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Pylontech Internal Failure Alarm

Good Day I have a EasySollar 5 KVA and 3 pylontech batteries I keep on getting an alarm Pylontech Battery Alarm Internal failure any suggestions please my system is only 2 months old. Kind Regards Leon

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Pylontech Batteries Not showing details


Hi we have installed 7 pylontech 3000 batteries to a Victron Quattro 10000. System was connected as per instructions via Can Bus. Battery pack does show up on device list but when you go into the device you get the above which are all zero. How can these values be activated ?

Thanks guys



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What is the minimum number of Pylontech US2000 (2,4kWh) with Multiplus II 3000VA?


i plan to go with my house into ESS (battery storage) and would like to buy Multiplus II 3000VA + VenusGX + EM24.....+ Pylontech 2,4kWh (to start small)....US2000.

I've seen some shops selling this combination, and was rather sure that this is perfect for me. But now i had a chat with a dealer who completely tried to unconvince me and not go buy an US2000 as he had several problems with broken BMS as the MPII would take huge turn on currents for the CAPs inside the inverter that the US2000 is not able to handle and the BMS / Mosfets would/could die.....

So now i'm confused.....a bigger BATT is not what i want to invest right now....but if US2000 is likely to break sooner or later its not the deal i want either.....

So i would like to know/see if some of you have experience with Pylontech & Multiplus II....and if a small US2000 really will not work well/and end up with broken BMS.....

For me its strange as both companies state that they work together,.......

On the other hand i googled a lot but could not find the behaviour the dealer told me happens many times......

BEst Regards,


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Battery Monitor [512]: Alarm: Internal error alarm - Quattro and Pylontech US2000 Battery


This alarm appears very often: once in two or one day. System components: Venus GX firmware 2.33 (downgraded because with new firmware there occurs fimware insufficient alarm), Quattro 48/5000/70 firmware 430, BlueSolar MPPT 150/60 firmware v1.47 and Pylontech US2000x3 battery.

When this alarm appears, battery shows red ALM and starts to make continuous beep noises.

Share link:

What can be done to solve the problem? Picture of battery with alarm is attached to this post.

What is the reason of this alarm? How could the setup/settings be changed to avoid or reduce the alarm event? System setting I took from pylontech manual (

Best regards,



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Err 67 - BMS Connection lost - after firmware upgrade with PylonTech batteries.

- All Firmware Updated versions indicated below:

  • Multiplus II 5kva v459
  • Smartsolar 150/60 MPPT VE.Direct v1.50
  • 3 x US3000 Pylontech Batteries
  • CCGX v2.53
  • 9 x 330w Modules

The BMS loses connection and stays in this error state. How do I solve this problem?

  • I have updated the firmware on all devices
  • I have followed the Pylontech Victron guide

The only way my system differs from the guide I am using 3 x US3000 batteries instead of 4. Could this be the root of the problem? It doesn't seem so according to the Victron guide.

Error codes:


I installed this for a client and need to do the handover soon, can this problem be solved, how do I reset the alarm? Can this all be done remotely?

I did a manual reset on site and the sytem was running without errors for about 5 days and now the problem is back.

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Minimum number of PylonTech US3000's on a MultiPlus II 5000

According to the Victron guide the minimum nr of PylonTech US2000s is 4 on a MultiPlus II 5000. What would be the minimum needed for PylonTech US3000s

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ESS + Pylontech + MaxDischargePower is not what I expect?


I have a question how to understand the MaxDischargePower in an ESS context.

In my setup I have
- 2 Pylontech US2000 on a Multigrid-II
- not limited the inverter power on the Multigrid
- 50A Discharge Current Limit on the Pylontechs

and with this I see a "MaxDischargePower" on the MQTT service of +/-1949 W where my expectation would be somewhat higher around 2400 W.

It seems that this value is dynamically determined since it changes slightly when polling multiple times.

Thanks for any helping answer - kind regards - Volker

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Pylontech us2000 & MPPT & VE.Bus Phoenix inverter

Hi all.
I intend to purchase Pylontech us2000 for system with MPPT regulator & VE.Bus Phoenix inverter. According to Pylontech, this battery package is fully compatible with Victron MPPT controlers, and compatible with any inverter that current & voltage charges can be set manually.

I've allready read a couple of topics about Pylontech compatibility, but I'm not sure to have really understood.

Any suggestion ? Any experience ?

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Internal Error Alarm from Venus GX with Pylontech

I’ve had an error come up on one of our GX devices saying “Internal Error Alarm”. This seems to be related to the BMS in our Pylontech batteries.

All I can find in Victrons docs is under – the last line in 2.1.2. Although this is no help; it only shows me that it’s an alarm that is being monitored.

Can you please tell me what this alarm means?

Alistair Jeffcoat asked
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Pylontech 2000b Battery watts and Amps wrong on CCGX

New Install, Easysolar 48/5000, 4 x Pylontech 2000b. The CCGX is only showing about a 1/4 of the actual Charge/discharge to the batterys. The Details screen in the Battery Device List also is not being populated. Wired and set up as per Instructions, everything else is working fine. It appears as the CCGX is only displaying the current/power into/out of one battery. Any advice?

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Problem with Mixing Pylontech US2000B PLUS (2018) and US2000 (2019)


my working configuration (id 5041) was
Quattro 5000/48
Color GX
4 Pylontech US2000B PLUS modules
Energy Meter EM24

All single phase, works as off-grid, solar inverters are connected on AC-out.
All worked marvelously, all systems showed up as they should on ColorGX.

Now, 4 Us2000B modules most of the times works jst fine through the night, but sometimes not.
With some extra money at my disposal I bought 4 units more, which are now are labeled US2000, as of July 2019 the US2000B PLUS changes name (and only name as per pylontech statement 0709).

I connected the new ones first, but the battery did not show up on the Color GX.
When I connected one US2000B PLUS first it showed up, but the ColorGX did reset values constantly, and charge limit was set to 25A.
Then I connected the 4 old modules first and the new modules last.
Charge limit was now 95A (meanwhile it is 100A), as per 4 modules.

The 8 modules do wake up as "one", the LED from the modules all show up like they should and looks nice.
But Color GX display showed constant "values reset", as if it constantly re-ready the values from Quattro/battery/amperemeter.
I switched off DVCC, since then display is calm again, showing values from Quattro, Battery and solar inverters.

But Color GX still says 100A charge limit, and I have the feeling it sees only 4 modules.
Someone had the same issue ? What else can I check/change/try ?


I forgot to tell that after a few days all batteries were levelled.
And capacity-wise it looks as if all batteries are present.
So the batteries are working but it seems that the new ones do not communicate with ColorGX,

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Configuration of 2x Multiplus II 5KVA in parallel (single-phase) ESS system. 5KW appliance is only to be used on battery power when batteries are above 90% SOC and up to 2hrs before sunset.


I'm hoping for some different points of view on how to configure my ESS system so as to arrive at the optimal solution. There is a 5KW appliance(hot tub) that I only want to run on solar power(whenever excess solar power is available) or grid power(when someone manually decides to turn on the appliance).

My thoughts are to configure the ESS through assistants to:

"Power the hot tub through ACOut1 when batteries are above 90% SOC and up to 2/3hrs before sunset." The 2 hrs before sunset is to allow the batteries 2hrs to get up to 100%.

In this case, I would need to also connect the hot tub to ACOut2 so that if a person is to turn on the hot tub and the above conditions are not met, the hot tub would be fed from the mains grid not battery power. A backfeed contactor would first/simultaneously disconnect the hottub from ACOut1 consumption using a relay.

Does anybody have any better suggestions?

The system spec:


2units -Multiplus II 48V 5000KVA (running in parallel mono-phase)

2units - SMART Solar MPPT 250/100 VE CAN

36units - solar panels (11.5KW of generation power, 2x panel arrays of 18 modules)

12units - pylontech US2000 2.4KWh 48V Lithium modules

*Self-consumption only, no feeding back to the mains grid

The goals of the system:

To reduce the monthly electrical bill from mains electric, while still achieving a 12-15 year lifespan for these batteries.

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Pylontech battery cable spec


Can someone please clarify the following:

The Pylontech 2m external power cables (both + and -) is labelled 4AWG. The Pylontech US3000 manual (page 12) rates this as a 120A cable. AWG 4 translates to a 21.2mm2 cable with a current carrying capability of 70A at 60 deg C. (

A Pylontech US3000 battery (page 4 of manual) has recommended charge/discharge capacity of 37 A. This cable should work fine with a single module. However 2 modules in parallel will double the current capacity while voltage remain at 48V. Are we really using a 70A cable on a 74 A supply source? Obviously the max current per single US3000 is much higher.

The Pylontech cables does not appear to be a copper cable. The wire strands are silver.

Thank you


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Pylontech charging/float

We have multiple pylontech batteries that never ridge float state and the BMS always report 99% charged. It jump between charging/discharging and never get to a state where it float.

It's in an backup system and setting have been confirmed as per Victron guide for the Pylontech.

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Pylontech Cable size


I would be grateful if someone could tell me what is the thickness of the Pylontech extra long cables are.

Many Thanks


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What Lithium Battery Charger is compatible with Pylontech US2000 Plus Battery


I am wondering if someone could recommend what type of battery charger is compatible with a 'PylonTech US2000 Plus' Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery.

My system is:-

1. A single PylonTech US2000 Plus Battery

connected to:-

2. Sofar Solar Controller.

3. Sofar Solar PV-Grid Connected Inverter (Model ME 3000SP).

4. 10 Q.PEAK Duo Blk-G6 Solar Panels.

The problem that I have is that the power in my house was cut, then the batteries state of charge dropped so low, that the Controller would not restart when I tried to reset the system, because the Controller needs some DC power from the battery to restart.

The SOC on the battery is now probably 0%, because none of the LEDs light up on the battery.

I have tried to talk to the installer, but I think they have furloughed all of their staff because nobody is answering the phones, because of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

I know that when the engineer came out the last time this happened, he put some charge into the battery with a battery charger. So to recharge a battery is no beyond my skills, but I just need to find out what type of battery charger I should use to recharge this type of battery?

Thanks very much if you can help.


solarbatteryuser asked

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New quattro install trips pylontech battery

Hi all.

Please could you assist me or point me in the right direction.

I have a new quattro 8000va and 1 x 250/70 smart solar mppt and 1 x 150/60 smart solar mppt and 1 x venus GX. I'm trying to power up everything with a pylontech 3.5kw battery, so that I can configure the settings. I am able to power up the mppt's and venus no problem, but as soon as I try to power up the quattro, it trips the battery alarm. The battery is well charged with about 60-80% SOC.

Many thanks in advance.


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Not seeing Pylontech US2000 in devices?

in my vrm.victronenery portal, under devices I don't see my battery/s (have 2 x Pylontech US2000 plus's) I am using the non Pylontech supplied cable. the Victron is getting comms/data from the batteries.

georgelza asked
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Venus GX, MPPT150/35 Pylontech US2000: How to change max charge voltage?


i have connected my Venux GX, Multiplus 2 48/3000, MPPT150/35 and 2x Pylontech US2000 today. Everything works fine but how can i change the max charge voltage vom 53,2V to 52V?

When i go to the Pylontech settings which i can see in Venux GX, i can read the settings but i don't know how to change them.

Thanks for your help


Karli asked
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Hub 1 fault Multiplus-II 3000 GX

I have a Multiplus-II 3000 GX with 4 Pylontech US2000 lithium batteries.
The inverter was showing "Hub 1 fault" and it was unable to power on.
I found out that one battery (the one configured as master) for some reason doesn't turn completely on. By removing that one battery and setting the 2th as master the system correctly boot up.
What could the problem be with that battery? What exactly means "Hub 1 fault"? Any suggestion on how to proceed to solve this problem?

Many thanks

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ESS system Pylontech battery Alarm – High voltage Alarm


I keep getting an alarm/warning every 14 minutes via the CCGX for the following:

Pylontech battery Alarm – High voltage warnings – Voltage reading attached to each warning varies between 51.56V through 51.77V

This alarm pops up during the absorption phase. I.e. absorption light is lit on the Multiplus ii 5000 and a status of absorption charge is indicated on the SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100.

As per previous reply from Guy on a “DVCC and Pylontech Battery” community post, I understand that a Pylontech managed lithium battery does not have a bulk, absorption and float stage like a lead acid battery. However, during the bulk phase, the 4 US3000 Pylontech batteries charged up to 80% without any alarm. Charging has now slowed to almost nothing. Current SOC is 81%

All the Victron components run the latest available firmware as detected via the CCGX and VictronConnect App. The current firmware versions are as follows:

CCGX – v2.53

Multiplus ii 5000 – v471

Charge controller – v1.46

I have loaded and configured the ESS assistant and configured all settings as per these two documents:

I have made sure that the Multiplus II Charger Tab settings for Float voltage is set to 51V and that Absorption is set to 52V after completing the ESS assistant as per documentation. After I started receiving the high voltage warnings, I have also tried setting Absorption on this tab down to 51V. This makes no difference.

I understand that the charge controller settings are ignored and controlled by the CCGX via DVCC

DVCC is ON, Shared Voltage Sense is OFF, Shared Temperature Sense is OFF.

Any assistance to resolve this problem would be appreciated.

Thank you,


@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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"Battery Voltage to High" from Pylontech Batterie on CCGX

Hello to all,

this is the first time that i use pylontech batteries.

I build a system from 5 US2000 Plus Batteries, a MultiPlus 48/5000/70 and a Color Control.

There are two things that i don`t understand and i hope you can help me.

I charge the battery with the recommended absorption voltage from 53,2V. I get from the battery the warning "Voltage to high". I reduce this voltage step by strep from 53,2 V to last test of 51,8 V. But i get in every absorption phase the warning "Voltage to high". The datasheet from pylontech shows a value from max 53,5V.

Because of this error message i write to Pylontech, but i get no answer.

The other thing is a little funny.

When the battery is discharge and i start to load the battery, the load voltage and current are like the bulk phase but the MultiPlus shows at the LED float. I switch the Multi off and on again, the charge starts with the same voltage and current but the LED shows bulk.

Did you have any idea whats is the cause and i can do?

When you need more information to help, i can give.

Many thanks in advance.

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Pylontech & ESS problem

Good day,

I am having difficulty with my Pylontech & Quattro setup with ESS....

Current Frimwares:

Quattro 48/8000: 2655469

SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 rev2: v1.46

Venus GX: v2.52

The installation was done precisely as described here:

Current ESS settings on GX:



BUT with the above settings, the ESS runs like this:


When I set the Minimum SOC to 90% for example, the ESS acts like this:


Disabling "Feed in excess solar" also works but only when I had the minimum SOC to 90% for example:


It seems like when the battery hits the minimum SOC, it prevents the MPPT to work....

Thank you in advance!

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Quattro 48/8000 stays in absorption with Pylontech US3000

Good day,

I just want to make sure if this is normal or not...

I have set up everything to the dot from the steps here:

But what I see is after 48 hours with constant AC-in, the Quattro still stays absorption:


I never saw that it went to float, only see it in absorption...

  • Quattro is newest firmware
  • Venus GX is newest firmware

Is this normal?


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Multiplus and Pylontech, Generator AC-IN charge current amperage ignoring BMS setting


I have a multiplus 3000/48 and 2 pylontech US2000 batteries.

Everything works like a charm, all is configured properly.

The only thing I can't figure out is why it wont charge the batteries at full amperage from the generator.

By this I mean, when I turn on the generator on a cloudy day it charges the batteries at 25A instead of the 50A that are specs.

DVCC is on, everything is set according to the pylontech setup page. Temperature is above 18C, and when the generator is on and there is sun the charge will actually reach 50A as both MPTT and the generator produce 25A

But from the generator alone it will not charge above 25A, it's self limiting. The generator can do 7Kwh so that's not the issue either.

So is there a setting in the multiplus that limits the charging current and that is not being properly overwritten by the BMS?

In the charger tab I see the charge current is set to 25A, it can go up to a maximum of 35A but is that related? and why the 35A limit?


The 3000/48/35 charges at a maximum of 35A.

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Battery Cycling Recommendation - 2xPylontech US3000B

I have 2x Pylontech US3000B batteries totalling about 7kwh of storage. I also have grid-assist via a ET112 meter. All connected to a:

venus GX;

multiplus II 3000VA;

MPPT 150/45 with 2000w PV array

MPPT 150/35 with 1500w PV array

Currently: I cycle them ONCE daily, discharging down to 50%SOC around 4am, with a scheduled charge from 6am-4pm. This means the batteries are not discharged during this period ALTHOUGH they are usually as 100%SOC by 10am via solar charging.

Question: Is it advisable to allow a 2nd discharge during the middle of the day to assist the grid during water heating, say at 1-2:30pm?


Bonie Wanda asked

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Pylontech U3000 Overvoltage alarm at 89% SOC

Good day

I think this is quite a common point of discussion, but I need just need some confirmation that I understand correctly.

This installation is as follows:

  • 2 x Multiplus II 5kva 48V units set up in single phase parallel
  • CCGX unit
  • 4x Pylontech US3000 modules
  • No solar array installed as yet, purely back-up.

Setup and settings done exactly as per

System was commissioned today and seems to function normally, except for a "Battery monitor (512)- High voltage" alarm.

Battery is at 89% SOC with voltage at 51.81V

Batteries were reasonably discharged (66% SOC) when turning on the system for the first time, so it stands to reason that they might have been standing for quite some time before we received them.

Am I correct in saying that this is a cell balancing issue, and should self-rectify? Or is there something I am missing?

Thank you in advance




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Ladeanzeige für Pylontech

Hallöchen nochmals

meine Venus GX zeigt schon bei 52V der Batterie 99% Ladestand an, laut PylonTech ist der Ladeenstand bei 54V. Wenn also 52V bei 9,6kWh =4x2,4kWh Batterien installiert sind geht doch cirka 5-10% Batterieleistung verlohren. Im VE.Direkt lässt sich im LIPO Modus nicht 54V einstellen, wenn ich das händisch machen würde habe ich etwas Bedenken die Batterie zu überladen - eigentlich aber doch nicht möglich da ein BMS in den Batterien steckt - aber doch etwas Bauchschmerzen bei der Sache denn warum hat Victron das so vorgegeben??????

Kann mir da jemand weiter helfen?

Viky asked
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[SOLVED] CCGX weird behavior. Constantly connecting and disconnecting to BMS when I turn on the PV

Configured everything last night successfully.

Got pylontech batteries (2) hooked up to a 3000/48 multi and a 150/70 mppt with the CCGX.

Everything works as expected, last night we used the inverter to power the home. Come morning I decided to connect the solar array to the mppt to start charging.

It seems to be working (early morning producing very little W) but as soon as I turn on the PV switch the information on the CCGX about the PV and batteries start to go in a connect disconnect cycle about every 5 seconds.

The data from the inverter works fine and the inverter as well but it just keeps connecting and disconnecting all the time.

It seems to be working fine but not sure if this is a bad sign,turned off pv just in case

Anyone seen this before, couldn't Google fu out of this one :(

[EDIT] Addition, found some posts with similar issues pointing to firmware versions. Seems I'm ok based on the Victron pylontech manual page:

CCGX is at v2.18 - docs say 2.15 minimum

Multiplus is at 430 - docs say 422 minimum

[Solved[ Turned out the bluesolar MPPT version wasn't good. Thanks for the help.

Updated to latest on CCGX which then triggered the warning on the version on the MPPT and through victron connect updating firmware was a breeze.

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