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New Victron Product - Lithium SuperPack Battery

Hello Victron Community,

I am trying out something new, and if it works, it could be a regular thing.

Victron is launching a new product, and in the spirit of the community I would like to give you all an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have.

This gives you a chance to learn about something first, and also helps us to improve the initial documentation with some of the things that people might like to know that we haven’t thought about yet.

The product is called the Lithium SuperPack battery.

The big difference between this range and our other ranges is an integrated BMS and safety switch. No additional components are needed as the internal switch will disconnect the battery in case of over discharge, over charge or high temperature. Simple and safe.

The SuperPack range comes in 5 sizes – 20, 60, 100 and 200Ah at 12.8V, plus a 25.6V 50Ah.

They can be connected in parallel without limit. But not connected in series.

They are rated for 2,500 cycles to 80% depth of discharge at 25°C

Charge voltages, current capacities and full specifications are listed in the datasheet:,8V-&-25,6-Lithium-SuperPack-EN.pdf


So, are there any questions?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
Al answered ·

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MPPT LiFePo4 settings - large PV capacity

I have a number of new portable power systems, each with the same equipment:

- Victron Lithium Superpack 25.6V/50Ah
- BMV 712 Smart
- MPPT 100/20
- Solar PV, up to 3 x array of 400Wp each = total 1200Wp

The very large solar capacity is to cater for the very cloudiest days expected (no other charge sources available). This means that the vast majority of the time the system is going to have way more charge available than it needs. I am concerned about overcharging the Superpack and I have seen it recommended to not fully recharge Li-ion to maximise overall life.

1. From my lead-acid experience with the BMV, it likes to "synced" to 100% regularly to maintain accuracy. Not sure if this is the same with Li-ion? If so, then this conflicts with the recommendation to not regularly charge Li-ion to 100%

2. What would be your recommended settings for the MPPT in this case?
The default for the MPPT for Li-ion appears to be 28.4V, 2h absorption.

Colin asked
Colin commented ·

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Lithium SuperPack + SmartSolar MPPT 100/15

Hi Everyone,

In small camping trailer I am about to install:

  • SmartSolar MPPT 100/15
  • 180W solar panel
  • Lithium SuperPack 100 Ah 12V
  • Blue Smart IP22 Charger 30A / to charge battery from AC only when solar panel is not enough

And connect like that:

  • Battery and solar panel connect to MPPT
  • All loads from trailer (probably max 10A) connect to "Load" in MPPT
  • Charger connect directly to battery


  • How do I know how many Ah remains in the battery? Can I use voltage (which I see in Bluetooth app) from MPPT to estimate level, or I need e.g. BMV-700?

Kind regards!

electrofanta asked

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How to maintain the cell balancing for a 25.6/50A lithium superpack battery?

How can i check every cell voltage since i can't connect to this battery via Bluetooth?

Lauren asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

1 Answer

Will a Victron MPPT start up a Lithium Superpack from a low voltage cut off state?

Hello, I hope you're all having good holidays!

I am planning a portable power supply along the lines of the picture below.

My concern is what will happen when the superpack discharges until the internal bms cuts off due to low voltage?

I suspect the MPPT will not sense a battery voltage and hence will never commence charging the battery?

I'm guessing that the best thing to do would be to use a Battery Protect to isolate the loads before the internal bms cuts-off - thereby ensuring that the MPPT is always able to charge.

However, if it *would* work ok as per the drawing below, without a Battery Protect, I would prefer that - due to simplicity, space and cost considerations.


Colin asked
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Victron Lithium Super PAC 12

Installing six of the lithium superpact 12volt 100amp in parallel on our sail boat. What size alternator will be best? Thanks

tito asked
Markus answered ·

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BMV 712 settings for 2 x 12,8V 100Ah Lithium SuperPack Batteries

Hey everybody,

how do I know the correct settings for my BMV? Especially:

  1. Charged Voltage
  2. Tail Current
  3. Peukert exponent
  4. Current threshold
  5. Charge Efficiency Factor

As of now, measurement is completely off (black-out at 95% SOC). They don't drop a single word on their website...

Thanks! asked
JasonTav edited ·

1 Answer

Lithium Super Pack only 70A discharge current?

so with a limit of 70A discharge current given in the datasheet.. it‘s Not possible to use e.g. a multiplus 2K at 200Ah „Superpack“ ?

are you joking?

bitcrusher asked
Boekel commented ·

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Superpack charge/discharge control?

Good Morning

May anyone can provide me some more infos about Superpack. Actually there is no manual for it.

Especially for me i am interessted in how allow to discharge and charge works in case of only one connection to terminal? Will the mechanism completly block in case of error that customers have to reset something or is there internally an diode mechanism which can handle both direction seperatly controlled with one terminal?

regards Peter

Peter Polz asked
Markus edited ·

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