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Smart Battery Protect does not allow charging from MPPT 100/50

I am using 2 SBP in my setup. One for my loads (works like a charm) and one for over charging protection for my MPPT and Buck Boost DC DC Charger.

The SBP used for charging determines the voltage produced by my solar panels as the current battery voltage and shuts off, when <14.2V. It thereby prevents me from charging my battery. Can someone tell me, how to get around this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Is there any issue with connecting the battery protect to the DC output of a charger controller?

Is there any issue with connecting the battery protect to the DC output of a charger controller, instead of directly to the battery terminals?

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MPPT 75 / 15 shows higher battery voltage

I have installed a MPPT 75/15 with 2 solar panels attached (in series 24V) and for battery charging I added 2 * 12V AGM batteries in series = 24V. In addition I have a Phoenix inverter 24/375 connected to the batteries to power my garage door motor. The installation went fine and the door opening was OK also for 2 days. This morning I did control the door mechanism but everything was dead. The inverter shows a slow blinking red light and green led blinking fast (2 times). This should indicate a low input voltage alarm at some point in time. I checked the battery and it shows 21.8 V (for both in series) which is low. The solar panel delivered voltage is OK, all cables are properly set and the MPPT battery connectors show also 21.8V and displayed steady green led -> float condition ?! When I call up the connect app on my iPad, the battery state is reported as 27.8 V instead of the actual voltage on the connector? When I disconnect the battery, the app continues to show that higher voltage. Can it be that the app does not reflect the physical battery voltage but displays the MPPT charager output that it "wants" to deliver to the battery? So, how do I see the actual battery state with that app and how can I resolve the problem with the inverter showing "low input" after every power off/on test. The data sheet says that low voltage is around 18.4V which is lower than the current battery voltage. Are the batteries dead and what could have been the cause when there should have been a shutdown of the inverter when it might be gone below 18.4V? I currently have no direct connect to the inverter to "look into its settings". Btw: There are no other power connections to the MPPT directly. Its only the inverter for the door (chamberlain MV700 which should use around 130W for the opening/closing time). I have tested the door opening at least 15-20 times without problems and the MPPT green light always stayed on.

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Battery protect

I am struggling to understand when to use the Active High and Active Low on SBP with Smart BMV-702.

I have a SBP 220 as charge disconnect connected to solar and vehicle starter.

1. Would I connect the "L" or "H" to the BMV-702 from SBP ?

2. Would I connect to the Normally closed(NC) or Normally open(NO) on BMV-702 input?

Can you please explain your answers.

*The BMV-702 itself is connected by COM to VE.BUS BMS "Charge disconnect" input.

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Can I remove 4 batteries from this setup?

I have 2 batteries on each of my 2 Cummins engines at 12 volts and 4 batteries for my bow thruster at 24 volts. Can I eliminate the 4 engine batteries and tie them into my thruster batteries assuming the bow thruster is not on a common ground? See Pic


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Why doesn't my battery protect 48-100 shut down during all conditions?

During all conditions, the BP doesn't shutdow

-When unplug the Remote jump

-when the battery voltage is under the Voltage Shut down.

Who can help me?

My WhatsApp number: +989127780923

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Smart Battery Protect, blue tooth settings

On a new install for a 24 volt system, we put the user defined settings for the restart voltage at 25.5 volts, and raised the shut down level to 25 volts to test/ensure it was functioning. System was running just above that when shut down level moved up. A warning was generated once volts dropped to that level. Load output showed "disabled". LED display flashing E3. But the system never shut off. Is there an issue with those settings or is the SBP65 not functioning?

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Smart Battery Monitor with BMV/MPPT install problem

I have a working BMV/MPPT system with 2x Trojan 105T 6V batteries. the BMV is set up to monitor the midpoint on the second battery and it has always been around 0-1% deviation. my problem started when I installed the new Smart Battery protect. when I put it in place with the black thin wire to battery bank NEG and on the + Positive side of the battery bank (the - NEG side has the BMV Shunt already) and hooked it up to the + Positive side of the battery and on the IN terminal and the OUT terminal to the RV load I thought everything was working. I got into the Bluetooth and configured it and could see the battery voltage and relay status. THEN my BMV starts beeping. its reporting a midpoint deviation of 99.8%... I grab my voltmeter and the batteries are at 6.9 and 6.8 volts.

Where is the 99% deviation coming from? even weirder I removed the new SBP install and the BMV still shows the same deviation.

One more data point. when I change the midpoint to "starter battery" it shows 0.3v. both BMV red cables fuses are good and upgraded.

Any Ideas?


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Solid State Relay to expand no of devices connected to VE.Bus Load and Charge Disconnect

I had planed to use two SBP65 to provide the load Disconnect and Charge Disconnect. Connecting the BMS outputs to the H PIN on the SBP65's. The input of the SBP 65 to the 24v bus and the output to a Charge Disconnect or Load Disconnect bus. All devices that need a charge disconnect or load disconnect are then connected to the relevant bus. The reason for this is so that I do not run into any issues with the BMS only supporting 10mA on Charge Disconnect and 2A on load Disconnect. It is not clear how much current each device connected to the Charge Disconnect or Load disconnect will actually draw and I do not want to damage the BMS. See photo.

What I found in testing was that the SBP would not actually switch off as there is not enough current draw through the device to drop the voltage when the signal is received.

It would seem that I need a smaller solid state relay that will allow the switch to occur with a much lower voltage/current flow. Any suggestions?


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MPPT 100/20 Batterylife inital cut off voltage

Hi erveryone,

is there an option (if not could it be implemented) to set the inital cut of voltage of the batterylife algorithm?


I have an offgrid system with 4x100W south an 4x100w east and 280Ah 24V lead acid.

I read a short time ago, that the inital cut off voltage is 11.8V with increasement of 0.2V. Because I know the overall capacity per day (around 24.3V in the morning with float Charge until ~18:00 the the last day) I would like to set the inital voltage to 24.2V on the batterylife algorythm. 11.8V is way to low for my opinion.

Sure I could let it run for some days, but why discharge the Battery so much if it should't be.

We all know that the maximal charging cycles on lead depends on the maximal discharge on the battery amongst other things.

So do you see a posibility that VICTRON could implement this in there Firmware? Certainly this couldn't be more than 10lines of Code.

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Cerbo Digital Input from SBP

I have been trying to work out how I can get the Alarm port of an SBP connected to teh Digital Input on a Cerbo GX and haven't been able to work it out.

Has anyone got any guidance on this?

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why can I not use a smart battery protect between battery and inverter?

Hi all,

Just bought a battery protect (the larger smart one/forgot the details, sorry).

Thought I could hook it up between battery and loads and have it turn off current in case of battery-low-voltage. As a safety measure thing.

Then I`read:

you cannot use this device between your batteries and an inverter (...)

Is this for real?

Of course I have an inverter! Don't we all?

How am I going to battery (lowvoltage) protect my system?

My set-up is 4x 160W panels, MPPT 100/20, 12V system

thanks for any advice,


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Intermittent fault with Smart Battery Protect

I have a Smart Battery Protect 12/24 100A being used as part of a lithium system with a VE.Bus BMS and an Orion 24/12- 70. Basically, I am using the Smart Battery Protect in Li-ion mode which is controlled by the load disconnect on the VE.Bus BMS, this circuit is the supply for the DC House panel.

The problem I am having is that there is an intermittent fault where the Smart Battery Protect gets stuck on “Attempting to activate” (in Victron connect) and causes the RV interior lights to constantly flash on and off. Occasionally after being stuck on “Attempting to activate” for a while, it will display an E1- Short circuit error (both on the unit and in Victron connect); however, I am 100% certain that there is no short circuit. Sometimes it will work fine for hours, and then if the breaker for the house panel is switched on and off it will then get stuck in this fault and it is nearly impossible to get it working again.

So far, we have tried a second DC-DC Converter, a second working battery protect and are still getting the same fault. The cable runs to the input and from the output of the battery protect are appropriately sized, and the BMS is in the same compartment so the ground wire and the load disconnect to Remote H on the battery protect are only approximately 0.5m. We have since discovered that we can trick the battery protect into working every time it gets stuck in this fault by briefly touching a 24V supply on the output of the battery protect.

Has anyone experienced this problem before and discovered a solution?

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Basic 100ah Campervan setup help - Is this correct?

Hello everyone,

I've spent a good while trying to learn what will be required for my setup and would really appreciate someone answering a few questions and taking a look over my proposed setup.

I will be using the 100ah Lifepo4 smart battery, this will be charged using the Orion-TR Smart DC-DC Charger via the Alternator. The Battery will power both DC and AC loads through the Sargent EC155 and the Victrons Phoenix Inverter; where im stuck is working out whats actually required in such a small system?

I have a decent understanding of 12v campervan electrics, however it seems it isn't quite so simple when using Lithium Lifepo3 batteries - I've attached a basic diagram of what the system will include on the Victron side (please ignore the direction of arrows).

The build will include basic 12v appliances such as a 12v fridge, water pump, LED lighting and a small inverter - most small appliances will be ran via the Sargent EC155. Heres where i'm struggling:

1- The van will include a 240v hookup which will run through the Sargent ec155 powering plug sockets and charging the leisure battery - Will this charger be sufficient for Lifepo4 batteries?

2- Do I need a Smart Battery Shunt if I'm using Victrons Smart Lifepo4 batteries?

3- What size fuse will I require for a 100ah Lifepo4 battery?

4- Am I right that the Mini BMS controls (on/off to protect over/under voltage) the charging side of the system and does the same on the load side via the Battery protect? I'm a little puzzled as to how this should be wired up to operate the inverter via the remote function; I've seen people using relays etc.

5- Can I run both the Waeco fridge and all other 12v appliances through one battery protect?

Thanks in advance,



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Not getting any power in RV


I have a multiple Lithium set-up with the MultiPlus 12/3000 and am unable to get any power to my RV, even when plugged into shore. I'm hoping someone can help me isolate where the problem is.

Full disclosure: I did lend it to a friend who plugged into 50 amp by mistake, but I did have power in the RV after that. I have been unable to get power after storing the RV for about a week (solar panels were covered by roof) and I am assuming the batteries got too low.

See links below (first one is a few second video, the others are photos).

The Color Control is not getting any power and the Battery Monitor display is flashing in a strange way.

MPPT 100 50 Charge controller float light is on and battery terminals measure 13.5 V

Battery Protect display next to it has no power

Cyrix Li ct battery combiner has slow blue flash every 10 seconds

Display on battery protect is off

VE BUS BMS red led is on

Voltage across battery connector cables inside Multiplus measures 6V.

I did notice that the VE.Bus BMS Mains detector had come out of its case and circuit board was exposed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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SBP operation

Just trying to understand the remote switch operation be for installing.

This system will be load only on a small yacht. All charging will be between battery bank and SBP.

No integration with other equipment. Simple cut off to protect deep discharge.

Can the remote be use to override the cut off and force a reconnect?

IE to temporarily bypass for emergency radio transmission, operate emergency lights etc. While charging system is brought on line.

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Battery protect with battery switching

I have two battery banks on my adventure van: one AGM, one lithium. I use the Smart Battery Protect 100 for the AGM bank, and I'd like to use the Smart Battery Protect 220 for the larger lithium bank. Both banks share a common ground for simplicity. Both of these banks feed back into the same positive bus system.

I'd like to use a remote rocker switch to control the individual Smart BPs as a battery bank switcher rather than the bulky manual battery switch which takes up a lot of space on my electrical panel. If I set up a rocker switch (ON-OFF-ON) that will allow me to select which Smart BP is currently on via the remote (H/L) leads, will the Vout>Vin restriction prevent me from doing this because my lithium voltage is > AGM voltage, even when the Smart BP 100 is off? When the remote for the battery protect is switched off, does it actuate a relay and physically disconnect the battery so that it won't matter if Vout > Vin, or will it still result in uncontrolled current through the battery protect as the manual warns about?

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Battery protect 65 stucked on


I have a (not smart) Battery Protect 65 A, that have worked for maybe 2 years.

Now I tested to open the remote connection on the Battery Protect. The load continues to have power. I.e. the Battery Protect did not turn off.

The load on the Battery Protect basically looks like below. I have MPPTs and Multiplus but that is on the battery side. I also have a 20 W lamp on the Battery protect output. I also have some small loads on the secondary sides on the DCDCs.

I'm considering to buy a new, but not fun to buy a new if I don't know why it failed.

Any ideas?


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BP100 and Inverter capacitive load

Hi, I am a little confused, the BP100 manual states that the overload protection will activate when powering an inverter due to the inrush current charging the capacitors, it recommends connecting the inverter direct to the battery (vai a Fuse) and using a relay powered from the load output to operate the inverter by its remote control.However in the Mini BMS manual it states 'The miniBMS can be used to control the remote on/off terminal Contrary to a Cyrix or contactor, a BatteryProtect can start a load with a large input capacitor such as an inverter or a DC-DC converter' Anyone tell me which is correct?

I feel happier switching the inverter direct through the BP100 rather than worry about the tiny residual current taken by the inverter when switched off by remote.

Supplementary question can I damage the BP100 if I try the direct route ?

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smart battery protect or a cyrix-ct?

In my old boat I’m working to improve the electric system.

I’d like to have 2 avg batteries either connected with a smart battery protect or a cyrix-ct to make sure that one of the batteries can always play as starter battery, even if services loads are consuming too much energy.

Moreover, in the future I’m planning to have the service battery charged also by solar panels.

so basically the two batteries are the same ones, when they are above a threshold they should be in parallel, while when there is the risk to discharge too much the starter battery, the circuit should be open.

what is better to use? A smart battery protect or a cyrix-ct? Why? Would this work when in the future I will add solar panels connected to the service battery? Any recommendation?


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Help defining specs charger/inverter and battery protect CAMPERVAN

Hi all! :-)

I am a young an enthousiast girl buzy with a camperitzation of a van (not sure how far I will get but I'll try!) and I saw and read a lot of information, but I have some doubts about which criteria to follow when choosing Victron equipment. Hopefully someone can help me! My apologies upfront if I'm asking stupid questions :(

My system will have:

- 2x320W solar panels

- 2x170 Ah 12 V batteries (link 1 or link 2, to be decided) --> are these ok for the application?

- 1x Relay RL-180/200 12 V to connect to the alternator

- 1x SmartSolar charge controller 100/30 (because max current both panels is 21 A)

But I am not able to define what are the specs that I need for the:

- Multiplus inverter/charger from Victron:

First question is, do I want a module that does alltogether or shall I buy separate components? Second question: which is the power that I need for the charger and inverter side?

My consumers in 230 V are:


Total A/day = 23,73; Total W/day = 5458

My consumers in 12 V are:


Total A/day = 102,88; Total W/day = 1234,6

Third question is: I want to install an outer power take off to connect to the camping 230 V socket and charge/use the 230V consumers with the electricity of the camping mains. If I would connect the vehicle to the camping socket, will the multiplus inverter/charger charge the batteries and allow me to use my 230 V consumers at the same time? I want to avoid the situation of connecting to the camping grid, batteries not full and using 230 V consumers and not having enough power, since with a 10 A socket from the camping, I can only consume 2300 W (3680 W max with 16 A). Like: I plug to the camping socket and I plug my hairdryer, does the inverter charge at the same time the auxiliary batteries? If so, with a 12/1600/70 model and a 1000 W hair dryer, I could not connect many more things since the inverter can deliver max 1300 W!

Is the 12/1600/70 indicating the max charging current of the battery? What is the maximum charging current of the batteries? 170 A?

Also not able to define which:

- battery smart protect: fourth question: which of these 65A/100A/220A ? or another?

Sorry for my lengthy email, but I am new in this field. Every help is very appreaciated!

Many thanks in advance,


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Trouble switching battery protect from ve.bus bms charge disconnect

I'm trying to use a Battery Protect to switch the ignition input on an external voltage regulator, to disable alternator charging. According to the Victron manuals, if I connect the ve.bus BMS load disconnect to the battery protect remote H/+ terminal, then the Battery Protect should disconnect when the charge disconnect line floats.

I've programmed the Battery Protect to mode 0-C — the lithium mode.

I'm trying to test to make sure this is working, but when I disconnect the BMS charge disconnect from the Battery Protect H/+ terminal, the relay continues to remain closed, and I have full voltage on both the input and output for the battery protect.

Can someone provide some suggestions?

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Battery Protect Problem


Have just installed a 220 amp battery protect in my system. I have 13.7 volts in, but for some reason only 5.5 out. Out is too a bus bar with positive connections to 2000 watt in inverter 12v distribution board and a solar charger..

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

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Integrating 123/smart bms with victron smart BP and Phoenix smart inverter

Hi, I'm planning to use remote switches to control the on/off function of the smart BP and the smart Phoenix inverter, I'd also like to use the relay on my bms to shut down these components in the event of a fault (high/low voltage and temperature etc) and I'm struggling to find a definitive answer. Can I simply interrupt a 12v signal from the battery to the h terminals with the n/o bms relay to control the shutdown and then connect my remote switches after the relay to control the on/off functions of the BP and inverter?

Thanks in advance


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Smart BatteryProtect VE.Smart Network

Is there anyway to link the Smart BatteryProtect into a VE.Smart Network?
I was hoping to be able to trigger it from the SmartShunt at a specific state of charge.


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Remote control of Phoenix 12/375 via MPPT 100/20


Ive got a MPPT 100/20 regulator and a Phoenix 12/375 inverter.

I would like to control the inverter with the MPPT 100/20 regulator and now I wonder …

Do I just need to connect the left side of the remote control on the inverter to the load + output on the regulator or do I need the special cable “ASS030550100”. The manual is not obvious.

Best regards



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Battery protect connection to multiplus

I'm having some difficulty understanding how I can connect the BatteryProtect (12v/65a) with the MultiPlus 12/800/35. The MultiPlus when charging should go to the IN but when it's inverting it should use OUT, you obviously can connect both on the BP. It's says clearly in the manual that you shouldn't use chargers on the OUT terminal but how about consumers(aka the inverter mode) on the IN?

The schematic on the Victron site is way too elaborate to translate to my setup. Can I just connect the MultiPlus to the IN of the BP?

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Battery Protect control inputs not working as expected


I have a BP-65. I can enable it with switch to battery positive and control pin as per datasheet, or by the looped wire across both control pins. It doesn't seem to enable with a wire to ground on the other pin only. Is this normal? I am using the A mode.


In the short term I've had to leave the looped wire in place and let my bms switch the main ground of the unit but this isn't ideal as after the ground is disconnected it throws a short circuit error, then under voltage errors until it finally shuts down.

What difference does the lithium setting C make to the enable wires, or does it only affect the connect and disconnect time?

What about the low voltage cutoff/reconnect voltages I've set in the first step of programming, is this active or inactive in mode C?

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BP and Buckboost arrangement


Good day gents

I am planning a design around the Victron VW Van install.

Attach is my layout, however I am wondering do I really need the BP100 between my Buckboost and Lynx distribution? I can switch the Buckboost from the BMV or CCGX I would imagine. Then my MPPT and Phoenix charger will be connected via Ve-direct to the CCGX

Attach is just the basic design concept, all fuses and wiring are being ignored for the moment.

Parts List is:

Multiplus 12/2000/80


MPPT 150/45




50A Buckboost

Lynx Distribution

8kWh LiFePO4

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Battery Protect reverse input

Is it possible, that the Battery protect gets input current at it's output connection (approx 60A) from a second charger (B2B), to load leisure-batt while driving?

so it will be possible to install battery protect between battery and distributor bar. The B2B charger would be wired (and fused) ober the distributor bar.


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