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Octo Connection / Wifi Issues

Team... setting up a new system and upon initial setup I could see the Octo Wifi and was able to pull up the remote access. I then tried to connect the Octo to my local Wifi network. The remote panel froze. I repowered the Octo and now I get one solid green light, one flashing green light and I can't see the Octo Wifi. There doesn't seem to be a bluetooth option either. I'm stuck... is there a way to fully reset with these buttons? How can I get it to broadcast again? Any push would be appreciated.

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ET112 connected to OctoGX via RS485

Hi community,

I've connected one ET112 to the RS485 port of the OctoGX. But on the console in the section "Energy Meters" nothing appears. So my question is, should that work? I'm asking because I've nowehere found any manual how to connect an ET112 to the native RS485 port of the OctoGX.


matthias-roetzer asked
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Octo GX & EM24 Energy meter connection, separate USB RS485 required?

Hi !

Does the Octo GX require an USB-RS485 converter to read the EM24 energy meter or can i connect the EM24 directly to the Octo GX A,B terminals?

Thanks for your feedback!



deichel asked
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native console for Octo GX ?

Hi Community!

What I would like to do is to connect a display or Android tablet or Android mobile phone directly to the Octo GX for accessing it's native console like implemented in the the color control.

What I managed to do:

  • accessing the remote console of the Octo GX via VRM
  • connecting a tablet or mobile phone directly do the Wifi hotspot of the Octo GX and access the web based console directly

So what is the issue then:

  • the locally connected console seems to be nothing else like the remote console on VRM. If I connect via VRM, the local console session disconnects and shows the "Reconnect" Button vice versa.

So what I need:

  • a local display somehow connected to the Octo GX, showing permanently the overal system status, CCGX color console would be sufficient.

Any suggestions?

I hope I didn't miss somthing related in the manuals?

Best regards,


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VE.Bus Problem Octo GX

I've a threePhase system with three Multiplus, Pylontech battery, three Victron MPPts.

until Yesterday it works for two Years. since few weeks the warranty is expired.

Yesterday it shows some ve.bus errors: 14, 17, 10,3. After reset it works for minutes or hours, then again one of these alarms.

I changed the complete VE.Bus-Cabling.

Today the Octo can't see the Multis any more. Resetting everything, Power down reset, using the seocond VE.Bus connector of the Octo.Nothing.

All other functions of the Octo (Reading the smart meter, communication with the pylontechs, Wlan, communication with the mppts) are working.

Downgrading to 2.58. Nothing. Upgrading via network to 2.60.


when I plug the VE.Bus cable from the Multis to the Octo into my mk2 interface instead, my Laptop and the VE.Configure etc. Software can communicate with all three Multis in all ways.

It sounds to me as if the VE.Bus of the Octo is defunct. is there a possibility to Repair the Octo?

Its convienently just out of Warranty...

udo229 asked

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Can you read data from Venus GX via VE.Direct to USB interface?

Hi all

does anyone know if it is possible to read data from a Venus GX (or Octo GX) via VE.Direct to USB interface - the same way it is possible to read the data from a MPPT?

And if yes, what would happen if I connected 2 MPPTs to the GX - would it be possible to read the combined data?

Thanks in advance for your help/input

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OCTO GX looses wifi configuration

OCTO GX looses connection to Wifi when device power cycled and then does not connect to Wifi network again. Can also not see the OCTO on Bluetooth anymore. Only way to get it working again is to set up connection to Wifi network again through the normal setup process. Is it possible that the OCTO is damaged and on its way out? Please assist.

ridiq asked

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Octo GX - Only 6 ports working?

New Octo GX, updated to firmware 2.60, with 7 new smart shunts connected with ve.direct cables.

The "lower" 6 ve.direct ports work fine, the upper 4 do not. We've got 7 smart shunts - swapping cables around between different shunts and different ve.direct ports has confirmed no shunts work on the "upper" 4 ports, but they do work on the lower. Suspecting it's a hardware problem but wanted to see if it's a known thing since it seems coincidental the working ports are all on the same side. Restarting with different ports in use hasn't made a difference.


emly asked
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Advise requested on asymmetric & variable PV configuration


I’m preparing a new installation, and I have a few things I need to validate. I’ve spend numerous hours studying many sources, but I can’t find a definite answer. I also lack the required experience, which I hope you might have.

  • Use case: installation which follows me, in a sense that it can be used both @ home and while travelling (camper/expedition-truck).
  • Description: The installation would have 4 PV-arrays, which are asymmetric and not always all available.
    • Array1: 200Wp on top of truck cabin
    • Array 2A 600Wp + Array 2B 1200Wp: foldable stack on the roof of box at the rear of the truck, when folded (driving) only 2A is exposed, when unfolded (stationary) 2B is also exposed
    • Array3 2400 WP on top of my house which is only plugged in when the truck is home.
  • To validate 1: an installation with asymmetric & variable PV arrays can work well
  • To validate 2: to work well, each array needs its own MPPT to make the best of it, if & when it is available
  • To validate 3: multiple/different MPPT's will only work well in a controlled way when they can be synchronized (e.g. charge cycles), which means having plenty of VE.direct ports (when using right size/smaller/cheaper MPPT’s). Octo GX is the most cost-efficient solution which can handle it.
  • Question: A 100/20 48V MPPT (array 1 & 2 A) gets in trouble with Max PV voltage at -5°C and below, also with PV panels with rather low voltage. Is this a theoretical problem or a real problem? For example: @ -15°C for the panel to get at max V, the sun is warming it up to 5°C and the problem disappears. Or is the only safe options: A: to move to a 150/35, accepting it will be overkill 95% of the time, B:to disconnect it when it's freezing.

Obviously there are many more components in the system, but I focused on the part where my questions are, not to take more time than necessary from you.

Many thanks for your advice & opinions


PS: Added 2 simple schematics to try to clarify

Update 4/9/20: I was in touch with a Victron Partner in Belgium which has build similar and bigger things before. He validated/confirmed all assumptions. Hope this can help somebody else too. Success with your projects!



nicolas-g asked
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i was missed my octo GX wifi password

is there any possibility to get the wifi key of octo GX

kaarthik asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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Phase rotation, there are no more than 6 variants -> the warning comes with everyone

To anticipate it, the installer yesterday checked the wiring. From the house connection via the MultiACin via ACout to the loads, the same cable colors are never crossed. 35m 5x16mm² underground cables were laid from the house to the MultiPlus and back. Since no error was found, Ve.Configure tried all 6 ways of assigning the phases:

1-2-3, 1-3-2, 2-1-3, 2-3-1, 3-1-2, 3-2-1 for all there was a phase rotation warning if the MultiPlus tried on the grid back.

Three-phase motors have the correct direction of rotation both in inverter operation and in mains operation (manual switchover possible via switch). We have no idea

Hannelore Winter asked
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Is the preferred connectivity to a Raymarine MFD changing?

I am poised to buy a Raymarine Raynet to Ethernet cable to connect my MFD to an Octo GX as per the current documentation but a recent blog post about firmware version 2.40 in the GX suggests that connection should be made using a VE Can to NMEA 2000 cable.

Which is the preferred method to use the Victron App on the Raymarine MFD?

Tim Chapman asked
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Octo GX has only two VE.Direct ports working.

We have an Octo GX with 4 SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/15 units connected via VE.Direct cables. The two connected to the VE.Direct ports at the very top communicate normally, but the remaining MPPT devices connected to any other VE.Direct port don't show up in the display. We have swapped the MPPT devices as well as cables in various combinations and it seems that all the VE.direct ports except the top two aren't functioning. The Octo GX firmware is 2.33, the MPPT firmware is 1.39.

rossing asked
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Octo GX VE Direct cables


I am getting feedback from installers that the right angled VE Direct cables will not fit into the VE Direct Ports of the Octo GX, all but 2 ports are unusable with these cables. This is not mentioned on the manual.

Has anyone else had this issue?

stevo07 asked
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OctoGX RS485 Energy Meter for Loads only

Good Evening,

I would like to know how I could go about assigning a Carlo Gavazzi EM24DINAV53DISX connected via RS485 to an OctoGX as a Load only Meter situated downstream of an Off-grid Victron Quattro, Genset and Fronius installation?

Is there an option under Role that allows it to act as a Reporting only Meter?

I don’t want it to perform any control functionality and the system will not be set up as an ESS system.

Kind Regards


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MPPT off state using Octo GX


We have an installation with 4 VE Direct MPPTs and an Octo GX. 3 of the 4 MPPTs are in a constant off state as shown in the photo. Second photo shows that they have an appropriate PV voltage and the battery SOC is only 30%.

We have tried switching the VE direct cables and also different VE direct ports on the Octo but it is always the same 3 units in the off state. The firmware was updated on all units and there is no error state on any of them.

Any ideas?



stevo07 asked
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How many MPPTs 250/100 can be connected to a Venus GX

The plant have in total 128 x 330w panels, with 16 panels per MPPT = 8 x MPPT 250/100's. The recommendation we got is that we will need Octo GX to connect so many MPPTs.

The rest of the plant are:

  1. 3 x Quattro 15,000 (One per Phase)
  2. 8 x Incell Lithium 5kWh batteries
  3. We busy installing a BMV702

Wessel Wessels asked
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Is possible to connect or combine Octo GX with CCGX?

Estamos tratando de conectar 5 controladores solares inteligentes 250/100 a la red victron, y el cliente también quiere un control de color como pantalla en la placa. ¿Es posible conectarlos para el mismo sistema? Aprovechando la capacidad de los puertos de OctoGX y el rendimiento visual del Color Control.

hugo-rojas asked
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Octo GX Wifi problem

Hi All.

My client has installed an octo GX and accidently switched off the WIFI connection to it.

We are trying to find out what is the best way to connect to it via LAN as it needs a Subnet Mask and a gateway.

I tried the Venus GX Lan settings on the laptop but it does not allow it.

We have held in the reset button and that does not work.

My client is 7 hours away from me and is battling on the site.

What is the best way to get the Octo GX back onto Wifi to change settings and connect it to the clients Wifi

domonic asked
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Multiplus (or PV support assistant) freeze and need restart

Hi everyone,

I have an AC coupled off-grid system: MultiPlus 48/5000, 6kW solar panels, grid-type solar inverter Schneider Conext RL 5kW, 20kWh of lithium batteries.

Multi creates a grid and uses "PV inverter support" assistant to shift frequency and control solar inverter. Solar panels generate electricity and through inverter feed my house and charge lithium batteries. Everything works almost fine. However there were three incidents.

Sometimes, when battery is full and Multi (or PV assistant) increases frequency to 52.40 Hz, which commands solar inverter to reduce output power to minimum, Multi (or PV assistant) gets stack in that condition and does not reduce frequency even if battery goes down-down in SOC. At the same time, Multi takes power from batteries and provide energy for the house. It just does not change battery as solar panels do not provide enough energy for that.

It happens three times so far. It was on 2624431 and 2624430 firmware. The only way I know to get out of this condition is to physically switch off and switch on Multi, which is not always possible as I might be away. I suspect that "freeze" happens when there is a relatively high jump in energy generation (partly cloudy day with clouds going on and off panels) and jump in power consumption.

Two questions:

1. Is it possible to fix somehow?

2. Is there any equipment that would allow me to monitor frequency and restart Multi through internet? I have Color GX and use monitoring on victron server but it does not show frequency and does not allow to do anything through internet (or I miss something and don't know how to do it). I have seen a new product - Octo GX - that looks to be designed for monitoring and control through internet. Would it help me to restart Multi?

Thank you, Tim

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Octo GX, MPPT connection Capabilities


I am a bit confused by the Spec on the Octo GX. Apparently the documentation is still being developed. Currently our set-up includes 9 to 14 MPPT's depending on the project.

The flyer comparing the different controller capabilities indicates that the maximum number of MPPT's connected to the Octo unit is 10 by Ve.Direct connection.

The Documentation seems to indicate that they are 15 VE Direct ports on the unit. 12 inside, 3 on the top.

1) Is 10 the real limit?

2) Is the limitation a software limitation and the Extra port can be use to connect other devices like BMV, Multi and the like?

3) Is there any restriction into which of the 15 ports can be used for the MPPT?

4) If 10 is the limit through the Ve Direct input, any chance to get extra MPPT's through the USB port.

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