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Generator Warm Up, Charger walk in

Is there a way to gradually increase or limit charge current on a Multiplus / Cerbo GX to allow Generator to warm up ?

Only presenting FULL charging load when it is warm.

Ideally it would be based on a Cerbo GX temperature input.

Any Help would be much appreciated.

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RCD Tripping randomly

I have just about installed Multiplus 48/1200/13 and hooked it up to Li-ion 14s1p batteries.

It has been working perfectly in UPS mode and pass through. To test the capacity, I turned off the mains and the UPS kicked in, I let the system run - till the cut off voltage was reached.

When I turned on the grid/mains - the RCD (on the mains consumer unit) tripped. It did this a few times. I disconnected the load and the same happened (rocker switch in ON position). Then I switched it to charger and it did not trip.

I tried various combinations and unfortunately - the RCD tripping is very random and not reproducible.

AC in comes from the grid

AC out goes to feed a total of 250W (a few pumps)

Any input or help would be appreciated.

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Victron Blue smart 12/20 tripping RCD

Hi what is the 240V current draw for my Blue Smart 12/20 charger as it keeps tripping my RCD i think the RCD switch may be over the peak draw and hence the tripping but cannot find the information on data sheets?

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CerboGX Generator Start/Stop Time band

Is it possible to have this function only run in a particular time period? For instance between 10:00hrs and 15:00hrs.

I've two contactors which I wish to control on NO/NC based on state of charge. For instance using the CerboGX start/stop I can stop when SOC >98% and start when SOC<95%. In reality its an inverse operation in that by Stoping I am actually energising one contactor and by starting I am energising another.

I noticed there are some quiet hours settings which I have tried to use with the time period but with no such luck. Can quiet house stop the logic from functioning? For instance set to 15:00hrs to 10:00hrs?

I know this function was designed to start/stop a genset but I wish to use it to control an external circuit. Much appreciated if some one knows how to time bind this function. @mvader (Victron Energy) any ideas?

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Portable generator recommendation - auto start/stop with GX - North America

I'm interested in the smallest auto start generator that easily integrates into the Victron ecosystem. I'd like to weigh as close to 100 pounds as possible. Can anybody recommend a brand, model and quick description of the integration?

I intend to us the relay on the CCGX to start and stop based on Battery SOC, Generator purpose is as backup.

System Description:

Cargo Trailer with 2200 Watts of PV Solar.

3 SmartSolar MPPTs

MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-50 120V

280 AH LifePo4 12V Battery (Heated using relay on BMV-712)



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Multiplus generator assistant to switch ACOut2 to run a electric hot water system

I have a multiplus 24/3000. 400AH @24V lithium battery bank. I want to heat hot water when on shore power and also when battery is close to full. Heating element 1500W. (it is in a heat exchanger that is heated by bus hot water too). I am looking at powering hot water off multiplus the AC2 circuit. Looking to use the generator assistant to control the AC2 outlet

*)Use ACOut2 relay to start generator

*)’open relay to start generator' - this inverts the logic

(start generator = open relay to turn off ACOut2)

*)’start generator when load higher than 5000 W for 5 seconds’ -and

Open ACOut2 when load higher than 2400W for 10 seconds

Turn off hot water when load higher than 2400W for 10 seconds

'stop generator when load is lower than 1800 W' -

Close ACOut2 when load is lower than 1800W

Turn on the hot water when load is lower than 1800W for 10 seconds

*)’Start generator when DC input voltage is lower than 26.5 volt' -

Open ACOut2 when DC input voltage is lower 26.4

Turn off hot water when voltage is lower than 26.4 will have to experiment with this to get about the SOC I want especially with voltage sag.

*)stop generator when DC input voltage is higher than 26.61 volt' -

Close ACOut2 when the DC voltage is above 26.61

Heat hot water when the voltage is above 26.61

*)When the generator is started must stay on for a least 10 seconds

When ACOut2 is Open and the hot water system is off must stay off for 5 minutes longer.

*)The generator is not stopped by AC input

I am not sure about this command, I assume it applies to the assistant as a whole, that is not effected by inverted logic with the start/stop, but will allow the assistant to run or remain in its current state even if AC input is active. That is I have shore power.

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Bloody Grid Password?! Are you kidding! Just to setup a stock standard Generator AC Supply?

For you to understand why this is such a big deal - we have bushfires on three sides and the smoke is so bad that we can't get solar.

Our next step is to remove the MultiPlus from the circuit and go straight to GenSet because we need a bloody password just to configure our MultiPlus 2 to work with a Generator?

From the information online and the prompt in VE Configure we need a password inorder to configure the MultiPlus 2 to use the Grid / other setting in order to get the gen set working as the AC input -right?

Just as an aside; why on earth did you put that under Grid menu when we're using the device in an Offgrid situation for gods sake! Using a Local Genset is the opposite of Grid! Surely you're not going to do "power back" to a gen set right?

Everything else has been plug and play to a large degree so to run into this situation in an emergency that requires us to get back to the really nice bloke who sold us the equipment in the first place is beyond a joke.

I'm stuck now needing to urgently wait on him responding to my urgent calls and emails when no doubt he is also dealing with his own issues. Common guys!

What's the bloody password so I can setup my gen set to charge batteries that have been running fine off solar until the smoke made the sky go red and reduced the solar down to practically nothing!

Could do with an answer pretty before the battery runs out over the next few hours... in the middle of bushfires and heatwave.


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Set generator as running when AC1 is active.

Hi folks,

I have AC1 set as generator input and it works as expected, bar for a limit addressed on another post.

I would like to track generator run hours but I do not have auto start set up yet as this involves a modification of the generator.

I currently start and stop the gen manually, which works for me right now, and would like AC1 to set the generator start and stop flag which would then log run hours for me.

I apriciate that its litterally the reverse of what would typically be required.

Is this possible? If not is there any way to build and run a script to make it possible? Could I build a custom helper of example. or is there perhaps a helper that runs script?

Multypluss 48/5000/70 & CCGX.



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How can I use the 2nd Cerbo Relay?

One relay controls the generator start function based on SOC as reported by a SmartShunt. Turns ON the main generator at 60% SOC, and OFF at 90%. So far so good.

Is there a way to use the 2nd relay output with similar logic to control the field current to the main engine alternator so it turns ON at 80% and OFF at 95%?

Alternatively, I imagine I could use a BMV-712 and use its relay logic as the control for the second charging source as a function of SOC?

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ESS not charging Excess power on AC out nor AC in


I have A System running in ESS mode paralleled to the Grid. The batteries are charged via Solar and three Multiplus II create a three-phase grid. The Grid on the AC IN ist just for the Power Assist, if the Multiplus can't supply enough power or the Batteries are empty. There is also a AC coupled PV on the AC in Side.

However on the AC Out there is a block-unit heating power plant to supply heating and power. Because of the Grid Code in Germany the block-unit heating power plant must be on this side. Now my Problem is if the genset is running and supplies to much power than needed I want the Multiplus to charge the Batteries instead of feeding it into the grid. I don't know how to do this an couldn't find any explanations about this constellation.

The System also does not use the excess power of the AC coupled PV.

It would be nice if anybody could help me with this problem. If it isn't possible maybe there are other solutions to have the grid as backup, charge the batteries with the genset an have a zero feed in to the grid.


Thanks in advance and i hope you can understand what I am trying to do, as a german trying to write down a technical problem in english.


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Quattro and multiplus in offgrid making a loud buzzing noise and generator roughing

Here is the topic, i have builded and installed many system since i began working with victron products, it's the first time that i see this kind of trouble.

My system is builded on a sheet of aluminum 1/8 thickness where everything is located on it as: quattro, lynx bus system and distributor bars, solar MPPT 250/100, aux. centaur charger 24/60, AC main panel, ccgx and wiring cleanly strapped, not the first like that and they all juste work roundly all the time.

System work's fine for the most part, everything is stable and silent unless i hook up a generator to this offgrid system, in my shop when i tested on my test bench i heard no noise or harshness from the inverter when i hooked it up to the grid to charge my testing battery bank but at the customer place oh boy!

so when it's hooked up (brand new honda eg5000cl) the inverter already start humming a bit then when the charger ramp up to max output it is very concerning like a rattle humming noise unequal making the generator sometime lead to disconnection temporarily and reconexion after 1-2 min.

Even when i totally isolate the AC panel from the inverter by flipping the main AC breake i still have this bad noise so i don't think it is comming from AC directly, i found some ground/neutral loop in this house that i immediatly solved to clear few trouble makers but the only way to tame the noise is to isolate the battery bank from the quattro charger it return to a normal noise.

I stabbed a 10 foot ground rod near the generator and hooked up to the house ground rod to help draining any noise directly out of the generator but it gives nothing.

i tryed a dummy battery bank with 4 Rolls S-550 PBA battery instead of connectiong it to the large rolls 2ks 1866ah bank that already ave 5 years but it's the same problem so it's not the battery.

i tryed many ground to neutral placement in the electrical panel( bonded to neutral or direct to frame and insulated from neutral) just to check but nothing helped, my generator is connected to input 1 since i don't have grid there, i tryed with a multiplus just before because my customer was in trouble and needed a system ASAP and it was even worse so it's not the inverter directly.

Something i noticed from the generator was when it ramp up to the charger max power output it will give the hiccups to my generator even if we are only loaded at 21A/30A AC i can hear my generator in the inverter and also the hiccups happening randomly.

it should be pretty silent normally so im mesmerized what it could be when it's working great in my shop, i heard NE relay chatter could cause a rattle hum noise, would it be that loud and accentuating with load? if so why? and is it a good option to just manually toggle the NE ground relay in the software if my main neutral ground bound is in the main AC panel and that the sheet itself serve here as a common ground/heat spreader/frame bonding everything.

Could it be my aluminum sheet magnetically vibrating because of the inverter high power output? if so i would feel it in the wall and the generator would not throbble like that!

well im rubbing my head like a monkey there let me know your tought! i can acces the system via VRM if needed to test thing remotely or go on site if i have good cues, my next step was to swap with a different generator like a yamaha 7200 and run a new ac cable from the gen if it was doing nothing more to help.

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3 phase ess with backup generator (4th Multiplus 2)


I like to build a 3 phase system with 3 Multiplus 2 an Pylontech batteries

My idea for the generator is:

* use a 4th Multiplus 2 with the 1 phase generator for charging. Does this work? Do I have more power on this phase?

* or can I use a cheap charger without CAN to charge the Pylontech with the generator?

And I have another question:

* is there a cheap way for more amps for the transfer switch (anti islanding)?

Thanks, Markus

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generator choices offgrid

I am about to change our inverter over to a new victron, and we need to get a generator to go with it.

The system will be a venus GX and a victron multiplus 5000/48 AC-coupled with a fronius primo 5-0-1 and later on a DC coupled blue solar MPPT. Batteries are 2x LG RESU 10, so 20kwh in total.

I want the AC input on the multiplus to be a generator- for charging only. I've always been told that we need to use an inverter generator to keep the power quality up but I note that a few places on the victron site suggest that AVR units will be fine- thoughts? I don't want a huge generator, about 5kva ish is my plan, and use the current limiter on the ac input to ensure its not overloaded.

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Charging from grid/ generator still possible with LOM tripped?

On a Multiplus-II with ESS when the LOM detection rejects the grid (for example because the Generator output is not stable enough), will this automatically disable charging from the grid as well?

I understand that LOM detection disconnects the transfer relais, so there is no direct connection between AC-OUT and the grid any more. But AC quality could still be good enough as an input for the battery charger (it rectifies and afterwards regulates the input anyhow).

I was not able to find any clear answer in the docs.

I'm in the planning phase for my ESS system, so unable to test it in real life.

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Ladeleistung Multiplus 2 48/5000 bei Generatorbetrieb

Hallo liebe Gemeinde, ich betreibe eine 9,9kW PV- Anlage und netzparallel einen Multi 2 48/5000 mit einem 600Ah Batteriespeicher. An sonnenschwachen Tagen möchte ich den Speicher gerne mit dem Generator laden, allerdings steigt die Ladeleistung nicht über ca. 2,1 kW, rund 40 A. Am CCGX und mit VE Config. habe ich sämtliche Einstellungen getestet, leider alle ohne Erfolg... Der Generator kann 12kW liefern, ist somit nicht überfordert. Weiß hier jemand Rat, wie man Richtung 70 Ampere Ladeleistung kommt, bzw. ob es überhaupt geht? Bei meinem Händler habe ich schon mehrfach angerufen, er ist auch sehr hilfsbereit, aber alle seine Ratschläge haben ebenfalls keinen Erfolg gebracht.

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Does the Multiplus act as an autotransformer shore/gen 120v ac input?

I see on the data sheet for the multiplus 24v 3000w inverter/charger that in the "inverter" section it list output as 120VAC +/- 2% and under the "charger" section, the input is 94-140VAC. Does that output apply to inverted loads only, or does it act as an autotransformer and convert (for example) 100VAC shore/gen power up to 120VAC as well? I'm trying to figure out if I should install a separate autotransformer in the RV to account for some RV parks voltage dropping below 110v during periods of high demand. Thanks in advance.

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Multiplus charging with generator

Single 12/3000/120-50/120V Multiplus and Northern Lights 12 kw generator, lithium batteries

Charges OK on shore power, but goes to only float mode (not bulk or absorption) when on the generator. Therefore charging with the generator is very slow (max 35A)

What generator settings should I use?

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Multi parallel generator issue

Hi all,

A client's install has two 48V, 5kVA Multi ii paralleled: up to date matching firmware, identical AC and DC cabling, CCGX, gel battery & suitable solar input. The client has an isolated, completely independent back-up system (via AC transfer switch) incl. its own solar and battery.

With the occasional need for diesel gen back-up (we're in a sunny part of Spain), the client switches the transfer switch to power the loads from the back-up system (cleaner signal to the loads & maximum input into the batt). Then when the batt is full, they switch back to run the house from the Multi system.

The system has worked fine for a few months, and then (following a generator service) last week, when charging through the Multis, the generator stalls almost every time, almost immediately before it's got up to steam.

The gen is fully tested, and works fine powering loads or when charging the separate back-up system.

I've tried swapping master and slave allocation, and this seems to have helped, but as I can't say that this has 100% fixed the issue, the client is understandably twitchy.

If the gen is also powering the loads through the Multis, the gen stalls less often, but still does. This makes me wonder if there's some backfeed issue, explaining why it's much more common when only charging the batt rather than also having a load to supply.

Any thoughts/ experiences appreciated!

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Johannesburg. ZA ( Which generator should I use for Victron Multiplus II 3kw?

Hi all.

We are in the middle of a long outag, at 20hrs now and its raining, so my pv panels are not helping much.

I am considering a generator to plug to my Multiplus II 48v 3000va.

I understand the must have a bigger po output than 3000va and must match the voltahe of 230/240vac for my input.

what are your generators brand recommendations based on your experiences?

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Suitable Generator Multiplus 3000/48

Hello Folks,

I have a 3.3 Kw system with Multiplus 3000/48, MPPT 150 and 8 Trojan SPRE255 batteries.

I hope this question hasn't been asked before. I am looking for a list of suitable generators to hook up to my system for cloudy days. My current generator (low quality, 1,5KW) does not charge the batteries, something is tripped and they don't charge.

Since there are countless generators out there and no reliable resource as to what I can couple with my Multi 3000, I am hoping to get some hints from you.

I have been eyeing the following generator, maybe someone has experience with this model?

Thank you in advance, I appreciate hearing about hints or positive experiences with generators.

Best wishes,


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Marine solution grid feedback en ESS


I have a question, and hope you can help me.

We have a boat and when we are in our marine we want to use the shore supply as less al possible. Normally there is not al lot of equipment online but always de Victron, a security camera, modem router and sometimes the refrigerator.

a: My idea is to only use the shore supply when de SOC of the battery is below a certain value and at night.

b: When the battery is full I want to use the solar energy to feed it back to the grid. (Is that possible with this DC connected MPPT converter via the Victron?)

c: When we are not in the marina and we are using the generator I what to switch to normal mode (no feed solar energy and charge the battery to the max).

Is there an assistant or multiple assistants that can do something like this?

We have the following components:

- Multiplus II 24/3000/70/32

- MPPT 100/30 (with 2 395wp solar panels)

- BMV712

- Digital control.

- 500Ah (C5) 24VDC flooded tubular plate battery.

- Generator. With 2 simple relais switching between shore supply and generator supply to the Victron.

Already thanks for jour creative solutions and options ;).

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Why is this system not fully charging the batteries from AC PV?

Dear all,

My parents have a new off grid installation in Spain (no grid available where they live). The installation was installed August 8th 2020. I haven't physically been able to and check their installation (due to covid restrictions).

I am not at all a Victron specialist, but have installed my own Solar system, and I am very much into LiFePO4 batteries/ DIY powerwalls / off grid systems in general.

I believe their system isn't working as it should, based on my experience, and therefore I started to study the parts used in their installation in order to help them find the problem (because the installer treats my parents as retired old people and says everything is working as it should). But, wait...

The parts:

* 39 solar panels:

- 12 280W panels connected to Victron MPPT150|60-TR Bluesolar charge controller

- 27 280W panels connected to a 5kW SMA sunny boy (sb5.0-1av-41 905). I don't know how the sunny boy is connected to the system. It's an "on grid" invertor according to SMA (= grid tie), therefore it would suffice to connect the SMA AC to the juntion box and it should regulate/synchronize it's output wave based on the Quattro AC (i suppose that the Quattro will act as the "grid").

* Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100

* 6 x 2.4kWh = 14,4kWh pylontech pack of batteries, good stuf

* Venus GX

The dashboard, at the moment, looks like this:



* Let's say that it's 1400hrs, the sun is shining bright, and the batteries are @ 60% and charging. Then, all of a sudden, the SMA stops putting electricity on the "grid". Often, the SMA sunny boy stops working for say 1 or 2 hours, losing critical energy in the winter and the end result is a battery that is say 80% charged instead of 100% at the end of the day.

So I checked out the statistics @ the moments that this type of scenario takes place (almost every day), check this out:

My father notices, for example December 13 (but this happens every day) that the Sunny Boy isn't putting power to the grid (He checks the Victron dashboard regularly, so he notices this quite soon), and he let's me know. So I start digging... And I notice this:

I notice that there are gaps in the production of the sunny boy.


I check the SMA error page, and at the moments that there are gaps in the production, I get frequency related errors:


So I go the the VRM-app, and dig into the frequency statistics:


To me it's clear that something is causing ripples in the AC frequency (from for example 11AM-> 1300hrs, 53Hz, which isn't just a ripple).

My parents state that their bulbs start flickering, change brightness when these peaks/gaps occur.

* Initialy the installer installed a 6KW SAJ invertor, but this invertor got so terribly hot, that after a week or 2 it died. The installer then replaced the SAJ with a 5kW Sunny Boy. I told him (through my parents, I didn't actually get to talk to the installer) to install a 6kW invertor, because my parents paid for a 6kW, and 27 panels in Spain cán in fact generate more that 5kW. But the installer said that that is non sense, a 5kW was just fine.

-> What the F*c#??

* The installer installed a 3-way switch for 'solar system', "off" and "generator".


When my dad connected the generator and sets the switch to generator, all lights inside the house started to shine brighter, a couple of LED-stripts/bulbs "exploded", and the quattro started clicking like a maniac (must be relays trying their best to regulate something).

i believe they miswired the generator connection to the system. I think that my dad is putting 220V onto the system (with the generator), but the quattro is the master, not a grid tie invertor. Therefore the quattro doesn't synchronise it's 220V with the generators. The result is, I believe, constructive and destructive interference and as a result the bulbs exploded due to the AC peaks.

Does this seem likely to be the cause/what's happening?

What my parents want:

* to have as much and as stable of a 220V system as possible

* to have the invertors charge the batteries as fast as possible, without devices stalling for no reason (because the loose precious daylight in the mean time)

* to be able to connect my parents 6KW generator to the system to power the house and charge batteries in dark weeks without a lot of solar power;

That's it, and that's what's promised by the installer.

Please give my your thoughts. I'm watching all that is to be watched on YouTube, reading datasheets, etc. but actual help/opinions of guys witch real Victron knowledge would be invaluable.

Thanks in advance.

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Multiplus makes loud noise when switching from generator input back to inverter

I have a 24V Multiplus 5000VA connected to my battery system. I also have a 10KW Generator connected to AC Input.

If I'm using the generator to charge my system and afterwards turn it off, the Multiplus makes a very loud hum/vibration that slowly diffuses after 5 or so seconds. This happens almost every time I turn off the generator. I even programmed the multiplus to stop taking AC Input from the generator before powering it down.

Is this sound part of normal operation when switching off AC Input to the Multiplus?

Edit: Video of what I'm describing

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Quattro 8kVA - AC Input 2 not working

On a new installation, I am unable to run any input on AC Input 2 (Generator), with Grid connected to AC Input 1. System: Quattro 8kVA, Generator 5kVA (Current limited to 16A), Venus GX, 2 x MPPT 150/100, 4 x Pylontech 3.5kWh and 30 x 320W panels.

I have tried swopping AC Input 1 & 2 (i.e grid on AC Input 2) but with no success. Any ideas to resolve this issue without sending the inverter back to supplier? (My client runs a animal hospital on this system.)

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What is the minimum Input Current Limit?

What is the minimum input current limit for Quattro?

Setting it on VEconfigure allows me to set it as low as I want. However, the input current limit won't go below 10.5 on the Colour Control.

It needs to be set lower as the customer only has a small generator. How do I do this?

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Early start the generator from Cerbo GX before reaching SOC

Hello, we got a problem in a system where we have:

1. Victron Quattro 48/15000/200 - 6 pcs.

2. Victron SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 - 8 pcs.

3. Victron Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50

4. BMZ ESS 9.0 - 9 pcs.

5. Fronius Symo 10.0-3-M - 1 pc.

We have SOC start enabled to go at 50% and stop at 90%. But Cerbo GX starts generator immediately when the system goes into inverting mode and before reaching SOC 50%.

We can`t sollve this problem. Any ideas?

Here I saw the same problem:

But after downloading the log file we saw that everything was ok with SOC. You can see it hear:



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Distorted waveform from Quattro with generator

I have just completed an installation with a Quattro 15 and DC charging via 2 @ 250/100 Mppt's.

The customer is experiencing flickering LED lighting throughout the building when the generator is running and charging the batteries. When we put an oscilloscope onto the L1 output of the Quattro, we see a blip on each zero crossover of the sine wave.

The Quattro on its own has a good sine wave and the 18kVA generator has a reasonable sine wave too. Both together is a problem.

Any ideas on how this can be eliminated as I have not had this problem before.


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Setting up generator (2 wire) to relay at CCGX

After setting this up I tested the manual start at the colour controller, which started the GENSET. The issue is I have set up the conditions of the battery voltage to start at 47 volts, but GENSET won't start. Could you advise me the full settings I need to achieve an auto start of GENSET. I have a Smart Solar MPPT 250/100.

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Multiplus 2 with small emergency Generator


I'm new here.

I planning an ESS System with a Multiplus 2 (3000 or 5000) and a 48V LiFepo4 (Pylontech).

For this I found everything I like to know in this forum.

But when there is a blackout I like to recharge the batteries with a small generator.

I’ll plane to use a relay or switch to change the AC IN from the Grid IN to the Generator.

But with this I have some questions?

• Is it easy to change from ESS to a Generator Input in the Software, or do I have to reconfigure all?

• I only need a small cheap Generator (1-2kW) for recharging the batteries. Is this working? Are there any recommendation?

• I heard cheap Generator can go up to about 350V. Is this safe for the Victron and the devices behind?

Thanks, Markus

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