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Victron MPPT connected to ICC Software communication problem

Good day

I am running ICC Monitoring Software on a Raspberry Pi, monitoring an Axpert Inverter, Victron SmartShunt via a VE Direct to USB cable. These monitoring works like clock work.

Yesterday evening, I have linked up a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150/60 to my system and connected it up via a VE Direct to USB cable also to the Raspberry.

On ICC "Victron MPPT" is on, "Add Victron MPPT PV to Total PV" is On, "Use external Victron Battery Monitor" is On.

After restarting the Raspberry, ICC picked up the MPPT, showing the model, serial number, firmware version and battery voltage in the Victron MPPT tab. The battery data from the SmartShunt update correctly and around every second.

However it was dark and no PV data was shown. After the panels started to produce power today, I noticed that the ICC PV info updated very slowly and does not correspond with info shown on VictronConnect. The ICC Battery Voltage and MPPT Voltage update around +/- every 60 seconds incorrectly and the other values update like once or twice in the hour.

First, I thought the VE USB cable was faulty, swop the cables around between the SmartShunt and the MPPT and still no luck with the data feed from the MPPT to ICC. The SmartShunt updates correctly with any of the two cables.

On the MPPT, the TX port is set for Normal Communication and the RX Port is set for Remote On/Off, Smart Networking is enable between the MPPT and the SmartShunt.

Have spoken to ICC and he said that they have other clients with a same setup and on their systems both the MPPT and Battery values update fast and correctly and don't know what should the setting on the MPPT be.

Can someone assist me to get the MPPT data feed correctly?

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generator for automatic Start and Stop
Has anyone connected a MASE Marine IS 5.0 generator for automatic Start and Stop with Raspberry Pi with Venus OS? Can you tell me connection diagram, thanks


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Phoenix Inverter 12/1200 VE.Direct does not show AC out

I can read all the values that the datasheet says is available, like AC OUT Volts is what I expect at about 120.02v. But AC OUT Current (AC_OUT_I) just shows -1 or 0 for me.

I have some experience using VE.direct USB cable with a raspberry pi to read the metrics from the serial port for a BMV so I'm pretty sure I'm doing the basics right.

Example output, includes model and firmware if anyone is familiar with these:

['Checksum', '\xd2']
['PID', '0xA279']
['FW', '0114
['MODE', '2']
['CS', '9']
['AC_OUT_V', '12001']
['AC_OUT_I', '-1']
['V', '13541']
['AR', '0']
['WARN', '0']

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AC Current Sensor with Raspberry Pi/Venus OS

I am running the Pi with a BMV & MPPT - is it possible to use the Victron AC Current Sensors with the Raspberry Pi to measure as "AC Input" and/or "AC Loads" or is this only possible by using something like a Multiplus? I think at a minimum it would require some way of getting AC current to USB or some pin on the Pi?

I've seen posts where people have figured out how to use analog temp/tank sensors, but what about AC Load/Input?

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3 Answers

ESS drains battery after 100% SOC and 1Hr absorption is reached

When charging the battery to 100% with multiplus and mppt it finally reaches absorption point. After 1Hr of absorption it stops charging and starts to discharge the battery into the grid.

I tried different things to stop it from happening,

- update newest firware tot the multi,

- update mppt,

- even downgrade the venusOS to 2.22 instead of the 2.23 i was running.

- pull out the mppt cable(maybe it sends faulty values, but it wasnt)

- resetted all devices..

it keeps discharging battery to grid. I have no clue what to do next...for now i disconnect the mains to stop it. Anyone who has an idea?

thanks in advance, Tommas




RaspberryPI with venus image (ESS-optimized w/ battery life, feed-in allowed, 35% min. SOC)


LiFePo4 25.6V 7kWh battery with 2-wire BMS

in the multi charger tab set the next values: (27.60V / 8cell = 3,45V/cell)



the curve is a little strange because of disconnecting the mains to stop it.

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System overview - Multiplus II + Pylontech US2000 + Fronius Smart Meter + Fronius Inverter Symo + Raspberry (venus os)+ excess feeding

hi all,

I´m planning to install an ESS with the components listed above.

Has anybody realized this configuration already and may support me or has an overview/schematic?


hansbaer asked

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Raspberry Pi 2 Wifi Dongle


I have installed Venus OS on a Rasberry Pi 2 but it does not recognise any of my wifi dongles. Is there a way of installing suitable drivers? I remember doing this for Raspbian a while ago before it recognised them automatically.

I have a TP-Link TL-WN725N and a TL-WN723N dongles.



paulbloggs asked

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2 MPPT controllers with venus on Pi

I have 2 MPPT controllers 1 connected to a Pi using the Victron usb cable. Do I need another USB cable connected to the second MPPT to report the state of charge for that unit or will the VE smart Network synchronise the charge across the 2 units and report the overall state of the system?

Dilbert asked
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1 Answer

USB GPS Module has Speed recorded on Venus OS When Vehicle is Stationary ??

Help please ?

Set-Up is Raspberry Pi 3 with Venus OS publishing to vrm site and there is a USB GPS plugged into the Raspberry Pi 3.

This is in a stationary vehicle. Why do I see a Speed published on the VRM portal ?


Thanks in Advance

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4 Answers

Zero Feed in for Fronius with rasperry without ESS


i want to install a Photovoltaic System in Zero-Feed Mode and Fronius symo 8.2-3-M.

I want first only run the System without a ESS but with the opinion to add it later. Is it possible to run the System at the rasperry without a Multiplus first?

Thanks a lot


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Charge State is OFF - Turn on Remotely

Have an MPPT 100/30 in Charge State Off, been disconnected for a while. It was turned off VIA bluetooth dongle and Victron APP on Android phone
I have recently reconnected the 100/30 in testing mode
I have connected it via a VE to USB to a raspberry pi with Venus OS
All is working except the 100/30 charge state is OFF and I can see no way to turn it on remotely via the remote console over https://vrm.victronenergy.com/

Is this just not possible or am I missing something ??


grunkern asked
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1 Answer

Multiplus 12/1600/70 with MK3 - How to use multiple devices with a single VE.bus port?

Hi all,

I want to use a raspberry as the venus device. I want to connect my MPPT 100-50, BMV712 with the VE-Bus and my Multiplus with the MK3 Interface.

But I want to use the normal remote control the digital multicontrol 200/200a too. Is there a way to connect all 3 devices (multiplus, multicontrol and MK3) at the same time ? As far as I know all three divices have only one RJ45 connector.

Thanks for help


Joagie asked
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2 Answers

NO Consumption Data

Dear Tech Folk and @nebulight

I have a Solar Panel wired to an MPPT 100/30 NOT Bluetooth
MPPT 100/30 wired by USB to Raspberry Pi 3 with Venus
Also Smart Battery Monitor BMV-712 which is wired via Shunt to negative of battery one side and negative of appliances on the other site
BMV-712 Also wired to Raspberry Pi via USB cable
All USB Cables are Victron Made
Data is transmitted to VRM Portal
Devices show up in Venus OS

The battery is single 160AH deep cycle AGM Gel
This set-up is in a Small Motorhome with 285W Solar on Roof

I get no readings of consumption through the Raspberry Pi on the VRM Portal

Any ideas welcomed

Thanks in Advance


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Can I connect a bluesmart ip22 charger to venus?

Hi All

Happy New Year

I was just wondering if there was anyway to connect the bluesmart ip22 charge to venus on rpi?



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1 Answer

DC consumption not logging on VRM?

I have just set up a Raspberry Pi running Venus OS

System: 2x 75/15s + Pi / 7s Lithium NMC / DC only setup with all loads via the load outputs.

So the VRM dashboard shows 'live' consumption at last update, the advanced widget 'System Overview - DC system' does a good job of allowing me to see watts used at any point in time.

Load out data from the MPPTs clearly exists. Why then is there no DC consumption logged on the dashboard like solar power produced?


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1 Answer

Off-grid Multiplus II + SmartSolar MPPT system monitoring


I'm planning an off-grid installation with four solar panels, a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 (48V) and a MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32.

I'm wondering how I could monitor my system and I see (at least) two options:

1) Raspberry py

In this case I'd need to get:

  • UTP cable + MK3-USB interface to connect MP II to the Raspy
  • VE.direct cable + VE.direct to USB interface to connect the MPPT to the Raspy

Is that right? Or can I connect the MPPT directly to the MP II? In the latter case I don't need to buy VE.direct to USB interface

2) MultiPlus-II GX 48/3000/35-32

In this case I'd need to get only:

  • VE.direct cable from MPPT to MP II GX.

Is that right? As MP II GX has only one VE.direct port, is there any other way to connect MPPTs to it, in case I will expand my system?

Do I really need MK3-USB interface with MP II GX? What's the purpose of USB port??

Which option do you suggest?

Sorry for the large amount of questions and thanks in advance for helping me to have clear ideas :-)


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1 Answer

Older Phoenix inverter 24/2500 readout VenusOS

It's quite hard for me to find any clear information on the possibilities of my inverter.
I'd like to connect to this inverter and read out its stats and power usage.

I know all the recent models of this inverter/multiplus have ve.bus possibilities and I know my current one does have this phone/ethernet like port.

I'm now in the process of setting up VenusOS on a raspberry to read out the MPPT charge controller but can I also connect to this older inverter? It's a Phoenix Inverter without the orange stripes but with the red phoenix bird.

My guess is it can be done with the MK3-USB interface but I'd like to have a confirmation on this and if it's possible, what kind of information can I pull from the inverter? If not possible, any other ways to pull status information from this device?

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

SmartSolar 75/15 SOC Calc Raspberry Pi

Good Evening Victron Community,

I have been running a tiny setup with a single SmartSolar 75/15 and a 65Ah Lead Acid battery for the past few days.

The latest addition to the setup was a RaspberryPi running VenusOS that connects to the SmartSolar 75/15.

Would it be possible in future releases to Calculate SOC of the battery (if given a Capacity in Ah) for systems where all loads pass through the MPPT load output and where all charging happens through the MPPT?

Additionally is there a way to remove the AC Input and Loads symbols for these DC only Systems?

Kind Regards

Randolf Wenhold

randolf@solareff.co.za asked
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1 Answer

How to connect to VRM portal with mobile phone hot spot

Hello..currently on the road without land connection... I am looking to install my raspberry pi/Victron during my vacation

Is there a way to do that with my « hotspot « from my iPhone.. laptop



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3 Answers

Venus OS. No connection to VRM Portal

Hi! I have raspberry pi with Venus image installed. Everything worked fine. But after last time i used it (it was may 2019), it stopped connecting to VRM Portal.

Raspberry is connected to router, gets ip, i can check firmware and it has the latest installed (so it has internet access).

When i try to add a new installation (i had to delete previous one during troubleshooting) with , VRM portal says: "The site with the specified VRM Portal ID or IMEI could not be found".

What might be the problem?

Yevpro asked
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Venus OS on PI not pingable or connectable...

Where can I download Venus OS v 2.30? I just spent the better part of a few hours trying to figure out why I couldn't access the network port on the PI even though it would get a DHCP address at each boot. A different Address each time was very confusing till I noticed the MAC address changed at each boot too. I've been an IT guy for almost 30 years and had never seen anything like that prior. I finally started googling the issue and I found a thread about that is fixed in Venus OS 2.30 which I cannot find. Can anyone let me know where I can get copy for my Pi 3 B+ ??? Please Please. -Bill

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6 Answers

Pre configured graphs / Under Advance

Under advance I can see many graph's that can be selected, can I create some custom groupings, aka I select a name and multiple pre configured graphs get selected and data retrieved/displayed

georgelza asked
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3 Answers

VRM page reloading

Hi, got some issue with VRM. The page is always reloading. 5 or 6 times before getting the page opened. Is it a bug? Can work properly


Koul Alim asked
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2 Answers

Comparing BMV 700-702-712

Does anyone know if there is a comparison paper or chart for the BMV lineup? After getting the Raspberry Pi working with my current Victron Controllers I am considering switching from a Bogart Trimetric to the BMV to have that info included in VRM too. I guess hearing that should make Victron happy...


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4 Answers

DC tile not displayed as long as Multi is ON


My RPI running VenusOS latest version is unable to display DC tile/loads even the feature is enabled on system settings.

The strange thing is that putting Multi on OFF state makes the tile appears on display.

Do you have any clue why this happen?



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1 Answer

Raspi Venus not showing any data

Just hooked up my Raspi with Venus image, into local network with Venus GX, MPPT 100/50, BMV and Multiplus. Connected all of them to Venus GX via Direct and Can cables, Venus GX to local network with Raspi Venus, but Raspi is not showing any data. I thought that Raspi could do the same function as Venus GX, but with display ??

Could someone elaborate how Raspi should be connected to the systemo to show the data on the display like CCGX.

tomskk asked
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2 Answers

Connect Venus RPI

Hi I installed the latest Venus RPI version (2018-12-01 18:33 92M) on RPI 3 B+. It installed properly and I can see Victron blue logo and command prompt.

RPI connected to the router via Ethernet cable and IP assigned via DHCP. I can see IP address - However when I tried to connect via browser on iPAD to nothing happen. Ping to also does not return any result and timeout.

However when I type on RPI black screen ->> wget it returns code 200.

So question is - why browser or ping can not find the Raspberry PI? Do i need some "special"configuration on router side or RPI side?

greg asked
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8 Answers

No up down buttons - is there a virtual option for raspberry pi running Venus OS

I have Venus OS loaded on a Raspberry Pi with a 7” touch screen in my RV. I have a BMV-712 and a Multiplus connected to it and everything is working great. My issue is I cannot figure out how to operate the up/down buttons that would be part of the CCGX or find a substitute such as a virtual keyboard or equivalent.

I want to change the input current limit. This appears to be accomplished by selecting the option and then pressing either the up or down button on the CCGX. I can adjust this by using the up/down arrow in the remote console, but I would like to make this adjustment regularly from the Raspberry Pi display. I will be using a small generator off grid as well as shore power in campgrounds which is why I chose to go with the Venus OS software over other options.

Thanks for the help!

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1 Answer

BMV Reader on raspi


only a short question:

Is there a version of BMV-Reader, which can directly run on a raspi?


passra asked
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4 Answers

BMV-712 and Rasperry Pi frame sync issues after firmware update

I have a 712 which is connected via the Victron USB cable to an RPi to read all the message data. Until the latest firmware upgrade this worked perfectly. The s/w on the RPi synchronises to the frames and performs the sum check. Until the firmware upgrade I was getting no sum check failures at all.

Now about 33% of the frames are corrupt in that the sum check fails.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.



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