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Can i use Carlo Gavazzi em331 with ccgx?

Getting soon a multiplus with pylontech and ccgx looking for the energymeter and found this em331.

Can‘t find any info if it‘s supported.

alfs asked
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MultiPlus-II 48/5000 connect to Energy Meter via RJ-45 and D-Lan w/o CCGX?


The Energy Meter ET340 is equipped with RJ45 interface and is should be used for connection to the Battery Inverter MultiPlus-II 48/5000. Furthermore, Color Control GX shouldn’t be necessary for MultiPlus-II, sales company TST Solarstrom GmbH told. However, battery inverter isn’t working as it should. Please find attached a schematic overview of the installed system.

Any Ideas? Many thanks in advance for your support!

kenny388 asked
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My cerbo gx does not show an ac input



Hi I have a cerbo gx and 4 et112. Meters connected to it and I set all them up having one set as grid meter one set as generator meter and 2 for 2 separate inverter outputs. However even after setting one of the meters as a grid meter it shows no ac input but only shows it as ac loads. Is there something wrong with my cerbo gx or will the et112 not show as ac input because I would have to have a victron inverter?

lsps219 asked
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AC Coupling with non-Fronius inverters and export power limiting

Hi All,

Here in South Africa we are more often than not, required to prevent power being exported beyond the Meter (Grid).

We often encounter homeowners who have already invested in a solar power system, with some form of grid-tied inverter installed.

The typical upgrade involves installing MultiPlus or Quattro Inverter/Chargers with some form of lithium battery bank.

The question arises with regards to how we incorporate the existing grid-tied inverter?

If it is not a Fronius inverter, then we cannot use the "Fronius Zero Feed-In" functionality through using a single energy meter (Carlo Gavazzi ET112 or ET340).

If we retain the existing grid-tied inverter's export limiting device (current sensor or energy meter), and continue to implement an energy meter for the Victron system, then how should it be set up? Which device should be installed first in line? Should we set a buffer/threshold on one of the systems to ensure that they do not compete to achieve grid-power = 0 (or other set point)?

I foresee that the two different export limiting control systems will compete against each other and may result in instability and/or poor performance.

Any insights into this?

Nicholas Herbst asked
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CerboGX, ET112 and Shore power


I have a setup with the Cerbo GX, ET112, BMV712 and a Quick 12v battery charger in a boat. I have the ET112 in-line on the shore power to monitor load. No inverter or Victron charger in the setup by now.

On the GX I can see the ET112 and the power passing through it, and it reports itself as grid. Is there any way I can change this to shore and configure an alarm/notification if disconnected?


vga asked
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ESS with CT

Hi there,

A customer wants us to install an ESS system. But, for some reason, he dont want to change anything on the existing consumer unit, so it needs to be a CT clamp.. Direct measurement ET112 is not a option.. Multiplus II CT clamp not possible too, as the inverter will be 8m away from the CT.

Does anyone knows, if there is an ET112 meter version with CT connection?

Open to suggestions!


pedrolima asked
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ESS with Solar grid inverter on input to Multiplus

Are there and Assistants where one can improve self consumption with a Multiplus where the Solar Grid inverter is on the input to the Multiplus and where there is no requirement to limit grid feed in power. Obviously an Energy meter and a Venus device is required. Seems to restrictive that it appears that this is not possible presently

merlepeter asked
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How to add another ET112 or ET340

Hi guys. I recently bought a Victron AC current sensor to measure PV inverter output but I'm missing the AUX in ports and I want to keep temperature compensation so I'm looking at alternative ways to do this. My current setup is as follows, setup as ESS, AC coupled:


I could add another ET112 as follows:


I want to use the same USB-RS485 cable if possible. I remember reading that you can't change the MODBUS address of the ET112 without software from Carlo however my CCGX devices pages appears to let me change the MODBUS ID as below:


If I change this to 30 for example, I get two grid meters on the main menu briefly, with one showing "not connected", and the other reading the grid and I can go into this new one in devices and it shows Modbus ID 30. Does this change the Modbus ID of the ET112 itself or is it a Venus OS address?

The other option is to add an ET340. I've had a look at the standard diagram for this as below:


Just looking at this, unless I'm reading it wrong, the grid metering only appears it would measure current going into/out of the multiplus and pv inverter whilst ignoring the AC load currents (are they supposed to be top right? Or are the loads expected to be connected to the AC OUT of the multiplus? which would be different to my setup so I came up with the following diagram but not sure if it is correct depending on how the CCGX is setup and what it expects in this special dual function mode:


Does this seem like it might work or is there a diagram I'm missing for a parallel grid setup and the ET340 dual mode function?

sieade245 asked
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Can one control charge current in Multiplus depending on weather your grid connected inverter is export power to grid

Can one control charging current in a multiplus to maximise self consumption with a Genius device , Grid connected PV inverter and Energy meter? In principle this is possible - monitor power flow with energy meter and adjust the charging current in the Multiplus using Venus. I do not want to implement ESS for several reasons. I have no need to limit grid tie inverter

merlepeter asked
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Mutliplus II + ET340 exporting power

Good day everyone,

I have a setup similar to this: except my single multiplus II 5kVA is setup on L2 instead of L1. There is an ET340 to monitor the phases as well as non critical loads beween the meter and AC in of inverter.

The system is setup in ESS with solar. Unfortnately it is exporting power out to the grid on instead of zeroing that phase. I have tried turning phase compensation on and off to no avail.

I have tried all the settings I can think of to try stop it. Is it because I am using L2 and not L1?

speeddemon91 asked
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Multiplus-II + ET112 + Current Transformer


I have recently switched from the CT to the ET112 and noticed something odd

I have a Multiplus-II 3kva + ESS + 140Ah 48v Li-Ion + Batrium BMS (CAN-Bus) + Cerbo GX + PV on ACin

Everything is working fine expect I have noted the following oddity

I was uing the CT and could see the MP2 quickly adjusting to the PV lows and spikes during cloud movment and demands on the ACin during normal operation mode, but since switching to the ET112 I was able to see the MP2 is now really very slow at adjusting the inverter power output and charging, so much so that I can see 1.8Kw export happening from the battery when the sun comes out for 5+ seconds and importing while charging due to the cloud covering up the sun, this is very odd becasue with the CT it was super quick to change and keep the grid at Zero import or export.

I think because the metering has been moved to the Cerbo GX this now has to tell the MP2 to adjust I just wasnt expecting it to be so poor at controlling it with such a slow delay

Everything is working fine just really slow, I'm not runnign anything extera or doing anything extra with the cerbo gx, it is however in superuser mode running v2.52 (came out the same day the cable arrived to pulg in the ET112 so unsure if its a v2.52 related or just expected behavoiur) and i have node red connected to it, no perf issues though and only 1 flow (your charge at night flow) connected to it. Top is not showing any processes that would slow this device down.

Is this expected behaviour when using a ET112 or any Grid meter?


Mark Boys

Mark Boys asked
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Question about grid meter in a ESS configuration


I have a question about how many ET112 i'll need in a hub 2 configuration.

All charges will be after the AC1out of the multiplus2 3000.

So i think i need only one ET112 for the AC Inverter (to measure PV production) also connected to AC1out right ?

Or i also need another ET112 on the grid to measure global consumption ?

Thanks for your advises.

jbt77 asked
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ESS Inverter response too slow - tripping utility meter

Hello Community,

Our company is struggling with a number of installations in the Tshwane (Pretoria) region of South Africa. The municipality (utility provider) has rolled out the installation of Conlog meters. The majority of these meters are overly sensitive to reverse energy detection. One of the meter models is the Conlog BEC42X (Single Phase).

Many of our installations consist of an ESS setup like the following: MultiPlus II 5kVA, BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controller, Color Control GX, Carlo Gavazzi Energy Meter, BMV700 and a Lithium Battery.

Many of these installations, in the Tshwane area, are experiencing frequent tripping of the Conlog utility meter.

Some forums have indicated that these meters are tripping at a point as low as 20W over 15 seconds - or some 300 Joules of reverse (export) energy detected. This is incredibly sensitive and clearly the root problem. However, this is very difficult to resolve with the municipality (utility provider) and they are mostly unwilling to assist.

We have had to resort to setting the grid set point significantly higher than desired, sometimes around 300W and have had to limit inverter power, in some instances to as low as 750W. With these restrictions placed on the system, we are mostly unable to process (store and discharge) all of the solar energy available from the solar array resulting in compromised economic performance.

What can we do to improve the control of export power to the utility?

It is inevitable that some export energy will be supplied to the utility in a grid-connected ESS system, but one observation that we have made is that the MultiPlus & Quattro inverters appear to react quite slowly AFTER a large load is switched off - this observation comes from the Color Control display panel where we can see the grid import/export as reported by the Carlo Gavazzi Energy meter, as well as the amount of power being discharged by the battery, as reported by the BMV700.

Once a large load is dropped, can the inverter not reduce it's power faster to avoid overshoot and subsequent export energy being supplied to the utility?

From this link, we see that the response time of ESS has been limited to 400W per second as per ESS version 162... but now we need a work around?

This thread comments on a similar aspect:

After reading the above thread, can we not adjust the refresh rate and baud rate for the energy meter (Carlo Gavazzi) to aid the situation in swiftly recognizing the change in the grid import/export condition?

Alternatively, is the 100A:50mA Current Transformer a temporary solution for MultiPlus II ESS installations?

If this cannot be achieved with the ESS assistant, is there a combination of assistants that will allow us to operate in a similar fashion to ESS while overcoming the issues presented by the hard-coded rate limiting?

Thanks in advance for your input and suggestions.

Nicholas Herbst asked
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ET112 to Cerbo 50 rs485

Hi. Is it possible to connect ET112 to Cerbo with 50 metre rs485 to usb cable

darrencham asked
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Connection from ET112 with Zigbee to Cerbo WiFi

Hi I am looking to put together a small ess using a multiplus compact and a Cerbo with a ET112 to configure for minimal grid usage. I have grid parallel solar and dc coupled solar. My consumer unit is around 30m from the location of where the Cerbo and multiplus will be. Can I use a Zigbee to send the information from the ET112 direct to the Cerbo.

darrencham asked
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ET340 and Solar

I have an existing 3.5KWp solar (enphase micro inverters since 2015). The excess is exported to the grid. The solar comes to the consumer unit via solar generation meter and an isolator. There is a MCB on the consumer unit for the solar feed.

I have setup a ESS using - Venus GX, Multiplus 48V to feed a critical load of 250-290W. I have an ET340. My consumer unit is far away from the Multiplus. If I wire things like the picture shown, would ET340 be of any good?

I want to be able to use the Excess solar to charge the Lithium batteries rather than export it.


ispookie666 asked
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RS485 cable query

Am I understanding this correctly?

The RS485 victron cable does not have a rj45 attached to the end and I need to add it my self using only the orange, yellow and black wires?

What do I do with the other colour wires?


Mark Boys

Mark Boys asked
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Quattro 8kVA Demo - should I, shouldn't I?

I am currently looking at an offer to purchase an 8kVA demo unit over a new unit. The cost saving is about 37% and the retailer is offering a 2 year warranty. It seems a good deal to me. Does anyone advise against it and why?

sjza asked
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EasySolar-II GX support ET112 Energy meter

Would like to know if the EasySolar-II 48-3000 support the Carlo Gavazzi Victron ET112 Energy Meter - 1 phase - max 100A?

If supported, how do I connect the ET112 to the main CB?

hannesk asked
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1 Answer

connecting em24 energy meter - long distance


I have a cable distance of approx. 150m from em24 to Multiplus II (3-PH installation with 3 multipuls II devices). Multiplus II is in basement - wireless comunications are not working there.

The cable (cat6) is extended three times (approx 50m, 70 and 30m lengths).

Will this work? If not - what are my options there?

r2000 asked
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Problems with RS485 adapter to connect with ET340

Hi all,

I am new to this and setting up the first ESS with a Multigrid 48/3000 on Venus GX and ET340.

Unfortunately I do not get to run communication between ET340 and Venus GX via the Victron USB to RS485 adapter.

I did connect as said Data +, data - and GND between ET340 and the RS485 adapter. The left led on ET340 stays green instead of blinking red as I would expect if communication was enabled.

On the Venus GX no energymeter is available.

No difference wheter or not I use a terminator or not.

Does there need to be sth. enabled in the Venus GX? I did enable ModbusTCP, is that relevant by the way?

Hope somebody can give advice how to search for the solution step by step.

Best regards


doppeldecker1678 asked
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Fehler im Dashboard

Bei mir werden im Balkendiagramm (Dashboard) die PV Erzeugung und der Stromverbrauch nicht saldiert. Im CCGX stimmt alles. In der Erweiterten Ansicht (Systemgrid) wirds auch richtig saldiert angezeit.

z.B. Juni 2019 Stromverbrauch, mit Netzbezug.


Gleicher Zeitraum im Systemgrid, kein Netzbezug.


Das gleiche Spiel bei der Einspeisung, im Winter wenn nichts von der PV kommt, habe ich Einspeisung weil die Phasen nicht verrechnet werden.

Ich hatte damals Kontakt mit Victron Deutschland, hier hies es, es wäre ein Installations Fehler und ich solle mich an Service Team Döbeln wenden. Die hätten aber gerne eine 4 Stellige Summe gehabt, auch wenn sie das Problem nicht lösen können. Mittlerweile kenne ich jemand mit dem gleichen Problem, der die Anlage von Service Team Döbeln hat. Ok die bekommen das selbst nich richtig auf die Reihe.

In Holland hatte ich dann Kontakt mit Herrn Boonstra, er kannte das Problem mit dem Balkendiagramm und vertröstete mich. Das Problem sei bekannt und sie arbeiten dran.

Jetzt sind 2 Jahre vorbei, meine letzte Anfrage vor 14 Tagen ob es nun schon eine Lösung gibt, wurde nicht beantwortet. Kennt jemand einen fähigen Kontakt in Holland?



stromsparer99 asked
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Zigbee not making connection with EM24 and CCGX

Hello, i have a problem to establish Zigbee Connection from EM24 to CCGX.

The documentation of zigbee is horrible...

is there something known about the LED Behaviour of the zigbees?

my rs485 zigbee status:

Active LED: blinking rapidly

my USB zigbee status:

Active LED : on
TX/RX LED: blinking (maybe 1hz)

maybe somebody has an idea whats going wrong?
Or Maybe additional informations about LED Behavior or Button Functionality of zigbee?

best regards


Michael Schmidt asked
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ET340 grid meter – how to find out the connection parameters ?


my system contains a ET340 grid meter that is connected to a Venus GX device via Victron RS485 to USB converter cable.

As I’ve done years ago, I tried to connect the ET340 directly to my notebook with the same converter cable. Unfortunately I do not know the connection parameters anymore (baud rate, start/stop bits etc) in order to connect the Gavazzi Universal Software Configuration tool to the ET340. I aborted the automatic search after over two hours.

Is there a way to find out the hardware connection settings in the GX device (baud rate etc) in a config file or so? The Remote console shows only the device instance and a few other details.

Thank you and best regards


rainerb asked
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1 Answer

Second ET112 powermeter to Cerbo GX.

I have connected ET112 powermeter to Cerbo GX. Now I want to connect second powermeter. Can I daisy chain on the ET112 or do I need a second USB to RS485 cable.

bbrouwer asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Possible faulty Carlo Gavazzi EM24 three phase energy meter?

Hi Guy

We have a three phase setup installed (three MultiGrid 2) at one of our client’s residential house. We received a call from the client letting us know the system is down, on arrival there were no errors only a down system. We were busy fault finding and an error came up saying phase rotation error. There was a fault from the municipal department the previous day (complete power outage for almost the entire day) we reprogramed the system and confirmed with the municipality that they might have rotated the phases (hesitating to confirm 100%). Now the system is basically working perfectly again but the readings from the colour control does not add up, we are not sure what the fault is but we think it’s the energy meter that got damaged, do you have any advice what the problem could be?

The system is programed not to feed-in excess solarcharger power to the grid but as you can see there is a reading off -2199W (Grid L3). This reading bounces around between the phases and it does not make any sense as the 563W from the grid along with the PV Charger 1962W does not add to the load of 5353W.

Grid: 563W

L1: 2704W

L2: 57W

L3: -2199W

AC Loads: 5353W

L1: 5171W

L2: 181W

L3: 0W

Critical loads: 10W off at that stage (by-pass)

PV Charger: 1962W


burger asked
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3 Phase Supply, 3 Phase PV GT Inverter but Single Phase MultiPlus II - TWO Questions:

Hi Expert Community,

I have a site planning a 3 Phase Fronius but wanting to ESS optimise and Backup on ONE Phase only using a MultiPlus II.

Question 1: Can I use a 3 phase Victron Energy Meter (ET340) on the Grid Supply to control the Single Phase MultiPlus (obviously Via a GX device) ???

Question 2: How will the DATA of the Fronius be displayed and logged on the GX and VRM?

The customer wants all the data to be visible and accurate on the VRM Portal (of course!) but I am not sure how the Load will be calculated across the three phases - especially the backup/ESS phase.

ben-stanton asked
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Multiplus - modbus - grid tie solar 3ph - use spare energy

Hi, I have a house with a 4kW GT system on FIT on phase A

I have added a 12kW array which I am planning to split over phase B and C.

I want to use a multiplus II as a smart inverter/charger from a lithium battery to store excess energy from any phase.

My supplier meter is net metering (non smart). So what I (think I) need is my own net metering meter which talks to the Multiplus and tells it to charge or discharge the battery to keep the import/export at zero. However this will only be pulling off one phase. This is why I need the external meter. If I am exporting 1kW on phase B and C (for example), with no import, but the Multiplus is on phase A, it can still import 2kW on phase A with no supplier charges.

I have researched Modbus meters but I just wondered if anyone had done anything similar - presumably I need an interface between the Modbus and the Multiplus to convert Net Export Power into Victron charge now Power.

I will have a zappi car charger and a DHW store system to soak up the excess energy. Ideally this would be priority order

1. Car (if present)

2. House batt

3. DHW cylinder

4. Export.

Although I would be willing to always do House first if that is less complicated (the zappi and DHW system will communicate internally but I don't know if they would communicate with the Victron).

I believe delays can be programmed such that the Victron could have a shorter delay on start up than the Zappi which would ensure the house batt gets priority over the car.

Of course as the car isn't always there I thought that would be best if the car got first dibs as hopefully if its a sunny day the house would get a chance later after the car leaves.

I should be good for producing approaching 16000kWh per year with this system (the 1year old original 4kW array made close to 4000 in a year and the 12kW array is less shaded)

My background is Marine - off grid so use a lot of Victron products. I have used R pi a bit so I guess this or Arduino could maybe be a useful interface if there isn't a premade solution available.

Thanks in advance


olly12383 asked
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ET340 via Modbus/TCP ?

Hello, i am new to Victron and want to set up a larger battery system 3 phase etc.
ET340 is already installed, but it is far away from the battery location, unsuitable to run long 485 connections.

Is there a way, has someone experience, to convince the GX controller to use Modbus/TCP to talk with the ET340 (via a modbus/TCP to RTU bridge of course),

Has anyone experience in or tried to bridge Modbus/RTU over IP (wifi, ethernet etc) ?


jacola asked
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I will be adding my solar panels this weekend to the boat and want to check where I should have fuses.

At the moment the wiring from the 4x 150W panels will be 2x parallel then the 2x parallel in to series before going to the Victron MPPT 150/60 via MC4 connections. Should I have a fuse on the +ve input to the MPPT? There is then a 32A DC DIN Mount Breaker 125V MCB C curve on the +ve going to the batteries.

Secondly i’ll be putting an ET-112 from my onboard generator to give me power info to my Venus GX (no multiplus or Quattro onboard) I see there is a fuse to go on the neutral side of the ET-112 but it doesn’t say how much it should be, the generator is a Paguro 4SY, that puts out 3.5KW @230V.

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