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LiFePo4 battery voltage variation


I have a MPPT SmartSolar 100/50 with a LiFePo4 200ah 12V battery Voltage is constant when sun is covered and there is less sun, but voltage seems to vary more when sun is at its best and MPPT is in absorption mode with voltage sometimes hitting 13V which can turn of my skylight roof vent/ 12V fan at times. Would you know where the issue can come from? I have the base LiFePo4 battery preset configured on my MPPT regulator
Many thanks for your help


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Internal vs External BMS pros and cons

Interested in thoughts regarding Victron batteries with external BMS vs integrated BMS batteries like Battle Born or Victron.

Thanks for Steve Mitchell for his detailed information on a Victron system install.

Have a 2001 Beneteau 361 upgrading from the original Xantrex Freedom 20 to a LiFePO4 & Victron system.

What do you 'lose' or 'gain' by going with the integrated BMS batteries (Battle Born) vs the Victron with external BMS?

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Blue Smart Charger & LiFePO4 Battery Smart not fully charging

Hi there :)

I have recently bought a LiFePO4 12,8v Battery Smart 200ah
It is not yet hooked up to a system as the facility is still under construction

The manual for the bettery says it must be regularly (at least once every month) charged to 14V (max 14,4V)

I have a Blue Smart IP22(1) 12|30 Charger

I am using the Victron Connect app to monitor the voltage of the battery
I have tried charging it twice and am now trying a third time.

The battery was sitting at 13.25V
Cell 1: 3.32V
Cell 2: 3.31V
Cell 3: 3.31V
Cell 4: 3.31V

When I start charging, the charger jumps straight to ABS
The battery voltage occasionally jumps to 13.26V momentarily
With Cell 2 jumping up to 3.32V momentarily and back to 3.31V

After an hour or so the charger has progressed to Storage
The battery voltage is still at 13.25V

Does anyone know why it is not charging up to 14V ?

Thanks very much in advance

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Multiplus AC Ignore, can a BMV712 send SOC?

I have a Multiplus 24/3000/120 that I want to prioritize solar charging from a SS-250/100. Grid power is available, and is to be used as a backup for solar issues.

I am using BattleBorn 12V LiFeP04 batteries in a 2S2P configuration.

I have found the voltage setting option for AC Ignore to be unusable with LiFeP04 batteries because voltage doesn’t fall as precipitously with SOC as it does for lead-acid or AGM chemistries. For example, at <30% SOC, voltage is still at or slightly above 26VDC.

I have a BMV712 monitor on the system, and wondered if it can be paired with the Multiplus to provide SOC data. Any info, along with required cabling, would be most useful.

Otherwise, it appears my only option is a rather expensive addition of a Color Control GX or Venus GX.

Thanks in advance!

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Can the Multiplus Provide the shutoff temperature to a SmartSolar MPPT charger or Is a BMV required?

I plan on installing a Multiplus 3000 and an SmartSolar 100/30 MPPT charger. The internal BMS of my batteries does not provide low temperature cutoff. As such, I was planning on installing a temperature sensor for the purposes of monitoring when the batteries are too cold to charge, and connecting it to the Multiplus. Can the Multiplus share this temperature directly with the MPPT controller if I set up a VE.Bus network? I do not plan on using a Victron BMS.


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Multiplus and Low Temp Charging Control

I can't see anyway to do the following, but as Lithium Batteries get more and more popular and the Multiplus range grows, surely this is going to get more and more a need?

When the battery temp drops below around 5C, you don't want your Lithium Batteries to be charging. But how do you prevent that whilst still being able to use them, AND be able to use the 240V Supply when hooked up?

Is there any way to disable the Charger function while still keeping the 240V input active for passthru and Power Assist when using typical LiFePO4 Batteries and not adding extra BMS systems. (I would have thought that would/should have been possible to program within the Multiplus?)

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Batteries discharging during day?

How do I stop my LiFePo4 battery from discharging during the day when plenty of PV power is available? I understood the benefits of self consumption to be storing excess power in the battery for use when the sun is not shining

I have two Multi 48/5000 in paralell , Venusgx , 6kw pv panels, smartsolar 250/100 mppt and 10kw Freedom Won lithion battery

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Orion Smart 12/12-30 to charge AGM bank from Lithium battery?

I'm adding a Relion RB300 battery to my electrical system (got it very cheap), and want to use it as a solar "header tank" of sorts. The plan is to charge the lithium battery from solar only, and connect the lithium to the AGM bank with an Orion 12/12-30 isolated charger. All boat loads are connected to the AGM house bank. The solar panels charge the lithium whenever there's enough sun, and the lithium in turn tops off the AGM, probably keeping at or near float all the time.

Question is, is the Orion 12/12-30 isolated the right tool for the job?



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Using Tesla battery with Multiplus 5000 24v ESS - Your experience

I’m looking for anyone who has experience of using a Tesla battery module(s) with a Multiplus and is willing to share their views on:

1. What BMS they have used, how it was connected, configured and how well it maintains cell balance together with any positive or negative points.

2. Battery Protection - how they have protected the system in terms of Over/Under Voltage and Over/Under Temperature and what devices used.

3. Configuration, Assistant and other parameter settings used.

4. A schematic of their setup.

5. Any other views or observations like don’t even think about this or its the best thing I did.

My current setup is running ESS using a Multiplus 5000 24v, CCGX, 3.8kw solar via grid connected inverter, 12x2v lead acid cells (old and dying).

Many thanks


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Danger Reverse Current when using Battery Protect for charging

Hi together,

I have a question concerning using a BatteryProtect (BP) to disconnect the charge source in a Lithium Battery System with VE.bus bms.

In the BP manual Figure 5 illustrates how to connect the BP for charging situation and it states that "uncontrolled reverse current will flow through a Battery Protect if Vout > Vin."

Now I wonder what happens, when the Voltage of the charger (Vin) drops, i.e. Solar charger when there is no sun or any other charging source that is swithched of. Wouldn't then the Voltage of the Battery (Vout) be higher and thus reverse current flow causing danger?

THanks a lot for your comments, I am abit affraid of burning down my RV...

cheers, Daniel

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Taking optimum care of LiFePo batteries on boats and RV’s. Storage mode and timer?

I have a standard drop-in 3x100Amps LFP bank. During the week and some weekends the boat is docked and plugged into shore power. There’s also a solar panel of 114W nominal (MPPT) on deck. Use a Cerbo to monitor, constant VRM connection. I can see the MPPT going through a full cycle of bulk-absorption-float every day even if the shore power charger maintains long term float.

Whats the problem?

From my experience with electric cars (EVs), I know that allowing Lithium batteries to sit for longer periods at very high (or very low) SOC is quite detrimental to cycle life. I understand that LiFePo4 may be more robust but still think the default charging to 100% seems less than optimal. (Have set the absorption duration from MPPT at 5min to minimize that at least.) At the same time, I certainly do want maximum SOC when cruising.


A separately configurable “storage mode” for LFP batteries - as opposed to the normal “active mode”. This could work like this: A storage voltage or SOC (I.e. 50-70%) is set. This requires the charger/inverter to override the MPPT so that no unit will exceede the storage level. A timer/date and target SOC for active mode can be set so that the inverter/charger will charge to that level based on the timer. (Every n’th charging could be to 100% with 2 hrs. absorption to allow for cell balancing.) Normal minimum temps (>5°) secures long term winter storage.

I really don’t know if I’m trying to solve a non-problem here - but as more users become familiar with EVs I suspect these concerns will become more commonplace - so it would be great to either clarify this - or to implement a solution.

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I am using 2 Victron lithium batteries, one with and one without Bluetooth, should I update the firmware?


I am running a 12V system of one smart lithium battery and one one older lithium battery without BT.

The update instructions are saying, that one should update both batteries. This is not possible.

Question: should I just update the smart battery and everything is fine? Or shouldn’t I update it ever again?

thanks in advance for your help!



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BMV 712 Not syncing correctly or recognising full charge

So I think there is something wrong with my shunt or BMV 712.

I installed it about 4 months ago and it's seemingly worked fine although I have had some trouble getting it up to 100% even though the voltage stays above the threshold (14.4v is what the battery voltage will hold at).

The other day however the BMV read 68% but my batteries had in fact fully drained (low voltage alarm going off on my inverter and lights flickering when I use the pump, etc).
I have no idea wtf went wrong. I fully charged my batteries through solar and the alternator and they reached 14.4v again. I reset the BMV completely and set the settings to:

Charge Voltage 14v
Tail Current 2%
Charged Detection Time 3m
Peukerts exponent 1.05
Charge Efficiency 99%
(All other settings are stock standard)

So I manually synced it to 100% and it showed that the batteries weren't excepting much charge from either the RedArc BCDC1250 or the Renogy MPPT.
Drained the batteries down and now the BMV won't go above 88% despite everything else and the voltage indicating full charged.

I have zero direct negative connections to my battery, everything is wired through the shunt. And the correct orientation. I have the temp sensor on the positive battery terminal.
I have a LiFePo4 Battery bank of x3 170ah wired in parallel.

Please advise or help me! The BMV is reading voltage fine. I think it's confusing amps somehow. It will show amps in and out and they seem correct but its not properly changing the values in SOC or something. It's failing me miserably and I cannot figure it out.

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Why is my Lithium battery Discharging and shutting off at night?

I am a full-time van lifer that has switched over to a victron lithium system,

See attached photo for current setup.

My issue: the battery is discharging at night and we are losing power. It happens almost nightly and it is the most frustrating thing. I'm seriously losing my mind. It's the middle of summer and losing fridge and fan power daily isn't fun.

We were very happy with our last setup of:

- 2 x 6v AGM dry cell deep cycle batteries (450ah)

- sterling battery 2 battery charger (from the alternator)

- Victron Smart Charger (solar w/ 300 watts)

This system was so basic and never gave us problems, but for weight reasons we wanted to switch over. It's been nothing but a headache and I'm not sure what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Defekte M8 Steckverbindung an Victron LiFe Battery 300 Ah reparieren

Woher bekomme ich einen neuen M8 Stecker um die Datenanschlüsse meiner LiFE Batterie zu reparieren.


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Lithium Battery Protocol


I notice this question was asked a couple of years ago, but no real update.

Is the protocol for Li batteries (daisy chain) available to public yet?

KathyS asked

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Does MPPT controller have lithium battery activation function?

I have 2 Renogy Smart Lithium 100ah batteries connected to 2 180W solar panels with the Victron 100/50 MPPT charge controller. After camping in some tall forests, my batteries over discharged and have not been able to maintain the same voltage or charge as before. The response I got from Renogy was:

Your battery is now in over-discharge shutdown protection. You can use our RVR series controller, this controller has lithium battery activation function. Set the battery type to lithium battery mode, connect the battery and solar panel, at this time the lithium battery activation interface will appear on the controller and will activate your battery.
After successful activation, your battery can be charged and discharged normally.

So my question is: does my Victron controller have the same function? Is there something I would need to do manually to activate said function?

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Tweaking out of bulk?

1 month ago I installed three 215W, and one 305W systems. Only the 305 is stable, concluding that the 215Ws are not pulling enough for the devices, which are nearly identical across all four.

I'm relatively new in solar, I was advised to run devices directly off the battery. Is there any configurable way to adjust the absorption settings to cater for these 'under-performing' 215W systems? They're staying in bulk. I've navigated around the VRM but I cannot find a setting.

In fact 2 are only staying on for a few hrs now. Are the batteries being depleted to death here?



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Band new Bmv-712 not showing temp correctly.

Hello Victron Community

I have a problem,.. I’ve been searching through the VC forum for the last couple of days and can’t figure out how to get the temp on my BMV712 I just bought. the temp censor wires that come with it just don’t seem to be working at all.

I’ve connected the cables with the temp censor on to the positive terminal and im now getting a read out of -1 degrees c. I’ve changed the misc setting to. Aux/temp and still no change. I’ve got a lifepo4 system and don’t want to change my battery with the terminal temp registering that so I got my wife’s dyson Hair-dyer our and heated the terminals where the censor is on the possible side to see if the temperature will read but no luck. I’ve changed the fuses over to 1a blade fuse, as some other people advised on this forum. Some others on here say I need to buy the smart battery sense but seems pointless when it’s part of its basic function.

Any help would be great appreciated.


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Cerbo GX temperature input To monitor Battery temperature for multiple lithium chargers (MPPT, AC, buck-boost)

Hi. I’m building a system around Cerbo GX and want to monitor the battery temperature of my lithium batteries to switch off the MPPT or AC chargers when the temp is too low. Can I use the simple Victron temperature lead connected to the Cerbo GX temp input to disable charging? Or do I need to get the Smart temp sensor and create a VE Smart network to achieve this? and can I use one temperature sensor to switch off AC and Solar chargers, or do I need separate temp sensor for each charger? I also plan to add a DC-DC buck boost charger, and need this to also switch off on low temp. How can I also achieve this through the Cerbo GX or do I need the Ve Can temp sensor?

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Victron BMS red led

We have a sailboat with 4 * 200 ah 12v - packs of 2 batteries for 24 V.

Everything is Victron - Quattro 8000 BMS VE and monitor etc.

The batteries made the BMS kick in and the Quattro showed (low battery) - and wound not charge.

We called in for help which resulted in loosing the setup and that we had to have the communications card on the Quattro changed and now the blue panel also.. We can no longer access the menus in the panel and we don't have access to the Quattro.

As soon as we use the hydraulics an alarm goes off and we can't see how much power is left on the 2 working batteries ? So we are running the Panda generator all the time.

BUT the Quattro will now only run on 1 pack of 2 batteries. When we connect the other pack the red light comes on on the BMS. With a Victron smart 25 amp 12v charger we measure 14.4 v separately on the 1 pack of batteries that results in a red led and aprox. 13.7 v on the other pair.

What could be wrong? The batteries are from 2016 LiFePO4 . Can a battery be reset so the BMS does not create a red led?

Thank you Tor

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Darf der Shunt zwischen Smart Lithium Batterie und BMS eingebaut werden?




Der Batteriemonitor zeigt falsche Kapazitätsangaben, da der Shunt vom Solarregler und B2B Booster nichts mitbekommt.

chris18 asked

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Tess Electric LifeP04 Batteries - DC Ripple


I have (4) Tess Electric LifeP04 batteries set up in Parallel with my Victron (See info below). I'm getting a DC ripple. Has anyone used Tess batteries with Victron for a RV solar set up?


Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150|85-Tr Solar Charge Controller - 150V, 85A


Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus

My installer told me to buy Battleborn and I wish I had followed his advice. Hoping someone can help me as it appears the BMS on these Tess batteries is not communicating with the Victron

Thanks tons!


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Is it ok to add a second LiFePo4 battery later?

Hi! I was told that I shouldn't add a second battery later on, that they need to be together from the beginning. I wanted to start with a "Victron Energy LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V / 200Ah Smart" and add a new one later if needed. Would that be possible?

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Is it possible to install the temperature sensor on the negative pole?

Hi. Following case: I’m building a lithium battery with Thundersky cells. On the plus pole there will be the bms (ecs lipro).
For my BMV-712 I need to install the temperature there are two points I’m not happy with.

First, the temperature sensor is quite big, so maybe I’m running out of space ;)

Second, because it is not an active balancer the bms turns power to heat, so I think the probe would not provide valid data.

So my question is, could it be a possibility to install the sensor on the negative pole and just use the black wire to the temperature input on the shut? Another wire would deliver the +12V to the shunt...

thank you for supporting me!

Yours, Christian

Christian Lindermann asked
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BMV 712 smart, loses data...

Our BMV 712 loses data after our lithium battery dischages. Then when we initiate recharging, the BMV shows no data on the SOC, no Consumed ah, and Time remaining shows "nanm", etc.

We depend on solar charge only and we rarely reach the 100% SOC in order to sync the BMV.

To put it simple: - How can we know how many amps are in the battery after a charging session that have charge the battery only partly?

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Lynx Shunt 1000 with Lynx Distributor 1000


I've recently design a setup with 4 x 12V 200A Smart LiFePO4s in parallel connected directly to the Lynx Shunt 1000. The Lynx shunt is then coupled with a Lynx DC Distributor 1000 on its RHS. Connected to the Lynx DC Distributor is the Victron 12V 5kVA Quattro Inverter and DC loads.

Is it ok to connect the batteries directly to the Lynx Shunt 1000 and the fuse within the shunt can be used as circuit protection for the batteries?



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Phoenix Inverter + Venus GX + Pylontech/BYD?

Hello I have a client who wants to purchase a Phoenix 3000 Smart Inverter, they currently have a 48V battery bank. If my client purchases a GX device such as the Venus will they one day be able to upgrade to Pylontech or BYD batteries even though the Phoenix 3000 Smart uses VE.Direct and not VE. Bus like the multiplus?

I found the below link in the community but the answer was about the multiplus not about the Phoenix.

I'm assuming the answer is *no* since the below link says all VE. Bus Inverter *are* compatible.

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What is the Maximum Generator kW and Batterie 48V bank size permitted with Victron Quattro 5000 watt?

Hello Victron team,

I am building an off-grid solar system with batteries that has a 25kW generator operating.

Question :

1 - Will the Victron Quattro 5000 Watt inverter/charger work with such a big Generator?

2 - Is there any limitation to how many Lithium-Ion Batteries I can add to the Solar system? (I am aware that these need to be connected in 48V for the Victron inverter to function)

3 - Which MPPT charge controller would you recommend connecting to the system?

Thank you in Advance!

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Multiple MPPT connected to lithium battery

I am using a stack of lithium batteries Which are being charged via 2 MPPT 150/60 solar chargers. I have 24 solar panels @ 250 on my roof. Each MPPT is connected to 12 panels each. The problem I seem to have is that at any given time only 1 MPPT is being utilized to full capacity. For example one MPPT currently shows 2600 Watts being produced whilst the other is giving me a reading of 400 watts. If I now turn off the MPPT which is bringing in 2600 watts, by dropping the breaker, the second MPPT immediately jumps from 400 watts to 2700 watts in an instant. Why are both MPPT not bringing down the maximum value at the same time? I have also noticed that throughout the day they each take turns to produce the higher power ambit never produce higher power at the same time? Does anyone have an answer for me?

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