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diode bridge necessary with ip22 charger?

I have a starter battery and a service battery on my boat and need to replace the charger. The old charger has a single output. Both batteries are connected to the alternator via a diode bridge. If I connect both batteries separately to the charger, will I still need the diode bridge? How then does the alternator gets connected without messing things up? Here's an image of the current setup:


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Set Victron smart ip67 to 24v output


I purchased the below charger, the Victron blue smart IP67 24v/12a model, and am running into an issue configuring it for my Tesla battery module (6s 25.2v max). When connecting the charger to Victron connect on my iPad I'm able to design a custom profile, but when I set the absorption/float/storage voltages to 24v (trying to keep the battery at 80% as full to help prevent cell degradation and balancing issues) it reverts to a minimum of 25.6v. Is there any way at all to actually get a 24v output voltage on this 24v charger? Or is the minimum actually 25.6? Charging a 6s lithium-ion battery to 25.6v instead of 25.2 will cause an early failure of the pack, if not something more catastrophic. Currently, I have to set timers on my phone and keep a very close eye on the charge levels to avoid overcharging, and that defeats the sole purpose of purchasing a programmable smart charger.


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IP22 Battery Charger Battery Banks Isolation

Having 2 isolated battery banks, one for trolling motor and the other one to run sounders off, in case I connect the IP 22 (3) charger to both battery banks, do I going to have interference? I mean does IP 22 charger have isolated 3 DC outputs?

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IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger with AGM battery bank

I have the IP65 12V/15A blue smart charger and would like to use it to charge a bank of two Optima D27 AGM batteries 66Ah each. (Wired in parallel)

Is it ok to use the single IP65 to charge both batteries by connecting it to positive of one battery and negative of the other.

Thank you

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Normal and High preset charging modifications?

Can I change the normal and high preset charging defaults? Alternatively, can I re assign user defined settings to the mode switch. I would like to customize the settings and use the mode swith to toggle between two (much simpler than bluetooth). One "normal" for slow charging under shore power and one "high" for fast charging with a generator. I'm using Renergy AGM batteries which have slightly different charging specs than the normal and high defaults.

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Smart solar 150/70 overcharging at 16.1v

The setup is as follows.

multiplus 3000

280 amp hour lithium phosphate

1 - smart solar mppt 150/70, connected to 2 - 385 watt 48 volt panels

1 - 75/15 blue solar mppt connected to 200 watt 48 volt panel

1 - 100/15 smart solar mppt connected to a 200 watt 48 volt panel

and a overkill 120amp bms

I have manually set all controllers to 12 volts.

I disconnected all controllers by removing the negative wire to the battery. This was in attempt to figure out why the voltage stated on the mppt controllers display via the color control gx was saying max volt 16.1v. Upon disconnecting 2 solar controllers (150/70 and the 100/15 smartsolar) the voltage at the bms slowly went down to 13.5v. I tested the voltage at the output of the 150/70 and the 100/15 and the both said 16v. The charge algorithm is set to lithium phosphate and each device was factory reset in an attempt rectify the issue.

They have been disconnected now for 2 days. I will test again in a bit to see if anything has changed.

any idea what would cause a 16v charge. Equalization is turned off. Manually set to 12v on each mppt controller



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Blue Smart Charger as charge master

Now that the Blue Smart Charger supports VE.Networking, I’d like to understand more about what being the charge master means.

As an example if I have my Blue Smart Charger and Smart solar running what happens at sunrise ?, ... is the smart solar prevented from going through the (unnecessary) bulk/absorption/float cycle as the blue Smart Charger is the charge master ?

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Blue Smart charger upgrade to v3.40

The recent update added a number of features including VE.Smart networking to REV2 chargers only.

This suggests that VE.Smart networking will not be made available to those who have pre-Rev2 hw ?. I have older hw and really wanted to be able to add smart networking - is the only solution to buy new ?

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Victron IP22 Not charging anymore

I own a Blue smart IP22 charger 12/15.

Yesterday I tried to charge a battery with it.

However, I accidentally put the charge cables on the wrong polarities. I noticed pretty quickly and swapped them over to the correct polarities.

However, I now seem to have no charge current coming through at all.

I've tried the charger on a number of different batteries and still no charging at all.

I removed the fuse to see if that was blown and needed swapping out. But it looks like some kind of specialist fuse and can't seem to find a direct replacement for it anywhere.

So I thought I'd drop a message here on the forum hoping someone might be able to shed some light on how to get my charger working again.

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Blue Smart Charger 12/15 switch from TEST to BULK to ABS with no battery connected


Just got this charger and i noticed the charging process keeps restarting on its own and then when i disconnect it from the wall and connect it back the charging status just start from test to bulk to abs in 2 second interval with no battery connected and stay there for good. Looks malfunctioning to me. Anyone has any idea?

The charger profile is on standard preset.

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Blue Smart charher IP65 12V/25a profiles

Hi, which profile I need to use for charging Victron AGM Deep Cycle battery 12-110.

I have doubts between regular modes -normal or high and those predefined presets in Victron connect app for AGM Gel deep cycle batteries (1) and (2).

There is no predefined preset for my battery.

Tks in advance.

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The Victron IP22 30amp 3 output charger cannot charge 3 batteries when 2 are in series for 24 volts!0


The Victron IP22 30amp 3 output charger cannot charge 3 batteries when 2 are in series for 24 volts as it shorts out one battery because negatives are commoned together. Can I put a 50amp diode in the negative leads from charger to batteries so I can use to charge 2 batteries in series?

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Solar MPPT and Phoenix ip43

i have a victron phoenix ip43 and a victron solar controller mppt. when I reach the parking voltage (set at 13.2v), in the early hours of the morning, when the solar panel begins to charge, the voltage rises again even if the consumptions are always the same. how can i avoid this? why not also insert the parking voltage function to the mppt solar controllers?

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Blue Smart Charger not charging

Hi, I have a Blue Smart 12/17 and 12/5 charger. I'm trying to charge a 12v li 84 ah battery. Using the 12/5 charger appears to work fine. However I can't get the 12/17 charger to draw any current. I'm measuring the voltage at the battery with a multimeter and voltage reading does not change when I switch on charger. I've measured the voltage from charger on +ve wire when disocnnected from battery and reads higher voltage but when I connect to terminal it drops to battery voltage. App say charging Absorption at 14.2v / current 0A. I've tried 12/17 charger on lead acid battery and the same problem occurs. I'm switching within app between standard default charges for Li and lead acid. I think the 12/17 charger is problably faulty? Any insight into what the problem may be would be appreciated!

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Blue Smart IP22 repeated 30amp then 0amps?

My IP22 Blue Smart charger is not working properly. It charges in bulk mode at 30amps for around 30secs, then the amps drop to 0 and it switches to absorption for around 30secs. This cycle keeps repeating.

I have tried using a replacement charger and the same thing happened. It has been working fine for around a month but has only recently started doing this.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Blue smart charger app

Does the app show the total amps if you have 2 x 100ah lithium batteries connected in parallel and both are connected to the charger at the same time or does it only show amps of 1 battery

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Charger for 2 x AGM 100Ah boat batteries?

I have a camping boat with 2 x 100Ah AGM batteries and a switch panel for 1, 2 or 1&2. Starter battery (1) and battery (2) for the fridge, Ipads etc. I want to be able to charge fairly quick when there is access to shore power, use solar when in nature and to keep batteries full when at harbour (no power there).

What charger is best for my setup? Thinking of these...

Blue Smart IP67 12V 17A

Blue Smart Ip22 30a/3

Blue Smart Ip65 25a

For solar this is my thinking. Connect this to both battery 1&2?

Solar panel 100W with regulator Smartsolar Mppt 75/15

In the future I’m considering changing battery (2) for a lithium if needed.

Im new here so any recommendations is greatly appreciated.

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Blue smart 12/15

Hi all is it OK to use a 1kw hyundai inverter generator with the blue smart 12/15 charger .

chrislaw1968 asked

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Blue Smart IP 67 charger: Sub-optimal behaviors charging lithium batteries

I was just about to buy a 25 A charger until I encountered these issues. Can anyone validate my concerns?

I am using the product HTML manual (for the 240 volt version - see item 6 below) and the VictronConnect app with the Demo Library to review configurations.

1) The charger won't interoperate with the Smart Battery Sense via bluetooth, so the terminal voltage can't be detected at the battery (also, for lead-acid bats, the battery temperature can't be detected at the battery, only at the charger location, which may and should be different).

2) There is no way to prevent a reabsorption cycle. It can't be set to run less frequently than every 45 days. Yes, I could set the absorption voltage to be the same as the float voltage, but that defeats the purpose of absorption at a higher voltage. This is bad treatment of LiFePO4 batteries that don't need periodic reabsorption.

3) The chargers don't interoperate with the Smart Shunt, causing the same issues as item 1 above, while also making it impossible for the charger to actually detect the battery charge current in the presence of static loads on the bus.

4) If I draw a high current from the bank for more than 4 seconds, the charger reverts to a full absorption cycle and the behavior can't be overridden. My SSB transmitter draws 50 amps when I transmit. I don't want a reabsorption cycle to be triggered every time I use it. This would also be maltreatment of LiFePO4 batteries.

From the manual:

"Note that even when the re-bulk setting is disabled, re-bulk will still occur if the charge current is maintained at the maximum charge current for 4 seconds."

5) There is no clear definition in the documentation of when the charger switches from float to storage mode.

6) There is no HTML manual on line for the 120 volt AC product. I've already discovered with other products that the PDF manuals omit some details.

7) There is no way to disable charging at and below zero degrees C. There's only a documented warning not to do that with LiFePO4 batteries. And where would that temperature be detected, at the warm charger? This issue alone precludes using the charger. Everyone doesn't have a BMS that disables charging below freezing.

8) When using the "Li-ion" factory preset, voltage temperature compensation is not disabled. Instead, it is set at -16.20mV/degree C. This is a serious error. LiFePO4 batteries do not require charging voltage temperature compensation. This problem, combined with item 7 above, could cause serious permanent damage to LiFePO4 batteries. At zero degrees C, charging at the factory preset 14.40 volt absorption voltage, instead of being shut down entirely, will be 14.81 volts (and higher at lower temperatures).

9) There is no way to see, set or, as cautioned in the setup under Absorption Duration: "disable the tail current."

Did I get anything wrong there?

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Issue Charging bms with mppt


I have 330w PV panel, 100 20 mppt regulator and 12v battery built with 18650 cells and bms 3s.

Charging input IS 12.6v to 13v.

Thé regulator Never shows more than 20w while Charging. Also, the "battery voltage" in thé main board IS Always equal to thé battery voltage setting even if thé actual battery voltage IS lower.

I have tested with 3s battery without bms, same results, and 12v lead acid battery, same results...

Could thé regulator bé broken ?



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Battery charger IP43 3 individual loading of outputs

Hello, everybody,

I run a boat with 2 engines and also two batteries for the start.

Both are operated independently of each other.

I have read in other threads that the IP22 with 3 outputs cannot charge 2 batteries with different states of charge individually.

Can the IP43 with 3 outputs meet this requirement?

Greetings Jürgen Lux

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Correct Charge Voltage? 14,4 or 14,7


I´m using a Victron Blue smart IP 22 12v/15Ah (3) charger and I would like to set the correct charge voltage for my new battery Victron AGM Deep cycle 110Ah.

14,4v or 14,7v ?

Best regards

Picture from Victron website


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Blue Smart 12/30 IP22 skipping bulk charge

Victron Lifepo4 200Ah is currently at 3.13V per cell. Expected behaviour of the charger after switching it on: It should bulk charge the battery (LiIon-Mode enabled) with up to 30A and switch to absorption charge after the battery ist almost charged completely.

What the blue smart device does instead: It bulk charges for ~2s (yes, seconds...) and switches immediately to absorption charge for the next 2 hours with ~6A (decreasing over time). So the battery is never charged to its full capacity...

All parameters in victron connect app seem to be correct. 'Charged voltage' in BMS ist set to 14.0V, blue smart charges with 14.2V. Did I get something wrong? Any suggestion are welcome.

Florian Michel asked
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BlueSmart IP22 3 sorties pour 3 différents type de batteries?


qui me peut me confirmer que le BlueSmart IP22 3 sorties peut alimenter une batterie gel + une bat de démarrage en même temps ou du moins alternativement en automatique? merci d'avance

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Mit Blue smart ip22 victron smart 200 Ah Laden


Was muss ich beachten wenn ich meine neue victron smart 200 Ah lifepo4 Batterie, mit meinem blue smart ip22 20 A Ladegerät aufladen möchte? Muss mein v. E bms angeschlossen sein oder gehe ich direkt auf die Batterie? Leider finde ich in dem Ladegerät Handbuch dazu keine Infos. Es geht um die erstaufladung und die soll vernünftig ablaufen.


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Blue Smart IP22 charger - multiple output to different battery types (EFB+ & AGM)

Hi, I have a Blue smart IP22 Charger 12/30(3) for my campervan - with the aim to be able to charge both my starter and leisure batteries simultaneously. Currently i have a Varta EFB+ Starter battery and Leoch AGM leisure battery.

From what i have read, EFB batteries should be charged at 14.4V, ("normal" setting), whereas AGM batteries should be charged at 14.7V ("High" setting). With that in mind can i assume i need to upgrade my starter battery to an AGM to allow both batteries to be charged at the same time? ..or can the charger sense the battery types and adjust the voltage accordingly for each?

Many thanks

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Blue Smart IP65 12/7 not charging battery


I have a new charger (Blue smart IP65 12/15) and have tried several times to charge different type of batteries but the charger won't charge any of them. It rapidly passes throw "test" and "bulk" and then stops at "abs" for a couple of hours and after that it stops at "storage". The charger is not configured manually otherwise than with the preset mode (Normal, High, Li-ion). The batteries that I tried are almost empty, half empty or almost full and the charger works the same on all my batteries. I have also tried normal, gel, agm and lifePo4 with the same results - it won't charge the battery!
There is no problem with Bluetooth connection. The charger has no problem to deliver power when I connect it to any kind of equipment. My only problem is that it does not charge any of my batteries!
Please help me out...

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Noise from BlueSmart 12/30 mains charger

Is it normal for a BlueSmart 12/30 mains charger to make this noise while it operates? It's very loud. The charger's a couple of years old now but has made this noise both times I used it. I find it somewhat disturbing, both audibly and mentally!


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Replacing/Coexisting Sargent campervan components with Victron

Good evening,

We are looking into upgrading the battery and solar panel system of our campervan and for that purpose, we think we will need to replace some Sargent components with Victron components.

Currently, we have an 80W solar panel, connected to PWM Regulator (
The regulator is connected to a EC500 Power Supply Unit (
The EC500 PSU can be controlled with EC480 Control Panel ( The control panel can be used to monitor the solar input for the solar panel, the status of the vehicle battery and the leisure battery. It can also be used to switch the charging from leisure battery to vehicle battery.
Finally, the EC500 PSU is connected to the PX300 charger ( that is connected to the battery (Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH)

We would like to know the following replacement/installation is doable and what product should we aim for?
1) A new Victron MPPT solar charge controller that can handle up to 2 x 100/120W solar panel
2) The output of the Victon MPPT should be fed into the EC500 so that it can be monitored by the EC480
3) A new Victron battery charger that can support up to 2 x Lithium LiFeP04 Professional 12 V 110 AH in parallel (or the vehicle battery). The output should be managed by the EC480 so that it can be switched to charge the 2 Lithium batteries or the vehicle battery as it does today)
4) A new Victron 1200W pure sinus inverter where the output is connected to the EC500 in such a way that the existing 220V sockets in the van can be used with normal appliances (in the same way as connected to the mains)

Any good suggestion is most welcome.

Thank you!

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Replacement for Sargent PX-300 charger

I have a (2017) Swift Select motorhome, complete with Sargent EC500 system, including the PX-300 charger/power supply.

As the PX-300 is a low-tech charger (wasn't designed to meet the needs of modern AGM batteries etc) I want to replace the PX-300 with a suitable Victron unit. Current preference is the 25 amp BlueSmart IP67 charger (the PX-300 is also 25 Amp). As an alternative I could fit the BlueSmart IP22 - however this is only available in 20 and 30 amp outputs. (30 is too much, but I think the 20 would be fine.

The crux of my question relates to the 12v 'mains on' trigger feed I need to send back to the EC500. Sargents PX-300 PSU has a 12v output which is used to tell the EC500 that the mains is connected so the system knows that mains is available. How could I achieve this with a Victron charger? (data sheet/manual is on this link:

I'm considering:

A: buying the 20A BlueSmart IP22 unit with 3 outputs, and using one of these as the trigger for the EC500 'mains on signal'- however this seems like overkill and means I lose 5amps of power (as Victron don't do a 25amp version of this charger, and 30A would be more than my 130Ah leisure batt could take)

B: buying the 25A BlueSmart IP67 unit and using some sort of diode arrangement so that the 'mains on' signal would work when 12 is flowing from the charger to the battery, but not when power is flowing only from the battery - however this would be a real faff to set up and wouldn't be particularly elegant.

I've noticed on the pictures of the IP67, there's also a small orange cable - however it isn't clear what this is for and the manuals don't mention it. Is it possible this is a 12v trigger feed - or is this a temperature probe or similar?

Any thoughts would be very welcome. I'm confident others will have done this - so please share your experience.

Kind regards, Richard

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