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Help getting the best out of my sodium (salt water) batteries

The System 5.2Kw PV with a Fronius Primo 4-1 inverter interfacing with a Victron MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 an a CCGX Gateway, 2 x Aquion S30-0080 48v batteries.

I'm new at this. The batteries have only been up and running for 2 months so I'm learning about them every day. I'm trying to get the most out of them, that is charging to 100 % and discharging to near zero every day. However the Victron unit is, I'm sure, preventing this as It's not designed to work with sodium batteries.

My problem is that unless the batteries have a 100% SOC for at least an hour during the day they will only discharge to a relatively high percentage SOC.

In the summer where the batteries have a 100% SOC every day the batteries will discharge to about 11%. ( I was hoping for lower)

At this time of year I'm rarely getting a 100% SOC via Solar and so have to use scheduled charging. However as soon as the charging is finished the discharging starts . But only to about 60-70%.

I'm beginning to think that there is a battery life protection built in to the Victron unit even though it is disabled in the CCGX.

My options/questions:

How do I enable scheduled charging and get the SOC to remail at 100% for at least an hour?

Is there a battery life protection built in within Victron?

Can I turn off battery life protection within the Victron?

As you can see in the first image, as soon as the SOC is 100% for about an hour (10-1100 )the battery will discharge more, down to about 40%. the other attachments show what happens if I can't get that magic hour of 100% the discharge is between 60 to 70%.

If the battery doesn't achieve 100% SOC the I'm left with about 80% SOC

I am planning in the winter to charge the batteries with cheap grid electricity at night, but if I cannot get the !00% SOC to last for more than a few minutes the batteries will never discharge fully, which is one of the reasons I chose the sodium batery.

Any advice gratefully received.






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SOC is 85% (bulk) voltage is only 40vdc??

My system is Quattro/CCGX with 12nos. Aquion stacks (25kWh) and solar into GT inverters.

The Battery Life is set on however Aquion can sit discharged without harm. With winter charging there is little solar but SOC remains at 85% and voltage is only 40vdc. So the measurement must be wrong as bulk finished at 85% but the voltage is way down fully discharged. Should I re set something to get this back into correct measurement? I cannot force charge these batteries as they have high resistance but sitting at 40vdc I am only using grid power. A quick mains charge will bring voltage up over 50v and inverter will operate but voltage drops back and grid takes over with SOC still at 85%.

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ESS locked at 100% SOC

System is 5kwp solar into Quattro AC coupled with energy meter/ccgx and Aquion batteries.

Using Battery life and keep charged options so some charge going into batts in winter.

Now the SOC is up to 100% and the battery voltage is 47vdc. So no more charging as the system sees 100% SOC. How to re set the SOC "? I have "re set system" but nothing changes. If I load the system with eg. kettle it draws power from grid not the batteries so I cannot reduce the SOC reading manually. I am stuck!

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