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Control MultiPlus II via MQTT

Would it be possible to control a MultiPlus II via MQTT ?

What I'm thinking is to disconnect the mains in relay off between 16:00 - 19:00 this would be because on the Octopus Agile tariff here in the UK is the very expensive period. During this period my house would run from batteries via the inverter in the MultiPlus II. The control would come from Node-red.

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mqtt Energy Meter for 600/5 CT

Can any one advise if there is a Energy Meter available that accepts the 5A secondary for larger CT ratios 600/5 that could publish real time kw out every 1 or 2 seconds in the form of an mqtt publish.

I would like to read this value into a Venus running Node Red which is 100m away from the Energy Meter.

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how to use mqtt with node red ?


I can't communicate with the multiplus via mqtt and node-red

RPI mqtt broker and node red module 'victron energy' installed,
error message : unable to acces the service endpoint : I do not understand why

do i need to set up something else?

Multiplus 2 GX with root,, mqtt and dbus enabled,

I added this configuration on the GX:


I think I forgot a step, however I don't see which one

I tried to follow the documentation on github :

Thanks for those who can help me, sorry for my english

I am French

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