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VictronConnect App zeigt seit Installation 0W


ich habe letzte Woche meine Solaranlage angeschlossen. Ich habe einen MPPT 75/15 Laderegler und eine 12V Lithium-Batterie. In der App wird mir dauerhaft Spannung (V) angezeigt, jedoch kein Watt oder Ah. Woran kann das liegen, dass das Paneel nichts einspeist und somit anfängt die Batterie zu laden?
kann das an der Reihenfolge der Montage liegen? Ich hatte auch bereits gelesen, dass die PV Spannung 5V höher sein muss, damit der Laderegler anfängt zu laden.

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All three lights flashing on 150/70

Hello, I was checking on my charging system like I do everyday and I noticed all three light on my 150/70 charge controller were blinking 7-8 times and returning to the normal bulk, absorb, float light for about 3 seconds and then started blinking again. I updated the firmware from 1.46? I believe to the new 1.50 and its still doing it. I have two 330w panels wired in parallel going to two Lion 100ah batteries also in parallel. I've had this system setup and running for 7 months with no issues except for this now.

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Using Excess Solar Power? USB to SmartSolar Charge Controller

Is it possible to connect a USB socket directly to a charge controller to get USB power during the day time? Possible use is where I don't have a battery bank in place yet want to charge mobile phones and iPad.

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CCGX USB port “black outs”

Hi all,

I have following problem.

2x150/35 MPPTs are connected to CCGX via VE direct and they work fine without problems. My 3rd 150/35 is connected to CCGX via VE direct to USB interface cable. This unit loose connection almost every day and I get an error “#67 BMS connection lost” , Device list show "MPPT not connected" and MPPT goes to “float”.

I have reset this MPPT and done reconfiguration as mentioned on manual, but no help.

I have bought and tested with second VE direct to USB cable, but no help.

I don’t use any USB hubs or USB cable extensions.

I have swapped connection between two USB ports on CCGX, but no help. WIFI is connected to the second USB port. ( I lose WIFI connection also every now and then…)

CCGX running with FW 2.53, but I have tried with FW 2.42 , but the situation is the same.

Only when I reboot the CCGX, 3rd MPPT will work fine till next CCGX reboot.


Any ideas ?

Thanks for advance !

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MPPT 75/15 shows no output current after short on the output


after repositioning my MPPT 75/15 and some Hardware after it, I shortened the output of the MPPT. The fuse has blown.

After I removed the short and reinstalling a new fuse, the MPPT doesn't show any output current. The load output is actually on and the devices on the load output are on.

Okay, I think the MPPT is defect now. Couse of my f****** foult I can't use the guarantee. Is there any circuit diagram availible, so that I can fix it my self?

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MPPT100/20 + Victron 110 Deep Cycle Gels: which battery preset?

The MPPT has two different presets for Victron Gels:

Gel Victron deep discharge (1)

Gel Victron deep discharge (2)

They each have slightly different absorption voltages, but it's not clear what other differences there are, if any. Nothing in the MPPT manual about that that I can find.

Which one is best for my batteries? Or should I use custom settings?

Thanks in advance...

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Maximum Watts With Smart Solar 100/30

I am going to run a 12v system. I am deciding between ordering 2 - 300 watt panels or using 2 - 250 watt panels available locally. The 100 watt differential won't be an issue as my solar needs are very small. I have a Smart Solar 100/30 and I've had people tell me I can use it with these panels. Is that possible?

  • Rated Power: 300w
    Open circuit voltage (VOC): 37.6 V
    Max power voltage (VMP): 30.3 V
    Short circuit current (ISC): 8.85 A
    Max power current: 8.27 A
    Power Tolerance 0/+3%
    Maximum system voltage: 600V (UL)
    Fuse Rating: 15 A
    IP65 Junction Box w/MC4 Compatible Connectors

  • Rated Power: 250W
    Open circuit voltage (VOC): 37.6 V
    Max power voltage (VMP): 30.3 V
    Short circuit current (ISC): 8.85 A
    Max power current: 8.27 A
    Power Tolerance 0/+3%
    Maximum system voltage: 600V (UL)
    Fuse Rating: 15 A
    IP65 Junction Box w/MC4 Compatible Connectors

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What causes a scorched/burned terminal on an MPPT?

I added a 170w solar panel to my existing 100w panel, for a total of 270w running into a 75/15 MPPT.

This worked well for over a year; upon prepping the vehicle for storage I noticed that the charge controller was no longer working, and investigation revealed that the PV+ input terminal had burnt up into the plastic around the terminal connection.

My dealer informed me that the connection at the terminal had come loose and created the issue.

My question is: did the excess wattage from the solar array generate heat to the terminal and cause it to loosen?

Would going to a larger 100/20 MPPT resolve the problem?

Moderator's note: Condensed for clarity - jfc200603

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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 output parallel to Power Supply

Hello erveryone,

is the MPPT save against a external power supply parralel to the output connector and less voltage than the output of the MPPT or must I save it by a diode to prevent reverse current to the MPPT.

The question is couse of the Battery Life Algorythm that can cut the output voltage but the load has to be on 24/7. So the external PSU can take the load on the output of the MPPT if it shuts off the output connector.

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Adding portable solar

I have a single 120 watt solar panel mounted on the roof of my caravan running to a Victron 100/20 MPPT solar controller. I wish to add 160watts of portable solar panels for when the caravan is parked in shade, to keep charging my onboard battery. Can I just run these to the 100/20 controller with is rated to 20 amps and 290watts or is another solar controller the best option? The total amps for all the panels is 15amps in perfect conditions. I am unlikely to get to that figure.

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Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 Error 38 and 39

Hi All,

As topic says having error 38 and 39 come up as soon as the panels are reconnected. Checked wiring, battery voltages, shutdown for 3min both battery and panels removed cable. Removed all isolators/relays from system and hooked direct to battery with a test set of breakers.

Has been working perfectly, have had no over voltages or spikes, firmware all up to date. Quattro charges no problem at all from Ac Input 1. Had just performed a battery capacity test aswell so voltage has been taken down quite low 42.8v.

System is 51.2V LifePo4. Quattro 8kVa, Venus GX, MPPT 150/45

Thanks Andrew

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VRM: Solar Charger summary inconsistent

I'm really missing a view of solar yield for a given MPPT in VRM - similar to what one does get in VictronConnect - or for totals in the Dashboard.

As you are aware, the "Solar Charger Summary" shows PV yield today and PV yield yesterday - no matter the chosen view range. This makes the widget of limited use, and - in fact - inconsistent compared to almost all other widgets.

I wouldn't call it a bug, but I certainly wouldn't call it a feature either. Any chance to get something more functional? I mean when remote monitoring a site, I'm naturally not there with my VictronConnect App to get these data - that's what VRM should be for.

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Why isn't my PV inverter showing up/counted in grid totals anymore?

I got a new PV inverter after my last one died, I set it up the same way as before, however the output is not shown in the HUD or counted in the grid totals.. It is currently connected in parallel (AC-Input side) with the MultiPlus's, and is set accordingly, and I'm running Venus 2.51:




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MPPT 75/15 bluetooth connection problem - iphone


I have 2 MPPT 75/15 controllers. Since last update I can not connect to one of them. The other one works ok.

The problematic one gets stuck at 20% when opening. It can be connected via other phone (older iPhone) but not newer one. it's serial number is HQ1839GKWUL.

I've also tried ipad, 2 different iPhones (8 and 11) and macbook laptop. it only works on old iPhone 6.

After last update it got stuck at updating firmware and after that technician did an USB/laptop update. It works on his android phone. So now it has the latest update installed (both have)

Should I return it?

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Accidentally reversed polarity of pv input

Mppt 150/100 appears to be blown due to reversed pv input polarity. Is it possible to repair the damaged unit from this type of fault?

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Smartsolar mppt 100/20 and 75/10 battery voltage fluktuating

I have 1 smartsolar mppt 100/20 with 280wp 24v panel

1 smartsolar mppt 75/10 Witt 140wp 12v panel

1 bmv712 and 2 100ah lifepo4 dropin type in parralel.

My mppt chargé settings is absorption 14.2v and float 13.5v

All in a camper van and setup with ve.smartnetwork

When driving down the road and Going from shadow to sunlight the mppt fluktuating in batteri voltage when in absorption. Sometimes the voltage go over 15v.

My lifepo4 battery is disconnecting Because of this.

The internal bms is disconnecting at 14.65v

Do anyone Else experience this and is there any solution. Or it could be a bug in firmware.

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SmartSolar 75/15 and 60W panel

I was going to purchase a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 for my 60W (3,6 A) panel, but the retailer says the panel is too weak for this controller and that the combination won’t work together. He says the panel should be 80W or 100W. Is this true?

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Orion-TR Smart & Solar

Hi all,

I have a van with 3 x 100W fixed solar panels in series charging a 150ah lithium battery via the Victron 100/20 SmartSolar MPPT charger. I am considering adding the ability to charge whilst driving, so looking at adding the Orion-TR Smart 12/12-30A DC-DC charger.

I am a bit confused on the logistics of these two units working together however, with the solar fixed to the roof and potentally giving full output when driving in good sun. Is it fine to wire these two in parallel and let them run simultaneously when driving?

Anything I might be missing here?



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Do I need temperature sensor? Smartshunt + MPPT

I have one battery bank (an separate bank for starter) with 4 AGM 79Ah in different places in my boat. I have SmartShunt + MPPT 75/15 solarcharger + Ctek M300 Charger. The SmartShunt and solarcharger are inte the same space as the first battery and near the engine so the temperature will be higher for the first than the rest batteries. The second battery is under the kitchen and the rest two batteries are placed in front area. A temperature sensor is in the solarcharger. Early in the season we close the door to the front area in the boat and the temperature will be up to 10 degrees lower than in the rest of the boat. So it can be 40-50 degrees C near the engine an only 10 degrees C in the front. Should I use a Smart censor and where should I place it?

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Smart solar MPPT 100/15 strange specs

I bought a controller of the title. The manual say the weight should be 0.6kg. I measure 0.4kg. Manual says self consumption 12v is 25mA. The box says 10mA.

Have I been sent a old or new mode?l :D

I cant find a device matching the description from internet...

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LiFePO4 regulator settings & 3 port BMS connections???

@Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA

I am still waiting for anyone to confirm I am correct on the new battery presets (which I have been told don't exist), (see pics attached).

Or am I missing something?

I also have had no reply in about 6 weeks regarding confirmation of my BMS connections being correct or otherwise, I am not comfortable proceeding with the final connection of the BMV-712 to the battery positive until I receive same.

I have marked up a picture with labels for for all cables, hopefully that makes it clearer.

I actually just followed former advice to another person put the shunt in the Blue Bat Neg cable here:

I also included a picture of the battery & BMS before any connections for clarification.

Stay safe folks.






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Mppt 150/75 setup as 24V is changing its voltage setting

I have installed a MPPT 150/75 connected to a 24 Volt battery bank. 2 days ago the battery dropped by mistake to a very low voltage (0% charge) . the next day when the sun came back the MPPT charger started as a 12 Volt battery as a result the battery (24V) never re filled.

My question is this normal or how can i avoid , i do have the connection cable and software to adjust the settings and monitor.

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I will be adding my solar panels this weekend to the boat and want to check where I should have fuses.

At the moment the wiring from the 4x 150W panels will be 2x parallel then the 2x parallel in to series before going to the Victron MPPT 150/60 via MC4 connections. Should I have a fuse on the +ve input to the MPPT? There is then a 32A DC DIN Mount Breaker 125V MCB C curve on the +ve going to the batteries.

Secondly i’ll be putting an ET-112 from my onboard generator to give me power info to my Venus GX (no multiplus or Quattro onboard) I see there is a fuse to go on the neutral side of the ET-112 but it doesn’t say how much it should be, the generator is a Paguro 4SY, that puts out 3.5KW @230V.

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dimension question - 75/15 versus 100/20 - max PV input ?

Hi All,

* Charging 12 volt 220AH (2 x 110AH battery bank)
* 2 panels both 24V short circuit - already purchased
* Planning to install in series , looking to select a controller

75/15 or 100/20 ?


My PV voltage is well under 75 at 48V peak
My PV current will be about 6A

So on paper the 75/15 firs the bill

BUT - my total "theoretical" panel power in Watts will exceed the "nominal" figures quoted here:,-75-15,-100-15,-100-20,-100-20_48V-EN.pdf

by a good few watts

given I and V are well under, is that alone enough to say "the 75/15 will be enough"?

or should I err on the side of caution and get the bigger one please (and why please)

Many thanks in advance



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Suitable Circuit breakers


Im just after some advice on a suitable circuit breaker between the panels and the mppt

I will be installing 3 (potentially a 4th in the future) Victron poly 175w panels in series and a Smartsolar 100/50 MPPT but am unsure of which circuit breaker to install between the 2 in order to isolate the panels if need be and also for safety.

Given voltage will be up around the 72 mark what would you suggest? With 4 panels it will be around 94v

Between the MPPT and batteries would it be advisible to install a 60 or 70amp medium duty thermal circuit breaker?

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BMV-712 and MPPT 100/30 configuration

I have installed the BVM-712, and the Smart MPPT 100/30. Currently I have 2 - 170W panels along with 4 Decka DC24 batteries. (specs below, will be replacing them soon)

The issue I am having is the reporting of the BVM, I believe I have the settings correct. And have done the sync SOC to 100 and zero current calibrations. But the readings are not what I think are accurate. the SOC is saying 60% yet the voltage is at sub 10V. I was told the discharge floor setting would adjust your amp hours and display to accommodate but it seems to be in reverse. Did I mess up the settings? How do I make sure its information it reports is accurate?

On the 100/30 I did "User Defined" using the numbers provided by the manufacturer but there is no setting for "Bulk" and I never see the bulk charging above 13.8 any recommendations?








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How to increase communications length between CCGX and MPPT 150/60?

Newby here, first post. It probably has been asked before.

I have a Victron Smart Solar 150/60-Tr on order. Planning to use a CCGX with my MPPT 150/60.

The Victron site says that a VE.Direct cable is limited to a maximum length of 10 metres between a CCGX and a MPPT charger. My CCGX will be in the kitchen about an 18 metre cable run to the MPPT 150/60Tr. So a VE.Direct cable is out.

Is there an alternate method of stablishing communications between a CCGX and a MPPT 150/60 Tr when located > than 10 metres apart? TIA.

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75/15 connecting to dual batt in 4x4 with optional VSR capability

Hi all, just about to set up a 75/15 mppt to charge the second deep cycle battery when the 4x4 is stationary. The battery is already connected to the alternator via a VSR is there any problems leaving the mppt connected directly to the battery whilst driving and having the battery charging off the alternator? Mppt is permanently connected to a 110w panel. Battery is lead acid. Cheers everyone.

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100 | 20 Controller not charging

My controller worked great the last year, then not so much. Bulk and Absorb light flashing, not getting enough information from App, says "exchanging information" ? Getting 10amps from panels, bank is at 13.3v, absorb set to 13.85, float 13.5. Any help would be great, thx

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Connecting Multiple Victron SmartSolar MPPT to one Battery Bank

We have a customer who currently has 2 x Victron Smart Solar MPPT Regulators... Both feeding a single battery bank - he also wants to now add a 3rd to the system feeding the same battery bank.

This is only a small system (e.g. MPPT100/15's) - and I know he could just get one large MPPT - however this is not the desired outcome due to different aspects / shading etc.


I have been searching and found that there are a few conversations similar to this however no rock solid answers so I have the questions:

1. Is the functionality available yet (July 2019) for the two (or 3) MPPT Regulators to work efficiently in parallel synchronising their charging algorithms rather than one switching off prematurely?

2. What information do the MPPT Regulators "share" with each other if connected via VE Direct Smart Network?

3. Will VE Direct Smart Network communicate exactly the same as using the Cable? Or are there limitations?

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