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How can you control relays using temperature data?

As lithium batteries become more popular and they are inherently more sensitive to temperature (both hot and cold), there is an increasing need for relay controls to manage it.

These controls should be accessible via Venus and the Multi programming. They should be able to use the various temperature sensors, either provided by the multi's-probe, temp sense connected to VGX, BMV-712 temp sensor, or that communicated from the battery BMS via CANbus.

This relay can then be used to trigger airconditioning, fans, heatpads, alarms or other circuits and contactors.

Each battery has different temperature requirements, so the programming function needs to be flexible, eg on/off at specific degree, minimum time open/closed, option for time based control, also state of charge thresholds (so you don't flatten a nearly empty battery running a heater when it's not needed).

Advanced next level features could include things like only activate when there is surplus solar available, so batteries are not discharged themselves.

Can anyone think of any other elements of importance when thinking about designing a feature like this?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Venus GX tank sensor custom name

Hi there, I have two tank sensors connected to the Venus GX (most recent FW version 2.32). I am programming some logic with Node-Red. The Tank Sensor node tells me: "Multiple tank sensors were found with the same name. You can set a custom name for the device in Venus settings."

I looked through all the venus settings pages via Console on LAN - but nowhere found an option to change the device names of "Generic Tank Input (1)" or "... (2)".

Somebody has an advice?

Thx. in advance,

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