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Current limit display won’t turn off on Digital Multi Control

I have a DCM connected to a Multiplus 12/3000/120. I also have a VE Bus BMS and an Octo GX. Recently I installed a VE Bus Smart Dongle and although the Multiplus seems to operate correctly when I turn the DCM switch to Off all the lights go out except for the numeric current limit display, this now stays illuminated in all three DCM switch positions. How can I restore the DCM to normal operations?

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Digital Multi Control lights flashing

I have a DigitalMulti Control GX Panel. This morning when I turned on the inverter the absorption and float lights started flashing on the panel. I'm on a mooring and not connected to shore power. The inverter appears to be working normally. What is causing the the absorption and float lights to flash on the charger side of the panel?



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Multiplus, Digital Multicontrol and Cerbo GX


When I connected the Digital Multicontrol AND the Cerbo at the same time to a Multiplus 3000 it stops working.

If I only connect one of the 2 it starts working again.

Is this normal? can I only connect one of the two? any tips.


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Is DMC GX still required for systems with Ve.Bus BMS for changing input current limiter?

Is the DMC GX still required for systems with a Ve.Bus BMS for changing the input current limiter?

The CCGX manual suggests that the DMC GX is still required if you have a Ve.Bus BMS:


Are the current limit settings, which are now present in the CCGX, sufficient for for controlling input currents in systems with Ve.Bus BMS batteries without the need of a DMC GX?


Thank you,

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Metal Mounting Frame template for Multi Control

I've got the cutout dimensions, but I can't find a spec of the metal mounting frame. Is there such a thing? Want to know where to put the screw holes in my CAD drawing of a new panel (to be sent for laser cutting).

Help please.

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Victron Energy Digital Multi Control And/or VE.Bus Smart Dongle with Mulitplus 12/2000/80?

I’m wondering if the digital control is required in addition to the smart dongle? I’ve read that the smart dongle is able to also control the Amps via Bluetooth the same as the controller would as well as on/off/charger only etc. My question is if I have the dongle, do I also need the digital controller?

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How to fit a remote switch to inverter - for dummies


I'd like to add a remote switch to my MultiPlus 12/500. I was intending to get a 3 position rocker switch but am now pondering the digital multi control because it might be nice to have the extra info on what the multi is up to.

I don't know if my system is ve bus or non, but only have 1 AC source.

Is one switch better than the other? Apart from the extra monitoring?

Is one going to be easier to fit than the other?

Will I just be running 1 utp cable for the digital control?

Thanks in advance!


missy asked
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Digital Multi Control lights (LEDs) - Inverter light flashes blue

What does it mean when the Inverter light on the DMC flashes blue and the Mains light is solid blue. ALL other lights on the DMC are off.

Situation: DMC connected to MultiPlus 120/3k. SmartSolar 150/100 producing power at 600W. RV connected to mains power, but I’ve turned down the DMC limiter to 10A so that the MPPT will draw max power from the panels (to test array output).

At 10A limited the Mains light on DMC is solid blue and the Inverter light flashes blue. All other lights are off. I assume the MultiPlus is neither inverting nor charging. What is the meaning of the Inverter LED flashing blue?

I don’t see any explanation in the DMC manual.


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EasyPlus Compact 12/1600 with Digital Multi Control stopping DC charger

I have a EasyPlus Compact 12/1600 with a Digital Multi Control 200/200A connected to my van batteries.
I also have a CTEK 250SE DCDC charger connected to the batteries to charge them on the move.

The problem I'm seeing is that the EasyPlus unit needs to be switched on in order for the DMC remote control panel to work, and this appears to be causing the CTEK charger to not switch on to charge.
If I switch the EasyPlus to off the CTEk then works fine, but the remote control doesn't work.

The whole point of me having the remote control is so I don't have to access the EasyPlus, as it's in a (normally) hard to reach spot at the back of a cupboard.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to get around this issue?
Would the Bluetooth remote system work better?


paulgreen asked
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How can I use all three of these ways to monitor and control my MultiPlus 3000?

I have a MultiPlus 3000W inverter changer. Connected to this I have a Cerbo GX for Internet monitoring and a Digital Multi Control 200/200A.

Before I installed my new Cerbo GX (which I love) I had a Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart Dongle (Bluetooth) connected which allowed me to monitor the MultiPlus via the VoctonrConnect app which I really loved. I had to give that up when I installed the CerboGx as there are only two RJ45 ports on the MultPlus. Unfortunately, the MultiPlus doesn't include a VE.Direct port (ughh) which would have solved this problem. Even better, would have been if the MultiPlus had BlueTooth builtin!

So my question is: How can I wire things up so that I can continue to use my phone to monitor the MultiPlus via the Victron Energy VE.Bus Smart Dongle (Bluetooth) while still having it connected to my Cerbo GX and Digital Multi Control (I don't want to give that up either)?

I did try to split the CAT5 cable using this GizmoVine Ethernet Splitter but it didn't work.

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AC input current limit wont go lower than 12 amp
  1. Hello,

My dcm will not go lower on ac1 than 12 amps. In some harbours the shore power is just 6 amps.

How can i get the shore limit on the d lower than 12 amps?

victorvanwaveren asked
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DMC needed with Cerbo GX, Gx Touch 50 with Multiplus 12/2000???

As the title says, everytime i chop and change my equipment selections for my upcoming RV build, im presented with more confusing aspects.

Do i need the DMC with the above mentioned components if im using a VE.Bus BMS or has that been removed now? Can i control the Charger only/On/Off portions with the GX Touch 50 or will i be required to install another component, that being the DMC???

System will also have MPPT, smartshunt, 2/3 x lifepo4, smart battery protect

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CCGX/DMC not updating with new MultiPlus current limit setting

System Components:

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V (FW 418) with VE.BUS BMS

CCGX (v2.58)

DMC 200 GX

BMV-712 Smart (v4.03)

I just added a DMC to a system that has been running 2+ years without one. The goal is to have the DMC allow a 1-30A adjusting range with the Multi defaulting to the lowest level

I lowered the input current limit in the MultiPlus (using VEConfig) from 9A down to 1A using VEConfig. I have verified that the MultiPlus is set to 1A after power off/on.

Regardless of what I do, the CCGX and DMC still thinks the current limit is 9A. I programmed the DMC for the upper 30A limit. The DMC works just fine adjusting the current limit >= 9A up to 30A. It just will not allow it to go lower than the old 9A setting.

I did try redetect system the Multi on the CCGX with no luck.

What's the magic to get the CCGX/DMC to see the new lower 1A setting in the Multiplus?

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Ve.bus multi switch not working


So here is my multi control connected up to an old 19xx multiplus which is plugged into the mains. Annoyingly, although it's reading the info correctly from the multiplus, the switch doesn't work. It won't turn on or off remotely at all. It used to work last year though. Thoughts?

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Digital Multi Control GX w/ remote on/off

I have a DMC that I was hoping to use with my Multiplus, and later a Quattro when I upgrade. However, I am using 2 remotes from my BMS - one to turn off the charging when the battery is full or when it's too cold, and another to disconnect load if the battery gets too low. I came across this is the Multiplus manual though: "Only one remote control can be connected, i.e. either a switch or a Multi control panel."

Strangely, that does not seem to be mentioned in the Quattro or DMC manuals, but I presume the limitation is the same for the Quattro.

I wanted to confirm whether there was no way to use both together. My expectation was that the BMS remote on/off would override whatever was set on the DMC remote, which would be ideal. I can wire simple switches in line with the BMS remote to get remote switches for the inverter and charger, but I was really hoping to have the input current adjuster on the DMC available to use, since otherwise I have to connect a computer to MK3 to change the setting.

I'm curious to hear any feedback/ideas. Is there any way to have both BMS remote on/off control and ability to adjust input limit without using a computer to do it?

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What do two flashing leds on the digital multi control indicated, after programing, the absorption and float lights flash.

The Digital Multi-Controller, when switched to charger only, shows a blue led, connected to mains, then a blank led for bulk, then flashing yellow for the absorption and float.

tug asked
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EasySolar 24/3000 & VE.Bus BMS - Do I need a Digital Multi Control?

Hi there!

I have the following units (not connected yet)

EasySolar 24/3000 (includes a Color Control GX)

2x 12,8v 200ah LiFePO4 Lithium Smart Batteries


The VE.Bus BMS manual says it requires a Color Control or Digital Multi Control
It also says don't connect the control panel directly to the Multi or Quatro (signals from the control panel may be in conflict with signals from the VE.Bus BMS)

So I'm wondering if the Color Control on the EasySolar is the only control I need
Or if I also require another control connected directly to the BMS ??

Thanks very much in advance :)

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Digital Multi Control - not able to set current limit over 5 amp

I have a MultiPlus 24/3000 (Firmware 469), using a Digital Multi Control to remotely limit the current.

In the past I had no problem switching currents between 5-16 amps. Now however the current limiter is only allowing a maximum of 5 amps. I have tried changing the settings on Shore limit. Turning off "Overruled by remote" does display Ac 1 on the DMC, and does allow me settings over 5 amps. Any settings I try with "Overruled by remote" enabled does limit me to 5 amps, both in "Charger only" and "On" mode.

What could be the cause of this?


aslak-heggland asked

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Ve.Bus RJ45 cabling order

Is there a proper order for cabling the following Ve.Bus devices?
(Usually with a 'bus' order doesn't matter.)

DMC GX (required for current limiter when using a Ve.Bus BMS)
Ve.Bus BMS (required for Victron SmartLithium batteries)
Ve.Bus Mains Detector (to allow for DC start when AC is present)
Inverter/charger 1 (split phase)
Inverter/charger 2 (split phase)

In a full Ve.Bus chain of devices, the Ve.Bus BMS manual suggests that there is a preferred order (page 4):


This leads me to believe that there is a required Ve.Bus order of devices which with this equipment list would be:
DMC GX -> Ve.Bus BMS -> Mains Detector -> Quattro1(leader) -> Quattro2(follower) -> CCGX

Can Victron confirm this order requirement?

I guess this leads to a bunch of other related questions such as:

Do the specific ports on the Ve.Bus BMS have to be used as labelled?
Remote to DMC GX, and Ve.Bus to the Mains Detector, before the Inverter(s)?

Is there some unspoken addressing conflict if these are wired out-of-order?
Is it that the DMC is on the same address as the CCGX, where we are hiding the DMC behind the Remote port on the Ve.Bus BMS is required?

The DMC manual seems to suggest that you can connect it directly to an inverter which indicates its a Ve.Bus Device, but the Ve.Bus instructions indicate otherwise.


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Lights flashing on digital multi control

Electrician on board today and changed wiring for secondary charger. Should not effect MultiPlus or digital multi control. Ran the boat back to anchor and when arrived 4 lights in left column of digital multi control and inverter on light flashing. Turned switch to off, no change. Turned Multi Plus off and then on, then turned Multi Plus back to on. Inverter working. But no lights on Multi Plus. Not sure if charger working.

bestkidspa asked

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Recommended current limit setting for a digital multi control panel

I have a digital multi control panel along with MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80, what is the recommended setting for the current limit?

warnersw asked
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Is the Digital Multi Control still required with a CCGX+MultiPlus?

When I built a Victron system on my boat about 2 years ago with a MultiPlus, Victron LiFePO4 battery and VE.Bus BMS, you had to have a DMC connected as well if you wanted to set shore side power limits, as the CCGX would not allow you to do so.

I thought I remembered seeing that this was ONLY the case with the VE.Bus BMS, which I am not using in a new install, and potentially not required at all anymore with a recent CCGX firmware upgrade. Can anyone confirm this?

To be clear, the components I would be installing Victron-wise are:

  • MultiPlus 12v / 110vac / 3000w / 120a charge
  • CCGX
  • BMV-712

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Multiplus 12/1600/70 with MK3 - How to use multiple devices with a single VE.bus port?

Hi all,

I want to use a raspberry as the venus device. I want to connect my MPPT 100-50, BMV712 with the VE-Bus and my Multiplus with the MK3 Interface.

But I want to use the normal remote control the digital multicontrol 200/200a too. Is there a way to connect all 3 devices (multiplus, multicontrol and MK3) at the same time ? As far as I know all three divices have only one RJ45 connector.

Thanks for help


joagie asked
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Can the Digital multi control be connected to a VEBus Phoenix?

Is it possible to remote switch a Victron Phoenix Off/On using a Digital multi control instead of a Phoenix inverter control?

Rainbow Solar asked
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Problem Connecting digital multi control to 24/3000/70 Multi plus issue

When I connect the control to the inverter all I get is all lights sequentially blinking on both inverter and charger side of control - no further connection. Tried changing cable out - no difference. Trying to determine if the unit is faulty, My firmware version is 2712413 - ideas - solutions should be plug and play? Thanks for your help.


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CCGX & Venus GX vs Digital Multi GX incoming amp control

Just trying to clearify. Why do I see people connecting both a Digital Multi GX and CCGX to a system with a Multiplus? Does the CCGX have the ability to turn on and off Multiplus and control the incoming amperage? I don't want to spend money on both.

Tom asked
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Color Control GX and external transfer switch

I am currently using a MultiPlus with Digital Multi Control GX. I use the input of DMC for integration with an external transfer switch (for grid and a genset - since they have different power capabilities). What I would like to add is remote monitoring and control, including the possibility to remotely change Multi modes (On/Off/Charger). I was thinking of adding a Color Control GX, but I have concerns. The problem as I see it is that if I keep the DMC in the system, the On/Off functionality in Color Control GX will be disabled, and I will not be able to use it remotely. If I remove the DMC, there will be no place to connect the input from the external transfer switch - since Color Control GX does not seem to provide this functionality. Is there a way to solve this and have both remote monitoring and control and integration with a transfer switch?

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Connecting to 120 shore power trips breaker

Have a Multiplus 12/120/3000 with 4-100 amp hour Lithium batteries in series installed in our fifth wheel trailer. Everything has been working great and as it should, but I recently tried to plugin to a standard 120 wall outlet just to trickle charge the batteries while parked in a friends driveway and it would trip the breaker. I tried turning off everything via my breaker panel in my trailer that wasn't necessary to see if it was a load issue...still trips. I also played around with the current limiter settings on my victron digital multi control...nothing made a difference. Multi control was set to charger only. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Maybe something else I can look into to try. Please advise? Thank you in advance :)

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Equalize with Multipuls 12/3000 and Digital Multicontrol.

I have a Multiplus 12/3000 with the Digital Multicontrol display. Can I get the Multiplus to equalize somehow?

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Hooking Up a Digital Multi Control with CCGX and BMV700

I am trying to figure out how to get the ability to control the inverter on a Multiplus from a remote panel. I don't see the option on the Color Control and thought I needed a Digital Multi-Control to do this. The system has the color control and a BVM700 attached to the system. Thoughts on where to hook the Digital Multi-Control?

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