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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 not charging


I have issues with my MPPT as it is not charging the battery. On the attached screenshot you can see that the AGM battery is supplying the load but the charger is not starting. It was days with pure sunshine and it was only charging the first two days. This is now present from more than two weeks.

I know, that the panel needs to be +5V compared to the battery to start charging but to me it seems, that there is a voltage drop and the panal voltage is following the battery voltage.

I already checked the fuse and it is ok. Also the input voltage at the controller is the same as measured in the app.

It would be great if you could tell me, what I am doing worng or what am I missing here.

Many thanks in advance!


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VE.Direct splitter/ hub


I would like to connect 2 pcs Blue Solar MPPT solar charger in addition to 1 pcs BMV-712 battery monitor to a Color Control GX, but as far as i know the Color Control only got two VE.Direct ports. I would need three.

Is there a VE. Direct splitter or hub that will allow me to connect all my items with VE. Direct?

Or is there another solution to my issue?

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100/50 smart charger fluctuations in voltage


I have connected my Victron 100/50 smart charger to a single 180W 36V 5A using 6mm2 cables. The voltage when I switch it on fluctuates from 38v to 14v every 30secs. It’s a sunny day.

When I disconnect the charger and meter the panel it reads 38V. I’ve by pass the 32A Isolation switch and run straight to the charger as someone else on here had the same issue and said it was the CB they were using that was causing the problem.



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Orion TR Smart DC-DC to charge boat diesel starting bank?

It's good to see the Orion Smart series officially announced on the blog today:

But while it's usually shown set up to use input from a vehicle start battery to charge an auxiliary bank, I want to do the reverse. In my case there would be two alternators on the same 450hp boat diesel feeding a 440ah Firefly AGM 12v house bank with the Orion Smart 12/12-30 supplying the smaller Dekka AGM 12v starting bank. That way I'd get more use from the alternators, plus alternator redundancy, and the system would be ready if I ever switch the house bank up to Lithium-Ion.

Am I thinking straight?

PS The boat already has BMV712/Smart Solar/Venus system that I greatly appreciate:

How will Orion eventually integrate with the family?

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blue smart charger power supply behaviour?


We have a few Blue smart chargers in small houses to charge local 12V AGM batteries.

Short Q:
What happens if an AGM battery is connected to a Blue Smart IP65 Charger when it is set to power supply mode? Will it damage the battery? I am not sure what voltage it will give in power supply mode and if it will sense when a battery is connected.

This is what the manual says, but unsure if it will charge or maintain the battery at all when in this mode?

"6.1 Power supply function
The Victron Blue Smart Charger range are also suitable for use as a DC power supply, to

power equipment without a battery connected (or while also connected to a battery).

While it’s still possible to use the charger as a power supply without changing any settings, a dedicated ‘Power supply’ mode exists for this purpose/usage.

If the charger will be used as a power supply, it is recommended to activate ‘Power supply’ mode, as it will disable the internal charge logic and provide a constant DC supply voltage.

To activate power supply mode, open the settings menu and in the ‘Function’ drop down menu select ‘Power supply’ mode; once activated the BULK, ABS, FLOAT and STORAGE LEDs will be illuminated."

Longer version Q;
I ask, since I need a hands-off setting for this that is safe.
The batteries are sometime connected and disconnected from the chargers and this has worked flawlessly for a few years with the chargers switching between acting as a charger and as a 12V power supply and we really need this functionality.

So this week, for some reason one of the chargers started doing something new.
Lights were flashing, no connected gear worked and it looked like the charger was trying to charge a battery, even if there was no battery connected.

Setting it to power supply mode via bluetooth and Victron connect fixed it.
So I am wondering which setting I should now use to avoid this behaviour?
Can someone give an educated guess on why it did this, so we can avoid this?
The gear in the houses are led lights, small 12V gadgets chargers for usb and a small 1 watt fan that runs 24/7.

If leaving it in power supply mode is not safe, I guess we might have to set the charger mode via bluetooth but would really like to keep the automated scenario.

Grateful for any hints. Many thanks,

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Parellel connection of 3 IP43 Smart charger 24V/25A(1+1)


I want to connect 3 IP43 Smart chargers 24V/25A(1+1) to charge a lithium battery of 27V/180Ah from another manufacturer. Can I parallel these 3 chargers to charge the LFP battery.

Does the trickle charge output operate independently? Does it supply power without checking if a battery is connected?

Additionally, at very low temperature the LFP will cut-off so I want at this stage to use the power from the chargers to power my control circuits (2 - 3 Amp consumption). Is this possible when the IP43s are defined as chargers or must I define them as Power supplies.

In case I define them as power supplies what restrictions do I have? since the battery has balancing by itself and thus, I can use a constant output voltage limited at 20Amp per charger to charge the battery when temperature is appropriate,

The IP43 manual mentions that when defined as a power supply the remote input does not operate. Is their any firmware update for this?


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BMV - SC Amp Differences

Have 100w panel connected to 75/10 SC, two 50w (in series) also connected to separate 75/10 SC, all leading through master negative bus with single connection to BMV712 shunt which is connected to single negative post on house bank terminal. I have networked all three in the app, and when checking the battery amps, I get different values for each.

Full sunny day; house bank two 6v in series 190AH AGM; two 12v in parallel 158Ah starter Bank.

Why does this seem odd to me? Shouldn’t all three battery status be same if networked?

Any assistance will be appreciated




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All Connected Together

I was thinking about this....

Can i use my power generator a "Honda EU22i" with the blue smart charger to feed my battery bank at the same time i have my MPPT´s charging the bank ?!

Or will everything be confused ?!

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Blue smart 12v/30A (3) charge battery + powersupply mode


I'm looking to replace the powersupple/charger (cramer cbc-bu3) in my camper. It works on mains and has a 12v/6A output for battery charging and a 12v/20A output. I'd like to replace this by a blue smart 12v/30a with 3 output. The datasheet specifies it can be used as a powersupply but can I use 1 output for charging and 1 as powersupply simultaneous?

Is the power output per port limited to 10A or are they unlimited until 30A combined usage?

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Confusion on 150/100 current handling capability?

I was looking over the specs in the manual for my 150/100 & noticed it had a warning just below the max watt input vs voltage that says, max pv short circuit current, 70amps.

I might be misinterpreting something here but I'm currently feeding it 100 amps from 4 sets of 3 - 320 watt 40 volt panels in series or about 3800 watts @ 120v & according to the specs I can add even higher wattage but this 70 amp max doesn't make any sense if it's rated for 100 amps output.

Can anyone explain what I'm not getting here?

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Blue smart battery charger 24 Bluetooth issues

I have a Blue Smart Battery Charger 24 / 12 Amp.

After the update of the Victron Connect App 5.20 the Bluetooth is a nightmare and nearly impossible to connect.

I have tried changing phones (S8+, iPhone8), Tablet Huawei doesnt even appears on the BT devices, re installation, disconnections. I have tried several options.

Before the upgrade the device was performing well.

Please advise.

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BlueSmart IP22 12/15/3 on 2 batteries with Cyrix ct


I am preparing to put my new IP 22 on my boat, and realised I have 2 batteries separated with a cyrix (Cyrix-ct 12/24V-120A ). My new charger can handle 2 batteries- but should it? Or should I leave the charge distribution to the cyrix, and only connect one battery

Thanks for your thoughts, this is confusing stuff...

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Victron 90AH AGM on BlueSmart IP22 12/15/3

Hi All,

Unlike my previous charger (a Mastervolt) this slick Victron charger does not give me an option to select battery type (other than Li). I have two Victron AGM 90AH batteries and want to know if I should charge them 'Normal' or 'High' (or other??)

On this forum I read AGM doesn't like voltages over 14.4, on other fora I read they should be charged @ 14.7 V. Sadly there are no manuals around for these batteries. (at least not on the Victron site)

I bought the Victron charger under the assumption it would be a better match, but now I am not so certain.

So any help would be appreciated.

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BlueSmart IP22 - 0.0A while loading

Hi - my IP22 shows that it is loading with 14,44V but with 0.0A. I am not an expert but this seems to be a problem. Also my battery monitor shows no incoming power. I now disconnected everything (only the IP22 is connected) and same result.

There is only one battery connected right now.

Any hints?


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How to wire Smart Solar Controller MPPT 75|15 and Blue Smart Charger 12v/15a

Hello please help,

I have a VW type 2 Camper which I am fitting the following:

120W Solar Panel

Victron Smart Solar Controller MPPT 75|15

Victron Blue Smart Charger 12v/15a

Victron Cyrix Split Charge Relay 120A

So, I connect the Car battery to the Leisure Battery (100ah) via the Cyrix - I get that.

Question is, Do I just wire up the MPPT (Batt) terminals to the Leisure Battery terminals
And the Smart Charger to the Leisure Battery terminals? and when on 240v Hookup at a campsite how does the MPPT and the Charger know what to do?

Also, when driving, the cars alternator will charge the Leisure battery via the Cyrix - But the MPPT will charge at the same time?

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Using a mppt and a Bluesmart ip67 at the same time to speed charging

I have both a 75/10 mppt (with a bluetooth dongle) and a BlueSmart ip67 12/17. In can not both in a network, only the MPPT appears. I very seldom have the need tot use the BlueSmart, but if I do I have a problem. The Bluesmart goes in to 'trickle load' right away even if the battery is only 12.7 volts

How do I fix this?

Kind regards,


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Smart Charger + MPPT Charging

I have a 150/60 MPPT with 600W solar connected to my house bank, there are also 2x Phoenix Smart Chargers (50A 3+1) each have an output to the house bank and the engine battery, one has an output to the 12-24v charger for the bowthruster.

All are connected with VE.Direct and where possible Smart Networking.

I'd taken my batteries off shore power and isolated the MPPT to run the batteries down a bit to check their voltages. When I switched everything back on I noticed that the MPPT was in bulk and the 2x chargers were in absorption, the voltages were the same however the MPPT was putting a lot more Amps in. I'd have expected the house bank output on the chargers to be the same as the MPPT.

Should I change the set up so that one charger does the house bank and the other does the engine and bow thruster?

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Blue smart charger (30-3), current read out on BTM

While iam charging 2 battery banks (sepperate output) on my Blue smart 30 (3 outputs max) i wonder about following:

Due to my battery negative poles are connected (suggested by my battery monitor from victron) together to have central minus, i guess my current read out on the battery monitor is total current. (Starter and service battery combined)

While i don't like this because of several reasons (no accurate read-out, battery monitor charge time not accurate) i wonder how to bypass this problem?

The battery charger minus is connected to shuny load side, as suggested. While i have only one minus at the charger i think i cqnt bypass this problem?

Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english..

Best regards, Piet

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Blue Smart Charger 12/15 switch from TEST to BULK to ABS with no battery connected


Just got this charger and i noticed the charging process keeps restarting on its own and then when i disconnect it from the wall and connect it back the charging status just start from test to bulk to abs in 2 second interval with no battery connected and stay there for good. Looks malfunctioning to me. Anyone has any idea?

The charger profile is on standard preset.

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Blue Smart Charger advanced settings

in the demo library of the current VictronConnect version you have the possibility of advanced settings in the Blue Smart Chargers(at the bottom after changing from "normal" to any other preset).
In this advanced settings you have a lot of settings to change.
But with a real charger this option is not available.
Will this be a future feature or is it a bug in the app. If it is a future feature when will it be available?

Greetings from Germany

Matthias Lange - DE asked
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How to synchronise or to do a proper charge with a Blue Smart charger and Smart Solar MPPT without a GX system

Hello everybody,

This is a classic topic for tiny ESS Systems (for a small campervan).

Here is the configuration

1 x BMV 712 Smart
1 x Smart Battery Sense
1 x SmartSolar MPPT
1 x Battery 100Ah 12V (Max charge current 25A)
1 x Solar Panel 115W 12V
1 x Battery Protect 12/24V (not Smart)
1 x BlueSmart Charger 12V
(Optionally 1 x Phoenix Charger (not Smart))

I'd like to know if there is a built-in function to synchronise the charge between those two chargers (BlueSmart Charger + SmartSolar MPPT). If not, i hope that this will be implemented in the next years.

Note : I don't want to buy a GX system such as Venus GX or ColorControl GX for available space reason and also the price.

I found many subjects on the strategy to "associate" the charge of those two components :

  1. How intelligent are the SMART systems and can they communicate with each other?
  2. Simple Campervan with solar & Bluesmart mains charger
  3. Help please, questions about conflicts between mppt, ac dc charger and alternator engine...
  4. Can I combine a Blue Smart Charger and a MPPT BlueSolar charge controller
  5. MPPT 75/10 75/15 and BatteryLife and external chargers
  6. How to setup multiple chargers connecting simultaneously.

There are pieces of answers on those subjects but it remains not clear to me.

Should i understand that at the moment this is technicaly possible to connect two different chargers but this is not optimised ?

I also see that VE is working on making the Blue Smart Charger compatible with VE.Smart Networking (Here).

In the end my question is this : How to synchronise or to do a proper charge with a Blue Smart charger and Smart Solar MPPT without a GX system and is there strong VE ressources on this subject ?

Looking forward to reading you.


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Exide ES1350 Charging Specifications for BSC IP22

Hi all,

I’ve bought the BSC IP22 12/30 charger, but can not for the life of me find out what the charging specs are for my GEL batteries. Where do I find this information?

I got two Exide ES1350 120 Ah delivering 12v for house power and a 70 Ah lead-acid battery as starter battery for the engine. Do I need battery presets for both types of batteries?



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Charging a Victron Lithium Smart battery with a Blue Smart IP65 12/25 - Which BMS to use?


I bought a Victron 160ah Lithium battery and a Blue Smart IP65 12/25 and I was wondering which BMS do I need to use.

My usage is extremely simple, i will charge the battery at home with the Blue Smart charger and then put the battery in my caravan to use it in my 12V system.

I spent a lot of time reading the forum but I am still not sure and afraid to make a mistake.

- Do I really need a BMS or is this charger enough for such a simple system?

- If I need a BMS, will the miniBMS be enough or do i need other equipment to charge the battery properly and safely?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

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Blue Power Charger 12|30|3 with different chemistry batteries


I have a setup on my boat where I have two calcium maintenance free Starter batteries, one connected to each engine and then a third House battery. Until yesterday my house battery was a AGM and I had the charger set to the Normal(14.4v) setting,

Yesterday I have replaced the AGM battery with a LiFePo4 one. I initially thought that I would change the setting to LI-ION, but I am now realizing that this could have an impact of my other two Starter batteries!

What would the best setting be in a situation like this?

Thank you in advance,


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Load output inrush current HW fix availability for Bluesolar 75/15

Hello @mvader (Victron Energy),

I'm wondering whether your HW fix for the issue "smartsolar 100/20 load switches off in float mode" and other loads is already available today in the BlueSolar 75/15 series design?

Documented by "mvader" in

>> "smartsolar 100/20 load switches off in float mode" on

Mar 02 um 9:39 PM:

Here are the serial numbers per when the (hardware) change was implemented:

  • SCC075010060R SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 Retail HQ1935
  • SCC075015060R SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 Retail HQ1935
  • SCC110015060R SmartSolar MPPT 100/15 Retail HQ1947
  • SCC110020060R SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Retail HQ1911

The 100/20 that we currently ship from our warehouses has the improvement. As do the 75/10 and the 75/15. The 100/15 is still shipping with hardware from prior to this improvement, due to stock levels of older production batches.


Has my two week earlier bought (from Offgridtec) BlueSolar 75/15 (+ BT dongle) with serial nummer (pls. see below) also fixed this BD35 compressor inrush current issue yet (that I highly rely on) or do I need to replace this device with which SmartSolar charger instead or when will it be available?

Many thanks in advance for your help and BR!


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Blue Smart Charger permanent connection?

Question 1: I currently have my SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 set to the default "200 Amp Hr LiFePO4 setting" (exactly what I have). However, I can't find where to check the settings against my battery manufacturers advised settings, even when I go into "Expert mode" I don't see Peukert exponent or Charge efficiency settings etc. Is there a way to check those if you are using a default setting?

Question 2: My caravan lives in the shed when not in use, so the panels get no sun, as well as the panels I have a Victron BlueSmart 15 amp mains charger for back up. I was previously advised by Victron that it was OK to have both inputs connected to the battery in parallel, and I had no issues with the old LiFePO4 mono block battery with the built in BMS. So now I need to reconnect the charger to the new battery, do I connect the charger negative to the external BMS terminal or straight to the battery? And in either case can I leave it permanently connected when it goes into "Storage" mode?

I believe this would negate any current draw by the MPPT 75/15 and the BMV-712 whilst in storage.

Question 3: I haven't actually powered up the BMV-712 yet, but I am sure when I do it will want to do a firmware update, is the current version bug free?


@Tex2 60Z

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Charger in series with load

Is it possible to connect the Blue Smart charger in series with my load? i.e. the positive to the battery and the negative to the load positive.

My van has the a single set of live and negative wires coming from the battery to a PMS3 unit and I wish to add in an external charger as I'm switching to lithium batteries and the PMS3 unit does not output a high enough voltage.

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Can +5v wake-up be changed?

We have a 75/15 Blue solar charge controller that requires the usual PV>Batt+5v before it will wake up and start charging. Can this behaviour be changed either via a command or via configuration? It would be very useful for situations where we reboot the unit and the wake-up behaviour becomes reset.

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How to “Reverse Charge” Tesla battery using SmartSolar MPPT 150/60 Tr

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to get a Victron engineer or someone familiar with their Charge controller design (and also lithium batteries) to tell us under what circumstances could any of their BlueSolar / SmartSolar controllers “reverse charge” a Lithium Battery.

Background on the question:

A couple months ago I ditched FLA and switched to a pair of Model S Lithium batteries in series for 48 Volts.
I also put in a new charge controller 150/60 and BMV-712 as I thought the Victrons had the best product line for managing and protecting a Lithium installation.



As can be seen from the two charts above, this has been working flawlessly for over 60 days.

I have been noticing that prior to sunrise, my Tesla modules may get down to 20% SOC or about 39 Volts because I have the Victron stuff setup like so.


Wanting to prolong the lifespan of these two Tesla modules (by not cycling them so deeply every day), I thought I would add another pair in parallel and double storage capacity in one go.

So, I bought another pair of 5.3KWh modules (with warranty), but thought it would be a good idea to run this new pair by itself for a few days before I put them in parallel with the already working set.

Modules arrived pretty well balanced at ~20 Volts each, and within 0.2Volts of each other. So, so far so good.

I used two of the M8 terminal bolts from my existing two modules (because one of the modules arrived without terminal bolts) and also used the existing 1/0 cable from the working modules to connect the (+) and (–) terminals together in series for 48V,
and swapped in the new modules in the place of the old modules.


As can be seen from Bar Chart above, (under the 4 days ago column), the battery conked out after 15 minutes in float. With Error #38.

After disconnecting the modules and looking into this further, I realized that one of the Tesla Modules was at 19+ Volts, while the other was at 25+ volts.

Upon contacting the battery vendor telling him that one of the modules is DOA, he said “when
you charge them and are charging 2 together in line at the same time, the
first battery charges first then the second one starts to charge. Thats
how they work. If you swap the order of the batteries you will see other
battery charges first then second” - over a decade experience working on High Voltage and commercial UPS installations and I must admit I have never heard any such thing before.

Anyway, vendor suggested that I do load tests to see which battery depletes faster.

With one DC water heating element and within 30 seconds I identified that the module that came without the bolts would voltage sag while the other module did so negligibly.

Battery vendor then says that these test result are irrelevant so I suggested we check the individual voltages that make up the 6S.

This is what I found.



Cell bank #1: test Pins 0 and 1: *Battery 1 on DMM screen*: -0.4058V
Cell bank #2: test Pins 1 and 2: *Battery 2 on DMM screen*: 3.9095V
Cell bank #3: test Pins 2 and 3: *Battery 3 on DMM screen*: 4.0678V
Cell bank #4: test Pins 3 and 4: *Battery 4 on DMM screen*: 3.9281V
Cell bank #5: test Pins 4 and 5: *Battery 5 on DMM screen*: 3.9588V
Cell bank #6: test Pins 5 and 6: *Battery 6 on DMM screen*: 3.9006V
Module Total: *Battery 7 on DMM screen*: 19.361V (tested at main M8 terminals)

Sent these results over to the vendor, and he is now saying that the battery was “negative charged.”
I responding by telling him that the Victron MPPT is a computerized charger and cannot “negative charge” a battery – also noting that 5 out of the 6 individual cell sections are almost at 100% SOC.

Battery vendor now saying that “at some point you hooked it up backwards” – AFAIK, hooking up a battery to the Victron backwards would kill the Victron MPPT, not the Battery.
Furthermore, there’s no chance to connect anything backwards, since all connections are preexisting.

Original 2 Tesla modules I had were swapped back in 6:20pm (September 2) and from the same screenshots above we can see (3 days ago column, 2 days ago column, yesterday column and today column), the Victron MPPT charge controller continues to work flawlessly. (1.70V for V-min apparently shows that I changed the battery that morning. 8.26V for V-min apparently shows that I swapped the battery again but it recorded that swap on the morning of the first sunrise it saw on September 3, since it would have lost power.)

Received notification when charger switched to float mode,


System errored out 15 minutes after that.

I also looked over the logs for charger status (3=bulk, 4=absorb, 5=float), voltages and temperatures on 3rd party monitoring also says the Victron MPPT works as it’s supposed to up until the time cell bank #1 of the Tesla Module seem to have died.


Charger status 5 after the error #38 spike and up to the time of disconnection seems like garbage data to me as you can see the temperature readings from the BMV showing a decrease meaning that both loads and charging were disconnected (switched back to Grid). (Times on graph above are 1 hour ahead.) Nothing else unusual was detected with the battery voltage on the monitoring until the Tesla modules were disconnected and tested separately with the Multimeter.


30 day history also shows this is the first time the Victron has ever posted an error. Row 6 is the day in question.

I would like to get the bad module I received replaced under warranty.

If it is that this data does not indicate that the module was delivered to me with a weak cell bank #1,

I’d like to know under what circumstances can a Victron Charge controller “negative charge” 1 cell block out of a 12S battery setup, while charging the other 11 seemingly okay.

I look forward to your responses.


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BCS IP67 24/5 makes clicking noise

Hi there I have 3 blue smart charger. 2 are 24/5 and one 12/25. today I installed the last one. A brand new 24/5. I noticed that he makes a clicking sound every 10 seconds. All my other chargers don’t make any noise. Is it broken?

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