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Charnging LFP from two alternators

Hi everybody. I need to charge a Li battery bank from 2 different alternators. System configuration is as follow:

Engine 1 24V 60A alternator with internal regulation connected to its start lead battery

Engine 2 24V 60A alternator with internal regulation connected to its start lead battery

House battery back is 2 x 25,6V LPF Smart 200Ah with Ve.BUS BMS.

The idea is to send two alternator positive to the busbar and put a cyrix Li-charge between them and the lithium battery bank. is there any synchro issues?

Boat owner would like to use Buckboost but I have no knowledge ho to manage with two alternators. Do you have any advise?

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Can you get product serial number for a Smart Battery off the product and on Victron Connect?

Can you get product serial number for a Smart Battery off the product and on Victron Connect?

We would like to get the serial number without removing cabinetry to access the batteries.

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Advice on how to remove Smart LiFePO4 battery lid

I'm having some issues with my 100Ah LiFePO4 Smart battery (no bluetooth signal, connected SmartSolar charger gave voltage as 4.2V) and I'd like to take a look under the lid. I've seen it's been done before (, but there seems to be a chance of damaging the electronics as the goop rips off with the lid. Any advice? Would heat help soften the adhesive?

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Argo which terminal for Alternator sense?

Hi, I've installed Argo FET split charger to charge my starter and 2 (separate) LFP banks. The Balmar MC614 Regulator states to place the Alternator voltage sense wire onto the largest bank if using a split charger, so in my case that would be the 400ah LFP bank.

Just a little concerned that this will potentially expose my starter to too much current and force it into a high voltage state.

I did think that using the MC614 Batt temp sensor on the starter battery might help. Other option would be to place the sense wire onto the starter battery, but then would that not prevent the LFP banks from charging?

Hope someone with a better understanding of this can help.



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Help with simple Off-Grid Setup 48v EasySolar + LiFePo4


i'm starting my plans about a simple off-grid solar setup, built around EasySolar 48/5000 and LiFePo4 Batteries.

My goal of the setup is to have one normal european AC 230V-16A output, so that i can plug in for example a washing machine (most of them reach 3200W while heating the water), or simply all electronic products suitable for AC 230V outlets. That is why i chose the EasySolar 48/5000, that offers around the wattage necessary. Also the ability to load this with an external power source. So this is fix.

About the size of the batteries, i am not sure yet if i need double Ah, or if 100Ah is enough, but this is easy to exchange, when i know that all other components are in a correct setup.

I would really appreciate someone looking at the simple setup plan to check:

- if all the components kind of fit and work together,

- if some important parts are missing,

- if it could be simpler or less components (= cheaper, but i dont think so, its super simple already),

- what special connection cables i need, that dont come with the main products,

- is a 250A Fuse behind the batteries right? (the BatteryProtect has a Maximum Peak Current of 250A so i figured this would be fine...)

I am new to Lithium-Batteries and the VE.Bus BMS, so especially there i am not sure, if all connections are correct. Or if the VE.Bus BMS is the right BMS for me... Also i saw inverted and non-inverted remote cables. What do i need?

- do i need something like a battery balancer? it seems to me that it does not make sense with Lithium-Batteries...or am i wrong?

Im looking forward to someone leaving a statement to this setup and my questions.

Thanks in advance :)


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Lithium schematics with Multiplus and auxiliary battery

Trying to educate myself before moving to lithium.


Can anyone explain me why would I need to buy an extra equipment (blue smart charger) to charge the starter battery when the Multiplus 12|3000|120A 16A has a trickle charge cable for that same purpose?

My future set up would be with an AGM super cycle starter battery and lithium like in this scheme from Victron.

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VE.Bus BMS, SmartSolar MPPT Ve.Can and Can verses VE.Direct connection

I have a 2 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/70 rev2, Smart lithium, MultiPlus, BMS, Cervo, etc, all Victron.

I have not found any clear documentation about the functionality one gets when connecting the SmartSolar MPPT via VE.Can or VE.Direct.

I connected them originally via VE.Can and no screens on the VenusOS would show if the MPPT's where working as a single pair, networked and in sync, or would get BMS Charge Disable signals from the Cerbo.

I have them connected via VE.Direct at the moment, and in the Cerbo there is now a "Networked operation" screen, under each charge controller. However BMS control is still No.

Is there any documentation or guidance that exists about the best protocol to use to connect the controllers and the benefits and features of each.

I really want to know if the BMS Charge Disconnect signal is passed through from VE.Direct to the MPPT's, can they work as a synchronised pair, can they get charge current (non ESS setup) from the Cerbo, etc.

Many Thanks

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New to Lithium and Cycling to 28.4 every day

Hi All,

I am new to Lithium and the Smart Lithium 12,8 batteries vponfigurtbed 2S2P. My boat is not accessible at the moment due to lock down and I have CANBus connected Smart Solar MPPTs.

When I left the boat, I forgot to adjust the MPPT controllers to charge to 27v, therefore maintaining the batteries at float. As there is very little load it means that my Solar charge controllers are cycling the batteries through absorption, and the Victron set 2hr's each day.

Is there anyway to reconfigure the CANBus MPPTs remotely? Will doing this for what is likely a month going to damage the cells.

Many Thanks


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Adding 2X lithium batteries separate AGM start battery, what do I do with the thruster and windlass

I am converting to lithium batteries and will continue to use an agm deep cycle start battery. Should I draw off the start battery with the thruster and windlass. It is 100 amps

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Lithium Battery Smart balancing strategies


I am trying to design a cell balancing strategy for my 2 series connected Victron Lithium Batteries.

Latest manual suggests that everyday cycled batteries need 4 to 8 hours a month of cell balancing (i.e. absorption phase, battery voltage above 28V)

and that "systems with series connected batteries" may need a weekly full charge.

So, if I do a 1-2 hour absorption phase per week, is this equal to doing 4-8 hours a month?

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Old Multiplus 12/3000/120 with smart BMS CL 100/12 will it work ?

Having had enough of running my generator for hours and hours in the winter to get my AGM's to 100% charge ( summer no problem with my solar ) I have decided that as soon as I can afford it I am switching to 2 x lovely new 200Ah Victron Smart Lithium's .

I plan to use Smart BMS CL 100/12 as my BMS in order to integrate by alternator and also my Midnite solar controller .

The Midnite can be configured to accept the Charge disconnect output of the BMS but I have an old 2007/08 Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120 and not sure if I can shut down the charger and loads on this with the BMS , It does not have Aux inputs of the later models .

I don't really want to spend on a new one especially since my outlay on new batteries is large and the ole Victron is in really good condition and working fine so why bin it ? there must be a way of shutting it down ? can the Cyrix Li-Charge / Load be used for example and if so how ?

Many thanks in advance


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Does the Smart Battery Sense prevent LiFePO4 charging below 5C?

I have all Victron kit; BVM-712, Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC, MPPT 75/15, Smart IP65 AC-DC charger and the separate smart sense battery temperature monitor sitting on top of my LiFePO4 battery in a camper van.

The Aux input of the 712 is used for the starter battery. Conscious of the 5C temperature charging threashold I added the Smart Sense Battery temperature sensor. I have linked this to the VE Network.

Does the Smart Sense Battery temperature offer the same functionality as the directly connected [to the BVM 712] version? That is, it will prevent the solar charger from charging the battery if below 5C?

Will it also prevent the Smart IP65 from charging the battery if connected to shore power?

I was never planning to use my van during the winter, so when I built it this wasn’t thought-out.

Now I am using it regularly in these colder temperatures I want to make sure my system is working efficiently.



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Smart Battery Protect says OUTPUT DISABLED BY REMOTE

Smart Battery Protect says OUTPUT DISABLED BY REMOTE and because of that I can't use any of the 12V devices.

Can someone advise as to why there is no power going out to my 12V distribution board from the SBP100?

And the same why no power going to the Battery from the SBP200 ?

Both are saying that they have been "Output Disabled by Remote"

Many thanks

1. SBP100 for load disconnect


2. SBP for Load disconnect


3. SBP100


4. SBP200


5. BMV readings.


6. As you can see the negative voltage is coming to the negative feed of the 12V distribution. And 12 V positive feed going to SBP "IN" field, but nothing goes out to the loads.



8. SBP flashing lights


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High cell voltage Smart 150AH Lithium

Charging my new battery (recomended by dealer) with a Bluesmart IP65 12V/15A charger connected directly to battery, set to Lithium mode & 4A before installing it in my boat. Dealer says all is OK, just install the battery/BMS etc, dont worry...........any opinions about that advice. When charger switched off, 5 hours later the cell voltage is perfect 3.32 V on all cells & "Ready for use"


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lithium firmware version


On the FB group I was told there was a firmware update from v1.19 to v1.20 last week. App says I'm running the latest at v1.19. Which is correct?

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Orion Smart 12/12/30 Fusing

I just purchased a new Orion Tr-Smart 12/12/30 Isolated DC-DC charger to install in my RV. The installation is complete and the unit is operating properly, but I am confused by the fusing recommendation in the manual. It calls for a 60 amp fuse, but the charger is only a 30 amp charger so why are both the input and output rated for a 60 amp fuse. I would have thought that 40 or 45 amps would have been more appropriate.

I asked the vendor about it but they just replied that 60 amp was the maximum size for the fuse and I have never purchased equipment with a fusing requirement where the fuse size was not the minimum fuse size, not the maximum.

Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

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Connecting Lithium in parallel


I have an issue with a victron 150ah LiFePO4 (600ah bank of 4 at 12v) not balancing after several attempts. It balances after about 6 hours on hook-up via the multiplus 3000/12/120 but as soon as we boat off it won't balance the next time I charge via engine or geni/multiplus, and BMS shuts down due to one cell (always the same one) going OV at 3.76v

The guy (pro) who fitted the system (now unwell) thinks its a duff battery and has asked that I swap 1 and 4 over to see what happens (cell 4 in battery 1 is the issue)

Now having a look my black BMS cables aren't wired like anything I've seen.

All diagrams I can see the left black cable of Battery1 goes to the left BMS port; the right black cable or B1 goes to B2 left cable; B2 right to B3 left, B3 right goes to battery 4 left and lastly battery 4 right to BMS right port (a 4 battery version of this link

Mine goes B4L-B2R; B4R-B3L; B3R-B1L; B2L-BMSL; B1R-BMSR

I can't find anything wired vaguely similar ANYWHERE. The only possible reason I can see why it was done this way is that my left hand black cable is too short to go to the BMS left port and needs the 2m victron ( extension cable

Q1) is my wiring enough to mess with the cell balancing?
Q2) should I buy the extension cable and wire it as per the diagrams I can find regardless of whether I have a duff battery on not?

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Robustness of Victron Lithium batteries?

Hi, I'm putting a solar system into a 4x4 overland vehicle and I was wondering how robust the Lithium Smart batteries are in regards to vehicle vibrations for off-road use and on badly corrugated roads. Would heavy duty AGMs be better suited?

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First time charging & balancing of 12.8V Smart Lithium Batteries

I've read Para 3.2 of the manual for the LIFePO4 Smart Lithium Batteries. I understand why it is OK to do a first charge of a group of batteries if they are in parallel.

I haven't figured out why the recommended charging rate for the group of batteries being charged for the first time, in parallel, is C/20, where C is the value for one of the batteries, not for the group of batteries. I think I know, but I'd like to know the official answer. :-)

The problem with this recommendation is the amount of time it will take to bring three 12.8V/300Ah Smart Lithium Batteries up to full charge, starting from their delivery State of Charge of 50% or less, and then hold it there for 'an absorption period of several hours at 14.2V', all at a charging output from a MultiPlus of no more than 15 amps! Can the Multi be reigned back like that? Perhaps the Cerbo can control it.

Please tell me if my maths is right:

300Ah x 3 = 900Ah x 50% = 450 Amps of charging for 1 hour to fill the three batteries, or

450Ah / 15A = 30 hours + 5 hours of absorption @14.2V for balancing of cells = 35 hours.

Do you agree that I need to allocate ~35 hours for the initial charging, done for the three batteries simultaneously, in parallel? To save time (and because we need to launch the boat and move it to a marina berth) this is likely to be done in two blocks of hours; first for five hours on the MultiPlus, then a break for an hour during launch, then motoring with the alternator's charge limited to 50 amps for up to 30 minutes. Then we'll recommence the MultiPlus charging, at 15A, until the batteries reach full charge and have their 'several' hours of balancing. All with me sitting on them like a mother hen.

I don't imagine the short period of throttled back alternator charging at three times the C/20 rate will do any damage, but do tell if you think differently.

I am keen to get these batteries off to a very good start. They cost a bomb!

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DVCC system in a yacht - configuring and switching on

Hello Everyone.

Could I please have your advice on configuring and switching on a newly installed DVCC system in a yacht? Questions at the bottom. First, a system description. The devices involved are:

- three 12.8V Smart lithium batteries, in parallel as the house battery bank
- Smart BMS CL 12-100, to keep the diesel engine’s alternator safe from overheating
- Smart Battery Protect 220 for load disconnect
- Smart Battery Protect 100 for charge disconnect of MPPT output (might change to a 220)
- Smart Shunt
- Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 display
- MultiPlus 12/3000/120 - 50
- three 100/50 MPPTs with three x 400W solar panels

There are also two battery chargers connected to the positive bus-bar, being:

- an Orion-Tr 12/12-30 battery to battery charger, for charging the engine start battery, if needed
- a Sterling 12-24 charger for charging the 24V battery bank for the bowthruster

Data connections between the devices are:

- VE.Direct cable between the Smart Shunt and the Cerbo GX
- VE.Bus between the MultiPlus and the Cerbo GX
- VE.Direct-to-USB between the MPPTs and the Cerbo GX

And of course there are:

- load disconnect cable from the Smart BMS CL 12-100 to the Smart Battery Protect 220
- charge disconnect cable from the Smart BMS CL 12-100 to the Smart Battery Protect 100

I’ve read the DVCC information in the Color Control GX Manual. I’d happily read more information if it was available. :-)

How do the following configuration steps look to you?

- I need to activate DVCC in the Cerbo GX. Easy.
- I’m thinking I will activate ‘Limit charge current’ at first, to keep charging calm, at 50 amps max
- Shared Voltage Sense (SVS) comes on by default when DVCC is enabled. From Section 4.4.2 of the Manual, I gather the Smart Shunt will be the source of the voltage measurement, rather than the MultiPlus. This makes sense, so I think I’ll leave SVS on.
- Shared Temperature Sense is a problem. The system doesn’t have a temperature input at present. The batteries in the bilge are likely to be colder than the distant MultiPlus, a possible temperature source. I think I will turn STS off, until I can connect a sensor directly to the Cerbo. Which sensor?
- Shared Current Sense (SCS). Section 4.4.4 of the Manual is difficult to understand, but I get the impression I should turn SCS on, so the MPPTs can be configured to use the Smart Shunt’s current measurements.

Could I please have your thoughts on this approach? I will of course be working with the installer, however, he is not a Victron expert.

Thank you.

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Does this schematic look ok - any improvements

I have added a lithium battery to my motorboat and I am proposing to connect it as per the sketch below. I already have the shunt, smart shunt, mppt and battery chargers. From my research I think it will work? Be interested in any comments, suggestions for improvements, thanks.


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Trouble switching battery protect from ve.bus bms charge disconnect

I'm trying to use a Battery Protect to switch the ignition input on an external voltage regulator, to disable alternator charging. According to the Victron manuals, if I connect the ve.bus BMS load disconnect to the battery protect remote H/+ terminal, then the Battery Protect should disconnect when the charge disconnect line floats.

I've programmed the Battery Protect to mode 0-C — the lithium mode.

I'm trying to test to make sure this is working, but when I disconnect the BMS charge disconnect from the Battery Protect H/+ terminal, the relay continues to remain closed, and I have full voltage on both the input and output for the battery protect.

Can someone provide some suggestions?

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Connect app not seeing my LiFePO4 12.8/200AH battery.

I’m able to see the BMV battery monitor and the SmartSolar Charger and Battery Protect devices, but don’t see the Smart Battery device.

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Wiring diagram for a van install with multiplus II


After reading a lot those last weeks, especially here, (what a great help this community is !), I've come with a wiring schematics for my new van installation.

Years ago, I've already made a van installation with Victron lifepo4, BMS 12/200, BMV 712, battery protects and all went very well.

Now there is a lot of new products, protocols etc and I think that this wiring is the best I can think about.

I want it to be the simplest possible, with the less components.

I do not want to install solar at the beginning, I think I can only rely on the buck boost (I've a 250A alternator). I will maybe add them later if needed.

I used as a basis, the Victron van install diagram:, removed un-necessary thing, added the Multiplus II 24/3000 and removed:

- Battery protect (charging)

- External temp sensor

- Isolation transformer

- AC detect (included in Multiplus II)

Do you think that this way the low temp security of the BMS will disable the charging from the Buck Boost, MPPT and Multiplus ?

Did I forgot something?

Do you see a better way to do it ?

Thanks a lot

(Tip: click the image link under the image or right click/open in a new tab for a better, full size image)

edit: 1) "typo" of the purple cable from BMS to MPPT 2) replaced the to usb cable by a cable to the GX


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Narrowboat Lithium set up.


Hi, We are moving over from lead acid to lithium batteries (the victron smart ones) and will be updating our 12v system up to the inverter and DC panel(s)

1. Do we need a separate battery protect for under voltage or can we use the relay on the BMV 712

2. We have a sterling alternator to battery charger will that work through the Cyrix Li-ct

3. Is there anything else you would suggest we need to change in the above diagram.



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Can I use the temperature information that is shown by my Smart Lithium Batteries in a VE-Network (Cerbo)?

Hi all!

I installed two brand-new 200ah 12V Lithium Smart Batteries from Victron in my van. Those new one come with Bluetooth connection. Via the Victron smartphone app, I can check the temperature of each battery. Now I was wondering if it is possible to provide this information to my Cerbo GX or Smart MPPT. I know that the Cerbo has several temperature sensor inputs for cable sensors. But hopefully, there is a way to use the information that is already there :)

Any suggestions? :)

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Smart Lithium battery temperature

Having 3 x 200Ah batteries next to each other in parallel configuration.

Temperature readings are 21, 20 and 16 degrees celsius.

Anything that shoul I do to avoid future problems?

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How to properly add capacity to existing 48 volt bank consisting of 2 x Victron 25,6V/200Ah Smartbattery bank?

I have a customer that has a 48v bank consisting of 2 x Victron 25,6V/200Ah Smartbatteries.

This is for a 2kW marine propulsion system. The batteries have been in use for the last 1.5 years.

There is a Quattro 48/3000/35-50/50 120V for dosckside charging as needed and what will be 1700 watts of solar.

The owner needs to extend the range and ability to travel overnight and intends to add two more 25,6V/200Ah Smartbatteries for a 48V x 400ah bank.

How can we best integrate the new batteries into the system and still have a reliable system that does not cause the BMS to fault due to cell imbalance? i.e spend more frequent time at absorption voltages to balance cells with different internal resistance?

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Smart shunt for 3x200Ah-a batteries for 12V

What size of Smart Shunt should I use if also the start battery to my RV is connected!

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