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CCGX: Current limit only 15.5?

I have a Color Control GX controlling two MultiPlus 24/3000/70s in VE.Bus single-phase. When I try to dial down the input current limit, it only goes as low as 15.5 do I get it lower? Do I need to do something in VE.Configure? I notice for each individual inverter lets me go as low as 6. I've read something about PowerAssist limiting how low a VE.Bus setup can go, how do I configure that?

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Venus GX lose communication with Inverters (repetitive issue on different system for the last 4 months)


This problem has been happening to us relatively often in our sites for the last 3-4 months. At least 5 or 6 times, each time of different systems. Suddenly the Venus GX lose communication with the inverters despite the inverters are running and powering the load, there is no data on the remote console on the inverter side


How to solve the issue is quite simple, we reboot the Venus GX and straight away there is data on the console. So, seems like the problem is on the Venus device and not on the Inverters


Obviously, this is not something we can do manually every time that there is a problem and if there is no signal on site, there is no way we can solve the issue so I hope this issue is addressed on upcoming firmware updates.

All these GX devices are running v2.60 and the inverters on which this have happened were running different firmwares 475 and 430.

Is there any kind of watchdog feature that could reboot the Venus if it is not seeing data from the inverter? if there is not, I think that would be an interesting feature to add on. I am seeing this feature on the GX manual but I dont think this is what I am looking for:


Could this be a hardware issue? If we upgrade to the new Cerbo GX that has a more powerful CPU and more RAM, would it be less likely to get this crash? or might it be a pure software issue?

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BMS 12/200 as current limiter with alternator control cable (ASS 030510100)

I want to use this as a voltage regulator for my alternator but I'm using a none victron bms. I've seen on another post that the red cable is a 12v constant on. What voltage will I need to put onto the yellow wire to activate the cut off circuit. I think it's voltage on for switch on and voltage off for switch off. Just how many volts does this yellow wire need?

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BMS 12/200 as current limiter with alternator control cable (ASS 030510100)


I am trying to protect my alternators while charging lithium batteries. I have seen this document:

This states that if using the mentioned cable the BMS 12/200 can be used as a current limiter. in this video: it is mentioned that up to 200A can be used.

I do not have the VE.Bus unit. Can anyone explain to me what voltage or signal that is supposed to be sent through the mentioned cable. It looks like the red wire is 12V + , but what is to be sent through the yellow cable, connected to the charge disconnect port of the VE.Bus.

Thank you.


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blue power control "no connection"

The blue power control doesn't "see" the multiplus anymore. I am using the EasySolar 48V which includes the color control.

Used to work, not anymore.

On the blue power control it say's: "no connection"

I checked already:

- power is OK

- tried another RJ45 cable

- jumpers are set correct (J2)

- correct Bus is used (VE.Bus on the blue power control connencted to the color control VE.Bus)

- color control firmware is the newest: V2.6

- multiplus firmware is the newest: 430

What can I do? Thanks for your help!

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Cerbo GX with 4 ve direct connections?


I have a job existing with 3 MPPTs connected with a Cerbo GX and need to add in a shunt.

Reading the online manual for the Cerbo GX it only supports 3 devices due to cpu power limitaions, but my supplier said a 4th one running off the usb to ve direct will work.

The lynx shunt is too exspensive and not practical here. Should I get the depricated vbc shunt or go for the 4th to usb connection?

"The listed maximum on the `Performance` section in above table is the total connected VE.Direct devices such as MPPT Solar Charge controllers. Total means all directly connected devices plus the devices connected over USB. The limit is mostly bound by CPU processing power. Note that there is also a limit to the other type of devices of which often multiple are connected: PV Inverters. Up to three or four three phase inverters can typically be monitored on a CCGX. Higher power CPU devices can monitor more. "

Or am I interpreting this note incorrectly?

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VE.Bus hotplug-fähig - also Geräte im laufenden Betrieb mit Bus verbinden/trennen?


Habe hier den Cerbo GX, den MPII über VE.Bus damit verbunden, und zur Programmierung des MPII einen MK3-USB.

Kann ich im Betrieb den VE.Vus-Anschluß des beispielsweise MPII aus dem Cerbo ziehen und in den MK3-USB stecken?

Vermutlich gibt es hier zwei Gedanken: Technische Möglichkeit - ja/nein, und Sinnhaftigkeit unter Beachtung der Steuerung, da der Cerbo ggf ohne die Verbindung diverse Parameter nicht mehr kontrollieren kann und es dementsprechend zu Störungen kommt...?

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BMS Control Setting under System Settings / System Status

I am remote so cant fully debug or investigate so need to understand if my understanding is correct. I believe that the VenusOS will provide the Solar Controllers charge enable status through VE.Direct or CanBus.

When I look at the settings it shows BMS Control as disabled. See below.


However the VE.Bus BMS is reporting "Allow to charge" and "Allow to discharge". See Below.


I would therefore have expected BMS Control to be Yes. This is driven by the dBus path

"com.victronenergy.system/Control/BmsParameters" within by dbus-systemcalc, but cant track down how it then sets within.

If using the Ve.BUS and having the "Allow to charge" and "Allow to discharge", should the BMS control be yes?

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MK2 Interface and Venus sharing VE Bus on MultiPlus Compact Inverter


I have an existing application which 'talks' to a Multiplus Compact inverter through an MK2 interface. I now wish to connect up Pylontech batteries UP2500. This requires connection of a Venus GX to the same VE Bus that hte MK2 currently uses.

I noticed from the documentation that the VE Bus is an RS485 bus capable of daisy chaining. Also, the devices on the VE Bus are addressable. Is it possible to connect both the MK2 and the Venus GX to the VE Bus of the Multiplus Compact at the same time?

Thanks in advance

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Connectivity/Service/Product roundup

Hi there community,

I am having a hard time to figure out what product/service/connectivity option I need. While VE is remarkably providing very good documentation about the product line and the associated services, I find it difficult to connect the many dots and get a clear, high-level perspective.

I just bought a Multi inverter/charger (800VA) that comes with a VE.Bus port. I read I can connect to it in several ways: the MK3 USB dongle, the MK2 RS-232 one, some GX devices, some digital monitors and so on. Then there's Venus OS and I could even write my own monitoring panel/software. Impressive (and that's why I chose VE in the first place).

The problem is that there's so many choices I can't easily find what I need. Ok then, what do I need? Thanks for you question :-)

I need a way to interface to the Multi 800VA (via VE.Bus) AND a way to extract the available information about the system (AC/DC usage, battery status, power absorption and the like) and to display them in some way (a Raspberry Pi or an old android tablet, for instance). I understand I could use the MK3 USB dongle to do that but then I'd like to do the same with the solar charger I'm planning to add soon (VE as well) and maybe get a BMV battery monitor in the future and who knows what else. I don't think the dongle will do. Or not? I saw the GX devices but they are way pricey for what I have and need in the short term (a CCGX or a Venus cost almost the same as the inverter!) but looks like it's the only monitoring/configuration(?) solution if you want to interface to the system as a whole and not the single products. Am I missing something?

Final Q, for those kind enough to get here. Should I buy a MK3 USB dongle and connect it to the Multi, will I be able to extract relevant information about the health of the system from a Raspberry Pi (like a model 3 I have sitting in the drawer))? Or an old (v8) Android tablet? Display is not gonna be an issue, I'll manage to spit the data somehow.

Thanks in advance for any useful pointer!



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Ve Bus System - Active input alarm on GX device

Hi there is a alarm on the GX device saying Ve Bus system - Active input. What could this be and how does one rectify it?

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How can I control the MultiPlus from my phone using CerboGX?

Sorry for the frustration in this but I just spent $4000 on Victron products so I'm a bit annoyed. I am trying to adjust the input current limit and change modes from my phone using Cerbo GX (this is one of the main reasons I purchased the Cerbo GX) and I can't figure out how. The best I have been able to find is an absolutely atrocious an entirely unusable and unresponsive system that mirrors the touch screen. This is utter garbage this can't possible be how it's designed...?!?!? I was expecting to see an interface like this but no such thing seems to exist. The only button I see on the Cerbo GX in VictronConnect is to open VRM but there is no way to adjust the input current limit in VRM. What kind of garbage half baked product is this? I know I can connect the Bluetooth dongle to the MultiPlus but according to the manual I will then be unable to adjust the current limit from the GX Touch which then makes the touch screen pointless. Is this a joke??? Over $400 for a product that can't even perform the most basic functions... someone please tell me I'm wrong.


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Gateway for Phoenix to communicate of CAN with Orion BMS

I'm looking for experience around controlling Victron inverters over CANBUS. I was told by Orion that their Jr BMS could shut down discharge to protect my battery over CAN, but would likely need some sort of gateway.

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Remote VEConfigure Upload - Quattro #6 DDC Program Error

I have a system of 3 Quattro 15k configured in 3Phase, a CCGX, BMV-700 and AC-out coupled PV on-grid inverters.

Yesterday I wanted to change charger settings in VEConfig of each Quattro so I downloaded the VE.Bus using Remote VEConfigure and changed the settings on each of the Quattros within the VE.Bus remote file. Of course it required a VESoftware tools update and within the VEConfigure, ESS assistant update. I updated successfully.

Interestingly, after the update, ESS assistant settings were not the same in each of the Quattros; the Master had all the settings, but the Slaves had fewer setting pages. (Anyone knows if normal? why?)

After setting changes, I closed+saved the VEconfigure and VEBus tools, and went on to upload the updated file via Remote VEConfigure. First trial returned an error, second as well, and the third trial just crashed and froze on one stage of the upload. After a checkup on site, the system was shut down, with a beeping sound, flashing LEDs and Quattro #6 DDC Program Error alarm on CCGX (attached photos).

My problems:

  1. I checked on site CCGX and VRM portal, the connection seems up and running online, however I cannot connect to the CCGX nor the device Remote VEConfigure, and Victron Connect app, it shows the system "offline".
  2. I have to solve this solely remotely, online, since I don't have specialized personnel on site with the necessary tools
  3. Error 6 DDC seems a problem in the assistant and needs a VE.Bus firmware update. How can I do this remotely online when my connection seems to have a problem?

Urgent support is needed with thanks.

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) can you please jump in for suggestions


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VE.Bus BMS and MultiPlus / Cerbo combination

I have wanted to be able to control the Multiplus via the Cerbo, but the VE.Bus BMS and VE.Bus BMS Assistant on the Multiplus block the Cerbo from changing the invert state between On / Off / Invert Only / Charge Only.

Having done some testing I have reverted to the 2-Wire BMS assistant on the Multiplus and wired the VE.Bus BMS Charge Disconnect to the Aux 1 port and Pre-Alarm to Aux 2, using an Inverting remote on-off cable. I am now able to change the status of the Multiplus from within the Cerbo Screens. The Cerbo correctly shows the VE.Bus BMS status through the relevant MultiPlus screen. Both disconnected at the moment.


I also had a VE.Bus Smart Dongle and found I could modify the status of the Multiplus via my phone as well. When status changed the Cerbo reflected that changed status. So I have a system working as I would like, but not using any functionality of the VE.Bus. I guess I could have achieved the same thing using the smallBMS with pre-alarm.

What I was wondering is if anyone can advise what functionality I might have lost by disconnecting the VE.Bus BMS from the VE.Bus?

I have noticed during my testing today that there is no Alarm or Error that is logged when the VE.Bus BMS signals load or charge disconnect, simulated by disconnecting the signal. The Cerbo clearly isn't triggering on the change of the Multiplus VE.Bus BMS status. I am not sure if it ever did alarm/alert when the VE.Bus BMS was connected via the VE.Bus port to know if I lost functionality. I do know a few weeks back I had a VE.Bus BMS Charge disconnect event and never saw anything on the Cerbo.

Hope people find this useful and it would be good to understand what functionality has been lost by taking this approach and not have the VE.Bus BMS communicating on the bus.

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Smart Battery Protect says OUTPUT DISABLED BY REMOTE

Smart Battery Protect says OUTPUT DISABLED BY REMOTE and because of that I can't use any of the 12V devices.

Can someone advise as to why there is no power going out to my 12V distribution board from the SBP100?

And the same why no power going to the Battery from the SBP200 ?

Both are saying that they have been "Output Disabled by Remote"

Many thanks

1. SBP100 for load disconnect


2. SBP for Load disconnect


3. SBP100


4. SBP200


5. BMV readings.


6. As you can see the negative voltage is coming to the negative feed of the 12V distribution. And 12 V positive feed going to SBP "IN" field, but nothing goes out to the loads.



8. SBP flashing lights


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Switch as a Group (3ph. system, input 1)

Hi all,

it seems to me the feature "Switch as Group", in the VE.Bus Configurator, is a bit under-documented .

So, please verify, in a three phase system with Quattros in all phases (at input 1), when "Switch as Group" is not checked, does it affect all the Quattros ? ..... meaning that any of the three, and any number of them, can operate as inverter or charger independently?
In that case, one or two units, could operate with the ""Power Assist" feature, while the remaining one (s) can operate as charger.


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Connecting old Non VE.Bus Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000/70 to CCGX (or Raspberry pi running Venus)

hello and good morning,

my first Q on this forum!

have a system with a BMV700, a MPPT 100/30, 600W solar and 4XT105RE Τrojans and a 8KW diesel generator all working fine on a motorboat (there's also an alternator as well charging via Sterling advanced regulator).

Last season I replaced my Phoenix charger with a s/h Phoenix Multiplus 24/3000/70 with a firmware 14XXXX (will confirm that later on today and post a pic) and a single RJ45 socket on the PCB saying control (on it's lefthand side)

Anyway, my local installer helped me with a MK2-USB (as it turns out!) and VEConfig to set it up. All working fine, no issues.

Now, bought and setup a Raspberry pi 3B+ and 2 VE.Direct-USB cables, hooked them all up, setup my VRM Portal account and all's fine.

Having forgotten that he'd used a MK2-USB cable and having gone through all the literature on your site, I wrongly assumed I had a newer version VE.Bus compatible Multi and bought a MK3-USB cable wired it all up and unsurprisingly Venus doesn't read/know of the Multi :-(

So, after all this intro my simple Qs are:

A. is it possible to somehow connect this non VE.Bus Multi to Venus and get the proper functionality/reports?

B. what is the protocol used in this "control" RJ45 socket? any info/board/software that I could play with?

C. if there's no luck with A and B, is there any other (cheap) h/w I can add to the system to monitor AC consumption (well preferably generator in, system out)

I don't care about the remote control functionality, and using the boat installed home automation system I do turn off the multi when boat unoccupied for x hours, so I'm fine in this respect. What I want is monitoring AC usage only.

(I understand that the MK3-USB will either go to ebay or kept for my next Victron piece of h/w most likely a BMS for LiFePO4 in 2021 or 2022!)



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Does a Phoenix charger support dynamic current limiter

Can I configure my Phoenix 12/50 charger to limit the AC current to use with small generator (Honda EU10). If so how to configure this. Is it VE.Bus compatible?

I have tried reducing the bulk current (using the internal buttons) but this doesn't help.

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Upgrade firmware multiplus to acces to ESS option


I would like to add an ESS assistant in my system. Multiplus 48/5000/70 VE.Bus ver 2624413 and CCGX V2.60.

When i want to configure it a message appear : the version 2624415 or more is required !

In the firmware section : VE.Bus (Multis, Inverters and Quattros) section 26 - 230VAC Products with large microprocessor there is lot of solutions !

100 Non assistant firmwares
200 Assistant firmwares deprecated
400 Assistant firmwares

Can you help me to choose the correct one ! I don't want to burn my system !

Tanks for your help

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VE.Bus BMS and MultiPlus

I am hopping someone knows the answer to this as I am not near the boat and so can't test.

If the RJ45 VE.Bus cable between the MultiPlus and VE.Bus BMS is disconnected or the communication path is somehow interrupted such that the MultiPlus can't see the VE.Bus BMS what happens to the MultiPlus from a charge and load perspective. Does it shut down because the VE,Bus BMS Assistant is not talking the BMS or does it just keep working.

I have searched all the manuals and forums and can't find an answer.

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Cerbo shows the wrong battery level?

Hi all :)

Yesterday I did a load test with my Multiplus 3000 and a 1800W kettle. During the off-season, I set the MPPT to charge the battery around 50% SOC. Before the test, my batteries have been drained to 80% and after the test to 61% (according to the Cerbo GX). Suddenly, shortly after the test, the battery level jumped up to 100%. What happened there?



- 2x 200Ah 12.8V Victron Smart Batteries (parallel)

- SmartShunt 500A

- Ve.Bus BMS

- CerboGX

- Multiplus 3000

- 100/50 MPPT Victron Smart Solar

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What Alerts does one get from a VE.Bus BMS connected too Cerbo

I am after some information on control signals and information flow with the VE.Bus BMS environment.

I have read the following post and done my own testing

This has highlighted that the MultiPlus/Quatro is key to the interworking. While the Venus OS, Multiplus/Quatro and VE.Bus BMS are all connected on a single VE.Bus BMS there is dose not seem to be any information that flows directly between the VE.Bus BMS and Venus. It all flows through the MultiPlus/Quatro. Therefore it is the Multiplus/Qutro that is reacting to messages from VE.Bus BMS and passing information onto the Venus OS. The Venus OS is then able to pass information to VE.Direct or CAN.Bus connected MPPT controllers to disable charge.

What I would like to know is what functionality if any is lost or gained from using a MiniBMS or VE.Bus BMS with the 2-Wire Assistant verses using a VE.Bus BMS with the VE.Bus Assistant. I know the outcome of both approaches will be that the Multiplus/Quatro will be told by the BMS to stop charging or inverting, but what else is going on behind the scenes that would make having the load/charge disconnect on the VE.Bus?

Many Thanks

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VE.Bus BMS verses smallBMS and signalling charge disconnect to MPPT controllers

As I continue to investigate the possible connection options to get my system working as I require and following on from my question about VE.Bus BMS verses smallBMS. I hope someone can help with this part of the communication flow and if any functionality is lost be using a smallBMS verses a VE.Bus BMS.

I am aware that the Cerbo is able to signal via VE.Direct or VE.Can to connected Smart MPPTs that a charge disconnect event has happened. This is confirmed in this post where Guy has stated "Yes, it works. The VE.Bus BMS will signal to the Multi on the VE.Bus, and then that will be sent to the GX device which will control the MPPTs via or VE.Can (>2019 models only) cables."

However there is nothing about the smallBMS. The above post has a link to another post where Matthijs says "Regarding connecting: the Venus GX cant retrieve data directly from the VE.Bus BMS. So, even though they are on the same network (VE.Bus); you still need an inverter/charger in that same network to make it work.". This implies to me that the MultiPlus sends the charge / load disconnect to the Cerbo and not the VE.Bus BMS itself.

While I have a VE.Bus BMS at present it is not connected to the VE.Bus and I am using a 2-wire assistant on my Multiplus. The Cerbo shows this and when the pin on the VE.Bus BMS goes high, the Cerbo state changes too yes. So I know the Cerbo is getting the information.


So the details are getting to the Cerbo. Therefore with a smallBMS or VE.Bus BMS using 2-wire assistant, will the MPPTs still get a charge disconnect via VE.Direct or VE.Can. I am unable to test at the moment as while my MPPTs are installed the Solar panels are not yet installed.

I would like to know if when using the smallBMS, the VenusOS will still signal charge disconnect to the MPPTs, and how I can tell if the signal is getting through to the MPPTs. For info I have two VE.CVan 150/70's connected via VE.Can.

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DMC needed with Cerbo GX, Gx Touch 50 with Multiplus 12/2000???

As the title says, everytime i chop and change my equipment selections for my upcoming RV build, im presented with more confusing aspects.

Do i need the DMC with the above mentioned components if im using a VE.Bus BMS or has that been removed now? Can i control the Charger only/On/Off portions with the GX Touch 50 or will i be required to install another component, that being the DMC???

System will also have MPPT, smartshunt, 2/3 x lifepo4, smart battery protect

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MultiPlus Not Showing Live On CCGX

Good morning chaps,

I am just after a bit of help/advise. I have just finished installing a Victron Multiplus in a motorhome conversion. It is installed alongside a 70a MPPT solar controller and all are wired to a CCGX. I recently upgraded the firmware in the CCGX as the multiplus and ccgx were previously in a household setup and they have been stored over a year since I purchased them used.

The MPPT shows in the CCGX via the VE Direct cable and that shows fine, showing the solar input, battery voltage etc.

The issue is that the CCGX does not show when the Multiplus is turned on, it shows a symbol for a Multiplus but it always shows off, even when the inverter is on and powering appliances. The Multiplus is connected using one of the blue bus cables to the VE BUS input on the back of the CCGX and I have tried it plugged in to both connectors in the Multiplus but nothing shows up as working. The Multiplus also and has a temp sensor that is connected from the Sensor connection in the Multiplus to the negative terminal of my battery bank (this all came as a used setup kit other than the mppt).

Should it be a case of just plugging in the blue network cable in both the Multiplus and CCGX and it should all display as connected and working? I presume I am correct with the temp to the negative?

The setup and install is pretty much complete, I just want the Multiplus to show on the CCGX as everything is getting boxed in very soon so wouldn't want to have to rip everything out to change a cable etc....

Attached is a pic of the CCGX, I can take more pics of the back and cabling if required.


Can anyone help out here with some info or advise to get the Multiplus showing on the CCGX?

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Venus OS and VE.Bus Error Report

My system is constructed of 4 x 12.8/200Ah Lithium batteries configured as 2S2P with a VE.Bus BMS and Multiplus 24/3000/70-50 all monitored through a Cerbo..

I had an issue the other day that caused a charge disconnect event to happen, but have no traceability of this within the Cerbo alarms or Venus OS.

All I can find is the following within the Inverter menu on the Cerbo, but no detail. Is anyone able to let me know what VE.Bus Error 8/11 Report in the Cerbo actually mean.




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RJ45 Wires used by VE.Bus? pin out?

are all 8 wires of the RJ45 used for VE.Bus?
If not what is the pin out?

A costumer asked me that today because he thinks he have a damaged wire in his installation.
The wire is under ground and can't be changed, so he asked me if he can try figure out what wires are still good and use this wires for the VE.Bus.

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Can I use the temperature information that is shown by my Smart Lithium Batteries in a VE-Network (Cerbo)?

Hi all!

I installed two brand-new 200ah 12V Lithium Smart Batteries from Victron in my van. Those new one come with Bluetooth connection. Via the Victron smartphone app, I can check the temperature of each battery. Now I was wondering if it is possible to provide this information to my Cerbo GX or Smart MPPT. I know that the Cerbo has several temperature sensor inputs for cable sensors. But hopefully, there is a way to use the information that is already there :)

Any suggestions? :)

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