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Why can't I connect the CCGX VE Bus to VE BUS BMS ?

Just wondering if anyone can give a valid reason why the CCGX cannot connect to the 'remote' terminal on the VE Bus on the BMS. It says in the BMS manual to connect it to the Multi. But when I have tried it out everything seems to work as normal and I can even see the Multi on the CCGX as it is connected on the "multi/quattro" terminal of the BMS. The only thing that seems to happen is the 'Enable" light goes off on the BMS. Just asking out of interest and because the Multi is a much longer run through the boat and I had forgotten to do it when I ran the other one.

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Multiple devices not communicating on VE bus network

I have a new 1600ah lithium installation. It has a multiplus 24/5000, multiplus 24/4000 and a Phoenix inverter. I cannot get them all to work/communicate with each other over the BMS VE. Bus network. I have updated all the firmware and changed all devices to BMS assist

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victron bms wont allow quattro to charge or invert.


I have been having some issues with my system after i added a 3rd smart battery.

Firstly the Quattro would only turn on when i did a re-detect on the CCGX. But after then it would operate as normal.

We went away last weekend and i noticed the batteries were down to 30% when i raedy to come home. , however we were on shore power. The quattro was marked on the CCGX as in pass-thro mode although the unit was physically switched to ON.

When i checked the graphs in VRM the unit operated correctly Inverting as we tavelled then charging the batteries on arrival when connected to shore power.. Soon a the unit switches to passthrough mode where it stayed.

When i got back i have updated the firmwire in both the ccGx and the Quattro to the latest.

On completion this allowed the Quattro to Charge.

But this was because i updated the Quattro using the Android connect app and despite configuring the charge settings for Lithium i then had to use the remote vrm to reload the ve bms assistant.

As soon as i uploaded the assistant the Quattro went back into pass thro mode which allows just the AC through to power connected loads on the AC out but nothing else.

SO i can assume the VE BMS is telling the Quattro not to allow charge or discharge.

I also have a red low battery flashing red light on the Quattro. my Batteries are not low they are now at 79%. No faults showing on the bms etc

I have attached a rough schematic of my system .


I have also attached a screenshot of the widgets if this helps at the point the inverter changed to passthro


On my CCGX settings the VE bus shows

"an assistent is loaded an configured for a BMS but none can be found"

the settings box for the bms has allow to charge / discharge disabled and BMS error as YES

I intend to check all my RG45 leadsand wires etc as a first port of call tomorrow.

I will also connect the batteries individually to see if there is a problem there although they all look fine on the connect app

But what else should I check?

i was considering swapping the bms for another to cross out that being faulty?

I would really appreciate some help with this one

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MPPT SmartSolar and Orion-TR Smart charge disconnect

As the title says, I have a SmartSolar MPPT Charger and a VE.Bus BMS, to which I have just added a Smart Orion-TR Non-Isolated Charger. I currently already have a VE.Direct non inverting remote on-off cable to connect the BMS charge disconnect output to the MPPT VE.Direct interface. Now I want to also control the Orion-TR via the BMS charge disconnect.

Can the digital charge disconnect output of the VE.Bus BMS drive both the input of the Orion-TR remote on/off and the input of VE-Direct non-inverting cable module? In other words, can I leave the non-inverting remote on/off cable plugged into the BMS and simply add a wire from the BMS to the Orion?

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EasySolar 12V/1600

Dear community, good afternoon

I have an EasySolar 12V/1600.

Is it possible to connect VE.Bus BMS + LiPoFe4 Smart batteries to it without using a GX interface?

Thanks for your comments,

Best regards,

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Danger Reverse Current when using Battery Protect for charging

Hi together,

I have a question concerning using a BatteryProtect (BP) to disconnect the charge source in a Lithium Battery System with VE.bus bms.

In the BP manual Figure 5 illustrates how to connect the BP for charging situation and it states that "uncontrolled reverse current will flow through a Battery Protect if Vout > Vin."

Now I wonder what happens, when the Voltage of the charger (Vin) drops, i.e. Solar charger when there is no sun or any other charging source that is swithched of. Wouldn't then the Voltage of the Battery (Vout) be higher and thus reverse current flow causing danger?

THanks a lot for your comments, I am abit affraid of burning down my RV...

cheers, Daniel

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Is the DVCC current limit a dynamic limit?

Is the DVCC charge current limit dynamic?

Currently running a system with a Quattro whose charge current seems to be limited to 50A which was the DVCC limit. I changed the limit on the CCGX from 50 to 70A. But charge continues at the same rate. The unit is not limited by the AC input current. It is below 50% of the AC in limit.

The BMS has a 600A charge limit

So what is limiting the rate of charge?

Therefore I am wondering if the Limit is a dynamic limit or a set-point sent once at the beginning of the bulk sequence or other trigger. If so which trigger.

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Product request - Smart BMS CL 24/100

Lately we have many requests for installing big RVs with big 24V alternators (100A or more) and also more than 400Ah or more of lithium batteries.

With lithium batteries you should use a DCDC-charger but if you want to (or have to) charge the batteries from the alternator as fast as possible you have to install 2, 3 or more Orion-TR Smart or use 2 BuckBoost 100A (which is way to expensive).

So it would be great to have an easy way to limit the current like it is possible in 12V vehicles with the Smart BMS CL 12/100.

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BMS 12/200 really 200?

Designing an all Victron Li system for my Sprinter van. I have a 220 amp alternator and while I know that I may not be able to use half that for charging my house system, I want to be able to use as much as the system will allow. So I got a BMS 12/200 thinking it would allow up to 200 amp charging. Now I see that the input (AB) is limited to 80Amps when using a 100 Amp fuse. That's still a lot, and maybe more realistic about what I can expect but still not 200. It seems installing a larger fuse would allow more, but elsewhere it says this is limited to 80 amps.

And nowhere do I see a table of fuses I can use on the LB side. I have the multiPlus 12/3000 and other loads on the LB side - I want to put a big old fuse in there but how big?

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Wie kann die Kapazität auf dem Can VU GX angezeigt werden?

Hallo zusammen

ich habe 4 Smart Batterien in Reihe über eine BMS angeschlossen. Diese sind mit dem Quattro und dem Can VU GX verbunden. Auf dem Display kann ich alle Daten sehen aus die Ladung der Batterien, was muss ich einstellen um dies zu sehen?

Vielen Dank

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BMS over temperature circuit tripping

Our 100A fuse has been tripping recently and we believe it only occurs when the alternator is charging. The BMS is showing the over temperature LED. I have disabled the alternator for the time being but what could be causing this trip/over temperature? The writing diagram shows it is a 160A breaker but it is 100A.

The BMV showed a peak current of 60A coming from alternator.






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ESS with 2-wire BMS and MPPT


In a system with a Multi 2, SmartSolar MPPT and a 2-wire BMS will the MPPT stop charging as well when Multi is asked to stop and the same goes for charging on low battery signal from BMS ?


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ve.bus BMS & REC BMS , multiplus + cerbo etc

I am trying to find info on how the Victron ve.bus BMS works

Does the ve.bus BMS only works on data / commands received from the smart lithium batteries to operate (for example) the battery protect & li-charge relay , or does it also accept data / commands through the ve.bus ?

I am trying to ascertain whether or not I can just plug the REC BMS into the ve.can input on the Cerbo and then the ve.bus BMS (connected to the Cerbo) will operate in the same manner as if the data from the m8 circular connectors is present (ie battery protect & li-charge relay work)
or is the ve.bus BMS dependent on input from the batteries ? (and not from the cerbo)

I know I can just connect the battery protect & li-charge relay to the REC but I am wondering if I have to and how the ve.bus BMS actually operates and from what kind of data / commands

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victron lifepo4, color control, mppt and multiplus, bms charge disconnect necessary?


I am designing my system and I'm unsure if i need to connect the charge disconnect from the BMS to the mppt (and multiplus?), in order to stop charging in the event of cell over voltage. The BMS is connected to the multiplus via AC detector with VeBus, the color control is connected to the multiplus via VeBus, and the mppt is connected to the color control via VeDirect.

My system will be;

4 x victron 90Ah lifePo4 (2 series, 2 parallel for 24v)

Victron Mppt Solar Charge controller with vedirect port (model not certain yet)

Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70

Victon color control GX

Victron VeBus BMS

Having done some research i have reached a point where I have the following questions, but cant find a definitive answer;

1. Will the color control recieve a signal from the BMS via VeBus to halt charging from the mppt (or multiplus if ac in active) in the event of imminent cell overtemperature or overvoltage?


Is it neccesary to use a Battery Protect or Cyrix li-Charge between the mppt and the battery positive busbar to monitor the bms signal and disconnect the Charge supply from mppt (and or multiplus)?

2. If the BMS cannot communicate to cut the charging source through VeBus, considering the MPPT VeDirect port is already in use to the color control, which is the correct solution?

Should I;

Use a battery protect in "reverse", or a Cyrix Li-Charge?


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Winterizing - BMS ON or OFF with smart lithium?

Boston area Sprinter camper van, parked outdoors all year, with pretty cold winters. In order to best protect the batteries, should I leave the BMS on to manage the battery function or should I turn all the fuses off to avoid any drainage or charging? Should the batteries be fully charged or drained? Any advice on heating pads? Thx

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Need a little help setting up first battery

Hi everyone,

I need some help planning some stuff...

I would like to set up (at leased) two 18S1P packs whit individual Bms's and parralel them to supply a 3f multiplus II 5000 System and monitor every cell.

I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this as this is my first large scale pack.

Do I need a BMS that talks victron, or can I just stand alone the packs and use the lynx shunt to measure the overal battery array... And tune the bulk, float, absorb settings.

I'm not sure what the pitfalls are, and hope you guys Can enlighten me sort of speek.

Projected materials:

- Daly Smart BMS (has CAN and UART, but don't think it speaks the same language)

- 36 x 280Ah lifepo4 cells devided in to two 18S packs

- Lynx shunt

- Lynx disributer

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Orion-Tr Smart Isolated 12/12 30 and ve.bus BMS


I've got an Orion-Tr Smart Isolated 12/12 30 and ve.bus BMS. I'm using the Orion to charge my LiPO4's via my Sprinter's alternator.

I've got a small issue I'm hoping I can get some help with. I'd like to control the Orion's charge state in two ways. Engine ignition and BMS charge disconnect (for battery temp protection). Page 7 of the Orion's manual has a diagram showing how to hook up the BMS in conjunction with an ignition switch, but there's conflicting information. The close up in the diagram and overview are opposite.

Image below. Which is correct? Left or right diagram? BMS charge disconnect into L or H?

Thanks guys! I appreciate it.


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Add a second LiFePO4 battery bank - is my schematic ok?

Dear all,

For those interested: I'm going to add a second battery bank to my parents' installation.

This is the existing schematic:


I would modify the system using:

15 (not 16 as mentioned initially) times a 3.2V 200AH prismatic LiFePO4 cell, so 15s configuration. (click to open)

A would use a 16s 300A Daly BMS (because I hear nothing but good things about this BMS) (click to open)

Basically I would connect the now 15s (not 16s as mentioned initially) battery in parallel with the other 15s6p pylontech batteries.

Given that each battery in the future system will be connected in parallel, and each with it's own BMS, I don't see a problem;

The schematic would become (adding my homemade battery):



In practice I would simply add the homemade battery to the 2 copper bars, since there is room (free holes):


In theory I could add the system to VRM using CAN cable between Daly BMS & Victron Venus GX, but I don't think that's really needed. But it would be nice to see the battery in the system overview so that my dad can monitor it.

Please let me know if I'm being realistic or about to make a huge mistake.

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Orion-Tr Smart, VE.Direct and integration with GX devices?

Hey there, as I commented on the blog post,

"I'm curious if future versions will have VE.Direct or some sort of integration like that with GX devices? Currently, it seems that the MPPT and MultiPlus are able to coordinate their total charge rate with external BMS via the GX devices. But it seems that the Orion-Tr does not participate in this?"

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate the Orion-Tr Smart chargers with the CCGX. In particular, as far as I understand, GX devices can coordinate with external BMS via CANBus to determine the charging parameters of a battery. It seems that the Victron MPPT and Victron MultiPlus can respect these limits via VE.Direct and VE.Bus respectively, which is great and a big reason why I bought this BMS and the suite of Victron product.

Now I'm considering purchasing Orion-Tr Smart chargers, however I noticed that they don't have any VE.Direct connectivity, or any other VE connectivity aside from the Bluetooth one. Is something like VE.Direct, VE.Bus or VE.Can planned? Will Orion-Tr Smart chargers integrate with GX devices?

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victron configure 3 error wont load my system settings not enough information...


My system is in a motorhome, quattro , connected using a ccgx and 2 lithium smart batteries , with theVictron VE bus BMS

I have updated my quattro to the lastest firmware using my mk3 usk and android phone and victron connect app.(so i can access setting on the move if required)

This re sets the inverters settings so i needed to re-do them. I did what i could using the connect app.

I can do all the settings via the app except assistants.

So my CCGX is showing No BMS ERROR

I need to run the BMS assistent for my VICTRON smart Lithium batteries. This is by default not loaded so i went onto my Victron VRM portal , downloaded the Quattro settings as normal but VE confgure will not open the file giving the following error

The file does not contain all required information. (file probably created with an older version of the Venus.OS)

Everything is up-to date.. Ve config 3 , the CCGX and the Quattro But i need to bms assistant to be running and if i can't open vic config 3 i cant add the assistant.

I tried uploading my old saved file but the CCGX / Quattro wouldnt accept it ,

Is there something i am missing should i be downloading the inverter settings via the vrm with the bms or batteries discconnected? or is the fact that i updated the inverter settings via the connect app mean i now have no access via ve config 3 ?

Your help would be appreciated.


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Updating Multiplus firmware with VE.BMS BMS on Lithium bank


I'm trying to update the firmware on my Multiplus, but it says to disconnect the BMS. If I do that it will shut down the multiplus, so bit of a catch 22.

Do I need to remove the Lithium/Assist settings, disconnect the BMS and then do the update and put the Lithium/Assist setting back once the update completes?



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Relay recommendation for BMS to shut down alternator regulator

I have an alternator that charges a Victron LIFePO4 house battery bank. The alternator is regulated by a Balmar 614 external regulator.

My understanding is that the recommended method for shutting down the regulator is to have the BMS charge disconnect trigger a relay that will open the connection between ignition and the Balmar regulator.

I'm looking for specific recommendations for a relay that works for this purpose, or other known good solutions to this problem.

What I've found are other threads referencing problems activating common relays given the very low 10ma current sourced by the BMS charge disconnect, which is also being relied on to disconnect a Cyrix Li Charge that the charge load goes through (sources are 3 solar panel controllers and the alternator). Hard to find a relay that is triggered at, say less than 5mA. Or is it? What's your favorite relay for this purpose?

Then I thought maybe use a MOSFET or a transistor in front of the relay to boost the charge disconnect current up to where it would trigger a relay. But that seems to be going a bit off-script, and this isn't an area where I want to "innovate" but would rather "stand on the shoulders of giants" who have already implemented a proven solution. If you've got one, please share!

I have also seen references to a solution where instead of the BMS charge disconnect, someone used the BMS pre-alarm to trigger the relay. Although I can't find a spec for its current, presumably it is higher than 10mA if it is expected to trigger a light or buzzer.

And I've seen solutions that just throw more Victron products at the problem. I'm OK with that if it is the best answer, but it seems pretty heavy handed for the meager ignition circuit. Either another Cyrix Li Charge solely for the ignition wire (seems like 1000% overkill but should work?) or a Victron Battery Protect wired up in reverse. Again seems awfully beefy for the measly current going through the ingition wire. Also raises the question of how many relays can you successfully hook up to one charge disconnect terminal on the BMS and still have them all trigger from its 10mA current.

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Integration between Color Control GX and Sodium Battery 48TL200

Hello, i want to integrate the Color Control GX with my sodium batteries (Fiamm 48TL200), but, unfortunately the Collor Control GX does not support this batteries BMS, i want to develop the support. There's some tutorial or some kind of documents i can use to do this integration?

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Same remote switch for Orion 12/24-20 and Battery Protect 65

I have two charging sources for my battery. One is the Orion from alternator one should be a grid charger connected over the BP65. The BMS should shut down the charging when Battery is full via the remote contacts.

Can the two devices be connected to the same switch/relais in parallel?

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EMUS BMS integration to the Color Control GX


I want to install a 48V LiFePO4 Battery system with an EMUS BMS, if I connect the EMUS BMS to the CCGX do I still need a BMV in order the monitor my battery on the CCGX?

Thanks in advance

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Inverter/Charger Setup - Moving from VE.Bus BMS to Smart BMS 12/100

Hello! My current setup is using a VE.Bus BMS and my MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80 was configured to that. I remember I had to install an assistant for the VE.Bus BMS. I wonder what I'll need to do now. Should I uninstall the assistant? Do I need to do something at all? Thanks!

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BMS 12/200 as current limiter with alternator control cable (ASS 030510100)


I am trying to protect my alternators while charging lithium batteries. I have seen this document:

This states that if using the mentioned cable the BMS 12/200 can be used as a current limiter. in this video: it is mentioned that up to 200A can be used.

I do not have the VE.Bus unit. Can anyone explain to me what voltage or signal that is supposed to be sent through the mentioned cable. It looks like the red wire is 12V + , but what is to be sent through the yellow cable, connected to the charge disconnect port of the VE.Bus.

Thank you.


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Help with simple Off-Grid Setup 48v EasySolar + LiFePo4


i'm starting my plans about a simple off-grid solar setup, built around EasySolar 48/5000 and LiFePo4 Batteries.

My goal of the setup is to have one normal european AC 230V-16A output, so that i can plug in for example a washing machine (most of them reach 3200W while heating the water), or simply all electronic products suitable for AC 230V outlets. That is why i chose the EasySolar 48/5000, that offers around the wattage necessary. Also the ability to load this with an external power source. So this is fix.

About the size of the batteries, i am not sure yet if i need double Ah, or if 100Ah is enough, but this is easy to exchange, when i know that all other components are in a correct setup.

I would really appreciate someone looking at the simple setup plan to check:

- if all the components kind of fit and work together,

- if some important parts are missing,

- if it could be simpler or less components (= cheaper, but i dont think so, its super simple already),

- what special connection cables i need, that dont come with the main products,

- is a 250A Fuse behind the batteries right? (the BatteryProtect has a Maximum Peak Current of 250A so i figured this would be fine...)

I am new to Lithium-Batteries and the VE.Bus BMS, so especially there i am not sure, if all connections are correct. Or if the VE.Bus BMS is the right BMS for me... Also i saw inverted and non-inverted remote cables. What do i need?

- do i need something like a battery balancer? it seems to me that it does not make sense with Lithium-Batteries...or am i wrong?

Im looking forward to someone leaving a statement to this setup and my questions.

Thanks in advance :)


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Smart BMS CL 12/100 power supply

The remote on-switch maintains the 12V-12V function. But how is the BMS function supplied with power? And how much power does the BMS function consume?

I am afraid that the power supply for the BMS will be interrupted by mistake.

Many thanks for the help


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LiFePo4 Smart Battery with multiple VE.Bus BMS allowed?


the short question is: is it allowed to use in one system multiple VE.Bus BMS?

My Plan is: One VE.Bus BMS is connected to a single 25,6V 200Ah Smart Batteries, and this I have 6x. So in total 6 BMS systems and 6 Batteries. All 6 BMS Systems are connected with Ve.Bus. The Relay for the Load disconnect in case of a low voltage I want to install on each batterie, so the batterie can disconnect from the system and not the load! Will this work? How this Bank will then displayed on the Color Control GX?

We are building boats with an AGM bank and I want to change this to LiFePO4 Batteries. The reason why I didn't do this was, because I don't like the logic of the Victron BMS system. I checked a lot Victron battery circuit suggestion and the logic was to be able to shut of the charge sources with a signal and the loads with a relay. Other manufacturers separate the battery from the system with a relay, which I like more because one bad batterie doesn't turn off the hole system.

The system now:

  • Battery Bank: 24V AGM 14 x Victron 12V 200Ah
  • Inverter: Quattro8000VA
  • Charger: Skilla-i 24/100
  • Alternator 2x 110A
  • Display: Cerbo GX with Touch GX
  • DC Loads 7x 300A to 600A each!

When I have to follow the Victron circuit suggestion for the Smart LiFePo4 Batterie, I have to use to each load a separate big relay, but for this I don't have the space! So I want to put the Relay on the Batterie, this means the batterie is disconnecting from the Batterie Bank, not the loads.

If this is not possible, do you have other ideas? I Could use the Victron 25,6/50 Super Pack with a build in BMS, but to reach 30kWh I need 30 batteries and for this I don't have the space.


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