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Burnt neutral in AC in

I've been having problems getting my generator power to reach my Multiplus 12v/3000 inverter. I went to check today at the multiplus system to see if the wire had been pulled, but I found a burnt neutral in the AC in connection. How could this have happened? How do I fix it?


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Are Assistant Programmable Relay 'Switch conditions' evaluated as AND or OR?

I want to make sure I've configured my MultiPlus' correctly. So far when I've used more than one 'Switch condition' all conditions were natually met so I still don't know if selecting multiple conditions are 'AND' values (all must be met), and not 'OR' (any combination).

I was able to verify the 'Extra drive options' are OR values by selecting 'in case of general system failure' and the assistant worked despite being selected. I've created quite a few programable relays to ensure they're evaluated as 'OR' values.

I suppose I can add another programmable relay with mutually exclusive switch conditions. I'd rather know from the source how they are supposed to behave rather than assume and potentially get tripped up on a new firmware release.

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MultiPlus Compact Schaltet nicht auf Netz um

Liebe Leute,

bin seit kurzem Besitzer eines MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16.

Nach langer Problemlösungsversuche hier meine Frage:

Er schaltet nicht auf NETZ 230V um. Die Einstellung für die "Ignorieren AC-Eingang" Funktioniert aber sobald mehr Leistung entnommen wird, klickt es paar mal und fertig, bleibt auf Batteriemodus.

237V 50HZ liegen an. (Ist Netzstrom kein Generator oder Ähnliches)

Kennt jemand das Problem? Ist der MPC vielleicht defekt oder ich nur zu Dämlich? :)

Bin um Hilfe Dankbar...

LG Stefan

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Connection error while updating firmware Multiplus compact???

Who can help, because similar topics seemed to be unanswered.

I‘ve tried to upgrade the 2606413 firmware of my Multiplus 12/70/1600 to firmware 2606482 for ESS and to connect the Bluetooth dongle.

Followed the steps precisely but at connect part 2 I get “Error connecting. Please try again!”

The Multiplus was disconnected from the color control. Then the dipswitch settings were re-programmed (DS1 was on, now off and DS2 was off and now on) followed by switching DS8 from of to on and off again to store.
Power was removed as mentioned in step 1.
MK3 to USB was connected via COM4 and working.

I found that when I switched the Multiplus of (step 1) and on again while connected to the MK3 the unit doesn’t turn on and there is no connection at all.
LED’s remain off as well.

When I switch the multiplus off with the MK3 cable disconnected and then switch it on, it starts in inverting mode with the green light on.
However, then I get the connection error.

I tried both ports on the Multiplus; doesn’t matter.

Hope anyone can help!


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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30 230V: came with firmware 2608430, should I upgrade? And to which version?

As per the subject.

I have already registered on, reviewed the Changelog[1] and read the associated documents[2][3], and I understand that I need a 26084xx file; on, I can see that:

a) There is *no* 2608430 file, so I understand that, after I upgrade, there is no going back to the version that came with the equipment (unless I can download or back it up from the equipment itself?)

b) The only versions I can see are 2608433, 2608459 (these, located in separate subdirectories) and (in the main directory) 2608485; the latest version (486, as mentioned on the Changelog) is not available for my equipment (ie, there is no 2608486.vff file available), despite being available for very similar ones (eg 2609, which according to [3] would be a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16). Any reason for it not being available for my equipment?

c) Between 2608433, 2608459 and 2608485, which one should I install?

Thanks in advance!




-- Durval.

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Victron Multiplus Compact best setup in a motorhome?

Hello everyone,

I'm installing a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-30 230V in my motorhome, and would like to validate my planned setup with y'all.

The Multiplus is connected to a bank of 3 parallel LiFePO4 12V 100Ah batteries, thru a 300A megafuse on the positive cable and a BMV712 shunt on the negative cable, and as soon as I finish upgrading its firmware and configuring it, will be connected "in between" my motorhome's external AC cable -- the plan is to cut the cable at the point it comes in from the street, and the part coming in will be connected to the Multiplus "AC IN", and the part going into the motorhome will be connected to the Multiplus "AC OUT".

The idea is to be able to use the Multiplus charging and automatic transfer switching capabilities).

What do you think?

Thanks in advance,

-- Durval.

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Quattro AC power in from micro inverters

I have a 12v system on my boat which has

victron Quattro 3000 120

1200 ah of AGM batteries

6kva diesel generator

900 watts of solar panels with mppt going to the batteries.

I am putting another 1000 watts of solar on the boat.
Is it possible to put micro inverters on the new solar and feed it to one off the Quattros AC inputs?

Will the Quattro use the 1000watts AC in bypass mode and effectively have 3900w output?

What will the battery charger section of the Quattro do with just 1000w of AC power?

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VE Lithium Battery Bank, Which BMS to Use?

Hi All,

I appreciate that this question may come down to preference, but I would greatly appreciate anyone's input on this if possible. My dad and I are currently installing the VE setup I've purchased for my liveaboard, which includes:

3 x 100ah Lifepo4 batteries

1 x Multiplus 12/3000/120

1 x BMS 12/200

1 x BMV 712 shunt

2 x Power In Bus bars

1 x Cerbo GX & Monitor

1 x Standard 105ah lead acid starter battery

70amp alternator

The Victron setup above was recommended to us by the agent who I purchased it from. Since then we have done a good bit of research on the Victron setup, and we are now questioning whether the BMS 12/200 is the best option for our setup... Would anyone recommend the Smart BMS CL 12/100 and or the VE.Bus BMS along with the Cyrix Li Ct?

The Smart BMS does not appear to limit the current draw of the house batteries which the BMS 12/200 does appear to do. The Smart BMS also appears to offer better protection to the starter battery..

Can anyone weigh in on their experience or opinion of these BMS options?

Cheers, David

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Air Conditioner shutting down system


I have a 16,000 BTU AC 120v/ 13.5amp in my medium size boat. I have installed it to the AC2 output on the MultiPlus 12/3000/120. With shore power connected 120/30 amps The AirCon fan comes on, as the condenser clicks to start all power is lost Multiplus literally shuts down. Sometimes it resets other times it does not. If I switch Multi off for 5 seconds and back on Multi goes into bulk charging mode and appears to run fine, until Air Con tries to start again. Very bad when boat is unattended. I've hove gotten low battery lights, overload lights, and both low battery and overload lights lit at the same time.



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Victron 24/8000v inverter won't accept shore power

Hi Community new here am having a problem with my new syatem i put shore power on, last night it shut down when i put 2 heaters on the inverter was sitting at 4400w with shore power for about 7min then shut the shore power of saying overload and loss of grid power i have the quattro 24/8000 after that i reset the notifications rebooted the gx and swithed inverter off then back on still not working then i changed ac 2 in as shore power and iton ac 2 in either is there aomething else i need to reset i am on our trip and in toowomba the inverter has not missed a beat been great every stop we have been at,i can here the imverter click when i put the shore power in again also so its registering that the shore powers being connected and then throws up the notification in picture attached,oh also charge only does not work either

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Victron Multiplus 12/ 3000 /120 Spannungsausgang zu niedrig

Hallo und Guten Tag

Ich möchte ja nicht mit der Tür ins Haus fallen , aber ich komme nicht weiter . Und würde mich freuen wenn mir jemand hier helfen würde.

Ich habe folgendes Problem .

Mein Multiplus zeigt mir auf dem Cebro GX im Spannungsausgang nur 140 V an . Mit einem Multimeter habe ich 123 V

Er hat vorher geklappt , und nun wandelt er nur von 13,4 V nur Wechselstrom der nicht reicht .

Hat jemand einen Vorschlag ? Oder muss ich zum Vertragshändler ? Ich habe keine Garantie !

Über eine Antwort würde ich mich freuen .Lg. Mike

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Is it safe to turn off a MultiPlus under load via VRM?

I have a MultiPlus 24/2000/50 connected to a VenusOS device which allows me to connect to it via VRM.

About the only thing I will be using with the inverter is a small air conditioner that uses 420W while the compressor is on.

Is it safe to connect to VRM and tell it to turn off my inverter while the A/C is running? This is just incase I end up being away from the trailer unexpectedly for a few hours and realize I left the A/C on.

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DC Leakage via Protective Earth Conductor

I'm have this weird problem that during a no-load condition with an Smartsolar MPPT charging, I'm seeing a phantom load of around 22 W that doesn't seem to exist. The MPPT is mounted in a cabinet along with a Multiplus, and the whole cabinet and both devices are tied to a protective earth bus bar, which is bonded to battery negative, aka before the SmartShunt in the system. The Multiplus and the MPPT are then grounded on the load side of the SmartShunt. I also measured the current in the earth conductor, and it's around 1.4 A, which correspond quite well to the 22W phantom load on the system (12V system). There's also an equal discrepancy between the battery + and - conductors of the MPPT. So, is there an issue with my MPPT charger, or should I bond the protective earth bus bar on the load side of the SmartShunt?

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Quattro 12/5000 does not charge anymore from generator

Until yesterday all was working fine. No error lights on the Quattro. Since today of we want to charge by generator, the Quattro stops charging. Quattro is first switched to charging mode from gender and then switched off again (we can hear the clicks). Generator is working fine, that is tested. All other functions working fine (solar comes in, Quattro is inverting). Both BMV and Venus work well and show all other functions. Does somebody have an idea what we can do?

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Pas de Grid "France vde0126" sur un Quattro 10000


Sur un Quattro tout neuf qui sort de sa boite, mise à jour du dernier firmware puis dans Grid, pas de "France " dans la liste. Comment le faire apparaitre ? Est-ce lié à la version du Firmware ?

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New Multiplus 2kVA programmable relay

The new MultiPlus 2kVA programmable relay contacts is marked 1,2 and 3, but which is COM, NO and NC?

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No grid option "France: VDE 0126-1" on Quattro 10000


On a new Quattro 10000 after firmware upgrade to the last version, with VictronConfigure3, in gris tab, "France: VDE0126-1" is not available.

Why ? Is it dependant of firmware version ?

Thank you for your help.

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Intermittent VE Bus state OFF, no warnings. Lost power 30seconds

Any gurus out there have any ideas on this problem?

8kW Quattro, 7 x Pylontech Force 1, 2 x Blue Solar chargers commissioned this week. System ticks away quite nicely then randomly the inverter appears to switch off very briefly. Owner complains of losing power for around 30 seconds. Happened twice yesterday and twice the day before. Can see the event in advanced logging (VE Bus state briefly off) but no warnings generated. Rest of system unaffected. Doesn’t seem to correspond to anything unusual… no large loads at the time, etc. We’ve had storms the last day or two, not sure if this would be a factor. Anyone have any ideas??

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Multiplus 12 1600 70 short buzz on air con commpressor cut in

Brand new multiplus 12 1600 70. Running airconditioner new sparrow aircomader Mark 4 with Max watt of 950. When the airconditioner compressor cut in it draws about 70 amps inverter has a loud short low pitch buzz for about 1/8 of a second every time.

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Multiplus SOC via Cerbo GX


in my setup I have an Cerbo GX, a Smart Shunt and an MPPT. All connected via VE.Direct Cable. I would like to add an Multiplus 12/800 and connect it via VE.Bus to the Cerbo. Will the Multiplus get Information such as SOC and Temperature from the Smart Shunt via the Cerbo?

Best Kirsten

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Ripple Warning On Shore Power

I am having a problem that I don’t understand. When I am plugged into shore power and use a high drew item like the microwave (12.5amps) or air conditioner I am getting a low battery, battery voltage ripple, and sometimes an overload warning from the Victron App.
It’s strange because I don’t get any warnings when high draw items without shore power, everything seems to work fine when the power is coming from the batteries through the inverter.

At first, I thought maybe the shore power source may have not been providing 30amp’s and the inverter was kicking in to make up the difference. But it is happening anywhere I plug into a 30amp service.

Below is what I have installed.

4.00 BB10012 - Battle Born 12V 100Ah

Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120v VE Bus

Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor

Victron Lynx Distributor

VE.Bus Smart dongle

SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Charge Controller with Bluetooth

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Multiplus not connecting to Onans HDKBB-6880 Generator

I have a Multiplus 12 | 3000 | 120 - 50 | 230/240V , I recently purchased a Onans HDKBB-6880 diesel generator which i have just installed . the problem i am having is the Multiplus won't connect to the Generator unless I put an external load on the generator 1st.

The generator is producing 232 volts but until I introduce a load the output of the generator the Frequency on the multi meter shows as over 100hz, once the load is introduced the frequency stabilizes at 50hz.

Can the Multiplus be set to create a load on the Generator prior to full connection.

Thanks Chris

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Pylontech High voltage: 53.96V when DVCC set to limit at 52V...

Good day!

I have an existing Pylontech installation that suddenly started pushing voltages too high.

The only change was ESS set from "Keep batts charged" to "Optimized with battlife"

By returning it to "Keep batts charged" does not help

The errors then started. It seems to be the MPPT not following the set voltages.



All settings were confirmed with this guide:

System details:

  • Venus GX
  • Quattro 48/8000/110-2x100 rev2
  • SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2
  • 2x Pylontech US3000B
  • 3x Pylontech US3000C
  • All firmwares updated to latest when errors started - did not help.

Venus GX settings


(Charge voltage was set here to 52V only as a test, it did not help)

Quattro settings:


MPPT Settings:


Any assistance ill greatly be appreciated!


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Accepted frequency ranges of MultiPlus/Quattro and effect on charger, pass through and AC2 output.

What is the frequency range if the "Accept wide frequency range" is not checked ?

Does this apply only to the passthrough mode, or the charger as well ?

What happens to the AC2 Output ? Is that in parallel with the passthrough mode ? I.e only active is AC in and out are synchronized ?

I found this is the manual . Doesn't specifically related to the "Accept wide frequency range" though.

Input frequency range

Input frequency range accepted by the Quattro. The Quattro synchronises within this range with the voltage present on L1-1 of AC-in-1 (priority input) or L1-2 of AC-in-2. Once synchronised, the output frequency will be equal to the input frequency. Adjustability: 45 – 65 Hz; 45 – 55 Hz; 55 – 65 Hz

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MultiPlus 12/1600/70 accidentally overload

Hi everyone, new installed Multiplus 12/1600/70 was accidentally overloaded with the high capacity appliance (like kettle 1800-2000 watt). And now batteries indicator always shows "low battery" and inverter doesn't start, charger shows "absorption" but seems not charging (it is "ON" two days already with the main).

Could anybody can give some advise please, it would be very worthy.

Thank you

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The main Lithiumbatterie load Starterbatterie unintentionally?

I control the charging of my lithium battery with a multiplus 800VA . The Multiplus is also using to charge the starterbatterie with the 4A Port. I noticed that I have a permanent power on the 4A line when the charger no longer has any power. From this I conclude that the starter battery is charged with the lithium battery in the situtuation without external charge power. Unfortunately, this is a problem for me because the BMS can't intterupt this.

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Quattro shutting down on 'Inverter Overload' when connected to Shore Power

We have a Quattro 12/5000/220 230v that is shutting down on 'Inverter Overload' when connected to shore power using the pass-through function. I was assuming it was from bad shore power, but then I had run it on the Generator and the same problem occurred, however a lot less frequent.

I have updated the Firmware.

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Problème après tentative de mise à jour

Bonjour, je viens de faire la mise à jour du firmware sur mon multiplus compact, avec l'application sous mac os, et la mise à jour s'est arrêtée et depuis le multiplus ne fonctionne plus et je ne peux plus le voir dans l'application. Les boutons on off ou chargeur ne fonctionne plus. Il y a simplement une petite lumière orange qui scintille. Est ce que quelqu'un à une idée pour redémarrer le multiplus? Merci

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Quattro shutting down when Lithium batteries are full

Hi I have a Quattro that I have just replaced the Failing AGM battries with 4 24v 100Ah batteries wired in parallel and changed all settings as per Victron specs the problem in having is when the batteries are full the Quattro is completly shutting down and restarting without any alarm.

my observations are that the dc voltage starts to climb and when it gets to approx 30v it faults out, I,m wondering if the bms in the batteries is disconecting causing the spike in voltage causing the inverter to trip.

if so is there a work arround for this? the batteries are standalone not connected to the inverter, im using the standard Victron LifePo settings which is lower then the batterys recomended im pulling my hair out here any help would be appreciated thanks.

Ok I disabled the charger in the Quattro and am charging off the solar and is cutting off as it should and not spiking the voltage the problem is the quattro pushing the voltage up to 30v then tripping any ideas?

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MultiPlus 48/5000 stuck on Mains, Bulk/Absorption, and DC voltage fluctuations

I recently replace my AGM batteries on my Victron Multiplus 5000/48 with 2p16s LiFePo4s. The system worked as intended the first day charging from solar panels and inverting. Since then, it would just stay on Mains (not inverting) and shift from bulk to float with the DC voltage fluctuating between 52v to 59v. I checked voltage at the battery terminals and it was a constant 52.6v. On the Color Control and BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 it would show the wild swings in DC voltage. I tried switching the Multiplus off then on. After switching on it would go into inverter mode for about 10 seconds (DC voltage stable) and then would switch to mains and bulk and DC voltage would fluctuate again. I've checked the cables and battery connections and they're all okay. I've tested with loads disconnected. I also tried changing the Absorption and Float voltage settings to no avail. Any help or suggestions to a solution would be greatly appreciated.

This is my device list:

MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100

BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 (VE.Can)

Color Control GX


32 x 280Ah LiFePo4

Daly Smart BMS 16S 48V 250A

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