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Firmware Update Issue

Updating firmware MPPT 150/100 VE.Can using VE.Direct + PC software


MPPT 150/100-Tr VE.Can connected to PC using VE.Direct port & Victron serial adapter cable.


When connecting to Equipment via the VE.Direct port with Victron serial cable + PC with VictronConnect software, we are prompted to update the firmware on the device, which then fails (see attached error message: "Update failed! Result: X88 - Communication Error. Vreg Ack timeout. Please check the connection and try again". See photo for error screen.



Any idea how to fix this so we can update firmware via PC and configure settings?


  • We are able to connect with the Android App and perform the update via Bluetooth. Subsequently the connection using the VE.Direct port + PC works fine.
  • We're using the latest version of both the PC VictronConnect software as well as the Android app

If you have any ideas on how to fix this it would be appreciated, as we're expecting to be programming many of these devices and doing so via bluetooth is very time consuming.

Thanks kindly,


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Cerbo CX stuck at 60% when trying to connect via bluetooth

Hi everybody !

After upgrading from 2.58 to 2.60 the Cerbo GX firmware, I have an issue trying to connect with Bluetooth. It connects up to 60% and remains stuck at it. The other Victron hardware (mppt, battery protect, etc) have no issues.

I have also been searching for the "eject" MicroSD card, and not found it.

I also did not find the setting in order to perform an equalization from the Cerbo GX on the mppt SmartSolar 150/100.

Being 100% off-grid, is there an option to disable the "red" square providing the information for the Grid / Generator input ?

Thanks for your comments and help.


MichelG asked
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Firmwares Not Updating... Timing out.

I have a BMV702 and a solar controller 100/30.both with Bluetooth dongles. The batteries on this system died and have been dead for about six months. I installed a new fully charged battery today, removing the dead batteries. Now Both dongles are flashing both lights rapidly. I tried to update firmware using latest Victron Connect app and it timed out during upgrade. On both dongles. I Used my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. I even tried loading the Victron Connect app on my MacBook and I got the same error. Timed out. How can I upgrade my firmware? Is this a common problem? Spent $100 on these two dongles now both won't work at all because Victron connect app is making. E update firmware which fails over and over. Thanks.

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smart solar 75/15 not remembering the software/firmware update to V1.50 and switching off load output

I have mutiple Victron Energy MPPT 75/15 Solar controllers in Solar Battery systems that I operate in Australia. I have a serious issue with many of them that I need help with.

Many of the systems are just switching off the load output. When we go to the system and open the application to access the solar controller it them prompts for a software update v2.23 to v2.25 once this update is done it then prompts for the update v1.46 to v1.50. The power / load output immediately works as it should do.

The issue I have is that the update is not storing in the solar controller and this issue is repeatedly happening in the same solar controllers.

  • They are not remembering the software/firmware update to V1.50
  • They switch off the load output while in the field for no reason.

Paul K asked

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Control Console / Firmware Update /Error 1392 on Raspberry pi3+

Good day to you all..

I wondered if there are any experts out there who is able to help me with the issues I am currently experiencing as i'm no expert in these matters.

Background info: I'm running VOS v2.57 on a RPi3+ connected to a mppt 100/50. RPi is connected on a lan network. No issues since installation the first time round (about 3 months ago).

Here are the issues:

1) VRM stopped (on the 12/08/20) logging data at the predefined interval and instead only logged the information on an hourly basis.

2) I checked the VRM and saw that the summary stated it was "Old Data! go to Device List" which was not there before??


3) I clicked on the Device list and there was a 'Update Firmware" notification which was not there before (at the bottom of photo).


The following error came up:


It states Error 1392 however, 2-way communication is enabled as seen below:


4) With the above failing, I tried to logged onto the Control Console in the VRM to update the firmware and the following came up: (Failed to connect to GX Device). So as you can imagine, there was a lot of head scratching by myself at this point in time.


5) On failing so far, I re-installed VOS v2.57 and then see if I was able to acquire VRM using the IP address but, this was not possible.

Tried the following:

1) Wait a day to see if the error would go away - just in case it was a one-off.

2) Rebooting RPi - nothing happened.

3) Re-installing VOS - nothing happened.

4) Rebooted modem (even though I know it was working perfectly all the time) - nothing happened.

5??) I was thinking about deleting my devices from VRM and start all over again but, I didn't want to lose all the captured data.

So, if there are any experts out there your help is much appreciated...

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Venus GX Firmware Update Failed

Updating my Venus GX firmware by USB stick fails. I have no Ethernet and connect to the Venus over WiFi on an Android phone. The phone gives me the option “press to update”, after which the phone says “updating” for 12 seconds, then it reverts to “press to update”. After this, pressing the “update” button causes the screen to change to “updating” for just ~2 seconds before reverting to “press to update”.

I saw elsewhere that someone had the same issue with a Cerbo GX and had the wrong swu fill – could this be the same issue and can anyone advise whether I have the correct swu file?

My current version 2.18. New version 2.57. File name “venus-swu-beaglebone.swu”.

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Cerbo GX Firmware update

I am currently running firmware 2.50 on a new Cerbo Gx. I have tried to update firmware by usb stick , and micro Sd card. The system briefly shows a message to say firmware present on stick or SDcard but then will not proceed to install.

Firmware filename I think is venus-swu-beaglebone.swu

can anyone assist?

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Multiplus temperature sense error after firmware update

Just updated my MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16 from firmware 459 to 476.

According to the information I got from VEFlash, the update succeeds successfully.

But now absorption and float are flashing.

And get this notification on my Venus.


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Firmware matching for Parallel and three phase VE.Bus systems

"All units in one system must be the same type and firmware version, this includes same size, system voltage, and feature set. The type is indicated by the first four digits of the firmware version number."

Regarding this statement, how often do the first four digits change ?

Assuming the first four digits are related to manufacturing date.. Depending on supply and demand for that product it could be 6 months or 12 months before a different "hard" firmware of the one product is distributed.

I only ask because I am designing a system for a customer who would like to start small and upgrade later. But if he can't parallel the same product because the first four digits don't match then we're in trouble. But if he upgrades with in 6 months it should be okay?

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Lithium smart battery upgrade to v1.19 - unable to click button

Hi from France.

When connecting to the battery, Victron Connect displays a long message (3 parts) saying an upgrade from v1.17 to v1.19 is needed. There is no action button to cancel or upgrade displayed on the smartphone. The message seems to continue at the bottom of the screen but there is no possibility to scroll down.

So I wait during 30 minutes (close to the battery) but nothing happens, no message, no end.

What am I suppose to do ? Waiting a bit more !

Please advise.

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bmv-712 smart no longer functions after software update.

so I've had my monitor for about a year and today I went into settings to change them as it was reading battery size wrong for the last few days (from 2000ah down to 1000ah) and it said to view or change settings I had to update. so I updated and mid update it gave me a failure message and no longer functions I've tried power cycling and stuff but nothing works. it's stuck in a weird state where the Bluetooth is in use but when I try to connect to it with a cable i get the message that the device is in use. I'm hoping I've overlooked some kind of hard reset button or setting as i can not do anything with it.

the physical unit is locked up as well. can not use any of the buttons. i can only guess its stuck mid update.



I've done the suggested steps tried a hard connection to a laptop and attempted to connect to the device with a second and 3rd phone. I've had this setup running for about a year now without any issues but the last week things started acting up. (battery voltage dropped from 13.5-13.8 down to 7v-8v very suddenly. and I wanted to see what was being detected via the bmv since the solar is saying its fully charging each day and its got no load on it.

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Mppt 75/15 firmware update disturbs function

Mppt 75/15 after firmware update July 2020 the PV voltage is blocked at 16,3V and therefore the controller is not starting properly as the 5V threshold is not met. Can I go back to the former firmware? Can I reset the hardware? On full sunny day yesterday the charging was max 30% as normal

Steschu1 asked
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3 way switch does not allow to switch off after firmware upgrade

After upgrading the firmware in my Multiplus Compact 12-1600-70 to firmware version 2606474, the external 3 way switch no longer allows me to turn off the multi. I can still control "charge" vs. "inverter" state, but in the "off" position of the external switch, the multi goes to "inverter" state.

What is wrong?

Original firmware of the multi is 2606154.

Posse asked
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I am using 2 Victron lithium batteries, one with and one without Bluetooth, should I update the firmware?


I am running a 12V system of one smart lithium battery and one one older lithium battery without BT.

The update instructions are saying, that one should update both batteries. This is not possible.

Question: should I just update the smart battery and everything is fine? Or shouldn’t I update it ever again?

thanks in advance for your help!



Rumpeltours asked
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Recovering after a failed multiplus firmware update

The configure app crashed midway through a firmware update, now the multiplus is stuck in a bad state.

What is the process to recover the device?

nickdb asked
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Cerbo GX Firmware 2.57 issue?


Since firmware 2.57, not all MPPT charge controllers connected via USB can be found. I have connected 4 MPPT charge controllers. 2 x USB, directly on the Cerbo GX. 2 x via USB hub. Firmware 2.57 detects 1-2 charge controllers. When downgrading to 2.54, all charge controllers are found. 2 additional charge controllers are connected via VE.Direct and are always found.



user0815 asked
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Firmware update for SmartLithium Battery (v1.17 -> 1.19) fails.

Since a few days I have an issue with my SmartLithium Battery (12V 90Ah).

When trying to connect the phone to the battery, VictronConnect tries to

update the firmware of the battery from v1.17 to v1.19. However the update

never finish. I get the attached screen on my phone. I left the phone beside

the battery overnight but nothing changed. I tried to found help for this

problem on victrons support pages but could not find the required help.

Does anybody know whats going wrong in my case. And what can I do to solve

my problem?




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Multiplus Firmware Update 26241xx

Can I update Multiplus Firmware 2624159 to 26244xx?

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Quattro 48/5000 Overload Issue - firmware 431


I have a Quattro 48/5000 running firmware 431. Off-grid, Venus GX , 3 X Smart Solar Lead Acid Batteries.

On three occasions the unit has shutdown with an overload error - in each case I am sure that there was no overload. The incidents have been about 2 weeks apart.

The second time that this happened, BOTH the temperature AND overload LED were lit.

The most recent incident (today) just the overload LED was on. This time I spent more time trying to diagnose the issue. I tried to reset the inverter using the remote console - using the "Switch" option (ie on the remote console turning the switch to off then back on) - doing this caused the overload LED to go out while the virtual switch was off - but the fault remained when it was turned back to the on position. Physically turning the switch on the inverter to OFF, then back to ON did clear the fault and the inverter restarted.

The inverter is about 4 years old. It may be just a coincidence, but the issue has only started since I installed the Venus GX and updated the inverter firmware to 431 about a month ago.

I am really concerned about this as we are often away from home for weeks at a time, and while I do get notified of errors, if I can't restart the inverter remotely, we could be in real trouble with freezers etc.

Any ideas what might be causing this issue?

Is there anything I can do to help diagnose the fault?

Is there any other way to remotely reset the error?

Hobohome asked
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CCGX firmware backup question


I've just a quick question:

I'm currently running a patched version of the 2.52 firmware on the CCGX, that I mustn't lose. If a new firmware is installed for whatever reason, will the CCGX save the existing patched version as a backup automatically? .. And, is there anyway of downloading and storing this patched version?



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Firmware update disconnects me when grid goes down


I updated from VeBus Fw 408, I have noticed if the grid goes down this takes my inverter out with it I presume this is due to g98/g99 regulations. But however this is a pain for me as I suffer frequent outages and they can be anything from a few seconds up to an house. I am able to disconnect from the grid manually and before I updated I could do this and the inverter still work.

But now I am unable to do so is there a workaround for this? or do I just have to put up with this.

Dale Marriott asked
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Avoiding/bypassing forced firmware updates

Has anybody found a work-around to Victron products requiring firmware updates, and preventing use of the product until they are conducted?

I have an MPPT 75/15 solar charge controller, with the bluetooth dongle. This is the only means of charging the battery on my boat, and it is my best source of monitoring the health of my battery.

I really need a way to make these updates optional, so that I can defer conducting the update when my signal is weak. Has anybody found a way to bypass a forced update so that you can use the products?

Has anybody asked Victron why they do not give the option to defer these updates? Do they not understand that being blocking use of their products puts their users in danger? I use this product to manage my boat's electrical resources. The update process is dangerous. It requires a much better signal than the process of simply checking to see if there is an update. From what I can tell, shutting off my phone's connectivity isn't good enough, b/c the app remembers that there was an update. I would need to proactively shut off my data access before I knew whether or not there was an update, every time I connected to the device.

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What to do after failed firmware upgrade

I was forced to do a firmware update of my VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle at a time when my cell phone connection was not at full strength. The update failed, and now I cannot connect to the dongle (and thus, my charge controller either).

The dongle shows one blue light. Holding the "Clear PIN" button down for 5 seconds (or any length of time) does nothing.

Is there any chance of recovering this device, or do I have to throw it away and buy a new one?

avramd asked
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Victron Connect wants to install Firmware 1.50 to MPPT100/30 twice: 1st to MPPT100/30, then to BlueSolar

Hi, I'm new to this forum and Victron devices.

I have a relatively new (3mo.) MPPT 100/30. Just went to check status with Victron Connect on my Mac running Mojave and the MPPT 100/30 required a firmware update.

Victron Connect showed correct 100/30 device and firmware version info so I proceed with the update. It appeared to install the FW correctly but when I reconnected after update the Victron Connect software put me back in the update sequence, but this time it showed an icon and firmware versions for the BlueSolar device - not the MPPT that I have.

I was reluctant to proceed but the Victron Connect SW would not let me connect w/o the 2nd update to the erroneous hardware. So, after scouring the internet for advice, with fingers crossed I went ahead and applied the second firmware update.

After that Victron Connect allowed me access to my MPPT 100/30 and seems to be functioning correctly, showing data, etc. Has anyone experienced this?

Why would the MPPT 100/30 ask to update firmware twice: 1st to it's correct HW/FW version then to a version for a different device (Blue Solar…)?


TacoSolar asked
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MPPT is not charging

After updating the mppt firmware my battery charging isn’t the same.
i have 2 x 370w solar panels with 2x mppt 100/30 smart chargers.
With any form of daylight I am getting a charge and remains that way till dark but as of the update it seems as though something isn’t right.
i have daylight but no charge going in to the batteries. I have a -4.5amp draw and my batteries have dropped to 12.75 volts. Normally they are charging all day with no negative draw till dark.
Am I missing something here?




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MPPT 75/15 load output inrush current issue after 1.50 firmware update

Hi, after updating to the latest firmware today (I believe it is 1.5 / 5.24) on my MPPT 75/15, the load output is turning off when I switch on some of my DC devices.

I suspect it is switching off due to DC inrush current as the load output comes back on after a couple of seconds.

It has been working fine up until the latest f/w was applied, so I suspect there has been a change / bug introduced.

One device that is causing the load to drop is a LED security light - not ideal as the load will disconnect every time it is triggered.

Is there anyway of reverting to the previous firmware version until this is fixed?


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Smartsolar 75/15 problem since update to v5.24

My system is pretty basic ... and so is my knowledge!

I have a 335w panel connected to a 100/30 Smartsolar MPPT.

I also have a 200w panel connected to a Smartsolar 75/15.

The 2 MPPTs are connected in parallel charging a 135ah lead acid battery.

This set up has worked flawlessly for about 9 months.

18 May I updated to the latest Victron Connect software and updated the MPPT and charger software too. All good and loving the updates.

23 May there was a further Victron Connect update: v5.24

24 May I noticed the the 75/15 Bluetooth connection had disappeared and I noticed the switch between the MPPTs and positive busbar had tripped. When reset the 100/30 MPPT started bulk charging normally. The 75/15 leds showed 'float'. The panel cabling all looks 'normal'.

I'm beginning to suspect that the update of 23 May is the cause of the problem as everything was fine until that point.

Any thoughts on how I can reconnect to the 75/15 MPPT and bring it back into service?

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Latest firmware: BlueSolar with bluetooth dongle not using SmartSense Voltage after night

Hello Victron Team

With the latest firmware I seem to have a problem on a solar charger setup with a mix of SmartSolar and BlueSolar MPPT controllers.

SmartSense (blue version), SW version v1.05
3x MPPT100/20 SmartSolar SW version v1.50 (external battery voltage and temperature sense from SmartSense, synchronized charging )
2x MPPT 100/30 v1.50 BlueSolar, SW version v1.50, with external bluetooth dongles (external battery voltage and temperature sense from SmartSense, no indication of synchronized charging)

Problem since firmware update:
every morning after waking up, the 2 BlueSolar MPPT100/30 show (via App) wrong battery voltage (too high, likely measure in the MPPT, not the voltage from the SmartSense). The Anroid App does show networking is on. Only after fiddling with it, like going into settings / VE.Smart networking, then suddenly it shows the voltage from the SmartSense. A change of settings is not needed to do this, only looking at the VE.Smart networking settings seems to make it work.

I found above problem because the two BlueSolar controllers go into absorption much too early since the firmware update a couple days ago. They have the same battery settings as the SmartSolar controllers. I think this is due to the voltage drop in my wiring and the BlueSolar controllers not using the voltage from the SmartSense after a night.



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MPPT 150/60 erratic behavior after 1.54 firmware update. How to troubleshoot or roll firmware back?




I updated the connect app and my controller to 5.24 along with the 1.50 update yesterday and every since then it has quit charging and the voltage is wrong. I installed the 5.25 on my Android today to see it that might resolve the issues and while the app reads 5.25 it does not offer to update the controller when I connect.


- Battery voltage showing incredibly low on the smart display and in the connect app. Fluctuates between 6v and 9v then jumps erratically to 14v. When battery terminals of controller are metered I read the same odd readings. When I disconnect the batteries from the controller, the controller battery terminals still read odd voltages, but the batteries are charged and meter at 13.4v. This almost indicated to me an internal malfunction in the controller.

-Pv reads normal 70+ volts from the panels but wattage is 1 or 2 watts. 0 amps current output. It's overcast where I'm at but over the last few days it had not been an issue and nothing has changed as far as configuration or physical location.

- The controller no longer realizes when the batteries are disconnected from it.

Is it possible to reload or roll back to earlier firmware to see if the problems are related to corruption or are additional troubleshooting steps to try since I am dry camped for the week.



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