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ColorControl inside EasySolar 48/5000


the EasySolar 48/5000 comes with a built in ColorControl.

Is this exactly the same as the "stand alone" ColorControl GX?

Does it have the same in-/outputs and connections and are they all accessible inside the EasySolar case?

Thanks :)

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Can an EasySolar be parallel with EasySolar / MultiPlus / Phoenix / Quatro

Two EasySolars (5kV / 48V) can be configured in parallel.

But is it possible to configure an EasySolar (5kV / 48V) parallel with an MultiPlus, Phoenix or Quatro (of 5kV / 48V)?

I don't know what kind of firmware / chipset these other models have. But it seems a bit redundant to combine 2 EasySolars (to have 2 times the build in MTTP capacity / 2 times a Color Control).

I need more output then one EasySolar can provide.

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Victron EasySolar configuration with small battery bank

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for advice on the configuration of a Victron EasySolar 3KVA system configured as grid-connected, zero-feed in ESS. I have eight 12v 100AH Hankook DC31MF leisure batteries configured as 4P2S giving me a 48v 200AH bank. The battery SOC seems sit around 95%, occasionally hitting 100% in the summer.

This has been running for a couple of years but I'm finding that most of the time the system seems to be cycling between a few minutes of Inverter On (discharging) until I see a "Low Battery" warning, followed by a few minutes of charging. The other "issue" I have is that whenever the mains power fails there seems to be insufficient battery power available to power the system - this results in an outage.

So, I have a couple of questions:

1. Is the battery capacity "sufficient" to use in this configuration and should it be able to perform as a UPS (albeit in a limited capacity) when mains power fails?

2. Is the discharge/charge cycling to be expected - looking at the system now I have 120W AC load and its cycling every few minutes...?

3. In the absence of any specific data for these batteries, I have them configured as Gel/AGM as this seems to match the only data I manged to get from the manufacturer:

Manufacturers Recommended Battery Voltages
Daily Cycle: 14.4 (57.6)
Float: 13.2 (52.8)
EQ: 15.5 (62)

My Configuration (Note: Float is a little higher than manufacturer recommended):


Dynamic Cutoff is also at the default for Gel/AGM - is this ok?


Restart Offset:again default for Gel/AGM is this ok?


Any help/advice gratefully accepted!!

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How do I get the Multiplus thats inside my EasySolar to appear on Victron Connect ?

I have a Victron EasySolar 48/5000 with colour control, 6 x 330 watt solar panels and 8 x 6v 300ah Narada Lead Carbon batteries. The site is completely Off Grid, No Cellphone coverage or internet. The solar charge controller bluetooths to my phone but the Multiplus does not. Error 38 comes up if I run the backup generator for more that 45 mins. I think the Multiplus is set to a higher charging voltage than the Solar Controller and this causes the error 38.I need to check and change the Multiplus settings as shown in the Vicron Connect Demo . I am not sure witch Dongle device I need, can anyone advise me, Thanks.

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Help with simple Off-Grid Setup 48v EasySolar + LiFePo4


i'm starting my plans about a simple off-grid solar setup, built around EasySolar 48/5000 and LiFePo4 Batteries.

My goal of the setup is to have one normal european AC 230V-16A output, so that i can plug in for example a washing machine (most of them reach 3200W while heating the water), or simply all electronic products suitable for AC 230V outlets. That is why i chose the EasySolar 48/5000, that offers around the wattage necessary. Also the ability to load this with an external power source. So this is fix.

About the size of the batteries, i am not sure yet if i need double Ah, or if 100Ah is enough, but this is easy to exchange, when i know that all other components are in a correct setup.

I would really appreciate someone looking at the simple setup plan to check:

- if all the components kind of fit and work together,

- if some important parts are missing,

- if it could be simpler or less components (= cheaper, but i dont think so, its super simple already),

- what special connection cables i need, that dont come with the main products,

- is a 250A Fuse behind the batteries right? (the BatteryProtect has a Maximum Peak Current of 250A so i figured this would be fine...)

I am new to Lithium-Batteries and the VE.Bus BMS, so especially there i am not sure, if all connections are correct. Or if the VE.Bus BMS is the right BMS for me... Also i saw inverted and non-inverted remote cables. What do i need?

- do i need something like a battery balancer? it seems to me that it does not make sense with Lithium-Batteries...or am i wrong?

Im looking forward to someone leaving a statement to this setup and my questions.

Thanks in advance :)


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Wide Voltage range - low voltage fault EasySolar

Hi All

I have a Easysolar, running Multiplus 48/5000/100 with 4x 390Wsolar panels ( 2 pane ls in series in parallel) and 4 x 48v Aeon batteries parallel.

I am getting low voltage faults late in the afternoon, batteries; are fully charged. The recorded voltage drops to 30 v resulting in Low battery Voltage. Fault and inverter shutting down.

I have checked connections to battery and all look ok.

what could be causing this wide range of voltage?

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Is Victron planning to release an EasySolar II 5000VA?

Is Victron planning to release an EasySolar II 5000VA?

ryanb asked
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How to keep Victron equipment cool in hot Aussie summers?

simple question - what can I do to bring the temp of my inverter/reg and batteries down (running easysolar 48/5000 w/ 10kw BYD lithium). Can I bring the inverter units fans on prior factory setting? other options?


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EasySolar 12/1600 red and Green/Yellow LEDs blinking alternatly, Inverter doesnt start, no AC out AC

Hallo community,

my multiplus compact (im Easysolar 12/1600) in an austrian cottage in the mountains won´t start any more, inverter and charger don´t work , the red LED and green/yellow LEDs are blinking alternatly.

MPPT is working, battery is loaded 100 % , i already updated 3x with newest firmware, the fuse inside is oK

many thanks for your help


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Low Battery Alarm at 48V in a ESS system

In my EasySolar 5000 system running ESS I get every morning a Low Battery at around 48 V and I can't figure out from where this Alarm (setpoint) is triggered.


The Low Battery parameter in the Multi are set as follows:

Inverter DC shut-down voltage
Inverter DC restart voltage
Low DC alarm level 42

The Dynamic cut-off settings in the ESS assistance is unchanged starting at 48V.
DVCC is not enabled. It is pretty hard to see where some effects/settings coming from with ESS, because a lot happens in the dark background (aka blackbox).

In addition, I run Gel batteries without BMS. Float voltage is at 55.2 V, Absorb. at 56.4 V.

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Easysolar II GX - Grid parallel on AC-IN with ESS does it work?

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to do this with an Easysolar II GX and the CT with nothing connected to AC-OUT-1 or AC-OUT-2???

I have an Easysolar II GX set up in grid parallel mode on AC-IN (as pictured below). It is configured with ESS assistant and the Current sensor on my mains (I am using the AS/NZ grid setting). I have other Grid Tie inverters in parallel with AC-IN. Basically using the Easysolar as an AC coupled storage system (store energy in battery when excess solar and use energy from battery when no solar).. The system works perfectly except it keeps failing during the charge cycle typically around 90% SOC. I have also noticed that the GX part of the Easysolar keeps power cycling.

Has anyone experienced this failure? The symptoms are the Multiplus supplies loads perfectly and charges perfectly except when the "GX device" loses visibility of the built in Multiplus (sometimes it also loses the built in MPPT which I am not using and the internet connection). At this time the GX remote console can't see the Multiplus or any ESS configuration so it just turns off and never recovers until I reboot from the remote console OR switch off with 3 position switch on inverter. When rebooted it works again perfectly but rebooting every day once or twice is not practical.

I suspect a fault or firmware issue or memory leak or something wrong with the charging algorithm???

Any ideas or help would be awesome, things I have tried already:

Turned on DVCC, temporarily fixes the issue for 24hrs then goes back to failing on charge cycle

Connected by ethernet not wifi, didn't fix the issue

Set inverter up from scratch again, didn't fix the issue

Did all firmware updates again (with GX device disconnected), didn't fix the issue

This is what I have except nothing connected to the "No break loads". My battery is just AGM with no smart BMS etc.


Thanks in advance


on2itmaclennan asked
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EasySolar-II system for charging battery at cheap rate?


I'm looking for a system which will allow me to charge the battery from the AC Mains when the electricity cost is low. I am on an Agile tariff and I'd like to use EasySolar-II to charge the battery when the cost is low, either by time, or cost.

I would also like to check if EasySolar can be used to provide energy from the battery for the entire house, and for it to use the grid mains if the power is more than it can provide from the battery storage system. I don't want this system to just be for a number of "critical" devices. Is this possible? I believe so.

I would also have a small PV system I which I'd like to grow. Maybe if I am first looking at a battery storage system I should purchase the MultiPlus-II instead and when I am ready with PV to use the MPPT Solar Chargers.

Thanks for your advice,


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SEPLOS 48V 100AH Energy Storage Battery Compatibility?

I saw this video on YouTube. And thought their design not bad and Price acceptable. So I get connected with this supplier located in China. Called SEPLOS. It's a third-party manufacturing brand that not listed on Victron website.

Anyway, They told me that their packs could communicate with the Victron inverter. And they send me this picture of their pack and Victron inverter. Currently, I've got the Victron Quattro 48v 5000VA. And I'd like to have a try with their PUSUNG, which is a 48v 100ah pack.


Did anyone get a battery from this company before? I would like to know your review before formal purchase.

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Excel MPPT sizing vs Online MPPT - Need help - Can this work?

Hi All.

Need help determining if this can work or not. Excel says no, Online says yes. May well be operator error, not sure.

I have a EasySolar 3000 (Specs - https://www.victronenergy.com/inverter-charger-mppt/easysolar) for off grid work.
I'm have the panels from my house (which I have since upgraded) 10 x Sharp NUSOE3E panels 30v x 180A - approx 8-10yo.(Specs - https://www.energymatters.com.au/images/sharp/Sharp-NUS0E3E.pdf)

The EasySolar has a 150/70 MC4 inside, so was going to do 2 strings of 5 panels.

Challenge is excel says no, can only do 2 x 4 panels, online says yes I can.

I don't really want to overload and kill the thing, and it's remote so don't really want to start a bushfire either.....

Can anyone shine some light? I'd like to use all 10 panels for the best capacity if possible, but wondering if the panel specs versus MPPT specs may mean that's not possible.


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Pylontech Force-L2 and Victron compability

Dear All,

I am looking for information which confirms that Victron is compatible with Pylontech Force-L2 series battery.

Can someone confirm that for me?

Can someone explain to me that I am wrong?


Best Regards,


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L3 overload with practically no load.


I have 3-phase system build on EasySolar-II GX (phase L1), 2x Multiplus-II (phase L2 and L3)

There is no ESS assistant loaded only Two-signai BMS.

First time this system reported overload on phase L3 twice.

It happened when there was grid loss for less than a minute.

System is under development and there is practically no load (50-60W)

Why this overload happen?



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Earthing and Solid Red Alarm EasySolar 12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

Hi All,

We purchased an Easy Solar

12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

We installed it in a caravan with two 230amp Victron super cycle AGM batteries.

We are having issues getting the system to operate. The red alarm is staying on all the time. We commissioned it using the dip switches as per the manual. Will it only function if we commission it with the MK3 tool ?

I am getting conflicting information on what it could be.

AC input voltage is correct. We have no AC voltage on the output side ( inverter charger )

Battery Voltage is low 11.9v but the MPPT solar charger is not functioning. The light is staying on bulk but we have over 28v charge from the solar.

We have been trouble shooting the installation by removing the AC input, making sure the Victron is the MEN ( should the Victron be earthed to the van ? )

We also removed the DC solar / MC4s from the MPPT.

The van was originally wired up with 12v circuits to the batteries, these have just been re connected.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, the dealer we purchased it through don’t have any technical knowledge when it comes to electrical.



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Wifi issue with a 48/3000 EasySolar-II not connecting

An installation I did a few months ago has developed a problem which I’m hoping someone here might have a solution to.

The firmware in all components of the ES-II were updated to current prior to installation.
WiFi is via hotspot on the customer’s mobile phone which he takes off-site frequently, but also places in range (close proximity) of the ES-II to allow data to be uploaded to VRM at least daily.

For the approximately two months from installation it all ran smoothly, but now the WiFi in the GX device is not connecting to the phone.
When I went onsite it appeared the unit had ‘lost’ the WiFi password.

After re-entering the password the unit displayed ‘Connecting’ for a few minutes (maybe 5-min?) then after logging on, lost that connection almost immediately.

I repeated the logon attempt using a different phone (mine) and saw the same thing.

Back to the customer’s phone and it happened again.

Is it possible there’s a fault with the unit, or is it likely to be a programming issue, or something in the recent firmware?

Along with the EasySolar-II, the system comprises 12 x 285W PV, 3 x PowerPlus Lithium Cells (in parallel)

Any advice or information greatly appreciated.

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Consuming from the electricity grid, if I lose connection my Multiplus 24/3000/70 does not switch to batteries
Hello, when I am consuming from the network at night1605661193173.png and I want to keep the batteries at 80%, for example 
In my ESS configuration the option SOC minimum discharge appears (except mains failure) 80%, I understand that in the event that the mains fails, I should switch to consume from the batteries. But it doesn't and "I'm left in the dark." 


Could it be that I have something wrong configured? Am I wrong in the operation of the UPS function? In VE Configure I have these parameters


I hope you can help me. a cordial greeting

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Easy Solar pre purchase informations

Good evening,

I was considering an EasySolar 12/1600/70 for a campervan installation and I had a couple of quesitons:

- Does the easy solar ships with a Color Control GX installed? It looks like that from the pictures (https://www.victronenergy.com/inverters-chargers/easysolar)

- Can I use the EasySolar wih non Victron LiFeP04 batteries and what are the requirements?

- Can I monitor the EasySolar 12/1600/70 (and the attached batteries) from the iOS app using Bluetooth or do I need additional hardware?

- Lastly, is anybody aware if EasySolar II 12/1600/70 is on the way?


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Noiselevell of Easysolar 12 1600

I have just bought new Easysolar 12 1600. Is t possible to mount on bedroom wall or do noise disturb sleeping.

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What type of Wind Turbine works best with EasySolar

Greetings, I would like to add a wind turbine to my off grid easy solar 3 kva 48v system to keep batteries charged on overcast days. Looking online, Kestrel wind turbines have various voltage output options on their e160i product, amongst others, they have 48v or 200 VAC turbines.

Question is ...What is the better solution .. to go for the 200v and plug directly into the shore power input or alternatively feed the 48v output from the Turbine into the DC input.

Also, will the easy solar unit dump off the excess power input from the turbine when it is not required? Thanks Maarten

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Are there nuts missing from my Easysolar

On a EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 230V. there are two bolts that come through the centre part of the transformer at the top of the unit. Should these have nuts on them?

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Feeding one EasySolar into another

I have an EasySolar-II GX in ESS mode, connected to the grid, but with feed in disabled and the grid setpoint set high enough to ensure no inadvertent feed in. Let's call this system the house system.

I'm considering adding more PV capacity in an outbuilding (in other words, this would be a mainly separate system, with another EasySolar or Multiplus, it's own separate MPPT controller, and separate batteries). Let's call this system the outbuilding system. I would be thinking of also running this system in ESS mode.

This downstream system (outbuilding) would get it's AC IN from the one I already have (house system), so if PV or battery in the outbuilding weren't sufficient to supply it's loads it would pull power from AC IN to supplement (up to the AC IN limit) and so would be pulling that additional power from either the house PV, house batteries, or possibly at times the grid via the house system, so far so good.

But if the outbuilding system has surplus power (it has for example good sun, fully charged batteries, and light loads in the outbuilding), can I now feed power back into the house?

I'm thinking that from the point of view of the outbuilding system this would basically be doing grid feed in. It has no idea where it's AC IN is coming from, so if it is set to export AC and DC surplus to the grid, it will just sent that power up the AC IN wires to the house, where they will meet the AC OUT of the house MultiPlus/EasySolar/Whatever.

From the point of view of the house system, it will be like using a PV inverter (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ac_coupling:start), in that it's receiving power on both AC IN (grid) and AC OUT (downstream Multi/EasySolar).

So during a period of heavier load in the house, the downstream solar system should combine with the house EasySolar to power the loads.

During a period of lighter load in the house, suplus power coming in on the house EasySolars AC IN (from the outbuilding) would go backwards through the inverter charging the house batteries, is this correct?

What about "Frequency Shifting" as described on the page I linked to above. That page describes this as being the method used by the multiplus/easysolar to control the output from the PV inverter so as to prevent it outputting excess power that has nowhere to go (say the house load is zero, house batteries are 100% charged, house does not feed in to the actual grid). Does this same principle apply if the downstream system was not a "PV Inverter" but instead was another EasySolar or MultiPlus as I'm describing?

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Overload on easysolar ll 48/3000 with ESS despite low load


a customer has a Easysolar II 48/3000 running with ESS and an ET340.

the AC-out is used for critical loads but never has more than 500w used on ac-out.

ac in is used grid tied and with pahase conpensation.

so multiple times we had the problem is going in overload and not is able to get back working

without shutting ac in down with the circuit breaker.

has someone an idea whats happening on this device?

Michael Schmidt asked
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2 Answers

Easysolar48/5000 what happens when the string are aligned differently

/Installing a Easysolar48/5000 i want to know if 2 strings paralleled to one input with an other 2 strings aligned differently to another input will be used effectively by unit.

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Narrow Boat Solar Setup with EasySolar

Hello everyone,

I have had a read through a load of the forum posts here and I am still unable to fully understand so hoping that someone could help me here.

So I'm trying to utilize the solar output as much as possible, but am unable to use the Self Consumption or ESS due to being on a boat. I don't quite understand the reason why though.

I have an EasySolar 24/3000/70 which is connected to a 330AH battery bank. There is a 24/12 Vicrton DC to DC converter which is running the 12 system. I have TV, Fridge etc running off off the 240V. I have up to 909W of solar connected to the MPPT. I also have waiting to be fitted a 24V 80A Sterling Alternator to battery charger waiting to be fitted.

From what I have read, as I am in the UK, I do not require a separate anti-islanding device and can rely on the one in the multiplus. As I do not have any PV Inverters connected on the AC IN, it just connects to the galvanic isolator and then the shore connection.

Ideally i would like to use the Self-Consumption Hub-1 - No Feedback assistant, but obviously due to seeing the warning about not using it in a boat I am worried about doing so.

What I dont understand, is how if I enable this assistant, it would work any different to the way it is working now accept the Multiplus would be the source with the AC IN being used as power assist depending upon the amount of solar. The Multiplus is monitoring the AC in and will switch on if it is there, after the monitoring period and switches off if it is disconnected. I assume the assistant would still do the monitoring so this would be the same.

So is the reason why you cannot use it on a boat due to in most countries needing to use a separate anti-islanding device, which adds in the latency, or is there another reason that I have missed, that in this setup the MultiPlus would not disconnect the AC IN as quickly?

Many thanks for any assistance here.


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Damaged Casing/Housing -> Spare Parts

Hi all,

I am looking for a source for housing parts.

I own an Easy Solar 48/3000/35 MPPT 150/35 (2x), where both side housing parts, protecting the two MPPTs, are badly damaged.

I already asked a local victron distributor, who told me that victron is not providing spare Parts for housings.

That was an unpleasant surprise, and I was not expecting that kind of answer.

Hopefully there is still a way to get those parts.

Any hint is welcome.

Best regards


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Off-Grid - Multiplus II GX and Pylontech/Liontron

I want to build an offgrid system that mainly will be used during the summer.

Briefly outlined:

Energy generation, storage:

  • Phoenix Combi 12V / 1600W (we already have)
  • 4x PV panel 300W
  • MPPT 250/100
  • Car battery 12V 45Ah


  • Waterpump 1 phase 800W - 230V, 1h/d during summer
  • Intrusion detection (SMS module ca 5W, 24h/7d)

The system will be placed in a gardenshed.

The following questions come to mind:

  1. On a sunny day, will the power flow directly from the MPPT to the inverter?
  2. Plans to a future upgrade to a 48V system. I made calculations for the battery pack and the result was a 4x 12V-110Ah Gel battery combination. This was based on the rule which limits the maximum charge and discharge currents in regards to their expected lifetime. For this 48V system i need 3 battery balancers, which have their costs. My friend google found the Pylontech or Liontron LiFePo rack system. These systems have an integrated BMS. Can I use the Multiplus II GX or EasySolar II GX for the communication with the BMS of the rack battery? Or do I need an seperate GX device. And what power consumption is to be expected from this GX device.
  3. Do I need in regard with the future, buy the MPPT with ve.can functionality for communication with battery rack?
  4. Shouldn't Victron upgrade their MPPT's to higher voltages? I understand that more PV-panels on a string is a better choice. 250V seams limited to me for future design, if compared to AC-grid inverters.

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