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Firmware Update Issue

Password for Firmware update Multiplus 48/3000 with VictronConnect 5.11 mac

I need to update the firmware of my multiples (2622408.VFD)

The Victron.Connect-App asks for a password what I don´t know.

How can I solve the problem ?

Andreas Abitz asked
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RS Smart Solar 48/6000 problem after firmware update

Hi all!

I'm new to the community, this is my actual configuration:

-2 strings of 6 x 250W Poly Total 3 KW

-48 V 320Ah C5 lead-acid traction battery

-RS Smart Solar 48/6000

After updating the firmware to the version 1.03 for connecting the > USB interface, the inverter sometimes go in fault condition, with the alarm codes 53 (Inverter internal DC level) and 29 (Overcharging protection). Moreover these alarms are not included in the alarm list site. If anyone knows if there is a list of specific alarms for this Inverter, please let me know, Thanks!

federico asked
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which firmware should I update to

We have 3 24v 5000 120amp MultiPlus Victron units working with one master and two slaves

One unit is younger than the other two (it’s the one acting as the master)

We wanted to update to be able to use the VE connect windows application or the app on a I pad as at present the maretron state of charge does not work (it never has on any of the FPB boats).

So we were hoping to put VE connect or the BMV software on the helm computer.

So I downloaded the original configuration of the 3 units and saved it.

Then I updated each units firmware:

Codes on processors:

2614413 Master (went to the professional Victron site and downloaded unit multiplus 400 folder 2614481.vff) this seems to be working on this running as a single unit.

2614155 Slave downloaded under the 100 folder 2614159.vff

2614155 Slave as above

After installing this firmware I tried to reload the configuration file (the original one which makes the units talk with each other but the software complained that its could not see the slaves.

The slaves do not seem to be working.

? have I up loaded the wrong firmware? Which firmware should I upload?

peter-watson asked
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SmartSolar Charger 150/35 - still experiencing zero output issues after firmware 1.53 and 1.54 updates


After updating the firmware on my 3 SmartSolar 150/35 devices from 1.51 I have been experiencing issues where the PV power drops close to zero. In some instances the situation rectifies itself other times I need to disable/enable via the VictronConnect app. I saw there was an issue with the 1.53 firmware and hoped the 1.54 firmware would rectify the situation but unfortunately the issue still persists. Today device 260 was off for 2 hours before I disabled/enabled it via the app.


  1. Quattro 48/8000/100-2x100 - firmware 469
  2. 4 x Pylontech US3000
  3. 3 x SmartSolar 150/35 - firmware 1.54
  4. 2 sets of 6 x JA Solar JAP72S01-330/SC
  5. 1 set of 6 x JA Solar JAM72S01-380/PR
  6. Venus GX - firmware 260



Is Victron aware that some devices still have this "drop out "issue even with the 1.54 firmware?


jkkm asked
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BMV-712 Smart not connecting after upgrade to 2.62

My system is setup to auto update. I've noticed that after recent update, my VenuxGX is no longer communicating with BMV-712 Smart.

VenusGX firmware is v2.62 (20210207162854)

BMV-712 Smart firmware is v4.03.

When I've reverted back to firmware to v2.60 (20200906142058) the devices can see each other without any problems, so it is definitely some bug in the latest firmware!

mysik asked
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Why is my Multiplus control board with 1908xxx firmware acting as inverter?

I recently bought a Multiplus control print of a Victron Multiplus 12/2000/80 and want to use it in the same Multiplus of which the control print is broken.

But when I connect it and want to set it with an MK3 with the VE config software, it shows that it is an inverter 'Phoenix Inverter 12/2000' while the firmware in the chip is version 1908159, see screenshot;


From the document 'VEBus firmware numbers' I read that firmware starting with 1908 is a 'MultiPlus Compact 12/2000 / 80-30' version. What do I have to set / configure to make the control board function as a Multiplus again?

Thank you

topper asked
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Smart Lithium update failed


I tried to update Smart Lithium battery to fw 1.20, but update failed. After failure, battery has no firmware installed, and it's not working at all. How could I get it updated and working?

hhyvari asked
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Unable to do Firmware Update from 2.56 to 2.62 on a Cerbo GX. Any ideas WHY and WHAT TO DO?

I am very new to Victron equipment, so I’m on the steep (vertical) part of the learning curve. I am also technologically challenged. I tried to update the firmware on my Cerbo GX from v2.50 to v2.62. The Touch Screen gave me this option. After reading “installing update 2.62” and appearing to do nothing for about 15 minutes, the screen read “Error during update” or something like that. Now I can’t even get it to attempt an update. I am using a WIFI Ranger Sky Pro modem in my Class A motorhome and am very close to a friend’s in-house modem. Any suggestions as to why the update failed and what to do to get the update?

Hans asked
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Quattro Firmware issues

Good evening all,

I have had a very interesting experience trying to update a 5kVA Quattro.

The unit is running v430, hence the need to update. (quattro is standing idle and has very low load on it)

What happened:

- Downloaded and saved config using VEconfig using MK3 cable (verified it workes)

- Got the quattro ready for firmware update, unplugged venus and turned it off as indicated.

- Plugged MK3 cable into quattro and turned it on.

- The quattro did not turn on and the temperature LED was now on.

- I proceeded to try connect and got a failed message....

- I toggled the on/off switch, sometimes the temperature LED would go on, sometimes not... and VEflash was not happy.

-I then removed the MK3 connection and tried to turn the unit on... No response.

-Now getting worried (as you can understand)

- pluged in the venus, and bam the unit turns on.

I tried this multiple times and nothing seems to repeat (except the fact that it wont update)

At one stage a whole bunch of LED's started flashing, but nothing consistent which I could record.

I have yet to try and update using VictronConnect, but besides that, does anyone see what I am doing wrong?

regards Ewald

ewalderasmus asked
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Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct: 32k or 64k firmware image, which one do I need?


I have a Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 12V 375VA 230Vac that is suffering from a failed firmware upgrade (at least I believe this is what the blinking LEDs are trying to tell me).

Looking at for firmware flash images, it seems that there is a 32k version and a 64k version for my device (12V 375VA 230Vac). The 32k version would be the one with A211 in the name, the 64k version would be the one with A241 in the filename.

I could not find A211 or A241 anywhere on the inverter. Does anybody have any hints that helps in picking the right firmware image?

Thanks in advance :)

hubertb asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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Cerbo not booting - flashing orange light after failed firmware update

Good Morning,

This morning I started to install the Cerbo in my system. Booting the device with minimal connections went great, and we began to connect the Quattro, Solar via USB, and BMV via VE direct.

A firmware update was detected, and we chose to update to 2.60 - at some point after telling it to perform this update, the Cerbo will no longer boot. (I assume its not booting). We were using the wifi, and check for updates, under the system menu. When it found the 2.60 update, we told it to download and install. It didn't automatically install, but showed in the list of "alternative backup firmwares" to boot from. We chose to boot 2.60 instead of 2.57 and on the next restart, the Touch 50 GX remains blank, and the red / orange Wifi light will begin flashing after a few seconds, but nothing else appears to happen.

1.) Is there a hardware or backdoor way to force the Cerbo to reboot back to the 2.57 firmware?

2.) Is there a way to connect to the Cerbo via a computer and manually push a new firmware to it?

Unfortunately going back to the dealer is a VERY lengthy issue at this point. We're in the Caribbean, and floating in French Martinique at the moment. Anything we do would require weeks and weeks of shipping each way, so hopefully there's a technical way to solve this, as I believe it's just a bad firmware boot, and going back to the old one would be fine?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bryan asked
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Updating Multiplus firmware with VE.BMS BMS on Lithium bank


I'm trying to update the firmware on my Multiplus, but it says to disconnect the BMS. If I do that it will shut down the multiplus, so bit of a catch 22.

Do I need to remove the Lithium/Assist settings, disconnect the BMS and then do the update and put the Lithium/Assist setting back once the update completes?



stocksy asked
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Unable to use VictronConnect with older Multiplus?


I have recently replaced my old Phoenix Multiplus (non-VE bus) to a newer model (24/3000/70), firmware number 1912143.HEX

When I connected via MK3USB, I got a message saying I needed to update the firmware.

I have updated the firmware to xxxx209, but when using the Victron Connect App (PC), I get a message saying it is only compatible with versions xxxx415 or higher.

Am I correct in thinking that none of the older processor units (old micro 19/20) are compatible with the newer Victron Connect App?, or is the issue with the MK3USB, and will work with the Smart Dongle?

I am able to use all features with VEconfig, just not able to change settings with the Victron Connect App (even after entering password).

Thanks in Advance

dombee asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

1 Answer

Need firmware 1.53 to revert back as 1.54 is giving problems

The system worked fine for 2 months and then started this erratic disconnecting and reconnecting, checked all fuses and crimping. Have 2 other exact systems running and working fine. The only difference between the systems to this one giving problems is that this one is using v1.54 on the controller. I need to put 1.53 back

solarbackup asked
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Multiplus C 12/1600/70 (Old Hardware 1806133.VFF) communication with other components

Is this legacy Multiplus able to connect to VenusGX/VenusOS through an MK2 Adapter with the VE9bit RS485 protocol possible?

if not, is there any old legacy adapter available or is there any communication possible at all?

i would need to change the battery configuration for a new LifePo4.

Thanks in advance

ehspill asked
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2 Answers

Does anyone have firmware 1.53 for smartsolar 150/100 vedirect only???

version 1.54 broke my system and no one seems to be able to help

solarbackup asked
seb71 commented ·

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Overload with 15kva Quattro 3 phase

I have a number site where we have installed Quattros in three phase set up.

We are having an issue that when the main supply goes down, (fairly often at the moment in South Africa) one of the phases will report an overload alarm and shut down. There is nowhere near enough loads to cause the overload. It has happened on three of our systems and it doesn't always over load the same phase.

What could be causing this issue?



Any idea what could be causing this issue?


adamdovale asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

5 Answers

Can’t upgrade VE.BUS firmware with BMS connected

I have a Multi 5000/48 with SmartLithium batteries connected with the Victron VE.BUS BMS. AFAIK there’s no information regarding BMS in the VE.BUS FW Upgrade documentation. VictronConnect says I can’t upgrade the FW when there’s a BMS connected, so I wonder what’s the recommended procedure in order to install the FW upgrade?

The reason for the upgrade is that I get “VE.BUS Error 11 reporting requiring minimum VE.BUS firmware version 454.”. I’m running v430.

rallyhagge asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

Can I update SmartSolar firmware with the Mac OSX app, or only mobile?

I see I can upload a firmware file via the OSX app for my SmartSolar MPPT + Bluetooth, but where do I get that firmware file?
Or, can I only update the firmware connecting with the iOS/Android app?

rk31 asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) commented ·

2 Answers

Firmware update old MultiPlus

I have an old Multi Plus 3000/70/24 from ca 2015 that I need to update the firmware on number 2612157 VFD. If you could email the answer to

Thank you

kerpa asked
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1 Answer

Cerbo GX dead after update to 2.60


I am reading here already for a long time but now my first question.

I have a new Cerbo GX since yesterday,everything was ok but after the update to 2.60 nothing works.

I have no access any more,the wifi led is orange,sometimes blinking or off or steady ?

The bluetooth led never lights any more.

I tried the reset button,and try to connect by cable to my router nothing helps.

Any ideas ?

Regards Eric

liopleuredon asked
liopleuredon answered ·

2 Answers

Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 12/30 (1+1): Wrong/Inaccurate output current


I have a Phoenix Smart Charger IP43 12/30 (1+1) in Li-ion mode.

When I set the maximum charge current to 14 A the output current is 13.6 A in the status of VictronConnectApp. This looks correct for me, because 14 A is the maximum.

But in real, the output current is 14.7 A, measured with an ampere meter and a BMV-712.

When the current drops under 1 A in the absorption phase, the output current in the status of VictronConnectApp show for the Charger 0.0A.

In my opinion, there are one of the following reasons:

  1. Firmware bug in current view or current calculation
  2. Inaccurate current measurement (if there is a current measurement in the charger)
  3. A faulty unit

I hope, someone can help or comment.


Best regards


felixsteinbeis asked
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SMART SOLAR 75/15 will not update to 1.54 firmware

When, using a bluetooth connection, I ask my SmartController 75/15 to update its firmware, it tells me that version 1.53 is the latest version and that no update can be done. I can find no way to update to 1.54. It was suggested that I update to 1.54 to solve the controller momentarily turning off the load twice a day. What am I doing wrong?

rjkepple asked
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BMV 700 firmware update fail?

I tried to use Victron Connect via my Samsung phone to get some data and it started to update the firmware. Now my monitor reads bL 102 and no amount of uninstalling/reinstalling the app will fix the situation. It's completely stuck. I've also tried with Windows laptop app but it can't find the device, even though it's paired with my laptop.

This monitor is basically useless now. I can't even manually restore the monitor with the buttons. How can I update the firmware? So frustrating.

drewbru asked
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2 Answers

Daily load output outage after update of SmartSolar 100/20 to firmware v1.53

After updating the firmware of my SmartSolar MPPT 100|20 (0xA05F) from v1.50 to v1.53 I have the following issue with the solar charge controller: every 24 hours at around 17:30 the load output automatically turns off for a short moment, leading to a sudden power outage for my off-grid system's loads (LTE router etc).

I don't know if the charge controller just performs a restart, or if only the load output is toggled. This never happened with former firmware versions.

Other than the firmware update nothing was changed on the setup at that time. BTW, the update was performed on 25.10.2020 at 15:47, and on the very same day at 17:35 the first load output outage happened. And from then on every 24 hours, every day.

There are no loads with high inrush current connected, the actual load is well below 1A at that time, no load is switch.

And it seems that I'm not the only one with this issue (see another Google Play review on 28.10.2020).


heikoffm asked
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3 Answers

Urgent: When will MPPT firmware 1.54 be available?

When will be the fw avaiable for public?

I need to solve the load output outage of my communication towers.



tkmbe asked
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MPPT 100/20 - FW 1.53 - fixed absorption time defined in the settings is no longer adhered to


since FW 1.53 the fixed absorption time defined in the settings is no longer adhered to.

A couple of seconds after reaching absorption voltage the MPPT jumps directly from Bulk to Float.

Tested with two different MPPT's.

Could you please fix this?

ulfertg asked
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MPPT 100/20 turning load on/off every second

Good afternoon,

after the firmware update few days ago, the solar MPPT controller now turns load on/off every second. It happens most often in voltage scenarios around 11.5V or lower. My Custom minimum voltage is set to 11.0V so before it used to keep load on until Voltage dropped below 11.0V for about 1-2 minutes.

The connected load is light with only some LED light bulbs about 10W. After the MPPT turns load off, the voltage goes up a bit (for example from 11.5 to 11.6V) and the MMPT turns load on again one second later which causes Voltage to drop a bit and the MPPT turns load off again. This repeats every 1-2 seconds. Even turning Load Output to "Always On" continues this repeating cycle.

tomvacek asked
ddickov answered ·

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Issue after Update to FW 1.53 Update Smartsolar MPPT 100/50

After updating both my Smartplus MPPT 100/50 from FW 1.50 to 1.53 the Network Total Power is not accurate and even the Current solar coming in seems off. One MPPT is showing output of 259W with network output of 259w. Second MPPT is showing output of 146W with network of 154W and my BMV 712 shows watts coming in at 578W. All devices still show on the VE. Smart Network and linked.

brentdchapman asked

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MultiPlus Compact 24/1600/40-16 firmware update

Hello All,

I have a MultiPlus 24/1600 Product ID 2616 with firmware 154. I have it connected to VenusGX with vOS v2.42. I need to update the firmware to support ESS. I have no easy access to MK3 cable.

Is firmware update with vbdub possible? Documentation ( says minimum firmware 2xx is required. Is documentation current and correct?

I am familiar with Linux and not afraid of command line. I am afraid of bricking my MultiPlus though.

I also have USB RS232 or USB RS485 for other option to connect to MultiPlus.

I hope I am not stuck buying MK3 cable for single use.

taygsdb asked
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