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EasySolar-II GX MPPT shorted

Solar charge controller suddenly disappeared from GX, internal breaker tripped and solar +/- are seem to be shorted. Panel Voc has never been over 200V and Isc over 30A. What could cause such a failure? Device itself only a few months old.

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how to connect different pv with different WP and mppt point to my solar set?

Hi all, I'm new here and looking for some answers....

I'm currently using 2 solar sets for my house truck.

The first set is my household set, currently one pv combination (3x monocristal 210Wp parallel connected) which is connected to mppt 100-50 also with 4 new agm batteries 24v parallel 145Ah each battery. I have victron inverter 24v500W and all guarded by my BMV (with apps for bmv,mppt 2x, and inverter) also I connected directly to the batteries a cheap nonsinus inverter (chinese) of 1500W (i have 230VAC fridge 150W which needed some more peakpower).

My second set is a seperate victron set for my lead - start batteries. 2 panels with 75-15 victron mppt loading start batteries ( they only use drop load, since batteries stays almost full.. its a bit overdone, but want always to be able to drive when needed).

When turned one the generator/AC from the net, I use a victron centaur 30A 24v to charge my household batteries and a 10A 24v mastervolt charger to charge start batteries.

I'm here at this forum because I want to figure out how its possible to use 2 or 3 DIFFERENT sets of pv (perhaps connected to a new easysolar 24v 1600VA, co combine all the seperate parts into one. BUT, the 2nd and 3rd PV set will be another type of panel with different mppt point and Wp..

So my first question is to figure out, how to use max. capacity of solar panels in different sets, connected to a MPPT, or easySolar. My dream solution is to use 3 different pv sets,connected to a Easysolar, which load both household set and (dropload) my startbattery. I want to ask you guys if this would work and if that means that my victron centaur, my existing mppt 100-50 and my mppt 75-15 become obsolete.

What I already found out here is that each input on the easy solar is protected 30A. But what happens between the 30A connections and the mppt? are the cables just connected together in 1 PV connection at the internal mppt from the easysolar and does this give space for different pv sets?

And second question, is it harmfull that i put a second nonsinus inverter directly to my batteries? The batteries are almost new (bought last summer) and i don't want to destroy them. but i realise with almost no sun, the batteries run empty in 2 days.. which is too fast..

i hope my question is a bit clear and hope to find some tips and tricks to tackle this problem!

thanks already! Ropski. :)

ropski asked
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Connecting thru 63A RCD

On The easysolar 48/5000 can i connect my general switchboard directly thru 63A RCD? I already have 12 rcd s în my Main switchboard and i don t want to use the easysolar output, except for the ac2 out. Can it affect my warranty?

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EasySolar 48 5000 ac out 2

Hi, i have an easysolar 48/5000, i also have a generator and a temporar grid acces. Does ac out 2 benefits from pv Power or batteries? I read the manual and it says that the current will only go thru AC out 2? I have a heat pump wich i want to connect to the inverter, but i also want to get ac from panels during the day for the ac out 2, for the moment. After i finish the entire project i want to get rid of the grid and stay only with generator and batteries.


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EasySolar 24/1600/40, GEL-Batteries, How to set up for heavy Loads?


I am completely Off-Grid, so no AC-Charging or Power.

I have two 12v220Ah-GEL Batteries connected in series to the EasySolar, I was told by the seller that it would be best for the batteries to not load them with more than 0.1C, that means 22A. (First question, is this true?)

So I set up my MPPT charger to load the batteries with max 25A (i have a fridge running all the time...).

As the seller told me as well, it is also most healthy for the batteries to not unload them with more than 0.1C, which is again 22A, in a 24V system this means i can use a maximum of 528Watt if i want to be nice to the GEL-batteries. ;)

But in the future i might want to use heavier Loads, lets say a vacuum cleaner with 1200Watt. The Inverter of the EasySolar can do it, and with a max of 1400Watt on the MPPT100/50, it should be able to do it completely with sunlight.

Now since i understand it would not be good for the GELs to suck the 1200Watts out of them, i wanna vacuum only during a sunny day.

But My MPPT Charger is set to a maximum of 22A on the Load.

The Question:

In order to use full power of the solar panels, do I have to manually lift this limit, everytime when I want to use my vacuum or another heavy load, and then, when i am done using the load, do i have to set it back to 22A-25A in order to not damage my batteries? Or did i miss another spot in the settings, where i can solve this issue, so that it switches automaticly?

Thanks in advance!

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Generator Configuration missing in EasySolar IIGX remote console?

I've got a EasySolar IIGX and wish to connect my generator and configure autostart and silent hours, however the Generator menu seems to be missing from mye Remote Console - I can only configure the generator from VEconfig. Am I missing something here? Are the advanced generator features of the Multiplus not available in the Easysolar? Any tips to how to set up silent hours using EasySolar IIGX?

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Run DC load with Easysolar?

I have an Easysolar 48/4000/150-70 waiting to be installed, and will run a Lifepo4 battery pack with REC BMS that connects to CCGX with CAN. I've understood this will give SOC and charge/discharge instructions to the solar control and inverter to avoid over/under voltage. However, I'd also like to run a 4G router on 9–30 VDC (max 7 watts) without the inverter running with high idle consumption (25 watts) and not risk running the battery low.

1. Is there anyway to pass through 48V through the Easysolar / Multiplus?

2. The Multiplus programmable relay supports 4A up to 35V (1A to 60V) - could I run the router on that relay alone?

3. If not, I assume I can use the Multiplus programmable relay to control a 48v relay (e.g. Crydom ED06D5 with a control voltage range of 5-15 DC) based on SOC (with a 48 to 12 converter)?

bigvt asked
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Can EasySolar II replicate Immersun feature?

We have an EasySolar-II with Pylontech batteries and PV panels. All is working fine. We also have a small Truma electric boiler which we usually use keep the water hot in a sunny day.

In the UK I know about Immersun, that takes the excess of the PV panels that are deemed to be exported to grid and instead can be used to e.g. heat your water tank.

EasySolar-II has a second circuit output and I am wondering if I could use it to, even if requiring adjustments or even programming, take the excess, let's say anything above 50 W, once batteries are, say, at least 95% charged, and then use it to heat the water, automatically, without me having to pay attention to the weather conditions or the like.

Many thanks in advance,


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EasySolar-II-GX not charging

Hi to all,

I have an EasySolar-II-GX 48/3000 system that went live yesterday and won't charge the battery bank. There is sufficient PV voltage. System parameters are:

- PowerPlus Energy (Aust) Lipo battery bank installed, user defined battery settings as per spec.

- Off grid system & no generator. A.C charge capability disabled.

- Multiplus firmware V471

- MPPT firmware V1.46

- GX device firmware V2.53

It appears the MPPT controller is stuck in OFF state as the remote input to it is held LOW by the GX device. Remote input voltage level checked with multimeter at 0 volts.

If I remove the remote control link wire from GX to MPPT and bridge MPPT remote input (H to L) as per manual then the MPPT operates as expected and charges batteries.

My question is, under what circumstances does the GX device inhibit the MPPT charge operation?

I have updated all firmwares and may have inadvertently upset one of the settings somewhere so an incorrect setting may be the cause.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards, Andrew.



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Easysolar II GX reliability

Had a Easysolar II GX working great for 6 weeks then one afternoon the MPPT stops working, heard that the emc filter board might have packed up

The Easysolar II GX does not seem to be a popular model, could the reason be a reliability issue

tariq asked
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Battery current different in Connect app and "System Battery Voltage and Current" on VRM site


I have a EasySolar-II GX and when I look at the battery current in the connect app it is about twice the value in VRM "System - Battery Voltage and Current". Is this a bug or do I missunderstand something?



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Sub-50Hz compensation in PV-Inverter support

PV Inverter support uses frequency shifting to steer PV Inverter output on the AC branch.

This works very nice and reliable with Fronius inverters in our nstallations.

However, this frequency shift works only in the 50Hz+ range, there is never a compensation below 50Hz:


Now all devices in the microgrid that take these 50Hz as source for their internal clocks (actually quite a few do - e.g. microwave oven clocks) start to get ahead of time noticeably within a month.

Wouldn't it be possible to implement a sub-50Hz compensation in the nighttime to counter the effect that accumulates over daytime?

As soon as e.g. the Fronius switches off for the night, there shouldn't be any adverse effects to lower network frequency to 49.5 or so.

According to our measurements, the clock skew can be as much as 0.8% per day - so I'd really appreciate if the assistant had some compensation measures built-in.

PS: If I choose "50Hz" as tag, it gets converted to "EasySolar All-in-one". ???

petajoule asked
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Anti-Vibration Mountings in Camper Trailer RV

Hi Everyone,

I am making up a plywood panel upon which are mounted, MPPT 75/15, Orion TR 12/12 30, Phoenix Inverter 12/375 and a combiner box that houses the BMV, shunt, fuses etc.

It is going into a camper trailer and is vertically mounted on the front wall of the trailer.

The trailer has relatively stiff suspension (esp when unloaded), and is used in Africa on long stretches of very rough roads, a corrugations (washboard) road.

I am concerned about vibration damage to the victron components (and they are darn expensive), so I am considering mounting this plywood panel on 4 Rubber anti-vibration mounts.

Is this a good idea? How robust are the victron products to vibration?

I would appreceiate anyone elses experiences and tips in mounting this kit in high vibration environments.



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EasySolar 12/1600/70: Inverter won't start after Firmware update

Multiplus Compact showing battery 0 v , Alarm Led alternativly blinking with yellow/Green LEDs. Also charger Not working

BMV 700 showing 13,3 V, battery fully loaded

Reset to factory did not work

What can i do?

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Help a newbie wiring Easysolar remote switch


I’d like to install a remote switch to my Easysolar 1600. Because I’m a newbie, I’d like to ask for help to eliminate costly mistakes.

From what I gather I could use generic 3 position switch, such as this https://www.amazon.com/Single-Double-Rocker-Switches-SHIPPING/dp/B074XKDH9F to remotely change between on/off/charger only. Am I correct?

The next question is about the wiring. It’s not clear to me to which poles I should connect to which Easysolar inputs (charger, middle, on).

I know that there are similar questions asked before, but they seem to concern Multiplus, which has different inputs (ch, +, on IIRC).

I would appreciate if someone could instruct how to do the wiring (or if I’m completely mistaken and this should be left to professionals).

thank you in advance!

Matias Käkelä asked
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EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX + BYD B-Box Premium LVS

Dear All,

I wanted to confirm If I can or I cannot connect BYD LVS battery to EasySolar-II GX 3000.

Here in the datsheet it is written that I cannot:


Just wanted to confirm :)

Best regards.

enersol asked
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EasySolar II - Network Reset?

Hey Victron Community,

We recently had an Easy Solar II installed at our house.
While trying to connect to the local WIFI, I have unchecked the "Create Access Point"... (yeah rookie mistake Im now aware of :) )

Ive tried connecting to the device via the LAN connection, but remember while browsing the settings prior to disconnection that LAN was disable (how it was installed).

So... Is there a means to reset just the Network Settings outside of the Digital Control panel?
I see there is a reset button on the Easy Solar II, and I have tried to search online for what this button does, but have come up short.
Is this a factory reset button? Reboot? or Network reset?
I do not want any of my other settings (charge level/battery settings) to be lost if possible.

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Easysolar stopped working after Firmware update.

Hi, I have a Victron Easysolar 24/1600/40. I have never been able to get it to work with my generator so I purchased I Mk3 USB interface. I plugged that into the Easysolar unit this morning and it did a software (device firmware) update. Ever since the software update the Red alarm light and the Green and Yellow light are flashing alternately and there is no inverter output. Running the generator makes no difference but the solar charger is working. Any ideas? I've had loads of issues with this thing!!!! :-(

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PV Charger stopped showing up on CCGX

Hi I have an (off grid) EasySolar 48/3000/35 Mppt 150/70 the CCGX has stopped showing PV Charger, When I have rebooted and it will appear on CCGX for about 90sec then disappears, the solar charger is still working (can see it on Bluetooth Dongle) and voltage at battery is showing so too. As the PV charger is not showing on CCGX it is not showing correct SOC either.

I have also changed ve direct ports on back of CCGX but no different.

help : )

mike45 asked
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CCGX loses connection to VE.direct Charge Controller 90sec after reboot

EasySolar 24/3000/70 Mppt 150/70 that we installed for an off grid client. The system has been installed and working fine for 2.5 years and then suddenly the PV Panel does not show on the CCGX display, device list shows "MPPT not connected". However, the MPPT charger is fine and is charging the battery.

A reboot of the CCGX always brings the connection to the MPPT back to life, however after 90 seconds it loses the connection again. This behaviour is repeatable with loss of connection about 90 seconds after a reboot.

There is no USB hub or VE.direct extension cables in the system and this is the original Victron-supplied VE.direct cable that has up till now been working fine. This is an EasySolar system with the VE.direct cable prewired inside the EasySolar. This is a single EasySolar system with no other devices.

I have unplugged and replugged both ends of the VE.direct cable and the problem is still there. No firmware updates have been done as this system is not internet connected. Is this a cable problem or something else? Why would there be a fault now after 2.5 years of good operation?

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Virtual switch settings on VeConfig

270W solar panels- EasySolar 48/3000 (Multi) with MPPT 150/50- 4x200 Ah gel batteries in series for 48V . BMV 700 - CCGX Color control. No Grid feed in allowed . Grid available for AC IN.

I am having serious difficulties setting up ESS / Assistant with VEConfig.

When looking at what Virtual Switch can offer, I realize this is far enough for what I want to do.

1_ Use as much solar as possible to recharge the batteries ,

2- Set VS for Grid ACIn to come ON when batteries are too low (50 V) or when a heavy load is powered .

I have set up VS on VEConfig . All seem OK; I have "sent" the settings .

However, I do not see my Multi behaving according to the VS settings . Example . i have SET AC IN "ON" if more than 3000 W is requested , or if batteries get lower to 50 V.

Right now my batteries are 52 V, and my AC OUT loads are 500 w.

Until I solve the VS settings problem, I have my EasySolar "ACIN" breaker on "OFF" as I do not need , nor want any AC IN .

If I turn on the AC In breaker with these voltage / Watts described above, my AC In comes in ? It should not.

Did I forget something after setting VS on VEConfig ?


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Mppt 150/70 MC4 (two different solar panells groups)

Hi, i'm planning on buying a EasySolar 24/3000 150/70 MC4, but i have 2x160w solar panels and 2x350w solar panels. Each group will be conected in series, but my question is: can i connect each group separetly to the two mc4 conector sets on the mppt controller, or would there be a bottleneck?

Do i have to buy a sepparate mppt for the 2x160w group?

Thank you.

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Isolation transformer earth connection without ground plane ?

Isolation transformer earth connection

Hi all

Just installed an isolation transformer in my boat.The noauto 2000w model.

Make the link from the input PE terminal to J34a.

So everything should be ready.

Can see in the manual that all metal (motor, drive, keel, etc.) must be connected to the terminal at the bottom of the transformer.

There is no ground level (Seaground) on the sailboat.

Is it necessary to connect all this?

Will sail drive and keel be corroded? Maybe they will act as a ground plate.


kanselv asked

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Truma Saphir an EasySolar 12V/1600VA

Ich möchte die Truma Saphir Compact an die EasySolar 12V/1600VA anschließen.

Der Dauerverbrauch der Klimaanlage liegt bei 2,8A/230V, das sind 644 Watt, sollte also locker reichen.

Der Start-Stromverbrauch liegt bei 15A für 150ms, das sind 3450 Watt. Die Spitzenleistung des EasySolar ist mit 3000 Watt angegeben.

Meine Frage: Schafft er 3450Watt für 150ms?

ulrichc asked

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EasySolar-II SOC keeps falling and never rises?

Recently commissioned a EasySolar-II 3kva 48v system running PowerPlus Energy 4kwh ECO module. Setup battery monitor on VEconfigure, programmed mppt as per powerplus recommendation and all looking good. About 5 days later system shutdown on low SOC cut-out, went to site and batteries full and on float but SOC showing 15% so it had slowly gone down each day after i left but was in fact being charged fully each day. Where have i gone wrong??

mark-dreyer asked
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SOC stuck in 85 % in EasySolar CCGX

I have 11 OFF Grid system with 3 KVA EasySolar + 400 Ah or 800 Ah in different systems installed from 1-2 years, the problem is The SOC of 9 sites is stuck in 85 % (float )
I tried to do the steps in this https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/823/why-is-my-maximum-soc-stuck-at-85.html

It reaches 100 % but after time it backs to 85 % So what is the problem?

abdallah-salamah asked
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charge settings Beaut AGM100-12

We have installed an Easysolar 24-1600-40 in our off-grid cabin on a small island.

Most of the time it will be charged by our solarpanels (2x2 260WP).

I am struggeling to adjust the charge settings for our batteries: two Beaut AGM100-12 batteries in series (=24V 100Ah)

Could somebody advice me on that? specific for these batteries? I have attached the specs sheet of the batteries.

I would like to know the best values for: (between ( ) my guess)

absorption voltage (??V)

float voltage (27.40V)

equalization voltage (29.40V)

temperature compensation (12cells * -4mV/degree Celsius =-48mV/degree Celsius)

Thank you in advance!


Beaut accu wms_agm100-12.pdf

offgrid-cabin-easysolar asked
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Easy-Solar/ESS Batterie im Pufferbetrieb


Ich benötige Hilfe bei meiner Installation:

Easy Solar MK II / 4X150AH Gel / ESS / Netzparallel / 2X4 X 320W Module in Ost-West

Um die Lebenszeit meiner Batterieanlage zu verlängern würde ich gerne diese nur im Pufferbetrieb betreiben ( Batterie-Ladezustand möglichst immer 100% )

Bei Einstellung Batterie geladen halten, wird die Batterie sogar bis unter 48% entladen (Tagsüber bei vollem Sonnenschein ), obwohl überschüssige Energie vorhanden ist und diese auch ins Netz geschoben wird.

Wenn ich umstelle auf Optimiert mit Batterie Life und einen SOC von 100% benutze, wird nur die Batterie geladen( mit ca 40W) und sonst nix, obwohl die Module 1500W hätten und es wird auch keine überschüssige Energie eingespeist.

Wenn ich den SOC auf 95% stelle, geht der Batterie-Ladezustand auch runter, sogar auf 60%-70% ( ebenfalls bei voller Sonneneintrahlung )

Wie kann ich verhindern das meine Batterie leer genuckelt wird obwohl die Sonne scheint ?



layesp asked

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EasySolar-II 48-3000 Power limiting MPPT / Solar

Hi Guys,

I need some assistance here, any inputs appreciated;


1 X Victron EasySolar-II 48-3000

1 X 100Ah Lithium ION Battery

8 X 360W Canadian Solar PV panels facing true North on 25 degrees roof (I'm in South Africa) (4 X Series + 4 X Series, 2 X Series pairs connect in parallel to EasySolar using 6mm2 cable)

I played around with the PV Panels, when I disconnect 1 X Series string the MPPT max out at 1220W with Battery charging, Essential loads + Loads on 6000W (Running ESS) This is quite acceptable.

The issue is both Series strings paired in parallel, get MAX of 1800W from MPPT. In fact over the passed week I got 1800W MAX from the EasySolar over 24-hours.

According to my calculations I should get around 2300W from the 8 X 360W PV Panels.

The EasySolar is equipped with a 250/70 MPPT, and is rated at 4000W.

Any thoughts on why I'm limited at 1800W on Solar power?

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Easysolar 24V/1600 doesn't use solar energy while charging battery

Hallo all!

I've just installed this equipment with 3x2PV (230Watt each) and a couple of 12V-90AH

Victron Gel battery.

My aim is to use it in hybrid mode: Battery, Sun, 220V energy grid.

When the sun shines i see the mppt charge controller delivering energy to my battery and my load, with the energy grid disconnected.

But, if the solar energy is not enough to sustein my load, i assist to a rapid fall in battery charge

and than, during the charger intervention the residual solar power is fully unused.

Is it the correct behaviour?

Did i miss somenthing?



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