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What happens to Battery protect when over current?

So what happens to BP 65 if I try to draw more than 65A for longer time?

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Hello connecting a digital input. (for a noob)

I have the configuration attached on my boat. The float switch turns on, and the pump runs, until the float switch turns off. This is 12v line and runs about 3-4amps. How do I wire in the digital input so I can see when the pump is ruining when not at the boat? People have stated I need a relay and/or optocoupler. But where would I wire this in, which relay, which octocouoler. I really can't seem to figure this out and need someone to explain it super simple :-) thank so you so much!


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Multiplus II 5KVA pass through power?

Good day all

I have a question for the more experienced members here.

I have a Multiplus II 5KVA with a Smartsolar 250/85 charge controller, 12 x CS350 watt panels and a 10kwh lithium bank.

The house is equipped with a gas geiser and stove.

Power consumption was measured with logging device for about a week and peaked at 4.9kw with an average of 3.4kw throughout.

My question is can I feed the main AC from the grid through the Multipus with the main DB box connected to AC output 1 ( no break ) on the Multi.

Given that I will setup the ESS system to keep batteries charged and only use battery during load shedding.

The aim is to gain as much savings possible from PV and not have the hassle of splitting loads between AC outputs on the Multi.

I hope this makes sense?

Your input will be greatly valued.

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3Ph MultiPlusII & 1Ph AC Input

Hi all

I'm still playing with 3*MultiPlus II 48/5000 230V & 1ph generator.

"Switch as group" is OFF, generator is connected without any visible problem, it works to charge battery and pass power directly to L1 and indirectly to L2/L3. All software settings are tried in many (all?) combinations - Weak AC Input, Dynamic Current Limiter, UPS Function, Wide Input Frequence, Power Assist. Also Ground relay with/without Neutral/Ground jumper on Generator side.

The main problem - input current is limited to 10A max, usually 7-8 A. It's definitely too small value, official "Input Current Limit" = 25A. It's not a problem of Generator, it's enough branded & new, 11kVA, easily works at 5kWt load.

Note that there are many topics in forum talking about unexplained low input current.

OK, let's forget about generator :). What happens if connect only L1 from grid to the system? My pleasure to try.

1st picture - L1 only is connected, AC Output - Off, AC Input - 7.8A/1.8kWt, charging - 1.6 kWt, but should be at least 50A/2.5kWt according to spec.

2nd picture - L1/L2/L3 is connected, AC Output - Off, AC Input - ~24A total, charging - 100A/5 kWt as expected.

3rd picture - L1/L2/L3 is connected, AC Output - On, AC Input - ~45A/10kWt, charging - 100A/5 kWt as expected. It's just illustration that no problem to get 20A from L1, but only with L2/L3 connected.


How to explain such "balance" (?) limit up to 10A, if "physical" real limit for L1 - 25A? Looks as MultiPlus waiting for his/her colleagues and don't want to exceed "virtual" input current dedicated for 3*MultiPlus (8A for L1 and 8A*3 for L1/L2/L3). If it works "as designed", it means that no big sense to connect 1ph Gen to 3Ph, it can't cover all power expenses connected to that system.




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Is there a minimum Input Current Limit when PowerAssist is not enabled?

For the Multiplus (12/2000), is there a minimum Input Current Limit when PowerAssist is not enabled?

The topmost answer to this question would suggest not, but I'd like to be sure.

Also, how accurate does the Multiplus match the actual input current to the configured value when not using PowerAssist? I see from this answer that it's conservative (lower) in the case that PowerAssist is in use, which make sense (needs time to react to changes w/o overshooting the limit). But when PowerAssist is not in use, is it accurate?


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DC input current in idle mode of Multiplus-II

How is the DC current consumption in idle mode of Multiplus-II?

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Multiplus-II 10000kva AC Input random overload and negative amps

I have a Multiplus-II 10000kva, 4x BYD batteries (400ah), RS450/100, Cerbo GX.
All devices are on the latest firmware.
ESS is activated with all VEConfig settings done as per Victron/BYD specifications.
Grid feed-in is off, grid setpoint is currently at 200W.
I'm in South Africa, Cape Town.
This is a new installation (1 week old).

About once a day when AC Input is connected, I get an "Overload L1" warning, and from inspecting VRM it appears to coincide with negative amps reported on the AC Input. This normally results in swings in the AC Input current between positive and negative Amps. At the same time the Multiplus's state changes to passthrough, even though there is ample battery and PV available to handle the AC Output load. In the example below the AC Output load was only about 500W when the Overload warning came up.



In the example above, the system returned back to normal operation on its own, but I've had other cases where this happened where the AC swings from negative to positive continued and seemed to get worse, resulting in loud noises from the multiplus and lights flickering in my house. When this happens, I disconnect AC Input, and the system then becomes stable immediately. When I then reconnect AC Input, the system typically behaves fine again.

Does anyone know what could be causing this behaviour ?

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Current and Frequency measurement AC In for Skylla i Charger or AC Out for Phoenix Inverter

Hello, what I need to visual the current and frequency?

I want to see on VRM / Touch 70 a few data's.

AC In from Shore/Generator to my Skylla Charger.

AC Out from my Phoenix Inverter.

Skylla I is connected with VE.CAN with the Cerbo.

Phoenix Smart is connected with VE.Direct with the Cerbo.

And is there any Tile in GUI to visual this without a Multi/Quattro?

Here is an example what I want to see, but without a Multi/Quattro.

Best regards Robert


And here is my Touch 70


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My cerbo gx does not show an ac input



Hi I have a cerbo gx and 4 et112. Meters connected to it and I set all them up having one set as grid meter one set as generator meter and 2 for 2 separate inverter outputs. However even after setting one of the meters as a grid meter it shows no ac input but only shows it as ac loads. Is there something wrong with my cerbo gx or will the et112 not show as ac input because I would have to have a victron inverter?

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Multiplus Stopped showing AC Input Watts

On my Multiplus 48V 3000VA 35amp(charger), It no longer shows the AC input watts. It just shows 0 watts when connected to shore power. If I disconnect shore power it shows a dash(-) for AC input, so I know the inverter knows the shore power is connected.

It also does not shows any watts for AC load when shore is connected. When I disconnect shore power it will shows the load watts.

I can see on my generator screen and 48V battery screen that it is drawing lots of watts from shore and charging the battery. (See screenshots.)

This is a new install. It was all working initially, then when I checked again in about 30 minutes, the AC loads and Input where both showing zero. I had a constant 1400Watts draw on the inverter the whole time.

My inverter was on V501 and the Cerbo 2.92. I updated the cerbo GX to 2.93 and the multiplus to V502. Same issue persisted.

This is what it looked like with a constant 1400watt heater running off the inverter and the shore power connect to the generator. ( I know it says last updated 4 minutes ago, but it looked the same even when that said "realtime", the cerbo gx was updating when I took the screenshot. It showed 0 still after the update and it showed "realtime" again.)


Here is my generator screen showing the watts supplied to the multiplus at the same time the screenshot above was showing 0. It is an inverter generator that provides pure sine power.


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Current sensor port on MP2


I'm new in victron product and i've seen so far in all videos a jack port for the current sensing.

I got only terminals, is that normal ? Does it mean I have to cut the jack connector of my sensor ?


Thanks for support

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Multiplus II - 48v/3000/35/120 - How to wire for 50amps in?

My Multiplus ii unit does not have 4 AC-in connection ports, only has N, PE, L.

My understanding is that 50amp power has two hot legs L1 and L2. The manual even states that there should be 4 connection units in the 'AC-in' area.

How can this unit still get 50amps of AC-input?

What am I missing? Purchased the unit in Canada from a local supplier.




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Using U.S. split phase to power single phase Multiplus

We work in Congo, Africa, and receive 3 phase 220Vac from the grid. However, due to the constant and lengthy power outages, I'd like to run my single phase 220Vac Multiplus off of a backup generator. Unfortunately, the generator provides "split phase" 220Vac as what you would find at the outlet of a drier in the U.S. The inverter refuses to recognize the input and has a bottom input threshold of 180Vac, blocking me from using it in its current configuration or from using one 110Vac leg of the generator output to power it. Here in a remote jungle village, we always have to improvise, so I am looking for a solution, understanding that it might not follow normal practice or meet "code". Thanks for the help

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Reverse current on common bus bars

I’m planning the following setup. 4 x 380w panel in series of 2 connected to 2 different mppt 100/20. The output of each charge controller will end up on two different common bus bars, one for positive and one for negative. From here I would like to connect battery and inverter on the same bus bars. I need 2 charge controller because panels will be orientated in different directions to have a constant solar input. My question is: is there any danger of reverse current if one charge controller is giving max output eg. 20A and one is shaded, giving zero? If not, any problem if for some reason BMS cuts the battery and one of the charge controller is providing current and one other not? Also, I’m planning to charge the battery from this same common bus bars from AC via the inverter. Is there any danger of reverse current into the charge controllers if I start charging with the inverter via the bus bars to the battery, when charge controllers have no tension or current from the pv? Hopefully I explained myself, thanks in advance


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Three phase Multiplus-II current transformer shows negative AC-IN


I just installed my Multiplus-II's current transformers for each phase and now it shows for L1 and L2 a negative AC-IN. I have ESS and grid feed in is disabled and I dont have solar power coming. How can I have those numbers be positive?



Also Remote Console shows different AC-OUT.


What can I do? Do I need to buy grid meter?


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