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Solar yield reads 0

I've got an EasySolar 1600/24. I've wired it up to my battery bank, and I've got 500W of panels (300W in series and 200W in series so I'm below 100V).

The VRM dashboard says my PV Yield is 0, but it's a sunny day and my battery voltage is declining only very slowly (and the system is loaded). Any ideas what's going on?



tom-galletti asked
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branchement 1 module 120 demi cellules sur mppt 100/50

Notice installation Easysolar 1600.pdf

Bonjour, je souhaite brancher 3 modules 375Wc 120 demi-cellules sur 1 mppt 100/50 (easy solar 24v/1600) 1 module par entrée MC4. j'ai vérifié sur le configurateur Excel, c bon. mais en lisant très attentivement la notice, dans l'exemple il est précisé qu'il faut que les panneaux soient en 72 cellules mini. Alors est -il possible de faire mon branchement? le mppt fonctionnera t il ?MErci

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Casing for CANvu GX?

CANvu GX is suggested to be used for harsh environments and is the only GX device that supports an extended temperature range up to 70 degrees.
Therefore I want to use this GX device.

However, there is no wall mount for CANvu GX and also no mounting for the IO extension and wiring kit. How are other users installing this GX device? In what type of box are other users installing this GX device?

Thank you.

rainer asked

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VICTRON EASY Solar 24/1600 Alarm leuchtet ?

VICTRON EASY Solar 24/1600 installiert. an der AC-Seite wird eine Wasserpumpe 230V-AC, P1300W angeschloßen. Bei Start der Pumpe geht der Wechselrichter in Störung.

Rote LED Alarm leuchtet.

Was kann man maximal an VA anschliesen ?

Wie hoch darf der Anlaufstrom sein ?

thomas64 asked
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Finding Victron EasySolar 5000 product

Hello all,

I have been searching for a distributor for this product for months now and simply cannot find one that will ship it to where it is needed (Nairobi, Kenya). All sellers I found that were willing to sell and ship were either way above the recommended retail price, uncommunicative (a warning sign of what is to come after payment) or have a very bad reputation online from multiple reviews. some just brush the air and tell you that even the price is secret information. Is a direct purchase from Victron possible by any chance for regions that are not well covered/where a reputable distributor is hard to find? Has anyone else been in the situation? Any suggestions for international distributors? I was really hoping to avoid the more available but less reliable alternatives.

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EasySolar2 48V / 3000 PV charger not working

Hello together,

I installed a new EasySolar2 48V / 3000 yesterday. Network meter EM24 with USB RS485 converter.

Initially, the PV system delivered around 40 W, which did not improve due to the time (4 p.m.). I then added the ESS assistant and setup everything,à PV Charger still on.

In the evening the PV Charger must have switched itself off somehow.

It is no longer visible, not even in the circuit diagram (remote control) Charge state “off” appears in the extended display. Measured at the PV input, I have an open circuit voltage of 200V.

What happened and how do I get the solar charger running again?

Many Thanks

ab5555 asked
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EasySolar-II-GX not charging

Hi to all,

I have an EasySolar-II-GX 48/3000 system that went live yesterday and won't charge the battery bank. There is sufficient PV voltage. System parameters are:

- PowerPlus Energy (Aust) Lipo battery bank installed, user defined battery settings as per spec.

- Off grid system & no generator. A.C charge capability disabled.

- Multiplus firmware V471

- MPPT firmware V1.46

- GX device firmware V2.53

It appears the MPPT controller is stuck in OFF state as the remote input to it is held LOW by the GX device. Remote input voltage level checked with multimeter at 0 volts.

If I remove the remote control link wire from GX to MPPT and bridge MPPT remote input (H to L) as per manual then the MPPT operates as expected and charges batteries.

My question is, under what circumstances does the GX device inhibit the MPPT charge operation?

I have updated all firmwares and may have inadvertently upset one of the settings somewhere so an incorrect setting may be the cause.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards, Andrew.



outbackandy asked
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Can two 100A autotransformers be connected in parallel for a 200A split phase output?

Hi VE Experts,
Can two 100A autotransformers be connected in parallel for a 200A split phase output? The system will have two Quattro 15000 240V units. This is for a 240/120V, 50Hz system so we cannot use two 120V Quatto units in parallel as the 120V is only for 60Hz output.



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easysolar 24/1600/40 earth leakage trip

Hello people,

I've been assigned a job to sort out a newish installation of an easysolar into a shipping container based recreational facility. A shack next to the river with enough power to keep the beer cold basically.

At first blush everything seems to be installed nicely by licensed trades, however I'm told there was one cable for a light circuit that had been shorted with a roofing screw, and that has now been fixed.

My real concern is that when connected to a (Honda EU20 inverter type) generator the easysolar appears to synchronise, but as soon as it changes to "charge" mode and loads the generator up to put some energy into the batteries, the output RCD trips.

It functions fine as a battery inverter running the loads in the downstream switchboard, but when there is "shore power" available from the floating neutral Honda, the contactor clicks in the easysolar and the RCD throws in the towel.

Others have built, commissioned and tried to diagnose this problem before me. There is no earth stake for the "portable" building and no MEN link to join the earth and neutral bars in the switchboard.

I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced this problem before and if I can't find a definite earth leakage problem, is the only option to disable the earth relay in the easysolar? Do you have any ideas @guy stewart?

Cheers for your help


earnestelectric asked
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AC Coupled Microgrid

I'm looking at organising the system like this (pictured):

The RS on the Shed would be the master system (grid forming) with big battery, and the other systems would have only minimal battery. The 'morning sun' place has a little cabin but no battery. The loop at the centre is the micro-grid (to be considered unreliable). Also, there's no town power.

Is just AC input current monitoring on the Multi's enough or do I need to get more sophisticated? Anything else I should be thinking about?

Notes: -Shed would have a Cerbo as well. -I'm not looking to DC couple the systems.


taylortops asked
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Winter advice needed - battery will not be used for 9 months

Hi Everyone. I have an off-grid summer farm on a fjord about 400 km north of the arctic circle, boat access only. Need to shut down the system from september until may. Mid winter will see several months no direct sunlight / darkness, with weeks at temperatures below freezing, from 0 to -12. It's 4 x 320 watt panals with a 7KW LiPo Car battery (Nissan) and an Victron Easy Solar II GX. Dealer says i should charge the battery full, turn everything off and walk away. Is this the correct advice? Any input gladly appreciated.

hav asked
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EasySolar Interference from Electric Fence unit

I have an Off-Grid system with an Easysolar 48/5000 with BMV712, 3 KW of solar panels and 300 AH of Lead Carbon Batteries. The system works great, very happy with my Victron equipment, 2 years now.

Today I plugged in a grunty electric fence unit, mains powered, 25 joule output, approx 30W consumption. The unit is in a shed 50m from the cabin with its own earth system.

The Easysolar does not seem to like the pulsing load on the 230v supply. The load shown on the colour control bounces between 30W and 45W, and an audible hum with some clicks changes in sync with the <1 second pulses. At one stage the colour control showed the battery stuck on 50v with 0.0 amps.Not wanting to damage the Easysolar I disconnected the electric fence. It seems to me as if the ? millisecond pulse of AC demand can't be kept up with by the Multiplus.

In the world of DC, I would add a 10,000uF capacitor to flatten out the load peaks.

In the AC world what can I do? are there settings in the Multi that can help? Would a motor start capacitor or power factor capacitor do the trick?

Has anybody got any ideas?

Many Thanks.

kiwiken asked
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2 signal BMS conected to EasySolar-II GX. What stops internal MPPT from overcharging when GX fails?

Recently I asked the question, how to stop external MPPT150/35 charging battery equipped with "2 signal BMS" connected to MP-II, when "external control" of said MPPT fails.

Got the answer but I also have EasySolar-II GX with internal MPPT 250/70.

How to solve the same problem with this internal MPPT?

How to stop its charging the battery when "external control" fails?

There is no way to connect to it ATC signal from BMS

marekp asked
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Where is the Temperature sensor mounted - in the Easy Solar 48v box, or in my BYD lithium battery box?

Where is the temperature sensor mounted for my Easy Solar 48v system? Or is it mounted inside my BYD Lithium battery box? My problem is in the winter, when the shed temperature is lower than 15 deg C and I'm running the generator, then the sun comes over the hill, and my solar panels' charging capacity is throttled back, due to the low temps. I'd like to install a small heat source, say a 100w light bulb, running off the generator output, to warm the system up enough to make the most of the brief winter sunlight.

Another question: Do lithium batteries need this low temperature protection? Is it possible to adjust the temp threshold down a few degrees?

Many thanks.

stokie77 asked
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certificat vde0126 easysolar II ESS pour la France ?


Je viens de terminer une installation ESS avec un EasySolar II GX 48/3000 et des batteries Pylontech, un CPI sur le DC (car 210Voc), et je suis en train de remplir le dossier consuel.

Et là, impossible de trouver le certificat vde0126 pour le easySolar II. Il est disponible pour le multiplus II pour la France, mais seulement pour les autres pays pour le easySolar II

Du coup comment faire pour le consuel ?


yann asked
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Fuse for Battery negative pole in case of lightning impact

Dears, this is my current, well running setup:

EasySolar 5kW + 48V 10KW Lithium Battery (Winston-cells) + 480W Solar Panels

Installed in a cabin, 2000m elevation in the alps -> So its a "island system" with no access to a grid

The cabin is protected against lightning impacts with a lightning rod. Unfortunately, the resistance is a little high with about 100 Ohm.

The EasySolar ground is connected to the lightning rod in order to be grounded.

I worry a little bit, that a lightning impact might damage the electronics, due to the high resistance in to the ground. I have installed fuses to protect everything as good as possible. Only the battery negative pole is directly connected to the EasySolar.

Question 1: Should I install a fuse on the negative pole of the battery as well? Because in case of a impact, the lightning would go into the rod and therefore directly to the earth connector of the EasySolar and then through the negative pole into the battery (if the resistance is lower than 100 Ohm).

Question 2: Would it make more sense, to unhook the system from the lightning rod and give it its own grounding? -> In case of a impact (in to the rod), the only connection would be through the solar panels which have a decent fuse.

Many thanks for your advise!

andrer asked
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Easysolar GX2 Hub1 error AC dissconnected

Easysolar-II GX MPPT 250-70, 48/3000/35A parallel with a another Muliplus2 for extra power. Firmware upto date Ver 481 on both units

With pylontech 4x UP3000 battery modules.

5kw of PV

Genset attached as backup

Off grid system with no internet acces to view on VRM etc.

For no reason the inverter AC shuts off power and won't self start even if the batteries are charged above 50% The only error code it shows is Hub1 error with AC disconected in the LCD display.? no other codes or meanings?

The unit can't restart it self ?

What is the error code meaning?

Would trying to start the genset cause a lockout after trying to start if the genset had a flat battery etc?

Rob Duthie asked
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Easy Solar pre purchase informations

Good evening,

I was considering an EasySolar 12/1600/70 for a campervan installation and I had a couple of quesitons:

- Does the easy solar ships with a Color Control GX installed? It looks like that from the pictures (https://www.victronenergy.com/inverters-chargers/easysolar)

- Can I use the EasySolar wih non Victron LiFeP04 batteries and what are the requirements?

- Can I monitor the EasySolar 12/1600/70 (and the attached batteries) from the iOS app using Bluetooth or do I need additional hardware?

- Lastly, is anybody aware if EasySolar II 12/1600/70 is on the way?


amidships asked
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Easysolar LED Definitions


A customer brought in a video of his Easysolar 24V 1600 Inverter. It has three led's, green - inverter, Yellow - charger and red - alarm.

There is no Victron LED definitions for this three light configuration.

The green and red LEDs are flashing and the yellow charger led is on constantly.

It is on a remote island and trying to get some idea of the possible problem as it is not outputing any power

charlie-d asked
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How do I configure an Easysolar-II GX?

I have just bought an Easysolar-II GX and before I install it I want to make sure I have all the necessary accessories. I've looked through the manual and online, but am uncertain as to how I am supposed to configure settings like the charging parameters for the Pylontech batteries, or the start switch for generator backup. Do I run VE Configure on my PC and need to buy a USB to RS232 converter? Or perhaps I can do the configuration via wifi or Bluetooth without any accessories?

peter12381 asked
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Easy solar mppts


I have an easy solar 48/5000/70 with the 150/100 mppt.

I.m looking at configuring my panels on a static boat roof.

6 face south, 6 north, and I can place 4 on an east facing roof.

I have noticed the max voltage of these panels on another system reach 50.1 volts, so I can only safely series them in pairs.

Are the 3 pairs of mc4 connectors in the easysolar unit 3 individual and separate mppts, suitable for different aspect strings, or do they all go into just one mppt?

Thanks, Steve.

stevla asked
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No ac power .

Just connected my mppt 100_50 up for the first time .I jave 230 volts in the rcd .but no ac out .seems like I'm missing something simple I hope .

underpar12 asked
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Many overload warnings- do they matter? How can I tell?

I have an EasySolar II GX which includes a MultiPlus ll 48/3000/35-32 inverter/charger, and 8x 260 Ah AGM batteries (2p4s for 48 V nominal). I am completely off grid.

I get many (4-8 per day) "Overload L1: Warning" messages from VRM. They are cleared after ~20 seconds. I have firmware v2.66 on the GX device and v481 on the Multiplus (supposed to cure spurious Overload warnings).

I have tried to find out what causes the overloads. There is a small AC freezer (90 W nominal) and a couple of water pumps and a water heater BUT the overloads are not always attributable to these- they happen sometimes when water heating is off, no-one is triggering a pump and the freezer is not starting. They also happen sometimes when the freezer starts working.

So my 'need to know' question is- are these repeated overloads causing any harm? Are they shortening the life of my system? Can VRM tell me any more about them?



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Easy Solar 2, Overload fault at low load, AC output voltage fluctuation and loud buzzing on startup and during operation

Hey there,

A few details to start with, I’ve just recently had a off grid setup installed the heart of which is the Victron EasySolar-II 48/3000/35, 32 MPPT 250/70 Gx. It has a lead acid battery bank and a PV array to charge, there is no grid connection and no generator connection, although a plug has been wired in for future generator use.
My setup is used to power a tiny house and is situated in a waterproof well ventilated trailer near the PV array, from there we run a 15amp extension cable to the tiny house 35mt away. our power usage is low and consists of charging a small 12v system for lights, 350w ac water pump, small fridge, computers and some situational devices.

I purchased the easy solar unit new and Installation was undertaken by a certified electrician, after installation we tested the system and it ran our small 350w water pump fine and continued to run computers, fridge and pump for the rest of that day and evening. However, the next day it tripped out on overload, after some testing I’ve dertermined these symptoms:

  • Inverter will trip out on overload immediately when under more than 300w (ish) load
  • Inverter will trip out on overload sometimes with only resting 10w load
  • The inverter now makes a loud buzzing sound from start up, seems to be coming from the toroidal transformer, or that region.
  • With no load on the inverter AC output voltage fluctuates from 230v to 105v and back, this fluctuation is noticeable also when you plug a hairdryer in on fan only as a stutter in the sound of the fan.
  • The loud buzzing and Ac output voltage fluctuations are still present even with everything physically disconnected except battery inputs.

The electrician who installed has been back to assess the installation and is confident that all connections and tight and in correct positions, their advice is to communicate with the company I purchased the unit from and organise a warranty claim. Thought I would check in here and see if that is the consensus, also if there is any particular connections that I should triple check that could cause these issues.

Hopefully I have provided enough information of circumstances surrounding the issue, let me know if you need anything more to properly troubleshoot.


ofrabjousday asked
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Easysolar 48 5000va no AC display or LEDs

I've purchased the above mentioned unit that is near new and less than a year old. Unfortunately the display, AC, and LEDs are showing no signs of life.

The charge controller is working well and I can log in via the app. Batteries on float.

I've tried to follow the chain of resellers to try and raise this with Victron, but it is a very slow to and fro email process to find the company that sold this unit.

I've sent an email asking for support from Victron but havent heard back for several days. Can anyone help me with fault diagnosis, or a warranty claim please.

electricfarm asked
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I'm trying to use an long Ethernet cable to my easy solar all in one, how do I do that

at the back of the color control there is a port labeled Ethernet but there is no way to get a cable to the CC as the slot between mppt area and inverter area is blocked by battery connections. I could bore a hole in case. I'm reluctant to do that of which one reason is will connecting to the cc to router give me what I'm looking for. JohnC was involve in an earlyer question on connecting to controller

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Can I mount multiplus in bare aluminum box

Can I mount a Multiplus in a bare aluminum box? I am mounting in a van and am wondering if there is a possibility to get shocked as it seems that the Multiplus ground terminal is bare on the back and is making contact with the aluminum backing. It will be grounded to the busbar and the busbar will be grounded to chassis. Should I put something non conductive in between the multi and the bare aluminum?

mrcc11 asked
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EasySolar II + 4xPylontech US2000C : Battery full charged but not used when PV is off (during night)


My configuration:

I have a new system:

- EasySolar II GX (48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70)

- 4xPylontech US2000C via CAN-BMS-cable to VE.can

- 8xPV-Panels Longi LR4-72HIH-445M (4 in series, 24 in parallel)

and all already installed & configured the system according this description:


My target:

I want to use the system as an island-PV, just in case PV is off during night and battery is empty the EasySolar should provide the power for ACout from AC input.

My Problem:

MPPT is working and have already charged batteries full, but when in the night PV is off, the EasySolar does take the power from ACin to my ACout and not from the full batteries to drive the inverter.


What settings in GX or VE.config (via MK3-USB) should I do to get battery used for inverter to generate my ACoutput power ?

What setting do I need that only in case battery is empty and PV is off the ACinput should be used ?

Many thanks to you!


P.S.: I can also share my current config settings via vsc-file if needed!

konny asked
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Is it possible to use the EasySolar II to charge an EV ?

Hello, Is it possible to use the EasySolar II to charge an EV ?

What I mean is just used it 'islanded' to change a electric vehicle directly.

Solar panels > EasySolar II > EV

myozone asked
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Small freezer causes overloads on EasySolar II GX

We have an EasySolar II GX which includes a Multiplus-ll 48/3000/35-32 inverter/charger- which should be able to supply 3kW as I understand it.

We also have a very small upright freezer, 85 L capacity, rated input power 90 W and consumption 0.73 kWh/24h (and we have meaured its energy draw at less than that rated consumption.

Yet, half a dozen times a day we get an overload warning from the GX device, which I can only imagine comes from the freezer compressor starting.

The only other devices we have connected are a caravan (major draw is a Thetford absorption absorption fridge, plus mostly LED lights and a laptop).

We want a bigger freezer, but I have to be worried that the EasySolar seems not even able to cope with the small one.

Or is something else wrong?

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