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Quatro 3000 firmware failure

Hi, I have a quatro 12 3000 120 a firmware upgrade failed. Now all 8 leds turn on and i cannot connect to the unit. I have tried the android app with the firmware fail option without success. The app can not find the inverter. I am using a mk3 interface. If I depower the unit and wait, when I repower the unit , it takes about 8 seconds for all the leds to turn on.

I have tried with 12v and 240v connected to it.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance

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Multiplus compact 12/800/35 update and which train

I have an old multiplus 12/800/35 with firmware 1903142VFD
There are 2 release trains available, xxxx1xxx and xxxx2xxx.

Should I update and if so, release train 1: 1903159.vff or release train 2: 1903209.vff ?

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Cerbo GX stops reporting after Firmware update to 2.66

I installed a new Cerbo GX connected to a SmartSolar Mttp 75/15 and connected it to VRM. It was reporting nicely until I upgraded to 2.66. After the update, I received no data to VRM and was unable to connect via Remote Console. I reverted back to 2.51 and it started reporting again. This same thing happened on another Cerbo GX +SmartSolar MPPT I set up a few days prior.

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Smart Phoenix Inverter 1600/12 firmware issue


Inverter has alternating blinking red/green dioded at slow speed, and now power output. VE Direct sees no issues with product, nor any notification in VRM. Firmware update says updated to latest version v1.17.

Tried several times to reinstall firmware, but error 1391 is shown.

Any ideas? Thanks!




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IP65 smart charger does not update

3 units updated however the 4th unit says it has the latest firmware but it does not?

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IP67 charger firmware update failed

I attempted to update the firmware on my IP67 charger and the update failed. Now, the charger won't turn on. I have tried unplugging it from the mains and disconnecting the battery but it still won't power up. Is there any options before returning it?

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Cannot update Multiplus 5k firmware in VE.Bus BMS System

I've tried to update the firmware on a Multiplus 24/5000 using both VE Flash and Victron Connect via a Mk3 dongle and the crux of the issue seems to be that you can't update the firmware with the VE.Bus BMS connected. However if you disconnect the BMS, the Multi turns you can't update the firmware anyway.

I tried deleting the BMS assistant so that it can turn on with out the BMS, however it just flashed an error code and still turned off when the BMS was disconnected.

How do I do this properly?

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What to do with a MultiPlus II GX failure after bad firmware update

After (a failed?) firmware-update and restart one of our MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 GX just shows "Victron Enery" in the display and stopped working. Furthermore there is no LAN connectivity (can't ping, no web, no ssh). Reset (button) and completly power-off does not change anything. Is there any way to flash the firmware again (the device has no sd-card-slot, just one usb-port)? The device is in France and I'm on site for the next days. Any assistance / ideas would be appreciated :) Andreas

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Smartsolar update v1.56 killed network power total

I just upgraded both Smartsolar 100/50 controllers from v1.54 to 1.56 (mandatory). Controllers and BMV712 are connected via Bluetooth network.

Now the network total shows the power only of one unit on both devices. Example: device A displays 150 W as solar power and network total, device B shows 200 W as solar power and 150 W (from device A) as network total instead of 350W. It worked fine until I installed the update.

Already left the network and rejoined, restarted app, Firmware is on latest version.

Very frustrating.

Any idea what else need to done?

Thanks in advance


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VE. Flash cannot find device (Quattro 2748 Firmware v155)

I've got 2x Quattro 2748 running firmware 155 (the original) and I would really like to upgrade them so I can use assistants.

I have a Microsoft Surface and a MK3 adapter. I can connect to them using VE Connect and change/save existing settings with no problems.

However, when I try to use VE. Flash I go through the entire procedure and when it gets to 'Connecting' it fails saying cannot communicate with device. I've tried a couple of different cables, but no joy.

I can't use the new Victron Connect because my firmware is too old, so I am stuck. I did see one other thread with the same problem but the chap managed to fix it by forcing Victron Connect to update, but I have no such option. I don't have access to another PC to try.

Any ideas?

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Cerbo firmware 2.65 update won’t install

I tried to update my Cerbo firmware from 2.60 to 2.65 via the usual VRM procedure. However it seemed to get stuck on "updating ..." and nothing got updated.

Also something did happen as I have lost the previous OS version in the "Stored Backup Version" tab. Whereas before that gave me the option of reverting to 2.58 or sticking with 2.60, now it just says "backup firmware not available".

I download the enstien .swu file from Victron Professional and copied to an SD Card and tried that way and while the cerbo recognises there is a firmware file on the card it will not do anything with it.

Before I tried the 2.65 VRM style update on the Cerbo, I checked it on the RPi I have and that installed fine in the usual way and in the "Stored backup Version" tab I have 2.65 running and 2.57 as a backup, so that is all normal.

What do I need to do to get the Cerbo updated? it seems it will be stuck on 2.60 forever! and losing the ability to revert is a bit worrying as well.

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CCGX time set


Hi just updated to firmware version v2.65, now unable to set the correct time. Just will not save. Any one else having this problem after firmware upgrade. Rolled back to firmware v2.63 and still will not accept correct time settings, immediately jumps back to 1970-01-01. Stuck in 1970. Also error 153, see pic. Solution??


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Multiplus with microprocessor 26xxxxx

What year has Victron started using the new microprocessor(26/27) in Multiplus?

tommy-1 asked

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Dropbox size reduction?

Hi - is there a way for you to try and reduce the size of the dropbox sync. I'm sure, like many of us are hitting the 3GB limit now with the firmware and product files. I only use dropbox for Victron syncing, so don't necessarily want to have to pay for extra space.

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VictronConnect (macOS) firmware update failed on Multiplus II

Yesterday I tried updating the firmware on my Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 (then on firmware 459), using VictronConnect 5.11 on macOS Mojave (10.14.6).

This is what happened -

  • There is a Venus GX plugged into the Multiplus II, and I plugged another UTP (RJ45) cable into the Venux GX as it was easily accessible. I initially only wanted to change the charging efficiency setting on the Multiplus II.
  • I saw that there was a firmware update, and followed prompts in VictronConnect to update. I was still connected via the Venus GX - correctly / incorrectly, I don't know.
  • The update failed with Victron Connect saying it lost connection to the Multiplus - for a short while a combination of LEDs was flickering on the inverter, and then it reset itself (or something) and was working again.
  • I took a short time myself to recover from my own kernel panic.
  • I realized that veflash asked you to connect directly to the inverter, and not to have anything else connected. So, I disconnected the venus gx, connected directly to inverter via the mk3.
  • I tried the firmware update again - to v463 - and this time Victron Connect crashed on the mac. The inverter just had the "bulk" LED on.
  • I had another kernel panic myself. After a while I switched the inverter off, and on again - and it was fine.
  • I decided that this was enough fun with Victron Connect on mac, and updated via veflash to 2628465.vff - successfully.

I am not sure what the issue is with Victron Connect, but I did not try updating the firmware a third time...

Albert de Jongh asked
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Color Control GX no longer sees Multiplus w v2.62 firmware

On Feb 8th at 21:00 hrs my system lost connection with the Multiplus. No SOC and other info is available on the Color Control or on the NMEA 2000 network.

It appears that this was coincident with the release of v2.62 of the Color Control firmware. The system is now running on v2.63 and continues to not display the normal data.

I have a Multiplus 24/3000/70 connected via VE.Bus to NMEA and then NMEA to VE.Can to Color Control. The Color Control is set to automatically update software.

Anyone have ideas on how to resolve this?




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Upgrading Multiplus Firmware

I believe my RV's Victron setup has FIVE components:

  • MPPT (1)
  • MPPT (2)
  • SmartBMV monitor
  • Color Control GX
  • MultiPlus (the big unit, inverter).

Now, the Victron app on the phone shows these EXCEPT for the MultiPlus.

Question 1: Is this normal to not see that unit?

Question 2: I've been having some strange issues, my sorta-vendor (not the original installer) has suggested updating the firmware. (Of course they did.) I have already done so on the components that show up, but how do I check / upgrade the firmware on the Multiplus?

Would appreciate any insight you can offer. I will detail out my 'strange issues' in another post.

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Password for Firmware update Multiplus 48/3000 with VictronConnect 5.11 mac

I need to update the firmware of my multiples (2622408.VFD)

The Victron.Connect-App asks for a password what I don´t know.

How can I solve the problem ?

Andreas Abitz asked
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RS Smart Solar 48/6000 problem after firmware update

Hi all!

I'm new to the community, this is my actual configuration:

-2 strings of 6 x 250W Poly Total 3 KW

-48 V 320Ah C5 lead-acid traction battery

-RS Smart Solar 48/6000

After updating the firmware to the version 1.03 for connecting the > USB interface, the inverter sometimes go in fault condition, with the alarm codes 53 (Inverter internal DC level) and 29 (Overcharging protection). Moreover these alarms are not included in the alarm list site. If anyone knows if there is a list of specific alarms for this Inverter, please let me know, Thanks!

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which firmware should I update to

We have 3 24v 5000 120amp MultiPlus Victron units working with one master and two slaves

One unit is younger than the other two (it’s the one acting as the master)

We wanted to update to be able to use the VE connect windows application or the app on a I pad as at present the maretron state of charge does not work (it never has on any of the FPB boats).

So we were hoping to put VE connect or the BMV software on the helm computer.

So I downloaded the original configuration of the 3 units and saved it.

Then I updated each units firmware:

Codes on processors:

2614413 Master (went to the professional Victron site and downloaded unit multiplus 400 folder 2614481.vff) this seems to be working on this running as a single unit.

2614155 Slave downloaded under the 100 folder 2614159.vff

2614155 Slave as above

After installing this firmware I tried to reload the configuration file (the original one which makes the units talk with each other but the software complained that its could not see the slaves.

The slaves do not seem to be working.

? have I up loaded the wrong firmware? Which firmware should I upload?

peter-watson asked
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1 Answer

BMV-712 Smart not connecting after upgrade to 2.62

My system is setup to auto update. I've noticed that after recent update, my VenuxGX is no longer communicating with BMV-712 Smart.

VenusGX firmware is v2.62 (20210207162854)

BMV-712 Smart firmware is v4.03.

When I've reverted back to firmware to v2.60 (20200906142058) the devices can see each other without any problems, so it is definitely some bug in the latest firmware!

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Why is my Multiplus control board with 1908xxx firmware acting as inverter?

I recently bought a Multiplus control print of a Victron Multiplus 12/2000/80 and want to use it in the same Multiplus of which the control print is broken.

But when I connect it and want to set it with an MK3 with the VE config software, it shows that it is an inverter 'Phoenix Inverter 12/2000' while the firmware in the chip is version 1908159, see screenshot;


From the document 'VEBus firmware numbers' I read that firmware starting with 1908 is a 'MultiPlus Compact 12/2000 / 80-30' version. What do I have to set / configure to make the control board function as a Multiplus again?

Thank you

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1 Answer

Smart Lithium update failed


I tried to update Smart Lithium battery to fw 1.20, but update failed. After failure, battery has no firmware installed, and it's not working at all. How could I get it updated and working?

hhyvari asked
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3 Answers

Unable to do Firmware Update from 2.56 to 2.62 on a Cerbo GX. Any ideas WHY and WHAT TO DO?

I am very new to Victron equipment, so I’m on the steep (vertical) part of the learning curve. I am also technologically challenged. I tried to update the firmware on my Cerbo GX from v2.50 to v2.62. The Touch Screen gave me this option. After reading “installing update 2.62” and appearing to do nothing for about 15 minutes, the screen read “Error during update” or something like that. Now I can’t even get it to attempt an update. I am using a WIFI Ranger Sky Pro modem in my Class A motorhome and am very close to a friend’s in-house modem. Any suggestions as to why the update failed and what to do to get the update?

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Quattro Firmware issues

Good evening all,

I have had a very interesting experience trying to update a 5kVA Quattro.

The unit is running v430, hence the need to update. (quattro is standing idle and has very low load on it)

What happened:

- Downloaded and saved config using VEconfig using MK3 cable (verified it workes)

- Got the quattro ready for firmware update, unplugged venus and turned it off as indicated.

- Plugged MK3 cable into quattro and turned it on.

- The quattro did not turn on and the temperature LED was now on.

- I proceeded to try connect and got a failed message....

- I toggled the on/off switch, sometimes the temperature LED would go on, sometimes not... and VEflash was not happy.

-I then removed the MK3 connection and tried to turn the unit on... No response.

-Now getting worried (as you can understand)

- pluged in the venus, and bam the unit turns on.

I tried this multiple times and nothing seems to repeat (except the fact that it wont update)

At one stage a whole bunch of LED's started flashing, but nothing consistent which I could record.

I have yet to try and update using VictronConnect, but besides that, does anyone see what I am doing wrong?

regards Ewald

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Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct: 32k or 64k firmware image, which one do I need?


I have a Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 12V 375VA 230Vac that is suffering from a failed firmware upgrade (at least I believe this is what the blinking LEDs are trying to tell me).

Looking at for firmware flash images, it seems that there is a 32k version and a 64k version for my device (12V 375VA 230Vac). The 32k version would be the one with A211 in the name, the 64k version would be the one with A241 in the filename.

I could not find A211 or A241 anywhere on the inverter. Does anybody have any hints that helps in picking the right firmware image?

Thanks in advance :)

hubertb asked
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1 Answer

Cerbo not booting - flashing orange light after failed firmware update

Good Morning,

This morning I started to install the Cerbo in my system. Booting the device with minimal connections went great, and we began to connect the Quattro, Solar via USB, and BMV via VE direct.

A firmware update was detected, and we chose to update to 2.60 - at some point after telling it to perform this update, the Cerbo will no longer boot. (I assume its not booting). We were using the wifi, and check for updates, under the system menu. When it found the 2.60 update, we told it to download and install. It didn't automatically install, but showed in the list of "alternative backup firmwares" to boot from. We chose to boot 2.60 instead of 2.57 and on the next restart, the Touch 50 GX remains blank, and the red / orange Wifi light will begin flashing after a few seconds, but nothing else appears to happen.

1.) Is there a hardware or backdoor way to force the Cerbo to reboot back to the 2.57 firmware?

2.) Is there a way to connect to the Cerbo via a computer and manually push a new firmware to it?

Unfortunately going back to the dealer is a VERY lengthy issue at this point. We're in the Caribbean, and floating in French Martinique at the moment. Anything we do would require weeks and weeks of shipping each way, so hopefully there's a technical way to solve this, as I believe it's just a bad firmware boot, and going back to the old one would be fine?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bryan asked
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Updating Multiplus firmware with VE.BMS BMS on Lithium bank


I'm trying to update the firmware on my Multiplus, but it says to disconnect the BMS. If I do that it will shut down the multiplus, so bit of a catch 22.

Do I need to remove the Lithium/Assist settings, disconnect the BMS and then do the update and put the Lithium/Assist setting back once the update completes?



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Unable to use VictronConnect with older Multiplus?


I have recently replaced my old Phoenix Multiplus (non-VE bus) to a newer model (24/3000/70), firmware number 1912143.HEX

When I connected via MK3USB, I got a message saying I needed to update the firmware.

I have updated the firmware to xxxx209, but when using the Victron Connect App (PC), I get a message saying it is only compatible with versions xxxx415 or higher.

Am I correct in thinking that none of the older processor units (old micro 19/20) are compatible with the newer Victron Connect App?, or is the issue with the MK3USB, and will work with the Smart Dongle?

I am able to use all features with VEconfig, just not able to change settings with the Victron Connect App (even after entering password).

Thanks in Advance

dombee asked
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Need firmware 1.53 to revert back as 1.54 is giving problems

The system worked fine for 2 months and then started this erratic disconnecting and reconnecting, checked all fuses and crimping. Have 2 other exact systems running and working fine. The only difference between the systems to this one giving problems is that this one is using v1.54 on the controller. I need to put 1.53 back

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