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SmartShunt 500/50 and SmartMPPT 75/15 combo

If I buy a SmartShunt 500/50 and network both of them together, can the SmartMPPT 75/15 use the more accurate SoC info to shut of the Load? So enhance or replace the BatteryLife algorytm?

Or will it just give me better info on the phone, but the BatteryLife still uses the voltages?

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Incorrect SOC monitoring


Till now I dind't quite succeed in having the SOC showing in console (what I think should be) correct measurements. My system has a Multi 3000/24/70-16 and 2 solar chargers, VenusGx. The discharge seems linear, from 100% going down... but the charge seems to stall and I only get to 100% after a on grid charge by the multi, and only after full absorption period.... makes a big leap from whatever stalled value it has to the 100%. In solar not even this.

So, I suspect I have incorrect values somewhere, for example in the VE Config battery monitor section:


My batteries are 730Ah, but this is the C100 value (they are OPzS). What should we use? C10 instead?

Efficiency - is this to take into account the losses on cables? Could it explain the SOC never reaching to 100% in solar?

State of charge when bulk finished, left it on default...

Since my SOC monitoring has not being very reliable, I can't use it as trigger for other functions, which I would like to do... any help appreciated.

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Charging on Quattro in dependence of SoC

I want to stop charging if Soc is 80% and restart charging im Soc is less than 40%.

I have a Quattro, CCGX und an Ve.Bus BMS (REC-A)

Where can I set this parameter ?

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Victron Inverter chargers and float voltages ? why do they not retain ...

Good day all . A question thats been burning me for a while .. given that ive installed alot of lead acid and lithium systems i have been evaluating the charge and float profiles and their results ... i find this alot in systems with Standby application no solar .. and alot with No comms to batteries no canbus or DVCC enabled.. Just a plain backup ..
So Scenarios are such inverter charging battery from the grid and battery permanently connected to the inverter as should be.
the inverter charges up to 100% and reaches 55.7v (16s Lifepo4)
then the system switches to float where is should retain voltage --- NOT HAPPENING
then a rebulk or re absorb should take place in 7 days .. ---NOT HAPPENING

technically a 0.2v per 12v method is used meaning in a 48v system we should get a drop on float voltage of 0.8v to get a reabsorb ... ---- NOT HAPPENING.

Alot of battery systems use contactors and Bms systems internally which account for internal draw from the battery cells . and in which case means that the battery does take some load to retain the voltage from the inverter ..
We get to point where the SOC falls and falls and battery is never recharged with lithium ticked ...

But why would this not take place on the inverter with a predefined float value is my question and why does the deviation value not kick in the recharge .. when lower then 0.8v below float ?

A little more details i feel should be added in .
Two different inverter units, one multiplus 3000va 48v unit
the other multiplus 5000va 48v unit.
Both when set to a float voltage of 50.6 to 50.7 charge the battery to 100% Lifepo4 . 15s configuration .. after this process they dont retain the float voltage of 50.7 ... the battery has bms and circuitry internally that uses power.
Storage Not ticked .
Lithium batteries Ticked on
Both units are used only for power back up purposes and both units have Venus GX connected .. Pulling my hair out .
Please can some one chime in .. I dont want to have to run with DVCC as this is not 100% working and surely the default profile to Float maintain voltage should do its job unless i am missing something often after two weeks or so the voltage of the batteries drops to around 48v .. Not good .

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No "Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC" option

CCGX v2.58

Quattro 48/5k-120 v4.30

SS MPPT 150/100 v1.50

With the Quattro selected as the battery monitor, my CCGX does not display the "Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC" status.

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Using Multiplus SOC-low-shutdown with BMV SOC value

Hi all,

If I update my Multi to the newest firmware I could use the new feature "SOC-low-shutdown".
In past I used to take the BMV-relais for that, but now I am wondering if this would also be possible with a software solution.

In VEConfig I have to enable the battery monitor of the multi to use this feature. So the question now is:

Can I use the Multi's SOC-low-shutdown feature by using a venus device which overwrites the VE.Bus SOC with the one from a BMV (or BMS)?

Normally I would just try it, but there is no reason for an update if this won't work :)

Thank you!

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Multiplus 12/3000 low voltage shutdown vs low SOC shutdown - Both triggers active ?

Hi - have a question about the multiplus shutdown configuration and precedence.

If you have DC voltage settings for low voltage shutdown, AND low SOC shutdown, is it safe to assume both settings are active and shutdown may occur based on which ever trigger occurs first ?

SOC will be provided via smart-shunt/BMV to ve.bus as configured on VENUS OS device. Thus it's possible to have the smart-shunt/bmv incorrectly report SOC if the setting "Battery starts synchronized" is turned on; So the battery voltage could be way lower on a somewhat depleted battery yet the bmv SOC says 100%, if you have reset power to the BMV. Thus I'd expect the low voltage triggers to take effect.

Of course we usually try and disable this "start syncronized" setting to prevent misunderstanding true state of charge until the battery has gone through a true charge cycle. Which also begs the question:

If you restart the BMV and it's SOC reading is not available until a full charge has completed, will the inverter just pay attention to the voltages at that point ? I'm assuming a SOC is not presented to the ve.bus/inverter until the full charge has completed.

thanks in advance.

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Battery non returning to 100% SOC


Getting to know my new boat system with Quattro 24/5000/120, Lynx shunt, and Cerbo.

battery state of charge has been holding at 100%. Quattro has been in storage mode.

24 hours ago disconnected sure power for six hours. System was down to about 70% state of charge reattached. Reattached short power. Quattro went immediately to storage mode. Voltage has returned has returned previous state after 18 hours but state of charge percent is only at about 81%


Should Quattro have gone to bulk charge immediately?

Why is SOC at about 80% even though voltage is returned to previous, after 18 hours?




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EasySolar-II SOC keeps falling and never rises?

Recently commissioned a EasySolar-II 3kva 48v system running PowerPlus Energy 4kwh ECO module. Setup battery monitor on VEconfigure, programmed mppt as per powerplus recommendation and all looking good. About 5 days later system shutdown on low SOC cut-out, went to site and batteries full and on float but SOC showing 15% so it had slowly gone down each day after i left but was in fact being charged fully each day. Where have i gone wrong??

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Battery SOC not reseting - Smart Shunt

Hi all,

I've just upgraded the clients remote solar sites to a larger SCC and new batteries and a smart shunt to monitor DC loads off the battery.. i have setup the via bluetooth between the SCC and the Smart Shunt and the Smart battery sense monitor and everything is working great expect for with when the batteries are changed to 100% the SOC on the smart shunt doesn't reset.. is there a setting i have missed ?

Below are the settings on the shunt

i've been reading a little on the DVCC on the Colour GX and about sharing information - is this what i need enabled ?




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State of Charge voltages for 200ah Battery

I have a fairly new installation (July 2019) of a 200ah battery and a BMV 712.

I’ve the last week or two I am noticing that the % reason on the BMV seems off from the actual voltage reading.

EG SoC is 51% and Voltage is 13.26

I know my fully charged voltage (SoC 100%) is 14.4 volts but can’t find any list of voltages for lower SoC.

Is there a way, list, or calculation that will show me the _real_ SoC for the voltage at the battery.

My system is:

Multiplus 3000

200amh Victron Lithium battery

Victron bms

Battery protect X 2

Sterling Power Dc charger.

All fitted in my Motorhome where we live full time.


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Battery monitor required for Virtual switch ?

Trying to solve a customer problem and set them with Virtual switch .

They have a quattro 24/5000 . No grid tied, but grid assist. they DO NOT have a BMV or any other battery monitor .

Can the VS work without a battery monitor ? We have set in the VS :

AC ON if batteries reach 23V or if load higher than 4500 W for 60 Sec

AC OFF when battery back to 24,5V or load lower than 2500 W for 60 sec.

The relay does not seem to work properly . It does not switch ON or OFF when reaching the set parameters. Before all I just wanted to check if a battery monitor is required for VS ?


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Easy-Solar/ESS Batterie im Pufferbetrieb


Ich benötige Hilfe bei meiner Installation:

Easy Solar MK II / 4X150AH Gel / ESS / Netzparallel / 2X4 X 320W Module in Ost-West

Um die Lebenszeit meiner Batterieanlage zu verlängern würde ich gerne diese nur im Pufferbetrieb betreiben ( Batterie-Ladezustand möglichst immer 100% )

Bei Einstellung Batterie geladen halten, wird die Batterie sogar bis unter 48% entladen (Tagsüber bei vollem Sonnenschein ), obwohl überschüssige Energie vorhanden ist und diese auch ins Netz geschoben wird.

Wenn ich umstelle auf Optimiert mit Batterie Life und einen SOC von 100% benutze, wird nur die Batterie geladen( mit ca 40W) und sonst nix, obwohl die Module 1500W hätten und es wird auch keine überschüssige Energie eingespeist.

Wenn ich den SOC auf 95% stelle, geht der Batterie-Ladezustand auch runter, sogar auf 60%-70% ( ebenfalls bei voller Sonneneintrahlung )

Wie kann ich verhindern das meine Batterie leer genuckelt wird obwohl die Sonne scheint ?



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SOC and NMEA2000

I am using an Cerbo GX 2,4V and have an REC BMS connected to the BMS-CAN port and then i have connected an VE-CAN to NMEA2000 cable to the VE-CAN port.

All data from the REC BMS is displayed correctly in the Cerbo, inkluding the SOC.

And Volt, Ampere, Temp is also transmitted correctly in the NMEA2000 network, but the SOC remains 0%. How to make it send SOC correctly? (26% in this case).



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Multiplus II GX Battery monitor SOC drifts

Hi Community,

the Battery monitor of my Multiplus II GX shows wrong low SOC % from time to time. In the chart below you can see a long decay from 13. July to 20. July.

During this week there was no correct SOC %. The battery voltage was charged to full 57.6 V every day but for any reason the Battery monitor did not get this correctly and SOC declined from day to day.

I noticed that during those days the charger does not run in bulk or absorption mode, it remains in Float mode all the time.

The only way to reset the SOC back to 100% was to reduce ESS minimum SOC down to 50%. When it gets that low, the next day it charges in bulk and absorption mode again and jumps from 50% to 90% SOC in one hour !

What is wrong here and which setting could improve this behaviour ?

Thanks for your help.



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Question regarding SOC limits - Why is the active SOC stuck at 70% ?

Good morning,

my Victron System came to life yesterday and now I am starting to play with parameters to learn how everything works. :)

As a first step I tried to set the SOC Limits of the battery to learn if it is possible to survive a night with the battery only.

I set the Minimum SOC to 30% and my plan was to recharge the battery by seting it back to 100% manually as soon as the sun is shining today.

Unfortunately - although I was able to set the Minium SOC to 30% - the Active SOC limit is stuck at 70% and I cannot change it. The battery was went down to 70% during the night and was stuck there as well.

The actual current is at 48,7V and I would like to go down to 47V.

Is there another parameter I have to set ? (Mode = Optimized (with BatteryLife)



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Why Pylontech Batteries only reach 97% SOC

After the upgrade of Venus GX to v2.20 software, everything worked fine. The daily usage pattern is largely the same when I noticed Pylontech batteries (4xUS2000B) only reach 97% SOC (originally 100%) with plenty PV capacity available. Matthijs kindly advised that the end/of/charge voltage was lowered to fix an occasional over voltage shutdown from the Pylons and they are discussing various things with Pylon R&D though perhaps with some changes on both sides. Are there any planned changes envisaged or recommendations readily available? Charger is a SmartSolar MPPT 250/100.

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Pylontech US2000 SOC jumping (normal?)....strange to me.


i have a MultiPlusII with 2x US2000 for a few weeks now, all the logging is stored based on the MQTT messages sent out.

Today i've seen a strange behaviour that does not make sense to me, maybe some others know this as well and can tell me if this is normal/a known phenomena?

SOC goes from 89% to 97% in less than 3minutes.Charging power is arround 700W at that point.

IS that normal??? (or at least known strange behaviour). THANKS!


2020-07-23 09:56:43.932 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 80 to 81
2020-07-23 10:08:06.760 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 81 to 82
2020-07-23 10:16:43.289 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 82 to 83
2020-07-23 10:24:15.712 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 83 to 84
2020-07-23 10:30:59.287 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 84 to 85
2020-07-23 10:36:49.804 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 85 to 86
2020-07-23 10:46:27.573 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 86 to 87
2020-07-23 10:55:55.291 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 87 to 88
2020-07-23 11:04:52.851 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 88 to 89
2020-07-23 11:39:55.506 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 89 to 88
2020-07-23 11:41:07.650 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 88 to 89
2020-07-23 11:41:27.639 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 89 to 90
2020-07-23 11:41:31.648 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 90 to 91
2020-07-23 11:41:45.655 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 91 to 92
2020-07-23 11:41:57.658 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 92 to 93
2020-07-23 11:42:17.689 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 93 to 94
2020-07-23 11:42:25.685 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 94 to 95
2020-07-23 11:42:51.739 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 95 to 96
2020-07-23 11:43:03.035 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 96 to 97
2020-07-23 11:43:15.764 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 97 to 98
2020-07-23 11:59:01.766 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 98 to 99
2020-07-23 12:02:14.226 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - VeBatSoc changed from 99 to 100

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BMV 712 smart, loses data...

Our BMV 712 loses data after our lithium battery dischages. Then when we initiate recharging, the BMV shows no data on the SOC, no Consumed ah, and Time remaining shows "nanm", etc.

We depend on solar charge only and we rarely reach the 100% SOC in order to sync the BMV.

To put it simple: - How can we know how many amps are in the battery after a charging session that have charge the battery only partly?

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Shut-down multiplus based on SOC ?

Hello everyone,

I am currently running a system with the ESS assistant, and the start/stop generator.

I want the following :

1) When SOC >70% : Ignore grid input and use the PV/battey.

2) When grid failure : Use PV/battery until SOC drops down to 50%

The first point is working that to the Start/stop generator assistant.

However, in case of grid failure, I would like to run the batteries until a SOC of 50% before shutting down the system. How can I configure that in the Venus GX or in the VEConfigure.

I've only find a way to shut-down based on voltage...

Thanks you very much for your answer !

I have a system composed of the following elements :

- 1x multiplus 2000/48V
- 1x Venus GX

- 12 batteries ultracell 12V/200Ah

- 2x MPPT 150V/60A

- Communication cables Venus - MPPTs, and venus - Multplus

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Pylontech US2000 x2 && Multiplus II - SOC never reaches 100%

Hi, any explanation why my two US2000 do not reach 100% even if at 3pm the excess of PV-generated energy already goes to the grid. Is this normal/on purpose.
Typically it ends at 99% - but never goes to the final 100%

Thanks if you have an explanation or idea why it behaves like this

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Wrong SOC % in CCGX (Easysolar 24V -3kVA )

Hallo !

On the display on my CCGX it shows that the SOC is at 46% although the battery voltage is at 28,2 volts -which should be approximately 90-95%.
(I have checked the battery itself with an external voltmeter and get the same voltage: 28,2 volts )

How can I get the CCGX to show the right SOC %?

I have tried to open out the VE Configure after downloading it to my MAC but I cant find the program to open it (the .rvsc -file) . I would greatly appreciate help on how to get into the VE Configure on my MAC.
Do I need to use the VE Configure to solve my problem of SOC % ....or can I do something directly on the CCGX or maybe the VRM?

Could the problem of having 46% SOC be a result of the battery no beeing balanced?

Balancing / Equalization:

The battery is a Lithium Ion battery (approx. 10 kwh) from recycled electric car batteries (Mitsubishi Miev) - and have been working very well since I got the system a year ago.

The maximum voltage should be 28,7 volts for balancing....but now it goes to float at 28,2 volts. The highest battery voltage (in overall history in the CCGX) according to the MPPT (150/70) is 28,67-so maybe the issue here is that the cells have not been balanced?

I have chosen "Equalization" on the CCGX under Advanced...and it shows: "Starting..." . The battery in at 28,2 volts as mentioned -when will the equalization (balancing) start? And it seem that if I go to another menu on the CCGX the equalization stops....-is that right? Do I need to leave the display of "Starting..." to remain in order for it to equalize ?

I would be very happy for help on this :-)


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New Batteries: Low voltage despite low usage


I just installed 2 new Duracell AGMs (100ah) in my camper. I reset the history on my BMV700. Watched a few hours of TV last night, ran the water pump a few times. Wake up in the morning to my batteries at 12.24V.

BMV shows SOC at 94% and only used 19AH. Why is my voltage so low? Did I get bad batteries?

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BMV-712 not synchronizing with solar lithium setup

Hope this community can help. My BMV 712 detects a full charge but does not sync. I have 200ah of Renogy lithium batteries charging with a MPPT 100/20 on 300 watts of solar. The BMV-712 smart with temp sensor is connected to the MPPT with a VE network. I've configured my settings based on the recommendations from Victron for lithium and the SOC will jump to 100% but it does not register a sync. Its been a week with these settings, full charge every day but no sync, worried that its not a true SOC measurement. MPPT and BMV settings are listed below and in screenshots attached.


absorption - 13.9

float - 13.5

absorption time - 2min (fixed)

tail current - 3 amp


charged voltage - 13.6 (.3 under the absorption as recommended)

tail current - 4%

charged detection time - 3m

Peukert exponent - 1.05

efficiency factor - 99%

Thanks all!




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BMV 712 SoC draining too fast

Hi everyone,

I've read through a bunch of SoC issues by numerous people and have not seen the answer to my problem. I will try to be thorough and include my design and diagnostics I've done already.

- I have a 105AH x 4 lithium battery bank in a 12v parallel configuration totaling 420AH

- I'm using a Victron 12/3000/120 Hybrid Inverter

- I have a BMV712 with all things on the load side of the shunt(bus bar off the load side) and a single connection to the battery negative from the battery side. I have the B1 wire connection to the battery positive. I have triple verified everything is wired on the correct side

- Loads are reading properly depending on what I turn on.

This is where it gets strange. I have a 420AH bank. If I put a 100A load on the system, it will say I have only 40 minutes left and drain to 0 in such time. I should be getting around 4 hours based on the load. I did a 200A test yesterday and drained my battery bank to -381 consumed AH. However, my SoC went to 0 after only -71 Ah.

Ultimately, my BMV is reading loads in real time correctly and total consumed correctly, but the SoC is way off. It's like it doesn't understand I put 420Ah in the battery capacity setting. I put a picture of my current battery settings. I have tried synchronizing SOC to 100% multiple times at full battery charge and continues to think I have a small battery bank it seems.

Screenshot of BMV settings below. My absorb and float settings on the inverter/charger are 13.9.

thanks for any help,


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SOC going to 100% immediately

Hi i have a recent install 4 x 200 a/h lithiums, 2 solar banks x 2 controllers the battery SOC gradually creeps down overnight as i would expect but in the morning as soon as the PV are lit up by the sun the SOC goes straight from say 89% to 100%, obviously this not correct , any ideas please

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VE Config 3 shows 100% SOC whilst BMV 702 shows 27% SOC

I have sailing yacht with a house battery bank of 4 x 150AH Smart Lithium providing 600 ah at 12V, 2 x Multiplus 12/3000/120 Inverter Changers running together, 12/200 BMS, a 10KVA generator (220V) and a BMV 702. All equipment is Victron, installed by a Victron rep in Malta about 14 months ago.

We have just completed a 200nm transit between islands in the Caribbean and the batteries where charged via the drive engine alternator running whilst motor sailing for about around 20 hours. After this the batteries had a voltage of about 13.4V and all the cells were the reading the same. After about 40 hours at anchor we used about 460AH and the BMV 702 shows a voltage of 12.9V, SOC 27%. The VE Config shows 100% SOC and the 16 cells are reading 3.22- 3.23V. The AH consumed and therefore the SOC of 27% seems about right for 40 hours with a draw of 10-12 amps.

My concept for changing to Lithium batteries and adding a second Multi was we would be able get more AH out of the bank - This has been accomplished. Secondly I wanted to be able charge the batteries more quickly than the original AGMs.

Now the VE Config Bus Monitor shows the battery SOC as 100%. The charging output from the Multis after about 3 minutes of starting and on ABS mode is only about 70 amps on the Bus Monitor and about 58 amps the BMV 702 (net charge). This seems very low for this SOC compared to previous charging activity over the last 14 months. I would expect 120 -140 amps+ (gross). Previously the SOC shown on the VE Config would agree with the BMV 702. How do I get the VE Config to show the real SOC? I have tried the usual Microsoft solution - turn all power off on board for 10 minutes then restarted, then turned on the charger via the DMC but the VE Config is still showing SOC as 100%. I used VE Config to reset the Multis to the factory settings and then reloaded the original settings and this made very little difference. I reloaded the latest settings (before reset) but again no real change. I spent most of yesterday reading through the posts in the Forum regarding SOC problems and charging problems but nothing helped. Also went through the manuals for the various equipment and checked the settings on the Multi against these and no joy there either. I am unsure if the erroneous SOC of 100% on the VE Config is having anything to do with the low recharging amps?

What does the group suggest as my next step.

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Multiplus 24v 3000va dc input restart value

I have a multiplus 24v 3000va

It runs off of 4 x 210ah deep cycle AGM

When we are on sites we run the unit on mains power and leave our air conditioner running.

Last week someone tripped over the cable whilst we were out, losing mains power and so when we got home the batteries were completely flat.

Now the multiplus has an inbuilt function to prevent this occurring.

I have the cable and the VE configure 3 software.

I go to the inverter tab and the ‘Dc Input low shut down’ is set to the default value which is 18.60v. (Completely flat battery)

I want to change to 23.80v which should be between 35-40% of my battery capacity because going below 50% damages them and reduces life.

So I change the value to 23.80v. (35-40%)

Now there is also a value ‘dc input low restart’

This means if the inverter shuts off because the batteries drop below 18.6v, the inverter won’t work until they have been charged up again to this value.

The problem is the minimum possible value is 25.80. (Higher than a full 24v battery bank!)

When a 24v battery bank is full (100%) it should read 25.46 so the only way to reset the inverter is to have it plugged into mains charging.

Now this is a great idea in theory, it forces me to charge my batteries up completely if they become exhausted below my desired cutoff value of 23.80v.

The problem is, the low light switch is activated just by switching off the inverter. When you turn it back on, the low battery light becomes activated and the only way to restart the inverter is to plug into mains even though my battery bank is 100% charged. (Reading 24.56v)

Obviously not ideal on a Motorhome which is often 200km from the nearest PowerPoint.

Why can I not set this value below 25.80? I would like the inverter to begin to function again when the batteries are maybe 80% (25v).

Thanks in advance,


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Not reaching SOC limit

My system uses the ESS assistant and would normally discharge to the "minimum" or "active" SOC limit. Currently, this is at 30% for both. However, in the last month or so, the system is only reaching 38%, even if I switch off-grid. It seems to be switching at the sustain voltage (50v). The battery seems to be healthy and it's BMS is not giving any error. Also, the battery is charged to 100% every day. I even kept the batteries charged for 3 days but when trying it this morning it switches again at 38%.

Is this a setting issue (which has not been changed) or a battery issue? Or should I be checking something else?

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Battery voltage graph and SOC% on vrm

I have been trying to get both battery voltage AND SOC% to display on the VRM dashboard without success. If I select Enable SOC in the inverter programming, I get SOC displaying both on the ccgx and the portal dashboard, if I unselect it, I get a graph line showing battery voltage instead. Can I have both? Inverter is a 15kW Quattro. Tia!

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