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Victron Quattro 10KW delivering only half rated power

I have dual Quattro 10kva/120s in split phase. We are 'off grid' and have exactly 20kva solar input available using enphase micro-inverters a/c coupled to AC-OUT1. For the battery storage we have 110KWH of lithium ion batteries. These feed the inverters via a Lynx 1000amp bus system with 4/0 cables going to the inverters. Quattro firmware is 430.

When the sun is shining, I have plenty of power available, no issues whatsoever. We can routinely run 15 to 17000 watts of electrical load and STILL charge the batteries at 100-150 amps DC. No thermal or overload issues at all.

However, once the sun is down, if loads go above 10000 watts for any length of time L2 gets a temperature alarm and shuts down the system. This is most frustrating. Our entire farm is on this system, including AC, water heater, well pump, etc. At time of shutdown the Color control shows 4900 watts draw on L1 and 5010 watts draw on L2.

Our A/C draws about 20 amps (240v) when running, which is right at 100 amps of dc.

Throw in another load, such as charging one of our EVs at 20 amps (240v) and the system will only run for between 10 and 20 minutes before we get the dreaded:

VE.Bus System Automatic monitoring Temperature L2: Alarm 2021-06-16 20:06:37 1m, 15s

appears and the inverters shut down.

MOST annoying.

We are using a 1000 amp Lynx system with two sets of 4/0 battery cables to the Quattros.

Cables are matched for length and size.

What can be done to increase my available power when running on batteries?

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200ah 12v lithium smart battery + dc-dc charger

Hi All,

Does the 200ah 12v lithium smart battery require a dc-dc charger if you're also connecting it to the 200/12 BMS?

It doesn't show any requirements for a dc-dc charger in the installation manual.

Thanks in advance


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Full 4wd 12V system install help

Hi all,

I'm looking to install the following into my 4wd. I purchased it all separately without thinking if all the components went/worked together or not.

200ah 12.8v lithium smart battery

BMV 712-smart monitor

BMS 12/200

Phoenix Smart Inverter 12/2000

Smart Solar MPPT 100/30

I cant find any specific instructions that tell me things such as where the smart monitor is installed when also using the BMS.

Can anyone help with that along with other build specific questions? Victron don't have a very good support network from where I'm from unfortunately.

Thanks in advance


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Color Control GX making noise

I got my Color Control GX hooked up today and I noticed it makes a constant noise. I wouldn't call it a buzz. More like a muted white noise. Or maybe the sound of a loud speaker being but not playing music yet. Its not crazy loud or anything but you can hear it when close to it.

Is this normal?

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What makes the most sense for my bus conversion build?

Howdy! I'm looking for a little help as I've figured out the beginning and end of my solar set-up but it seems like there's multiple ways to fill out the middle. I was originally piecing together a build based off of youtube but I like the idea of a mostly victron system where I can still cheap out on a couple of the components.

Here's what I'm working with so far:

  • 4* 400W solar panels (50.4V / 10.18A)
  • 24v Lithium battery bank

My panels are going to be wired in series so I've been eyeing up the EasySolar II since it seems capable of handling the 200v input from the panels. I will be using 120VAC and 12VDC in the bus so I need to figure out the best way to handle the 240VAC output from an easy solar II unit.

Alternatively, it seems like I could just get a 250|70 mppt solar controller and work that into a cheaper 2000W 24V inverter connected to a battery monitor and then the battery bank.

Will there be a 120v easysolar ii coming out? Is there a different product(s) that makes better sense for assembling my system?

Side question: how feasible/complicated/expensive would it be to integrate my 24v solar power system with the 12v system of the schoolbus?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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How to upload picture to the community?

Before i ask my main question i cannot see how to upload pictures, IT is not my thing. thanks in advance

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Multiplus shuts down when trying to use Air Conditioner 24/2000/50

Hey all,

I just setup my Multiplus 24/2000/50 Compact and all seems to be working fine until I tried to turn on my AC.

while leaving the Multiplus in “on” position and plugged into 30amp shore power I turned my AC on and the surge when the compressor turned on made the multi shut down.

I have had my rig parked in the same place for the last 4 months and have had to run my Air con a few times before I setup the Multiplus.

I also tried to run it while my generator was running and that didn’t work either. But I used to run my Air Con off the generator no problem before.

I do have to switch on the “weak AC” setting to get the generator to work but still won’t allow the Air Con to work.

Should I be running the multi on “pass through”? (not sure how to set that yet)

Do I have something wrong in the settings?

does the Victron only allow me to use 2000 watts when I am connected to shore power? (Doesn’t make sense to me)

My generator is 4000 watts and still doesn’t let it happen.

I tried it with everything in the rig off except the Air Con and it still didn’t work.

I am running a 24/2000/50 multiplus compact and a 24 volt 206ah prismatic battery set from LYNX batteries out of Washington state. The battery connections use 4awg wire. Battery is rougly 2 foot away from the multi.

Is the only way to make this happen is to get a soft start for the air con?

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Multiplus -II frequency variation

Hy .

My friend has a system made from a multiplu-II 48/5000/70, mppt 150/100 and 19 solar panels of 300w , on the roof of his store , and a disel generator 2000w (he dosent have conection on the national network)

He has a house at 40m from his store but the cable of feeding the house has 60m between the house and the inverter . the problem is that when his water pump is starting (3000W) is making a power variation and a frequency variation very big :

-volt in faling from 230v to 180v for a second

-and frequency from 50Hz to 32 Hz for a second

and becouse of this variation the led lamps (8psc) has burn.

how can i help him to stabilize the variation

it is posible to and a (ups-with battery) stabilazer of 7000w near the house panel ?

please give me some ideas. Thanks.

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How can I configure my MultiPlus without an MK3-USB adapter?

I'm in a jam and need to get my Multiplus charging my new lithium batteries ASAP. Solar panels not installed yet. Just got everything tested and working and connected batteries only to find out dealer did not inude the MK2-USB cable. I thought I could setup Multiplus va Color GX Controller / monitor or through the wifi dongle they sold me. Appears I can't, I have a USB to ethernet adapter my laptop. Is there anyway to hack or get this to work without the MK-2 USB cable. Need to get this going tonight (eastern U.S. time zone.) Thanks in advance.... MY main issue is to set the charging paramaters till I receive the cable which can't come soon enough. I also have some Raspberry PI 3 and 3+ if that will help.

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Help look over Multiplus 2 schematic - Reward

Hello everyone,

I need someone, who is very experienced with the Multiplus2, PVs, lithium Ion battery and Grid Connection, to look over my schematic in a zoom Meeting. I will give you 10€ as reward. Someone, who speaks german would be good.

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Multipass 24/3000 shuts down when disconnected from shore power

My Multipass 24/3000 was installed this past summer. Everything has been great until two weeks ago.

Recently, I went to use my boat and after unplugging from shore power, engines start etc. I noticed the breaker for the inverter was not illuminated, but the breaker was on and had not tripped. Before starting the boat, AC/DC panel showed inverter breaker operating and illuminated. The inverter is left in charge only when connected to shore. The color control GX showed no alarms or issues.

With the engines operating the port side steering was not functioning but starboard size was. (Boat uses jet drives with buckets and joystick steering). After a few minutes trying to trouble shoot, I started the generator and then the breaker switch for the inverter became illuminated and now both port and starboard steering began to work.

The alternators on both engine were replaced during the Multipass install and everything had been working without issue.

Summary: the Multipass 24/3000 only is working when connected to shore power or receiving generator power source. It does not work when the engine is running.

What am I missing that may cause this?

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Heat Dissipation from the SmartSolar-MPPT-250/100

Dear All,

I am designing an Off-Grid Solar Power System to be installed in an ATEX Certified Boxes (SS 316, 25mm thickness, IP 65). The system will require 2 x MMPT 250/100 charge controllers installed inside one box (approx. 1200 x 800 x 300 mm) and running at an ambient temperature of 50 Deg. C.

I know that the charge controller will de-rate as the temperature goes up. what I don't know is what are the heat dissipation figures for these controllers and couldn't find it anywhere in the Victron literature.

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Help with melting terminal mppt


MPPT100/30 melting PV pos terminal. Recently occurring after moving controller


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MPPT 75/15 backing has disintergrated - defect??

Hi, my MPPT charge controller had a crystalline substance pour out of it. I caught most of it. Looks like the base has disintegrated. Barely used and when not in use is stored with cushioning.


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Phoenix inverter load info

Hi all, my phoenix 12/375 inverter does not show any load information on the dial. What could be wrong?


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3 Answers

What is the Victron policy on providing help to customers by its dealers?

What kind of help can I expect from Victron dealers after buying Victron products?

Is this help free or I have to pay for it?

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Orion and Sealed lead batteries

Hi everyone.

I have connected my Orion 12/12 30a to my car/fridge setup and was wondering if anyone can give me some tips for the setup of the battery in the settings menu.

Battery is a Supersafe SBS190F sealed lead battery. Do I select the AGM Algorithm?

And should I adjust the float and absorbtion rate ect?
sorry I am new to all this and really don’t want to cook my batteries.

thanks in advance





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Kurzer Blick auf meine Installation / Short view of my installation

Hallo Forum.

Ich bin dabei meine Solaranlage in meinem Imbisswagen zu installieren und würde Euch bitten einen kurzen Blick auf das Foto zu werfen um die Richtigkeit meiner Anschlüsse zu überprüfen.

Die einzelnen Komponenten sind zwar sehr gut dokumentiert, aber gerade zusammen ist es aufgrund der verschiedenen Komponenten (insbesondere für einen Laien wie mich), doch etwas bei dem ich mich gerne absichern würde.

Die Anlage soll eigentlich nur die Kühl-/Gefrierjkombi betreiben.

Eines mir nicht klar:

Wird die Votronic 2151 Fehlerstromschutzeinrichtung RCBO 16-30 Mini vor der 220 V Einspeisung (also zwischen Landanschluss und Eingang in den Lader) oder danach (zwischen dem Laderausgang und dem Sicherungskasten des Imbisswagen) angeschlossen.

Der Lader hat ja eine eigene Sicherung und der Imbisswagen ebenfalls (einmal Fi und zwei Sicherungskreise).

Vielen Dank für Eure Mühe



Hello Forum.

I'm about to install my solar system in my snack car and would like to ask you to take a quick look at the photo to check the correctness of my connections.

The single components are very well documented, but especially together it is something I would like to be sure about because of the different components (especially for a layman like me).

The system should actually only operate the fridge/freezer combi.

One thing is not clear to me:

Is the Votronic 2151 residual current device RCBO 16-30 Mini connected before the 220 V supply (i.e. between the shore connection and the input to the charger) or after (between the charger output and the fuse box of the snack car).

The charger has its own fuse and the snack car has its own fuse (one Fi and two fuse circuits).

Thanks for your effort




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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/85-MC4 Not showing panel voltages.

New out of the box. I connected 5 panels in series to the controller. Zero volts show up. Then I connected 1 panel to the controller. Measuring voltage across the MC4 connector is 21.0V as soon as I plug it in? Zero volts. Help?

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How to prioritize solar over AC

I am in an RV, I have 6 BB lithium 100Ah batteries, 1800 watts of solar divided into three 600w arrays going to three Victron MPPT 50/100 controllers, a Victron Multi 12/3000/120-50, Cerbo GX and Victron Energy GX Touch. I have a split panel with my AC's not on the inverter, but the rest of the house is. When plugged into shore power I would like to have solar be my main source of power, followed by batts, then shore. When i ran a Magnum inverter it had a VDC setting that allowed. this. I can't figure out how to make this new system do what I am wanting. I have found several threads that talk about it, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for in simplistic terms. I don't know if I need a comms cable from computer to the multi, or if it can all be done a different way. I can't seem to find any controls using VRM, I can't find a way to do anything using the GX touch pad and the Cerbo is so new I can't find anything much on it. Can someone help out in very simplistic instructions. I am trying to learn all this as I go. Thanks, Brett

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What am I missing in order to have a full Smart Victron system?

So I've come up with this setup and I'm wondering if I'm missing something, I want my setup te be completely smart so I can see stats and change settings of all my devices through the Victron app. I'm also wondering if all my components are the correct size and type for my solar panels and battery.

- Fiamm POWERCUBE AGM CX 230 AGM, 12V 230Ah

- 2x Panasonic HIT N-serie 250 W SJ25 (combined in paralel produce: 44.3v/11.3A)

- Victron MultiPlus 12/800-35

- Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24V-65A

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

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quatro 8kw

i have a system what contain one 8kw quatro, 150/100mppt , 21 solar panel 325w, 8 battery 220ah, and one color GX . Maxim value of production 5.5kw for more the 6 hours pe day.

I like to push in grid the exeses when i dont have consumption. The engineer(from the grid) from Romania is asking me and to proves/show to him how the quatro is reacting on variation of input voltage and variation of frequence and if is stopping on this problems(variation). He wonts in writing to see and physical.

thx for help.

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Message erreur


Voilà j'ai un écran de contrôle mppt qui a un message d'erreur fetching history. Après plusieurs recherche je n'ai trouvé aucune solution mise à part le déconnecter du régulateur mais cela ne dure qu'un temps.

Merci de vos réponses

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VICTRON MULTIPLUS 12/1600/70 COMBI internal red LED

VICTRON MULTIPLUS 12/1600/70 COMBI internal red LED

I set this up 6 months ago and was working fine. Then I altered the dip switches 3 and 4 then stored the settings by moving Dip switch 8 to “on” and back to “off”. Ever since this internal red LED has illuminated but everything else seems to work fine. Can anybody please tell me why this light is on and what it means?


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What do I have here??

I need some help to identify what type of Victron elements I have. This because I want to replace some items due to malfunction. So far I can tell I have the BMV 602s but I question the print on the shunt if this is compatibel with the BMV? This because there is only 1 battery input?

So I hope somebody can help me out and tell me what is wrong in this picture. At this moment when eveything is connected the BMV does not light up or works in any way.

Best regards, René de Jong



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Lost top cover Phoenix 24/25

Hi folks, a really simple (or maybe not) question. Any idea how I can get a replacement top cover (the one that covers the fan vents) for a Phoenix 24/25 charger. The UK agent wasn't able to help. ta, Graham

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BMV-700 : is my connection good or bad ?


Hi, new in electric connexions, i wander if my connexion is good or bad ? Thanks for your kind help

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Multiplus tripping due to excess ripple voltage after replacing battery bank

Inverter trip due to excess ripple voltage on battery terminals. System worked fine with Gel batteries but after replacing with 400ah Lithium problem started especially when batteries at 100% charge.

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