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MultiPlus II overload on grid failure

I have a MuliPlus II 5kVA 48V which I installed to mitigate regular load shedding. The system has been idle for about 6 months after which it has had a trial by fire of about 20 events in the course of 2 weeks. It handled everything great except for on 2 occasions where the MultiPlus tripped and reported an overload as the grid failed. In both cases the load was minimal at the time of the trip +- 200W. In both cases I reset the system and reconnected the exact same load and the system came up fine.

Can anyone explain how this can happen? Is it possible for the grid itself to cause something that is reported as overload condition?

A portion of the cable run that feeds the Multiplus power from the grid shares a conduit with the cables that return power to the house. Could this be an issue (ie an induced eddy current)?

Thank you.

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MultiPlus-II discharging to grid slows down and even stops (before minumum SoC is reached)

I am discharging to the grid at a rate of up to 35A@48V. But as the voltage of the battery goes down, the discharge rate goes down and eventually stops completely. Here are a few screenshots of the readings on the GX device.

The battery voltage can be between 36.0V (0% SoC) and 50.4V (100% SoC). Battery is approx. 10 kWh @48V (220 Ah).

The minimum SOC (unless grid fails) is set to 10%.

The grid set point is set to -500 W.



As you can see, the battery voltage is 40.5V, so there is energy left in the battery...

I have set dynamic cut-off values to 39.0V (0.005C), 37.5V (0.25C), 36.9V (0.7C) and 36.0V (2C).

Sustain voltage is set to 36.0V (during the first 24 hours) and 39.0V (after 24 hours).

My question has two parts (that are probably related):
1. why does it slow down so much (only 2.4A discharge rate @ 40.5V)
2. why does it stop discharging?

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MPPT only charging battery and not supplying loads

Hi everyone

My setup is a grid-connected Multiplus 2 with a SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 and 19.2kwh of Pylontech batteries. I also have an ET340 meter connected

I only want the batteries to kick in during a blackout so "keep batteries charged".

The issue is the MPPT will only come on when it needs to charge the batteries and doesn't supply any PV to the loads during normal daytime operation, as seen below, the PV is only charging the battery when there are tons of loads that need solar. This stays like this all day, never going over 150w unless the batteries dip down and it cranks up to it's 5kw so I know the PV is working.

I have DC feed-in enabled as well.


Does anyone know why the solar won't feed the loads?


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Need some help translating charge parameters for SOK LiFePO4 batteries...

VE people -- I bought some batteries and the charge parameters they sent me don't use the same terminology as is listed on my Multiplus "charging" configuration page. SOK lists "boost" charging as a setting. However, when the Multiplus is tagged for Lithium, the config fields are listed as "absorption voltage and absorption duration." Does [SOK] Boost Voltage/Duration = [VE] Absorption Voltage/Duration? From SOK: Over Voltage Disconnect 14.7 V Charging Limit Voltage 14.6 V Over Voltage Reconnect 14.6 V Equalize Charging Voltage shut off or 14.4 V Boost Charging Voltage 14.6 V Float Charging Voltage 13.6 V Boost Reconnect 13.3 V Low Voltage Reconnect 10 Under Voltage Warning Reconnect Voltage 11.5 Under Voltage Warning 11.5 Low Voltage Disconnect 11.0 Discharging Limit Voltage 10.5 Equalize Duration 0 Boost Duration 180 minutes

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Multiplus in ESS mode aansluiten op Belgisch net voor thuisbatterij.


Ik heb thuis een multiplus II GX aangesloten op het Net met een 10Kw lithium batterij.

Alles in mooi aangesloten zoals het in de manual beschreven staat en het systeem werkt ook gewoon perfect, Maar nu is de keuring langs geweest om het systeem te keuren en dat wilde hij niet doen omdat de omvormer in serie was aangesloten met het electriciteitsnet en niet in parallel. (Ik vertelde hem dat dit systeem enkel maar in serie kan worden aangesloten en dat alle meet apparatuur vanbinnen in de multiplus aanwezig is, en dat dit toestel aan alle veiligheids voorzieningen voldoet en gekeurd is door Synergrid belgie)

Kan iemand mij helpen met info of voorbeelden van iemand anders die dit ook zo gedaan heeft thuis, zodat ik dit kan voorleggen aan de keurder? Of heb ik zelf iets over het hoofd gezien?

In bijlage de schets van hoe het is aangesloten:



Met vriendelijke groeten


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Multiplus II Auxiliary power supply 12 V 100 mA

Hi everyone. First post here. I searched for quite some time, but couldn't find an answer.

I have an Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 working fine as an ongrid system. Just one small problem:

There is no power on the "Auxiliary power supply 12 V 100 mA" (Terminal J). Is there a fuse (wich could have blown, though there was never any load connected) or any action nedded to activate the power?

I appriciate any help!

Thank you


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MultiPlus-II grid setpoint without external grid meter

I have a MultiPlus-II that is tied to the AC grid. I recently connected it to a GX (on a Raspberry Pi 3). I already changed the configuration from Virtual Switch to the ESS Assistant. I have no grid metering connected to the GX or to the MultiPlus-II. For the moment, I want to control it manually.

Even though the grid setpoint is set to -800W to feed 800W back into the grid, it doesn't seem to have any effect and the MultiPlus-II stays in Passthru mode.



I have searched this forum and found one similar post ( that ended up to be a bug/singularity.

Mine was cause because of a GX misconfiguration.

See Q4

In ESS, the conditions for the VE.Bus system to be in pass-through (ve.bus state: passthru) are:

  1. When the GX device is no longer receiving data from the grid meter. Note that this is only for systems that are configured to have an external grid meter. See the Settings → ESS → Control without grid-meter setting.

  2. ...

So the solution seems to be simple... Simply adjust the settings.


However, there is no "without grid-meter" option in Settings > ESS > Grid metering


The "without grid-meter" option is in fact the inverter/charger option. This is quite confusing. After setting it to Inverter/Charger, the Grid setpoint works as intended.


So far so good. But as you can see in the last screenshot, the "critical loads" box disappeared.

After I changed the grid metering setting back to external meter, I got the critical loads box back for a short time while it was also feeding energy into the grid.


But then the feed in stopped. Because off course, the setting is wrong. And the register has not been written for 60 seconds.


Correcting the setting feeds energy into the grid again, but then I loose my "critical loads" box again.


I have been switching back and forth a couple of times:

- if I set it to External meter, the critical loads box shows, but grid setpoint does not work

- if I set it to Inverter/Charger, the critical loads box is hidden, but grid setpoint does work.

This looks like a (reproducable) bug in the interface to me. Can someone confirm? Or point out what I'm missing?

P.S.: in case someone notices in the screenshots, I changed the Grid setpoint from -800W to -200W during the troubleshooting.

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LOM causing problem - solution cost € 500 - feel left in the dark by Victron

Hi Victron team,

It turns out, after days of testing, that I have a LOM problem. Given the fact that I have power in the house (40 amps grid connection) and the swimming pool is still on and my Fronius inverter doesn't have this problem nor my neighbors SMA it puzzles me why Victron can't solve this. I know the technical background of the LOM, but it clearly doesn't work all the time. So why do I need to buy a € 500,- Zhiel to fix a problem that Victron has? Given the fact you refer to the LOM problems in the ESS manual, a video explaining more about it and a white paper, it must happen more often than extremely rare like mister Vader is saying in the whitepaper about LOM.

I would expect therefore more information and also a suggestion for a solution that doesn't cost 1/2 a Multiplus-II. Sadly I can't find that information nor any information about how to connect a Mains Monitoring relay. This disappoint me very much. I feel left in the dark while there are main protection relays on the market for € 50,-.

Hopefully there is more information available and is Victron willing to help finding a more affordable solution than a Zhiel? Can you please share at least the information you have?

Other question: the fact it's a new installation and LOM isn't working this means it are faulty products. Am I allowed to send everything back to the dealer and get a full refund? I just want to know if this is an option I have?


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Input current limit being exceeded - Multiplus


I have a 48/5000 Multiplus 2 with a BT Smart dongle.

I have set the Max Input Current Limit to 10a via the BT dongle but when I plug the gen set in to top up the batteries it charges at Maximum current which exceeds the generators 3,700w running capacity.


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ESS with grid parallel PV Inverter

Dear community, good morning

I have a Multiplus II GX Inverter charger configured with ESS asistant under Optimized mode.

Battery bank 48V 4 x 12V LipoFe Smart Batteries from Victron with VE.BUS-BMS.

The installation has an ET112 grid meter monitoring both Multi and load power.

Grid Set Point is set to 50W to avoid feed in the grid.

Currently I have set Schedule Charging to:

Schedule 1: Everyday Starts at 0:00 / Duration 7:00hs

Schedule 2: Everyday Starts at 7:00 / Duration 11:00hs Stop on SoC 50%

This will charge the batteries during off peak tariff from 0:00 to 7:00 am, Prevent any discharge from 11:00hs to 18:00hs and use all accumulated power during the night.

I am adding a Fronius Primo grid tie inverter with (Fronius Zero feed will be enabled).

I will change my Schedule 1 and add Stop on SoC 70% so I can take advantage of the grid tie inverter to charge the batteries.

My question is how will the system behave since from 11:00hs to 18:00hs Schedule 2 two will be running?. Will it override charge from the grid from Shcedule 2 and charge from the excess in PV Inverter?. I want to take advantage of the solar excess but prevent from charging from the grid during that time.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

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How to charge up to 80% max? Pylontech

Hello everyone. Finally I'm going to install the equipment for an off-grid and I have studied the values recommended from victron:

Absorption voltage 52.0 V
Float voltage 51.0 V

But I have read that it's much healthier for the battery to not charge it at 100%. Would it be better to charge it at less than those values?

What values is people using? I'm a bit worried for this because i trust in Victron but maybe it's better to tweak a bit those values to extend the life of the batteries. Thanks a lot.

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Can multiplus II optimize self consumption of PV AC generated energy in a 3-phase house

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-30 om 12.42.38.png

Wij zijn op zoek om onze zonnepanelen uit te breiden met een batterijsysteem van 20 kWh.
Onze solar installatie heeft 15000 Wp en zal ongeveer 12000 kWh / jaar produceren.
Ons verbruik ligt ongeveer bij 40 kWh per dag verdeeld 50% dagverbruik en 50% nachtverbruik.

We willen volgende functionaliteit :

1. backup en nood systeem in geval het net uitvalt voor een beperkte tijd (max 3à4 uur)
2. een optimalisatie van de eigenproductie voor zelfverbruik en, indien nodig, netvoeding te voorkomen

Kan de Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70-50 ons hierbij helpen en kan de victron in bijgevoegd schema ook aan zelfverbruik optimalisatie doen om het productieoverschot van onze zonneenergie overdag te consumeren s’avonds en s’nachts?

Wordt er rekening gehouden met battery-life voor de winterperiode waar we onvoldoende zelfproductie hebben om de batterij volledig te kunnen opladen? Wat doet de victron in dat geval?

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Polarity protection for mobile multiplus

Hello everyone,

the manual states(Multiplus 48/3000), that the Phase from the Grid should be connected to the Phase-In from the Inverter. Due to the mobile usage of the Inverter, the Inverter shall be connected to the Grid with a Schuko plug However the right plugging of the schuko plug is not always ensured, because you can plug the schuko plug in two ways (Not turned Phase to Phase, and turned Phase to Neutral). Does somebody know a device, that stops the current from follwing when the device is not connected properly?

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What does the CerboGX add if I have Smart Dongle, Smart Shunt, Smart Solar MPPT and Multiplus?


I'm trying to sort out if I should add a Cerbo GX. If I don't plan to use a GX touch in the system what would I be missing if have a VE.Bus Smart Dongle, a Smart Shunt 500A, a pair of Smart Solar MPPT and a Multiplus Inverter? I am accessing everything via Victron Connect over Bluetooth and use the MK3 for configuration which is disconnected once the system has been commissioned.

Would there be a better solution for monitoring these components? I'm not sure I would hook the system up to the internet for portal access except for remote support.

Thanks so much for any guidance on the best way forward.


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Problems connecting to multiplus with mk-3

Although I have in the past been able to connect just fine, after a remote panel firmware upgrade I am now unable to get past the loading data in victron connect or any other app. Seems the mk-3 is connected but cannot find the multiplus. I have tried Uninstaling the apps and drivers, and have used a second pc and dongle.

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Remote VE.Configure %%KEY_NOT_FOUND%% Error: 1303

Hi all,

I update the MP-II of one of our clients this afternoon via Remote VE.Configure.

While it seems it all worked nicely, I did get an error message and am wondering what it means.


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Matching charging parameters Multi with LFP batteries (and ESS)

Hi all,

The battery manufacturer of a system with LFP cells states:

"0.5C constant current charge to 3.65V for cell, then switch to constant voltage charge until
charge current declines to ≤0.05C"

Which absorp and float voltages would be suitable in this case for a Multi (or MPPT for that matter)? I'm inclined to use 3.65V/cell for absorp (ie. 58.4V). The ESS assistant - when allowed to update the charge settings for LFP - sets absorp to a lower 56.8V and float to 54.0V.


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How can I set a Multiplus-ii AC start up delay when AC input is connected?

Is there any setting to allow start-up delay while grid is connected to Multiplus-ii ac-input?

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Multiplus II Low Battery error on invert when SOC 100%

When Multiplus is invert mode it immediately gives low battery voltage even though the battery sense is showing 54V. The inverter is running the latest firmware. How can I determine what the problem is. I have checked all the settings from Veconfigure and Victron Connect app. I am running 4 x Narada 12NDT200 as 48V. Any advice much appreciated.






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Multiplus 2 5kW ESS Overload faults LOM?

We have 2x sites both with similar setups that the Multiplus 2 has cut out due to overload in the last two days.

Setup: Multi 2, BYD, Fronius or SMA inverters on AC out.

The overloads have both happened around 5-6 pm(high load on the grid). Both systems have had lowish battery SOC (around 10-15%) due to overcast weather the last week.

What's interesting is that on VRM the AC out power doesn't suggest the multi is overloaded. Which leads me to believe it could be because of LOM. I have looked in VE configure and they are already set to Type B.

Could this be something other than LOM or is there a fix for cutting out due to LOM?

Thanks, Dean

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Struggling with the final step.

I am setting up a system with a bmwi3 battery , multiplus ii , mppt 250/60 , mppt 150/100 and a rs450/100 . I was supposed to be doing this with my father in law who is an electrician but COVID has put paid to that for the moment. I have everything up and running the way I want it using the ESS assurant but I’m struggling with the final step of connecting it all to the house due to a lack of understanding.

I’m planning on winter months using a 4 hour cheap rate tariff to charge the battery from grid to complement the solar.

I have a et112 that I think ( correct me if I’m wrong ) needs wiring in between the main incoming fuse and my consumer unit. I’m awaiting a smart meter and isolator before attempting that :)

If correct I think I can work that one out o.k. However, I have some confusion over ac out and ac in. . I’ve read somewhere that ac in is bi-directional so am I simply running a cable from ac in to my supply after the Carlo gavazzi ? Or do I run a cable from ac out to there and a power supply in from my consumer unit ?

many help would be appreciated and if I’ve missed out any necessary information please let me know.

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ESS ohne Netzeinspeisung, EM24 benötigt ?

Hallo zusammen, folgendes Problem:

Mein System:



Venus GX

3x Pylontech Batterie

Solarleistung max 2000W

Eingestellt als ESS. Die Software ist aktuell, Update erst durchgeführt.

Da der Energieversorger mir einen neuen Zähler eingebaut hat der nun auch den eingespeisten Strom ins Netz zählt ist mir aufgefallen das der Multiplus2 nach voller Ladung der Akkus und Stromüberschuss ab und zu minimalen Strom ins Netz einspeist, was ich nicht möchte. Ich habe im Multiplus die Netzeinspeisung Aus gestellt. Würde mir ein Energiezähler wie der EM24 hier weiter helfen ? Kommuniziert dieser mit dem Multiplus2 so das absolut kein Strom mehr eingespeist wird ? Oder gibt es eine andere Möglichkeit die Einspeisung zu 100% zu verhindern ?

Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe

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MultiPlus 3000 Low Battery Light On When Battery is Fully Charged

We have a MultiPlus 3000 connected to 2x100amp hour batteries via 2/0 cabling. The DC Voltage at the battery terminal on the MultiPlus reads 13.6vDC (i.e, full battery), however when we turn the MultiPlus on, the Low Battery light turns on (static, not blinking). Why is this?

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No-break Grid Parallel ESS Possible with MultiPlus-II?

I have an RV and would like to use a MultiPlus-II + battery as a direct generator replacement. Is it possible to set up the MP-II with a single, bi-directional AC line that can perform PowerControl/PowerAssist and UPS / no-break function? Like this:


I prefer this configuration so as not to rewire the RV with a second AC line (for pass-thru) to the generator compartment. I want PowerAssist/PowerControl capabilities when connected to shore, and uninterrupted power as the shore line is removed.


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2 x MP-II 5k not working in Inverter mode, why?


I have 2 Multiplus-II 5k-70 parallel, connected to 6 x US3000, Cebro GX (2.62) and a Fronius Primo on AC-Out1. What I don't understand is why the MP-II stops working when they are connected to the grid and in 'Inverter' mode. They work when connected to the grid and in 'Charge only' mode. They also work when they are in 'Inverter' mode and NOT connected to the grid. Who can help me to find the problem why they don't work when connected to the grid and in Inverter mode? Dealer is saying they configured the Multiplus correct and can't find a wrong setting.

To test and to find the problem I exclude the cabling and the in-house circuit (also the Fronius) therefore I connected the Multiplus's directly from the Main grid circuit breaker to the Multiplus 'AC-In's (cables are same length, no fuses or busbar in between). On the AC-Out1 I directly connected a load (no busbar or breakers). When I switch the MP-II on it takes them multiple tries before connecting to the grid. When and if it succeeds the loading to the battery is very unregular and fluctuating. One of the multiplus is making a unregular fluctuating humming sound. After 2-6 minutes the MP-II shutdown (no error in the VRM portal). Sometimes they restore and sometimes they stay off.

All settings that I know of (from the manuals) are set. 'Limit Inverter Power' is switched off.

I am lost... why does it work in other modes and not when in Inverter mode?


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250 Kbits/s battery on Multiplus II-GX ?


We are installing lithium batteries with their own BMS working at 250 kbits/s using EasySolar-II GX and Multiplus-II GX units. It seems the Multiplus-II GX units do not have the 250 kbit/s baud rate option, as do all the other GX units.


Is there a way to get the Multiplus-II-GX to work at 250 kbit/s? Changing firmware perhaps?

The batteries have been tested with a Color Control GX and work fine. But it is not working with the Multiplus-II GX.

Any help is appreciated. We have 450 units of those standing by...


Jordi Faxedas

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3 phase ess with backup generator (4th Multiplus 2)


I like to build a 3 phase system with 3 Multiplus 2 an Pylontech batteries

My idea for the generator is:

* use a 4th Multiplus 2 with the 1 phase generator for charging. Does this work? Do I have more power on this phase?

* or can I use a cheap charger without CAN to charge the Pylontech with the generator?

And I have another question:

* is there a cheap way for more amps for the transfer switch (anti islanding)?

Thanks, Markus

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EasySolar II GX

I have an issue with an install of the EasySolar II.

My plan was to utilise as much of the solar to both charge the batteries and invert to the loads, with the grid connected also to suppliment excessive loads, if the batteries got too low draw additional power from the grid to topthem up and in the off chance there were excess, then export it to the grid.

The system comprises of the following components;

EasySolar-II GX 48|3000|35, SmartShunt 500A, 48V360Ah Lithium Ion Battery Bank

I have the grid on ACin1, Loads on ACout1 and solar panels solar in.

I enabled grid for Australia without external neutral, installed the ESS assistant and configured it. Whenever the grid is connected, the EasySolar only charges the batteries and runs the loads from the grid.

I left this running this afternoon thinking perhaps the EasySolar wanted to charge the batteries, not sure why considering the setting in it but never the less I thought id let it continue. At 10:30pm I notice that the power had dropped out all together.

Since this happened I have now removed the setting for Australian grid and the ESS assistant till I can work out whats wrong with the setup.

This has the EasySolar in bypass and is just charging the batteries.

Any help in sorting this out would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.



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Charging from grid/ generator still possible with LOM tripped?

On a Multiplus-II with ESS when the LOM detection rejects the grid (for example because the Generator output is not stable enough), will this automatically disable charging from the grid as well?

I understand that LOM detection disconnects the transfer relais, so there is no direct connection between AC-OUT and the grid any more. But AC quality could still be good enough as an input for the battery charger (it rectifies and afterwards regulates the input anyhow).

I was not able to find any clear answer in the docs.

I'm in the planning phase for my ESS system, so unable to test it in real life.

kaischmitz asked

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Ladeleistung Multiplus 2 48/5000 bei Generatorbetrieb

Hallo liebe Gemeinde, ich betreibe eine 9,9kW PV- Anlage und netzparallel einen Multi 2 48/5000 mit einem 600Ah Batteriespeicher. An sonnenschwachen Tagen möchte ich den Speicher gerne mit dem Generator laden, allerdings steigt die Ladeleistung nicht über ca. 2,1 kW, rund 40 A. Am CCGX und mit VE Config. habe ich sämtliche Einstellungen getestet, leider alle ohne Erfolg... Der Generator kann 12kW liefern, ist somit nicht überfordert. Weiß hier jemand Rat, wie man Richtung 70 Ampere Ladeleistung kommt, bzw. ob es überhaupt geht? Bei meinem Händler habe ich schon mehrfach angerufen, er ist auch sehr hilfsbereit, aber alle seine Ratschläge haben ebenfalls keinen Erfolg gebracht.

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