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Quatro 24/5000 with smaller than recomended 200 AH Battery Bank

I am considering a Quatro 24/5000 and have a 200 AH battle born battery bank. In the manual it says 400AH is the minimum. Would I need a soft start for this and are there any other problems that could occur from using a smaller battery bank?

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Multiplus II no load consumtion are too high

My new Multiplus II 48V 3000VA draws 0.89A at 52V when no load is connected. That is 46 watts. In the specification, it should draw 11 watts. Is my device broken?

I have double checked and triple checked with different measurement methods. And even the Multiplus and BMV tell me 0,9A.

I bought this specifically because it would only draw 11 watts compared to 40 watts that my old inverter draws as I have limited space for solar panels and the inverter need to be on 24/7.

This one draws even more than my old cheap chinese inverter.

Any suggestions? Or is it just to return the device?

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3000/120 multiplus charging at 64.9amps


My multiplus is connected to 3x200ah victron lifep04 batteries and only charges at 64.9 amps max. I have 2kw of solar running through victron MPPT Charge controllers and multiplied comes up with a total of the solar input plus the 69.4a from. The multiplus. My multi control is set to 16a.

Why am I only getting the 64.9a from the multiplus. I'd prefer 120a

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Wiring diagram for Quattro split phase with autotransformer?

We have an off-grid system with two 48/10000 Quattro inverter/chargers configured for split phase, with a battery bank and solar chargers. We also have a generator feeding the Quattros on AC input 1 when the batteries are low and the sun is not shining. We have a few 110 appliances that consume significant load, causing the legs to become unbalanced.

I'd like to add a 100 amp Victron autotransformer between the Quattros and the breaker panel so that we can balance the legs, especially when the generator is running.

The autotransformer manual has a wiring diagram for balancing two inverters in split phase, but it's not very specific -- it's more conceptual than "connect this to that". The manual also says "split phase output balancing may require some more attention", but never goes into more detail on how to do it. Does anyone have a more specific wiring diagram for balancing two Quattros with the 100 amp autotransformer?

Also, the Quattros open the ground relay when the generator is running. I've wired that up to the autotransformer so that it will drive the autotransformer ground relay. However when the Quattro is powered by the generator the ground relay is opened, which I don't think I want to happen -- the autotransformer ground relay should always be closed, as far as I can tell. Does anyone have any tips for forcing the autotransfomer ground relay to always stay closed?

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Charge Current Control Assistant not Functioning

I have a Quattro 48/8000 which runs with an MPPT BlueSolar Charger and CCGX.

In VE.Config settings, I configured the ESS assistant and, as per genset loading and grid power limitation requirements, also set 2 charge current control assistants (after the ESS). Both have fixed DC charge current limit on batteries when either AC input 1 or 2 is active. I have set the limit to 60A. But I have noticed lately that this limit is never respected, neither on grid power (ACin1) nor generator power (ACin2). DC charge currents are reaching up to 80A.

What could be the reasons for this and how to solve it?

- Does ESS have the priority over other assistants, it being the first on the list?
- Are they conflicting with each other, so none is operational?
- Firmware issues?
- "Overruled by remote" feature conflict in General>Shore limit settings?

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) your input is much appreciated.

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Virtual Switch Ignore AC not working on Multiplus with Firmware updated

Hello Dear Community and Staff,

We have a 3 phase system with Multiplus 2000VA inverters, Smart Solar Chargers, a CCGX and a Battery monitor BMV712. We want our system to use the grid only when batteries SOC is below 50% and when Load exceeds 1600W after a couple of seconds.

Somehow the Virtual Switch is doing its job for the battery SOC condition but not for the load condition, we tested with a constant 1800W for 60 seconds and the AC inpunt won't come in. This is important for us, as some loads in the house come in really fast and take the inverter inmediately to overload.

Does any have had this problem? what could be missing?

Please finde below some screenshots of the Virtual Switch configuration at VEConfigure for L1 Inverter.

Thank you!





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Helioscope Victron Product Database

I have noticed that the VICTRON Product info and specification listed on Helioscope is incorrect.

They still list the BLUESOLAR RANGE of Gridtie Inverters. Maybe Victron can be in direct contact with Folsom Labs to update and provide the correct information on you products to ensure that our simulations are correct.

You can contact Canute Haroldson -

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Quattro Inverter short circuit current

Hi, All

Our client wants to know the short circuit current delivered by victron quattro 10 kVa inverter. This is for circuit breaker selection. For example, if victron inverter can deliver 160 A short circuit current, will cause 10A, 16A sub circuit breaker trip within 400ms, a 32A circuit breaker will not trip. Does anyone know this value and or from some publish document.


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No data from pylontech battery but connection is made?

Hello all,

I have a Quattro 24/5k/120 x (2), and Cerbo GX, and (3) Pylontech compatible batteries with 400Ah for about 1200AH total. I connected per Victron's Pylontech documentation and see that the Pylontech registers as a present. I'm just not seeing any voltage, current, temps, etc...

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas where to start looking?

I've confirmed the cable pinout on CAT6 + shielding (run-length about 10'), dip switches on Pylontech batteries, CAN termination, etc...

Quattro firmware is 276 and Cerbo firmware is v.2.60

Pylontech battery reads 0s


Plytontech batteries are connected and talking - not sure if talking properly


Quattro is registering DC voltage from batteries:


High-level system schematic:


dsdon asked
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ESS with Solar grid inverter on input to Multiplus

Are there and Assistants where one can improve self consumption with a Multiplus where the Solar Grid inverter is on the input to the Multiplus and where there is no requirement to limit grid feed in power. Obviously an Energy meter and a Venus device is required. Seems to restrictive that it appears that this is not possible presently asked
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Multiplus continuous power limits with non linear loads

I am designing a solar system to charge electric lawn equipment with a Multiplus 24V 3000w. When all 3 lithium battery chargers are on they will pull 2700 Watts which is over the continuous rating. It is to my understanding that these lithium tool chargers are non linear loads. Under the specifications 3000 watts is the continuous rating for non linear loads. Am I correct in thinking that as long as the temperature is kept in check the system wont overload?

mrcc11 asked

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Line and ground, 230v

I have installed an Multiplus 3000/100/12 and only! connected 12v. I measure 230v between line and ground. Is this normal?


JonE asked
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Multiplus Quattro AC frequency Hz variations

I've been trying to get to the bottom of why we have some flickering LED downlights in our house, especially those on dimmer switches. Dimmer switches are notoriousely sensitive to frequency variations.

I've been looking at my Multi's AC Output metrics from the VRM and I noticed that the frequency can sometimes drop as low at 48.34 Hz.

According the Multi's specs, there should be about a 1% variation on the 50 Hz output, which I calculate should only go down to around 49.50 Hz.

Can anyone tell me if this frequency variation that I am having is unusual for a Multi, or is that normal? I am wondering if this points to some type of fault?

This issue is occurring when we are running off the grid on ESS settings.

See screenshot below:


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harmonics of Quattro inverter

Hi, All

Client asked us to provide harmonics testing sheet for both voltage and current to comply IEC 61000.3.6.2012 .

Anyone has idea ? Many thanks

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Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for the Quattro and smart solar MPPT

Hi, All

It is a very urgent question. Utility company need to know the MTBF for victron quattro and smart solar MPPT. All of my suppliers do not know this figure and victron staff told me to ask supplier.

Is any one know about this. It is need a document to mention this figure

Please help me

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Stacked MultiPlus Questions

I currently have a single Multiplus 12/3000 on my boat and I'm interested in adding a second to give me 240 amps of charging, 6000 watts of inverter, and redundancy in the event that one fails. This seems pretty straightforward, but I have two concerns.

1. What happens if one inverter fails? It seems as if the whole system goes down until the functioning MultiPlus is reprogrammed to operate as a single unit. Is this true? If so, stacked Multis would actually halve the reliability of the system, rather than provide redundancy.

2. Are both Multis running all the time, wasting battery power, even when the total load on the system is only a few hundred watts? Or does the slave only power on when demand exceeds what the master can provide?


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"Not in phase" message on VEConfigure Monitor

Dear Community,

We are having trouble with our virtual switch "Ignore AC Option" in our 3 phase system. We just recognized a text dipslaying "not in phase" as it can be seen on the attached image regarding de VEConfigure Monitor. Any idea what does this mean?

Thank you.



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Is there a way to "convert" a Multiplus 12/1200/50 to 24/1200/25?

Hi there, we have an exisiting 12 V system with Multiplus 12/200/50, MPPT 75/15, BMV700, and two Lead-Carbon batteries (in parallel). We are currently investigating the options to raise the DC-Voltage level to 24 V. MPPT and BMV should accept that easily, batteries could be wired in series - but how about the MultiPlus? Is there any way to "convert" that to a 24/1200/25-configuration (by dip-switches, software configuration, or whatever)?

Thx in advance.

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Life Time of Quattro and smart sloar and warranty

Hi, All

We are designing system for utility. Clinet requires infor in tender.

  1. Provide the mean time between failures (MTBF) of the equipment
  2. Can you request to send the latest warranty documentation

Just wonder where I can get them for Quttro 10 kVa and smart solar 250/100

John2019 asked
Martijn Coster (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Incorrect SOC monitoring


Till now I dind't quite succeed in having the SOC showing in console (what I think should be) correct measurements. My system has a Multi 3000/24/70-16 and 2 solar chargers, VenusGx. The discharge seems linear, from 100% going down... but the charge seems to stall and I only get to 100% after a on grid charge by the multi, and only after full absorption period.... makes a big leap from whatever stalled value it has to the 100%. In solar not even this.

So, I suspect I have incorrect values somewhere, for example in the VE Config battery monitor section:


My batteries are 730Ah, but this is the C100 value (they are OPzS). What should we use? C10 instead?

Efficiency - is this to take into account the losses on cables? Could it explain the SOC never reaching to 100% in solar?

State of charge when bulk finished, left it on default...

Since my SOC monitoring has not being very reliable, I can't use it as trigger for other functions, which I would like to do... any help appreciated.

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Is it possible to set up a split-phase 480/240 V with a European Quattro?

I need to connect from the power grid ( 2 phases at 480 V with neutral conductor) a split-phase system with two Quattro to feed a serial of street-lights at 240 V.

AndresCortes asked

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How to add another ET112 or ET340

Hi guys. I recently bought a Victron AC current sensor to measure PV inverter output but I'm missing the AUX in ports and I want to keep temperature compensation so I'm looking at alternative ways to do this. My current setup is as follows, setup as ESS, AC coupled:


I could add another ET112 as follows:


I want to use the same USB-RS485 cable if possible. I remember reading that you can't change the MODBUS address of the ET112 without software from Carlo however my CCGX devices pages appears to let me change the MODBUS ID as below:


If I change this to 30 for example, I get two grid meters on the main menu briefly, with one showing "not connected", and the other reading the grid and I can go into this new one in devices and it shows Modbus ID 30. Does this change the Modbus ID of the ET112 itself or is it a Venus OS address?

The other option is to add an ET340. I've had a look at the standard diagram for this as below:


Just looking at this, unless I'm reading it wrong, the grid metering only appears it would measure current going into/out of the multiplus and pv inverter whilst ignoring the AC load currents (are they supposed to be top right? Or are the loads expected to be connected to the AC OUT of the multiplus? which would be different to my setup so I came up with the following diagram but not sure if it is correct depending on how the CCGX is setup and what it expects in this special dual function mode:


Does this seem like it might work or is there a diagram I'm missing for a parallel grid setup and the ET340 dual mode function?

sieade245 asked
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2x MultiPlus VE.Bus monitor

I have two MultiPlus units (1200 & 2000) both running independently as UPSs for two critical systems.
Can I daisy-chain the VE.Bus ports so I can monitor both units without having to physically change leads?


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Fault current and overload capacity

Hi, All

We are designing some off grid system using quattro 10 kVa. However, client need to know

1. Rated Maximum Expected Fault Current (Duration XX Sec) Contribution per Line per Inverter (A)

2. Overload capacity with period. like 150% overload during (xx min) etc

I donot know where I can find them in datasheet and manual

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Multiplus 48/500 chrage problem

Hi everybody,

I use a new type of lithium battery with chargers multiplus 48/500, my problem is that chargers doesn't start automatically when the voltage goes down ...

What's the trigger for starting the charge, voltage or internal resistance ?

Can the BMS be the cause ?

Thx all.

pipounz asked

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Generator input voltage showing to high in ve configuration

hi all, having high voltage issues with a 24v 8000 quattro. Genset without load has been checked with various meters putting out 238v 52hz, at the generator. Voltage on ve configuration is showing 272v-280v 52hz. Can someone please help how is this possible? Does the quattro pick up peak voltages? If genset is loaded the quattro changes to charger mode and operates perfectly. Thanks in advance

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Quattro 24-5000-75 all leds flash and then dead

I've got an Quattro 24V 5000VA 120A and this morning when arriving to the boat, I noticed that the battery has drained although the boat was connected to shore power.

The shore power is on AC-in-1 and measures on the clamps 250V, 50hz. The DC voltage at the clamps in the Quattro measures 23,8V and my battery bank is at 19% (2V batteries linked together to form a 24V battery bank).

When I put the Quattro in "on" mode, all leds flash once, I hear the relais and then nothing. The leds are dark, nothing is charging and even the AC-out-1 and AC-out-2 are zero voltage. So there isn't even a passthrough.

Does anyone has an idea on whats going on? Any thoughts / help would be appreciated. It doesn't make any difference if I put the Quattro in "On" or "Charger only", nothing happens. It seems all input / outputs are within range, and so there is no issue with fuses.

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Multiplus 24/1600/40 not supplying house load, but AC UPS output OK.

I have a Multiplus Compact 24/1600/40 which has been working for nearly three years, but yesterday it stopped supplying the house load. There are no alarms and the DC voltage remains constant.

The inverter starts to ramp up and as it gets above 20Watt it shuts down again. Nothing has changed and the battery is 100% SOC. The AC output UPS side is fine and adding extra load is also fine.

The transformer was quite warm, so I assume it is charging OK, but I also charge the battery via a MPPT 100/20, so can't be positive. I have maximum charge set to 500W as I also have the MPPT input and I have the max output at 1000W as I prefer to output less for longer as the battery is only 6kWh LiFePo4.

I have rebooted the CCGX and the Multiplus to no avail. My setup is Hub-4 with a ET112 energy meter. The only odd thing is battery temp at -237, but I assume this is because I use this connection for the Inverter AC current sensor (Victron).

Howard asked

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Victron/Simpbms/Tesla Setup Van build


Starting a new van build and have some questions regarding battery setup.

I have 1 Tesla model s module (might upgrade to 2 in the future), I'm using Victron Buck boost dc dc 100a for alternator charging and a Mltiplus 3000w inverter.

For BMS I want to use the SIMP BMS together with a Victron gx type, this is where I have some questions and in need of some tips.

Anyone in here that uses a similar setup? Experiences?

Do you use contactors, precharge contactors as fail-safe system or Victron battery protect?

Current sensor via simp bms or victron battery monitor?

Charge enable/disable for temperatur high low, any way to trigger a heating pad?

Anyone tried simp with the cerbo gx?

A lot of questions here. Not much info on the simp bms/victron setup.

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50Hz washing machine not running on Multiplus in Inverter mode

I have 24v DC system onboard with a Victron Energy BMS 400, 2x Li-ion HE 24/180A batteries and Multiplus 24/3000/70-50 charger/inverter.

I have a SOBA 1150 washing machine onboard (230V, 50Hz). On generator it works well, but if I start it with genset turned off and instead letting the Multiplus inverter mode deal with it – it simply does not work. Machine comes on as normal, start the program, it takes a few seconds before starting and I hear a pump running abnormally (same situation if I try running it on shore power with 230V/60Hz).

I see from other similar questions that there basically does not seem to be any good explanations, which is disappointing. I mean 3000W should be plenty (and I have everything else turned off), so I would not expect this to improve by getting an additional Multiplus.

Any thoughts?

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