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Help chosing the right MEGA Fuses for this set up

Hi everyone. I am having some doubts about which fuses should I chose for this set up and I would like to know opinions.

The set up is:

-4x Pylontech 2,4kWh US2000

-Multiplus II 48V 5000VA

-MPPT 250V100A

-Lynx Distributor for the mega-fuses

-3S3P 490Wp (Voc 153,9V Isc 36,42A)

I have been checking some videos and I see 3 mega fuses that I would need:

-For the battery bank: 125A? Checking these q&a I determined this is the right one needed.

-For the MPPT: xxA?

-For the MPII: 200A? According to the Manual, page 11 4.2, says 200A recommended DC fuse.

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks a lot

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peut on modifier la puissance de chargement avec générateur

Bonjour avec 3 lots (48v) de 4 batterie amg 155ah lorsque la charge est faite avec un générateur thermique de 4500w et que le mutiplus et seulement en mode charge,le bmv affiche 1500w. Est-il possible d'augmenter la puissance de charge pour réduire son temps ? Ve config? Autre?

Merci d'avance

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Isolation Transformer Mounting

Can the 7000 Watt Isolation transformer bo mounted sideways? Meaning the back is mounted on a vertical wall with the glands of the cables facing right and the top of the unit facing left. Or can it be mounted on a horizontal surface lying on its back? Thanks, Ken Hargreaves

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SOC not working on Multiplus 2 48/5000/70

I have just setup my new Multiplus. The SOC just reads NA. Looking at the battery monitor in the remote console it says automatic. I have tried changing that to Multiplus as well as it still says N/A.

As its brand new (only been running a few hours does it take time to come up with a reading? I dont have a BMV or anything just the Multiplus 2.

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Multiplus 2 s'arrête avec batteries LifePo4

Bonjour à tous,

Désolé par avance pour la présentation à rallonge mais il va falloir je pense que je détaille mon installation si je souhaite avoir de l’aide.
Actuellement, j’ai installé :
- 3600Wc de panneaux PV groupés en 3 groupes de 4 panneaux branchés sur MO en série
- La sortie du premier MO est raccordé sur le compteur électrique de mon cabanon de jardin (pompe piscine + equilibreur PH)
- Le compteur électrique de mon cabanon de jardin est raccordé à mon tableau électrique principal dans la maison
- Multiplus 2 48/3000 installé dans la maison raccordé comme suit :
- AC In : arrivée EDF
- AC Out : départ du tableau électrique principal
- Sonde de courant externe branché autour de la phase du réseau
- BAT : 16 cellules LifePo4 280Ah
- Gestion de l’équilibrage par SMART BMS
- Gestion de la tension globale : BMV-700

Un schéma de mon installation


Le 12/11/2020, je raccorde tout :
- Réseau EDF au AC In du Mutliplus 2
- AC Out au tableau électrique de la maison

Basculement de l’alimentation du tableau électrique principal de l’EDF vers le Multiplus 2 avec un peu de soleil, il est 10h et les paneaux produisent environ 800W (temps nuageux dans le Sud de la France):
- AC Out du Multiplus 2 : -384W -> ca me parait pas déconnant, la maison consommant à peu près 400W à vide
- Batterie : statut : Conversion


Je fais des essais en branchant divers appareils électrique (disqueuse, aspirateur…) pas de soucis puis après 10 minutes, le Multiplus 2 s’arrête puis redémarre, puis s’arrête.
Depuis je n’ai rien essayé d’autre.

Je mets aussi quelques photos des paramètres du Multiplus pour voir ce n'est pas la que je me suis planté.

Merci à tous ceux qui liront ce sujet et apporteront une réponse à mes questions










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Considering a Victron MultiPlus IP21 24-500 10-16


I'm considering the small Victron MultiPlus IP21 24-500 10-16 in the following setup and I'd like to verify with you if my understanding is correct before I buy. Let me explain;


I installed 6 ~ 24v 105w Solarpanels in series/parallel connected to a Victron 100/30 MPPT

The solar charger charges a single Jehu 24v 700w (~ 24Ah) 70x18650's Lithium pack, monitored with a BMV 702 (with BT dongle). In addition a LoRa Victron Monitor (for the freak in me).

Discharging is done by means of a cheap Chinese MPPT Grid-Tie inverter and to protect my Lithium pack I use a constant voltage DC-DC converter and a 24v battery protect, otherwise the Chinese inverter suck the live out of my battery pack in a matter of time.

As such I want to replace the Chinese Grid-Tie inverter with the small MultiPlus and during off-peak hours recharge the pack again.

Basically, right sizing my energy consumption versus production to an equal level of almost zero.

Grid is Dutch and the MPPT can charge the pack in a approx 4hours on a sunny day, so I got some room to extend the Jehu pack. (as 24Ah is quite small)

I appreciate your reply,



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Zigbee LED and Push Buttons

Trying to setup an ET112 meter with a Zigbee RS485 and Zigbee USB pair. I have followed the instructions at this link but I am not having any success in establishing a connection. The system is using a MultiPlus II GX for connection of the Zigbee USB converter.

As it is not working out of the box, as I thought it would, I'm trying to figure out what the LED lights are telling me is wrong but I can't find any information on this. I also can't find any information on how to use the pushbuttons to try and manually establish a connection or reset.

I'm getting a constant blue LED on the Zigbee USB but no blinking of the TX/RX led as the instructions suggest.

The distance is about 15m from one side of the building to the other. There are some internal walls but with a range of 1600m I'm hoping that this is not causing an issue.

So the questions are; how do I use the pushbuttons and how should the LED's be when a connection is established?

Thank you for any assistance.

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What happens when you power a multiplus off in a parallel installation?

In rare cases I need some extra power, but mostly not. So I'd like to be able to switch off the second multiplus (not multiplus ii) in a parallel installation, in order to save some (battery) energy. If more power needed, I'll switch on the second Multiplus.

Is this possible? And must that second multiplus be the slave, or can it also be the master?

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Ethernet to Wifi Adapter

Is there a plug and play ethernet to wifi adapter that anyone can suggest for use with a MultiPlus II GX? I know I can use the ASUS USB to wifi adapter but I'm short on USB ports, already have a 4 port USB expander and don't want to overload it with too many connections.

The Ethernet port is available but I am unable to run a direct cable so I'm thinking that I could plug an ethernet to wifi adapter into the MultiPlus ethernet port and connect to the building wifi that way. The inbuilt wifi in the Multiplus II GX is not detecting the building wifi.

Any links to a suitable device please? Thank you.

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MultiplusII + Pylontech during issue

i loved my Multiplus2 + Pylontech installation during the summer. Most of the excess PV power was stored and i could use it easily during the night.

But now we have winter and almost no sun. so the SOC goes below 30% easily and i receive warnings,....

As i do not want to recharge the battery from grid as it seems like nonsense to me, my question is - how are you dealing with such situations. Is it best to charge the batteries to some decent value and turn off the overall installation for few weeks until in February its getting better?

Anyone can tell me on top what a #1 or a #7 means in the venus GX webgui next to the inverter. NEver have seen this before during summer, and i was wondering what it could mean.

Regards and thanks a lot


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How to schedule ESS charging from excess PV

Hi there,

Presently I have a 48v 400AH lifepo4 bank, batrium BMS connected to a Multi 2 5000 GX with the 100A CT on my house mains. For charging I have 1600W of solar through a 250/60 Smart Solar, and on AC in I have 11.5KW of DC installed on a SolarEdge SE8000, which is limited to a 5kwh export through the day.

Originally I got quite excited when I saw the ESS menu had a scheduled charger, but from what I've read it only seems to be a forced charge designed to feed the batteries from the grid in the morning.

What I'm wanting to do is configure my system so that it only starts charging from excess AC solar after around 9:30-10AM and continues to charge till around 5PM - that way I can use the full potential of my exported system, and still continue to charge off DC beforehand. I've tried using the scheduler to set it up this way, but it's currently 7:05 and my batteries are being charged by my 8KW system...

Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing, as this would be brilliant!



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Kurzschlußstrom MultiPlus-II zu gering

Wir haben einen MULTIPLUS-II 48/5000 montiert, der durch von einer PV-Anlage gespeisten Batterie versorgt wird.

Der MultiPlus-II arbeitet in dieser Inselanlage (kein Netzanschluss eines Energieversorgers) eigentlich einwandfrei.

Allerdings regelt sich die Ausgangsleistung nach dem Verbrauch der Anlage, was zur Folge hat, daß der für eine sichere Abschaltung einer 10A Sicherung nicht genügend Kurzschlußstrom vorhanden ist.

Wir haben dies getestet und einen Kurzschluss an einer Steckdose erstellt.

Sicherung löste nicht aus.

Zwar geht der Wechselrichter auf Störung was ja immerhin etwas ist, aber eigentlich sollte die Sicherung innerhalb der vorgeschriebenen 0,4 Sekunden auslösen.

Wie kann man den MultiPlus-II einstellen, das dieser immer so viel Leistung erbringt, daß der benötigte Kurzschlußstrom zum fließen kommt um einen sicheren Betrieb der elektrischen Anlage zu gewährleisten?

Vielen Dank im voraus für eure Antworten.

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L3 overload with practically no load.


I have 3-phase system build on EasySolar-II GX (phase L1), 2x Multiplus-II (phase L2 and L3)

There is no ESS assistant loaded only Two-signai BMS.

First time this system reported overload on phase L3 twice.

It happened when there was grid loss for less than a minute.

System is under development and there is practically no load (50-60W)

Why this overload happen?



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GX Compatibility with Murata Fortelion


We plan to build an ESS system comprised of a Multi II GX and a couple of IJ1001M Fortelion Murata batteries. These batteries are relatively unknown and we do have first hand experience with them, so we'd have two questions please to Victron tech teams :


- Can you confirm the good functionning of the Murata system with latest Venus OS ?

- Which specific CAN BMS cable should we use ? Type A or B?

We heard that some improvements regarding communication with Murata were made with Venus OS 2.53v. We have been told however that one user experienced communication issues with the GX, we just need to double check before we move forward with that project...

Thanks in advance for the insights !

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Multiplus 12/3000 120v

I lost power today here in a Florida RV park. I went to check the shore connection, all good. My EMS showed all good as well. But, no ac, no outlets work, inverter or otherwise. But I do have power coming in. However, my refrigerator will only run on propane and my air conditioner won’t run either. So I have no 120v.
I checked my settings, inverter on, I hear the clicks when I turn them on and off via Bluetooth.
I have a couple of Battleborn lithium batteries so I have plenty of 12 volt power. But I won’t have coffee in the morning...and it’s still hot in Florida so I need air conditioning.

Could I have blown my mega fuse? I do not have a multimeter.
I’m very puzzled. I’ve had this system for over a year and this is my first issue.

Any ideas?



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Multiplus II GX enable ESS Mode 3

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to enable ESS Mode 3 with a Multiplus II GX.

In Ve Configure I set the GridCode and configured Inverter/Charger and added the Assistant "ESS".

I've send the settings to the Multiplus.

On the web interface of the CCGX unter Settings -> ESS is just shown "No ESS Assistant found".

Tried reboots and made a fw update to 2.33.

What did I wrong or what did I missed?

Final goal:

Have a "dump" bidirectional inverter for charging / discharging over Modbus like here:

in Mode 3.

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Usage of assistants for programmable inputs, outputs, AC Out 2 etc.

I'm trying to learn more about how assistants work and how they can be programmed to do various things without a GX panel (just a plain simple Multiplus II 48/3000). Like taking inputs or giving outputs via the various green terminals, and by controlling when or when not to use AC Out 2.

I have thought of a few scenarios that can be useful which I wonder if can be achieved, and wonder if someone can point me in the right direction:

Usage scenario 1: Switch off all loads, and run only refrigerator in search mode.

I have a solar powered cabin where I turn off all loads when I leave but want to be able to run the fridge in "search mode" when leaving. I am wondering if this can be achieved by connecting just the refrigerator to AC Out 1, and the rest of the cabins loads to AC Out 2, with an external switch to switch between "present mode" (AC out 1 & 2 outputs on, without search mode) or "refrigerator mode" (only AC out 1 enabled, in search mode to save power)

Usage scenario 2: Disconnect unneeded loads like hot water tank during peak usage to prevent overload.

Since the multiplus can take some overload before it shuts down, I'm thinking that it may be possible to shut down some non-essential loads once an overload is detected, to prevent a shutdown. For example if there is a hot water tank connected to AC out 2, and someone powers up a high power load (like a kettle, hairdryer, vacuum etc) on AC out 1, it disconnects the hot water tank from AC out 2 when an overload is detected, then reconnects once the load returns to normal to prevent shutdown due to overloads.

Usage scenario 3: Switch on or off based on input from a charge controller

For example when the batteries are full, or when there is sufficient sunlight to power the inverter "directly" from solar without draining the battery, it could be nice to switch the inverter on to power some "dump loads"

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Multiplus 24/3000 disconnects Onan 4k generator


Similar to several other customers, I am having trouble getting my Multiplus to accept AC input from my generator.

I have the 24/3000 w/ a single AC input. No problem when connected to Mains/Grid, but when I am off grid, and power up the Onan 4k generator, the Multiplus continuously connects the input and then disables it (over and over).

Reading the AC input data (thru Venus GX or Mk3-USB), it would appear that both voltage and frequency are well within limits. When I bypass the Multiplus, the generator comfortably supplies sufficient power to the Forest River motorhome.

In accordance with available guidance, I have attempted to:

-disable UPS mode

-enable DCC

-enable Weak AC

-lower maximum input current (generator should be capable of 30a continuous on 120V)

Thank you in advance for any advice you could offer.


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Blue power 2 (2012) do not work with my new Multiplus 24/3000/70

Blue power 2 (2012) do not work with my new Multiplus 24/3000/70, can I update BBP2 or can i by a new BPP2 ? Will my old battery controller ( 2012) work with a new BPP2 ?

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Multiplus II / Muliplus II GX for 12V?

Hi there. I'm planning a charger/inverter upgrade on our trawler and like the new Multiplus II GX. Sadly, it appears to only be available for 24/48V at this time. Can anyone confirm this is true and if so does Victron have a 12V version on the product roadmap?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Mounting a new MultiPlus 800 VA or 1200 VA in a caravan

I have a problem with the space in my caravan. There is not enough space to mount the Multi vertical at the wall. I read, that horizontal is not the best option. But I can mount it on the ground or on a slope board. What is the better option. Thanks for helping!


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Support for 2011 Multiplus 48/5000/70 not repairable any longer?

My 2011 Multiplus 48/5000/70 has been experiencing some shutdowns with temp alarms and irregular functioning. The distributor who installed it (in Spain) is telling me Victron does not repair equipment built before 2012 and wants to sell me a new inversor/charger. Is he being honest? Thanks for your help

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proposed ways to control 'ignore AC Input'


building a larger and more complex system (including 3Phase, Solar, CHP machine etc.) i would like to, by software, force the 3 MPII (one on each phase) to enter the 'ignore AC Input' state in order to make sure no power is feed back. The main parameter is the SOC which should drive that state change. I would like to avoid physical relays and cables and use the existing communication between the GX device (Cerbo in my case) and the MP systems. What is the best/easiest/safest way to accomplish this ?

best regards,


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Multiplus 24/3000 power pulse when generator switchover takes place

I have a multiplus 24/3000 and when the generator comes on (relay in the mppt) and the inverter switches from inverting to charging, i get a power surge through they system (LED lights get bright for a second) - now this pulse in power is turning off my generator. Help!

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Multipass 24/3000 shuts down when disconnected from shore power

My Multipass 24/3000 was installed this past summer. Everything has been great until two weeks ago.

Recently, I went to use my boat and after unplugging from shore power, engines start etc. I noticed the breaker for the inverter was not illuminated, but the breaker was on and had not tripped. Before starting the boat, AC/DC panel showed inverter breaker operating and illuminated. The inverter is left in charge only when connected to shore. The color control GX showed no alarms or issues.

With the engines operating the port side steering was not functioning but starboard size was. (Boat uses jet drives with buckets and joystick steering). After a few minutes trying to trouble shoot, I started the generator and then the breaker switch for the inverter became illuminated and now both port and starboard steering began to work.

The alternators on both engine were replaced during the Multipass install and everything had been working without issue.

Summary: the Multipass 24/3000 only is working when connected to shore power or receiving generator power source. It does not work when the engine is running.

What am I missing that may cause this?

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Multiplus & Autotransformer terminal/bolt sizes

I am trying to find the correct bolt/terminal sizes for the Multiplus 230V 5000VA and Autotransformer 100A. I have found scattered information in different manuals and am getting a bit frustrated. Can anyone point me to the correct documentation where this is available.

i.e. AC Input and Output, ground (internal and case), battery connections...etc

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Multiplus II PMP482305010 rev 08 and rev 09 parallel compatibility

Hello!, are the 08 and 09 hardware revision of the PMP482305010 fully compatible for a parallel setup?

Best regards.

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PMP482305010 hw rev 14 changes

Our manufacturer received PMP482305010 with hardware revision 14.

Do you know if we can still use 2629470.vff to update the firmware on inverters with hardware revisions 14?

Are there any wiring requirement changes we should be aware of?

Where could I find more information on hardware revision changes?

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My BMS tells MultiPlus-II not to charge or discharge but MultiPlus-II ignors it.

MP-II has the proper assistant loaded.

BMS indicates that is telling MP-II not to charge o discharge, but I see current going back and forth on the battery.


Is keeping the battery at "Float" voltage not considered charging or discharging?


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Power quality, from generator, limiting charge... Solutions?

I just closed a thread 'Bat temp OK, charge still limmited...?'

Here which is a preamble to this one.

I have now identified two issues I need to understand / fix

a. The weal AC setting is applying a 2kW charge limit and I dont know why.

b. My generator will not stay connected when weak AC is off and I need to understand specifficall what limits are being checked so I can fix this.

Given that I do not know what aspects of the AC are being checked or what limits are in play I dont know what to try and fix.
I am fairly confident tht the power quality problem is my generator, as opposed to the charger being fessy, but there is some sort of interaction between the two that upsets both.

I have added some chokes to L & N respectively which have helped considderably but not fixed the issue. Adding a comon made choke didnt help.

However I do not know the value of the unts as they are hand wound on scrounged up cores. I do know the value is importent and would be based on what exactly I am trying to fix. Thus not knowing either is a big issue.

Depending on the core periability, unknown, the two I have connected are likely to be between 4 & 12 mH and as they are green epoxy I suspect 12.

I am clearly on the right track but what I have is at best a bodge and at worst could do dammage. I need to find / design a solution propperly and to do that I need to understand precisly what needs fixing.

For now Weak AC will be going back on.

I need to know the switching frequency of the charger.
I need to know what AC waveform artifacts are considdered Poor.
I need to find out / work out what value of choke is likely to work best.
I need to know if a small bypass capacitor, probably between chokes, will help and if so decide on a value.

I am also aware that what I have done may not be a good way to go in the first place and I would be interested in anything anyone can suggest with respect to the problem in general.

Given that there is a charger setting designed to counter poor power quality from generators I am assuming it is relativly common issue.
If the built in solution wasn't hobbling my charge rate I wouldnt be asking about waveforms and chokes...

My goal is to get to the full 70A DC, which is around 3.5kW, and well within what the generator can supply with losses and power factor taken into considderation.

Any and all help or advice would be very much apriciated...



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