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Color Control showing inverter in "Off" State

We have a small off-grid system that includes a Color Control, BMV, Phoenix Inverter and Solar Charger.

In the system overview screen, the Color Control shows the inverter as "Off", despite showing AC loads. In the "devices" list, the inverter shows up, and we are able to see the details and see that its state is "inverting". (see attached screenshots).

Firmware on all devices is up to date and we have checked the pins on the VE.Direct cable to ensure there is no damage/debris.

The system is still working fine, the only issue is the erroneous state, but obviously we would like the customer to have a fault-free system. What could be the issue here?


Elliot Morgan asked

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Phoenix 3000/24 dead but OK in VE config

I've had this phoenix for a while. It wouldn't power on previously, but I diagnosed a dry solder connection on the on /off switch. Whilst it was being repaired, I bought another unit the same (newer firmware) and used that.

Now I want to parallel the 2 units together, and cabled the 24v side to power on the old unit and configure with updated firmware (no AC attached). No lights on the panel at all. However, through VE config, it finds the unit, gives the details on the 24v side, but shows --- on the 230v (I'm in Europe).

I continued to update the firmware so that both units are compatible, with no issues. Tried to set up a parallel system, which all gave OK messages on the laptop, but there is no power (still no lights on the old phoenix) so have reverted to single operation.

What can I check? DC power in is good (there is no AC charger so no AC input). Remote switch short is in place. But no lights on the panel,and not inverting.

Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

Kevinnorth asked

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Ground Relay Setting

I see a similar question on this topic but realise this is an important setting and want to be sure.

I have a simple system, COMPLETELY OFF-GRID





Please confirm if I need to turn the GROUND RELAY switch in the INVERTER MENU of my Multiplus’s VE Connect configuration.

The DC side of the inverter is grounded , along with the charge controller, to a unique earth stake ( panel frames are grounded to a separate earth stake and have surge protection earthed to this ground stake).

The AC side of the inverter( connected to the DB board) has a standard earth leakage grounded to the house earth.

From what I read on-line this classifies as a IT setup which means that the neutral is not linked to earth( floating earth) .

Nothing is connected to the ground relay connection on the inverter.

Ive therefore left the GROUND RELAY SWITCH OFF on the configuration.

Please could you confirm that Ive made the right choice


valleyokie asked
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who can fix victron inverters?

Hi guys I bought two victro phoenix 350va inverters. Both stoped working with very little use. Probably less then 100 hours each. I opened the units one has a burned fuse but the other doesn't . Either way the electronics inside are undisclosed architecture and no one seems to have a clue of what the problem is. I just wouldn't buy something for this price ever again. It is clearly overated. Spent 600 eur worth of crap. Who could have the fuse unit welded to the motherboard? what kind of electronic joke is this? How can a brand charging almost double for its equipment have units with fuses like this? Victron was a deception I bought victon batterys , victron charger and got to know that at least the inverters do not last because all stuff was victron ( 2 batterys 2 charges and 2 inverters) only inverters both went off in a few months of use during wich charging fones and screwdriver batterys was the only operation they had.

I still get very sick when I think that I could have spent 300 euros instead of 600.

Luis Pontes asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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What Ah battery requirements do I need to power a Victron 2av inverter?

Current set up has 1 x 110ah LA, there’s only room for one battery! Looking at a 220ah Victron gel but at £500 it’s not worth a guess.

(The inverter is overkill as it’s only running a 1200 w hairdryer)
please help

John k asked
Kevin Windrem answered ·

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Can I parallel a Phoenix with a quattro?

Can I parallel two Phoenix 5000's with a Quattro 5000?

Scott Simpson asked
WKirby answered ·

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Inverter maximum battery capacity

Could someone be so kind as to tell me the maximum battery capacity that both the 48v 3kw and 5kw multiplus inverter charger can handle? (Intend I’m using Pylontech 48v us2000).

Merlin asked
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Multiplus Compact not charging, inverting & no 120V.

Our 12/2000/80 Multiplus had been working fine until ~5 days ago. Now only the alarm LED light is on, we have no 120V AC at the outlets but still have 220V on shore power. The BMV 800 is reading 12.6V and our SOC is down to 59%. The last full charge state was 5 days ago, the day we disconnected from shore power in preparation for hurricane Isaias landfall. Returned next day to reconnect shorepower and no charger/inverter.

Kaikane asked

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How to combine a Victron Atlas Combi and Victron Blue Solar MPPT

Hi, for my campervan, I am installing a Victron Atlas Combi (charger/inverter 12-> 230v) and a Victron BlueSolar MPPT.

I have some questions on this:
- Should the AGM battery be connected directly to the Atlas Combi or via the 'load' of the MPPT?
- Should 12V accessories be connected on the 'load' of the MPPT or directly on the Atlas Combi?
- Is there somewhere a schema of a similar setup (PV, MPPT, charger/inverter, utility battery, start battery, 12V system, 230V system)

birdman asked

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Phoenix 1200 VRM functionality.

Hi all.

Just picked up a Phoenix 1200 inverter.

Trying to decide between the smart Bluetooth dongle, or ve direct to usb (linked to my Raspi Venus). The main functionality I'm interested in is the remote on/off. It appears this is possible through the Bluetooth dongle using the connect app. Is it possible using the VRM?

Many thanks,


Geoff Norman asked

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How do I decide which inverter/charger I should use?

Surfing around the web, i see so many different options and i dont know what is the right fit for me.

i am planning my first solar build for my 31' RV. I live full time off grid and in doing the calculations i believe i will be going with 8x 100wh panels coupled to 4 (to start with, 6 total) battleborn lith. batteries all set up for 24v.

I want to go with Victron for everything in between, including the color control interface to manage it all but in looking into things it seems like there are so many version or options for each element and its just about overwhelming.

To point. looking at Inverter/chargers. there is the MultiPlus, MultiPlus 2 and the 2GX. GAH!... Is the MultiPlus at ~$1500 good enough? is it going to be outmoded? Should i be looking at the 2? Does the GX has some extra unicorns and sparkles that i just cant live without?

WarpedJester asked
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Problem showing Phoenix Smart 12|50 data in System status in VRM

Hi in my setup I have “Phoenix Smart 12/50” connect to “Cerbo GX” using “VE.Direct cable”.

The problem is in “VRM” “Dashboard” “System status” The tile for “Generator” is shown but there's no data “N/A”.

If I select "Grid" or "Shore power" no tile is shown in “VRM System status”

I can see data in the “VRM” under “advanced” coming from the Phoenix. asked

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Phoenix Inverter fan

Hi folks.

I bought a Phoenix Inverter a few months ago and I’ve realised that the fan has never been running except for a brief second when I first installed it. The most I ever do is charge my laptop but it’s scorching hot in the Barge today. Does the fan kick in based on room temperature or how by how hard the inverter is working and is there a way to test the fan?



Daleicious asked
peterpan1 answered ·

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Phoenix inverter 12/250 in overload at only 60W

I'm trying to supply a electric blanket with a nominal load of 60W at my Phoenix 12/250 inverter.

The blanket has 3 power steps selectable by a switch. Step 1 = 20W, step 2 = 40W and step 3 = 60W.

The inverter is connected via a bluetooth dongle with the Vitron app.

The app is showing the load of the inverter in all the steps of the blanket switch correct.

In steps 1 and 2 the inverter works ok, but in step 3 (60W also showen in the app) the inverter goes into overload after 1sec.

The app never showes more than 60W power in the app.

The DC current is at 5,5A measured at the battery

The blanket is working normal at a 230V wall outlet.

DC 100ah battery is full and new, inverter is connected with 10mm2 cable with aprox. 1m length.

DC level in the app and measured with voltmeter is always over 12V.

I don't understand where the problem is, becauce the blanket is drawing much less the the 200W allowed.

I tried the inverter with an electric drilling maschine up to 250W load. The inverter is working ok and also the app shows everything correct. DC current goes up to 20A as expected

Can you please help me to solve this miracle.

Thanks in advance mzfly

mzfly asked
Moe answered ·

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Phoenix Inverter 12/1600 noisy and over current gives alarm at 650VA

I have just installed a new Phoenix Inverter Smart 1600VA. When I connect a load (1200W hair dryer set on low) it makes a loud humming noise and alarms out on Over Current after about 5 seconds. If I monitor the VA via blue tooth I see that the VA level gets to about 600VA when it alarms out on over current. What is the issue here?

craigp asked

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Multiplus AC out suddenly not working (Lots of photos)

I have a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-50 120V that has been working perfectly for over 1 year and all of the sudden it won't produce 120 volt.

My batteries are full and the cables suppling power to the inverter are reading 13+ volts on the inverter posts. It has power for sure. Also, the fuse for the inverter is not blown AND I swapped in a new one just to be sure.

I opened up the case and took a look at the interior and have two main questions.

1. How many fuses does this have and where are they?

I noticed a fuse but am not sure what it goes to. I did try and swap it out with another 20amp fuse but that didn't do anything.


2. What is this red, internal LED telling me?

It says "ALARM" but this light isn't visible with the front on the unit.

Here is a closer view



Lastly - When I started troubleshooting the unit I did notice that the sheathing of my romex may have knocked off the protective cover of the fusebox for the power supply to the inverter. I'm guessing these might have rubbed together... Not sure if that actually happened, but if it did I'm wondering if this is what is causing the inverter to malfunction.



Evanjs asked
Evanjs answered ·

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Gateway for Phoenix to communicate of CAN with Orion BMS

I'm looking for experience around controlling Victron inverters over CANBUS. I was told by Orion that their Jr BMS could shut down discharge to protect my battery over CAN, but would likely need some sort of gateway.

Chris Knauf asked
WKirby answered ·

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[Multiplus-II] Can you use powerassist with inverter as primary source in overload condition?

Hello, I would like to ask if you can use powerassist with inverter as primary source in overload condition. I am asking this to determine if 1x inverter will be sufficient or whether it would have to paralled 2x to accomodate rare cases or overload (electric cookers 4kW + random loads under 3kW). Let me explain:

Inverter: Multiplus-II 5000VA
Grid: Available and connected, limitless
Battery: Ideal and limitless

Normal conditions: Loads under 5000VA operate on invertor without issues (>95% time)
Question condition: Loads exceed 5000VA - Invertor overload (not counting on 130% overload possibility @ 5minutes)

When loads exceeds rating of invertor I would like it to feed in the rest from the grid (if available) resulting in 5000VA from invertor and rest taken from grid - stable over 5000VA system for limited time period. Meaning the priority should be always on batteries and invertor power and grid only used if required. I understand that if grid fails at that moment, the system would shutdown due to overload.

It this possible?
What are the limits? (Total combined power, Switching times, Minimum difference in power consumed vs power assisted, etc.)

I couldnt find answers anywhere in data sheets and powerassist manuals.

Petr Kouba asked
holger.nestmann answered ·

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What is the Multiplus output voltage?

Hi all, my first post here.

Does anyone know how to calculate the output Voltage of Multipluss II inverter?

For example, the Voltage at the property (distribution board) is exactly 230V.

If Inverter would be charging batteries from the grid then there would be some voltage drop dependng on cabeling and load, say 2%, so Voltage at the end of the circuit where inverter is connected would be 230-230*0.02=225.4V

If now we wanted to export the energy from the battery, we would have to have higher voltage at the property than on the grid side (>230V) so the output Voltage should be at least 230V + whatever voltage drop (lets say we export the same power and it is again 2%). Would that mean that Voltage at output terminals of inverter would be 230+230*0.02=234.6V? Or that plus X% or X Volts ?

Basicaly I am trying to understand how inverter decides what voltage to output when outputing AC current - is it matching the grid+X% by consistantly monitoring voltage at the terminals and making sure that generated Voltage is higher?


R2000 asked
warwick commented ·

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MultiPuls 24/3000 230V in US @208V 60Hz ?


I have the European version of the Multipuls connected to the VE Bus Multicontrol. The spec says input power 180V - 265V and frequency 45Hz - 65Hz. If I connect to a 208V/60Hz landline in US, will all output be 230V/50Hz or will the inverter only charge the battery and forward landvoltage and frequency ?

As I have several 230V applliances, I want to verify. Any chance to configure ?

Regards Johannes asked

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Phoenix Inverter earth

I have a 12 1200 phoenix inverter that I have installed in my van. I have the chassis lug connected to the van.

I am going to be building a solar generater in a box that will be portable. What should I do with the chassis lug as I can't connect it to my van. Also if I disconnected the lug would I then not bother connecting earth in my 3 pin AC plug

Thanks in advance

Dudarus1 asked

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Phoenix Inverter + Venus GX + Pylontech/BYD?

Hello I have a client who wants to purchase a Phoenix 3000 Smart Inverter, they currently have a 48V battery bank. If my client purchases a GX device such as the Venus will they one day be able to upgrade to Pylontech or BYD batteries even though the Phoenix 3000 Smart uses VE.Direct and not VE. Bus like the multiplus?

I found the below link in the community but the answer was about the multiplus not about the Phoenix.

I'm assuming the answer is *no* since the below link says all VE. Bus Inverter *are* compatible.

SparkPoint Solar asked
Powerboy commented ·

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Phoenix 12/375 remote switch not working

Just bought a Phoenix 12/375 and want to use my Smart Battery Protect to control the remote switch on the inverter. The inverter is connected directly to the battery and a cable from the SBP output is connected to the left hand terminal of the remote switch.

Do I leave the remote link wire in place or should this be removed?

Lydart asked
Lydart commented ·

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Configuring Phoenix 24/3000 inverters for parallel operation


I'm planning to install a pair of Phoenix 24/3000 inverters for parallel operation and not finding enough detailed documentation on the configuration process. I've already got one of the two inverters on line, remote control via CCGX, VRM portal is working, bidirectional comms are working, I can do the config file download/upload thing, VEConfig 3 is installed on my computer.

I'm also aware of the need for firmware matching (read all the posts on that, especially from Phil Gavin)

Can someone please point me to the actual documentation for these configurations? There's supposedly a video but Victron says you need an installer account to get to it.

I just need the info on how to put the configuration to each inverter, and maybe a schematic of what Victron expects for per-inverter circuit protection. I'm planning on a 30 amp two pole circuit breaker at the output of each inverter before they are joined but it would be nice to see this confirmed in Victron specifications.

The VEConfig app contains absolutely no mention of paralleling. Perhaps the features are hidden unless there are actually two or more inverters present in the system? That's understandable if so, but completely undocumented.

All the docs I've read claim to contain all the details for configuring parallel and three phase modes, but fall short of actually doing so, or just point a finger at another document. Or they end up saying "this is too complex for the end user. You must hire an installer to do this".

True, parallel and multiphase AC system are complex but the rocket science is already in the blue boxes. I've spent my career building complex power systems and written the software for them including paralleling inverters and all that. I know the science behind this. I should not need to hire anyone to do it for me.



Chris Barber asked
Chris Barber answered ·

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How can I set the DC Input low shutdown lower than the default?

I have the Quarto 48v/5000 inverter with Tesla batteries configured at 48 volts. My Inverter shut off when I hit 37 volts, I believe. How can I set the DC Input low shut-down lower than 37.20 volts?


20 volts?

robmoors asked
Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

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Phoenix 12/3000 parallel running individually

Hello people, I have 2 victron Phoenix 12/3000 I recently purchased for my boat. One wasn’t quite enough to handle my cooktop and oven if both running maxed out. I probably could have got by with just one but I like the thaught of redundancy. I’m still not sure if to run them parallel or on seperate ac circuits. If I parallel the units do they both have to be on to operate? Or if I’m not going to be using much power can I just turn the master on and leave the slave off? Just a thought I had and couldn’t find an answer in my reading so far



WildGoose asked
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Welche Sicherung Phoenix 12V - 800W?

Bau gerade ne Inselsolaranlage auf und hab mir den Phoenix 12V - 800 W Wechselrichter gekauft. Nun frag ich mich, was für eine Sicherung ich zwischen Batterie und Wechselrichter einbauen sollte. Wenn ich 800W/12V teile komme ich auf 66A. Dann würde ich ne 70A Sicherung benutzen. Aber hauts die dann raus, wenn ich ne Bohrmaschine oder Flex mit hohem Anlaufstrom einsetzen würde? Da die Spitzenleistung laut Datasheet ja 1500W beträgt beim Phoenix 800/12

Jochen asked
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Quattro 48/5000/70 Online Monitoring

Could you please advise with the best monitoring tool for Quattro 48/5000/70 could provide online or offline monitoring without installing color control GX? also, is there any possibility for internal data logging built-in with the inverter?

Basheer Alzedaar asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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Phoenix 12/375 not showing any load in the app

I use Phoenix 12/375, together with VictronConnect. VictronConnect shows no load on the "speedometer" nor in percent. All firmware is up to date.

I can use both Iphone and Mac to turn the inverter off and on.

zapp999 asked
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