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Help! I stripped my lithium battery threads!

I disconnected my battery to install battery hold downs and upon reconnecting my victron smart lithium battery’s negative cable, the bolt seems to have gone in at a slight angle and stripped/offset the thread in the batteries female post connection. I stopped tightening with the ratchet when I could feel it slipping.

Basically what I’m left with Is that the bolt bypasses the first 1/8 inch of threads then engages for two or three turns and then gets extremely tight when reaching the orginal thread spacing. What are my best options here? I could/and will eventually need to use a slightly longer bolt anyhow but I don’t wanna force it into the remaining good thread and risk ruining it. If worse came to worse, will the entire female receiver be replaceable? This is a brand new 160 amp hour victron smart lithium battery.

I very much appreciate any advise.

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System Overcharging

I have a site with a battery going into overvoltage alarm. I have updated all firmware and checked the charging parameters.

It apears that the VENUS GX connected is the one 'dictating" the incorrect charge settings.

System config:

Venux GX FW 2.60 DVCC enabled
Quattro 15kVA FW 476 (was 430 with same issue) with ESS
150/70 Smart MPPT
250/70 Smart MPPT
2 x BlueNova 52V 8kWh (to make 16kWh battery)

Charge absorb settings are set to 56.2V, Float at 55.5V.

When Venus GX is disconnected Charging on all devices stops at 56.2V

The moment VE.Bus is connect to the GX the charging (on Generator) goes up over 60V (battery cuts off at this point). This also happens with the battery comms disconnected.

Any pointers on how to fix this?

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How can I view Victron lithium battery temp on VRM

hello guys,

I am now facing the problem of charging the LITHIUM batteries below 5 celsius on one of our rural sites, so my question is that:

how can we view the battery cell temperature online using the VRM or any other method? so not to be forced to go to the site and check it locally using the VICTRONCONNECT app

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Existing multiplus parallel setup needs to accomodate 3phase load

Hi! o/

I presently have 2 x 48V 3000 VA Multiplus VICTRON PMP483021010 in parallel connected to a LiPo Freedom Won 20/14 LifeP04 KWh battery working great in an offgrid config (+ victron solar gear charging + genset).

Soon I will need to add two three phase devices as load 400 V AC (+-15%) / 3 ~ max actual 32,6A. In addition I need to accommodate the current maximums allowed by my current setup (<=6000W peak, ~4400W sustained on single phase max ambient temp 40C in summer). The three phase loads will never be used at the same time as the max output of a single phase. This is for a small workshop, it's either or, never both. The three phase loads are large compressor + plasma CNC.

Below are the options I think I have. They are in order of preference by cost:

  • Option 1: add additional Multiplus in parallel allowing sustained ~6600w on a single phase + appropriately sized Variable Frequency Device (VFD) devicre to connect the 3 phase load.
  • Option 2: All Multiplus identical: phase 1: 2 x multiplus, phase 2: 1 x multiplus, phase 3: 1 x multiplus - will this work?
  • Option 3: 3 phase: each phase as single Multiplus 48/3000/50 + additional separate single phase circuit with Multiplus 48/5000/70.

Are any of these options non viable? Are there better options? Ideally option 2 would be 3 phase solution with a single phase using the Multiplus 48/5000/70 + the other 2 phases using my existing Multiplus 48/3000/50s - but I am told should never happen and Bad Things(tm) will happen - and so is excluded for that reason.



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ARK LV growatt battery compatibility

Hello everyone,

I just wanna know the compatibility between ARK LV Can port and the Color control GX, did anybody have installed this battery?

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smart LiFePO4 battery cycle life counter

hello, we are new Victron installers in Iraq we have installed some system without any issues, all with smart lithium batteries but my wonder is that, since those batteries are warrantied for 2500 cycle at 80% DOD is there any counter built in the battery to count the number of cycles that were used or any other way to get this number?

for instance, since we have a daily power shortage in Iraq the batteries now are discharged every day depending on the shortage hour, some times they are only discharged to 60% and charged again should I take this as one cycle so then I will have one cycle every day and 2500 cycle will be about 7 years?

also what will happen after the 2500 cycle will the battery directly die or the efficiency decrease or what?


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Why is this system not fully charging the batteries from AC PV?

Dear all,

My parents have a new off grid installation in Spain (no grid available where they live). The installation was installed August 8th 2020. I haven't physically been able to and check their installation (due to covid restrictions).

I am not at all a Victron specialist, but have installed my own Solar system, and I am very much into LiFePO4 batteries/ DIY powerwalls / off grid systems in general.

I believe their system isn't working as it should, based on my experience, and therefore I started to study the parts used in their installation in order to help them find the problem (because the installer treats my parents as retired old people and says everything is working as it should). But, wait...

The parts:

* 39 solar panels:

- 12 280W panels connected to Victron MPPT150|60-TR Bluesolar charge controller

- 27 280W panels connected to a 5kW SMA sunny boy (sb5.0-1av-41 905). I don't know how the sunny boy is connected to the system. It's an "on grid" invertor according to SMA (= grid tie), therefore it would suffice to connect the SMA AC to the juntion box and it should regulate/synchronize it's output wave based on the Quattro AC (i suppose that the Quattro will act as the "grid").

* Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100

* 6 x 2.4kWh = 14,4kWh pylontech pack of batteries, good stuf

* Venus GX

The dashboard, at the moment, looks like this:



* Let's say that it's 1400hrs, the sun is shining bright, and the batteries are @ 60% and charging. Then, all of a sudden, the SMA stops putting electricity on the "grid". Often, the SMA sunny boy stops working for say 1 or 2 hours, losing critical energy in the winter and the end result is a battery that is say 80% charged instead of 100% at the end of the day.

So I checked out the statistics @ the moments that this type of scenario takes place (almost every day), check this out:

My father notices, for example December 13 (but this happens every day) that the Sunny Boy isn't putting power to the grid (He checks the Victron dashboard regularly, so he notices this quite soon), and he let's me know. So I start digging... And I notice this:

I notice that there are gaps in the production of the sunny boy.


I check the SMA error page, and at the moments that there are gaps in the production, I get frequency related errors:


So I go the the VRM-app, and dig into the frequency statistics:


To me it's clear that something is causing ripples in the AC frequency (from for example 11AM-> 1300hrs, 53Hz, which isn't just a ripple).

My parents state that their bulbs start flickering, change brightness when these peaks/gaps occur.

* Initialy the installer installed a 6KW SAJ invertor, but this invertor got so terribly hot, that after a week or 2 it died. The installer then replaced the SAJ with a 5kW Sunny Boy. I told him (through my parents, I didn't actually get to talk to the installer) to install a 6kW invertor, because my parents paid for a 6kW, and 27 panels in Spain cán in fact generate more that 5kW. But the installer said that that is non sense, a 5kW was just fine.

-> What the F*c#??

* The installer installed a 3-way switch for 'solar system', "off" and "generator".


When my dad connected the generator and sets the switch to generator, all lights inside the house started to shine brighter, a couple of LED-stripts/bulbs "exploded", and the quattro started clicking like a maniac (must be relays trying their best to regulate something).

i believe they miswired the generator connection to the system. I think that my dad is putting 220V onto the system (with the generator), but the quattro is the master, not a grid tie invertor. Therefore the quattro doesn't synchronise it's 220V with the generators. The result is, I believe, constructive and destructive interference and as a result the bulbs exploded due to the AC peaks.

Does this seem likely to be the cause/what's happening?

What my parents want:

* to have as much and as stable of a 220V system as possible

* to have the invertors charge the batteries as fast as possible, without devices stalling for no reason (because the loose precious daylight in the mean time)

* to be able to connect my parents 6KW generator to the system to power the house and charge batteries in dark weeks without a lot of solar power;

That's it, and that's what's promised by the installer.

Please give my your thoughts. I'm watching all that is to be watched on YouTube, reading datasheets, etc. but actual help/opinions of guys witch real Victron knowledge would be invaluable.

Thanks in advance.

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Blue Smart Charger 12v (25a) with 36v Lithium Golf Cart Conversion (HELP NEEDED)

Hi All,

So this has got me stumped :( I have tried everything else that could possibly cause this issue but think it may be my setup with the charging. So here’s a summary:

I have a 36v Ezgo golf card which previously ran on 6 x 6v Trojan Lead Acid batteries. As a company we have recently got into the solar field so wanted to "experiment" with converting the cart to Lithium batteries as a side project. After quite a bit research I settled on 3 x 12v 108Ah Blue Nova Mobile batteries in series (

To cut a long story short we did the conversion and it works brilliantly. Then came the issue of charging. One option would have been to use the 36v charger I already had for the cart. However, my concern there was that the "charging algorithm" on the charger was for lead acid. I did some research on Lithium chargers and found one expensive 36v option. I then got chatting to my Local Victron dealer and he suggested I use 3 x Blue Smart 12v (25A) chargers and install them in the cart permanently wired up to the batteries. What I liked about this idea was that I would be certain that each battery would be charged equally and would never get a battery imbalance (and it worked out cheaper) 12 So I went this route….

Fast forward 2 weeks – cart is going great, no issue and then suddenly battery 2 & 3 turn off (being battery 1 connected to main positive and battery 3 connected to main negative) 1 i.e. the internal battery BMS shuts off… I have gone through COUNTLESS different theories on what could be the cause (from parasitic drain, to wiring etc) but at the moment I’m wondering if the following could be happening (but need someone VERY knowledgeable people to prove or disprove).

So could the following be happening?:

1. Battery 2 and 3 discharge just ever so slightly more than battery 1 during use (as battery one is connected to main positive and batter 3 to main negative).

2. Then during the charging “somehow” the three chargers pick up on when the first battery is full (battery 1 in this case) and then all three chargers move to the next charging phase (say from bulk to absorption).

3. This leads to battery 2 & 3 losing out on just a little of a full charge each charge cycle.

4. In my case the cart is used daily and uses about 30 % in a day. After about 2 weeks maybe that “ever so slight” loss on every charge cycle drops the battery to a low level and the BMS turn off the battery to protect itself?

5. It is a “theory in progress” as the batteries where turning off every few days until I separated the 3 batteries, charged them, put them back in series and then for the past 2 weeks it has been perfect (until yesterday when they shut off again). So last night I separated the batteries again, charged them up and ill see how long they last.

6. So in summary, I suppose what I’m asking:

a. Can you use three of the Blue Smart 12v (25A) charges on 3 x 12v batteries connected in series (i.e. one charger connected to each battery)?

b. In such a setup would they in any way affect the operation of each other?

As a last note, I did install a BMV-712 Smart BUT because of the way the chargers are connected directly to the battery the “input” from the chargers cannot go through the shunt. So its set to reset to a full state of charge at a certain voltage (approx. 42v). This has helps me see what the parastitic drain is (approx. 0.01A) which I think is acceptable. This was verified with a clamp meter.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated 12



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Connecting new lithium super pack to Victron app

Hi, I just purchased 2 x 100 ah Victron super pack. I wonder if I should be able to connect to the battery's bluetooth straight out of the box or do I have to connect them into my system to wake them up before I can spot them in the Victron app? I would like to be able to monitor them on land before installing them into my boat to the summer.

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Charging a 12V Lifepo4 battery. Who has the key to this mystical knowledge?

I have bought a lifepo4 12.8V 40Ah battery from an unknown but experienced manufacturer for a small project, that was not too expensive to wake the kraken and dragon of my spouse.

It came at 13,33V and looked very tame.

I charged it with a blue smart ip65 12/15 charger on lithium configuration and low current (4A) instead of 15A to wake it up softly.

The manufacturer prescribes a CCCV load profile with cut off voltages of 14,6v high to 10V low. But Victron thinks that 10V is too low. They told me to cut off at 12,5V. And load with 14,2V.

I think Victron uses a more conservative load profile. Maybe to protect the battery from unballanced cells in these high limits? Is that right? Or does that have another reason? Lifepo4 is lifepo4 right?

The first charging got to 14,2V for a little while, but then very quickly started ballancing at 13.5V. Is that normal?

So now the battery is 13,5V... Which is good I guess for storing the battery? When I look at a voltage chart of 12V Lifepo4, that is about 90%SOC? I have enough capacity to do what I want, so that's ok.

But I need to calibrate an Aili battery monitor (I know it might be rubbish but I want a little experiment). So when the battery is 100%, I have to tell the monitor by pushing a button that it's 100%SOC. But how do I know whether the battery is completely charged at 100%? On the voltage charts of lifepo4 I see that 13,5V is not 100%, but the smart charger brings the voltage automatically to 13.5V, and I don't want to start messing with the configurated values...

I also have a smart battery sense, a smart battery protect on load side, a battery protect on charge side, and an mppt 75/15 for a solar module when I install everything. Some are new, some were of a previous AGM project (that's why the chargers are 15A, instead of 10A which would be preferable for a 40Ah battery). But without a shunt, these victron appliances can't determine the SOC, so they can't help me either, although they all blink very willingly.

Any suggestions to educate me on this and protect my precious investment from my erratic ignorance, and help me to set this battery monitor please?

Would it calibrate itself when the battery reaches full capacity again? Even when the voltage drops again to 13,5 V?

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Help with switching simple 12v marine system from PWM to MPPT. Which compnents needed?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the community.

I have a simple to moderate 12v solar system on my 26ft. sailboat. Because of weight, I want to switch from PWM and lead acid to MPPT and lithium. While money isn’t really and issue, I would still rather not have overkill with components that I might not need, so was looking for some advice as to the exact components that I need.

Current specs:

· 720ah wet batt. bank (lead acid)

· 40A 12v PWM controller (Steca Solarix 4040)

· 350W solar (all in parallel - different sizes because of the shape of the boat):

o 2x 16.7 V Max. (each) / 5.99 A Max. (each) (100Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

o 3x 17.2 V Max. (each) / 2.92 A Max. (each) (50Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

· All loads (except motor) connected with terminal bar and then to PWM load terminal (including 2 small 300w inverters for port and starboard), everything with on/off switches and fuses (max combined current @ 35 amps)

· External max 60A 12v trolling motor connected directly to battery, also with fuse and switch.

First of all, am I correct in assuming that I cannot connect different wattage (amperage) panels in series for an mppt system (as the lowest amperage would be taken), and would therefore have to keep everything in parallel?

After the research, this is what I envisioned (using all Victron parts, except for batteries):

· 4x 120ah lithium batts…total 480ah

· Victron smart controller mppt 100/30 (

· The above 350w solar panels in parallel. I know mppt would work better with higher voltages, but I am assuming if I put them in series, it would take the lowest amperage and therefore lose 50% efficiency?

· Cerbo GX ( I know this seems like overkill, but I need to be able to remoter monitor charge and temp, plus connect a few devices….

· All loads, including motor directly connected to batt through 100A battery protector ( whereas the protector would be connected to the Cerbo (is that possible?)

· Mppt control display connected to cerbo?? (

· Temp sensor connected to cerbo? (

The reason I want to switch to a Victron mppt system, is because the batteries are so expensive, that I want to ensure maximum life. So am I missing anything above, component wise? Should I be using a BMV instead of the mppt control display or a BMS in stead of/or in conjunction with the battery protector? Do I need a smart shunt, relay switch or any other components to make this system work efficiently and hassle free?

My goal is to get advice on the exact components to buy. Any and all advice or information is greatly appreciated!



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M8 battery connector vs NMEA 2000

Is the standard M8 lithium battery connector the same as a NMEA2000 cable?

pthein asked
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Trouble securing the M8 connector of lithium battery to ve.bus

The male battery cable to ve.bus female recepticle does not seem to connect securely. There is thread on both but neither seem to rotate/screw independently from the pins and reciever. What am I missing? Would greatly appreciate some advice.


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Victron LiFePO4 cell voltage not balancing


I have 6 batteries in a bank comprised of Victron 300amp LiFePO4 batteries. Two of the batteries have voltage balance issues. The problem shows up 2 ways:

1 - When charging reaches Absorption one cell is behind the others. The battery is at 14.2v but the cells are at 3.62, 3.62, 3.61, and 3.35. I have this same condition on another better. One is Cell 1 the other is Cell 4.

2 - When charging reaches 98% (per the CCGX display) the troubled cell is running very fast to 3.74v while the other cells are at 3.40, 3.37, and 3.37. The BMS does its job and stops charging. The voltage drops down to 3.6 then the charger kicks back on and the cell quickly rises to 3.74 and charging cuts out again. This repeats until the battery reaches 14.2 and goes into absorption.

I have the following components and firmware:

* Lynx Shunt 1000A VE.Can - v1.08

* SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 rev2 - v1.53

* Quattro 12/5000/220-2x75 - v474 Product ID 2633

* CCGX - v2.53

* VE.Bus BMS

Per the advice of the Victron certified installer I have deeply discharged the battery bank to 30% SOC per the CCGX display dropping voltage to 12.8v while under some load and charged it back to 14.2v and absorption. The cells do not appear to be coming up in line with the rest of the cells in the battery.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


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Lithium SuperPack 25,6V maximum number of batteries


i want to install 24x the Lithium SuperPack 25,6V batteries in parallel for one large bank with high current consumers like a 8000VA Quattro or a 450A hydraulic pump. (These batteries with integrated BMS)

There is no manual for this battery, only a data sheet- there is written parallel connection unlimited, so there should be no problem when each wire case the same lenght?

Thanks and Best regards

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LiFePo4 Smart Battery with multiple VE.Bus BMS allowed?


the short question is: is it allowed to use in one system multiple VE.Bus BMS?

My Plan is: One VE.Bus BMS is connected to a single 25,6V 200Ah Smart Batteries, and this I have 6x. So in total 6 BMS systems and 6 Batteries. All 6 BMS Systems are connected with Ve.Bus. The Relay for the Load disconnect in case of a low voltage I want to install on each batterie, so the batterie can disconnect from the system and not the load! Will this work? How this Bank will then displayed on the Color Control GX?

We are building boats with an AGM bank and I want to change this to LiFePO4 Batteries. The reason why I didn't do this was, because I don't like the logic of the Victron BMS system. I checked a lot Victron battery circuit suggestion and the logic was to be able to shut of the charge sources with a signal and the loads with a relay. Other manufacturers separate the battery from the system with a relay, which I like more because one bad batterie doesn't turn off the hole system.

The system now:

  • Battery Bank: 24V AGM 14 x Victron 12V 200Ah
  • Inverter: Quattro8000VA
  • Charger: Skilla-i 24/100
  • Alternator 2x 110A
  • Display: Cerbo GX with Touch GX
  • DC Loads 7x 300A to 600A each!

When I have to follow the Victron circuit suggestion for the Smart LiFePo4 Batterie, I have to use to each load a separate big relay, but for this I don't have the space! So I want to put the Relay on the Batterie, this means the batterie is disconnecting from the Batterie Bank, not the loads.

If this is not possible, do you have other ideas? I Could use the Victron 25,6/50 Super Pack with a build in BMS, but to reach 30kWh I need 30 batteries and for this I don't have the space.


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Settings Tips mppt 75/15 Bluesolar using Lithium 100ah And 200w Solar Blanket

Just purchased 75/15 blue solar mppt and using with battery box which holds 100ah lithium battery (solar king 100ah) just wondering what the best settings are for mppt setup (Bluetooth Dongle) - I have selected Lifepo4 thus far but that’s it, any other useful tips I’m using 200watt solar blanket - using for camping to run 75l fridge lights etc . Cheers Glen

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Can I use a ML-ACR with a Orion 121230

I am adding an Orion 121230 dcdc charger to my set up. I currently have 165w solar panel on a 100/20 controller and that runs to a 100ah lithium. It cannot get to 14.4 with the panel alone. Under the hood of the truck I have a factory battery.... Flooded I believe, and that is connected to a optima lead acid (48ah) through a blue sea ML-ACR (Automatic Charging Relay) that it not connected to the lithium. I wan to keep the ACR in case I need to connect the starter battery and it together via a switch in case I need a jump start. How or should I do this? Can I connect the engine connection wire directly to the positive terminal on the optima? Will that work?


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Customising discharge rates

Hi guys, I have a colour control GX running 3 Quattros and 60kwh (soon to be 90) BYD batteries. My situation is a different one in that we have a lot of dirty power issues and a huge amount of electrical equipment. I would like to customise discharge to a maximum of kwh at nighttime - relying on the grid for the remainder of operations.

I also want to make sure the GX jumps in to save low volatge issues that I seem to get daily.

Right now the batteries get sucked dry and then my equipment ceases every time there is a dirty power issue from the grid.

How do I go about programming something like this?

Thanks kindly,


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Use Renogy smart battery for this build?


Can I replace the Victron Energy Battery with Renogy smart battery. I can’t get a victron battery, but I can get the rest of the item.

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How to replace AGM 12V with Lithium SuperPack Battery in my boat

I would like to replace the 2 AGM 12V 100Ah service battery of my sailing boat with 2 new Lithium SuperPack in parallel. The BMS is integrated. It will be a matter to simply plug the new batteries and set my 220V charger configuration to Lithium or do I need to consider something more?

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BMV SoC and Battery Cell status not alligning?

2 x 150ah Victron SmartLithium batteries:

Battery 1

  • Cell 1: 3.05V
  • Cell 2: 3.04V
  • Cell 3: 3.05V
  • Cell 4: 3.06V

Battery 2

  • Cell 1: 3.08V
  • Cell 2: 3.09V
  • Cell 3: 3.00V
  • Cell 4: 2.97V

System is saying 71% state of charge. And the A-SL11 under voltage alarm is saying "battery full discharged, cell voltage below the allow to discharge cell voltage set in the app.

The manual says:

4.8.2. Cell under voltage pre-alarm thresholdWhen the cell voltage drops below this threshold, the pre-alarm signal is sent to the BMS. The purpose of the pre-alarm is to warnthe user that the system is about to shut down due to undervoltage. For more details see chapter: “System design”.The default value is 3.10 V and the range is 2.80 V to 3.15 V.

Is it correct that my system is at 71% SoC? To use the system below 70% I can just change this Cell voltage disconnect feature down to 2.80V? And are the Cell 3 and 4 readings anything to worry about?

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Quattro Compatibility with REVOV Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

I currently have x15 Quattro48/10000 set up in a 3-phase configuration (5 units each phase). I am looking to retire the existing FLA battery bank and replace it with Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.

The supplier I have been in contact with is REVOV who claims that their batteries will work with Victron Quattros as they have other installations running a similar setup.

Does anyone have any insight or experience with REVOV batteries and if they work with the Quattro devices? I have attached the information on the REVOV batteries for reference.

Thank you.

1life REVOV_LiFeC8_Product_Specs_Oct2020_v9 (1).pdf

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Is there any Victron device that allows me to mix LiFeP04 battery sizes?


I am dealing with a van upgrade that has a single existing 110 Ah LiFeP04 battery. The system will be upgraded with multiplus, smartsolar mppt, orion, cerbo

The target is to have a 200 Ah battery system and we are currently considering several options.

- Adding one 110 Ah battery. (The state of the current battery os unknown)

- Replacing the system with 2 x 100 Ah batteries (Space is limited and we would like to avoid this solution)

- Replacing the system with 1 x 200 Ah. (Preferred solution so far)

If we go we option 2 or 3, I was wondering if there is any way to re-use the old battery even if amp and size are not the same? Could it somehow be hooked up to the system without reducing the performance of the new battery(ies)?


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Never position the appliance directly above the batteries.


Is this also the case for LiFePo4 battery and if it has a plastic cover ? Is this rule not more for lead acid batteries that eliminates gas ? I have a Multiplus II


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What setting do you use on a multiplus 12/3000/120 for lithium batteries

I am installing victron LIpho batteries and need to know what the setting should be on my multiplus. There are 4 options listed but none include Lithium.

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VRM not displaying BMS Cell Data

Hi All

I have 3 Victron Lithium batteries, BMS, Cerbo, BMV712 - all connected and working perfectly.

Set up VRM and every, again, working perfectly, I am getting all the data coming through.

However, there are 2 widgets, showing no data - they relate the BMS.

See attached picture - any thoughts what the BMS is not sharing this with VRM ?




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BYD B-box pro 13.8 state of health

I have two sets of BYD 13.8s with a 15000 Quattro and today have noticed the state of health of the batteries at only 66%. This is not a figure a looked at before but with the batteries being only 7 months old is there anything I should be doing to get them back to 100%?

I have solar and a generator to charge them. They were charging at the time I took these screenshots, initially at about 5kw (first pic) then higher current 10.7kw.



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Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120 remote ON/OFF

I have a Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120. This specific model

is there any way to separately control the charger and inverter for a two signal BMS like on the new models?

thanks for any help.

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How to add a lithium battery to a Boat setup

Hello, I am having some challenges trying to incorporate a LiFePO4 house battery into my boat. I would like to know will I kill my alternator/rectifier or cause other problems ie for MPPT solar controller or LiFePO4 with the setup in the attached diagram?
please not that I do not want to change out anything in that diagram now only add items where necessary

Many thanks for your expertise and suggestions


thanks Dan

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