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Orion Smart 12/12-30 to charge AGM bank from Lithium battery?

I'm adding a Relion RB300 battery to my electrical system (got it very cheap), and want to use it as a solar "header tank" of sorts. The plan is to charge the lithium battery from solar only, and connect the lithium to the AGM bank with an Orion 12/12-30 isolated charger. All boat loads are connected to the AGM house bank. The solar panels charge the lithium whenever there's enough sun, and the lithium in turn tops off the AGM, probably keeping at or near float all the time.

Question is, is the Orion 12/12-30 isolated the right tool for the job?



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MPPT 75/15 Multiple Battery Types

I am installing a Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 on my boat, and will wire it to an AGM battery (Deka 8A4D). My engine starting battery (lead acid Deka 904D). The AGM will power the house loads and the starter battery starts the engine - they have separate positive cable runs. However, when my engine is on or when I am connected to shore power, I combine the positive cable runs so both batteries will charge from the engine or shore. This also means that the Smart Solar charger will now be charging both batteries. Are there settings on the MPPT that will work for this scenario? What are the drawbacks? Or should I not do this at all? (I suppose one work around would be turning off the charge controller when the engine is on, but that's not ideal.)

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AGM charge settings Victron 90Ah AGM
Hi, I have a 270W solar PV module with a Victron Smartsolar MPPT 100/20 charge controller connected to a Victron 12V 90Ah AGM battery.

Please could you someone confirm that the correct battery type preset setting on the charge controller should be Gel Victron deep discharge( 1). I read a similar post and the official response was that this is the most appropriate setting for AGM batteries but the specific battery parameters should be consulted. I can't find a detailed datasheet for my battery (Victron part number BAT412800084). Maybe someone at Victron could confirm?

Also, I've set the maximum charge current to 18A (which is 0.2C). Does this setting seem appropriate?

Thank you


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Light Cycling Deep Cycle Victron AGMs and Skip days

Hi I have 5 x 110 Victron 110Ah deep Cycle AGM's . We are only currently cycling them very lightly due to summer and lots of solar so DoD is only 5-10% per day . My Solar controller has a skip day and rebulk feature and its been suggested that we use it to avoid over cycling the batteries so in summary it would keep the batteries in float for a number of set days or a voltage set point is reached before instigating a bulk / Absorb cycle and charging them up to 100% again .

Any thoughts on this ? good idea or not ? at the moment the batteries are getting alot of mini cycles which I am not sure is good or not . Thinking it might be better to leave in float for a few days and allow them to deplete to say 20-25% before recharging them to limit cycles .

Cheers Si

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looking for correct settings for Renogy AGM batteries

what are the correct settings on my BMV-712 Battery Meter and my MPPT 150/35 when I use my 2 Renogy 200aH Deep Cycle AGM Batteries (total of 400aH). I cannot find the settings for the Renogy AGM batteries anywhere online , want to make sure I have my BMV or MMPT set correctly for them! thank you!

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Victron 90AH AGM on BlueSmart IP22 12/15/3

Hi All,

Unlike my previous charger (a Mastervolt) this slick Victron charger does not give me an option to select battery type (other than Li). I have two Victron AGM 90AH batteries and want to know if I should charge them 'Normal' or 'High' (or other??)

On this forum I read AGM doesn't like voltages over 14.4, on other fora I read they should be charged @ 14.7 V. Sadly there are no manuals around for these batteries. (at least not on the Victron site)

I bought the Victron charger under the assumption it would be a better match, but now I am not so certain.

So any help would be appreciated.

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Does the mppt (75/15) also get energy from the battery?

I have a victron 215WP solar panel connected to my MPPT 75/15 controller which is connected to my leisure AGM battery.

When there is no solar power, I can't seem to connect my phone to the MPPT. Is this normal? or does the MPPT normally takes power from the battery?

+ can you in some way check with the victron connect app the charge status of the battery?


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AGM Super Cycle and BMV712 settings


I recently fitted 2 x 170ah Victron AGM Super Cycle domestic batteries. They are charged thru shore power on a new Victron IP43 50A 3 outlet charger and I also fitted a BMV-712 to monitor it all.
can anyone recommend settings for this setup on the BMV712?
With the BMV running it will not let me access the charger via Bluetooth to check charging rates and other settings. Is there any way to overcome this?
do I need to adjust my charge settings for these batteries?

any advice appreciated

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Configuration for live-aboard a sailing boat


I have:

4 x Victron Super Cycle AGM batteries as my house bank

1 x Optima AGM battery for engine starting

1 x BMV-702 with BT dongle

1 x SmartSolar 100/20 charging the house bank (250W panel)

1 x Blue Smart mains charger 12/30/3 connected to house bank and to engine start battery

Due to 'the plague' I am long term living on my boat in a marina in the south of Portugal, so warm and sunny most days with available mains power.

What setup should I use to maximise battery life ?, e.g. :

a) Use only the mains charger and disconnect the solar controller

b) Use the solar controller and switch the mains charger off

c) Use both the mains charger and the solar controller

I have tested all of the above scenario's and they all seem to work OK, but which is best or does it not make much difference ?


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BMV712 shows minus current when charging

Hello brains trust,

I have a BMV712 for a dual battery system in my car and I’m using an enerdrive 40amp dc2dc charging unit.
I have connected all cables, one coming off the neg of the 2nd battery to the battery side of the shunt and then on the load side I have a cable going to a bus bar and a cable going to the neg of the charger.
Could anyone help with why the BMV would be showing a minus amps (-2.3amps for example) when the charger is charging?
I have no loads connected to the bus bar and the battery is at 100%. The 2 other cables coming off the neg post are a temp sensor for the charger and a earth to the chassis.




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Absorption end amps for Victron 110Ah AGM deep Cycle Batteries

Hi I Have 5 x 110Ah Victron AGMs in parallel for 550Ah bank , Can anyone advise the end amps in absorption for these ? have heard everything from 1-4 % from watching them a little when on generator through Phoenix charger and inverter it switches to float around 10-11 amps so about 2% does this seem right , alot of people say AGM's should be set higher than this at 3-4 %

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Help with MPPT SmartSolar #39 Input shutdown due to battery over-voltage when connected to DC Power Supply

Image screenshot here (photo would not upload)

This error is occurring ONLY when connecting MPPT to a 12v single or string.

Using MPPT charger to perform distribution tests on parallel wiring.

Power source is 48v bridge rectifier, error reiterates with 24v 1500w switch mode.

Battery voltage is indeed switched to 12v, error reiterates with another AGM battery in the exact same way. No error with 24v or 36v strings, MPPT starts bulk immediately.

Have also tried with another MPPT out of the box, same problem.

Battery voltage is 11.50v

Thank you

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Max discharge current for AGM Battery bank

Hi All

I have a 6ooAh AGM batt bank on a sailing boat (3 x 200Ah)

What is the max safe current drain for said bank, especially with longevity in mind?


I have a 1,6kW 230V AC watermaker and would like to run it off the batt bank through an inverter for about 30min at a time. (and some other power tools on the odd occasion)

I do have a generator so that watermaker can be run for longer periods but for 30min (making 50L of water), it would be very convenient to not use the generator, not to mention saving petrol, fumes, and noise.

I have 640W solar and 300W wind gen which should be more than enough to deal with the discharge, I believe, on a sunny day.

So, is there a rule of thumb for a max safe discharge current for (AGM in my case) Lead Acid Batteries?

My gut feeling is that 300A for an hour on a 600Ah bank should be safe. But then my 2nd gut will freak out when it sees 200A of discharge on the BMV.. Even 100A is a hell of a lot in my mind.


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SmartSolar 100/20 and GoalZero Yeti


I'm new to Victron and am looking at adding the Smart Solar 100/20 to my current setup.

My current setup is a GoalZero Yeti 1400 with their expansion module that is connected to my vehicle battery/alternator. The module interfaces as an isolater and voltage regulator since the vehicle battery is an AGM and the GoalZero is lithium.

I would like to add 200 watts of solar that would keep both batteries topped off.

I am new to solar so I wanted to run this flow by the community.

Solar>MPPT (set for AGM settings)>alternator/AGM battery.

My thinking is the MPPT can watch the V of the vehicle battery and the Yetilink module will pickup on the higher voltage and charge the GZ lithium battery.

Does this sound correct? If the alternator were to come on, would it damage the MPPT?


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Charging and equalising Victron AGM deep cycle batteries


I recently installed 2x110Ah victron AGM deep cycle batteries. Since my last battery bank (AGM but not victron) lasted no more than 2 years I want to be sure I make everything right with this one's

Charging parameters (285w solar panels) right now are

Absorption: 14,1v - 1hour

Float: 13,5v

I will like to know if this are ok and also if I would need to equalize them or not. I see very different information depending on battery manufacturer.

My solar chsrger let me program equalization schedule (every 30 days default), voltage and time

Thank you very much in advance


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State of charge vs resting voltage (AGM)

We bought a used catamaran with 4x 220 AH victron 12V batteries (see attached) in parallel. I’m trying to find the data sheet for charge state vs resting voltage. I also done quite understand why the voltage takes such a big dip and then rebounds (no load) after I disable my multiplus inverter/charger. I stop the charger and the batteries drop from float voltage (13.1V) down to 12.45V and then slowly begin rising again. I haven’t let them sit unloaded for 6 hours but will do that next to see where they settle.

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Problem with batteries


Hi,I have small instalation of Easy solar 48V 3000VA + BMV701 + 4x Victron deep discharge AGM 90Ah/12V

One month back, BMV701 stopped working . I will change it in shop, but, since this problem batteries jump to 50% of capacity as it is on the picture.

Batteries capacity was set to 50% of capacity for discharging - for bigger cycle number.

Its possible, that batteries are KO cause the bmv701 stopped working?

Next problem is, that i have in Device list MPPT 150/70 twice. thats not good too.

Thanks for any reply -

this Instalation is 1Year old, i think the batteries must be OK.

I'm little bit nervous, because if the reason is BMV, and batteries are KO, i really dont know how to claim it.



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Phoenix Multi Compact 12/800/35-16 Overload Warning and Low Battery Alarm

Dear all, we have recently bought a Multi compact 12/800VA together with a SB SUNLIGHT AccuForce 12V - 150Ah Solar VRLA Battery in order to replace an ONLINE UPS in a on-Grid Photovoltaic 500kWp installation. The system works in 12V mode. The inverter charger is connected to the AC grid and the only load is the Protection Relay (SEPAM) from Schneider Electric installed on the Medium Voltage Switchgears Board. The charging mode is 99% in "Storage" mode cause the load is very little. The problem we are facing is that after two or three days of operating the Inverter goes to fault mode and the alarms we got is overload and today together with a Low Battery Alarm and the PV station goes out of the Grid. The only thing we do when the fault comes is to go and turn off and on the inverter/charger and the problem is (temporary) solved. Today the fault happened, we got a "grid lost" e-mail message, when we reached the inverter the fault was gone (only the green light when on), as it seems the inverter was inverting. We turned off and on the inverter and the inverter "saw" again the AC grid.

Since we bought the inverter we did not do any optimizations or changed any settings for example for the current output (everything is as it came from the distributor). The system also has a Color Control GX and we can monitor the system from the VRM Portal. Please see attached pictures, videos. Any ideas for the fault or settings needed are much appreciated! No clue why thr fault takes place, on the other hand the overload maybe comes because the SEPAM maybe draws a lot of current in order to power the motorized central medium voltage circuit breaker.20200316 Status Monitoring2.jpgfaults.jpginput current limit.jpgMV SEPAM.jpgBattery.jpgGrid connection restore.mp4

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Is a blue smart 12v / 15a smart charger suitable to charge a 12v100ah agm battery?

I have asked the battery dealer & 14.4v charging is appropriate but I just want to confirm this charger will charge an AGM battery for it doesn't have an AGM mode but does have a 'normal 14.4v' mode so I am hoping I can use this?

Thanks in advance

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Bluesolar charger for Multiplus inverter

A friend got this system installed: three Multiplus 48/3000 inverters configured for 3-phase operation, operating with 4 pcs Monbat ML220C batteries. The batteries are charged with 3 Bluesolar MPPT 150/70 chargers.

My question is: are the Bluesolar chargers necessary? Couldn't the Multiplus inverters do the charging directly, without using the separate MPPT chargers? Or is it any advantage on doing this?


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Charging AGM and lead acid battery simultaneous with Victron Centaur 12/60

I recently bought a preowned boat and i noticed that the charger Centaur charger is connected to AGM consumer battery bank and also the lead acid start battery. Jumper setiting on charger is set to AGM.

Can the AGM charge mode damage the lead acid battery in any way? I just had to replace the start battery (4 years old) as it would not recieve chargning any more and i am wondering if the charger can have anything to do with the short life span.

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Charging AGM Super Cycle with an old Victron Centaur 24/70 without temperatur sensor?

I have a Centaur 24/70 charger which has only a built-in temperatur sensor, no sensor to attach to a battery. My battery bank consist of 4 x 12V 230Ah, two in series and these packs in parallel to have 460Ah 24V.

I'd like to exchange my old batteries for Victron AGM Super Cycle 230Ah. In order to prevent thermal runaway I read it's recommended to use a charger with a temperature sensor attached to a battery pole.

On the other hand as far as I learned a thermal runaway can occur if the battery is charged with too much current. My Centaur 24/70 is capable of 70A which would be about 15% of the bank's capacity, so well below the recommended max 30%.

So, is it fine to charge AGM Super Cycle with the Centaur 24/70 with temperature compensation based on ambient temperature but without battery temperature sensor?

Juliian Buss asked
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AGM Super Cycle DOD of 80% or more - really?

The data sheet of the AGM Super Cycle battery says that I can completely discharge the battery for 300 times when I recharge it soon afterwards.

Does that really mean that the battery still has it's original capacity after 300 times of full discharge up to 10,8V? Or does the capacity decrease during this procedure?

And second question: I'm puzzled why the Super Cycle only weights 57kg while for example an Exide EP2100 with 240Ah weights 72kg. So far I thought more weight equals better quality when it comes to lead acid batteries. Furthermore, the Super Cycle is much smaller than other AGMs. What's the technical difference between Super Cycle and "normal" AGMs so that it can be notable lighter and smaller?


Juliian Buss asked
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AGM Super Cycle mounting position limitations?

I am replacing my house and starting batteries on a 36' sailboat and was ready to buy a pair of the 12V 230Ahr AGM Super Cycle batteries for my house bank as they will fit perfectly in my 4D size tray if they are installed on their small sides with the long dimension becoming the vertical height.

The dealer I wanted to purchase from said these cannot be installed on their side " have to lie these down in the way they are designed, you cant stand them upright. They are heavy and the plates hang from the top side so when you mount them vertically their weight is inadequately supported and prone to breakage in the event of a bump in the road or a wave in the ocean. The same thing applies for all lead acid batteries but the bigger the battery the more the effect will occur."

I can understand this in a Jeep or or perhaps a fishing boat smacking through chop at 25 knots, but is there enough stability in a slow cruising 36' sailboat and mounted amidship that this would not be an issue? I was a bit surprised to hear this and wanted to find more opinions on this.

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Expert mode in Victron Connect App? Is there any advantage in changing the charge voltages in expert mode ie Absorption, Float, Equalization etc??? Its a 12v system in a RV. I have 7 x Bosch Deep Cycle Plus AGM Batteries (120amp/hour each) Model number BAC12-120 RFR 3 x MPPT 100/50 solar controllers. Venus GX & MultiPlus inverter charger. If there is enough gains to be made by changing these settings, where could I find the info. I've had a quick look on Bosch site but nothing is to helpful. Any help/pointers would be appreciated. Yours Willie K

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Is the Blue Smart ip22 charger suitable for both agm and lithium?

I live in my mobile home and the built in battery ac/dc charger is not doing a good job for my two Running Bull agm batteries (2x92ah). I'm looking for a new charger but know I will probably change to lithium batteries when it's time for my agm to be replaced. I really like the Blue Smart with bluetooth but I'm not sure if the charger has settings and can be used for both my mgm and later on lithium batteries? Alternative, can you recommend another good charger for me? asked
drumond answered ·

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Does MPPT 100/20 load output allow bidirectional current (from AC charger)


I have a solar array in my rv charging a deep cycle battety through a smartSolar 100/20 charge controller. I also have a Progressive Dynamics PD4000 battery charger/power distribution block installed. I would like to use the load output to avoid over-discharge of my battery. However, I also would like to be able to use the PD4000 to charge the battery when AC power is available. My question is, can I connect the load output of the charge controller to the battery terminals of the PD4000? Under normal operation current will flow from the load output to the DC distribution block of the PD4000 and on to the various load circuits. When connected to AC power, current could flow in both directions, from the PD4000 charger to the battery through the load output or from the battery to the load. Can I do this or do I need to use the load output to control a relay/SSR connecting the battery to the PD4000?

smbnnt asked
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125Ah AGM Super Cycle tail current


I am using a BMV-712 to monitor my 125Ah AGM Super Cycle battery and charging with a BlueSmart IP67 25A charger.

The BMV is telling me that the battery is at 100% when the charger is still in the absorption stage.

My current BMV settings are:

Charged voltage: 13.2V

Tail current: 3%

Charge detection time: 10m

Peukert exponent: 1.14

Charge efficiency factor: 95%

Please can someone tell me if these are correct or what I should change them to. Datasheets and manuals don’t seem to have all the answers.


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blue charger ip67 - No AGM mode

I have bought the Blue charger ip67 model with 25 amp for a 210 ah AGM set from Varta.

There are no AGM setting. Just "normal", "high" and "li-on". I've been using the "normal" but a bit sketchy that it ramps the voltages up to 14.7, where i thought AGM wasn't happy about going over 14.4

Any advice?

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AGM batteries, MPPT100/30 solar 330W panel, bmv712

Hey guys. Totally new here

I have a rough under standing but after realising how much these Victron products can do it’s gone way over my head

So I have 2 12V AGM batteries, 1x 105A, 1x280A linked together for one big 12V system in my caravan

I’ve got a 330W solar panel with the Victron MPPT 100/30

And now just put the BMV-712 battery monitor

I’ve just purchased the Bluetooth dongle for the solar regulator.

When it comes I’m just wondering if I can get some advice to what I should set all the parameters up on,

At the moment it’s charging at 13.8V which is the base setting I believe in the regulator but from what I’m now finding out it should be up around the 14.8V

so if anyone has some specs that I should upload for the solar reg once my dongle arrives that would be awesome

Thanks guys

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