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Lithium battery Smart

Wiring diagram for a van install with multiplus II


After reading a lot those last weeks, especially here, (what a great help this community is !), I've come with a wiring schematics for my new van installation.

Years ago, I've already made a van installation with Victron lifepo4, BMS 12/200, BMV 712, battery protects and all went very well.

Now there is a lot of new products, protocols etc and I think that this wiring is the best I can think about.

I want it to be the simplest possible, with the less components.

I do not want to install solar at the beginning, I think I can only rely on the buck boost (I've a 250A alternator). I will maybe add them later if needed.

I used as a basis, the Victron van install diagram:, removed un-necessary thing, added the Multiplus II 24/3000 and removed:

- Battery protect (charging)

- External temp sensor

- Isolation transformer

- AC detect (included in Multiplus II)

Do you think that this way the low temp security of the BMS will disable the charging from the Buck Boost, MPPT and Multiplus ?

Did I forgot something?

Do you see a better way to do it ?

Thanks a lot

(Tip: click the image link under the image or right click/open in a new tab for a better, full size image)

edit: 1) "typo" of the purple cable from BMS to MPPT 2) replaced the to usb cable by a cable to the GX


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Narrowboat Lithium set up.


Hi, We are moving over from lead acid to lithium batteries (the victron smart ones) and will be updating our 12v system up to the inverter and DC panel(s)

1. Do we need a separate battery protect for under voltage or can we use the relay on the BMV 712

2. We have a sterling alternator to battery charger will that work through the Cyrix Li-ct

3. Is there anything else you would suggest we need to change in the above diagram.



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Can I use the temperature information that is shown by my Smart Lithium Batteries in a VE-Network (Cerbo)?

Hi all!

I installed two brand-new 200ah 12V Lithium Smart Batteries from Victron in my van. Those new one come with Bluetooth connection. Via the Victron smartphone app, I can check the temperature of each battery. Now I was wondering if it is possible to provide this information to my Cerbo GX or Smart MPPT. I know that the Cerbo has several temperature sensor inputs for cable sensors. But hopefully, there is a way to use the information that is already there :)

Any suggestions? :)

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Smart Lithium battery temperature

Having 3 x 200Ah batteries next to each other in parallel configuration.

Temperature readings are 21, 20 and 16 degrees celsius.

Anything that shoul I do to avoid future problems?

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How to properly add capacity to existing 48 volt bank consisting of 2 x Victron 25,6V/200Ah Smartbattery bank?

I have a customer that has a 48v bank consisting of 2 x Victron 25,6V/200Ah Smartbatteries.

This is for a 2kW marine propulsion system. The batteries have been in use for the last 1.5 years.

There is a Quattro 48/3000/35-50/50 120V for dosckside charging as needed and what will be 1700 watts of solar.

The owner needs to extend the range and ability to travel overnight and intends to add two more 25,6V/200Ah Smartbatteries for a 48V x 400ah bank.

How can we best integrate the new batteries into the system and still have a reliable system that does not cause the BMS to fault due to cell imbalance? i.e spend more frequent time at absorption voltages to balance cells with different internal resistance?

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Smart shunt for 3x200Ah-a batteries for 12V

What size of Smart Shunt should I use if also the start battery to my RV is connected!

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Basic 100ah Campervan setup help - Is this correct?

Hello everyone,

I've spent a good while trying to learn what will be required for my setup and would really appreciate someone answering a few questions and taking a look over my proposed setup.

I will be using the 100ah Lifepo4 smart battery, this will be charged using the Orion-TR Smart DC-DC Charger via the Alternator. The Battery will power both DC and AC loads through the Sargent EC155 and the Victrons Phoenix Inverter; where im stuck is working out whats actually required in such a small system?

I have a decent understanding of 12v campervan electrics, however it seems it isn't quite so simple when using Lithium Lifepo3 batteries - I've attached a basic diagram of what the system will include on the Victron side (please ignore the direction of arrows).

The build will include basic 12v appliances such as a 12v fridge, water pump, LED lighting and a small inverter - most small appliances will be ran via the Sargent EC155. Heres where i'm struggling:

1- The van will include a 240v hookup which will run through the Sargent ec155 powering plug sockets and charging the leisure battery - Will this charger be sufficient for Lifepo4 batteries?

2- Do I need a Smart Battery Shunt if I'm using Victrons Smart Lifepo4 batteries?

3- What size fuse will I require for a 100ah Lifepo4 battery?

4- Am I right that the Mini BMS controls (on/off to protect over/under voltage) the charging side of the system and does the same on the load side via the Battery protect? I'm a little puzzled as to how this should be wired up to operate the inverter via the remote function; I've seen people using relays etc.

5- Can I run both the Waeco fridge and all other 12v appliances through one battery protect?

Thanks in advance,



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How to setup Lithium Smart 2 x 24/200Ah and MPPT 100/30 & 75/15 setup with VE.BUS BMS


Below are the setup,

Multi 24/3KVA/70A

2 x in parallel Lithuim Smart 24/200Ah

MPPT 75/15 : Connected with 2 x 115W Panel

MPPT 100/30 : Connected with 6 x 195W panel ( 3 in series; 2 string in Parallel)

How we can setup above items with VE. BUS BMS.

Have tried with Multi with BMS its working fine.

But what is the procedure to connect 2Pc of MPPT to control the charge.

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Why do Battery Temps vary widely between SmartShunt & MPPT, Multiplus and SmartLithium

Below are several iOS VictonConnect screens show seemingly significant Battery Temperature differences.

My SmartShunt has battery temp sensor and shares to MPPT over VE Smart Network and they read 88, which is also the ambient temp.

The Multiplus shows 96 and the Smart Lithium displays 94.






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Trouble switching battery protect from ve.bus bms charge disconnect

I'm trying to use a Battery Protect to switch the ignition input on an external voltage regulator, to disable alternator charging. According to the Victron manuals, if I connect the ve.bus BMS load disconnect to the battery protect remote H/+ terminal, then the Battery Protect should disconnect when the charge disconnect line floats.

I've programmed the Battery Protect to mode 0-C — the lithium mode.

I'm trying to test to make sure this is working, but when I disconnect the BMS charge disconnect from the Battery Protect H/+ terminal, the relay continues to remain closed, and I have full voltage on both the input and output for the battery protect.

Can someone provide some suggestions?

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whats the difference between LFP Smart 12,8/200-a and the LFP Smart 12,8/200

On the Victron LFP data sheet..

The Smart 12,8/200-a is 22kg and 237 x 321 x 152

The Smart 12,8/200 is 44kg and larger at 297 x 425 x 274

All the other figures are the same, why the huge difference in weight and size for the same capacity.

Is the 12,8/200-a available for purchase?

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Argo which terminal for Alternator sense?

Hi, I've installed Argo FET split charger to charge my starter and 2 (separate) LFP banks. The Balmar MC614 Regulator states to place the Alternator voltage sense wire onto the largest bank if using a split charger, so in my case that would be the 400ah LFP bank.

Just a little concerned that this will potentially expose my starter to too much current and force it into a high voltage state.

I did think that using the MC614 Batt temp sensor on the starter battery might help. Other option would be to place the sense wire onto the starter battery, but then would that not prevent the LFP banks from charging?

Hope someone with a better understanding of this can help.



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Synchronise Automatic Equalization


I use the automatic equalization feature to provide the 14.2V cell balancing voltage periodically for Smart Lithium batteries.

I have 3 charge controllers, 2x SmartSolar 150/35 and 1x BlueSolar 150/70 (non-bluetooth)

I have all the controllers connected to a venus device.

Is there anyway to ensure that all the controllers start equalizing on the same day?


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Lithium Smart battery draw rate in parallel

Hi all

I am looking at installing 2 x Victron LiFePO4 Lithium Battery 12.8V/200Ah-a - Smart in parallel.

My question is by installing these in parallel am I able to increase my continuous and maximum draw rates to allow for a 3000VA Multiplus inverter? I have read that batteries with internal BMS do not achieve an increase in draw rate when paralleled. I am considering running the VE.BUS BMS to manage the system.

I appreciate I will only have limited capacity at this draw level but will consider increasing the bank size at a later date and don't expect to use for long periods (<1 hour).

Any thoughts or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Gen2 Lithium batteries

Good evening all community members

How do I go about setting up an ESS assistant on a Multiplus ii 5KVA 48/50 with integrated BMS batteries such as Victron Superpack 12V 200Ah.

The batteries are Gen2 lithium batteries that are Series connectable for a 48V system

I have 12 x 350watt panels, 250/70 MPPT, BMV 712.

Would like to use about 50% of stored energy during the evening to power loads during the evening.

I have done ESS setups before, but not with Lithium batteries without access to BMS

Your expert advise will be of great value. Thank you

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Smart Battery high cell voltage during initial charge.

Hi guys,

Should I be concerned that the cells in my Smart Lithium 12.8 200ah seem to be way out during initial charge? I'm using a Multiplus 12-1600-70 compact. I have set the charge rate very low and dropped it now down to 5A. But after a couple of minutes two of the Cells go up over 3.75v while the other two stay under 3.5v. Once the battery has rested, they all go back to 3.35v.

It seems that the battery is ether very out of balance or faulty which is disappointing on a £2500 brand new battery.

Should I lower the charge down further or does it need replacing?

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Blue Smart Charger & LiFePO4 Battery Smart not fully charging

Hi there :)

I have recently bought a LiFePO4 12,8v Battery Smart 200ah
It is not yet hooked up to a system as the facility is still under construction

The manual for the bettery says it must be regularly (at least once every month) charged to 14V (max 14,4V)

I have a Blue Smart IP22(1) 12|30 Charger

I am using the Victron Connect app to monitor the voltage of the battery
I have tried charging it twice and am now trying a third time.

The battery was sitting at 13.25V
Cell 1: 3.32V
Cell 2: 3.31V
Cell 3: 3.31V
Cell 4: 3.31V

When I start charging, the charger jumps straight to ABS
The battery voltage occasionally jumps to 13.26V momentarily
With Cell 2 jumping up to 3.32V momentarily and back to 3.31V

After an hour or so the charger has progressed to Storage
The battery voltage is still at 13.25V

Does anyone know why it is not charging up to 14V ?

Thanks very much in advance

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Smart Lithium, VE.Bus and IP22 Charger

I've been told by my distributor that I don't need a relay to cut off the charger in the event of low temperature because the battery will do this automatically. All the schematics I've seen show a separate relay switched by charger disconnect.

Is the distributor correct?

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Odd battery protect behavior in lithium mode

I have a smart BP-65 connected to a mini-bms and victron lion battery. The BP-65 is configured for LION mode through the app. When I unplug the remote connector, simulating loss of +12v from BMS, nothing happens. My understanding is in LION mode it should immediately disconnect the load? If I unplug the ground, the BP says it's shutting down due to low voltage, which again my understanding is in LION mode the voltage settings are ignored?

Any thoughts? I did a reset to default but no change in behavior.

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VE. Bus BMS with Skylla ip44 via Venus GX

If I connect a VE. Bus BMS (connected to Victron Smart LiFePO4) and a Skylla IP44 to a Venus GX, will the BMS be able to control (disconnect/connect) the charger without additional devices (remote disconnect)? Or, must I use the BMS charge disconnect output?

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Does MPPT controller have lithium battery activation function?

I have 2 Renogy Smart Lithium 100ah batteries connected to 2 180W solar panels with the Victron 100/50 MPPT charge controller. After camping in some tall forests, my batteries over discharged and have not been able to maintain the same voltage or charge as before. The response I got from Renogy was:

Your battery is now in over-discharge shutdown protection. You can use our RVR series controller, this controller has lithium battery activation function. Set the battery type to lithium battery mode, connect the battery and solar panel, at this time the lithium battery activation interface will appear on the controller and will activate your battery.
After successful activation, your battery can be charged and discharged normally.

So my question is: does my Victron controller have the same function? Is there something I would need to do manually to activate said function?

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Is it allowed to install my battery control shunt between Lithium Smart battery and BMS?

My Battery control monitor does not recognize some incoming charging from the solar and b2b booster and therefore shows incorrect capacity. To fix this the installation of the shunt between battery and BMS was recommended - is it possible?




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Darf der Shunt zwischen Smart Lithium Batterie und BMS eingebaut werden?




Der Batteriemonitor zeigt falsche Kapazitätsangaben, da der Shunt vom Solarregler und B2B Booster nichts mitbekommt.

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Could someone please check if I'm thinking this right?

Hey folks! I'm setting up the electrical for my van conversion and have zero experience besides videos and articles. I came across the Smart BMS CL 12-100 but I'm not super sure if that's what I need? It charges the battery safe from the alternator, right? Sames as the Orion? Is it a new thing?

I've put this diagram together to illustrate what I'm thinking. Please ignore fuse/trip sizes as it's just to illustrate, I still need to calculate everything.

Anyway, would really appreciate some thoughts on this.


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Lynx Shunt 1000 with Lynx Distributor 1000


I've recently design a setup with 4 x 12V 200A Smart LiFePO4s in parallel connected directly to the Lynx Shunt 1000. The Lynx shunt is then coupled with a Lynx DC Distributor 1000 on its RHS. Connected to the Lynx DC Distributor is the Victron 12V 5kVA Quattro Inverter and DC loads.

Is it ok to connect the batteries directly to the Lynx Shunt 1000 and the fuse within the shunt can be used as circuit protection for the batteries?



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Lithium Starter Battery


I've received some equipment to upgrade my boats electrical system. However the company have sent me the wrong battery (100ah drop-in lithium) - should be 100ah Victron smart.

Anyway, they are going to do a swap out, but I was thinking if it would be possible to use it as my starter battery and maybe run a few other things from it - deck wash, nav lights...

My system will have 4x 100ah Victron Lithium batteries for the house bank. This is connected to a 12/3000/120 multiplus.

The solar MPPT and Alternator are connected to a 85ah agm battery and that connects to a cyrix li-ct in order to charge the house bank when charge is available.

What I'm thinking is to do the same with the MPPT, but run it through a Battery protect and have the ignition wire for the balmar external regulator also go through a small battery protect - both will be connected to the BMS charge disconnect that I have routed through my BMV 712 relay and set to disconnect at 14.2v.

Main concern is that currently when the Cyrix disconnects when solar charge is occurring the starter gets a quick dose of around 15volts before the MPPT reduces current.

Will the BP catch this quick enough in order to stop it getting to a lithium starter battery?

I don't think the same will occur with the alternator as once the regulator ignition wire goes out the stop off current should be instant, but say if you think I'm wrong.

Hope you can clear this up and maybe give alternatives I haven't thought of.



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Smart Battery un-balancing zero load

Hi Everyone,

I recently got a 100Ah smart battery. On initial receiving the battery before i took it out of the box cell #2 and #3 were 0.3 Volt lower than the Cells #1 and #4.

This was a bigger difference than i expected on a brand new premium battery but I figured it was within tolerance.

I've ran the battery on a very slow charge and got all cells balanced to within 0.01 V.

I've used the battery a for one small discharge test of maybe 15 or 20% taken out of the batteries.

let the charger recharge back up to 100% and it was balanced within 0.1V across all cells after the charger went into float.

I've now left the battery and charger in float for 2 days and I'm back to a cell voltage difference of 0.05 V in just 2 days with no load on the battery at all.

0.05 V in-balance in 2 days with no load looks very poor.

This worries me. it looks like i might have a couple of bad cells.

Any thoughts?

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Victron Connect (Mac OS) and Smart Batteries

I have 4 x 12,8/200 Smart batteries, a charger and smart battery protect. I can connect via bluetooth to all the devices from my iPhone, however from my Mac I can only connect to the charger and smart battery protect, when IU try and connect to the batteries, it sits at 20% connected.

Anyone have any ideas.

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Lithium 12,8 Smart Batteries and Victron Connect (MacOS0

I have 4 x 12,8/200 Smart batteries, a charger and smart battery protect. I can connect via bluetooth to all the devices from my iPhone, however from my Mac I can only connect to the charger and smart battery protect, when IU try and connect to the batteries, it sits at 20% connected.

Anyone have any ideas.

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LiFePO4 Smart Midpoint Monitoring and Battery Balancer


is there anything to be gained monitoring the mid point voltage, or using a battery balancer, with 2x 12.8v Lithium batteries in series and a ve.bus BMS with Venus?



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