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Easysolar-II GX state of battery charge does not show


I have freshly installed ES-II 48/3000/35-32 230V MPPT 250/70 GX. The devices LCD panel or mobile app nor the Venus IP ”settings page” does not show the state of battery charge at all. What could be the problem and what should I do? How do I know if the system is charging the batteries at all?

I have seen pictures Where the GX lcd panel displays the state of battery charge but in our device that view is totally missing.

See pic


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EasySolar 24/3000 & VE.Bus BMS - Do I need a Digital Multi Control?

Hi there!

I have the following units (not connected yet)

EasySolar 24/3000 (includes a Color Control GX)

2x 12,8v 200ah LiFePO4 Lithium Smart Batteries


The VE.Bus BMS manual says it requires a Color Control or Digital Multi Control
It also says don't connect the control panel directly to the Multi or Quatro (signals from the control panel may be in conflict with signals from the VE.Bus BMS)

So I'm wondering if the Color Control on the EasySolar is the only control I need
Or if I also require another control connected directly to the BMS ??

Thanks very much in advance :)

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Can easysolar 5000W be 60Hz 120?


The spec sheet for EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 is 230V 50Hz for inverter output. But also details that can be adjusted to 60Hz and to 240V. If our grid is 120V 60Hz do we have to ask the change before to order or is this a configuration that can be done before the installation?


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EasySolar limiting charge from solar

EasySolar 3000 48v

Unit (mppt?) is limiting charge. looked at previous questions on here but didn't find resolution.

as per attached video.

won't get batteries to absorption voltage 58.8V. appears to target voltages other than what it should.

batteries 8 trojan fla 6v

on full sun days it still won't get to voltage yet i can see on those days it has put back in what i use. problem is on the non sunny days i don't make headway to putting charge back in. some days it can hold back over 200w input from the 1kw solar panels which is a fair chunk missing in daily use.

attached video is with vacuum cleaner starting up.

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compatibilité smartsolar 75/15 et orion tr smart 12/12 18


j'ai déjà un smartsolar 75/15 avec panneaux solaires 175W qui charge une batterie gel 105 Ampères dans mon van et je veux rajouter un orion tr smart 12/12 18 pour pouvoir charger ma batterie en roulant. Mais si je roule de jour, les 2 appareils vont charger ensemble. Cela pose-t-il un problème car la batterie va recevoir du courant des 2 appareils. Est ce qu'elle va charger trop vite ou poser des conflits entre l'orion tr smart et le smartsolar? Merci de m'éclairer car pour moi c'est un peu confus.

J'ai aussi une autre question: est-on obligé de connecter la borne positive de la batterie après contact sur le connecteur vert du chargeur ou est ce qu'on peut laisser le pont? j'ai cru comprendre que l'application victron connect peut allumer ou éteindre l'appareil. Donc quelle est l'utilité de cette connection si on possède l'application.

j'espère que vous comprenez mes questions et je suis à votre disposition pour en discuter. Merci.

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Easysolar II GX 3000VA Venus WiFi issue

I installed a 48V 3000 Easysolar II GX in Feb this year, when I was commissioning the plant and setting it up on the portal we had an issue with the Wifi network from the Venus and for the life of me couldnt get it to come on again. Does anyone know what we can do to sort this out? I know on the Venus you can reset the wifi network but with the Easysolar its not easy to get to the Venus.

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Easy solar 1600va, cerbo gx compatibility

Hi, firstly please forgive my lack of knowledge/understanding. I’ve purchased and Easy solar 1600va, cerbo gx and gx touch 50 to fit into a van conversion. I’m now second guessing myself. Can anyone just confirm for me that the cerbo gx will connect and function with the easy solar via the VE bus connection?

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Surfsick at GX Device?

has someone tested to plug a GSM "surfstick" into a GX device (CCGX) for a mobile internet connection?

We have a customer with 3 houseboats each with a EasySolar 24/3000 with a CCGX.
For the internet connection (and GPS) we installed the GX GSM modem.
GPS is working fine but as soon as we insert the SIM card the modem disappears every few seconds.
I tested the exact same devices in our workshop and everything works fine. Send it back to the customer doesn't work...

A few weeks ago I was at the marina and tried a few things(new GSM, new CCGX) but it still doesn't work and I'm out of ideas.

So now we now want to use a 3rd-party GMS modem (with LAN) or a simple surfstick.

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Overload on easysolar ll 48/3000 with ESS despite low load


a customer has a Easysolar II 48/3000 running with ESS and an ET340.

the AC-out is used for critical loads but never has more than 500w used on ac-out.

ac in is used grid tied and with pahase conpensation.

so multiple times we had the problem is going in overload and not is able to get back working

without shutting ac in down with the circuit breaker.

has someone an idea whats happening on this device?

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Easysolar stopped working after Firmware update.

Hi, I have a Victron Easysolar 24/1600/40. I have never been able to get it to work with my generator so I purchased I Mk3 USB interface. I plugged that into the Easysolar unit this morning and it did a software (device firmware) update. Ever since the software update the Red alarm light and the Green and Yellow light are flashing alternately and there is no inverter output. Running the generator makes no difference but the solar charger is working. Any ideas? I've had loads of issues with this thing!!!! :-(

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Generator Configuration missing in EasySolar IIGX remote console?

I've got a EasySolar IIGX and wish to connect my generator and configure autostart and silent hours, however the Generator menu seems to be missing from mye Remote Console - I can only configure the generator from VEconfig. Am I missing something here? Are the advanced generator features of the Multiplus not available in the Easysolar? Any tips to how to set up silent hours using EasySolar IIGX?

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Multiplus II + Cerbo GX + MPPT 250/100 or Easysolar II GX?

Hello, this is my first post in Victron community, I'm very happy to find a space like this.

Now, the question:

30 feet sailboat,

-48v electric motor (diesel engine is gone). I use the motor barely, it's a sailboat!

-110v marine AC 1085 watt

-Induction stove 110v, 1800watt (max) 15 minutes/day

-Freezer 110v, 1700watt, working all day.

Four solar panels, and 12v 100Amp lithium battery (4)

I need inverter, charger, MPPT and GX, my first option of course is Easysolar II GX, but after read the Cerbo GX specs and know the integration in MNEA2000 net...

Now the answer is Multiplus II + Cerbo GX + MPPT 250/100 or Easysolar II GX?

Any different idea for this installation? all advices are wellcome!!!

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EasySolar-II GX support ET112 Energy meter

Would like to know if the EasySolar-II 48-3000 support the Carlo Gavazzi Victron ET112 Energy Meter - 1 phase - max 100A?

If supported, how do I connect the ET112 to the main CB?

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Virtual switch settings on VeConfig

270W solar panels- EasySolar 48/3000 (Multi) with MPPT 150/50- 4x200 Ah gel batteries in series for 48V . BMV 700 - CCGX Color control. No Grid feed in allowed . Grid available for AC IN.

I am having serious difficulties setting up ESS / Assistant with VEConfig.

When looking at what Virtual Switch can offer, I realize this is far enough for what I want to do.

1_ Use as much solar as possible to recharge the batteries ,

2- Set VS for Grid ACIn to come ON when batteries are too low (50 V) or when a heavy load is powered .

I have set up VS on VEConfig . All seem OK; I have "sent" the settings .

However, I do not see my Multi behaving according to the VS settings . Example . i have SET AC IN "ON" if more than 3000 W is requested , or if batteries get lower to 50 V.

Right now my batteries are 52 V, and my AC OUT loads are 500 w.

Until I solve the VS settings problem, I have my EasySolar "ACIN" breaker on "OFF" as I do not need , nor want any AC IN .

If I turn on the AC In breaker with these voltage / Watts described above, my AC In comes in ? It should not.

Did I forget something after setting VS on VEConfig ?


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Low Battery Alarm at 48V in a ESS system

In my EasySolar 5000 system running ESS I get every morning a Low Battery at around 48 V and I can't figure out from where this Alarm (setpoint) is triggered.


The Low Battery parameter in the Multi are set as follows:

Inverter DC shut-down voltage
Inverter DC restart voltage
Low DC alarm level 42

The Dynamic cut-off settings in the ESS assistance is unchanged starting at 48V.
DVCC is not enabled. It is pretty hard to see where some effects/settings coming from with ESS, because a lot happens in the dark background (aka blackbox).

In addition, I run Gel batteries without BMS. Float voltage is at 55.2 V, Absorb. at 56.4 V.

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EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX overheating MPPT on full solar load

I have installed the "new" EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX where everything is in one chassis.

When solar side is running on full power (70A) after 2-3 hours I always get a MPPT Charger Alarm "Overheat Charger Connection" (translated from german "Überhitzung Ladegerätanschluss").

When I reduce the max power to 55A via Victron Connect all is fine. When I move to 60/65/70A I get the error when on full load for 2-3 hours.

Looking into the chassis I can see that a complete MPPT 25/70 was installed in the chassis without any modification. The MPPT easily can go up to 40-50°C on full load.

From my perspective this is a design issue of the full box, because the heat can not be sufficiently transported out of the chassis.

For testing purposes I put an external fan below the MP chassis and then it continuous working without a shutdown - what proves my assumption.

Any similar experience? Is there a way to give the MP back to Victron?

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EasySolar 1600 Start Battery - No connection

So looking everywhere, there is reference for it, and supposedly the EasySolar is just a MultiPlus - but there is just no Physical Trickle Charge connection that I can see.

According to one or two other posts it is J15 or thereabouts...and would normally be near the TSense and Relay ports - but not the case on this motherboard.


In above image - the one with 2 wires plugged in is the T-Sense, then Remote Switch, then the next posts are the Programmable Relay. There are no areas to attach further underneath the Positive Battery lead either...


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EasySolar-II GX with additional components and lithium battery, where does everything connect?

we want to install a new EasySolar-II GX 48/3000/35-32 with MPPT 250/70, 4 LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/200Ah-a - Smart, V.E. Bus BMS and BMV-700.

  • The BMS will connect to EasySolar with VE Bus and will program the assistant BMS.
  • The BMV will connect to V.E Direct port in EasySolar(?) and if yes, the V.E Direct non inverting cable from MPPT to BMS where will install?
  • Maybe we don't need this non inverting cable and GX manage MPPT from BMS?

Thank you!
Best regards.

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MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (ACOut2 switchable)

Hi to all,

I have an EasySolar-II-GX 48/3000 system everytime you load in an ESS the system immediately reports a VE BUS error 8. checked all earthing and all is in place. disconnected all wires and unit still has the VE Bus Error 8. Can anyone help

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Connecting Victron Easysolar?

Have just received my 24/3000 easysolar for my stand alone power system.

Its replacing an old Selectronic SA22 and controller, thats still working good. We're revamping the entire system . Batteries, panels and inverter.

Because the SA22 is connected directly do the house fuse/relay box am confused. The SA 22 only had a power point on the front, 35m2 cables going to the batteries, and then a power line going to the fuse box.

When I disconnect the SA 22 can I just run a line directly into the easysolar from the fuse box?

Where does it get connected to on the easysolar?

I'd rather keep the fuse box in place.


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Guide on EasySolar Setup


I'd like to set up a 12v EasySolar with a 200ah Victron Lithium battery and a Colour GX Panel.

It will be going in a boat with no alternator. So just Solar or Shore Power for charging and the system will provide DC power and AC from the inverter.

Could I please get some advice on what cables I need to run to set the system up and get everything talking to each other? And also what I'll need to do for programming?



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Horizontal mounting Multiplus 3000VA Inverter/Charger

I understand that horizontal mounting is possible, but not recommended for optimal cooling. For my RV Trailer, the space I have is best suited for horizontal mounting of the Multiplus, BUT there are no mounting brackets or instructions for horizontal mounting. What suggestions have you for me?

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Lithium Battery compatible with EasySolar


Is there a small 100-200ah Lithium Battery I can use with the 12v Easy Solar that I won't require to program with a computer or the use of a VE.Bus BMS? I want to be able to just set everything up via the DIP switches and Rotary Dial.



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I have managed to connect the MPPT to VictronConnect Via BlueTooth on my Samsung Galaxy S7. But how do I connect the system via wifi? I can not see any settings to connect to my wifi. there are no changeable settings on the 2x 16 character display.
I would like to register my system on the VRM so that I can monitor/control via wifi.

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Is it possible as a customer to get a installation manual, that I can't find online about easysolar 24/3000/70?


In fact I would like to be able to progrès in my installation, without bothering my dealer especially on a Sunday, and I find that it lacks some info for an individual for the connection and config of an easysolar 24V, 3000VA, 70A.

Normally in manuals, we should find features and installation instructions, and the first diagnoses of Troubleshooting

This is the case for the mppt controller and the inverter charger that makes up this easysolar!

But I can't find the right one, for the whole easysolar.

I was on the victron site, the support section...

Which evokes:

1) Manuals

2) Suppliers

3) here ;)

In manual, I find a sub menu that inclues 'easysolar'

I selected it, And nothing about my easysolar 's manuel , but more interesting and technical notions of the rule of 1 to 1 regarding AC coupling, or info on VE, direct and many other things but not the manual I'm looking for (if possible in French)

I also go to see the 'old documentation' section

Nothing found either.

Basically what is specific to the regulator, the charger/ inverter, CCGX that I have the manuals of these sub-elements.

For a regular installer, It's simple!

I hesitated to disassemble the bottom hood where are the circuit breakers ..., on the face of it, it was good to do and for a concrete example:

the connection of the battery (classic lead) :

Or can you find the manual of this circuit board and its elements where you have to connect at half height of this easysolar the cables of the battery

Admittedly to say the least battery is written on the PCB, But for the most two screws could have been possible with a black element between the two (fuse?) for the positive connection.

In new approach to this philosophy victron (which I still like hihi) I remain a little in hesitation, battery connected, the CCGX screen of the easysolar lights up without having to intervene on any button the central button between the lights remaining on off

We don't know for sure if we should continue with settings? I saw that on my Android app a new 'friend' (smart mppt...) was present, so I allowed him the connection and the update proposal, I launched it, then updated it surprised me but maybe it must be incremental, and that went well ...

Logically I was going to continue to cable the entrance photovoltaic panels ... If this screen hadn't lit up on its own.

Finally, the process for installation, and therefore the first commissioning seems incomplete to me with the documents handed over.

Just before I started with the installation of a BMV712, and for this element I followed the installation procedure from A to Z, no doubt, but in terms of the interconnections between the basic elements of the easysolar,

My next Doubt concern the 'ground' markings, on the PCB.

I just have to connect the mass of the case below at the bottom right on the ground socket of the installation or I must also add the points notes ground on the circuit board ?

Well understood that there is a secure management of this next ground connection whether the AC input is connected or not... And I think that must be the right option for France by default.

Finally I think I lack a general manual on the whole of this easysolar.

The wiring documents provided for the multiplus do not mention the peculiarities of this easysolar and the interconnection already wired for most of them.

Thank you for any help on these multiple uncertainties. And especially on the magic link download of the installation manual of this easysolar.

Kind regards

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Wrong SOC % in CCGX (Easysolar 24V -3kVA )

Hallo !

On the display on my CCGX it shows that the SOC is at 46% although the battery voltage is at 28,2 volts -which should be approximately 90-95%.
(I have checked the battery itself with an external voltmeter and get the same voltage: 28,2 volts )

How can I get the CCGX to show the right SOC %?

I have tried to open out the VE Configure after downloading it to my MAC but I cant find the program to open it (the .rvsc -file) . I would greatly appreciate help on how to get into the VE Configure on my MAC.
Do I need to use the VE Configure to solve my problem of SOC % ....or can I do something directly on the CCGX or maybe the VRM?

Could the problem of having 46% SOC be a result of the battery no beeing balanced?

Balancing / Equalization:

The battery is a Lithium Ion battery (approx. 10 kwh) from recycled electric car batteries (Mitsubishi Miev) - and have been working very well since I got the system a year ago.

The maximum voltage should be 28,7 volts for balancing....but now it goes to float at 28,2 volts. The highest battery voltage (in overall history in the CCGX) according to the MPPT (150/70) is 28,67-so maybe the issue here is that the cells have not been balanced?

I have chosen "Equalization" on the CCGX under Advanced...and it shows: "Starting..." . The battery in at 28,2 volts as mentioned -when will the equalization (balancing) start? And it seem that if I go to another menu on the CCGX the equalization stops....-is that right? Do I need to leave the display of "Starting..." to remain in order for it to equalize ?

I would be very happy for help on this :-)


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What is the Difference between Shore and Grid in AC Input 1

This setup is an EasySolar 12/1600 - and in setting up everything I have Grid set to NO - as I have no intentions to feed the grid (for which this unit is not AS4777 compliant anyway in Australia)

However I notice in the Venus when I go to System Setup in the Venus there is reference to monitoring for Shore disconnect:


and also in AC Input 1 the ability to choose different AC Sources.


I can choose between Grid, Generator and Shore. So if I choose Grid here - does that effectively change what I have already set for No Grid via VE.Config? or is it for something in how it manages the power profile (for calculations...)

OR is it for the Ground Relay? where there is reference in this at Section 4.3 of the Manual...

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MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Alarm temperature sense error

I have been getting an alarm going of every day for a few weeks, not relay shore how to resolve the problem.

the error reads as follows: MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Alarm temperature sense error.

i have the all in one EasySolar unit with colour control and the BYD Battery-Box Pro 10.0 with 4 batterys in it.


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EasySolar MPPT and Multiplus configuration

Dear community, good night

I wanted to know if the MPPT and Multiplus Inverters incuded in an EasySolar bundle can be configurated remotely via the VRM + Color Control GX.

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,


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Connecting a Generator to Easysolar IIGX

Hi guys,

I'm scared...

I have connected a cable to my Easysolar IIGX ready to connect a generator for supplemental charging on cloudy days when I still want to run bigger energy draining appliances. I am confident with my wiring, and have connected to the correct 'AC in' (as per manual). Now that it is time to test the generators charging capacity I realise there is very little info surrounding this in the associated literature. I do not know what to expect to see upon successful charging?

The manual also states in section 4.1.7-4.1.9

PowerControl – maximum use of limited AC power

The product can supply a huge charging current. This implies heavy loading of the AC mains or generator. Therefore a maximum current can be set. The product then takes other power users into account, and only uses 'surplus' current for charging purposes.



All settings can be changed with a PC and free of charge software, downloadable from our website www.victronenergy.com

. See this manual for more information - https://docs.victronenergy.com/veconfigure.html

I am wondering if it should be ok to start my generator with whatever 'factory settings' are in the unit...as I have not Installed/used VEConnect in setting up the unit...only the 'Victron connect' app which gives very limited adjustment to the system? (battery voltage, float/absorbtion etc...)

It is a very simple system, 6xPV's with one 48V Lithium battery only...and is working very well.

I do not want to hurt the unit, it being my 'off-grid' full time supply.

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