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MPPT not receiving data from BatterySense

I have 2 x 100/30 MPPT and 1 x 75/15 MPPT all receiving data from a Battery Sense. Individually they all say they are happy and at night they all agree but when they start producing current the 75/15 starts under reporting by around 50mV compared to the others suggesting that it's not taking it's data from the Battery Sense. Consequently it is always the last to enter float

Edit - just to add to this . I have now turned off the VE Smart and the battery voltage is actually closer to the other controllers and the battery sense. So something is definitely not right with it.

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VRM & Solar Charger Battery Temperature Widget


Can someone help me understand what this VRM widget is for? I was assuming as the widget was showing under the SmartSolar 100/50 that i could pull in temp data from a connected Smart Battery sense as thats the only temp sensor supported by the 100/50.

To be clear the device is installed / paired correctly to the 100/50 as i am seeing the temp data correctly via Victron Connect app but it is not passing the data to the VRM.

I'm expecting to hear that data collected via the VE.Smart Networking feature will not pass data to VRM so my question is why is the widget there and why cant i find any documentation on how its supposed to be used?

Thank you for the help

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Smart battery sense No blue light

Got the smart battery sense today. Hooked it up to my 48 volt battery bank, did not get blue light flashing or no error light. Charge controller is a smartsolar 150/70-tr. Checked fuse, looks ok. Charge controller works fine with ve. Connect. Any ideas.

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Settings for bmv 712 on a boat with 2*140amp hr AGM batteries


have just installed a bmv 712 with 2*140amp hr AGM batteries that be charged either from the boats alternator or shore power.

can anyone advise as to what the settings should be?


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Orion TR Smart & Smart Battery Sene

Hi. I’m hoping to use the Orion TR Smart with the Smart Battery Sense.

Currently it shows these are not compatible with each other.

Will this be fixed with a software update? Or is this a hardware issue?


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Temperature compensation and output of remote monitoring.

Having trouble interpreting the output of VictronConnect


  • Smart SCC 150/100
  • Smart Battery Sense networked with SCC
  • Quattro 5K/48
  • Color Control GX
  • 48V Trojan battery bank, 58.8V absorption

Remote monitoring via VRM, VictronConnect on PC.

Trojan says -5mV/°C/cell

24 cells

24*5 = -120mV/°C

I can directly see the Smart Sense when local and able to access it on bluetooth. I do not see that I have a way to access it directly via VRM.

I entered -120mV/°C in temperature while it was at the uncompensated absorption level. Voltage immediately increased about 1V as expected based on 34°C, and it didn't seem to be adjusting current to lower it. Shocked me a bit, so I flipped the sign and immediately saw a lower voltage. Head melted, and I just turned it off.


  1. Does temperature compensation adjust the measured voltage and make it read higher for °C above 25°C?
  2. If #1 yes, had I been patient and given the SCC more time, would I have seen the current reduce and the voltage settle to the absorption voltage?
  3. When I connect to the SCC, is the temperature reported in the app/PC VictronConnect (PC version shown below) from the networked smart sense or the SCC internal temp?
  4. If not the smart sense, is there a way I can see the smart sense via VRM?



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SmartShunt 500A Product ID A389 - VRM Firmware Update page says "Product not in library"

I can see my SmartShunt in VRM but when I go to the Firmware Update page I see "Product not in library" under the updatable header. I can connect using bluetooth and am at the latest version, v4.04, but is this normal portal behavior or have I messed up a setting?

Appreciate any help, Jason

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Ssmart sense and Smart shunt.


When I install the Smart Battery Sense can I put the negative to the "system minus" side of the Victron Smartshunt 500amp with all the other negatives on a busbar? OR does it need to be attached directly to the battery terminal?


Does the positive need to go to the directly to the battery terminal or can it go to a positve busbar?


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Smart Battery Sense (10M)

Hi can I connect somehow the Smart Battery Sense (10M) bluetooth to the Cerbo GX?

skykay asked
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BMV-712 and Smart Monitor w/o MPPT Controller

I would like to add a battery monitor to my travel trailer, but it's not easy to get from the best place to mount the display to the battery. I would like to use a BMV-712 but instead of running a voltage sense wire (and temperature sensor) from the monitor to the battery outside the front of the trailer I was thinking of just using a smart senor, but all the information says it's used in conjunction with a smart MPPT controller. Is that **REQUIRED** or just typical?

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Do I need temperature sensor? Smartshunt + MPPT

I have one battery bank (an separate bank for starter) with 4 AGM 79Ah in different places in my boat. I have SmartShunt + MPPT 75/15 solarcharger + Ctek M300 Charger. The SmartShunt and solarcharger are inte the same space as the first battery and near the engine so the temperature will be higher for the first than the rest batteries. The second battery is under the kitchen and the rest two batteries are placed in front area. A temperature sensor is in the solarcharger. Early in the season we close the door to the front area in the boat and the temperature will be up to 10 degrees lower than in the rest of the boat. So it can be 40-50 degrees C near the engine an only 10 degrees C in the front. Should I use a Smart censor and where should I place it?

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Remote Monitoring BWV 700


How do I monitor BMV-700 using 3rd party monitoring platform/application through private network?


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MPPT 250/100 VEcan with a Venus GX not sharing voltage & temp

We have a MPPT 250/100 VEcan connected with VEcan to a Venus GX that has Temperature sensor connected i have noticed the solar controller is not reading any temp. i have temp & volt share turned on in the venus DVCC.

So i was going to put in a smart battery sense, but the sensor manual said not to with a venus connected as it confuses the system. is this still true?

I would like to get this sorted because we are add 2 more MPPT 250/100 VEcan to the system and want the controllers to sync

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Smart Sense and NMEA 2000

Is there a way to get the Smart Sense data to a NMEA 2000 output? I'd like to monitor the Temp/Voltage of battery banks on my boat's MFD through NMEA 2000.

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Bluesolar mppt 100/50 No

I want to buy a smart battery sense but there is no Ve.Smart.Networking option in the Blue solar mppt 100/50 settings menu. I have a Bluetooth dongle installed. It's supposed to be compatible.

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Advice Needed on setup


Advice needed on 2 areas


Question 1

I do a lot of shows and off grid stop-overs, apologies upfront and bear with me.

Original setup was Smart Solar MPPT 100/20, 110AH leisure battery, SmartSense using VE Smart Net. But the demands on load increased so added a second leisure battery and Smart Sense battery monitor in parallel , this is where things started going wrong. Batteries were connected in standard - to -, plus + to +, Load battery A -, Battery B +

In this configuration from what I understand you can only use one BatterySense which means you cannot synchronise/monitor temperature on both batteries. (Batteries are contained in their own battery boxes)

Further complicated as needed to increase load still further so I replaced the inverter, as such I wanted to protect batteries to a maximum current drawable from each battery, so changed cabling so both batteries are now fused and connected by bus bar using same length cables (+ and -), as you would in 3+ battery configuration to maintain balance, also as I may add additional batteries in the future.

I have now added a BMV712 Smart into the mix, which measures current and voltage at bus-bar point rather than battery point, but the documentation says you cannot use the BMV 7xx with smart sense monitors. Even if you use the BMV with temperature sensor, you can only measure temperature on one battery??? So charge/temperature algorithms will only will be based on one battery not both or more.

I'm at a loss on what to do for the best?

Question 2

I currently am looking to replace the current DC-DC charger for the Orion-Tr smart 12/12 (30), Does anyone know if there are any plans to include support for VE Smart Net.

Any advice is very much appreciated.


SouthsidePH asked
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Is the Blue Smart IP22 Charger compatible with the Smart Battery Sense?

I just bought a Victron Smart Battery Sense for integration into my Victron Smart network.
Currently I have some doubt if the sensor (working properly) will be considered also from my Victron Blue Smart IP22 charger?

Dosheimer asked
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Redarc BCDC1240D & Victron SBS Compatibility


VW Campervan , Redarc bcdc1240d, 100W S/Panel, BMV-700 Smart , & a IP22 Charger.

2 x TN LiFePO4-12.8V 84Ah lithium phosphate cell batteries(in parallel)

The campervan is my everyday vehicle, but the Leisure batteries are not used every day( in winter it can be a couple of months with out use, & the SOC never drops below 100%). Overnight it can get very cold, so i am concerned about the low temps.

The BMV bluetooth signal is strong enough to reach the interior of my house, so dont have to go to the Campervan to see the SOC.

I have no temperature sensor. Would the Victron SBS work with my batteries, & the Redarc?


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Cerbo GX with Smart Battery Sense


the new Cerbo GX looks very promising as its now supporting Bluetooth. Am I right that now the Smart Battery Sense devices can be monitored with it?



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Is there a difference between the blue and black Battery Sense?

I see there are 2, one is blue in cloour, and one is black. Is there a difference in specs?

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Mppt: Reduce charge current at low temperature

I have seen, that it is possible to stop the charging of a Lithium Battery at low temperatures with a MPPT Smart Charger and a Smart Battery Sense.

But I have a Battery, that can be charged at lower Temperatures with a current derating.

So is it possible to set a reduced charge current at low Temperatures or is only disabeling Charging possible?

I have also seen, that there was a "Low temperature charge current" setting added in the HEX-Protocol after firmware 1.30.

Thank you.


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Solar MPPT 100|50 Battery High Voltage


I am using a MPPT 100|50 controller with solar panels to charge 24 V battery. It was working fine, but at the site suddenly it started showing the error #2 Battery High Voltage, with voltage shooting to 29V.

Can anyone explain me how can this be happening. There is wind turbine connected to the system, which I don't think is giving a problem. Is there anything wrong with the MPPT controller settings or wiring. I am sure the battery is not getting power from any other source than the solar panels and wind turbine. Also, I'd appreciate to know how Screenshot_20200123-101516.jpge, and how its going to impact the overall system. Please see the error screenshot in the attachment.

Please Share your views!!


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Victron smart dongle firmware and setup

I have a Victron system with multiplus compact 12/1200, mppt smart solar, smart dongle, bmw 712 and color gx. Everything is connected in a bluetooth network and mppt and bmw 712 with to color gx. I have not installed temp sensor for multiplus, but connected smart dongle to multiplus with rj45 plug. Multiplus is connected to color gx with rj45 plug. As far as I can find out this is correct. All victron devices are updated with the latest software including multiplus (460) with the exception of smart dongle which has firmware v1.07. When i try to update smart dongle via victron connect i do not get access to update files..?

So my first question is what is the latest smart dongle firmware?

The other question is that smart dongle runs in "secondary mode" because color gx is connected. Is this wrong when I do not have temp sensor on mbw 712 or multiplus?

My idea was that smart dongle should share battery temp to all devices in the network, is this not possible?

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MPPT 75/15 not seeing Smart Battery Sense

I just added a smart battery sense controller to my solar set up. The smart battery sense is connected to a battery in my battery bank. It is working properly and I can see it on my victron app. I set up the network from the settings and it seems to work fine.

None of my 4 MPPT 75/15 controllers have the option to connect to the network in their settings menus on the victron connect app. So I can’t connect the smart sensor to the controllers.

From where I am sitting my tablet Bluetooth can see smart battery sense unit and all four controllers. If I sit back where the MPPT controllers are the bluetooth can connect the victron app to the 4 MPPT controllers and the smart battery sense device (although it takes it a little effort to connect the battery sense device).

Any ideas on why my MPPT 75/15 can’t seem to register the network created on my victron connect app?

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DVCC vs Smart Network in order to sync two mppts.

Hi all,

After reading manuals still I am little bit confused about which one to use.

My installation as follows on our sailboat.

A non victron inverter/charger combi

4x160 agm non victron service batteries

280watts solar array charging service batteries via victron mppt smart 100/20

340watts solar array charging same battery bank via victron mppt smart 100/30

A bmv 712 monitor

a venus gx have connection to 100/20, 100/30 and 712 with cables.

my problem is two mppts are

ok and works fine in bulk phase,

then they are ok passing to and work in parallel in absorb phase

afterwards they are ok passing to float phase. however in some shady days 100/30 stays in float which is normal, 100/20 turns back to bulk mode which is not normal.

manuals says do not use smart battery sense or smart networking between mppts if there is a gx product in the system. Do I have to use dvcc in order to get two mppts synced. Or can I use smart networking while dvcc is off.

thanks in advance

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Smart Battery Sense and Blue Smart IP22

Hi all and happy new year.

I wish to know if the Smart Battery Sense can send the battery temperature to a Blue Smart IP22 25A 1 out.

Thank you very much for your support.


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Getting all the victron devices to talk together.

I am hooking up 2 Smartsolar 100/50's, BMV712, SBS & RPI-Venus GX to update VRM. My BMV712 will be mounted forward in the RV, far away from the controllers and I am positive the BlueTooth will not be able to connect to the via the BT. I was hoping there was a diagram the showed how to hook these up so they all communicate but so far, my search has not found anything.

Currently the RPI-GX connect's via VE.Direct to USB interface cables to the SS CC's. And my guess is the BMV will need to be connected the same way?

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Cannot update Smart Sense firmware

My MPPT 100/30 firmware updated, but the firmware for the Smart Battery Sense will not allow me to update it. VictronConnect will go to the screen with the update button, but the button is not active and the screen freezes.

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Smart Battery Sense as temperature source for Quattro (with BMV 712 already installed) and CCGX

So both my Quattro and BVM are remote from the batteries (about 3M but also over an axle so non-trivial to run additional wires).

I'm guessing that the BMV temperature probe is sensitive to voltage drop from extending the wires (assuming I can run them from the BMV to the batteries now everything else is installed).

So the Smart Battery Sense would seem to be a solution to provide temperature data for the Quattro via the network. (Of course, a shunt that also did temperature for the BMV would be ideal!).

Is this possible?

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VE Smart Network temperature sharing

If I connect a Smart Solar MPPT, BMV 712 and a Smart Battery Sense in a VE Smart Network, will the BMV and MPPT both receive temperature data from the SBS?

I want to use the second input on the BMV shunt as a voltage sense for the starter battery.

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