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How do I make software changes to my 48/3000/35 Easysolar to accept Ryobi RGN2500B?

I have read Multiplus Genrator FAQ and cannot access 'Disable UPS mode', 'Enable Dynamic Current limiting' or 'Weak AC' through Color Controller to make software changes to accept my 2000W 8.33A generator. It is not recognised at all despite setting Input 1 to generator. I assumed Easysolar came with easy BT or WIFI interface. Do I have to purchase additional hardware to make such changes?

I am running offgrid 240V in New Zealand. I have updated software to latest version by Ethernet through USB connection to my mobile data on Tablet. Since update I have been unable to access internet. My system has been registered on VRM. I don't have access to local Victron support so are configuring myself.

I got a 600Mbps: 5GHz 433Mbps, 2.4GHz 150Mbps that supports 802.11 ac standard wifi dongle but this has not been recognized by system. I have USB connected my phone and have been unable to access any internet or VE Configure settings.

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Easysolar II - specific scenarios

If someone can clarify if these scenarios are possible, I would be most grateful. All these scenarios are for off-grid use with ac being only used to supplement the solar power and not to feed back to the grid.

When PV is providing power


Use PV+Battery for all loads. If exceeding the load capacity of the inverter/battery, then pull from the ac mains seamlessly. Otherwise ac is not used.

When PV is not providing power (low light/night)


Use battery for all critical loads. If battery depleted switch to ac. Do not charge battery from ac, but charge next day from PV.

Use ac for non-critical loads. If ac power fails, switch to battery for these loads automatically.

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How much airflow per watt of inverter load?

As much as I'd love to mount my Phoenix 12/1200 in free air, it just has to be in a compartment. I can add all the fans I like, though. How much is enough?

The Phoenix datasheet quotes its "max" efficiency at 92%, I'm going to be a little pessimistic and figure 85%. If 15% of 1200 watts is turning into heat, that's 180 watts I need to move.

Hey, that's pretty similar to the TDP of an average PC, which is adequately cooled by a pair of 25cfm case fans, so I figure something like 50cfm ought to do it. I'm looking at a fan rated at 62cfm, maybe I only need one of those.

There MUST be a more rigorous way to figure this, but all the formulas I find require you to know things I don't know, like the thermal resistance of my heatsink. (Okay, that's internal to the Phoenix, and anyway, it has its own fans so I'm lost at how to even begin.) Does my cocktail-napkin math sound sane, at least?

Also, since I don't have the unit in-hand yet, does anyone happen to know which side of the Phoenix is its intake and which side is the exhaust? The manual says not to mount it with the fan on top, but I can't tell from the photos which side that even is.

Thanks in advance!

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How to force charging batteries at night from grid on an EasySolar with an ESS configuration ?

Actually, my problem was that my SOC was toping at 89% and the EasySolar didn't accept to charge the batteries anymore.

After a little discharge, (SOC at 84% this morning) it finally accepted to charge them.

Now the question is "Why does the EasySolar don't realize that the battery is full ?"

Is there a way to reset the soc at 100% ?

Please tell me if I am in the wrong way of thinking.

Config : EasySolar 3000VA 48V - 500AH LeadAcid Batteries - 2000W solar panels - set up 1 month ago.

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Easysolar 12/1600 install in a van, panel wiring and LiFeYPO4 settings


Bought into Victrons sales speech for Easysolar 12/1600 product for a van project, but it seems some things still remain unanswered. I've read the manual and done the search. This setup will be used year round in different locations, some shaded some not and temperatures will vary mostly between -5 to +25 celsius. I will be living off-grid full time in the vehicle, so i opted for what i believe is a quality product from a European manufacturer, and i really want to like it.

Being that solar power is somewhat of a new option in the energy market (for the average consumer i mean) and it's popularity will grow together with the advance of battery technology. I find that that the manual and available information for a product labeled as Easysolar is lacking. I really think Victron is on to something here, but the documentation needs to be improved.

Ranting aside, to avoid frying my expensive gear and to get this right the first time, i have come here at the fountain of knowledge to be assisted and educated. So please take time to read this post thoroughly.

My setup will be:

Easysolar 12/1600


3x GWL SunnyPoly 165w panels


12v 260ah LiFeYPO4 winston battery with BMS123Smart for monitoring (link is to 200ah battery, otherwise specs should be similar)


Now for the list of actual questions:

1. Series or parallel panel wiring:

-I am under the assumption that parallel wiring would be better for shaded areas, but series better for more challenging conditions. So far I'm going for parallel wiring, will this work? Do i have enough voltage coming out of the paralleled panels to charge my system when in less optimal conditions? Is there a reason i should consider series?

2. If wired parallel, where to connect:

-there are inputs for 3 strings of panels on the Easysolar, is there a difference whether i connect the panels parallel in the roof and come down with one set of connectors and wires or is it better to wire and connect all 3 panels separately? I am inclined to wire them separately just because it would seem more serviceable and more robust to have less connectors and all 3 panels having their own set of cabling all the way from panel to the CC, this make any sense?

3. Inverter/charger settings

-i do not have any kind of color control monitor or such, i only have one VEdirect to usb -cable which i gather is not compatible with the inverter/charger portion of Easysolar but would need a VEbus to usb cable(?). However, when i check the manual page 16 for the table for dip-switch operable voltage settings - there is no setting for lithium batteries to be found at all? What settings do i NEED and HOW to set them now (with either dip-switches or by acquiring the VEbus-cable)?

4. Charge controller settings:

-now this one seems to have a rotary selector for LiFePO4, so that's something that is finally Easy as the name suggests. Apart from flicking the switch to seven is there any additional settings i NEED to change in order to keep my battery healthy? I quess this would be done with the VEdirect to usb cable and a computer then?

5. Is there anything else i need to reconsider before going with this setup?

-i've already acquired the gear mentioned above and will install these in the coming weeks. This will be the single most important aspect of my van, so i would like it to work since it will be a pain in the ass to redo once the project is finished.

Thank you for reading this far, please reply if you have an answer to one of my questions.


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Is possible working with an Easy Solar 24/1600 40-16 230 Vac in 3- Phase?

Hello people, is my first Question in the communityy ;)

I have a inquiry about the capabitily that operaton of the 3 Easy Solar 24/1600 40-16, 230 Vac. We will deloveped an proyect of investigation with an university of the south of Chile.
According to the manual it could, but we have known that it might not be possible.
Someone tried? or did it?



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Victron EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 150/100 Color Control

Guten Tag,

ich habe von der Fa. Victron energy ein Kompaktgerät (Victron EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 150/100 Color Control) welches einen Wechselrichter für PV-Zellen integriert hat.
Gleichzeitig ist in dem Gerät ein Ladegerät enthalten welches Batterien laden kann.




# wieviele PV-Zellen können in Reihe bzw. Parallel angeschlossen werden?

wieviele können PV-Zellen in einem String angeschlossen werden? Und wieviele Strings soll gemacht werden?

Typ ------------Nennleistung Pmpp ---Nennspannung Umpp--- Nennstrom Impp--- Kurzschlussstrom Isc-- Leerlaufspannung Uoc

AC-275P/60S ------275 Wp------------ 31,47 V --------------------8,74 A ----------------9,24 A------------------- 38,50 V

Systemspannung 1000 VDC.

# Wie werden die Anschlüsse angeschlossen werden? Müssen Alle angeschlossen? Und wie werden die Spannung und der Strom drin gerechnet?


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low voltage on inverter while bmv shows 90% battery

hi guys, my system is behaving strangely...thw bmv 700 shows 89%, but the inverter keeps showing low battery alarms and keeps switching on/off. am not on ESS..firmware 2620159...easysolar 48/3000/35....help

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EasySolar II-GX max power... (48/3000/35)

So commissioned a new system a few days ago, it’s standalone with 4x200ah “cranker” batteries. Has ESS and 4kw of panels ..

Ran a “grid fail” test with a load of 2376w (as according to the console) and it went straight to overload and shut down the ac out for long enough to reset every computer. This didn’t happen at 2100w(ish)...

Ambient temp was 21C and batteries >90% charged.

Thought these units are supposed to handle 3000W for a short time and 2400W continuous at 25C?



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EasySolar-II GX and ECO4840P batteries

Hello to all,

Can anyone please advise if the EasySolar-II GX will integrate properly with PowerPlus Energy (Aust) ECO4840P battery banks that have built in proprietary BMS with no communications capability?

The ECO4840P's are not listed in the Victron Battery Compatibility list however PowerPlus Energy state that model ECO4840P is compatible with Victron but there is no clear statement about working specifically with EasySolar-II.

My new EasySolar-II system is fully connected to 2 x ECO4840P's and the EasySolar MPPT charger is being held in OFF state by the GX device.

Just wondering if it's because the GX can't talk to a BMS?

Any advice appreciated.

Kind regards Andrew.

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Internet connection problem in Colour Control


I have enjoyd using Easysolar 3000 in my summer cottage. This off-grid installation has been connected to internet by using mobile phone’s usb hotspot - and this did worked well until MAY 2019.

So last spring -a year ago - usb internet connection stopped working and haven’t worked since. I’ve updated firmwire to latest version several times, tried different phones and connections, contacted national (Finnish) importer...

My understanding is that this connection problem is not due to mobile but instead of Easysolar. I’d love to have this fixed at last now when summer is about to start.

What should I do? Is there a chance that something has broken? Could I buy a and use wifi-dongle to connect wia wlan?

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Extending future Off Grid system

Hello Victron friends ,

I am planning an Off grid system with certain features :

1- It will feed a little weekend house at the beggining , so a 5Kva would be more than ok

2 - After 3 years time I will need to increase loads at night time ( 8000 w x 4 hours / night ) so I will need to add more Inverter and more Battery , panels , etc ) Loads during day time will be low.

3- After 5 years I will need to increase loads at night even more , so let say 12000 w x 4 hours at night ) so I wll need to add more battery and inverters , etc...

After reading a lot about Victron off grid systems there are different ways to acomplish this , but I am new to this and my electrical knowledge is near 0 so sometimes I do not understand all what I read ...

My conclusions maybe are totally wrong or maybe there are better ways to do this , in that case could you make me a correction or recommendation , ok let me try to explain what is running inside my head ...

To start with inicial requirements 1- ( weekend house ) in order to make things easy I would choose an Easysolar 48v 5Kva with a big BYD battery

2- In order to increase power at night ( 8000 w x 4 hours ) I was thinking in adding a 5Kva Multiplus and another battery

3- Now to increase power at night even more (12000 w x 4 hours ) I was thinking of adding another Multiplus and battery

Is this set up correct ? Is there a better way ?? Can Easy solar work with Quattro or only with Multiplus ?

Basically the most important thing is that I will need a lot of power to run the loads at night , this loads will be basically around 1000 bulb led in Step 2 , and 1500 bulb led in Step 3 .

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and comments

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Venus GX -> NMEA2000 / Signal K

I have an EasySolar 24/1600 that I'm looking to tie into my vessels sensor / monitoring network.

From reading this article it looks like the recommended approach has been to bridge both the VE.Bus connection from the internal MultiPlus and VE.Direct from the MPPT direct to N2K. In the comments section though there was talk of a CCGX -> NMEA integration. Is this still something on the horizon?

I'm assuming it will apply to the Venus GX too? If so, that would be a much neater integration (VE.Bus and VE.Direct -> Venus GX -> NMEA) as well as providing a couple of additional sensor inputs.

On a slightly related note, has there been any consideration for providing a direct Signal K interface from the Venus / CCGX?

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EasySolar - mppt & multiplus different V readings

EasySolar 3000 48V with 150/70 MPPT

Viewing through CCGX the MPPT is reading 0.2 to 0.3 volts higher than the Multi.

Why is this? Can it be calibrated?


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easysolar 48/3000 - inverter upgrade, or paralleling with additional inverter...?

I have an Easysolar 48/3000, with an additional 150/70 MPPT connected to cope with 18x 315W panels - all going good. But I want to use the excess power after charging (4 BYD lithium batteries) to run dump load into hot water tank or a electrically heated slab. I need more output to cope with this and normal daily use, and for ocassional heavy welder usage.

Should I -

simply disconnect the exisiting inverter of the Easysolar and get a newer Multiplus2 48/5000 inverter (with extra battery charge rating), to take its place? If it connect up with the CCGX and rest of everything else without issue?


attempt to parallel another identical Multiplus 48/3000 (sounds like there are issues with age of units and setup?) Current unit firmware is 418, product id 2620.

I would prefer to have a combined single output, rather than have 2 separate AC output lines.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! I can share the vrmportal site if that is helpful....

Thanks, Sean.

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EasySolar-II-GX not charging

Hi to all,

I have an EasySolar-II-GX 48/3000 system that went live yesterday and won't charge the battery bank. There is sufficient PV voltage. System parameters are:

- PowerPlus Energy (Aust) Lipo battery bank installed, user defined battery settings as per spec.

- Off grid system & no generator. A.C charge capability disabled.

- Multiplus firmware V471

- MPPT firmware V1.46

- GX device firmware V2.53

It appears the MPPT controller is stuck in OFF state as the remote input to it is held LOW by the GX device. Remote input voltage level checked with multimeter at 0 volts.

If I remove the remote control link wire from GX to MPPT and bridge MPPT remote input (H to L) as per manual then the MPPT operates as expected and charges batteries.

My question is, under what circumstances does the GX device inhibit the MPPT charge operation?

I have updated all firmwares and may have inadvertently upset one of the settings somewhere so an incorrect setting may be the cause.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards, Andrew.



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Easysolar 48/5000/70-100

Easysolar 48/5000/70-100 new install. System ran fine for 7hrs but now inverter is turning on/off every few seconds. No faults are shown and battery voltage is 55volts. All loads from inverter have been isolated.



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How to keep Victron equipment cool in hot Aussie summers?

simple question - what can I do to bring the temp of my inverter/reg and batteries down (running easysolar 48/5000 w/ 10kw BYD lithium). Can I bring the inverter units fans on prior factory setting? other options?


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SoC stuck in 100%

I have EasySolar 48/5000/70 MPPT150|100. I faced with the issue that SoC is 100% always, even if batteries partly discharged or charging or discharging. I have configured the system according to 2.4.2 case B (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ccgx:start#battery_state_of_charge_soc). Could you give me some advice about what I should check or correct in order to measure real SoC?

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EasySolar-II SOC keeps falling and never rises?

Recently commissioned a EasySolar-II 3kva 48v system running PowerPlus Energy 4kwh ECO module. Setup battery monitor on VEconfigure, programmed mppt as per powerplus recommendation and all looking good. About 5 days later system shutdown on low SOC cut-out, went to site and batteries full and on float but SOC showing 15% so it had slowly gone down each day after i left but was in fact being charged fully each day. Where have i gone wrong??

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Firmware update on multiplus (in Easysolar 24/3000/70-50

Hi !

I have a Easysolar 24/3000 (bought in 2018) with a 10 kW lithium battery bank.

I works fine, but I see that my firmware version is 413. Do I need to update it as long as the system works fine?

My impression is that I do not need to, as long as everything is OK. Correct?


@ Guy Stewart
@Daniël Boekel

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Generator unable to connect (Easysolar 24/3000 -70)

Hallo !

I have an Easysolar 24/3000 system with 10 kW lithium and 1800 wats of panels that work fine. However I need a backup source of energy to charge my battery in October/November since the sun is low/absent in Norway then....

I have a 2,2 kW generator that works fine for tools, lights etc. if I use it directly -but I can not use it to charge my battery through the multiplus in mye Easysolar (from 2018).

I can see it connect and it shows 100-150 wats of charging for a brief moment before it disconnects.
I have tried to lower input current and I have also hooked off for "Weah AC" in VE.Configure.

The generator is a fairly cheap, but good and very common generator -see picture. I have considered buying a Honda 2.0 i generator -could this generator work better?

(I might only need the generator 2-3 times a year so I want to get away with a small and cheap generator)


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PV Charger stopped showing up on CCGX

Hi I have an (off grid) EasySolar 48/3000/35 Mppt 150/70 the CCGX has stopped showing PV Charger, When I have rebooted and it will appear on CCGX for about 90sec then disappears, the solar charger is still working (can see it on Bluetooth Dongle) and voltage at battery is showing so too. As the PV charger is not showing on CCGX it is not showing correct SOC either.

I have also changed ve direct ports on back of CCGX but no different.

help : )

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Electrical system recommendation for offshore sailing yacht

Hi Victron Community,

I hope these stressful quarantine days find you well.

Let me explain what I have and what I want to accomplish and maybe you can help answer some of my questions and concerns

I am making switching to electric propulsion on my 43'(13.1m) yacht since the 40 year old Diesel Buhk/hydraulic drive system has seen better days.

For this I am installing a Fischer Panda 8000 NE PMS 230VAC 50Hz max power 6.5kW

The propulsion motor I am considering would be 48VDC with around 15 to 20kW of power with an expandable 48V 100 Amp-Hour battery bank

I also want to solar panels provide some level of charge as I am planning on cruising to the south pacific islands.

I have been considering the EasySolar II GX setup since it seems to have all of the parts in one unit.

One of my fears is that it's IP rating is 2.1, which would mean that I would most likely have to install the unit in dry locker that is constantly ventilated.

Would you recommend going this route of would you go for separate components for each one of the functions of the EasySolar unit, meaning, separate charger, inverter, MPPT solar charge controller, battery balancer etc... Price would not be an issue, as I estimate the costs of having to replace the EasySolar unit would offset going the separate route.

I think it's a big decision and it's possible to argue for both configurations:
1.On the one hand would like the fact that I could maintain each of the functions separately in case either of them fails, whereas with the EasySolar I imagine it would be very hard to debug issues since it seems like it would all be bundled together, and the low environmental rating makes me think it would not be very well suited for the marine environment.
2.On the other hand having everything centralized in a neat small package would make it indeed easier to accommodate in a very well designed dry locker with proper ventilation and possibly a small dehumidifier.

I apologize for the long message, but I seem to have a lot of spare time these days and it's got me wondering.

Let me know what you think.

Kind Regards



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MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Alarm temperature sense error

I have been getting an alarm going of every day for a few weeks, not relay sore how to resolve the problem.

the error reads as follows: MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Alarm temperature sense error.

i have the all in one EasySolar unit with colour control and the BYD Battery-Box Pro 10.0 with 4 batterys in it.


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Optimizing self consumption of EasySolar II GX (1-phase) in a 3-phase house


i plan to install an EasySolar II GX (1-phase) with PV panels and batteries in a house connected to 3-phase grid.

Here in Germany the official gris meter uses balanced metering (if I use high current on phase 1 but feed back the same on phase 2, the meter is not counting).

Thats why I would like to connect a 3-phase grid meter (EM24?) in order to measure the total load on all 3 phases.

The EasySolar should then optimize self consumption by using the total load on all 3 phases, even though in reality it is feeding only on phase 1.


House draws 5A on each phase 2 and 3.

Easysolar should then feed back 10A on phase 1 in order to optimize self consumption.

Is that possible and which settings do i need to configure?

Best regards


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EasySolar 48/5000 Manual


Thw EasySolar 48/5000 manual is not available in downloads section https://www.victronenergy.com/inverter-charger-mppt/easysolar#manuals



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Easy Solar II GX connection to BYD premium LVS

Does anyone have experience and knowledge about the compatibility of Victron's easysolar II GX with the new BYD premium LVS?

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Multiplus programmable relay wiring

I want to run a 4G router, on DC load to avoid the inverter idle consumption, with an Easysolar 48/3000 so I can remotely monitor it. The router will run on a 48v-24v PoE adapter with max 0.7A.

I was thinking I'd use the Multiplus programmable relay set to disconnect on low voltage. I've understood this is max 1A at 48v.

This might be a stupid question, but do I simply run a positive cable from the battery through the relay (NC port in from battery, coms out to the PoE adapter?) and set it to open/on at e.g. 48v in the Assistant section in VEConfigure software?


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EasySolar 1600 24V and HalfCut panels, cell count

Tried to find some details about cell count on panels and EasySolars MPPT chargers MC4 connectors.

Are the three PV inputs on easysolar 1600 connected internally paraller or serial? Can I connect to each of them panel string that has max 100V voltage?

If I use Amerisolar AS-6M30-HC 330W panels, do I need to worry about cell count per panel? Im thinking of putting two AS panels in serial, and connecting to each EasySolars MC4 connector one string of max 85V strings. Voc @STC is just a bit over 40V. These panels have 120 cells per panel, so connected in serial theres going to be 240 cells per string, but the PV stays under 100V. How meaningful this cell count is?

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