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Venus GX not detecting ET112

Lightening blew out my system. So we replaced 2x 5kva Multiplusses, the Venus GX and the Freedom Won BMS that got blown. The RS485 usb connector to the ET112 was also replaced as dead. The ET112 seemed to be alive but the Venus refused to detect it. I then replaced the ET112 with a new unit. Sadly still no detection. Is there perhaps a trick I am missing? On the VRM Portal I deleted the old ET112 Device as it was last seen on the day of the lightening strike. Was that perhaps a mistake? Any help will be appreciated.

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>10kVA and dedicated production meter

I'm designing a 3-phase ESS system based on 3x a Multiplus-II 5000 with the solar panels feeding in on the DC bus.

3 times 5000 VA brings the total inverter kVa >10kVA and as such is no longer considered a "residential" installation in Belgium and requires special permits and requirements.

One of these requirements is the instalation of a dedicated production meter. This meter is supplied by the grid operator and needs to measure the AC energy produced by the installation.

As the loads on AC OUT, might receive power from AC IN as well, it is not OK to connect such a production meter directly to AC OUT.

The only suitable place is directly behind the inverter and this is not an exposed connection on the Multiplus.

Does anyone know if making a tap directly behind the invertor for connecting a production meter is feasible to do?
Or are there any alternatives possible?

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Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

Does anyone know where I can find info about using a Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

I have one being used as my battery monitor, and now got a 2nd that want to hook up to log DC charging from a non-victron solar/DC charger connected to it. With aim that can then include this in stats for day of PV generated vs Consumption, etc.

Went into VE Connect and under setting for the 2nd shunts I changed "Monitor Mode" to "DC Energy Meter", and then the "DC meter type" to "DC-DC charger".



It states it will show on GX Device and in VRM but can only get very basic info shown on later and nothing on my GX device (VenusOS running on a Raspberry Pi)



Searched for documentation for "DC Energy Meter" and "DC meter type" settings but nothing is showing in Victron help or in any forum discussions. So can only guess maybe this is a pretty new feature and most users haven't used or is still in development to integrate better with VRM/GX.

Anyone else successful in this or know where can find info on how to config/etc. Thanks is advance.

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Zigbee not making connection with EM24 and CCGX

Hello, i have a problem to establish Zigbee Connection from EM24 to CCGX.

The documentation of zigbee is horrible...

is there something known about the LED Behaviour of the zigbees?

my rs485 zigbee status:

Active LED: blinking rapidly

my USB zigbee status:

Active LED : on
TX/RX LED: blinking (maybe 1hz)

maybe somebody has an idea whats going wrong?
Or Maybe additional informations about LED Behavior or Button Functionality of zigbee?

best regards


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Connecting Multiplus-II with ET112


I have a problem establishing a working connection between the Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V GX an the Carlo Gavazzi ET112.

Basics about our setup: Wie have a PV Inverter feeding into the grid, we want to store overproduced Energie into batteries. So we installed the ET112 directly behind the energy meter from our provider. Then connected the data lines following the instructions from the manual, (10-15m CAT-5 cable, FTDI-USB RS485 Bridge with cable shortend to less than 20cm, etc).

When plugging in the FTDI Bridge, there is a short blinking of RX and TX Leds, but nothing else. To verify that our connection is working, we downloaded the Carlo Gavazzi Software for the meter, which instantly connected to the meter. So i guess the RS485 Bus, FDTI and ET112 are working just fine.

But there is no energy meter shown in the remote console of the Multiplus-II.

We tried multiple Configurations of the meters RS485 interface without success.

To verify that the FTDI ist recognised by the Multiplus-II we logged into the system via SSH an lsusb revealed that the USB/RS485 bridge is at least hooked to the system. A hexdump of /dev/ttyUSB1 did not show anything. No LEDs blinking on the FTDI showing that the Device is trying to transmit data.

In the Carlo Gavazzi Software, the standard RS485 configuration is 9600, parity none, stop 1, modbus id 1. Due to the fact, that a baudrate of 1152000 did not lead to any problems during the use of the Carlo Gavazzi Software, there should not be any issues with the cabeling.

So i hope that someone here might have an idea of what is wrong.

Tim Schlak asked

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Incorrect energy display in VRM portal - MultiPlus II with EM24

I currently have the following phenomenon:

In the VRM Portal the displayed sum value of the energy meter jumps between a few watts, the current power of a phase and the correct total power (see image 1).

Via the remote console, the correct value is always displayed (in the system schema as well as on the overview page).

System setup:

1 MultiPlus II GX FW: 2.72

Connection mains parallel to AC1

Energy meter EM24 Ethernet FW1.6.48 - use phase balancing 3P.n

- AC coupled PV system with power feed-in

- ESS with external meter


1) example Remote Display & VRM Dashboard with different energy sum


2) example VRM Dashboard correct sum energy


3) example VRM energy meter log

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CCGX - Venus OS 2.66 - Frequent Grid Meter Warning/Alarm

We have a handful of installations that started producing frequent "No Grid Meter alarm: Warning".

This is exclusively related to installations that have a CCGX (Color Control), a Victron inverter, a grid meter, and ESS configuration with Venus OS that has been updated to 2.66 on the GX device.

We have resolved one of our installations that presented this issue by temporarily upgrading the client to a Cerbo GX.

2.66 has yielded the incredible feature in the form of the inverter remote update functionality, but it appears that the new firmware is not stable on the CCGX and is resulting in significant system instability.

Has anyone experienced the same?

I'm hoping Victron is working on an update to remedy this...

Nicholas Herbst asked
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PV generation L1 is seen as consumption

I have a 3 phase network, 400V +N. 1 multII on L1, an sma inverter with a single-phase energy meter on L1 and a fronius inverter on L2 that communicates via the internet. the problem is that the solar energy from the sma on L1 is counted as consumption in the AC Loads. the values that the Cerbo GX gives are not correct, a lot is injected and taken from the net, while the digital meter of society announces something completely different.

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ET 340 displaying wrong readings on Grid icon

Hello All,

Just did 2 x awesome installs of 3 phase systems with the ET340 meter. Both are displaying strange behaviour on the consol. grid setpoint is maintained but the + and - numbers on grid side worries me.....


for instance, It shows a total load of 1910W on the meter, but on grid side it kinda splits it in 2, seemingly feeding back to grid on 1 phase?? And this only happens when I have available solar.

Is this normal behaviour? or have I done something wrong??

Wiring of unit, is as per instruction except for neutral that is not going to other side of meter? Not sure if that is an issue? I will check that early next week.

On my ET114 installs on sigle phase I dont see any negative numbers on grid side.

Any help will be appreciated.


Leon Besaans

leonb asked

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3phase ESS EM24 gavazzi with CT >65A


We're going to use an 3ph ESS system in parallel connection to the main board, we have more than 100A per phase. Victron states in the Energy Meters live that for more than :

Q8: I want to use Current Transformers (CTs), is that possible?

Yes. You can buy the CG EM24DINAV53DISX directly from Carlo Gavazzi or one of their distributors. Even though Victron does not stock that type of meter, we do support it in our software.

The EM24DINAV53DISX is the solution for three-phase systems that go over 65A per phase.

However, when you check Gavazzi's datasheet for the above reference, the CT has an Imax of 10A per phase only ! Does anyone has experience with EM24 with CTs, and why would the current limit be so low, whereas Victron states than it can go above > 65A per phase ?


perma-batteries asked
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Evening, There's little information on trouble shooting these devils.

I have a cerbo gx and an et112. Works perfectly using USB to RS485. However, I'm having no luck with the zigbee's.

1. Is there an alternative way to connect an energy meter wirelessly (another energy meter if necessary)? Modbus over TCP? I need 100amp energy meter.

2. What are the LED's meant to be doing in a setup that works. If it doesn't work out of the box, following the victron instructions... What can you do?

Many thanks for any help


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Second Energy Meter deleted but remains on GX Device

Client had an ET340 and then changed mind and got a single phase supply and replaced ET340 with a ET112.

I deleted the ET340 that "had not been seen in x days" from Device List, but it is still showing in Venus OS and the readings we're getting on VRM are bull:


Feed in is disabled, setpoint is 50W:


Device list:


warwick asked
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Zigbee-usb setup failure


We've used the zigbee-usb to zigbee-rs485 to link the Et112 energy meter to a ccgx before. First time straight out of box followed the victron manual (ie just plug it in!!) and it worked.

Second one didn't so brought another set, worked

Brought another set didn't work but that was doe to the 2nd matched with old.

had another 2nd sent out, worked in the workshop, got to site and it didn't work

brought another set tried in workshop and doesn't work!

we've now accumulated 5 zigbee-rs485 and 2 zigbee-usb and have a system that's not working!

Brexit means I can't get another pair so somehow need to get a set working. Phoning suppliers and victron sales hasn't helped as no one appears to know anything about how the zigbee's work they just do!!

Obviously not all the time as there are other posts but no conclusions!

the symptom is the zigbee-usb plugged into the ccgz has solid active light only. Zigbee-rs485 has rapid flashing active led only.

random pushing of reset and function buttons on the zigbee-usb will put both lights out (pushing reset goes back to initial state of solid active light)

Pushing buttons on the zigbee-rs485 will change the flashing LED pattern but once pushed it doesn't seem to go back to the initial rapid flashing active LED only.

Does anyone know anything about these devices and what to do if they don't work straight out of the box??

duncan-lee asked
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ESS Inverter response too slow - tripping utility meter

Hello Community,

Our company is struggling with a number of installations in the Tshwane (Pretoria) region of South Africa. The municipality (utility provider) has rolled out the installation of Conlog meters. The majority of these meters are overly sensitive to reverse energy detection. One of the meter models is the Conlog BEC42X (Single Phase).

Many of our installations consist of an ESS setup like the following: MultiPlus II 5kVA, BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controller, Color Control GX, Carlo Gavazzi Energy Meter, BMV700 and a Lithium Battery.

Many of these installations, in the Tshwane area, are experiencing frequent tripping of the Conlog utility meter.

Some forums have indicated that these meters are tripping at a point as low as 20W over 15 seconds - or some 300 Joules of reverse (export) energy detected. This is incredibly sensitive and clearly the root problem. However, this is very difficult to resolve with the municipality (utility provider) and they are mostly unwilling to assist.

We have had to resort to setting the grid set point significantly higher than desired, sometimes around 300W and have had to limit inverter power, in some instances to as low as 750W. With these restrictions placed on the system, we are mostly unable to process (store and discharge) all of the solar energy available from the solar array resulting in compromised economic performance.

What can we do to improve the control of export power to the utility?

It is inevitable that some export energy will be supplied to the utility in a grid-connected ESS system, but one observation that we have made is that the MultiPlus & Quattro inverters appear to react quite slowly AFTER a large load is switched off - this observation comes from the Color Control display panel where we can see the grid import/export as reported by the Carlo Gavazzi Energy meter, as well as the amount of power being discharged by the battery, as reported by the BMV700.

Once a large load is dropped, can the inverter not reduce it's power faster to avoid overshoot and subsequent export energy being supplied to the utility?

From this link, we see that the response time of ESS has been limited to 400W per second as per ESS version 162... but now we need a work around?

This thread comments on a similar aspect:

After reading the above thread, can we not adjust the refresh rate and baud rate for the energy meter (Carlo Gavazzi) to aid the situation in swiftly recognizing the change in the grid import/export condition?

Alternatively, is the 100A:50mA Current Transformer a temporary solution for MultiPlus II ESS installations?

If this cannot be achieved with the ESS assistant, is there a combination of assistants that will allow us to operate in a similar fashion to ESS while overcoming the issues presented by the hard-coded rate limiting?

Thanks in advance for your input and suggestions.

Nicholas Herbst asked
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Settings for Smart meter when used as as data feedback to Solar Web?

Is these settings in the ESS manual to use a Fronius Smart meter just to send data to Solar Web?

In other words: to run a Smart meter in series with a Carlo Gavazzi (Smart meter just to send data to Solar.Web)

So the Fronius PV inverter will not control the export limiting, but it would be done through the Multiplus.(ESS assistant) Do I need a Carlo Gavazzi meter to control ZERO export to the grid if all the loads and the PV inverter are on the output of the MultiPlus II?

4.3.11. Zero or limited feed-in


On the Victron GX device - In the ESS -> Grid Feed-in menu, there are seperate options to enable:

  • AC-coupled PV - feed in excess (default disabled)

  • DC-coupled PV - feed in excess (default disabled)

Enabling either of these options will expand the menus to give the further options:

  • Limit system feed-in (default disabled)

  • Maximum feed-in (in Watts)

Feed-in will only occur if there is sufficient surplus PV production to fully supply the loads, and the battery is charged (or at it's charge current limit).

Note: The limit system feed-in is a system target, and under some circumstances such as large load disconnection, or sudden increase in solar production, it may be exceeded momentarily until the system is able to regulate the inverter output back to within the target limit.


The AC-Coupled PV zero or limited feed-in feature is specifically designed and most rigorously tested with Fronius AC PV inverters.

  • The earliest Fronius firmware version which can be used is 3.7.3-2

  • If there is more than one Fronius PV Inverter present in the system, they will all be limited

  • Zero feed-in is not supported on Fronius IG Plus inverters.

Change the following settings in the Fronius web interface:

  • In the Fronius setup menu, set Data export via Modbus to tcp.

  • In the same menu, set Sunspec Model Type to int + SF

  • In Settings→DNO Editor, make sure dynamic power reduction is set to No limit (this is the default).

  • In Settings→DNO Editor, make sure that in the 'Controlling Priorities' section that 'Controlling via Modbus' is set to be priority 1.


Then double check that all above criteria are met. It will show Feed-in limiting active No if the firmware requirement; the Data export; or the Sunspec Model type settings are incorrect, or the units are shut down (no available PV), or AC-input is disconnected / unavailable.

When working correctly, Feed-in limiting active will show Yes

Do not use a Fronius Smart Meter for limiting export when part of a Victron ESS System. More details about when a Fronius Smart Meter can, and can not, be used is explained

naude-eckard asked

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Multiplus II 3000 GX External Current Sensor Error 24

Good Evening Victron Community,

I have installed a Multiplus II GX in a topology with all Non-Critical Loads upstream of the AC Input. Critical Loads on AC Output 1 as usual.

When installing the External current sensor on the Main Circuit and returning from an Outage the Inverter gave an Error 24 related to the backfeed relay.

Although the error makes sense to me regarding it seeing Current (from the external sensor) while it was expecting no current (Ac-In relay open) I would think that selecting the External Current Sensor Connected tick box in VEConfigure would tell it to ignore this discrepancy?

I have since removed the Current Sensor (and unticked the tick box) and have tested the exact same outage successfully without Error24.

Although this post mostly serves as a possible bug flag, I would like to end it with a question.

Would it be possible for me to install a three phase Grid Meter upstream of the AC Input and non critical loads (Carlo Gavazzi 65A) instead of the Current Sensor and still avoid this Error 24 Situation?

If yes, would I be able to add an unpowered USB hub onto the USB port to have both an external Wifi adapter and USB to RS485 adapter on the GX portion in order to connect the Grid Meter?

Kind Regards

Randolf Wenhold

randolf asked
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Et112 power


Does anyone understand this, Amps are 2.2 the wattage is 50W, and the voltage is 236V

The amperage is way off from it should be ?

As I reading this wrong?

betaoil asked
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ET112 to Cerbo 50 rs485

Hi. Is it possible to connect ET112 to Cerbo with 50 metre rs485 to usb cable

darrencham asked
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How to get an EM24 CG Energy Meter showing under the 'Energy meter' list.


Installed an ESS system. Have an EM24 (Ethernet) Energy Meter to regulate.

Its visible on the CERBO GX device list, but not under the energy meter list.

I am also unable to see the grid on the far left of the home screen on the Touch Display, and the AC figures are not correct.

The energy meter is on the network, seems to be communicating correctly, as we are able to see load figures.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue, and managed to overcome ?

Thank you

The system is showing the energy meter on the list of equipment


(Its present in the device list on VRM)


(And it all seems connected ok)



But for some reason it’s not showing under energy meters


I have seen on some feeds on the community that people have an image of the grid in the top right, I have the red box but no info and all the AC loads show 0W.



Thank you

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EM24 energy meter readings not displayed on color controller GX


I have an EM24 connected on the grid side of a quatro 5000 and CCGX units running in ESS mode. Everything was working fine with the CCGX reading the values of the EM24 until yesterday , and since then the CCGX does not show the readings of the energy meter anymore, and the inverter switches to passthrough mode.

My current version of CCGX firmware is 2.23. I have tried another RS485 to USB cable with no luck. I have read somewhere on the forum than the modbus address should be set to 1, but on the CCGX it is showing an address of 30, and cannot be changed to a lower number, and the EM24 address is also set to an address of 30.

Did anybody face this issue and if so how can I make my system work again



pipoa asked
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ET112 Energy meters - installation of 3 meters

Good day

I need to install 3 x ET112 Grid meters in a single phase installation . Busy with my planning

Meter 1 will be the Grid Meter

Meter 2 Will be the meter measuring the PV Inverters before the input of my Quattro

Meter 3 Will be measuring the PV Inverters on the output of my Quattro.

On the Color control under energy meters I need to assign the roles . On the PV inverters can it be defined which one is before the Quattro and which one is after the Quattro it does not seem to offer me that specific role ?

Some guidance will be greatly appreciated

johannes-cronje asked
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Energy Meter for 3phase 150A with CTs for ESS System

I am struggling to find a way to connect a meter for 3phase ESS system which is greater than 100A. None of the Carlo units are able to use CTs except for the Carlo Gavazzi EM24DINAV53DISX which doesn't seem to be available anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas on this please.

greg-walton asked
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Energy meter RS485 / pulse


I have ESS System with the energy meter ET112.

Now I want to connect my Daikin system using BRP069A61 but this system need pulse counter

ETT12 don't have pusle counter and in supported list Energy Meters start page [Victron Energy] it's only Carlo Gavazzi. If I have check well, it does't exist model with RS485 and pulse output.

The ABB B21 212-100 model recommanded by Daikin have RS485 and pulse but not in supported list of Victron

Does ABB model will work with Victron ?

Does Victron will support ABB model ?

erthyp asked

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Interface with DSMR (Dutch smart meter)

I'm very interested installing a Multiplus and I completely understand you need te measure the input / output power of the grid. Now, as a lot of people in Belgium allready have a smart meter with a P1 output (serial) using DSMR protocol, for me it seems logic to use that instead of depoying another meter...

Anyone done this or knows about compatibility ?

geertv asked

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EM24 Smart Meter read out over Modbus TCP/IP


the Smart Meter connection to the Victron controller via Modbus RTU (RS485) is only wisely in case you have a short Way between the Smart Meter and the Victron Controller.

In case you have a long way or different buildings the connection over TCP/IP is required.

To prevent to install a separate RS485 Bus Cable. (using structured cabling !)

Installation Example:

#######Buildings-A############ ###Buildings-B###

EM24 -->RS485-->Modbus TCP Gateway---------TCP/IP---------------->CerboGX

Now the Question:

How can i add the Smart Meter Connection via Modbus TCP/IP to my Cerbo GX?

(FW 2.60)

jxa asked
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PV throttles after meter added

Good morning!

I've got a client where they have a multiplus 3kva, 2x mppt chargers, lead batteries..

The installation is done in such a way that non essentials are split before the inverter, essentials then go through the inverter and then to it's 'backup db'.

The system was setup up that the dc chargers feed back excess pv, essentially supplying upstream to the non essentials, there was no grid meter so if non essentials was not enough it would actually start feeding back to the grid.

When the client contacted me they wanted to upgrade but have no consumption data as there was no grid meter so non essentials wasn't monitored. I recommended we install a grid meter to get total consumption data and work from there. But now the system stopped feeding back the pv. The pv only keeps the batteries charged, then the non essentials gets fed from the grid and pv gets throttled, this is obviously not right as it should feed the essentials and excess should then feed upstream to the non essentials. The system is set up with ess and batteries to discharge to 90%, then kept for backup. Option to feed excess dc pv to grid is checked and dvcc is on and svs is on. Please assist if someone knows what the issue could be? Attached is a screenshot of where the pv was supplying total essential loads, and since the grid meter was installed it dropped pv yield to only charge batteries. Also an image with summary of current installation.



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PV meter on the output of inverter data


I have an ESS running with Cerbo GX, Multiplus II, and an AC coupled inverter on the output of the multi. Until recently i didn't monitor PV production but today i installed an EM111 meter, it's communicating fine however I cant configure it that its connected on the output of the multi. I select the position of the meter "AC Output" but its reverting back to "AC Input 1" once the page refreshes.

This causes "AC Loads" calculations to be incorrect.

I did set up in ESS assistant the PV inverter on the output and by the looks of it the generation is being counted twice.

Thanks in advance for assistance




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consumption is showing proportional to PV inverter production


Hi a customer has the following system

multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32


zcell battery

fronius primo connected on grid side of multi

dc coupled mppt connected with

meter is ET112 connected to ccgx via usb rs485 cable.

all connected on VRM with remote access available

since the start of the year the calculations and energy flow have been wrong, at first I went to site expecting the customer to be using more electricity, but when I turned off all the circuit breakers apart from the energy system the ac load value should have been zero but instead showed around the same value as the solar production.

The multiplus was also making some strange sounds.

i have tried updating firmwares on ccgx, fronius, multiplus

see attached screen shots

any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Tom

Thomas johnston asked

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Install Victron ET112 to monitor inverter usage

To no avail, I looked for videos or more thorough instructions beyond the simple diagram in the manual. I have installed the VenusGX to monitor the solar/battery and have the RS485- USB cable to connect the ET112.

Has anyone used the ET112 to monitor power usage of a non Victron inverter? My question is, I have 2/0 cable between my battery bank and the inverter and I do not see how to connect it in this system. AM I missing something here?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Consumption on non-backup phases under critical loads


I have a system installed as per below:


The issue that is occuring is that the AC loads in L2 / L3 are showing up in the critical load display and my PV inverter shows as just one figure where it used to show per phase. This occurs during the day when there is PV being generated.

At night time, it appears to display correctly as per the below screenshots:



My ess settings are as follows for the site:


And my energy meter settings are



I would like to know if it possible to correct this with the current setup on site?

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