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Blue Smart IP22 12|20|3 which output switches the charge mode?

Hi All I am new to this forum. I've bought a boat with a Blue Power IP22 12/20A 3-output charger already fitted. One output goes to my single starter battery, the other goes to two domestic batteries.

My question is; which of the outputs does the charger use to determine when to switch between charge modes?

My starter battery is usually full but the domestic batteries can run at a lower state of charge. So I'm concerned that the domestic batteries will not be fully charged if the charger is using the starter battery voltage as an indication of when to switch from Bulk to Absorbtion.

Voltages at the charger terminals are identical - is this because they are all simply connected together? Or maybe they have some simple isolation by means of an internal diode?

Thanks for any answers!


karlz asked

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Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30 amp versus 18 amp For Litium Charging from Alternator

I am going to add 4 Lion Energy Safari 1300 105ah Lithium batteries to my 2006 motor home. I need to protect the alternator from excessively trying to charge the batteries while driving.

What is the difference between the 30 amp 360watt and the 18 amp 220watt isolated chargers?

Solar will also be added later but would the 18 amp 220 watt work in this case?

kaputnick asked
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Replacing/Coexisting Sargent campervan components with Victron

Good evening,

We are looking into upgrading the battery and solar panel system of our campervan and for that purpose, we think we will need to replace some Sargent components with Victron components.

Currently, we have an 80W solar panel, connected to PWM Regulator (
The regulator is connected to a EC500 Power Supply Unit (
The EC500 PSU can be controlled with EC480 Control Panel ( The control panel can be used to monitor the solar input for the solar panel, the status of the vehicle battery and the leisure battery. It can also be used to switch the charging from leisure battery to vehicle battery.
Finally, the EC500 PSU is connected to the PX300 charger ( that is connected to the battery (Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH)

We would like to know the following replacement/installation is doable and what product should we aim for?
1) A new Victron MPPT solar charge controller that can handle up to 2 x 100/120W solar panel
2) The output of the Victon MPPT should be fed into the EC500 so that it can be monitored by the EC480
3) A new Victron battery charger that can support up to 2 x Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH in parallel (or the vehicle battery). The output should be managed by the EC480 so that it can be switched to charge the 2 Lithium batteries or the vehicle battery as it does today)
4) A new Victron 1200W pure sinus inverter where the output is connected to the EC500 in such a way that the existing 220V sockets in the van can be used with normal appliances (in the same way as connected to the mains)

Any good suggestion is most welcome.

Thank you!

amidships asked

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Blue Smart IP67 charger - Lithium-ion temperatur

Hello, i have a. victron blue smart 12/25, (in li-ion mode) which i use with lithium batteries.
what happens when the temperatur is under 5 °C or lower, will it stop charging ?

jlyn01 asked
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IP22 Smart Charger Fan

Hi there,

I have had a Customer Return an IP22 Smart Charger 24v/16A 1 output, The batteries Were Boiled in the system (potentially other faults not charger) client complained that when he found charger was to hot to touch and claimed thermal cutout was not working,

upon looking at the unit i found there was no fan in place as per the manual and the Data sheet, i also checked a 12/30 3 output and found it also had no fan

has the fan been removed from this range of chargers?



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(Thermal Runaway?) VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger IP67

Pretty sure this was asked a few years ago but wondering if anything has changed...

Any chance of VE.Smart Network coming available to the Blue Smart IP67 chargers?

Could really use that actual Battery Temperature reading...on these cool sunny days right now the ambient temp of the charger outside in the shade and the temp of the battery in a black plastic box is quite a big spread after a big charge (88f vs 61f - I think..the Blue Smart doesn't actually show temp- Another feature request to display Blue Smart temp?)

This leaves the MPPT on the VE.Smart Network to think that we are overcharging because it has temp compensated the voltage down for the warm battery (its probably right) while the BlueSmart IP67 is doing the opposite and temp compensating up for the cool charger.

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BlueSmart IP67 Charger Early Float

I haven’t used my BlueSmart IP67 charger for over 6 months as solar has been adequate, but now when I run the charger, it’s only staying in absorption for a maximum of 30 minutes, even though the battery is only at 90% and happily accepting 7+amps. I haven’t changed any settings in this time (only ever used defaults) although there has been a firmware update.

Is there any reason why this is happening?
6 months ago it would stay in absorption for several hours under the same circumstances.

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Regular Interrupted During Charging BlueSmart IP 65 Charger

I recently purchased my BlueSmart 15A charger and am running tests at my home. I am seeing regular status “interrupted” during bulk charging mode and absorption modes. Sometimes it charges for an hour or several but sooner or later the cycle is interrupted and starts over in Bulk.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am monitoring via my phone and there are no corresponding power hiccups happening in my home. I am wondering if my unit is defective or there is something else going on.

Unit is in my trailer, trailer is plugged into shore power at my house.

Tomorrow I will run a test using just an extension cord to power to eliminate my trailer from the equation.

Anyone else has this experience?

sleeplessinseattle asked
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Victron Bluesmart startup mode

If I am using a custom profile for charge my battery and the power drops out for a while.

Will be charger resume on the custom profile when the power comes back on or will it revert to the normal mode?

i-wish asked
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SmartSolar Charge Controller + Energy Blue Smart charger connected to a battery at the same time?
is it possible to connect and operate the Victron MTTP SmartSolar Charge Controller 100/20 and the Victron 230V battery Charger (Energy Blue Smart IP22) to a LiFePo4 battery at the same time? Or will it damage the devices? If so what would be a good option to have everything hooked up together?

marlo asked
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Why do Blue Smart IP22 chargers have no support for VE.Smart?

I have seen others have asked this question for a long time!

What is happening Victron designers? This appears to be a very big omission from your system thinking!!!

All the other components in my system can talk to each other with but not the mains charger. :(

Can you please provide an update.

Thank you.

humax asked
Mark answered ·

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Can I run an Espar D2 in my Sprinter while the IP65 is charging directly connected to the chassis battery?

I attached the Blue Smart IP65 12/15 charger directly to my 2016 Mercedes Sprinter chassis battery via the M8 battery eyelets and the 2m long extension cable.

I have an Espar D2 that is directly connected to the battery, and the Victron eyelets are connected in the exact same place to the battery.

If I set the IP65 to 4A normal charge, and start the heater, would the heater be able to run at the same time as the battery is charging, or will I have some issues with power or surges or anything like that, leading to possible damage of the Espar D2 heater's ECU?

Any help / advice is greatly appreciated.

sprinterip65 asked
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Victron Blue Smart 10A 12V Preset Profile for Optima Yellowtop


I would like to confirm that the "AGM Spiral Cell" in the preset profiles is for the Optima range of car batteries?

As far as I am aware Optima is the only company producing the these?

i-wish asked
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Charger failed after software update

I tried update the software trough bluetooth.

Somewhere past 90% it just died. I dont mean the bluetooth signal, but the whole charger.

I attempted om a second one thinking it was just a bad timing for it to die, but the second one died just the same way.

They are feed 230VAC and I tried power it up and down several times by removing both supply and the battery cables. The charger never powers up again.

I guess the power LED is controlled by a microcontroller and this one never come up again caused by full memory or something.

It dont charge as we can see the battery voltage slowly drooping.

Anyone with deep knowledge about this?

Update from 3.00 to 3.21

Blue smart ip67 24/12

stian1979 asked
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VE.Direct splitter/ hub


I would like to connect 2 pcs Blue Solar MPPT solar charger in addition to 1 pcs BMV-712 battery monitor to a Color Control GX, but as far as i know the Color Control only got two VE.Direct ports. I would need three.

Is there a VE. Direct splitter or hub that will allow me to connect all my items with VE. Direct?

Or is there another solution to my issue?

Henning Lillehagen asked
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No output from Blue Smart IP67 12/25 charger yet the Bluetooth App shows the charger has an output of 12V DC

We have a Blue Smart IP67 12/25 charger that has been used both as a battery charger and as a power supply while at our workshop. When we have taken the charger to site and used the Bluetooth App to set it up as a Power Supply we get no output voltage at the load when using a multimeter to read the voltage. The information on the Bluetooth App shows that the charger has an output voltage of 12.8V. Even after doing a factory reset and then re-configuring the charger as a power supply there is still no output from the charger yet the App says it has an output voltage of 12.8V. If the unit has suffered from reverse polarity and the internal fuse has blown would the App pick this up?

alistair-jeffcoat asked
Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

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selecting the right Blue Smart IP67 Charger

In my camper van I have a 12-volt flooded starter battery and a 12-volt gel house battery. Each battery requires a unique charging profile. I charge the gel house battery with a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 powered by either an Orion-Tr 12/24-10, a 100-watt solar panel, or a laptop power supply. The Orion-Tr 12/24-10 is fed by the van's alternator. With these options my house battery always has sufficient charge.

If my camper van sits for too long the starter battery can lose its charge. I can, and have, wired my BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 to my starter battery, changed the battery profile, and charged it, but that is not very convenient. I am considering the purchase of a Blue Smart IP67 for my starter battery but I'm not sure which model.

I believe the ideal charger for my starter battery would output a maximum of 5.7 amps, which suggests that the Blue Smart IP67 12/7 would be a good fit if I were only charging my starter battery. However if I turn on the Orion-Tr 12/24-10 that would feed my BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 and charge my house battery at the same time. It is easy to set the maximum charging amps in the BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 for my house battery to 7 amps or less. Would either a Blue Smart IP67 12/7 or Blue Smart IP67 12/13 be an appropriate charger for my proposed use case? 13 amps is more than I need for the starter battery alone but it would be a good choice when both battery chargers are in bulk mode. I worry that the 7-amp charger will not be able to produce enough current when both chargers are in bulk mode.

jrcresawn asked
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Blue smart charger. Connection orange cable.


my charger has this cable connections. Red and black is clear. But I can't find find any discription for the orange one.


Can someone help me?


marsupilami asked
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Can I leave the Blue Smart IP67 24v/12a hooked to my Battle Born batteries when it's not charging and unhooked from AC power?

I have two Battle Born batteries hooked in series for 24v. I'd like to keep the Blue Smart IP67 24/12 hooked up to the batteries when I'm not charging them, and also unhook the charger from AC power. I only hook up the charger when solar doesn't top up the batteries at the end of the day. I'm afraid the batteries might damage the charger by back feeding it when it's not powered up.

lonewolf75495 asked
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VE.Smart Network Support on Blue Smart Charger

Hi. Will you add VE.Smart Network support on the IP22 Blue Smart Charger?

I own a BMV-712 with temperature probe and a MPPT solar charger which works really fine with VE.Smart Networking, so i think it would be really helpful to deliver the right battery voltage and temperature via Smart-Network also to the charger for temperature compensation and so on...

Thank you very much!

Christian Lindermann asked
rheinskipper answered ·

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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 not charging


I have issues with my MPPT as it is not charging the battery. On the attached screenshot you can see that the AGM battery is supplying the load but the charger is not starting. It was days with pure sunshine and it was only charging the first two days. This is now present from more than two weeks.

I know, that the panel needs to be +5V compared to the battery to start charging but to me it seems, that there is a voltage drop and the panal voltage is following the battery voltage.

I already checked the fuse and it is ok. Also the input voltage at the controller is the same as measured in the app.

It would be great if you could tell me, what I am doing worng or what am I missing here.

Many thanks in advance!


mrgreen2020 asked
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Minus connection on Blue smart charger


Is it possible to connect the minus lead to the nearest battery (for example starter battery) and the plus side to the battery bank that needs the charge?



matt-s asked
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IP65 Blue Smart Charger pin not working

Reconnected the charger to my iphone and it won't accept the default pin? never changed it. Now what? How to reset? Thanks in advance

vssa asked
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Blue Smart Charger & LiFePO4 Battery Smart not fully charging

Hi there :)

I have recently bought a LiFePO4 12,8v Battery Smart 200ah
It is not yet hooked up to a system as the facility is still under construction

The manual for the bettery says it must be regularly (at least once every month) charged to 14V (max 14,4V)

I have a Blue Smart IP22(1) 12|30 Charger

I am using the Victron Connect app to monitor the voltage of the battery
I have tried charging it twice and am now trying a third time.

The battery was sitting at 13.25V
Cell 1: 3.32V
Cell 2: 3.31V
Cell 3: 3.31V
Cell 4: 3.31V

When I start charging, the charger jumps straight to ABS
The battery voltage occasionally jumps to 13.26V momentarily
With Cell 2 jumping up to 3.32V momentarily and back to 3.31V

After an hour or so the charger has progressed to Storage
The battery voltage is still at 13.25V

Does anyone know why it is not charging up to 14V ?

Thanks very much in advance

offgrid asked
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100/50 smart charger fluctuations in voltage


I have connected my Victron 100/50 smart charger to a single 180W 36V 5A using 6mm2 cables. The voltage when I switch it on fluctuates from 38v to 14v every 30secs. It’s a sunny day.

When I disconnect the charger and meter the panel it reads 38V. I’ve by pass the 32A Isolation switch and run straight to the charger as someone else on here had the same issue and said it was the CB they were using that was causing the problem.



wombats-rest asked

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Orion TR Smart DC-DC to charge boat diesel starting bank?

It's good to see the Orion Smart series officially announced on the blog today:

But while it's usually shown set up to use input from a vehicle start battery to charge an auxiliary bank, I want to do the reverse. In my case there would be two alternators on the same 450hp boat diesel feeding a 440ah Firefly AGM 12v house bank with the Orion Smart 12/12-30 supplying the smaller Dekka AGM 12v starting bank. That way I'd get more use from the alternators, plus alternator redundancy, and the system would be ready if I ever switch the house bank up to Lithium-Ion.

Am I thinking straight?

PS The boat already has BMV712/Smart Solar/Venus system that I greatly appreciate:

How will Orion eventually integrate with the family?

bene asked
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blue smart charger power supply behaviour?


We have a few Blue smart chargers in small houses to charge local 12V AGM batteries.

Short Q:
What happens if an AGM battery is connected to a Blue Smart IP65 Charger when it is set to power supply mode? Will it damage the battery? I am not sure what voltage it will give in power supply mode and if it will sense when a battery is connected.

This is what the manual says, but unsure if it will charge or maintain the battery at all when in this mode?

"6.1 Power supply function
The Victron Blue Smart Charger range are also suitable for use as a DC power supply, to

power equipment without a battery connected (or while also connected to a battery).

While it’s still possible to use the charger as a power supply without changing any settings, a dedicated ‘Power supply’ mode exists for this purpose/usage.

If the charger will be used as a power supply, it is recommended to activate ‘Power supply’ mode, as it will disable the internal charge logic and provide a constant DC supply voltage.

To activate power supply mode, open the settings menu and in the ‘Function’ drop down menu select ‘Power supply’ mode; once activated the BULK, ABS, FLOAT and STORAGE LEDs will be illuminated."

Longer version Q;
I ask, since I need a hands-off setting for this that is safe.
The batteries are sometime connected and disconnected from the chargers and this has worked flawlessly for a few years with the chargers switching between acting as a charger and as a 12V power supply and we really need this functionality.

So this week, for some reason one of the chargers started doing something new.
Lights were flashing, no connected gear worked and it looked like the charger was trying to charge a battery, even if there was no battery connected.

Setting it to power supply mode via bluetooth and Victron connect fixed it.
So I am wondering which setting I should now use to avoid this behaviour?
Can someone give an educated guess on why it did this, so we can avoid this?
The gear in the houses are led lights, small 12V gadgets chargers for usb and a small 1 watt fan that runs 24/7.

If leaving it in power supply mode is not safe, I guess we might have to set the charger mode via bluetooth but would really like to keep the automated scenario.

Grateful for any hints. Many thanks,

houser asked
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Parellel connection of 3 IP43 Smart charger 24V/25A(1+1)


I want to connect 3 IP43 Smart chargers 24V/25A(1+1) to charge a lithium battery of 27V/180Ah from another manufacturer. Can I parallel these 3 chargers to charge the LFP battery.

Does the trickle charge output operate independently? Does it supply power without checking if a battery is connected?

Additionally, at very low temperature the LFP will cut-off so I want at this stage to use the power from the chargers to power my control circuits (2 - 3 Amp consumption). Is this possible when the IP43s are defined as chargers or must I define them as Power supplies.

In case I define them as power supplies what restrictions do I have? since the battery has balancing by itself and thus, I can use a constant output voltage limited at 20Amp per charger to charge the battery when temperature is appropriate,

The IP43 manual mentions that when defined as a power supply the remote input does not operate. Is their any firmware update for this?


diko asked

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BMV - SC Amp Differences

Have 100w panel connected to 75/10 SC, two 50w (in series) also connected to separate 75/10 SC, all leading through master negative bus with single connection to BMV712 shunt which is connected to single negative post on house bank terminal. I have networked all three in the app, and when checking the battery amps, I get different values for each.

Full sunny day; house bank two 6v in series 190AH AGM; two 12v in parallel 158Ah starter Bank.

Why does this seem odd to me? Shouldn’t all three battery status be same if networked?

Any assistance will be appreciated




maukamakai asked

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All Connected Together

I was thinking about this....

Can i use my power generator a "Honda EU22i" with the blue smart charger to feed my battery bank at the same time i have my MPPT´s charging the bank ?!

Or will everything be confused ?!

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