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Multiplus Compact 24/2000/50-30 / Firmware for new & older


I´m setting upp 2 pcs of Multiplus Compact 24/2000/50-30 for parallel operation. They don´t have identical firmware.
Victron Connect does not support the older one so I have to use VEFlash. Using an MK3.
Firmware older 2618152.
Firmware new 2618430.
Assuming I can update to identical version of firmware for both?
Which firmware is feasable?

Got a little confused when checking on firmware versions.

Thanks in advance.

/ Hans

hans-lenman asked
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Connection error while updating firmware Multiplus compact???

Who can help, because similar topics seemed to be unanswered.

I‘ve tried to upgrade the 2606413 firmware of my Multiplus 12/70/1600 to firmware 2606482 for ESS and to connect the Bluetooth dongle.

Followed the steps precisely but at connect part 2 I get “Error connecting. Please try again!”

The Multiplus was disconnected from the color control. Then the dipswitch settings were re-programmed (DS1 was on, now off and DS2 was off and now on) followed by switching DS8 from of to on and off again to store.
Power was removed as mentioned in step 1.
MK3 to USB was connected via COM4 and working.

I found that when I switched the Multiplus of (step 1) and on again while connected to the MK3 the unit doesn’t turn on and there is no connection at all.
LED’s remain off as well.

When I switch the multiplus off with the MK3 cable disconnected and then switch it on, it starts in inverting mode with the green light on.
However, then I get the connection error.

I tried both ports on the Multiplus; doesn’t matter.

Hope anyone can help!


lsi asked
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Skylla IP44/65 Charger Storage Mode Firmware Bug

I have been observing a firmware bug in the Skylla IP44/65 chargers. This only started occurring with either the latest (1.10) or very recent firmware. Upon power-up, the charger often jumps directly into Storage mode, or cycles briefly through Bulk and into Storage. The result obviously being that the battery bank never gets charged. This is being observed on a regular basis.

As an attempted work around,I have configured setting 30 "Watch Function (start-up in storage if battery voltage > 13V)" to OFF. Though the battery voltage was not close to 13V until the charger was powered up. Initial testing shows this to have worked around the issue; we will be able to confirm over the next week as the charger goes through multiple power cycles.

We are running a pair of synchonised chargers. One is a 60A IP44 and the other a 70A IP65.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)








Allan Yates asked

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SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 V1.58 fails

Updating to Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150-100 rev2 SMART v1.58_A059.dup causes MPPT to oscillate between 0 and max power (currently 800watts) over several seconds. Can you email me v1.56 please. This installation has worked perfectly for some years, but this firmware update instantly broke it.

dennisd63 asked
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smart mppt 100/20 goes up and down like a Yoyo and crashes output to zero



My setup:

1 solar panel Wattstunde WS200SB (200W, Umpp 19.8V, Impp 10.1A).

Attached to a smart solar MPPT 100/20 with the latest firmware 1.56. Victron Connect thinks it is a 48V version as well as my Raspberry Pi. The label on the device tells otherwise (ie no 48V written on it)

Four 75 Ah LiFePO4 in series with BMS. (Home made pack)

(Sidenote: is there a physical difference between the two MPPT models? Or are they the same?)


Main problem is that the mppt crashes its output to zero and starts up again. see the attached pictures. I have no clue why. I checked the BMS. No problems with it. It does not trip any error coditions.

I want this to be resolved. MPPT crashing all the time to zero output is not good.

What is going on? Is this the same bug that ought to be resolved in this firmware revision?

Is my MPTT broken and need to be replaced?

Or is it a problem that there is 1 solar panel attached with an output of only 5V above the battery? Do you have the same problem with 1 panel?

Any help is appreciated.

Victron experts can have a look at the VRM data Portal ID: b827eb30b15f



nick-a asked
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Firmware update 2609486 for MultiPlus 12/3000/230-16

Is it just happening for me, or is there a bug in the latest firmware for MultiPlus?
I just updated it, I think it’s only the name because I can see the inverter still says 230V.

But according to VRM and GX Devices, it’s now a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16.



sebastian-w asked
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looking for firmware for Multiplus II 3000 2X120

I am looking for the firmware for the new Multiplus II 2X120 volt. I can't find it on Victron Professional. It doesn't seem to be listed in the VE.Bus firmware numbers.txt file. What is the family number?

scott-1 asked
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Firmware changelog for smart batteries needs updates.

Via Victron Connect I could update my smart batteries to firmware 1.24. The changelog, on Victron professional site, is though only documenting up to 1.20.

Could we get the changelog updated as well?

And while at it, as I see other firmware suffer same, perhaps some governing in the CI/CD loops so that a new release require updated changelog?



saxofon asked
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Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 FW 1.58 Output Dropping to ZERO

Hey all,

Normally all my VE products work great however I'm having a right nightmare with a 150/45 since updating to FW V1.58.

Instance 258 is a 2.65kWp SSE Array and 288 is a 2.0kWp West Array.

I get constant dropping of the output from the 150/45.

The entire system has been running for well over a year and never had issues. The only thing that has changed in the last week is a FW upgrade to V1.58 via VC.

I have attached the graphs below.

I cannot find any FW files to go back to either 1.54 or 1.56 anywhere online.

Could a member of support reach out to me with a file so I can carry on troubleshooting.

VRM Info here:


rizouk asked
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MulitPlus 2 VRM remote Firmware update Vxxxx485 - Error: mk2vsc-46 config upload error

Using VRM remote to update the latest firmware Vxxxx485 (from Vxxx482) was completed successfully and reset to defaults, but received "Error: mk2vsc-46" after trying to upload the latest config file that was saved just prior to the update.

For me, this was not a problem as I needed than needed to connect directly to the MultiPlus 2 on site (not remote) and reconfigure the inverter to the previous update state.

I then downloaded the config file and successfully uploaded the same file. So for some reason, the Vxxxx485 firmware did not recognise the old file. I had also checked the download and upload process prior to the firmware update.

Hope this helps to solve the Error - mk2vsc-46 problem.

raymiller asked
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Smartsolar 100/30 showing low amperage but correct voltage in bulk charge mode

My Smartsolar 100/30 controller shows low wattage coming from my panel array but shows the correct voltage. Measured amperage from the panels on a recent cloudy day was around 4-5 amps but the app reports 8 or 9 watts and 0.5 amps in bulk charge mode. It takes forever to charge the 200Ah battery. When originally installed everything was working correctly showing appropriate amperage. At some point there was a firmware update for the charger and things seemed to go downhill after that although it could be a coincidence. Any suggestions? I have checked/replaced connections to no avail.

dave-t asked
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need help with a 250/100

the green float light comes on before im in float?,, and my history thing is still messed up, aka starting a new day in the middle of a day

kevin-b asked
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[SOLVED] SmartSolar Charger 150/35 - still experiencing zero output issues after firmware 1.53 and 1.54 updates


After updating the firmware on my 3 SmartSolar 150/35 devices from 1.51 I have been experiencing issues where the PV power drops close to zero. In some instances the situation rectifies itself other times I need to disable/enable via the VictronConnect app. I saw there was an issue with the 1.53 firmware and hoped the 1.54 firmware would rectify the situation but unfortunately the issue still persists. Today device 260 was off for 2 hours before I disabled/enabled it via the app.


  1. Quattro 48/8000/100-2x100 - firmware 469
  2. 4 x Pylontech US3000
  3. 3 x SmartSolar 150/35 - firmware 1.54
  4. 2 sets of 6 x JA Solar JAP72S01-330/SC
  5. 1 set of 6 x JA Solar JAM72S01-380/PR
  6. Venus GX - firmware 260



Is Victron aware that some devices still have this "drop out "issue even with the 1.54 firmware?


jkkm asked
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Firmware update failed at 52%..

Hi there,

I have a Bluesolar MPPT 150/35.

Today I have been noticed to update it to new versión v1.56. I have started it, but the phone has conected to a WiFi Network in the middle and the update has failed at 52%.

All seems to work ok. And the device shows versión v1.56. So it doesn't allow to update again... I have try using Ve Direct connect and with VRM connection. But no other result.

Any idea about it? Is it bad idea to leave it as is? Any choice to force a new update?

Thanks a lot in advance


hereo-l asked
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Error in Cerbo GX fw. 2.71 - No Data in MPPT Daily History under Yesterday.

Problem solved in version 2.72

Cerbo running fw. 2.71
BMV-712, fw. 4.05
2 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/100 rev2, fw. 3.05
Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 fw. 482
OPzS Solar 1520 Lead Acid (Lithium is not an option in a wood-fired home that gets below -20 deg. C when left for some days in winter!).
DVCC = Yes, VRM two-way com. = Yes.

After updating Cerbo to version 2.71 the MPPT device history only shows data in the field 'Today'. The field 'Yesterday' is there, but without any data! This have been the situation for three days now. Rebooting equipment didn't help.

Downgrading to fw. 2.66 immediately resulted in data in the field 'Yesterday'












uenpia asked
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MPPT 250/60-Tr Forced Firmware Update

Hi All, why is it that when there is a new firmware version avaiable for the MPPT 250/60-Tr, the Victron app shows a message saying "Settings Disabled" with an Update button. A few times over the years now I've gone onto my MPPTs to quickly check some settings, but I'm forced do an update first which takes time. Why is it so important for it to have to do an update right there and then!! Is there a way to bypass the forced update and do it later?

petekat03 asked
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2 Answers

MPPT Firmware version 1.56 issue


Downloaded firmware version 1.56, now I have all sorts of issues with my charge controller. The voltage from the panel is correct, but the watts is reading 0, also it is not charging me battery, and the voltage of the battery is incorrect. Anyone else have this issue?

dcsilvias13 asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

1 Answer

Unsupported Firmware Version - Multiplus 12/2000/120

Hi folks! I'm seeing this message when trying to access my Multiplus settings. I've even tried to change the Multiplus firmware to 2708482 and 2708433 using VEFlash but nothing seems to help. My Multiplus isn't working as inverter or charger. While I can access it using VEConfig it doesn't turn any lights on. Any ideas of what's happening?



georgeleonardo asked
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Firmware update 2610 Multi (Latest) - Findings

Hi Guys,

My setup :

Multi 24/3000/70 old spec Inverter

150/70 MPPT

24v Led Acid batteries .

Configured to send excess power to the grid if batteries and loads are catered for.

On Saturday i performed an upgrade 2610 via the victron GUI. I followed the steps as defined and heres what happened :

After the upgrade i was given a default configure file which i had to convert to .vff .

I had to redo all my settings as they were however they dont function like that anymore. I ended up my batteries only getting to 74% SOC and the solar is almost on an on demand status. I see myself using power from the grid as primary. Im using a "Self-consumption Hub-1" .

Im now performing an equalization to see if the things normalize .

Has anyone else had any anomalies with this update ?

denzel asked
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Recent VictronConnect update caused communication issues with MultiPlus

My Multiplus 12/2000/120 is having issues connecting to the VictronConnect app via the smart Dongle. I noticed it first yesterday, 6 days after the app updated. The system is in my camper and I only checked into it because the AC stayed running after I unplugged the shore power obviously running on inverter. Usually I leave it on charger only when plugged in to prevent over discharge should we lose power and I have the AC running. I opened the app to check the switch state and was prompted to upgrade. After upgrade it will connect but drops the connection within about 10 seconds. If I go out of the app it will connect again but then lose connection. It appears to be a connection issue between the Multiplus and the smart dongle as the app stays connected to the dongle and will read battery voltage and temp. The app is vs. 5.42 and the smart dongle is 1.10.

I also tried VictronConnect with my laptop using the mk3 connection and usb. Same result this will connect and disconnect constantly about every 10 seconds.

VE Config is working correctly which leads me to think this is upgrade related. I used it on a trip about 2 weeks ago prior to the upgrade with no issues. All other features seem to work.


rstarr asked
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2 Answers

MPPT 100|20 48V firmware update incomplete no longer pairing with bluetooth

Tried to update the firmware for unit to version V1.56 through bluetooth. The update got to 95% then stopped, now we are no longer able to pair through bluetooth and as a result MPPT is not working.

anno asked
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2 Answers

Cant connect to multiplus after firmware upgrade

I have 2 multiplis 24-3000-70 120. This is a new install. I had them configured as split phase and they seemed ok. Next ime I logged in it wanted to upgrade to 482 I was at 481. After the upgrade I need to reconfigure as the upgrade wiped the configuration. When I connect they show up and say the are not configured but when I go through the configuration it gets to Searching and never finds anything before it would quickly say 2 devices found and let me continue. Lights on both units show bulk flashing, absorption and float on and inverter on flashing

eregister asked

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Smart Solar MPPT 100/20 Not Charging after Firmware update to version 1.56

I have been using the MPPT charge controller since July 2020 with no issues and it, in combination with my solar panel have kept my battery bank charged fully with no issues. Then I did a firmware update via the bluetooth to version 1.56 and it has never worked since. I took the controller back to the store on June 12 where I purchased it and they replaced it.

I installed the new one and I connected it to the batteries and PV and when I connected via bluetooth it performed a couple of mandatory updates one of which was to the version 1.56 firmware. This MPPT controller is behaving the same way and will not charge my batteries.

I performed a full test on the connections and inverter and everything is working flawlessly except for the charge controller.

Has anybody else had issues with this firmware, I have screen shots and the log file from the controller and will share if required.

canoman1957 asked
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Firmware 1.56 issue - load output stopped working


I have a smartsolar mppt 100/20. After I updated to 1.56 the load output stopped working. Tried always on, but no response.

Is there a way to downgrade the firmware?

Best regards Johannes

Johannes Hodne asked
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Quattro 24/8000 current limt.

I have a Quattro 24/8000KVA and the current limt cant go under 10 Amps like the 5000KVA cant go down to 4 Amps. in scandinavia we often have problems with not being able to get more than 6 - 8 A out of the shore power. how can i come down under 10 A limit current ind the Inverter? anyone know if it is possible to get a special firmware from Victron ?

Kasper asked
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1 Answer

BUG REPORT: CCGX Firmware V2.71

There is a bug in the CCGX firmware V2.71.

After updating to V2.71, my CCGX stopped recognising my MicroSD card as external storage under VictronConnect/Settings/VRM Online Portal/MicroSD/Usb - it showed "No storage found".

I tried two seperate MicroSD cards (both previously worked) - both not recognised by CCGX. Tried reformatting both MicroSD cards (16GB and 32GB Fat32) - not recognised by CCGX. Inserted a 16GB Fat 32 USB stick in the CCGX USB port - it WAS recognised by VictronConnect/Settings/VRM Online Portal/MicroSD/Usb as external storage.

I rolled back to the CCGX firmware V2.66 and both my MicroSD cards now work with VictronConnect/Settings/VRM Online Portal/MicroSD/Usb.

Can Victron please fix the bug in firmware V2.71 please.

kevinvh asked
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1 Answer

Remote Update Multiplus II GX possible?


I need to update a remote ESS using a Multiplus II GX (with the Venus device integrated into the Multiplus). According to the manual the GX stays on even if the Multiplus gets switched off by software. Does this mean I could do this update remotly (through VRM) or will it fail as the powersupply of the GX gets switched off at one point? Has anyone ever tried?

The manual states "update only through MK3-USB", just making sure as I need to run this update...



jfleissner asked
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ccgx firmware v2.66

For months now I have started my generator and watch my (CCGX) color controller as the Quattro charges my batteries. Bulk - Absorption and then Float. At which point I turn of the GenSet.

The only time that I had ever seen the status "passthrough" was when connected to shore power

Enter CCGX firmware V2.66.

Started charging and the charge was about 70% and I heard the GenSet unload. Charging had stopped and the status was PassThrough.

It gets worse. Started up GenSet this morning and the "System" is stuck in PassThrough and not charging at all. AC loads are being supported by the GenSet and the Inverter appears to be idle.

Turned off the GenSet, Changed the Quattro to "Charger Only" and battery charging look as normal.

Turned off the GenSet, Changed the Quattro to "ON (Charger & Inverter) and battery charging looks as normal. Bulk - Absorption and then Float

Anyone got any ideas?..............Do I revert back to previous firmware version?

Now is it just me or is it every time there is an update in the systems firmware a series of issues are identified in this forum. My belief is supported by the change log that accompanies the next version, where substantial number of changes are to rectify/correct faults installed by the previous update.

Are Victron customers being used as the Crash Test Dummies, i wonder?

tony-c asked
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Cannot update Multiplus 5k firmware in VE.Bus BMS System

I've tried to update the firmware on a Multiplus 24/5000 using both VE Flash and Victron Connect via a Mk3 dongle and the crux of the issue seems to be that you can't update the firmware with the VE.Bus BMS connected. However if you disconnect the BMS, the Multi turns you can't update the firmware anyway.

I tried deleting the BMS assistant so that it can turn on with out the BMS, however it just flashed an error code and still turned off when the BMS was disconnected.

How do I do this properly?

justmurph asked
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IP67 charger firmware update failed

I attempted to update the firmware on my IP67 charger and the update failed. Now, the charger won't turn on. I have tried unplugging it from the mains and disconnecting the battery but it still won't power up. Is there any options before returning it?

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