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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/85-MC4 Not showing panel voltages.

New out of the box. I connected 5 panels in series to the controller. Zero volts show up. Then I connected 1 panel to the controller. Measuring voltage across the MC4 connector is 21.0V as soon as I plug it in? Zero volts. Help?

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How to prioritize solar over AC

I am in an RV, I have 6 BB lithium 100Ah batteries, 1800 watts of solar divided into three 600w arrays going to three Victron MPPT 50/100 controllers, a Victron Multi 12/3000/120-50, Cerbo GX and Victron Energy GX Touch. I have a split panel with my AC's not on the inverter, but the rest of the house is. When plugged into shore power I would like to have solar be my main source of power, followed by batts, then shore. When i ran a Magnum inverter it had a VDC setting that allowed. this. I can't figure out how to make this new system do what I am wanting. I have found several threads that talk about it, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for in simplistic terms. I don't know if I need a comms cable from computer to the multi, or if it can all be done a different way. I can't seem to find any controls using VRM, I can't find a way to do anything using the GX touch pad and the Cerbo is so new I can't find anything much on it. Can someone help out in very simplistic instructions. I am trying to learn all this as I go. Thanks, Brett

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What am I missing in order to have a full Smart Victron system?

So I've come up with this setup and I'm wondering if I'm missing something, I want my setup te be completely smart so I can see stats and change settings of all my devices through the Victron app. I'm also wondering if all my components are the correct size and type for my solar panels and battery.

- Fiamm POWERCUBE AGM CX 230 AGM, 12V 230Ah

- 2x Panasonic HIT N-serie 250 W SJ25 (combined in paralel produce: 44.3v/11.3A)

- Victron MultiPlus 12/800-35

- Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-65A

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

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quatro 8kw

i have a system what contain one 8kw quatro, 150/100mppt , 21 solar panel 325w, 8 battery 220ah, and one color GX . Maxim value of production 5.5kw for more the 6 hours pe day.

I like to push in grid the exeses when i dont have consumption. The engineer(from the grid) from Romania is asking me and to proves/show to him how the quatro is reacting on variation of input voltage and variation of frequence and if is stopping on this problems(variation). He wonts in writing to see and physical.

thx for help.

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Message erreur


Voilà j'ai un écran de contrôle mppt qui a un message d'erreur fetching history. Après plusieurs recherche je n'ai trouvé aucune solution mise à part le déconnecter du régulateur mais cela ne dure qu'un temps.

Merci de vos réponses

Mathieu 0203 asked

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VICTRON MULTIPLUS 12/1600/70 COMBI internal red LED

VICTRON MULTIPLUS 12/1600/70 COMBI internal red LED

I set this up 6 months ago and was working fine. Then I altered the dip switches 3 and 4 then stored the settings by moving Dip switch 8 to “on” and back to “off”. Ever since this internal red LED has illuminated but everything else seems to work fine. Can anybody please tell me why this light is on and what it means?


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What do I have here??

I need some help to identify what type of Victron elements I have. This because I want to replace some items due to malfunction. So far I can tell I have the BMV 602s but I question the print on the shunt if this is compatibel with the BMV? This because there is only 1 battery input?

So I hope somebody can help me out and tell me what is wrong in this picture. At this moment when eveything is connected the BMV does not light up or works in any way.

Best regards, René de Jong



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Lost top cover Phoenix 24/25

Hi folks, a really simple (or maybe not) question. Any idea how I can get a replacement top cover (the one that covers the fan vents) for a Phoenix 24/25 charger. The UK agent wasn't able to help. ta, Graham

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BMV-700 : is my connection good or bad ?


Hi, new in electric connexions, i wander if my connexion is good or bad ? Thanks for your kind help

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Multiplus tripping due to excess ripple voltage after replacing battery bank

Inverter trip due to excess ripple voltage on battery terminals. System worked fine with Gel batteries but after replacing with 400ah Lithium problem started especially when batteries at 100% charge.

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What should I set the BMV-712 charged voltage setting to?

According to the data sheet on my LiFe PO batteries (400ahs) the charge voltages and time are as follows:

LB12200-HCLT Data Sheet.pdf

Absorb Voltage (Uo) (CV) 14.1 to 14.6 Volts

Float Voltage (I) 13.6 to 13.8 Volts

Recommended CV or Absorb Time 15 minutes

What should the charge voltage setting in the 712 bmv be set to?

the manual states that it should be set 0.2-0.3 v below the float voltage which be 13.3 /13.4, but wont the SOC reset to 100% before it gets in to absorb stage?


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Victron Quattro 10 KVA with Freedom Won

@Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) We have freedomwon connected to 10KVA quattro. There is often feedback to the grid.

Please advise

jonjex asked

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Color monitor

After installing two more batteries to my system my color monitor starting not displacing the AC input, AC output and it is showing the inverter is off but switch on the inverter is on.

Inverter is not showing on device listed on the monitor.

Have rebooted the system a few time. Unplugged cable several time.

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Where do I start setting up victron devices?

Setting figures/numbers please required for my bmv-712 & mppt smart controller 100/30 setup....complete novice. I have 2x 160w solar panels, 2x varta la95 agm batteries, bmv-712 & victron mppt smart controller 100/30..Thank you and wait in anticipation.

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BMV 712 Smart Monitor dosnt work


Hey ,

I have Problems with my BMV 712 . Im Sure that i haf install everything correct, but the Monitor dosnt work.

Energy flows.

The battery Pol of the Shunt is connected with the minus Pol and the load Site of the Shunt is connected to the System ground.

+B1 -> Battery1 +, +B2 -> Battery2 +

I send the Monitor back, but the seller says it Works. He Send another Shunt, Same Problem ...

I Switch the phone cable, still nothing.

I tyried ist with other cables for the +B1/B2, also nothing.

now i Test the „Energy Flow“.

Shunt - to Shunt +B1/B2 has no Connection, i was mit able to get the 12.8V.

Anybody and idea ? What did i wrong?

Sorry for my english, thanks for help !



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24v Quattro 8k and two auto transformers?

Hello, I have a Dynamax DX3 which is a 50 amp Motorhome. I have an Auto Transfer switch that controls shore power and generator power. I also have a 12v 3000w inverter/charger. I contacted a Victron reseller and spoke to them about my setup. The tech told me that he has built lots of these systems based on my custom lifepo4 24v battery pack. Since its Saturday, they are not in the office and I haven't received the diagram promised I am scrambling to figure this out. Here is what he sold me....

Victron Quattro 8k 24v

Auto Transformer 100a

Auto Transformer 32a

MPPT charge controller

DC/DC converter (24v to 12v that will charge a secondary 12v system)

DC/DC Charger (truck altenator)

Cerbo GX & Touch Panel

Everything makes since to me as far as the DC side of things but I can't figure out why he sold me a 100a Auto Transformer and 32a Auto Transformer. My plan was to remove the auto transfer switch in our rig and push the voltage from short power and generator directly to the quattro. I want to visualize and control the generator and shore power from Victron and remove the existing transfer switch. The problem we have here is we are going to loose our neutral if we wire with the 100a Auto Transformer after the Quattro. If we wire the Auto Tranformer before the quattro then we would require 2 100a Auto Transformers not a 100a and 32a. Is there something we are missing here? Why the extra 32amp Auto Transformer? Maybe these get wired in a way that fixes the neutral issue? I understand the DC side of things but the AC is kicking my butt. Thanks in advance!!!

Bowpay asked
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high idle amp usage

Got a 2.5kw Victron Multiplus inverter which normally runs at just over 1/2amp at idle. It is now buzzing and using 5 amps with no load (disconnected)... anything simple to check? Took the front off and re-sat all the cables - removed the 240v cable ... nothing obvious - really struggling

MarkM asked
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DC to AC inverter

Hi Everyone, for my solar project i'm using this solar charge contoller 75/15. To use my engergie of the battery's i would like to use a 24VDC to 230VAC 1000W inverter. Is it better to directly contect the inverter to the batteries or can i use the load clamps? Thanks in advance!

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First solar build


Just about to start my first solar build on a motorhome conversion. After loads of research I think I’ve nailed it then I find another Victron product that might seem useful but more complex... I’d like to keep my install as simple as possible but totally safe and as efficient as possible.

I currently have 540w (2x270w)

Victron IP22 mains charger 12v 30a

SmartSolar 150v / 35a

Redarc bcdc1240d DC/DC charger (when travelling)

Cotek 12v 1500w inverter

Camper loads (fridge

300ah battery bank

Can I use the lynx power distribution as a common bus bar for all 12v chargers and loads and utilise the fuse inputs to protect the MPPT, Mains charger, dc/dc charger, inverter & loads?....

Or does the system need to start getting a lot more complex?

Thanks for any help,

Harrison asked
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info on charging batteries

Hello All, trying to build a 12 volt system, very similar to one of the one on the Victron site, i have the Solar connected to the House banks to charge but how do i include the Engine battery also if im away form the boat for a while and not starting engine drawing attached, its still a work in progress so some thing maybe incorrect. So question is can i wire it so Solar will charge all or put a switch into link if engine ev er dies? version 2.pdf

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Digital multi contol unit required?

Hello All,

Looking at a system with a 12/3000 230 Multi-plus- inverter charger,Dispaly will be the CanGX unit, BMV 712, Will be Gel/ Non Victron Lithium for the first year ( need to buy and import the Victron one after the world crisis) do i still need the Digital Multi control Panel to control the multi plus or can it be done via the CanGX? and the on line portal?


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Broken left most pin in UTP connector on PCB board on 500A shunt, voltage reading 0.00

My BMV-700 shows battery voltage as 0.00, even though it is 12+ volts. It does however show Amps in/out. I found that the left most pin on the PCB board on the 500A/50mv shunt is corroded and has no "spring" left in it to make contact with the UTP communication cable.

Can someone tell me if the left most pin on the UTP connector is used? If not, what else could the problem be?

If I do need the left most pin to work, where can I go to get a new PCB board?

See pictures below. Thank you.



omglasercats asked
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lithiums spacing

question regarding placement of the Lithium should there be a space Air gap around each battery any min requirement ?

Stavarda asked
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DMC differences

hi wanted to ask teh difference between the Digital Multi Control 200/200a gx and the 200/200a thanks

Stavarda asked
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Multiple MPPT and Colour GX
Hello All
I have 6 x100/20 MPPT smart controllers and want to connect them to the Colour GX display unit, how do i do this as there is only on port.
what additional hardware do i need
thanks in advance


Stavarda asked
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Have a Victron multi plus 3000/12/120 with a GX colour monitor and BMV 700

Screen shows 96% 12.9 v when going to bed but then in the morning they show 96% 10.4v and alarm warning sets off - when I switch it off and then back on again it goes back to 96% 12.9v can’t understand why this is happening all new batteries and equipment

MBase asked
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Multiplus 12/3000 stopped working

I woke up Saturday morning and my Multiplus 12/3000 no longer works. Cannot turn it on at the unit.

I confirmed that the main fuse is good, and I have 13.6v across the connection to the MP.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



s/v Cabo Frio

Multiplus 12/3000

cabofrio asked
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Multi 24/3000 in Parallel Stopped Working


I have 2 x 24/3000 in parallel controlled by a Digital Multi Controller that have been working fine up to approximately 2 months ago.

The Digital Multi Controller amp display went blank and all the lights on the controller came on and stayed on.

When the controller is switched off/on to either charge only or on the 24/3000 units can be heard to 'click' indicating switching on/off and the temperature light on both units flashes once only.

The mains power and voltage as been checked and found to be alright and all the cable connections between the units and controller have been checked and cleaned and re-connected with no change whatsoever, the system still does not work.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing the failure and how to rectify and make the system operational again.

Thank you in anticipation.

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Loosing power

I recently updated my travel trailers power system. I installed 4 100w solar panels wired in series. Those run down to a Victron 100/30 charge controller and Victron Battery monitor. They are connected to a Battle Born 100w Lithium battery and a Victron Multiplus 12/3000w inverter which is tied into the circuit breaker.

My problem is a constant 6-6.3 amp draw on the system. I have no idea where it is coming from. I have tried shutting down all circut breakers and fuses and it dosent stop the draw. If I disconnect the battery disconnect between the batter and inverter the power loss stops. Any ideas about where a 6 amp power loss could be coming from?

Rangerpeterson asked
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Cable connector missing Venus gc

Somehow my Venus gx package is missing with the green cable connectors which I need. Has anyone some left which I can buy. I donˋt want to buy another Venus for that. Thanks

skykay asked
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