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Problem with 2 wire bms assistant in ESS system allow to charge 'no' also stopping discharge

Hi im having issues with the 2 wire BMS assistant when used in one of my ESS installations, when the BMS signals to stop charging it is received by the quattro and charging is stopped but discharging is also stopped and it sends the quattro into idle mode even though allow to charge is still 'yes' and can be checked in the quattro. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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AC Current sensor power too high


I have an AC current sensor monitoring the Solar power from my inverter but the reading is always too high. The inverter is 6KW so I have configured the AC Current Sensor DIP switches to 7kW. When its full sun outside the inverted display is reporting around 6K but the remote console via the assistant is reporting around 7.4kW. This error is consistently around 20% too high, ie, at 1k of generated solar is reported at 1.2K.

I have a Multiplus II 5kW, Venus GX and ET112 energy meter. I can even see how the algorithm works, assume my export is currently 0W, batteries are fully charged, the AC sensor is reporting 2K solar generation, it does a simple calculation that I'm using what's left over - ie 2kW of AC loads in my house. But I'm actually not and I've tested this, during a sunny day my inverter reported 6kW, the AC current sensor reported 7.4KW and loads were 2.5K, I turned every MCB off and the AC loads dropped to about 2KW, I then turned the inverter off and Solar plus AC loads dropped to 0W. I can see each time the sun comes out my Solar PV on the Remote console jumps up along with my AC loads jump up.

I've tried:

Rewiring it (no change)

Moving other AC wires away from the outside of current sensing loop to avoid interference (no change)

Changing the input from AUX to Temp Sens (no change).

Changing the DIP switches to a lower power setting as the sun was setting - this reduced the level of error and DIP switch 2 seemed to be all or nothing.

I've concluded that the AC current sensor is faulty - feel free to suggest otherwise.

Based on the fiddling around I've done, I think that if the assistant's expected full power could be changed from 7.5KW to 6KW then it would solve my problem or at least make it more accurate.

Sorry this is a bit long winded leads me to the question:

Is there a way I can edit the 7.5KW value in the AC Current Sensor assistant?



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Charge Current Control Assistant not Functioning

I have a Quattro 48/8000 which runs with an MPPT BlueSolar Charger and CCGX.

In VE.Config settings, I configured the ESS assistant and, as per genset loading and grid power limitation requirements, also set 2 charge current control assistants (after the ESS). Both have fixed DC charge current limit on batteries when either AC input 1 or 2 is active. I have set the limit to 60A. But I have noticed lately that this limit is never respected, neither on grid power (ACin1) nor generator power (ACin2). DC charge currents are reaching up to 80A.

What could be the reasons for this and how to solve it?

- Does ESS have the priority over other assistants, it being the first on the list?
- Are they conflicting with each other, so none is operational?
- Firmware issues?
- "Overruled by remote" feature conflict in General>Shore limit settings?

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) your input is much appreciated.

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Control of Victron Multiplus by Venus OS (on/off/charge and input current limit) when VE.Bus BMS is in teh system

Good morning,

The limitation of not being able to use Venus OS (Cerbo GX) to control the state of the MultiPlus (on/off/charge) or the input current limit) when there is no DMC and a VE.Bus BMS is being used is becoming a real issue for me.

I was wondering if I moved from using the VE.Bus BMS Assistant to the Two-signal BMS, if the ability for Venus OS to control these parameters is possible. I would connect Charge Disconnect from the VE.Bus BMS to Aux Input 1 and set the assistant so when open the battery is full and force to float. Then connect Load Disconnect to Aux Input 2 for battery is empty.

Would this work?

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Ignore AC Input 1 in an assistant

I am looking for some information on the “Ignore AC input 1”.

When used within an assistant does it switch the relay highlighted in the schematic attached.




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Cannot get Multiplus BMS Assistant to install

I am unable to load and run VE.Bus BMS assistant on the Multiplus. I am using the MK3 to USB interface with Windows 10 and VE Configure. I used Victron Connect to update the Multiplus to the latest firmware without difficulty. Due to "" instructions I am using VE Configure application to setup the VE.Bus BMS Assistant according to the "Victron VW Van Electrics Install - Episode 3 Mains Electricity" video. At the point where the video says select the "Start Assistant" button followed by "Next" there is a requirement to set the dip switches 1=on and 2 = off. As soon as the dip switches are changed the Multiplus becomes unresponsive. I also tried with the switches set 1=off 2=on. In both cases the Multiplus remained unresponsive until I used Victron Connect app to reinstall the latest firmware. What I am I doing wrong while trying to get the VE.Bus BMS Assistant installed?

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Genset fail to start

My generator does not have a controller. It has a freq counter that turns off the starter motor via a relay. This all works when the gen auto starts. But if the gen fails to start, or it stops due to a fuel issue, the starter motor will re-engage, flattening the batt.

The generator autostarts on the colour control. Is there a way to switch off the colour control relay, when a fault occurs and no ac appears, which by default will switch off the starter motor.

Kind Regards

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Quattro Assistant Setup

Good day everyone.

I am struggling to set up my assistants on my 8kVA quattro, and was hoping that someone could help.

Need: To reduce the time that AC2 takes to reconnect after mains fails/gen starts and assumed load and Gen/Mains returns.

For instance, when mains is lost AC2 is turned off, and only after the generator is running for a minute and a bit does it get turned back on. I know this is to allow the generator to start up and get to speed, but it does the exact same thing when mains returns. For instance, when mains returns it first turns off AC2 transfers the load from the gen to the inverter then to mains, and then again after a minute or so AC2 is turned back on.

This time is too long for me. Ideally, I would like it to be 30seconds or so form when the generator assumes the load and 10seconds when mains returns.

I have tried to use the Assistants (Programmable relay) to make this happen but the issue I am having is when mains returns and the gen is running. It doesn't turn off AC2.

Can anyone help or give me a simpler solution on how to implement this. I have tried now a few combinations of assistants which have not worked for me, I will put images of my attempts.

On a side note, I feel like this should be a setting in an update, a simple time-based setting which users can adjust to change how long it takes.

Assistant set 1:


The result of this assistant set was:
1. When mains failed (ACin1) and the generator (ACin2) wasnt running ACout 2 was turned off.

2. The generator (ACin2) turned on (triggered by the Venus).

3. Roughly 30 seconds later ACout 2 was then turned on.

4. When mains returned, the system was overloaded as ACout2 was not turned off during the change over.

Assistant set 2:


The result of this assistant set was:
1. When mains failed (ACin1) and the generator (ACin2) wasnt running ACout 2 was turned off.

2. The generator (ACin2) turned on (triggered by the Venus).

3. Roughly 30 seconds later ACout 2 was then turned on. (so far all going perfectly)

4. When mains returned and the unit attempted to do the changeover, but it was noted that ACout2 as still on, hence it would have overloaded if more appliances were running.

Assistant set 3:


The result of this assistant set was:
1. When mains failed (ACin1) and the generator (ACin2) wasnt running ACout 2 was turned off.

2. The generator (ACin2) turned on (triggered by the Venus).

3. Roughly 30 seconds later ACout 2 was then turned on. (so far all going perfectly)

4. When mains returned and the unit attempted to do the changeover, but it was noted that ACout2 as still on, hence it would have overloaded if more appliances were running.This was exactly the same as the previous assistant set.

5. It was noted that if the gen was not running, and mains restored then ACout2 would engage 30 seconds after it is present. So as it stands I am having issues with ACout2 turning off during the change back scenario, where ACin1 and ACin2 are present together.



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Multiplus AC Ignore, can a BMV712 send SOC?

I have a Multiplus 24/3000/120 that I want to prioritize solar charging from a SS-250/100. Grid power is available, and is to be used as a backup for solar issues.

I am using BattleBorn 12V LiFeP04 batteries in a 2S2P configuration.

I have found the voltage setting option for AC Ignore to be unusable with LiFeP04 batteries because voltage doesn’t fall as precipitously with SOC as it does for lead-acid or AGM chemistries. For example, at <30% SOC, voltage is still at or slightly above 26VDC.

I have a BMV712 monitor on the system, and wondered if it can be paired with the Multiplus to provide SOC data. Any info, along with required cabling, would be most useful.

Otherwise, it appears my only option is a rather expensive addition of a Color Control GX or Venus GX.

Thanks in advance!

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Help: Does this set up look ok?

Hi Guys.

I'm brand new to this community. Just wondering if anyone can help me out?

I'm getting rid of my AGM batteries for Lifepo4. Whole new world for me. Below is a rough sketch of what i will be doing but i haven't added the active equalisation board in the drawing. I assume i can change settings and safety settings in my easy solar for over charging and low temp. I have battery sensor and bmv712 battery monitor.

Dont laugh at my 1000amp hour system on 12v. Too late now to change.

Any advise or help would be great? This is just a weekender property.



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(SOLVED) - ESS does not work im out of ideas

Hello everyone,

I tried to design a simple ESS system for a client that already had a solar system installed, and wanted to add batteries to save excess energy that goes into grid into battery for later use and vice versa.

I installed the system according to manual, updated all firmwares into latest, loaded up ESS assistant, sent settings into Multiplus-II and nothing... ESS doesn't even show color control...

Am i doing anything wrong or ESS just not working on latest firmware?

CCGX Firmware: v1.74

Multiplus-II VE.BUS Version: 2629476

System looks like the follwing:


Multiplus-II goes into "passthru" mode and never leaves it unless i disconnect Grid AC Input which then makes it to into Inverting.

I followed the manual Q4 that meantions passthru mode and possible causes, but nothing works...

I need urgent help with this, otherwise i will have to remove all Victron equipment from client and return it since it doesnt work...

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Help with Assistants to use AC2 as dumpload

If I connect my 1000 watt water heater to AC2 of my Multiplus 48/3000 and use the assistants in below screenshot, is it correct that it will do the following?

  • Start the boiler when above 70%
  • Stop the boiler when at 60%
  • Stop the boiler when overall load is above 2400 watts
  • Only start the boiler when overall load is below 1500 watts


I found this thread that I've used as reference. My system is Easysolar 48/3000 with BMV712 battery monitor running 14kw lifepo4 batteries and the reasoning is that I'll never need more than 60% of batteries for other vital loads.

Thanks a lot!

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Transfer to AC IN on one phase in 3 phase system

1. 3 phase system with 6 3kVA Multiplus in off grid config. To maximise solar consumption I have set up assistants (general relay plus either programmable relay or gen start / stop will do this) to transfer to AC IN once the battery discharges to a certain level. This is set only on the master on L1 and will use the chargers on all the Multis. Works well.

2. But when inverting again an overload can occur on L3 due heavy loading. I dont have time to rebalance phases just at the moment so was hoping to emulate the assistants above to solve this too. But it does not work.

If Ioad the logic on L1 Master.. it does not affect L3 (unlike the voltage sense/ charging assitant in 1. I tried either the programmable relay or gen start/stop relay on the L3 master , plus the general relay assistant, but nothing happens.

Note the PV assistant is in place on all masters.. and is the last assistant.

Is it possible to get L3 to transfer to AC on overload condition during inverting?

I had no problem setting this up on a single phase system to test.. so my assistant logic works.. it just does not in a 3 phase set up.

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Requirement for delayed battery charging from mains after grid return

I have a requirement for the system to not charge the battery from grid for a set period of time, say 30 minutes, after grid has returned following a power outage/loss of mains.

Ignoring AC in for same set period after grid return would also be a solution but secondary to having only battery charging delayed as loads on inverter output would also be affected. Would be ideal if this can be achieved using some combination of Assistants and programmable relays.

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ESS Assitant and AC Current sensor new version are aivailable

Hello Victronauts,

today when entering VE-Config I got a message that some assistants are available in newer version and I should do an update.


For my installation there are newer versions available for ESS Assitant and AC Current sensor


I have tried to find a version log or any information what has changed in this new versions but without success.

Does any one have an idea where I can find such informations for the newer versions?

Thanks a lot


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Assistant progamable relay (012C) with battery temp sensor


I need activate a auxiliary relay K2 in a quattro 24/5000/120 100-100 firmware 433, with a battery temp sensor , in the programable relay assistant, I don't find this option, is it possible do it with other metod ?

enrique-marquez asked

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Multiplus 'Ignore AC Input' Assistant - How can I override it on demand?

I have now programmed the Multiplus with the assistants as shown in the picture. Everything works fine


. Only one problem has arisen. If i set the "only charger" function on the digital multicontroll and shore power is connected, it will not start. The blue LED lights up "Mains on". What is missing?

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Documentation for Victron Connect

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

Hi Guy, Suggest at Paragraph 3.1 of the Victron Connect manual that you add the limitation for the VEBus BMS assistant... correction to my last version.

This edit update - the later info clearly identifies the VEBus BMS assistant under the lithium battery 'wizard' - as a limitation; note however I did not want the wizard as I knew what parameters I wanted.

Is this limitation for ALL assistants?

Cheers Mike

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Can the PV inverter support assistant be configured to start ramping down at 57.6v instead of 54v?

At the moment the absdorption saying is 57.6v for absorption but the PV inverter support assistant ramps down Fronius when the batteries are at 54v so it takes far too long to charge the batteries under solar. When the generator is on, it will charge at 180amps until 57.6v then go into absorption then float as it's supposed to but when it's under solar it will charge at 180amps to 54v then ramp down considerably so even though the charger wants the power the PV inverter assistant won't allow it. Can the setings be changed in the PV inverter support assistant to chasnge it from 54v to 57.6 as per the charger setting?

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Programmable relay when inverting

Hi everyone, can anyone help with the setup of an assistant, I essentially want a relay to close when the inverter is being used and open when it is not. I see there is a charge state option, and I can select "not charging" but I feel like there must be a better way. Can anyone share some light on this?

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AC Out 2 form Mains for either of 2 conditions (Not getting it!)

I have a Multiplus 24/5000/120 that is setup with a 300 AH LiFePO4 and a BMS with separate contacts for high and low battery. works good. Then I have AC Out 2 relay on when mains is connected. Works good. Then I have ignore AC In when Aux2 is open. works good. Last is to run on mains when load is over 4000 watts. does not work=(. It switches to over to mains for about 1 to 2 seconds and then back to inverter and over loads, shuts down power, over loads, shut down power and just keeps cycling. Been trying to get this going for about a month now. What am I missing here?

As I under stand, If I enter both conditions in the same assistant, it's treated as an AND statement where both conditions mut be true before the command is carried out. If I separate the 2 conditions in 2 separate assistants, it treated as an OR. Is this correct? Regardless, I tried both ways with no success.

What I'm trying to do is set it up as solar priority first until the battery runs almost out. Then connect to the grid when the BMV700 closes the relay and starts the charging up to about 20% SOC and switches back to inverter for power. When I get home from work, I would like to be able to plug in car charger on AC Out 2 and have the inverter switch over to mains when the watts drawn from AC Out 2 are at 4000 or more.



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Where do I start setting up victron devices?

Setting figures/numbers please required for my bmv-712 & mppt smart controller 100/30 setup....complete novice. I have 2x 160w solar panels, 2x varta la95 agm batteries, bmv-712 & victron mppt smart controller 100/30..Thank you and wait in anticipation.

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Can I change the Quattro AC OUT 2 Time delay?

Is it possible to change the delay which it takes for AC out 2 to go live?

I have contactors which are being driven by AC OUT 2, but when the grid or generator input is live (after a mains failure or return) it takes around 2 and a half minutes for AC2 to go live, and hence close the contactors... Is there any way to change this to 30 seconds for instance?

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3 phase Multiplus 24V/3000/70-16 problem with ignore AC


I have 3 Multiplus 24V/3000/70-16 configured as 3 Phase System, all are switched in a group. Firmware Version is 2612430 on all 3 ones.

I tried VS and the assistent to do not ignore AC input when the loads are higher than 2400W for 5 seconds. This works only for L1. When the loads are higher than 2400W on L2 or L3 the system does not switch to AC input. I tried now for 2 days, an i can´t figure it out. Maybe i am to stupid :-(.

Can somebody help me.

Tank you very much

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Programmable relay - AC input

Hi. I am trying to use the relay K2 to drive a contactor based on SOC. I would like the relay to also switch on based on any AC input but it isn't switching on when AC is available and the SOC is below 80%. It will only switch on when the battery has charged to 80%.



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Lithium Assistant - Charge Settings

I am using the output from my LiFePO4 BMS to indicate when charging is complete. It is set to force the Quattro into Float and set the SOC to 100%.

I always triggers the charger to float but doesn't set the SOC to 100%

Occasionally the Quattro enters Float well before the trigger from the batteries internal BMS.

It does this even though the Charge voltage (13.2V) and the Tail current parameters (4%) haven't been achieved.

Something strange is going on, any help will be appreciated, ta Tony

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SOC VE.BUS vs SOC (BMV / GX) for VE.Bus assistants


When programming my assitant rules, using SOC, must SOC of the VE.BUS be configured (via VEconfig)?

Or will it use SOC from the system CCGX (BMV)?

If I switch on SOC in the VE.Bus, I dont see SOC in the graph in VRM, is this correct?

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Three phase set up - Quattro 48V/5000VA/70A-100/100-S/230V VE. Bus Inverter/Charger plus two MultiPlus 48V/3000VA/35A-50/230V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger


Can I use the following connected in a three-phase set up: -

  1. One - Three phase set up - Quattro 48V/5000VA/70A-100/100-S/230V VE. Bus Inverter/Charger plus
  2. Two - MultiPlus 48V/3000VA/35A-50/230V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger

If so how would I go about it?

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Drive Relay when Quatro in Inverter mode

Is it possible to toggle relays on and off only when Quatro is in inverter mode only.

for example toggle relay off during time delay in switching between AC IN-1 and AC IN-2

Kind Regards

Ben :)

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Solar primary source and AC as backup with MultiPlus

Hi to everyone. We have problems configuring the MultiPlus using the VE Config.

We want the MultiPlus use the solar power from the batteries and when SOC drops below certain percentage (50%), draw power from the AC-in. Then, when batterias are charged, disconnect the AC-in and get back to solar power as a primary source.

We have been configuring it using the VE Config and three assitant (2 programmable relay and a use of the general flag), but either way the MultiPlus still are using the power from AC-in ("mains on" light on). We have gone to configure it to load the configuration, the MultiPlus get restarted but it keeps the mains on, then we try again reloading the configuration and the MultiPlus change to inverter mode, but the client call us phew days later because the MultiPlus change back to "mains on".

We don't know if the assitants what we are using are right. If you need to know, the installed system use a BlueSolar controller to charge the batteries with 9 photovoltaic panels. There is no communication device like a Color Control or VBM between the MultiPlus and the BlueSolar.

We had been attached the settings of each assistant. The internal battery monitor is actived in the MultiPlus and we have been careful sending the configurations to the MultiPlus.

Any help wil be appreciate!




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