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MPPT - Solar Charge Controller

Anyone having a Bluetooth pairing issue with new iPhone 12 Max Pro with Apple iOS 14-14.3 for Smart devices?

New iPhone 12 Max Pro not paring with my Victron Smart devices. Latest VictronConnect 5.35 app being used. Getting weird screen never seen before. It’s not the default PIN code. All devices are showing this type of screen.


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MPPT Control conection - only says "Connecting"

I've just installed a Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 and a MPPT control. The MPPT control only displays "connecting". Pressing the buttons doesn't do anything. They are connected with a VE direct cable. Is there something else that has to be done to get the display control to work?

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MPPT 100/30 Cable size

Hi ,

Just wondering about cable size from the MPPT Controller to the Battery. The data sheet is saying :

Power terminals 16 mm² / AWG6

Can I use 16 mm² cable - will this really fit into the MPPT ?

Waiting on the order so haven't seen it yet !

Many Thanks !

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12/24v Buck Boost Converter into Orion 24/48 Converter into MPPT to get 33V charging capability

Is this combination of components possible to utilize for the desired outcome of a 33v charge?

I've currently got the 12/24v buck boost converter in use but it can only charge my batteries to 30v. (my batteries are 28-33v operational)

I want to take that 30v and boost it to 33v and it seems the only way would be to use the Orion converter then send that into an MPPT.

Is this possible?



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MPPT Solarcharger 250/100 is stuck in absortion

3 days ago it suddenly switched from Bulk to absortion (the orange light slowly blinks) and it wont go back to bulk and wont charge the batteries nor produce what the house consuming in energy.

There's voltage coming from the FV to the charger but 0 A, so it wont produce anything.... the wiring seems fine and everything else looks also fine, I dont know what's wrong and would apreciate any help.

>Spanish inquire<

"Buenas tardes,

hace una hora que mi sistema se quedo pillado en absorción y no carga absolutamente nada desde FV.... adjunto foto y pantallazo.

Revisé todos los cables, tornillos, diferenciales, reinicié el inversor.... no se que mas hacer.

Quisera añadir, que cuando el sol se pone al gestor de carga no lo llega voltaje des de las placas (2-3 voltios solamente) y a la que el sol sale recibe 220-230 voltios 0A y nada de carga, intermitentemente marca como si le llegaran 5watts pero solamente muestra ésa carga de 5 watts durante unos segundos.

Ya contacté con el instalador ayer pero no obtuve respuesta por su parte.... si alguien sabiera a que puede ser debido o que comprobaciones puedo realizar le estaré eternamente agradecido."



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250/100 is limiting my solar output to 1000w

Hi Guys

I have a Victron 5Kw with 16x 370w panels and a Dyness lithium battery had it installed this last week.

The issue i am having is the Mppt is not allowing more than 1000w from my array to come through and my load is great enough for it to pull more. I have removed and shading and hosed down the panels of dust etc but no luck.

The strings seem to be fine around 166v +- on both of them

Can anyone help as to why this could happen?

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branchement 1 module 120 demi cellules sur mppt 100/50

Notice installation Easysolar 1600.pdf

Bonjour, je souhaite brancher 3 modules 375Wc 120 demi-cellules sur 1 mppt 100/50 (easy solar 24v/1600) 1 module par entrée MC4. j'ai vérifié sur le configurateur Excel, c bon. mais en lisant très attentivement la notice, dans l'exemple il est précisé qu'il faut que les panneaux soient en 72 cellules mini. Alors est -il possible de faire mon branchement? le mppt fonctionnera t il ?MErci

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Smartsolar charger mppt 100/30 Clicking noise

I had this unit installed on my boat with 2 ridged panels. It makes a loud clicking almost relay noise when I’m not hooked up to shore power in the mornings under low sun conditions. Once the sun hits the panels a lot it goes away. It’s loud and wakes us up. Happens in the evenings as well. When it charges everything worked fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Picture attached is when it happens.


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SmartSolar MPPT 150/45 don't go into Float


I got myself a SmartSolar MPPT 150/45 - TR with the Display option. I switched from my 100/20 to the 150/45 because the smaller one was on its limit.

The problem that I encountering now: The new MPPT doesn't go into float.

It's connected via VE. Smart Network to a SmartBMV 712 and a SmartBatterySense. On the app, the MPPT says it's using external voltage and external Battery current sense from the BMV and Battery Temperature from Battery Sense.

Its also connected to a Raspberry Pi running VenusOS.

Right now, the MPPT is set to a maximum absorption time of 6h and an Absorption Tail Current of 4A. The MPPT as I'm writing this is charging the Battery with 3.1A (MPPT Reading) where 2A go to Battery (BMV Reading)

From my understanding, the MPPT should go into Float if the Absportion time is at max 6h or the Battery Current goes under 4A for one Minute.

Today it started charging with 11.8V and is in absorption for 4 hours.

Typical days are, charging bulk over the day, going to Absorption, Battery Current falls under 4A, and MPPT still in absorption. Then, when I come home and using the energy, it goes back to bulk if the sun is going down. Or if I'm not using Power, the MPPT going straight from Absortion to off.

2 Days ago it once was in float for 20 Minutes then the Sun gone down.

I think it is not good for the battery if it's continuing this. Does someone know an answer to this?






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RESOLVED :Smartshunt and smart solar Bluetooth beta firmware 2.33 fails to install.


A new beta came out today that includes smartshunt 2.33. It failed during the upgrade. I now cannot connect. I get the message to install the firmware. Tried the officially released version and it fails also. the smartshunt is connected to my color control and appears to be reporting fine. I just can’t connect to it via Bluetooth without getting the message to upgrade the firmware.

Anyone know where I can obtain the Bluetooth firmware file? I logged into the Pro section but it doesn’t have any Bluetooth files.

Resolved: I placed my device within 3 inches of the mppt and then the SmartShunt. The Bluetooth firmware updated successfully. Prior attempts were about 3 feet away. Go figure.

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can a Bluesolar 150/70 and a Smart solar 250/70 be connected to one batterybank and work together?

can a Bluesolar 150/70 and a Smart solar 250/70 be connected to one batterybank and work together?

We allready have one pv array with a Bluesolar 150/70 charging the batterybank. But the batterybank is to big for this charger.

I want to install an extra array with a Smartsolar 250/70 charger.

Can a Bluesolar work together with a Smartsolar charger? Can the communication ports be connected?

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2.72 MPPT issue

I have noticed that 2.72 on a Venus GX seems to have a problem coordinating MPPT use.

My two 150/45 MPPTs were active but one went to "sleep" with an idle load when there was a small enough load for one to cope with.

When the load increased, the MP2 went to grid and the second MPPT never kicked in and produced nothing more than 7W.

A restart of the GX resolved the issue.

MPPTs on current code and MP2 on 4.81.

The second USB-vedirect MPPT is a rev2.

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Smart Solar 100/30 over voltage every day

I have a MP100/30 charger. It's set up to charge a LifePO4 battery and despite my charge profile settings (absorption 14.2, float 13.5, absorption duration fixed at zero minutes), I'm seeing 15 volts plus in the history screen every day. Even when the trailer is sitting in the rain on an overcast day. The only thing running is a small 130l compressor fridge. Worried about damaging my 200ah new battery. Any ideas would be appreciated. Images of the settings and history below. Cheers. Stephan



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How to monitor and control MultiPlus and SmartSolar, and adjust the AC input/shore current limit?

I have a MultiPlus 3000 inverter and a SmartSolar charge controller and may purchase a Victron (Orion) DC - DC at some point.

I also have the USB converter to talk with the inverter with a laptop.

I'd like a monitor that would let me easily change charging current in the inverter when I change between generator and shore power. And it would be nice to see battery voltage solar wattage and daily solar watthours.

I can use Bluetooth on the smartphone for the charge controller and the USB adapter on a laptop for the inverter. Is there a way to connect the devices so that Bluetooth can see both of them?

Is there a control panel that can see both of them that doesn't require an expensive interface?

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Low Temperature Cutoff not working


I have a Smart Shunt with latest firmware with a networking setup to 2 MPPT 100/50 and 4 Ip22 12/30 chargers.

Everything is using the Lifepo4 profile with a low temp cutoff of 5 degrees C

It simply doesnt work with the charging continuing at 4 degrees C

Everythings firmware is up to date and the synchronised charging works perfectly but alas not so the low temperature cut off

Any ideas as to why?

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SmartShunt Weak Bluetooth?

I have a Victron Smart Solar charger (100/30) installed in a basement compartment in my RV and can connect my smart phone and tablet via Bluetooth anywhere in my RV and all around it.

Today I installed a Victron SmartShunt in a basement compartment and have trouble connecting via Bluetooth unless my device is very close to the shunt. In the RV I must be directly above that compartment and outside I must be at the door to the compartment where it's installed.

So, the bluetooth signal seems to be much weaker than the Smart Solar controller. Is this normal? Or so I have some other problem?

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MPPT Control repeatedly into ‘connecting’ status after firmware update

After using the MPPT Control in conjunction with the Smart Solar 75/15 for about a year the MPPT Control had the ‘CONNECTING’ issue in november after updating the Smart Solar to firmware v1.53. Disconnecting/connecting the VE cable resolved the issue for about a day... Every time the ‘CONNECTING’ message renders the display inoperable. An update to v1.54 made no avail.

After contacting the dealer did an update at their workshop of the MPPT Control but afterwards the display mentioned ‘UNSUPPORTED F ’_’ VERSION’. In the end the display was swapped for a new one. The new display has functioned for a few days until I checked it again yesterday (11 days after installing).

some (maybe useful) info:

-The smart solar still runs v1.54 (VictronConnect v5.35) and has no problems.
-The camper unit is placed under a carport so the (2x 80wp solar panels parallel) have no input whatsoever.

-running a LiFePo4 4-cell Chinese brand fully balanced battery with a VictronConnect blue smart IP67 12V/17A mains charger. The battery is floating @ 13.52V.

Is this issue software or hardware related? Hopefully fixable with a new firmware?

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Charging 3 battery packs from alternator/solar/ac


I have the following situation on my boat:

- starter battery connected to alternator

- aux battery

- bow battery

I want to achieve the following:

- charge all when on AC shore - this is done, I have 3 output ac charger with each seperate line going into them (existing sbc 500 adv fr)

- charge all from alternator

Right now, I have an emergency connect that connects in parallel starter and aux, and also use this for charging. But this is not a proper 3 phase charger, and I have a feeling it can mess with aux batteries. The bow does not get charged from alternator (but in emergency I can connect in parallel in same way).

- solar

Now I also want to add solar, to charge aux and bow (starter battery is fine w/o solar). Is there a good way to do this with 1 MPPT?

Any ideas/suggestions? I want systems to be independent, not for these sets to discharge between themselves. They do share common NEG right now (but this can be changed).

I was looking through different schematics and posts here (and elsewhere).

One proposal/idea is:

- for alternator

Add Orion to receive alternator input, and connect that one through argofet to both aux and bow (starter gets charged directly from alternator bypassing Orion).

- solar

Add one mppt, which is also connected to same argofet as above.

Is this ok? Basically I do not want to have any of packs in parallel, so want to isolate charging like this if possible.


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SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/35 MPPT Error #28 Power stage issue Q2

Reference my previous question...

SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/35 MPPT Error #28 Power stage issue - Victron Community (

So I've sent my unit in for warranty, and the repair station is telling me I've overloaded it and caused the damage - Warranty Denied.

I suspect the unit was faulty from original manufacture, because I was never able to produce the power expected. Originally I had 8 solar panels and could only produce about 500 Watts. Here’s a typical screen shot under full sun…


Since I was never producing more than about 500 watts with my bank of 8 panels, I decided to go up to 16 panels. The spec sheet says that if more power is connected, the controller will limit input power. I made sure I didn’t exceed the 150V and 40 amp input maximums. VOC is only 109.6V with 4 panels in series, and ISC is only 35.92 with 4 panels in parallel. Shouldn’t the MPPT be able to handle this setup?



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Sluggish compensation of dropping voltage on battery when floating

It seems that my Blue Solar 75/10 is slow ramping up power when in float and the battery voltage suddenly drops.

Is there a handle to make it compensate quicker? Re-bulk ia way too slow with a fixed delay of 1 minute.

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No Bluetooth on new SmartSolar 150/70

Out of the box SmartSolar 150/70 did not show up on VictronConnect device list. Under Product Info screen there is no Bluetooth Enabled switch. Device works with USB and VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongles. None of these see the switch. All parings released and Apps stopped. No change. Is this thing defective?

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MPPT Cable Size Confusion

Hello, I have purchased a Victron Blue Solar 100/30 MPPT. In the manual it says to use 10mm2 cable to connect the solar panels to the controller and the controller to the battery bank.

I currently have a Tracer 40amp MPPT , on a 24 volt system, (5 panels x 250 watt) with 440ah lead acid batteries, connected to a Victron 800 watt Inverter

The panels are connected to the MPPT controller with 6mm2 cables , which are rated to 79amps

Why do I need 10mm2 cables, can I not just use my current 6mm2 cables and swap over the controller like for like?

I use 16mm2 cable to connect the inverter to the battery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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How to keep load on during the day and switch off at night time - MPPT


I would like to have my MPPT 75/15 to operate as normal during the day, but cut power to the load at night.

I like the concept of the street light function however it appears to only do the opposite.

I have searched other options on the forum which have pointed towards the user defined algorithms in the load output operation mode section.

I read that it has 'load switch high voltage level' and 'load switch low voltage level.' I want the load to completely turn off, not just reduce in power. Maybe it does cut off power completely and I am just interpreting it incorrectly.

If you could please let me achieve my scenario that would be great.

Kind regards,


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Solarertrag über Shunt messen und Anzeige im VRM

Hallo Community,

ich möchte den Gesamt-Solarertrag (von meinen 8 MPPTs eines Fremdherstellers) über einen Victron-Shunt messen und ins VRM einbinden. Wie bekomme ich die Kachel rechts unten angezeigt, die normalerweise "PV-Charger" oder "PV-Power" zeigt?

Geht das? Wenn ja, wie?

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

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MPPT 150|100 battery voltage reading high

I have recently upgraded our existing off-grid installation to include the following:

1.5kW existing panels -> MPPT 100|20 48v -> 48v 400Ah battery bank

4.5kW new Jinko panels -> MPPT 150|100 -> same 48v 400Ah battery bank

Cabling is short and the voltage drop between the controllers and the battery bank is less than 0.01V. The two charge controllers are networked over bluetooth and each has the most recent firmware. However synchronizing the two controllers is a problem because the MPPT 150|100 is incorrectly reading a battery voltage 0.2V high, and hence moving from Bulk->Absorbtion->Float earlier than the smaller controller.

For example, the 100|20 status display may report a battery voltage of (say) 55.7V. This voltage can be confirmed via actual measurement at the 100|20 terminals, the 150|100 terminals, and also at the battery bank itself. However the 150|100 at this time instead reports 55.9V. As a result, the 100|150 switches up between charge modes prematurely (and presumably switches down late as the battery voltage falls), switching the larger panel array into Absorbtion while the small array continues to operate in Bulk. Accordingly, the larger solar array is effectively switched out before the batteries are fully charged leaving the small array to finish the task. Although this is unlikely to cause a problem in sunny days, the premature switching out of the larger array on overcast days does not permit full recharge of the batteries and to an extent defeats the intent of this upgrade. As a temporary workaround, I have set the 150|100 Absorbtion and Float voltages 0.2v high to compensate for the battery reading error which does seem to help, but I am unsure as to whether this may eventually contribute to cooking the batteries and do not see this as a permanent fix for this new device.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Can the problematic 150|100 be recalibrated in the field? - or is this a matter that can only be fixed with a replacement controller?

Cheers, Richard

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SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/35 MPPT Error #28 Power stage issue

My charge controller is displaying an error code # 28 and is interrupting charging. The recommended solution is to "Disconnect all wires, and then reconnect all wires. If the error persists the charge controller is probably faulty." I've tried disconnecting the wires, and on restart, the controller seems to produce good power for a few seconds, then quickly drops to about 15% current. The controller will continue to charge, sometimes for many hours, at 15% current.

I have a 4P4S Solar Panel configuration charging a 48V bank of LifePo4 cells.

Panels are each Pm 200W, Voc 27.4V, Isc 8.98A

Is this controller damaged, or can it be rectified with software updates? Should I send this in for further warranty investigation?


5.jpg 4.jpg



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How to charge a Pylontech US2000 with SmartSolar 150/50 ?


is it possible to charge a Pylontech US2000 with a SmartSolar 150/50 ?
What do i need to make communication between Smartsolar and battery ?

Thank you

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23 of (SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 ) Stop Working

Could you please read the following, and help us to understand and avoid this issue in the future: We have Added three Inverters type Quattro 15Kva to our existing Solar system which was consisted of (6 )Inverters type Quattro 15Kva and (23) MPPT Solar Chargers controller Type (SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 ), we reconfigured the 9 inverters to work as 3 phase inverters ( 3 inverters for L1, 3 inverters for L2, 3 inverters for L3), and the system working for about 4 months without any problem, a few days ago all MPPT solar chargers stop working ( one of MPPT solar charger was burned, and 19 MPPT solar chargers not working and no led flashing, and 4 MPPT solar chargers not working and blue light flashing every 2 or 3 seconds.)

I need to know why these problems happened.

Please Know that the MPPT solar chargers voltage is ( absorption =55.2V,float=54V, equalization not active (disable ) ), but four months ago when we add the new 3 inverters (Quattro 15Kva ) and reconfigured the system, we forget to reduce the default setting of inverter charge voltage, so the inverters setting is ( absorption =57.6V,float=55.2V, equalization not active (disable )), is that configuration could cause the above problems ??.

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If battery is fully charged, shouldn't load provide power at night?

My battery is fully charged.

For testing purposes the Load setting is set to "Always On"

When the sun goes down there is no load output.

I would expect power to feed from battery to MPPT and out the load terminals.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

MPPT 100/20

LiFePO4 Deep Cycle 12V 100Ah Built-in BMS

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