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Isolation transformer 120/240 US to 230v Euro

I’m trying to find out if the 7,000 watt 230v to 230v isolation transformer will take 120v/240v split phase (120v to ground, 240v leg to leg) and output 230v to ground. We have a European powered boat that is wired for 230v to ground and the breakers for the 230v panel are only single breakers, as the neutrals are to a common buss. We want to use incoming US power but not be concerned that we have not protected the wires on both legs. Our equipment does run fine on either 50hz or 60hz.

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3600W isolation transformer wiring for in water operation

I have a 3600W isolation transformer. ITR040362041 HQ1542RV7P1

I am trying to confirm that in the water I should connect a wire from the PE input side of the circuit to the J34A male spade connector. There has been a lot of back and forth on the forum and I am trying to get a simple answer on this question. I assume I have to make up this wire myself. I would also appreciate any input on wire gauge for this bit.


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Victron 3600W Isolation Transformer stepping up voltage???

Hi I wondered if some one could help we are using the victron 3600 to prove our equipment cabinets can work using IT mode. our input voltage into the transformer is 240V and the output is 256V?!?! I was under the impression it was 1:1 ratio so input=output. It is causing our ATS (automatic transfer switch) to persistently switch between A and B feed due o over voltage protection. Can anyone explain why we are having this issue



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question about isolation transformer, multiplus and 16 amp circuitbreakers


I've been trying to find my answer but can anyone help me ?

I want my boat to have an isolated circuit and i am rewiring all the mess.

I have an isolation transformator and want to buy a multiplus.

Now i have this setup in mind:

Shore power-isolationtransformer-16amp / earthleak circuitbreaker-multiplus-....

Do i need another earthleak/circuitbreaker after the multiplus ?

best regards,


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MultiPlus ‘No Grid Meter Alarm’

I’m installing a MultiPlus Compact 24/1200-25 in an automotive setting. I have configured it through VEConfigure 3 and am happy with all of the settings there however I am getting a ‘No Grid Meter’ alarm and cannot find where to disable this? Any guidance very appreciated!


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Isolation transformer problem

I have a new isolation transformer that will not work. It is a 230v 3600 model. The input volt voltage is 245v the out put voltage is 0 with no leds lit on the panel or any other sign of life. Is there any tests that I can do with it before I return it. Thanks in advance

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Isolation Transformer and Diesel Generator

Dear all,

I have installed a 7000W isolation transformer ant it works great. I also avec an old 220V Generator when I trvel with the Boat.

Do you know if I can plug the Generator before the transformer but the quality of the current is quite bad.

Or do I need to put the Generator after the transformer, but in this case I will inject current inside the output of the transformer.

Thanks for all !

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RCDs and neutral to ground link with Isolation Transformer -> Multiplus -> Autotransformer

Marine application has shore power coming in to an auto-switching 3600W isolation transformer then going to a Multiplus. The output of the inverter/charger is connected to a panel with some euro-spec single phase 230V outlets.

To accommodate 120V appliances in the US, one of the breakers on that panel now leads to an Autotransformer, with each leg leading to different groups of 120V outlets.

With the isolation transformer we are never directly using the earth to neutral link on shore. Given both the single phase outlets and 120V split phase outlets, where do we need to make these links?

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Do I need a Isolation transformer with a Blue Power Ip22 charger


The sail drive on my boat suffers from electrolytic corrosion. I just have a Blue power IP 22 charger connected. Do I need a isolation transformer?

I was told the charger itself is a transformer and thus isolated as well so I don't need one. However the corrosion is there?

Many thanks for your opinion.


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Tripping of 3600 isolation transformer

My 2009 isolation transformer model 3600 has 2 red buttons on the front. The right hand button trips with sudden increase in loads that the Quattro doesn't handle. These loads seem to be the inductive ones which come from my induction hob or maybe from electric motors in freezer or washing machine. I have to keep the shore line amps down to 10 on the regulator. I want to eliminate these MCBs by bridging them out. The later transformers don't have them. Installation is in a steel Dutch barge.

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I am new to the Victron product line and I'm finding it difficult to piece together a good kit for 24vdc van installation with the

Currently I have two 24vdc Battleborn batteries and at 240 watts (two 50 watt in parallel and one 100 watt panel in series with the two parallel panels).

I am considering the following:

1 each. Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/10 for Solar to engine run battery maintenance.

1 each. Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 for 24vdc system battery.

1 each. Victron Orion-Tr 12/24-5A DC-DC Converter for 12vdc to 24vdc ignition on charging for system battery while vehicle is running.

1 each C24/1600 inverter.

Question; would the the BMV-712 Battery Monitor work on a 24vdc system... recommendations?

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Isolation Transformer ITR 3600 Auto - jumper connections

I'm struggling to understand the installation instructions supplied with this product,

The input side has the Auto voltage select feature and there are no terminals to attach Jumper cables to manually select the input voltage.

The output side however does have terminals to connect the supplied jumper wires in order select the desired output voltage, but the installation instructions make reference to only using these terminals for "other models" not the Auto

If this is the case why are the terminals available on the circuit board and why are the cables supplied? Should the jumper cables be fitted?

Also should the jumper cable be fitted on terminals J33 and J21 to link neutral and earth on the output?

There also seems to be differences of opinion on here relating to the internal earth connections (input PE to J34A) or (J34A to J34A1) if the boat is floating,

Can any one clearly indicate which method is correct regarding all or any of this.

Thanks in advance

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Strange secundary voltage

Hallo eperts,

Situation: Aluminium hull in fresh. Shore power straight to isolation transformer, secundary going to a floating 220V system of only wall sockets. The 12V system is (as it should be!) not connected to the hull, so also "floating".

The iso trans is connected and wired the right way, input 230, output 230, in fresh no connection at PE.

If shorepower is connected, I measure 110V AC between hull PE and L output.

If I furthermore connect the charger, with no batteries connected, I measure about 6V DC between hull and charger's plus...

Since the hull is of aluminium, I'm very careful of leaking power, so can anyone explain this to me?


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Marine Euro 230v to US 120v - isolation + autotranformer or just isolation tranformer

I've read through the portal and have downloaded the PDFs... I can't find a straight answer to the question of if the isolation transformer will convert euro 230v power to us 120v.

On shore power, I'm looking to be able to hook up world-wide (assuming 50/60hz is a non-issue).... or do I want an isolation transformer that feeds an autotransformer?

I'm on a 120v boat with two 5-30s. I'm trying to avoid AC-DC-AC so that I don't have to limit AC usage when connected to shore power.

So, I'm thinking two isolation transformers, one per power inlet... and feed that into a pair of MultiPlus 12/3000/120...

...or do I need the Autotransformer to do the euro 230v to us 120v conversion.

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Some variations to the Victron Van Install

Hi, I have roughly the same requirements as your van install except I don't require 115V. So in summary, it's a 12V system, I have solar which is 2 x 250W into a single Victron MPPT 100/50, a Victron B2B for charging from the alternator, and an electric hook-up. Ideally, I would like to continue to use the MPPT and the B2B, and solar panels. I currently have an inverter but I would like to change to the Victron Inverter/Charger 2000W as per van install. What I would like to know is, 1) is my MPPT compatible with your schematic? 2) Can I use my 18A B2B to charge from the alternator in place of the Buck Boost (including, is it OK to only charge the Lithium batteries at 18A max),?3) Will there be any connectivity issues (e.g. enough ports in the monitor)? 4) Is the grey block in the diagram on the top right the back side of the colour monitor and is the circular grey block in the bottom left by the battery the BMV 712? 5) Can you provide any help with the wiring of the B2B? 6) Do I need to use the GSM module or can I rely on the touch screen and my phone APP. The reason I ask this is because I will be mostly living in Europe and I am not sure whether I want to have another contract for data for the connectivity to the internet.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Isolation transformer (euro) 230 1 ph to (US) 220 split ph

US wired boat using 110v and 220v power. The boat is configured with (2) 2000 isolation transformers (1) for the 110v side with (2) 3000/12 Multiplus (1 as a slave) inverters. The other 220v for the (Air conditioners).

Looking for configuration when shore power (euro) is supplied as 230v 1ph

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Isolation Transformer - Auto Switching Voltage - Can the output be fixed?


I understand that the Auto version of the ISO 3600 can detect the incoming voltage and switch the output. Pretty neat, but here's the thing - That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, generally you want the voltage at the output side to remain the same, not track the input voltage.

On my vessel, I want to be able to plug into either 110V OR 240V shore power, but always get 240V on the boat.

Can this be achieved on the ISO 3600 Auto?

It seems pretty pointless auto switching if the result is that you can plug into 240V and that gets 'automatically' passed through to your 110V wired boat. Did I read the manual wrong on this point?


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Isolation Transformer Mounting

Any opinions on whether the Victron isolation transformers, specifically the 3600W, can be installed on their side? I have a customer asking for this orientation given the desired install location on the boat. The manual is ambiguous on this point. I am not super comfortable with this as it seems the design requires a vertical orientation for proper cooling. As a result the cooling fan would effectively be on the side instead of the bottom, heat rises, etc.

Does anyone have more information from Victron on this point? Has anybody installed these in this orientation?

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Auto switching 3600 Isolation Transformer question

Is it possible to set a Victron 3600 auto-switching isolation transformer to deliver 230v regardless of input (115v or 230v)? Or will it simply "autoswitch" the output between 115 and 230 depending on the proximate input voltage? My output is connected to a Centaur charger, a water heater and the AC panel selector switch- Shore/Off/Inverter.

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Isolation transformer earth connection

Hi all,

Just confirming here that when my boat is floating on the water there should be a link from the input PE terminal to J34a.

So, the earth wire from the shore power supply flex is connected to the input PE terminal and I make a small wire up with a female spade connector from this input PE terminal and connect it to J34a?

This transformer is not the auto 115v - 230v switching model

Many thanks

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Isolation Transformer help

Hi! I bought the Isolation Transformer 3600W Auto 115/230V (SKU: ITR050362041) from a web shop in France in October 2019, brought it in Greece (Preveza) this summer, and installed it in my boat this week.

The connections are straightforward :

Input (L, N, PE) connected from the shore inlet with 6 mm2 wires (H07RNF 3G6) to handle future 110 V input;

Output (L, N, PE) to Differential Circuit Breaker (left open at the moment).

A 4 mm2 cable connects directly the transformer case to the ground common point of the boat.

The various shunts in the transformer are set in order to: 1) output 230 V; 2) connect N et PE outputs; 3) connect input and output PEs (the boat is on the dry).

Unfortunately, when I connect to shore power, only the green Led lights up, which would be normal if the input voltages was not in the proper ranges.

However, I checked that there is 227 V on the input side between L-PE and N-L, and 2 V between N-PE (same as on the shipyard post). 0V everywhere else at the output.

I addressed the problem to the retailer yesterday, but I don't know when I will get a response, and I am afraid that this response will be anyhow to send it back, which will not be very convenient for me (to say the least).

There is no Victron distributor in the Ionian area.

Is there anything I can do to identify the origin of the problem, and what can be done from this place (I won't stay here much longer than 2 weeks).

Much thanks for any help.

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Isolation Transformer and Multi 12/3000/120

Hi, I've been using the 2000W Isolation Transformer and Multiplus for about a year and just recently there has been some issues.

Now if we use shore power via the Isolation Transformer it is disconnected from the Multi with any medium to high loads. It then reconnects and the Multi is in assisting mode. It used to just go straight to assisting, so not sure what's happened here. If I bypass the Isolation Transformer it works as it did before.



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Isolation transformer earth connection without ground plane ?

Isolation transformer earth connection

Hi all

Just installed an isolation transformer in my boat.The noauto 2000w model.

Make the link from the input PE terminal to J34a.

So everything should be ready.

Can see in the manual that all metal (motor, drive, keel, etc.) must be connected to the terminal at the bottom of the transformer.

There is no ground level (Seaground) on the sailboat.

Is it necessary to connect all this?

Will sail drive and keel be corroded? Maybe they will act as a ground plate.


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Isolation Transformer and/or Auto transformer?

I am fitting my sail boat with Victron equipment and I currently have a MultiPlus 12-3000-120 with two SmartSolar 100-30 MPPT controllers (one for each 300W solar panel) and a Battery Isolator for the alternator - all controlled by a Colour Control GX.

My question is this: I want to sail around the world and be able to connect safely to any marina power source and be able to plug into my boats 120v system. Obviously I want an Isolation transformer to protect me from badly provisioned power sources but also I want to be able to seamlessly run my systems whatever the power provided at any port.

I can't tell from the spec sheet if an auto transformer also acts as an isolation transformer?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have become a fan of Victron products and would like to build my boat electrics around them.

Kind Regards


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Input voltage range for 7000 Watt Isolation Transformer

I am currently using the auto 115/230V 3600 watt isolation transformer on my US dock which is ~208V @ 60hz and everything is running well except that the Quattro is having to go into power assist more often than I would like. The 115/230V unit specifies the voltage limits when taking in 115v or 230v ranges.

I would like to use the 7000 watt 230 only isolation transformer.

I have not been able to find any information about what the allowable input voltage range is for this unit. I have tried the manual and the data sheet which only say 230V. I also searched the forum and

I would assume the normal +/- 10% would be fine so somewhere in the 207V - 252V but I would like to know for sure prior to purchasing the unit.

Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide.

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[Van] - Do I need both Victron Smart Controller AND a Inverter/Charger combo?

I know I need a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller and an Inverter.

My Q is: do I need the Victron Inverter/Charger combo or just an Inverter?

With appreciation,


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Isolation Transformers, do they have to be installed in any specific orientation?

As the topic name indicates, I would like to know if there are any limitations to to the orientation of the isolation transformers when they are installed? On most pictures they are shown with the cable connections pointed downwards but I could not find any comments about this in the manuals I found online. I might have a space issue and it could help to install the transformer sideways.

Kind regards,

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Isolation transformer 3600W|115/230V|32/16A; minimum allowed jumper cross section

I am currently building a new ship and I have already installed an isolation transformer from Victron Energy type 3600 | 115 / 230V | 32 / 16A. On the output side, I always want to operate the device with a voltage of 230V. I have already set the necessary push-on jumper at the device.
On the input side, I want to manually switch the isolating transformer between the input voltages 115V and 230V, using a cam switch, which will connect the correct bridge terminals if necessary. The cam switch is a 4-pole changeover switch with position 1-0-2. Prior to switching from one to the other input-voltage mode, all installed bridge cables will be secure opened first. Later, the isolating transformer will mostly be connected to shore power systems with 230V.
The minimum cable cross-sections for the 3600W version are specified in the operating instructions with 2.5 mm² (operation at 230 / 240V) or 6 mm² (operation at 115 / 120V).

Since the maximum current on the input side while operating with 115 / 120V is 32A, a cable with a cross section of 2.5 mm² should be sufficient for the connections between the input-side bridge terminals and the cam switch (cable length approx. 1.5 m).
Is there anything against wiring the input side bridges in 2.5 mm², or do I have to install a larger cross section, e.g. 4 mm²?
I would be very grateful for a short-term answer. Thanks in advance!

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Do I need an Isolation transformer with a Multiplus II

Hi there,

I just bought a Multiplus II and I was thinking to install, an islolation transformer as well. However, reading the manual, I discover this:

"This inverter is provided with an internal isolation transformer providing reinforced insulation"

Does it mean that I dont need an isolation transformer anymore and, that I am now protected from the so called "galvanic corosion" or I still need an isolation transformer?

Thanks for help:)

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