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Lots of problems with ESS multiplus 2 (error 24)

I Installed a multiplus 2 with 10kWh of BYD batteries in an ESS system first half of the year, it worked well for a month or two then started bringing up error 24, I followed the instructions for what to do for error 24 and sent them off to my victron distributor, victron decided to send me a new unit, I intsalled the unit and instantly had the same problems, after lots of return visits and firmware updates in the hope the issue had been found and resolved which is costing me lots of time and money ive realised that the unit will go straight into error 24 with the current sensor plugged in, If i remove the sensor and restart the unit it starts fine then plug it in it begins to act as an ESS system should with no error code, the problem being that i simulated a power cut by turning the AC isolator off and then back on, and as the sensor is in it goes into error 24, i have updated the firmware twice and replaced the unit. Its a real shame as its also costing the customers confidence in the system i have installed for them, and I cant keep going back to resolve this I have seen on the VRM it is in error 24 again today and i went to them on friday. It has the latest 2629 467 firmware intalled and the UK G98/G99 grid code. Please can you sort a resolution for this ASAP.

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Systeme coupure de decharge batterie suivant un créneau horaire (FR/ESS/EDF-HP-HC)


voila mon architecture et la suivante

- j ai un Multiplus 5Kva raccorder à une batterie plomb carbone en 48V de 440ah

- un régulateur MPPT 150/85 avec 2640w de pv

le but serai de désactiver la décharge de la batterie sur le créneau horaire des heures creuse en France de 23h à 7h.

actuellement pour se faire je suis obliger de le faire de façon manuel en allant tous les jours dans le menu ESS de mon venus Gx et modifier le SOC minium (sauf défaillance réseau) pour qu'il arrête de décharger la batterie et repasser sur le réseaux.



here is my architecture and the next

- I have a Multiplus 5Kva to connect to a lead carbon battery in 48V of 440ah

- an MPPT 150/85 regulator with 2640w of pv

the aim will be to deactivate the battery discharge during the off-peak time slot in France from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

currently to do so I have to do it manually by going to the ESS menu of my venus Gx every day and modifying the SOC minium (except network failure) so that it stops discharging the battery and going back to the networks

thank you

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Pylontech High voltage: 53.96V when DVCC set to limit at 52V...

Good day!

I have an existing Pylontech installation that suddenly started pushing voltages too high.

The only change was ESS set from "Keep batts charged" to "Optimized with battlife"

By returning it to "Keep batts charged" does not help

The errors then started. It seems to be the MPPT not following the set voltages.



All settings were confirmed with this guide:

System details:

  • Venus GX
  • Quattro 48/8000/110-2x100 rev2
  • SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 rev2
  • 2x Pylontech US3000B
  • 3x Pylontech US3000C
  • All firmwares updated to latest when errors started - did not help.

Venus GX settings


(Charge voltage was set here to 52V only as a test, it did not help)

Quattro settings:


MPPT Settings:


Any assistance ill greatly be appreciated!


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EM24 or ET340 -> ESS on 3phase grid, 1x Multiplus 2, Belgium (slimme meter)

Which is the best meter for the Belgian market in Flanders?

- 3 phase grid
- 1x Multiplus 2 5000W
- 1x Cerbo GX
- 1x Cerbo touch 50 (because it can)
- 1x ET112 (for monitoring solar panels, mono phase inverter)
- EM24 or ET340 ? (net monitoring)

I am talking about the 3 phase "smart meters".
I definitely want to use phase compensation!
So the sum of the consumers of the 3 phases must be fed back over 1 phase to the grid.
(which the Multiplus 2 is connected to)

Which meter is the most suitable? (EM24 or ET340)

Fluvius meter: 3 fase / Sagemcom - Siconia T211


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1x Multiplus gebruiken op een 3 fase net in ESS mode

Momenteel heb ik in een testopstelling 1x Multiplus-2 aangesloten via een Cerbo GX naar een EM24 meter.
De EM24 hangt aan 3 fase.
Ik zie dat ik een systeem kan maken die volgens mij perfect bruikbaar is op een 3 fase net.
oftewel 1 multiplus dat goed werkt op een 3 fase net.

als test heb ik 3 stopkontakten gemonteerd op de 3 uitgangen van de EM24, dus ik kan op 3 fase een verbruiker hangen.
De multiplus hangt met de "AC ingang" op fase 1, zodra ik een verbruiker van 1000W aan fase 1 hang gaat de batterij dat op heffen en stuurt 1000W terug op fase 1.
de verbruiker draait nu rechtstreeks op de batterij zonder dat er iets in of uit het grid gaat.
PRIMA! de bedoeling.....

Het grappige is dat als ik de verbruiker nu op fase 2 hang hij stroom uit het grid haalt op de 2de fase (logisch)
Echter duwt de batterij dat op fase 1 richting het grid.
resultaat: de kWh meter staat stil. (er gaat evenveel in als uit, welleswaar op een andere fase)

Dat betekend volgens mij dat je prima 1 multiplus kunt aansluiten op een 3 fase net.
zelfs al heb je een 3 fase PV omvormer verdeeld over de 3 fase.
Het pv vermogen van fase 1 gaat rechtstreeks naar de batterij.
Het opgeteld pv vormogen van fase 2 en 3 gaat richting het grid.
De som van fase 2 en 3 trekt hij weer uit grid en zet hem op fase 1.
Oftewel het volledig vermogen van het 3 fase PV systeem gaat volledig naar de batterij en de kWh meter staat stil.

Ook andersom werkt het op deze manier.
Als je een verbruik op fase 3 hangt dan duwt de multiplus/batterij dat op fase 1 terug naar het grid en de kWh meter staat stil :-)

Wat is de reden dat er word verteld dat je 3x multiplus nodig hebt op een 3 fase systeem?
Dat lijkt me in een ESS systeem toch niet nodig?

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Comment mettre en oeuvre ESS ?


Je souhaite mettre en oeuvre ESS avec la configuration suivante :

Victron MultiPlus II 48/5000

4 batteries DYNESS B4850

1 Cerbo GX + Ecran color tactil

1 MPPT 250/70 VECan

L'ensemble est correctement connecté et les batteries DYNESS sont reconnues dans le GX. Les mise à jour ont toutes été effectuées.

Par contre, l'ordre des étapes pour configurer ESS sur cette configuration ?

En vous remerciant par avance.

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>10kVA and dedicated production meter

I'm designing a 3-phase ESS system based on 3x a Multiplus-II 5000 with the solar panels feeding in on the DC bus.

3 times 5000 VA brings the total inverter kVa >10kVA and as such is no longer considered a "residential" installation in Belgium and requires special permits and requirements.

One of these requirements is the instalation of a dedicated production meter. This meter is supplied by the grid operator and needs to measure the AC energy produced by the installation.

As the loads on AC OUT, might receive power from AC IN as well, it is not OK to connect such a production meter directly to AC OUT.

The only suitable place is directly behind the inverter and this is not an exposed connection on the Multiplus.

Does anyone know if making a tap directly behind the invertor for connecting a production meter is feasible to do?
Or are there any alternatives possible?

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Multipluss II - Is "External Control" ESS Mode 2 or 3?


There are 2 Modes which allows to controll the Multiplus II with an own Script.

ESS Mode 2 and 3

But how to enable them?

The answer I found to this was set the ESS mode to external control.

If there are 2 Modes why there is only one Setting? If I set ESS Mode to external controll is this enabling Mode 2 or mode 3?

The victrom ESS description is not answering that.


Thanks in advance

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Connecting Multiplus-II with ET112


I have a problem establishing a working connection between the Multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32 230V GX an the Carlo Gavazzi ET112.

Basics about our setup: Wie have a PV Inverter feeding into the grid, we want to store overproduced Energie into batteries. So we installed the ET112 directly behind the energy meter from our provider. Then connected the data lines following the instructions from the manual, (10-15m CAT-5 cable, FTDI-USB RS485 Bridge with cable shortend to less than 20cm, etc).

When plugging in the FTDI Bridge, there is a short blinking of RX and TX Leds, but nothing else. To verify that our connection is working, we downloaded the Carlo Gavazzi Software for the meter, which instantly connected to the meter. So i guess the RS485 Bus, FDTI and ET112 are working just fine.

But there is no energy meter shown in the remote console of the Multiplus-II.

We tried multiple Configurations of the meters RS485 interface without success.

To verify that the FTDI ist recognised by the Multiplus-II we logged into the system via SSH an lsusb revealed that the USB/RS485 bridge is at least hooked to the system. A hexdump of /dev/ttyUSB1 did not show anything. No LEDs blinking on the FTDI showing that the Device is trying to transmit data.

In the Carlo Gavazzi Software, the standard RS485 configuration is 9600, parity none, stop 1, modbus id 1. Due to the fact, that a baudrate of 1152000 did not lead to any problems during the use of the Carlo Gavazzi Software, there should not be any issues with the cabeling.

So i hope that someone here might have an idea of what is wrong.

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EM24 RS485 on 120/240V split phase loses its settings

We set the EM24 meter to mode E (application E?), split phase 120/240V. ESS mode operates fine (i.e. the inverters feed power upstream without feeding power into the grid), but the meter loses its settings, but after a few seconds, it looks as if the Venus changes the settings of the EM24 to three phase and the system starts to behave erratically.

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Which ESS settings are the best for extending battery lifetime?

Hi guys, quick question.

Got 2 mid size systems with Victron components, everything is working great.

But I have one question I couldnt find an answer to, neither in the internet nor in the manual and I was searching for very long time.

Which ESS Setting in an DC coupled panel system is the most preservative for Pylontech batteries when the main focus is on feeding the grid only? (batteries are just there for a backup solution, but because of the stable grid, they are not really needed in practice)


Multiplus II GX

BlueSolar MPPT 150/60

2x Pylontech US3000C

Again, everything is working great, but as Lithium batteries dont really like to get charged on a full 100% all the time I was wondering which setting in [ESS] menu would be the best to save and extend the lifetime of the batteries.

If I select [keep batteries charged] I minimize the "cycle movement" inside the batteries, but I have the problem of a full 100% and high voltage all the time.

If I select [optimized - without battery life] and put the SoC to 100% its the same in the end.

Wouldnt be the best solution for this an option which allows me to lets say keep the SoC on a stable 80%, with no further action? (just as a backup system when grid fails)

Please let me know which ESS settings are the most harmless for the batteries and for this type of scenario.

Thanks a lot,

All the best


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Charge voltage setting MPPT 450/100 running ESS

Hello, I have been having issues with the voltage settings on the MPPT 450/100 running ESS. Switched from VE Can to VE direct ....



Turned on DVCC to a setting of 47.70V .

However the MPPT shows 48.40 charge voltage but no clue where he gets it from



at the victron connect App the voltage settings are set to 48V


So where does the system get the 48.40V from ?

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Pylontech & ESS problem

Good day,

I am having difficulty with my Pylontech & Quattro setup with ESS....

Current Frimwares:

Quattro 48/8000: 2655469

SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 rev2: v1.46

Venus GX: v2.52

The installation was done precisely as described here:

Current ESS settings on GX:



BUT with the above settings, the ESS runs like this:


When I set the Minimum SOC to 90% for example, the ESS acts like this:


Disabling "Feed in excess solar" also works but only when I had the minimum SOC to 90% for example:


It seems like when the battery hits the minimum SOC, it prevents the MPPT to work....

Thank you in advance!

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Quattro 48/5000/70 120v for Self Consumption

Hello all, it has been a long wait, but I finally took delivery on my Quattro 48/5000/70 120v. Long long wait for delivery. I have a small 2000W array and want to set up my Quattro for an off-grid configuration. I do have a 40A dedicated line (grid) connected to it, however I want to set it up to do the following:

1. Priority is to charge the batteries first per solar (PV)

2. Any excess PV power will power the loads (less than 1000W at peak).

3. After batteries are charged (in float), all PV power goes to the loads.

4. If PV cannot keep up (lack of sun for example), and my batteries fall to 48V SOC, grid power charges the batteries and powers the loads. Once the batteries are charged, go back to self-consumption mode and disconnect from the grid.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of set up? If so, could you give me some direction? I will start installing my system tomorrow, and will not be ready to put it into operation for about a week. I am slow. Thanks in advance.

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Setting up the ESS in a three-phase system

We use a grid parallel 3-ph system with 3 Quattro-48 10000-140-100/100 inverters and 4 Smart 25.6V-200Ah batteries. What is the ESS setup sequence in a three-phase system? According to the instructions, you first need to configure a three-phase system, in our case using VE.Bus Quick Configure, after which, using the VE.Configure program and the MK3 adapter, you need to add ESS in the inverter settings. The problem is that it is impossible to enter VE.Configure with a three-phase system setup (when trying to log in, the system writes-it is impossible to connect to the inverter, because it is not configured in stand alone mode

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Can I stack multiple loads on an ouput within a lynx distributor?

I'm trying to layout the electric in my camper van and am thinking of having 2 DC fuse blocks (passenger's side, driver's side).

I have 5 loads in total (1 inverter, 1 dc-to-dc charger, 1 solar, 2 dc fuse blocks).

Rather than buying 2 lynx distributors, I'm wondering if I could just stack the +ve and -ve of both my fuse blocks onto a single load output in the lynx distributor (of course adjusting gauge and fuse).

Is this recommended, or not - can anyone highlight issues in doing this?

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"Low battery" when activating ESS

We use a grid parallel 3-ph system with 3 Quattro-48 10000-140-100/100 inverters and 4 Smart 25.6V-200Ah batteries. When the ESC function is activated on any of the three inverters that are in single-phase standalone mode, a red "low battery" light starts blinking on the inverter housing, although the batteries are 99% charged.

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ESS system with Generator on AC input 2 and Quattro 5kva is not stable

Good day all .

I have a victron quattro 5kva setup with a mppt 250/100 and 10kwh of lithium batteries. Ac input 1 has mains electricity. Ac input 2 has generator input. Now with out the ess assistant geneator charges batteries and supplies loads through the inverter with no issues .

When i enable ess assistant the system functions with solar and grid energy as required. However should the user require generator to backup power or charge the battery the inverter will constantly flip on and off between charge and not charging . The relays will stay on for about 2 mins and off . Then on again then off again. To try all options we have disabled ups mode. And enabled weak ac input. This still doesn't make a difference. I can only assume that this has something to do with grid feed in which is set to grid type other with no feed in . Loss of mains on both ac input 1 and 2 is set to type b safe .

Would changing the type b to disabled on the ac input 2 correct this problem with no adverse effects on the 14kva generator input 2 ??

Or should i be looking for another solution .Thank you in advance for your help and assistance.

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External control mode in 3ph Quattro system

We use a grid parallel 3-ph system with 3 Quattro-48 10000-140-100/100 inverters and 4 Smart 25.6V-200Ah batteries. The ESS description states that in the External control mode, it is possible to forcibly set the system to the power supply mode (discharging to the grid) or charging from the grid using external control. Where can I find information on how to implement this mode, what additional equipment or devices are needed for this? We would like to implement a mode in which, at a certain time, the system power output to the grid (for example, in the amount of 20 kW for 1 hour). Is it possible to configure the system for uneven output in phases, that is, 7 kW is output to the L1 phase, 2 kW is output to the L2 phase, and 1 kW is output to the L3 phase. Is it possible, when issuing one phase, to charging he other phase to discharging mode from the grid? If possible, where can I find detailed information on configuring the system.

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Pylontech (with needed ESS?) in an offgrid-installation


in the Victron product compatibility-list the pylontech batteries are listed to only can be used in an ESS-system. I think this is necessary of the CAN.Bus-Communication. This means that communication only works with the ESS assistant (why)?

I have to wait further 6 months for grid-connection to be built. For that time I want to build a small DC-Coupled PV and a Multiplus with Pylontech-Batteries. A big AC-coupled 30kWp-PV will follow next year. Since I wanted to install a Victron-ESS anyway I am wondering if I could use the pylontech also in an offgrid installation until the grid is ready?
Alternatively I wanted to install the ESS-Assistant offgrid and hoped i can use the pylontech without discharging them to 0% when grid isn't available at no time. I also don't know if a generator would be accepted in the AC-In then when a grid code has to be chosen.

I red that ESS shouldn't be used in an offgrid-installation neither. I know that ESS doesn't make sense in that situation, but it has du be used to use the pylontechs?
So is there a solution to use these components until grid will be available?

Thank you!

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ESS / Victron ignoring BMS Parameters Overcurrent / Not feeding in all


as Iam new but did all the Trainingslessions, iam not 100% sure if i did everything correctly.

Iam currently just using one Battery (yes more to come, for 1:1 Rule and Offgrid situations).

The Battery is connected via CAN-BMS and the Parameters are shown correctly in the Console:


As you can see, CCL and DCL are around 90A.

But, if I start a big Load, ESS tries to discharge with over 190A, sending my Battery in Overcurrent Alarm (Battery BMS is shutting down).


The other way around, if there is a decent load (2000Watt), the Battery is only discharged with around 1000W (20A) - letting me pay for 1000W from the Grid...

Also the Battery is max Charge with 20A, even there is more PV Power (feeding into the Grid 4000W)

I dont know whats wrong, could someone check my setting please:




Console-Pictures are taken in the Moment the SOC Limit was reached. But the Bug/missconfiguration that iam encountering is with Full Battery, 75% SOC and so on.

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no ESS Assistant found on V2.72

Hallo, hope sombody can help me.

I have done a softwareupdate to my MultiPlus-II 48/3000 GX, to V 2.72, now the is no ESS Assistand found.

VE.Bus Version 2629485

VRM Instance 275

Firmware version 2629

do you need more detail?

Kind regards

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High charge current warning with Grid feed-in


every day when my battery charges and is at around 97% I get the error "Cerbo: High charge current warning on Battery Monitor". The error clears when the battery is at 100%. This only happens when Grid feed-in is enabled. If I disable this the error doesn't appear.

I think all the firmwares are the latest version available. Feed-In settings see screenshot. I have 4 Pylontech batteries connected to my MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 with 2x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/85 rev2. ESS.


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CCGX - Venus OS 2.66 - Frequent Grid Meter Warning/Alarm

We have a handful of installations that started producing frequent "No Grid Meter alarm: Warning".

This is exclusively related to installations that have a CCGX (Color Control), a Victron inverter, a grid meter, and ESS configuration with Venus OS that has been updated to 2.66 on the GX device.

We have resolved one of our installations that presented this issue by temporarily upgrading the client to a Cerbo GX.

2.66 has yielded the incredible feature in the form of the inverter remote update functionality, but it appears that the new firmware is not stable on the CCGX and is resulting in significant system instability.

Has anyone experienced the same?

I'm hoping Victron is working on an update to remedy this...

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Why does MPPT throttle to zero?

System is running ESS, Victron Multi II 5kVA and 2 x 150/35 MPPTs. The MPPTs throttle down to 5W randomly and for weeks now we have been trying to find a pattern. The only thing I am quite sure of is that it does not seem to happen when the inverter is turned off. In other words, if I allow the battery to discharge and then let the MPPTs charge but leave the inverter off, they work perfectly.

The MPPT (one or the other) will just stop producing and after typically 10 minutes will work fine again. Sometimes it takes much longer like 30 minutes.

I pride myself on being a very good trouble shooter but I must say, this is so seemingly random it is proving to be very difficult to find a pattern or nail down the cause. What I am 99% sure of is that the instruction to throttle comes from ESS and it stops happening when the Multi is turned off.

How can I get access to a Victron resource that can look behind the scenes at the messaging happening between the components to identify the cause of the throttling?

I have three large Victron systems coming up (two 90kVA and another 30kVA) and getting really concerned that we cannot get this issue resolved.

Many thanks for reading!


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Multiplus in ESS mode aansluiten op Belgisch net voor thuisbatterij.


Ik heb thuis een multiplus II GX aangesloten op het Net met een 10Kw lithium batterij.

Alles in mooi aangesloten zoals het in de manual beschreven staat en het systeem werkt ook gewoon perfect, Maar nu is de keuring langs geweest om het systeem te keuren en dat wilde hij niet doen omdat de omvormer in serie was aangesloten met het electriciteitsnet en niet in parallel. (Ik vertelde hem dat dit systeem enkel maar in serie kan worden aangesloten en dat alle meet apparatuur vanbinnen in de multiplus aanwezig is, en dat dit toestel aan alle veiligheids voorzieningen voldoet en gekeurd is door Synergrid belgie)

Kan iemand mij helpen met info of voorbeelden van iemand anders die dit ook zo gedaan heeft thuis, zodat ik dit kan voorleggen aan de keurder? Of heb ik zelf iets over het hoofd gezien?

In bijlage de schets van hoe het is aangesloten:



Met vriendelijke groeten


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Setting depth of discharge to only use 40%

Depth of discharge for a Multiplus ll GX 5kva

We have recently installed a Victron system but we would like the system only to use 40% of the battery capacity and to charge it using the grid, there are 2 X 4.8kwh pylontectech lithium batteries installed with 8 X 540W JA Solar panels with a 150/85 Mppt.2021-07-07 at 15.21.02.jpeg

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Multiplus II entlädt die Batterien nur bis 97%. Ohne Solareinspeisung MPPT 150/35 wird überhaupt nicht entladen. Gelöst.

Das Problem hat sich mit der neuesten Firmware gelöst!



Ich werde es noch ausgiebig testen und berichten. Die Sonne geht gerade bald unter.

Hallo an alle.Ich habe seit Oktober einen Multiplus-II, Cerbo GX, MPPT150/35 und 3 Pylontech US2000. Auf dem Dach sind je 6 Solarmodule an der Ost- und Westseite montiert.

Alles zusammen funktioniert soweit problemlos. Gedacht ist es als UPS für kritische Lasten (Server, Telefoanlage, Heizung, Beleuchtung, Gefriertruhe). 50% der Kapazität der Batterien reicht für den unabhängigen Netzbetrieb über die Nacht aus, bis wieder Solarenergie zur Verfügung steht.

Der SOC Mindestwert ist ist im ESS auf 50% gesetzt. Das hat aber keinen Effekt! Steht Solarenergie zur Verfügung und ist die Ladung bei 100%, wird kurzfristig die Last aus der Batterie und Solarenergie versorgt, bis der Ladezustand bei ca. 97% ankommt. (49,7V an der Batterie). Danach wird die Batterie wieder geladen. Kommt mehr Solarenergie an , als benötigt, wird in das Hausnetz eingespeist. (Gridmeter soll auf 0W gehalten werden.)Bleibt die Solarenergie aus, wird die Batterie nicht mehr entladen und bleibt bei anfangs 100%.

Ich würde gerne die Batterie über Nacht bis zu der eingestellten Grenze von 50% entladen und erst dann Energie aus dem Netz nutzen.

Das gelingt mir nur, wenn biem Multiplus-II "Netz ignorieren" aktiv ist.(Trennung vom Netz bis eingestellte Grenze erreicht ist) In dieser Einstellung funktioniert das Einspeisen ins Hausnetz aber nicht mehr. Bei guter Sonneneinstrahlung wird der MPTT gedrosselt und ein Teil der Energie geht "verloren", den ich im Hausnetz hätte nutzen können.

Die Firmware habe ich bei allen Komponenten im Oktober aktualisiert.

Ich habe schon zahlreiche Konfigurationen durchprobiert, kann aber den gewünschten Ablauf nicht erreichen. Stehe ich hier selber auf "meiner Leitung"?
Irgenwie finde ich den Einstellknopf nicht!

Für Hilfestellung bin ich dankbar.

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How can I prioritize MPPT DC Solar over Generator in Off grid application

Hi community.

I have got a large number of Victron-Pylontech off-grid systems with Smartsolar MPPT installed. The inverters and MPPT are programmed as per the victron-pylontech instructions . As these are off-grid installations with generator, I can not run ESS assistant.

I have realized that when solar power is available but the inverters call the generator because the load is too high, as soon as the inverters sync with the ac source, the inverters take all the charge and the MPPT DC charge goes to something neglectable. When the inverters stop syncing with the AC source the solar power raise again. Needless to say this is not desirable and client not happy with it.

I have seen others threads with similar problem but honestly a lot of ramblings and not really any clear solution.

The questions I think it is very simple. On an off-grid installation (with no ESS Assistant), How can I prioritize DC Solar over Generator?

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Consumption not coherent between Dashboard and Advanced

Dear Community

In one recent installation, the consumption have not been shown correctly on the VRM Dashboard overview graphic.

The Consumption seems to "adhere" to the production.


When we open the Advanced , we can check the consumption (yesterday was Sunday, so the consumption was lower than usual days) to be quite low.


The batteries only charged because the consumption was low. Case default, if the consumption was high (or close to the production, as suggested by the dashboard) the charge of the batteries would not have taken place.

Internal problem on the VRM?

Best regards.

Nuno M. G. Santos

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