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Get Total Yield to Grid Value ?


is it possible to get the "total yield sent to the grid" via API / MQTT ?

There is a nice graph showing the "sent to grid" values (in red):


But can I get this value using API or MQTT ?

I am able to read the total pv yield from my MPPTs, but thats not as interesting as the value that was sent to the grid for me.



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VenusGX - Public MQTT Broker (disable?)

Hi, i accidentially read that my VenusGX seems to send my data via MQTT to this public Victron MQTT Broker. Is that true?

Can i stop this somehow - but still keep the local broker running (as i need this one). I checked the settings on the latest firmware version, but i only see MQTT with and without security...but no information on this external broker.

Any idea how to disable thisf?

Thanks Norbert

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MQTT topic for "PV Charger" Power on CCGX (remote control)

Hi, I have a EasySolar II GX 250/70 - 3000. I am reading the MQTT successfully for other display purposes of performance of an EES setup. Right - bottom on this is "PV Charger" with watts.

the closest topic I could find to read that is /solarcharger/273/Yield/Power, but it reads about ~33W higher. than what is shown on the screen of the CCGX remote console. Anybody got an idea of the right topic for that value?


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Solar charger state doesnt show the equalization status


my solar charger doesnt report the equalization state properly. I have lead-acid battery and I have set up the MPPT to perform regular equalization. So far it is working fine. When I check the MPPT physically it states the equalization phase on the LCD but when I check the MQTT output on the Venus GX (or VRM portal), it always show the state with value 4, i.e. Absorption. Any idea why is this happening?

I have 2 MPPTs (BlueSolar 150/70, firmware 2.05) in paralel (working) connected with VE.Can to Venus GX (firmware 2.53). There is also the Quattro and BMV-700 connected to Venus. For the solar charger state I use the "/State" dbus-obj-path. When equalizing by the Qauttro, the Quttro's state is correct.

Thank you,


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Change Generator start/stop SOC rules with mqtt

I have turned on MQTT on my CCGX and I am able to subscribe and get messages. I want to be able to change the generator start/stop rules which are based on the Battery state of charge. They are current at 50% and 70% but I want to be changing them programmatically depending on forecasts. Does anyone know the topic to publish to so these values could be changed?

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no longer receiving data from

Since Sunday 21:12 AEDT (Melbourne, Australia), I am no longer receiving new data from The connection seems good, my CCGX is healthy and VRM portal continues to be updated.

When I restart my mqtt client here, it does receive from the server all the "retained" data, but no new data flows.

Any suggestions?

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Connect Venus GX to PRTG(Paessler AG)

Hello all,

Is there a way to connect my Venus GX to my PRTG using MIB? Or any other way?

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MQTT and NMEA2000

I can see via Remote console where to selected mqtt under settings/services, I know the IP of my VenusGX, is there a username/password to select/use,

what's the QoS, and lastly whats the next option suddenly shown "NMEA2000" ?

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CCGX MQTT issue - no activity

A couple of days ago, my nodered flows (on a linux box) subscribed to stopped working. Attempting to diagnose the issue, I used

mosquitto_sub -v -I myclient -t '#' -h ccgx

against the CCGX locally and receive no updates and the only value returned is for the topic "N/my_identifier/system/0/Serial". Previously, this would've returned a large volume of data.

I eventually found how to set a root password, then logged into the CCGX as root and looked at the mosquitto log files and find nothing unusual. Looking at the dbus-mqtt log, I don't see anything suspicious.

I've rebooted the CCGX and the issue persists. It's running the latest firmware.

I would appreciate any guidance on this puzzling issue.

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Battery Temperature Sensor Venus VX / SmartSolar


In a setup that consists of :

1 X 5kva Muiltiplus

2 X SmartSolar 150/70

1 X BMV 702

1 X Venus GX

1. Can the two SmartSolar charge controllers operate in true parallel (ie both be in the same state)?

2. Can the charging be temperature compensated using the temperature sensor attached to the Multiplus? If not, what do I need to buy to do this?

3. Can the GX publish MQTT topics to my own MQTT broker (Mosquito on another RaspPI)?

4. Can the BMV 702 talk to the GX using a BlueTooth dongle?

Thanks for your help

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DC Charger

I originally posted this on the victron-dev-venus Google group, but wanted to move it over to here as this may be a more appropriate place for it now. Here's a link to the original post:!topic/victron-dev-venus/_PTx0MxDNG8

Basically, I have a REDARC BCDC1240D DC-DC charger that I use to take power from the truck alternator and charge the LiFePO4 batteries in the trailer. If you're interested in reading more, I wrote it up here:

It all works well, except because the DC-DC charger isn't Victron (and Victron don't have a suitable product), it doesn't talk to the Victron system - i.e. the CCGX. This means that all the CCGX displays is a net DC figure - but I have no way of breaking that down into how much energy is coming in from the charger (e.g. PV) vs how many energy is being consumed by DC loads in the RV.

In fact, from a data perspective, the device is dumb - there's no way data / comms available from it at all. My plan is to build a small MCU-based device with an INA3221 (essentially three INA219 chips combined) to measure the current and voltage on the 3 legs of the charger - PV input, alternator input, charger output.

My question is about the best way to get this data into the Victron system. My thinking was simply to write on the relevant MQQT topics so the charger shows up as a new device. Will that work? Has anyone done this before, and specifically, Victron doesn't have an appropriate device type for a DC-DC charger so I'll have to create some topics of my own.

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in the next days I am going to setup Node Red with MQTT and my ESS.

The first tests are successful. But I only want to use it on local network for a display showing live data.

As I know, as soon, as I use MQTT in the venus gx, the data is also sent to

I see this in a light upload traffic. Well, I do not really need the online feature. So is it possible to disable it, while keeping the local function?

Can you make a switch in config menu?


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