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Phoenix not displaying correct info on console to Venus GX

Good day

I have a Venux GX connected to a Phoenix 24V 250VA inverter (and also a BlueSolar 150/35).

On the remote console and also in VRM portal, the inverter is indicating as "off" and not showing any AC load consumption. But in the device list it is indicating as "on" and "inverting" although even there it indicates load as "0W" (whereas in fact the load is around 35W).

Guidance will be appreciated.

jgrimm77 asked
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Float voltage is too high

I have a Victron multi-plus 12-2500-120 inverter on my boat. When moored for the winter, I am connected to shore power (120v) and run a small heater and dehumidifier on board. I set the inverter to "charge only" so that if shore power is lost, the heater doesn't drain down the batteries. The float voltage never drops below 13.9 volts which is too high for good battery life. If I shut off the heater and dehumidifier, then the float voltage eventually drops down to 13.2 volts, which is where I like it. How can I get the float voltage down to 13.2 when it is somehow sensing that there are loads on the system?

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Phoenix Multi control and a MultiPlus 3000

I have just bought a Phoenix Multi Control on eBay and have connected it to my MultiPlus 12v 3000 but it doesn't work. I have disconnected the DC power to the MultiPlus and tried again. I have also changed the cable but still not working.

I am trying to work out if the problem is with the MultiPlus or the remote. All other functions on the Multi are working fine. I have not had it connected to a remote before.

There is a soft 'clunk' sound from the MultiPlus when I switch it on via the remote, but it doesn't actually turn the inverter on properly. There is a similar sound when it is turned off. Is there a digital/analouge difference in technology with the Phoenix Multi control that's not compatible with the MultiPlus?

Grateful for any advice.


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Wrong idle AC current via from Phoenix Inverter 12/800

I operate my Phoenix Inverter 12/800 together with a Blue Smart 100/20 and 2 parallel 100 Ah batteries via with the open source solution "solaranzeige" on the Raspberry PI 3b+

I have the problem that the idle AC current is read with 400mA. After connecting a load e.g. pump or refrigerator the values of the AC current will go back to real values.

Since correct values are read out when the load is connected, I do not think it 's a problem of the "solaranzeige" solution.

Also I tried to read #VE_REG_AC_OUT_APPARENT_POWER but I got always a static vaule of Hex: 705220225

I hope I can get help from the community here.

Many thanks in advance.

And best regards from Germany


vmmarwitz asked
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Cooling fan on a Phoenix end of life. How to switch a new one?

The cooling fan of my Phoenix Charger 12/30 is making the noise as if the end is near. The other Victron brothers next to him just 'hum' a little whilst cooling. I like to switch the cooling fan. I did not find a video on the YT Victron channel to do so. Anyone a tip what fan to buy and how to switch?

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Replacing/Coexisting Sargent campervan components with Victron

Good evening,

We are looking into upgrading the battery and solar panel system of our campervan and for that purpose, we think we will need to replace some Sargent components with Victron components.

Currently, we have an 80W solar panel, connected to PWM Regulator (
The regulator is connected to a EC500 Power Supply Unit (
The EC500 PSU can be controlled with EC480 Control Panel ( The control panel can be used to monitor the solar input for the solar panel, the status of the vehicle battery and the leisure battery. It can also be used to switch the charging from leisure battery to vehicle battery.
Finally, the EC500 PSU is connected to the PX300 charger ( that is connected to the battery (Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH)

We would like to know the following replacement/installation is doable and what product should we aim for?
1) A new Victron MPPT solar charge controller that can handle up to 2 x 100/120W solar panel
2) The output of the Victon MPPT should be fed into the EC500 so that it can be monitored by the EC480
3) A new Victron battery charger that can support up to 2 x Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH in parallel (or the vehicle battery). The output should be managed by the EC480 so that it can be switched to charge the 2 Lithium batteries or the vehicle battery as it does today)
4) A new Victron 1200W pure sinus inverter where the output is connected to the EC500 in such a way that the existing 220V sockets in the van can be used with normal appliances (in the same way as connected to the mains)

Any good suggestion is most welcome.

Thank you!

amidships asked

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Older Phoenix multiplus 12/2500/120 with Cerbo GX


On my ship there are 3 Phoenix multiplus 12/2500/120 without the orange line. Installed somewhere between 2004 en 2010. There are 8 victron deepcycle battery's. I want to upgrade to lithum, Cerbo GX en Cerbo screen, add solar. There is a 12volt dc charger )Fisher Panda AGT and want this to auto start/stop between 40% and 90%.

Do I need to replace the Phoenix charger / invertors in order to hook them up to Cerbo GX with VeBus or are the still usable / compatible?


Gert Jan

gertjand asked
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Victron Phoenix 12/375 inverter settings with Battle Born 12V/100Ah LiFePO4 battery

In case anyone is interested, the manual for Phoenix 12/375 (and other smaller Phoenix inverters) lists the following:

Low battery shut down (adjustable) 9,3 VDC

Low battery restart & alarm (adjustable) 10,9 VDC

Battery charged detect (adjustable) 14,0

I called Battle Born to ask as this didn't seem right for the LiFePO4 battery, and this is what they told me:

Low battery shut down (adjustable) 11-11.5 VDC

Low battery restart & alarm (adjustable) 0.5V higher than shut down - 11.5-12 VDC

Battery charged detect (adjustable) 13.2 VDC

I've set up my inverter like this, will see how it goes over the next 5 days out camping.

Hope this helps.

azcamper asked

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Multiplus battery temp sensor fault

As per a previous post with no remedy, my Multiplus is still showing a faulty battery temp senor with the absorbtion and float led's flashing simultaneously, the sensor has been replaced and the fault continues, can I please get some sort of reason or remeby please, I posted this issue some months ago.

doublebubble asked
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I recently installed a Venus gx but i can not see the consumption data in the vrm platform

I used the 24V Pheonix 1200VA inverter and connected it to the Venus GX via VE direct cable but i can not get any consumption data in the vrm platform

sammy-senyonga asked

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schedule inverter

i would like to have a schedule in my inverter controlling software.
i could save energy at any time i don't use it.
could you add it please?

rened asked
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Can i wire a socket and plug to extend the reach of my Victron Phoenix 12/800?


My Phoenix Inverter is at the back of my van so rather than clambering to the back to plug things in I want to know if i can simply wire up a 13amp plug and a single socket using 3 meters of 2.5 flex so i can have a socket from the inverter in my living space?



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Phoenix inverter 24/1200 alternately blinking red &green

Handcarried this inverter to Philippines for my solar plant (24V, 200Ah lead-acid battery, min 25.2V max 28V, PWM controller, new battery, 50mm2 cables 1.5 meter). Worked brilliantly for 2 weeks at 60Hz, 230V. There was no internet connection.
2 days ago, there was an internet connection and the software updated automatically, no problem. The unit powered an inverter washing machine @ 650W max.
The inverter gets shutdown for the night. Next morning, the red/green lights started blinking alternately in 1 second tact. No output. The input voltage is min 25.2V and max 28V (measured with a Fluke at the inverter connections.
I cannot take the inverter to the dealer, a bit too far. Can somebody please give an indication what the blinking lights might mean and how to correct it? Thank you!

paul-holtslag asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Phoenix 12/1200 switches AC output in ECO mode without any load connected

Hi guys,

I've got a new Phoenix 12/1200 inverter here and wanted to connect all the necessary devices for my VW T5 outside the car first. Everything seems to work fine, the Phoenix outputs 230V when it is set to "ON".

But when I set it to "ECO" mode the output is switched after a few seconds and then immediately switched off again. That continues until I switch to Phonix "ON" or "OFF".

I connected the Phoenix DC input to the battery (which shows 13.4V at the moment) and the external earth is connected to the car's earth. There is no other cable connected to the Phoenix (even on the output side, there is not connected anything!) and the configuration has not been modified.

Any hints why the Phoenix is doing this and how can I fix that? I want it to activate the output when a load is hanging there.

Thank you very much!

lemon asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Does the Phoenix 12V 250W inverter spew out large amounts of RFI?

Hello all, just a simple question can anyone let me know if the Phoenix 12V 250W inverter causes RFI if using it to run an AM/FM radio? I would also be intrested if anyone has experience of using this inverter on the HF/shortwave bands.

My experience with cheap pure sine inverters is very negative as I have had such units completely wipe out all radio transmissions even from extremely strong local stations on all bands as well as causing laptops to behave very strangeley by producing odd keyboard/mouse behaviour so I'm looking for peoples experience with the Phoenix 12V series with laptops and radio gear.

Thank you.

anas-patel asked
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7 Answers

Looking for something like Victron smart inverter in 110v

I found a victron smart inverter for $770 that is 2000 watts. However it is 230v. What is the most comparable model that is available for 48v dc to 110v ac? I don’t need charging functionality. Also, I am looking for something priced similarly.

john-smith asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

1 Answer

Someone please answer. Pylontech US2000 2.4KWh + Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart + Venus GX

This is my second attempt at getting an answer. No one answered the first time...

With a single 2.4KWh Pylontech US2000 Module and Venus GX will the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart work?

I have read the manuals of the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart which seems to suggest two modules would be required by the minimum recommended battery size (Section 4.2). Phoenix 1600 (75Ah-200Ah). Phoenix 2000 (100Ah - 250Ah).

However at the following link:

The Battery peak discharge watt rating in section 2 (Minimum Battery Sizing Recommendations) seems to suggest that one module would do it.

Of course I am speaking about 48V versions of all related equipment.

sparkpoint-solar asked
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Absolute maximum voltage for Phoenix 24V inverter

I wonder what the absolute maximum voltage for Phoenix 24V inverters is. I don't mean the working voltage but the maximum the overvoltage protection can stand.

dtschneiderlein asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

1 Answer

Can I use a 24/3K Multiplus control board in a 24/3K Phoenix inverter

Control board is faulty in an old Phoenix Inverter, to confirm I have replaced the board with a Multiplus control board of the same rating. The Phoenix Inverter is now working under load. The LEDs are flashing on the control board as expected as there is no charging function on the Phoenix Inverter.

The out of warranty unit is now working and whilst not ideal, is there a problem with this set up long term?


toby asked
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Single Module Pylontech + Venus GX + Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart, will it work?

With a single 2.4KWh Pylontech US2000 Module and Venus GX will the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart work?

I have read the manuals of the Phoenix 1600/2000 Smart which seems to suggest two modules would be required by the minimum recommended battery size (Section 4.2). Phoenix 1600 (75Ah-200Ah). Phoenix 2000 (100Ah - 250Ah).

However at the following link:

The Battery peak discharge watt rating in section 2 (Minimum Battery Sizing Recommendations) seems to suggest that one module would do it.

Of course I am speaking about 48V versions of all related equipment.

sparkpoint-solar asked

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Compatibilité interrupteurs externes pour le Phoenix 12|375


Je m'intéresse au Phoenix 12|375 et j'ai vu qu'il y avait un interrupteur officiel (Phoenix Inverter Control VE.Direct).

Ma question est de savoir est-ce qu'un de ces interrupteurs, d'une autre marque, seraient compatibles:

- Interrupteur n°1:

- Inteerupteur n°2:


gullerpat asked
David Foret (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

3-phase Delta configuration Phoenix inverter 24/5000

Can we use Delta connection (without neutral, 400Volts phase-phase) in a 3 phase configuration of 3 pieces Phoenix 24/5000

Alexis Kalogerakis asked
Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

1 Answer

Quattro 10kVA switching on and off for no reason

hi All,

I am experiencing the second 10kVA Quattro inverter to malfunction after 3 weeks in service.

The setup: stock standard Pylontech ESS setup with 150/100 MPPT DC Coupled.

The symptoms

The quattro wil turn on for 7 seconds then


it will drop AC OUT power for 12 seconds then the cycle would repeat itself.

The ESS configuration is correct and a copy from other sites.


There are no alarm logs, no notifications and the system worked well for 3 weeks.

I have tried to reupload the configuration with no success.

all Firmware is on the latest release, inverter firmware 474

arjanbijker86 asked
Jaco Reinecke answered ·

1 Answer

Can older Phoenix 48 800 be adjusted voltage wise?

I bought this style unit

Because it can accept significant higher input voltage (68V) than the successor at 62V or something. It works perfectly with my 60V electric scooter battery if it is charged to only 80 percent or so.

Only trouble is it will drain the battery too far down if unsupervised. Is there any way to adjust the input minimum voltage to around 57V so it shuts off as the more modern units can be adjusted to via app?

Warranty has been voided before so no concern there. Cheers

ripper asked
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2 Answers

Phoenix MultiPlus Con VE.Bus 24/3000/70 Remote Panel LED Pattern - What does it mean?

I woke up this morning and my Inverter MAINS ON LED is STEADY ON and my BULK LED is FLASHING. I am connected to a shore supply and my Inverter switch is set to ON (as shown on my remote VE.Bus Multi Control panel).

This LED combination is not in mentioned in my Inverter manual.

Is someone able to tell me what this means?

Many Thanks


davidq asked
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1 Answer

Good USB Hub for CCGX with low power draw or Relay shutoff for inverter?

I use a CCGX, BMV-702, 3 MPPT's, and 1 USB wifi dongle.

Since there are only 2 VE direct and 2 usb ports, I need a usb hub to get my 5th connection point.

Currently, I have a crappy AC powered usb hub on the old phoenix inverter (That doesn't have ve direct port, Insert angry face) and the inverter is in ECO mode.

The USB hub is the only AC load on my boat, and I only really need it to send the wifi to check the system.

Is it possible to use the relay on CCGX or BMV to turn off phoenix inverter using it's remote port at night, when I don't need to check the wifi?

Or should I just find a low powered USB hub that runs on DC? (Does anyone have any recommendations?)

Every night, my BMV says 100% but the AC inverter is powering the USB hub through the night, and it uses about 2% of the bank and 96 watts. Is this slowly killing my batteries? Should I not be worried about this daily 2% discharge?



unckdecamp asked
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1 Answer

Minimum Amps value to trigger the Phoenix VE.Direct inverter


I have a very simple question : I have a battery to be connected to the Phoenix VE.Direct Inverter. What is the minimum value of Amps that shall be delivered by the battery to trigger the inverter ?

gregtabuteau asked
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Is the VE.Bus BMS compatible with a Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75

I'm looking at upgrading our boats electrical system to a LiFePO4-based system. As far as the components go, I'm pretty sure I have the configuration figured out. The only thing I cannot determine, is whether our current Victron Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75 Inverter/Charger is compatible with the VE.Bus BMS. The setup I am thinking about is very similar to the example given in the VE.Bus BMS manual, shown below. Can we use our Phoenix Combi in this setup?


richard-blaauw asked
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MultiPlus 12/3000/120/50: battery disconnection bad for inverter?


I am just before installing a MultiPlus 12/3000/120/50 into my sailboat wich shall be connected to an existing 4x100Ah AGM battery bank.

The connection shall go via a main battery switch which I would like to always disconnect when leaving the sailyacht as I do not want to leave the boat connected with something to the batteries for security reasons and to avoid discharge.

Now someone told me that this disconnection would be bad for the inverter electronic and could cause damage at it as it always should be connected to the batteries.

Could you please give me some advise here?

Many thank in advance for your support!

dosheimer asked
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2 Answers

USA repair turn around time inverter charger?

I am working with my USA victron dealer to get an RMA for a very suspect, new inverter charger....

but anyone know approx (USA) repair turn around time for an inverter charger?

once it gets there.

plus return shipping time, of course.


rv-guy asked

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