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Pylontech and Victron (New Build)

Hello Everyone,

I have just joined this community so please bear with me.

I recently had a battery installed removed from my property as it did not do what i expected off the shelf. It was manufactured by a company called GivEnergy and it was a very poor product with many development issues.

Now i have decided to go out this myself.

I am looking at utilising either the Multiplus or Quattro Units along with Pylontech Batteries and wondered if you had any advice, comments or examples of system design/schematics.

The system is to integrate with an already install SolarEdge 6000 HD Inverter for my PV.

I am looking for storage capacity of approximately 21kw, so utilising the Pylontech 3000 Series batttery. The biggest request i have for the system is having a large discharge power as I have a Air Source Heat Pump which can take up to 5kw for Water Heating.

My idea was to use the Quattro 8000 Unit having the batteries wired in a stack of 8 with a ring circuit back to a DC Distribution. The batteries are to be controlled using a GX Device.

My question really revolves, any lessons learned? Does anyone have any advice on the Quattro and GX Devices.

Am i doing the right thing with this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Is it possible to mix Pylontech US2000 and US3000?

Hi, does it work if i start with an US3000, that i later add an US2000 to the system....or an US2000 requires an US2000 and they cannot be mixed up?

Kind Regards


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Easysolar-II GX 3000, scheduled charging not working

Unable to get grid charging to work. Solar charging is o.k. Using 3 xPylontech 2.4kw batteries, dc and ac coupled PV, FW V2.60.,current sensor on grid. No warnings or alarms.

1. In keep batteries charged mode.


2. Battery discharges to load but no charging..

With optimised battery life and when manually switched to charger.


Only DC PV charging.




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ESS Maximum inverter power not limiting with lithium

We've noticed on a ESS system comprised of a Multi-II 5KVA + MPPT 150/100 with 2x Pylontechs US2000, that even if we activate "Limit inverter power" , the current drawn by the US2000 will still be ultimately determined by the DCL and BMS and NOT overriden by the "limit inverter power" option, which is worth noting (-68A sudden burst from 2x US2000, inverter power activated at 1200W).

So my guess is that the limit inverter power function is only working when you've got non managed (ie : lead acid, etc...) batteries with an ESS....



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Pylontech abnormally high voltages after 2.60 update


After more than one year of perfectly stable operation with a ESS system comprised of a Multi-II 5KVA and a MPPT 150/100, 2x US2000B Venus OS 2.60, always in keep batteries charged mode, (for back-up for critical appliances) we've been experiencing random high and low voltage alarms from the system, which are unusually high (almost 54VCC sometimes). No LED alarm whatsoever on the batteries. DVCC is activated, SVS is off, MPPT in slave/BMS controlled.

We're trying to figure out this for two weeks now, we're in touch with Pylontech but so far they're not giving us conclusive answers. We've changed the battery monitor from "automatic" to "Pylontech Can.Bus" today to see if it changes anything. One explanation might be that they're not designed to run under a 100% SOC for extended period of times and thus might be internal cell imbalances that are not corrected as they're not discharged and cycled. Anyone can chime in ?

Thanks in advance,



perma-batteries asked
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Pylon Tech shutting down my system

I have a single phase system with 2 x Mulitplus II 5000's and 8 x US3000 Pylon Tech batteries.

The Pylon BMS seems to hit a standstill at 88%, glitch???

The system started shutting down sporadically without any fault indication or errors reported.

I looked into it and saw that the systems charges up and when it gets to 88%, the SOC doesn't advance but current is going into the batteries, it then jumps up after a while to 96%, so it seems the SOC is not reporting correctly in this time. This is happening every day, but once in while the whole system will shut down in exactly this time period for a completely unknown reason.


This is the typical scenario when the system shuts down:


There are no errors or notifications I can see of why the system turned off.

Also of concern is that the max charge and discharge currents show under battery parameters are 296A, indicating the data for 4 batteries and not 8. This was like this before I installed the hub and after.

I spoke to a local victron support agent and he said he had the same issues on a site and installing a Pylon Tech LV communication hub sorted out his problem. I installed the hub and everything seems the same. The max charge and discharge currents are still 296A and the system still get's stuck at 88% and the very next day the system shut itself down again without any fault indication.

The hub seems to be working correctly as it's showing a blinking light on the second light, indicating 2 connected banks, all 8 Pylons are all flashing lights in sync.


The DVCC settings are as follows:


The only thing I changed is that SCS - Shared current sense was OFF, I turend it ON to mach the settings that is working fine in my BYD system. I did that today after this last system failure.

I have many sites running with Pylon's and GoodWe hybrid inverters that haven't given me a day's problems, I also a have a 3 phase site with Multiplus II's and 3 x BYD 11.8 B-Box's that is running perfectly.

I really need help understanding how to solve this issue.



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Someone please answer. Pylontech US2000 2.4KWh + Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart + Venus GX

This is my second attempt at getting an answer. No one answered the first time...

With a single 2.4KWh Pylontech US2000 Module and Venus GX will the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart work?

I have read the manuals of the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart which seems to suggest two modules would be required by the minimum recommended battery size (Section 4.2). Phoenix 1600 (75Ah-200Ah). Phoenix 2000 (100Ah - 250Ah).

However at the following link:

The Battery peak discharge watt rating in section 2 (Minimum Battery Sizing Recommendations) seems to suggest that one module would do it.

Of course I am speaking about 48V versions of all related equipment.

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RS 48/6000 and Pylontech batteries (how many?)

Hello everybody,

I have an offgrid installation with RS 48/6000 and 2x US2000 Pylontech batteries and I am wondering if two batteries is enough.

I can see that Victron has suggestion on how many batteries one needs for a properly functioning system depending on what Inverter/Charger one has. But the latest RS 48/6000 in not on the list!

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can provide any suggestions on how many Pylontech batteries are needed in a system with RS 48/6000.



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What is the minimum number of Pylontech US2000 (2,4kWh) with Multiplus II 3000VA?


i plan to go with my house into ESS (battery storage) and would like to buy Multiplus II 3000VA + VenusGX + EM24.....+ Pylontech 2,4kWh (to start small)....US2000.

I've seen some shops selling this combination, and was rather sure that this is perfect for me. But now i had a chat with a dealer who completely tried to unconvince me and not go buy an US2000 as he had several problems with broken BMS as the MPII would take huge turn on currents for the CAPs inside the inverter that the US2000 is not able to handle and the BMS / Mosfets would/could die.....

So now i'm confused.....a bigger BATT is not what i want to invest right now....but if US2000 is likely to break sooner or later its not the deal i want either.....

So i would like to know/see if some of you have experience with Pylontech & Multiplus II....and if a small US2000 really will not work well/and end up with broken BMS.....

For me its strange as both companies state that they work together,.......

On the other hand i googled a lot but could not find the behaviour the dealer told me happens many times......

BEst Regards,


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Max Number of Pylontech US3000's on MultiPlus II 5000

Whats the max qty of Pylontech US3000 batteries I can put on a MultiPlus II 5000?

mick-finch asked
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Single Module Pylontech + Venus GX + Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart, will it work?

With a single 2.4KWh Pylontech US2000 Module and Venus GX will the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart work?

I have read the manuals of the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart which seems to suggest two modules would be required by the minimum recommended battery size (Section 4.2). Phoenix 1600 (75Ah-200Ah). Phoenix 2000 (100Ah - 250Ah).

However at the following link:

The Battery peak discharge watt rating in section 2 (Minimum Battery Sizing Recommendations) seems to suggest that one module would do it.

Of course I am speaking about 48V versions of all related equipment.

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Pushing the limits of 24V? Pylontech & Multiplus offgrid

Hi - I'm upgrading an offgrid solar system that has 24V DC appliances. A pylontech UP2500 24V battery has a recommended discharge current of 55A, 1.3 kW. The 15-second peak discharge is 100A.

With four in parallel the recommended discharge is 220A, 5.2 kW. I'm thinking of connecting these to a Multiplus 24/5000.

What do you think - is this OK or is it pushing the limits a bit?

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Testing of Multi plus II ups system

Good day.

I build an ups system for a client on emergency lights. This is in a mining area thus everything is in a panel. The system seems to be performing well. I have attached some pictures of the setup.

I need to get remote or scheduled testing running on the system.

Remote: Running VRM and test the inverter by ignoring the grid and run just off the battery pack for a set time.

Scheduled: Once a week ignore the grid for a set period to test the setup.

Is there a way to do it on the Multi Plus and not running it through a relay output?

Thank You!

marius-fourie asked
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No data from pylontech battery but connection is made?

Hello all,

I have a Quattro 24/5k/120 x (2), and Cerbo GX, and (3) Pylontech compatible batteries with 400Ah for about 1200AH total. I connected per Victron's Pylontech documentation and see that the Pylontech registers as a present. I'm just not seeing any voltage, current, temps, etc...

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas where to start looking?

I've confirmed the cable pinout on CAT6 + shielding (run-length about 10'), dip switches on Pylontech batteries, CAN termination, etc...

Quattro firmware is 276 and Cerbo firmware is v.2.60

Pylontech battery reads 0s


Plytontech batteries are connected and talking - not sure if talking properly


Quattro is registering DC voltage from batteries:


High-level system schematic:


D S asked
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Venus OS v2.60 & Pylontech batteries generating high voltage errors


After updating my ColorGX to 2.60, the Pylontech batteries (installed and configured since more than 1 month according to Victron document), the charging voltage is getting now up to 52.5V and generating high voltage errors. Before this, the maximum voltage was 52 - 52.1V. No other changes were done on the system after batteries were installed, and yes it took 3-4 days for them to balance each other.

So, anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known error?


Cristian Miclea asked
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Higher charge voltage on Pylontech after Venus OS 2.60


After upgrading my VenusGX to 2.60 I noticed that my Pylontech batteries is charging with a higher voltage. Has this been changed?



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Pylontech Battery Temperature Missing During PassThru

Previously I have seen my system go into Passthru once (in 6 months) It didn't cause any issues and hence I just left it... but last week I saw it go into passthru three times in a day, and it seems that every time it went into passthrough the battery temperature went missing...

Now leading to my questions:

1. Is this normal?

2. Is this a known issue and has anyone else experienced this? and finally,

3. Is there a way to correct this?



The battery is a Pylotech 2.4kWh and is connected to a Venus Gx via Can bus.



Zoomed in section



ewalderasmus asked
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Fuse needed for the MPII 5000/48V and Pylontech batteries

Im trying to find out the fuse needed for this schematic that I want to install in an off-grid


I would install 4 2.4kW Pylontech batteries.

The MPII manual suggests to install 200A fuse but I think it might be too much for this?


tpwchr asked

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Battery Monitor [512] - High voltage alarm: Alarm

Just installed a 48v 5kw Multiplus II GX with 4 Pylontech 2.4kwh batteries. After setup the batteries were charged from 70% to 100% the VRM is showing an alarm of High battery voltage. Battery reading 52.29V. Victron energy website shows Max Charge Voltage for this battery as 53.2V. HELP PLEASE

merlin asked

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Multiplus I or II for an off-grid instalattion?

I am configuring a new system for an off-grid installation and I am not sure which device is more suitable for my case. I see that Multiplus I is 70-100A but Multiplus II is 70-50A.

I want to connect it to a solar panel array of 4800W and 4xPylontech 2,4kW batteries, plus the Victron MPPT 250V100A and the Victron Color Control GX at 48V + the additional genset in case batteries drop below certain level. Any suggestions? Thanks

tpwchr asked
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How to connect a Pylontech HUB?

Hello Victronauts!

the question is, how to connect a Pylontech HUB to Pylontech US2000B on one end and with the other end to a Multiplus-II? The problem is, that there is no documentation on the Pylontech website available which fits to the delivered LV-HUB and all suspects I know, doesn't have an idea.

Here is a screenshot of Pylontech PDF


there is mentioned that maximum 5 battery strings are possible, but my hub looks like this ...


... my hub has eight CAN-Bus connectors. I don't have any idea how a CAN-Bus cable looks like? Is just a normal network cable? I am willing to try, but without any input it is hard to start.

Hopefully there is somebody out there, who can set me on to the right trail! ;-) Thanks!


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Pylontech UP2500 + CerboGX in a camper Van - how to manage charge from alternator ?

Dear Victron community,

I’m going to use a Pylontech UP2500 (24V) in a campervan = offgrid system. Please find attached the first version of my electrical diagram.


I've read carefully the document written by Victron staff on how to parameter GX system in DVCC mode (

I used a full Victron system in the past, the Vebus BMS was able to stop charge/discharge process automatically, and I would like to do the same thing in my setup thanks to the Cerbo GX.

Unfortunately, products such as Orion Charger/converter or battery protect don’t have any VE BUS or CAN communication port to allow direct charge/discharge communication. But both has the capability of being switched remotely. My idea is to use the two relays in alarm mode of the Cerbo to trigger the switch of the Orion and Battery protect in case of error sent by the Pylontech BMS.

For instance, in case of the Orion Tr Smart charger, wire the H pin (Figure c.3 manual).

Do you have any suggestion for this particular setup ? My French Victron distributor told me it was technically feasible but any advice is welcomed.


neoman asked
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Pylontec UP2500 Venus GX not recognise with Victron Can Bus Cable Type B


As from May 25, Victron has a new firmware 2.54 GX Venus where the new update is for Pylontec UP2500 24V

I have the following installed in May 26, 2020

Venus GX firmware 2.54

MultiPlus 24/5000/120-100 with firmware 473 (connected with VE.Bus)

BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 (VE.Direct) with firmware 1.50

I have 2 X UP2500 24V pylontec batteries and i use the Can Bus cable Type B from Victron (yes the cable is correct inside even i tried reverse)

After installing everything it does not show up in my device list, my can bus is set at 500kb and my DVCC is on.

All steps were exactly done how it was told in the Victron website, but I cannot see the batteries in the device list.

Any help and comments are welcome.

bvermeiren asked
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Is it possible to recover a pylontech battery from less than 44.5V (approx 40)

I have a new install of Multiplus II 3000 with 2 x Pylontech US2000 batteries. One battery is fine but the other is on continuous alarm. I have tried to charge this separately using 52V and 53.2V absorption/float over the past 2 days but it won't move from 40V - Any suggestions?

PS the voltage reading is taken from multiplus II with charging turned off. I also have 100/30 MPPT connected with solar control and this confirms low battery voltage as well.

Thanks in advance

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Multiplus2+Venus GX+Pylontech - Batterie tagsüber nur vom Solarstrom laden

Ich habe folgendes Problem:

ich möchte nicht das der Multiplus2 tagsüber meinen Akku Pylontech für die Verbraucher entlädt. Momentan finde ich dazu aber nicht die richtigen Einstellungen. Der Akku soll tagsüber geladen werden und zwar nicht von Netzstrom ! Sobald er geladen ist soll er ab Sonnenuntergang für die Verbraucher zur Verfügung stehen. Ist das irgenwie machbar ?

DANKE für eure Tipps

heinrich-lindemann asked
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Why am I not getting the expected kWhs from Pylontech?

Hi I have a job with 6 pylonTech U2000 connected to a MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Firmware 459 and Venus GX Firmware v2.60~35. There is a grid meter, 5kW of fronius solar on the output and 5kW of solar on the input to inverter. I have a number of battery issues that could be related and was wondering if anyone had some Ideas.

1. The GX is telling me the charge current limit is 100Amp But if change Current is 25Amps per battery this should be 150Amps. I have tried multiple times and ways to detect batteries but no luck getting the 150Amp limit. is there another way to see what has been detected by the GX?


2. The batteries will not charge at more than 40Amps. Excess power is been exported insted of going into battery so battery is not fully charged some days. What could be limiting charge current?


3. In the ESS I have minimum SOC Set to 0% but the VRM is showing they only discharge to 20%. What could be stopping discharge to 0%? (have tried setting at 10% and 5% but same result)


4. From a indicated 98% to %20 SOC VRM is telling me I am getting best case around 9.5kWh form the battery a day. if the usable capacity of the pylonTech U2000 is 2.2kW I should technically getting 10.5kWh to 20% SOC from 6 batteries so I'm 1kWh short, Is this normal? But alternatively if I only have 4 batteries as indicated buy the charge current limit I should only be getting 7kWh a day. so it looks like I'm doing better than 4 batteries. Is there another way to tell if all the batteries are working OK?


Thanks in advance for any tips on these points

Cheers Jon.

jon-lowbank asked
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Pylontech Charge Current Limit

I have 3 Pylontech US2000 Plus connected in parallel with a MultiPlus 48/3000/35 and a MPPT 150/45.

The CCL is set at 30A by the battery, is this because the MultiPlus can only charge with 35A and the battery knows this? I haven't connected the PV panels yet but when I do should I see this value raise to 75A as the MPPT can provide an extra 45A?

The DCL is set to 75A so I'm assuming that all 3 batteries are being detected and everything in the setup is fine. Any comments welcome please and thank you.


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Pylontech charging/float

We have multiple pylontech batteries that never ridge float state and the BMS always report 99% charged. It jump between charging/discharging and never get to a state where it float.

It's in an backup system and setting have been confirmed as per Victron guide for the Pylontech.

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Pylontech und CCGX

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe das Problem das mir meine 4 Pylontech Akkus nicht im CCGX angezeigt werden.

Konstellation ist:

Multiplus 2 48/5000

MPPT BlueSolar 150/30


Solaredge SE7K

Verbunden habe ich den CCGX und die Pylontch mit dem vorgegeben Typ B Kabel von Victron.

Im CCGX habe ich dann die Geschwindigkeit des BMS auf 500kbs gestellt, also alles so wie es sein soll, aber leider werden die Pylontech nicht erkannt.

Hat jemand das selbe Problem, oder hat vielleicht eine Idee woran das liegen könnte ?

Das Kabel habe ich auch schon einmal getauscht, das sollte es nicht sein.

Die Firmware vom CCGX, MPPT (über VE direct) und das Bussystem von Multiplus (474) ist aktuell, ein umstellen auf die vorherige Firmware beim CCGX hat auch nicht zum erfolg geführt.

Bin für jeden Tip dankbar !


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ESS: Can Pylontech batteries limit inverter output during day when SOC 100% and loads run off solar?

The site has a 7200w solar array.

20 x 360w solar panels

250|100 MPPT


2 x 5kva MultiPlus II inverters in parallel.

3 x US3000 PylonTech (under Victron recommendations)

It is an ESS system. (Optimized with Battery life)

after SOC is 100% , when consumption goes >2500w in the day, the panels don't cover the consumption. Can this be because of the continuous discharge rating of the Pylontech batteries? or is this not the issue?




@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) @mvader (Victron Energy)

Can you help, been struggling to find the solution to this problem.

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