (which I cannot find in any of the VE.bus or Multiplus documentation, Victron Toolkit, etc.) that the Multipluses were flashing while the problem was occurring:

Here is a link to my VRM portal:

And here are a couple of screenshots of my inverter and charger configuration. Thanks in advance for any assistance:



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Victron Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 and VE.Bus Smart Dongle - Battery Temperature

I am installing a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 on my boat, with the Digital Multi Control 200/200A Panel.

I would also like to have more access to the inverter settings via Bluetooth - so I was considering installing the VE.Bus Smart Dongle.

My understanding is that the inverter already has a temperature sensor that will be installed directly on the battery negative. The VE.Bus Smart Dongle also provides temperature (either through the unit itself, or with an optional temperature probe).

My question is this: If I install these units together, which temperature will the inverter use? The VE.Bus Smart Dongle temperature, or the temperature supplied by the inverters temperature sensor?

Also - any other gotchas or subtleties I might not be aware of with the inverter/control panel/smart dongle setup would be good to know!

Thanks in advance.

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VE.Bus Specification

I've got a three-phase ESS System with 3 Multiplus-II and an Octo GX as Controller. It works for two years, sometimes I had to reset the system, but what's perfect.

Last Month there was an dramatic increase of different VE.Bus Errors.

One Multi with the Octo works well, all Three Multis on the Bus leads to VE.Bus Errors after few Minutes.

I've Oszillographed Pin 4 and 5 of the VE.Bus of each Multi without any Cables attached an found big differences.

What are the Specs of the VE.Bus. I'm working since 30 Years with transmission system and I've got a Degree in Electronics, but my Dealer want's me to send him my whole equipment.

Anyone here to interprete my measurements?




perfect Rectangles look different, but especially the Signal of the third Multi is only half of the other two above.

After switching off AC and DC I measured the resitance between Pin 4 and 3 (ground) and Oin 5 and 3.

It was always 14 to 15 kiloohms, only on the third Multi with the weak signal it was pin 4 to 3 only 76 Ohms (no kilo!)

I think it is enough to give this Multi closer observation, only attaching it to the Octo works, the Errors occure lnly with more actice Devices on the Bus...

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Why can't I connect the CCGX VE Bus to VE BUS BMS ?

Just wondering if anyone can give a valid reason why the CCGX cannot connect to the 'remote' terminal on the VE Bus on the BMS. It says in the BMS manual to connect it to the Multi. But when I have tried it out everything seems to work as normal and I can even see the Multi on the CCGX as it is connected on the "multi/quattro" terminal of the BMS. The only thing that seems to happen is the 'Enable" light goes off on the BMS. Just asking out of interest and because the Multi is a much longer run through the boat and I had forgotten to do it when I ran the other one.

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Multiple devices not communicating on VE bus network

I have a new 1600ah lithium installation. It has a multiplus 24/5000, multiplus 24/4000 and a Phoenix inverter. I cannot get them all to work/communicate with each other over the BMS VE. Bus network. I have updated all the firmware and changed all devices to BMS assist

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What BMS for Easysolar 1600, 100 amp alternator on a boat

I put in a 12/200 BMS and added 2 batteries, 1 a 90aH and 1 a 100aH after some interesting advice that they were compatible. Now they are not entering absorption and seem to be overcharging. the 90aH did enter absorption when it was alone, but hasn't since adding the 100aH. I've been told that the 12/200 BMS is the wrong BMS for the system and that a VE BUS is the correct BMS. I have an EasySolar 1600, 100 amp alternator, monitor is a BMV 700 + dongle.

I'm going to remove the 2nd battery tomorrow and see if I can get it to to enter the absorption phase again. Is the 12/200 suitable?

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