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SmartSolar 100/20 lost bluetooth


I tend to blame a recent update on my solarcharger for lost bluetooth connectivity. Right after the update, the connection process took 3 times as long, hanging at a certain percentage forever and then again while populating the numbers on the overview for a couple of enerving weeks.Last week it has stopped working altogether.

Till a full disconnect from battery it was found by Victron Connect but would get stuck at 20%, I could unpair and pair as often as I wanted, it never asked for the Pin. Now it asks for the Pin, can be paired and unpaired, but doesn't show in Victron Connect. Multiple always working devices tested, the BMV is still online.

Although I know there should be no forced updates of the software anymore, I could not find a way to get around the prompt the other week. I am very much over this whole automatic update stuff which may alter my set adjustments (load output was altered and set to battery life, I am pretty sure I have not set it to, since it doesn't make sense)and possibly has other detrimental effects. How do I stop it from happening?

Also is the unit broken and needs to be send in or can I reset it otherwise?

Cheers Michel

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Blue Solar MPPT 150/35 gives over-voltage error, but voltage is nominal on both sides

I have a BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 that gives the over-voltage error (the Absorption and float LED quick flashing continously) when it is turned on. However, I have measured the voltage on both sides, and it is well within the nominal range. Battery side is just over 48v while the solar side is ~120v. I have six REC310TP2M panels, arranged in two strings of three. These have an open circuit voltage of 39.8V, and should be within the acceptable voltage range well below 0 degrees F.

I've called my distributor, and they had no suggestions. Any help?

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Effects of changing battery charge current limit on charger NV storage

I am thinking about sending hex protocol commands to my 100/50 blue charger to limit the charger current under certain circumstances but want to do as little as possible. If I change register 0xEDF0 does this trigger a write to the charger's non-volatile storage and if so is this going to cause problems with write aging of what ever that nv storage actually is? There could be multiple changes to the charge current limit each day.

The other option would be to put the charger into a network mode, possibly BMS mode, but I am not sure if that means the voltage targets in the charger's internal profile apply any more. Preferably I'd like to not take command of anything but the charge current limit. I'm not sure if writing to register 0x2015 would trigger a write to the charger's NV storage either.

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MPPT 100/30 21Mhz hamaradio band noise

Dear friends, just finished my remote HF station running on solar energy and a big disappointment on 21mhz.All band during day time is unusable due to LO RFI of my MPPT 100/30 charge controller.

Does any one find any filter solution about it?

Is there any other MPTT model with no EMI/RFI at least on hamradio bands?

I ll try tomorrow with some ferrites on power input & output to see if there is any difference.

Thank you.


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Mppt 100/50 6v battery problems


I have two dead 6v batteries (Crown CR220, similar to Trojan T105) after just 13 months of use. According to the dealer the problem lies in the charge characteristics that are pre-set in my mppt 100/50. Charge voltage appears to be too low to fully charge the batteries, which apparently kills them over time. The Victron app however, showed the batteries going in absorption and float phase just about every single day. Which did not make me suspect chronic undercharging.

Some specifics:

2x 6v batteries 220Ah wet cell deep discharge in series (12V system) - 550 Wp solar panels - victron mppt 100/50

Mean depth of discharge ~ 50Ah/night or ~20-30% - extreme dod ~50% maybe 10% of the time - Max load normal use at night 50% of time @~9A

Charge characteristics: bulk working up to 14,2V - absorption @13,8V (I’ve now learned this is too low for those type of battery) - float @13,8V Max charge from solar ~35A. Symptoms of failing batteries: they don’t hold their charge, solar just keeps on charging in bulk (Up to 300% of normal Ah) and batteries get super hot. Extreme Loss of electrolyte.

my questions: is there a chance I am just being told off by the dealer, are 6V batteries of this type in this setup just a bad idea, or is it definitely a user error and do I need to change settings for future similar batteries? Follow up: how come the charge program shows float charge if the batteries are not fully charged?

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Wiring diagram for a van install with multiplus II


After reading a lot those last weeks, especially here, (what a great help this community is !), I've come with a wiring schematics for my new van installation.

Years ago, I've already made a van installation with Victron lifepo4, BMS 12/200, BMV 712, battery protects and all went very well.

Now there is a lot of new products, protocols etc and I think that this wiring is the best I can think about.

I want it to be the simplest possible, with the less components.

I do not want to install solar at the beginning, I think I can only rely on the buck boost (I've a 250A alternator). I will maybe add them later if needed.

I used as a basis, the Victron van install diagram:, removed un-necessary thing, added the Multiplus II 24/3000 and removed:

- Battery protect (charging)

- External temp sensor

- Isolation transformer

- AC detect (included in Multiplus II)

Do you think that this way the low temp security of the BMS will disable the charging from the Buck Boost, MPPT and Multiplus ?

Did I forgot something?

Do you see a better way to do it ?

Thanks a lot

(Tip: click the image link under the image or right click/open in a new tab for a better, full size image)

edit: 1) "typo" of the purple cable from BMS to MPPT 2) replaced the to usb cable by a cable to the GX


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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20-48V Voltage confusion


I'm looking at a new solar charge controller for my cabin, but I'm confused. I'm looking at the SmartSolar MPPT 100/20-48v, I currently have a 24V system, but would like to be prepared in case I upgrade to 48V next time I replace the battery bank. The 100/20-48V seems perfect for this as this datasheet states that it is compatible with 12, 24 and 48V:,-75-15,-100-15,-100-20_48V-EN.pdf

However, this datasheet states that it's only compatible with 48V:

What is correct? Why does the regular 12/24V 100/20 even exist if the 100/20-48 covers all three voltages?

Please unconfuse me :)

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i Have 5 x 250V 100A VE can mppts in parallel. the temperatures are running quite high - 1 of them at60 degC - is this normal. What could be causing this.

3x strings of 370w panels - 5 in series

so under 30A short circuit current

235V open circuit voltage (brochure)

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MPPT Fault #21 & negative amps

Have been running my MPPT 100/20 for about 1.5 years without issue on my travel trailer. We are out on a trip now & I noticed one morning no charging & a fault #21.

I unplugged everything & replugged...worked fine. Next morning...same thing but went back to fault some time during the day...then I reset again... next morning no fault but was seeing battery bounce between negative amps & 0 at the MPPT battery with a bulk charge. When I disable charger (off state) & re-enable, it faults. Wont charge at all now.

Thankfully I'm at a plug in site for a week so don't need solar...but whats going on? Faulty MPPT?


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Victron Inverter chargers and float voltages ? why do they not retain ...

Good day all . A question thats been burning me for a while .. given that ive installed alot of lead acid and lithium systems i have been evaluating the charge and float profiles and their results ... i find this alot in systems with Standby application no solar .. and alot with No comms to batteries no canbus or DVCC enabled.. Just a plain backup ..
So Scenarios are such inverter charging battery from the grid and battery permanently connected to the inverter as should be.
the inverter charges up to 100% and reaches 55.7v (16s Lifepo4)
then the system switches to float where is should retain voltage --- NOT HAPPENING
then a rebulk or re absorb should take place in 7 days .. ---NOT HAPPENING

technically a 0.2v per 12v method is used meaning in a 48v system we should get a drop on float voltage of 0.8v to get a reabsorb ... ---- NOT HAPPENING.

Alot of battery systems use contactors and Bms systems internally which account for internal draw from the battery cells . and in which case means that the battery does take some load to retain the voltage from the inverter ..
We get to point where the SOC falls and falls and battery is never recharged with lithium ticked ...

But why would this not take place on the inverter with a predefined float value is my question and why does the deviation value not kick in the recharge .. when lower then 0.8v below float ?

A little more details i feel should be added in .
Two different inverter units, one multiplus 3000va 48v unit
the other multiplus 5000va 48v unit.
Both when set to a float voltage of 50.6 to 50.7 charge the battery to 100% Lifepo4 . 15s configuration .. after this process they dont retain the float voltage of 50.7 ... the battery has bms and circuitry internally that uses power.
Storage Not ticked .
Lithium batteries Ticked on
Both units are used only for power back up purposes and both units have Venus GX connected .. Pulling my hair out .
Please can some one chime in .. I dont want to have to run with DVCC as this is not 100% working and surely the default profile to Float maintain voltage should do its job unless i am missing something often after two weeks or so the voltage of the batteries drops to around 48v .. Not good .

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Syncing Two different MPPT SmartSolar controllers

I have a Victron

-Multibus 3000/12 with VE Bus

-SmartSolar 100/50 connected to 500W of panels on the Roof of RV

-SmartSolar 100/20 connected to a 200W suitcase solar

-Smart BMV-712

-300Ah of 12v Battleborn battery bank

Do I need the "battery sense" module in order for the two MPPT controller to sync/optimize their charges from the two separate solar arrays? Or if as long as the two MPPT smart solar controllers and the Smart BMV are all connected to my VE.Smart Networking should it work propertly? How can I tell if it is working properly?

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mppt and b2b battery max charge rate

Hello all, I have a Victron 100/30 MPPT powered by a 360w single solar panel input and fed into 2x115aH AGM leisure batteries , and I want to add an Orion to add b2b capability when driving.

I would like to add the 60amp Orion rather than 30amp to get a faster charge. This would probably be fine in winter, but from what I understand, driving on a sunny summer's day the current would probably go above the 30% charge current you're supposed to stick within for charging AGM batteries.

Is there a solution so that the charge current is limited to what the battery bank can handle?

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Feature Request - Set MPPT max current value in 0.5A steps or decimal value

I can set the max current value of my 75/10 MPPT in VictronConnect for Windows to a whole number only, but I would like to set it to a decimal value e.g. 2.5A. Can I do this somehow or could it be implemented in a future release?

Especially batteries with lower charging rates need at least .5A steps for efficient loading with bigger(ish) panels while not charging with overrated current.

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How to use Victron MPPT calculator to size array?

When I enter my panel selection into the calculator it adds the series panels to the total wattage, when adding panels in series only the voltage should increase, eg- 2x40v 190w panels in series should = 80v @ 190w. Am I missing something here? I have 26 panels at 45v 190watt, I would like to see if I can run them at 13 parallel strings of 2 in series to make 90v x (190x13strings=2470watts)?

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BMV-712 and MPPT show different readings

I have a BMV-712 and a SmartSolar MPPT 150/70. Today as I was watching the readings on the VictronConnect app, I noticed that with no load, the BMV was reading about 15 watts less going into the battery than the MPPT said. For instance the MPPT would say the solar is producing 467 watts, but the BMV would show 452 watts going into the battery. At ~13.5 vdc, that’s about 1 amp of discrepancy.
Is this normal? Is the MPPT consuming that power? Is the current sensitivity set too high on the BMV?

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ColorControl GX and BlueSolar 150/70 connection problems with

Hello everybody,

my system worked perfecelty over last 1,5 years. A few day ago, suddenly, the MPPT wasnt shown anymore on the CCGX. When I reboot the CCGX, MPPT will be shown for a few minutes and then it shwos "not connected".

I tried to eliminate a hardware problem.

- I tried another cable and the same problem arises.

- I tried the other VE. direct port on the CCGX and the same problem arises.

- I tired a bluetooth dongle on the BlueSolar. It connects without any problems and doesnt loose the conncetion, so the port on the BlueSolar is working.

Putting it together: neither the port on the CCGX, nor the port on the BlueSolar, nor the cable is the problem.

I really do not understand and please need help.

Thanks in advance,



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Stop MPPT Charging via relay when connect to GX device.

I have a Cerbo GX a MultiPlus and a SmartSolar MPPT 250/100.
I have a custom Lithium Battery with allow to Charger and Allow to Discharge Dry contracts.

If I have the MTTP connected to the GX device Via a VE.Direct cable I can not use the VE.Direct non-inverting remote on-off cable.

How can I stop the MTTP Changing by a relay and also have the MPPT connected to a Cerbo GX ?

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Lost the MPPT 150/70 connection on the ColorControl

Good day, I just lost the"connection" between the 150/70 CC and the Color control ? Suddenly.

The Color control shows "not connected" for the Charge Controler .

Checked the cables and they seem OK.

Checked to "see" the CC with bluetooth and I do see it there .

Any idea what can have gone wrong ?


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How to wire MPPT and DCDC charger in same system

I am getting a 120amp LifePo4 and wanting to charge from both Victron solar and dcdc from starter battery

Will these two interfere with each other whilst driving? I have heard that they can cancel each other out.
Should I include a manual switch so I can choose to use one or the other? Or is there another way to insure that my batteries will be getting charges whilst driving.

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MPPT 75/15 Showing a phantom 0.1A load output

What is causing this 0.1A load current when all the lights are switched off and no other load is connected? The load current disappears when the solar charging is switched off and then on


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MPPT 75/15 stuck on 20%

Hi. I have been unable to connect to my controller via the app today using both my iPhone and iPad. The screen gets stuck at 20%. Worked flawlessly until now. Have tried resetting pin on dongle but after 5 seconds the red error light flashes.

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Replacing/Coexisting Sargent campervan components with Victron

Good evening,

We are looking into upgrading the battery and solar panel system of our campervan and for that purpose, we think we will need to replace some Sargent components with Victron components.

Currently, we have an 80W solar panel, connected to PWM Regulator (
The regulator is connected to a EC500 Power Supply Unit (
The EC500 PSU can be controlled with EC480 Control Panel ( The control panel can be used to monitor the solar input for the solar panel, the status of the vehicle battery and the leisure battery. It can also be used to switch the charging from leisure battery to vehicle battery.
Finally, the EC500 PSU is connected to the PX300 charger ( that is connected to the battery (Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH)

We would like to know the following replacement/installation is doable and what product should we aim for?
1) A new Victron MPPT solar charge controller that can handle up to 2 x 100/120W solar panel
2) The output of the Victon MPPT should be fed into the EC500 so that it can be monitored by the EC480
3) A new Victron battery charger that can support up to 2 x Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH in parallel (or the vehicle battery). The output should be managed by the EC480 so that it can be switched to charge the 2 Lithium batteries or the vehicle battery as it does today)
4) A new Victron 1200W pure sinus inverter where the output is connected to the EC500 in such a way that the existing 220V sockets in the van can be used with normal appliances (in the same way as connected to the mains)

Any good suggestion is most welcome.

Thank you!

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Help with charging when connected to AC

I hope someone can offer some guidance.

I have a multiplus compact connected to a battery bank on my yacht. I also have a MPPT solar charger.

When I plug into shore power the batteries are being charged by the MPPT and not the inverter charger. This is probably a good thing when I am in a marina for an extended period but when I come in for one or two days I want the inverter charger to charge as rapidly as possible and then maximise the soaking time.

As you can see the system as it a stands only is charging at 7 amps even though the batteries are 70% depleted.



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Which preset profile should I use for a 12V 22AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery


I am using a BAT212200084 reference which is a 12V 22AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery.

My charge controller is a MPPT 75/10.

I would use a preset profile in VictronConnect but I am not sure which one I could use.

I saw "AGM Spiral Cell" profile with : Absorption voltage at 14,7V, Float Voltage at 13,8V and Equalize voltage at 16,5V.

Would it be ok with this profile ?


Best Regards

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MPPT-150/85 not communicating with Venus GX

<p>I just bought a Venus GX and connected it to my 6 year old MPPT-150/85 using the CAN.BUS RJ-45 connector as shown on the Venus diagram., The Venus doesn't see the MPPT despite variations of terminator/no terminator and various port configurations I've seen on this forum.</p><p>What protocol/baud rate should I be using, or is the MPPT too old?</p><p>If the MPPT is too old can a BMV-7xx be configured to appear as a solar charger if connected in the MPPT's battery line?<p>

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how to read blue solar mppt error codes

Hi. How do i fined out what error code number i have? I have a bulk / absorption flashing lite. In victron tool kit it could be one of 3 options, grate news. so how do i actually fined out what the problem is? i have looked in victron connect but carnt fined anything. Do i have to pay another £90 pound on an mppt control unit? or worse a cerbo?

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How do I enable Synchronized charging for BlueSolar MPPT?


My question is if there are known problems with synchronized charging between Bluesolar and Smart Solar devices (in my case both mppt100/50)?

I expanded my system with additional panels and a new smart solar mppt 100/50 charger. I already had a Bluesolar charger, also an mppt100/50 with a BT dongle. They are connected together over the VE Smart networking (Bluetooth) for the purpose of synchronized charging. There is also a Smart Voltage/Temperature sensor attached.

As far as I can see the synchronized charging does not work at all. The switch together into absorption mode, but apart from that they behave totally different. Despite having the same settings, the absorption/float times differ sometimes quite drastically.

I have compiled a very detailed description of the setup and the problem. It can be viewed here under this link.

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Daily data logging problem


I have 2x 75/50 mppts both running on Bluetooth dongles.

After the last update they lost the ability to seperate each day's data.

All I get now is one solid bar of data, rather than the intended day to day graph.

The only way to check my production/usaeage by the day is to manually clear all previous data.

Could you help me solve this please?

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